Mets pound Nuno and Aceves, Yankees fall 12-7

DotF: Burawa returns in Triple-A loss
Girardi confirms Chase Whitley will start on Thursday

I guess the good news is that no one got hurt for a change. The Yankees dropped their fourth straight game on Tuesday night, falling 12-7 to the Mets. It’s their sixth straight loss to the Mets dating back to last season. This game was competitive for about an inning.


Vile Vidal
Vidal Nuno has now made five starts this season, and he’s looked like a competent Major Leaguer in two of them: his first start against the Rays and his last start against the Angels. The Yankees were down four-zip before Nuno recorded his second out on Tuesday night thanks to a hit batsman, a walk, a single, and a three-run homer by Curtis Granderson. Granderson has not forgotten how to hit the ball out of Yankee Stadium. At least not hanging breaking balls, anyway.

Nuno threw 37 pitches before the Yankees came to bat and 78 total in the game. He ended the night having allowed seven runs (six earned) on four hits, four walks, and the hit batsman in only 3.1 innings. Mets hitters fouled off 19 total pitches, including ten with two strikes in the first inning. Phil Hughes Syndrome. They swung and missed once. Once! Out of 78 pitches! Nuno has little margin for error as it is, and on nights when he can’t locate precisely, he allows seven runs in 3.1 innings. He’s the very definition of replacement level. The Yankees have a ton of pitching injuries right now and they are more or less out of rotation options at this point, so Nuno will get the ball again in five days.

(Al Bello/Getty)
(Al Bello/Getty)

Who Needs A Bullpen When We Have Each Other?
Alfredo Aceves went from rotation candidate to designate-for-assignment candidate in the span of three days or so. He took over for Nuno and allowed four runs on four hits and one walk in 1.2 innings, throwing 52 pitches. Daniel Murphy’s three-run homer off the right field foul pole in the fifth inning put this one out of reach. There’s a decent chance Aceves will be dropped from the roster in favor of a fresh arm before Wednesday’s game. Pretty clear the 2009 magic ain’t coming back. Matt Daley struck out three in three scoreless innings, sparing the rest of the bullpen. He threw 44 pitches and chances are he will be off the roster tomorrow as well. Such is the life of an up-and-down middle reliever.

Five More Runs
It feels like the Yankees have struggled to score runs lately, but they’ve scored at least five runs in five of their last six games. The highlight of Tuesday’s offensive attack was Brian McCann‘s two-run homer in the first inning, which turned a 4-1 game into a 4-3 game. He had three hits and a walk in this game. McCann has quietly put together a four-game hitting streak and is finally starting to show signs of life with the bat. They need that badly.

Mark Teixeira singled in the team’s first run and Brett Gardner remained hot with two more hits. He’s gone 20-for-57 (.351) in his last 15 games. The Yankees had seven hits and six walks against right-hander Zack Wheeler, who was left out there to throw a career-high 118 pitches in only 4.1 innings by manager Mets manager Terry Collins. Collins was clearly trying to make sure Wheeler got through five innings so he’d qualify for the win. Yikes. That’s a lot of stressful pitches.


The daily defensive miscue came in the fourth inning, when Yangervis Solarte stopped a hard hit ground ball but threw the potential double play ball into right field. That led to two more runs for the Mets. To be fair, the rally started when Nuno walked the number nine hitter (Ruben Tejada!) to leadoff the inning. Every game there’s a botched defensive play that comes back to bite them. Never fails.

Meanwhile, Solarte had two hits and a walk, including a garbage time solo homer. He currently leads the AL with a .336 batting average. Alfonso Soriano singled in a run as well. The Yankees had ten walks as a team (seven strikeouts), including three by Jacoby Ellsbury and two each by Derek Jeter and Kelly Johnson. Brian Roberts and McCann drew a free pass as well. The Bombers had at least one base-runner in eight of nine innings and at least two base-runners in six different innings.

Preston Claiborne allowed a run in the ninth inning because that’s what Preston Claiborne does. The Yankees have now allowed double-digit runs six times this season after doing it only seven times last year. They really need another starting pitcher. Two, preferably.

And finally, Joe Girardi was ejected after the bottom of the fifth for arguing balls and strikes, specifically a called strike three to Johnson. I don’t blame him for looking for a way out of this one early.

Box Score, WPA Graph & Standings has the box score and video highlights. You can find more stats and FanGraphs and the updated standings at ESPN.

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Up Next
The Subway Series shifts to Flushing. The Yankees and Mets will start the second leg of this home-and-home series in Citi Field on Wednesday night, when Masahiro Tanaka gets the ball against rookie righty Rafael Montero. Montero will be making his MLB debut. If you want to catch that game or any game on the homestand, check out RAB Tickets.

DotF: Burawa returns in Triple-A loss
Girardi confirms Chase Whitley will start on Thursday
  • forensic

    Lucas Duda should be DFA’d immediately by the Mets for being the guy who swung and missed at a Nuno pitch.

    If there’s any justice, Aceves will be DFA’d for Whitley and Daley will be kept around to be the long man. Unfortunately, there usually isn’t any justice in this game.

    • Cuso

      Daley doesn’t inspire a hell of a lot more confidence than Aceves, if any.

      • forensic

        He’s not going to be pushing Robertson for saves or anything, but he’s certainly a better bet to pitch effectively than Aceves is (I admit I have some bias for Daley, but I do believe he’s certainly better than Aceves).

        • Tom K

          Does there exist a pitcher that isn’t better than Aceves? OK, besides Chris Leroux?

          • forensic

            CC Sabathia?

    • Tom

      It’s going to be Almonte for Whitley, no? (or a DL for Beltran if his elbow is really bad) I can’t see them going into Whitley’s start with a 6 man pen.

      I think Aceves or Daley may be sent down/DFA’d – but that would almost have to be for a bullpen arm (Greene?)

      • forensic

        They could do Almonte, but with the unknown status of Beltran and Ichiro they may want to keep him around. They’ll also need a 40-man spot for Whitley anyway, so dumping Aceves kills two birds with one stone.

      • Winter

        They need a 40-man spot for Whitley, so putting Beltran on the DL won’t do it. I don’t think they want to risk someone claiming Almonte off of waivers, so I’m guessing Aceves will get the DFA.

        • Jorge Steinbrenner

          Doesn’t Billings still have a 40-man slot? God forbid we risk Jose Campos leaving us and suddenly becoming the ace of some other team next season.

          It’s not happening with Aceves, but he can at least still stand on a mound and throw the ball in a forward motion which, someone, has become a needed commodity for this team.

          • Jorge Steinbrenner

            SomeHOW. Too focused on the punchline there.

      • Tom K

        They are in a bit of a pickle (in more ways than one) – you are right that they don’t want to go out there with a short bullpen. However, the next two games are in the National League, and if Beltran and/or Ichiro are unable to play, you aren’t left with many PH options. The short relievers (Betances, Warren, Robertson) are all fresh again, so I can definitely see them simply swapping out their middle/long relievers for the next couple of days.

        • Tom

          Sorry – I meant the 25 man spot (with Almonte or an OF 15 day DL for Whitley). There’s no way they would DFA Almonte – he’s pretty much the only legit backup OF depth.

          I think the 40 man might be Aceves or Daley (or as Mike mentions a 60day DL for Billings), but I have a hard time thinking they go into Whitley’s start with a 6 man pen – and one of them might not even be available come Thursday (will either Daley or Aceves be ready to pitch after one day off?), which might make it an effective 5 man pen for Whitley’s start.

          They can’t hang out with 3 OF’s given the state of the pitching – after 4 or 5 days it’s time to make a decision. If both Ichiro and Beltran continue to be unavailable after tomorrow – stick one on the DL, backdate it and you have Almonte filling in for all of ~10 days. In their place on the 25man would presumably be someone already on the 40man (Greene?) who can give innings.

  • Improbable Island’s Dirty Midget Whores (formerly RRR)
    • forensic

      The bright side? Tomorrow’s ‘Naka night!

      Unfortunately, we’ve reached the point where I think we’ll be leading going to the 9th but Robertson will blow his first save because he’s rusty.

  • Bronx Boy

    Nothing worse than sitting in the stadium and having a bunch of Mets fans shove it down your throat.

    • forensic


    • Jorge Steinbrenner

      I think of about 1,000 things as a baseball fan that could be worse. At least it’s being done by a fellow New Yorker.

  • Yankonymous

    If ROY voting happens today, who wins Solarte or Tanaka?

    • forensic

      I think you mean Abreu or Tanaka.

      • Yankonymous

        I’m not sure I mean Abreu, sure he hits those taters and get’s the ESPN press, but…

        .336/.412/.500 vs

        Not to mention, Solarte’s playing all over the IF.

        • Winter

          Abreu: 150 wRC+, 1.5 fWAR

          Solarte: 143 wRC+, 1.0 fWAR

          Those numbers are close enough that, at this point in the season, it’s probably a wash. If I had to put money on who was more likely to sustain their success, though, it’d be Abreu.

          • Yankonymous

            Don’t forget about a far more important numbers comparison.

            Abreu: ~$12 million/year
            Solarte: league minimum – “they’d pay him less if they could, but it’s illegal”

            • forensic

              1. That doesn’t matter in ROY voting.

              2. If you’re using it against Abreu, then why not use it against Tanaka, who’s making far more than even Abreu?

              • Yankonymous

                I think we can all agree that it’s awesome that the Yanks have at least 2 of the top 3 names in the hat this far into the season.

                Clicking through baseballreference, the Yankees have never had 2 rookies in the top 5 since ROY voting began. (Some early years had only 2-3 candidates, though)

                Cashman is earning his keep.

        • vicki

          after a fashion.

        • forensic

          Solarte’s playing all over the IF.

          And generally doing it pretty poorly. You don’t get bonus points for that.

          I’m far from a guy who will sacrifice everything for a homer guy, but Abreu been good enough outside of the homers to be better than Solarte.

          • Yankonymous

            Abreu is no spring chicken at 1B either, so yes I believe a mediocre 2B/3B/SS is better than a mediocre 1B, especially given the player’s team needs.

            Of course Abreu has the better pedrigee and will most likely have a better career. The White Sox bet $68 million on it.

            However, up until this point of the year, I think Solarte is the more valuable rookie.

        • Jorge Steinbrenner

          In a rather shitty manner a lot of the time. Yes.

      • Jorge Steinbrenner

        He meant Solarte or Solarte.

  • Frankie Beans

    For 30 days I’d like to see this lineup. Heck I’d like to see this lineup for a week straight. No fil in, I don’t care who’s hitting .19 against lefties or .38 against rhp. For once I beg the man upstairs put out a set starting lineup for 30 days. The outfield is clogged so the only thing I’d do it rotate the out fielders to DH and yes give Mccan a day off here and there. Enough with the fill ins

    Ichrio dh
    Jeter ss
    Ells cf
    Beltran rf
    Tex 1b
    Soriano dh
    Mccann c
    Sol 3b
    Roberts ss
    Gardner lf

    • Winter

      You have 2 DHs, two SS, no 2B and 10 hitters in that lineup…

      • Frankie Beans

        1. Ichrio DH, RF
        2. Jeter SS
        3. Ells CF
        4. Beltran RF, DH
        5. Tex 1B
        6. Soriano LF,DH
        8. Mccann C
        8. Sol 3B
        9. Roberts 2B

        Yup fuck Gardner

        • forensic

          Gardner is leading the team in WAR (among position players).

          • Frankie Beans

            Andd dangling trade bait. Wow theres an idea!

        • Jorge Steinbrenner

          Yer smart.

          • BigDavey88

            Obvious trolls are obvious.

    • forensic

      Who’s going to write the petition to MLB to allow the Yankees to use 10 guys in their lineup with two DH’s?

    • Donnie


  • Yankeefan91

    Just got back from the game wow that was pathetic. I did enjoy da amazing view I had from the dugout but other them that it was awful n my sister enjoyed her dumb mets beat us -___-

  • brian

    IDK what the solution is… but this team has been the definition of mediocre since the moment Jeter shattered his ankle in game 1 of the 2012 ALCS

  • vicki

    … they’ve scored at least five runs in five of their last six games.

    and four or more in the last seven games. i just don’t get the preoccupation with jeter and the offense when we have exactly one reliable starter.

    • fred robbins

      the preoccupation, Vicki, is because of where he hits in the line up…. he can’t hit a fastball and he hits into DP’s as a matter of fact and rally killing DP’s in the 8th or 9th inning due to his slot, are hurting– that’s just a fact…. he deserves no more or now less berating than the whole rest of this team outside of a few… but when he comes up late in the game and can’t touch a 90 mph fastball.. it does not help

      • Jorge Steinbrenner

        You can hit him whenever you want and it won’t matter a lick when 3/5 of your rotation can’t hit 90 pitches a start, or even throw those 90 pitches well.

  • rogue

    The Yankees will kick ass in Citi. You watch. Would the Mets be willing to swap Citi for YS? Just a thought.

    • Joe C

      I really doubt it. Somehow, I got a sneaking suspicion that Joe G will muck it up because he hasn’t really shown that he is capable of managing. If you look at the current four game losing streak. You can make a legitimate case that Joe G. is directly responsible for two of them by taking Phelps out early on Sunday then using both Betances and Warren for two innings each, which left them unavialble for Monday’s game. Had they been avialable on Monday, I doubt very seriously that the Mets win that game. Had he gone with felts, he might not have had to use Warren or Betances for two innings a piece. Given the way the team performed, I think they would have one that game too. If these games are close, I have no confidence in Joe G. because I believe that he will mess it up. I really believe that.

  • vicki

    if you think it’s a bad night to be a yankee fan, imagine how much it sucks to be a yanks and a clippers fan. it’s hard not to be cynical about the nba with refs giving games away like that.

  • King George

    Bottom line, Yankees wouldn’t have a depleted bullpen and need to worry about who’s replacing who in the bullpen or worry about whether or not 5-6 runs is enough IF they had another legitimate starting pitcher option. I know it’s early, but Cashman better be doing some due diligence on how to bolster this pathetic rotation.

  • Farewell Mo

    The only way this gets any worse is if they cater the team meal from citifield’s shake shack and have to forfeit a couple of games due to a team wide outbreak of food poisoning.

    That might actually in fact be an improvement in the short term over what I’ve had the misery of watching these last 2 games.

  • Joe C

    To be honest, I saw this coming. And I think that a lot of Yankee fans saw this coming because it has been happening to this ball club all too frequently this season. Somehow, we’ve managed to let mediocre and down right crappy teams like the Mets, the Astros and the Mariners beat us like scalded dogs as there ‘offense’ suddenly awakes against us and their pitching ‘wakes up and does brilliantly’ when in reality it seeems as though our coaches and scouts have messed things up Royally. Sometimes, our offense plays follow the leader scouting reports be damned, which is what happened when they Faced Erik Bedard as nobody made an effort to be patient. We’ve seen this game and this series over and over agian for the past fifteen years and guess what: a lot of us are tired of it. Something has to change. Whether or not that’s the manager, I don’t know but it seems like a change of vioce is needed because this team really doesn’t play like a team and it has seemed like it has underachieved since the Clinton Administration.

    • Donnie

      1. Cashman is always playing catch-up in the offseason and is always a step behind. He plugs in one hole and is not prepared for the new leaks that spring up each season.
      2. Girardi is a mediocre manager.
      3. The Yanks seldom ever come out of spring training ready to play. How many innings in spring training does the starting team play together? Not many. Their plan is to avoid injuries in the spring and then just throw it together on Day 1 of the regular season.
      4. Then the injuries start piling up.
      5. The pitching coach is unimpressive.
      6. The hitting coach is unimpressive.
      7. Mediocrity has become acceptable organization-wide.
      8. Age and bad contracts will have set this franchise back a good full decade by the time the accounting is all completed.
      9. The Yanks are getting skinned alive in the draft.
      10. The minor league system is very weak.

      Conclusion — what a mess. Cashman and Girardi and the coaching staff need to go.

  • Mick taylor

    The yanks have bad trainer staff. This is reflected in their huge number of injuries . And in an out of shape fat Vidal nunno. Why do the yanks allow him to be in that shape

    • Joe C

      It’s not just the trainers that need to be examined, it’s the entire team set up from Cashmen on down. They need a complete house cleaning. And that does concern the trainers and the strength and conditioning coach as well. What the Yankees need to do is tape up the letter P on the trainers office the way that George did with Gene MOnahan back in 1978. Then we need to let them know that one most catastrophic injury means your out. Gone, fired.

      • Jorge Steinbrenner

        Seems like a winning plan to me. Not.

        This was the same team that, three weeks ago, people were saying reminded them of the 2009 team, and now they need a complete housecleaning.

        “TEAR DOWN THESE WALLS!” The battle cry of the spoiled.

  • John C

    How bout dem Rangers!!!

  • Jorge Steinbrenner

    You mean Vidal Nuno isn’t actually Greg Maddux? nycsportzphan told me Vidal Nuno was some sort of finesse savant out there who’d hold down the fort and make us forget about everyone on the rotation who’s hurt.

    Too many swingmen, and “swingmen” might even wind up being a compliment if some of these guys have to start for too long. The alternative right now is the scrap heap.

    For all the trashing of CC Sabathia that goes on here, you best pray draining the fluid from that knee and rest works, and that Pineda’s issue was an isolated one. Without them, you can read a roll call of every reliever in AA and AAA and ask why they’re not up. It’s not going to make a shit of a difference.

    Oh no, R-Tils is being negative. Shit must be bad!

    • Farewell Mo

      Even a doe eyed optimist can see the shit is very bad.

      Other than CC and Pineda coming back healthy and effective and Kuroda pitching better, my hope is the Phillies look to dump Lee’s salary though I’m sure the Yanks are on his no trade list and he’ll want more money added to his contract which make it onerous.

      • Jorge Steinbrenner

        May trades aren’t happening unless you’re willing to overpay. You’re basically paying for the other team not to attempt to drive up a value at the deadline. That’s why you don’t hear me talking trade much. You need your incumbents healthy and effective. The fill-ins aren’t going to get the job consistently.

        Chase Whitley hasn’t thrown more than 85 pitches in a start. Here we go again.

        Not that there was a better option at the time (hey, I thought Cabral should have made the team – shows how much I know), but the decision to have Nuno in the pen, rather than in AAA, really was a silly one. He would have been stretched out and, perhaps, could have starting fooling a couple of teams now and extended his shelf life a bit. The Mets weren’t one bit fooled by him last night.

        The doe-eyed optimists are the ones screaming the most. They’re the ones who assumed everything would always be alright and now have their panties perennially in a bunch because the team isn’t making the playoffs every year like they were promised. Not being the first to jump to conclusions does not make one an optimist. It means you’ve been around the block a few times.

        • Jorge Steinbrenner

          get the job DONE consistently.

          Blow up the team and fire the new strength and conditioning guy for lack of an edit button.

    • Michahiro Pinaka

      Nuno’s phlat out phucking beasting.

  • rek4gehrig

    FUCK is all I can say

  • Patrick

    This team is a hot mess right now.

    The defense has been awful-save for Gardner and Ells.
    The starting pitching is a joke. We have Tanaka and that is it.
    The bullpen is bad and worn out.

    The only saving grace is the AL East is mediocre. A bunch of .500 type teams. Luckily no team has broken loose from the pack. As long as some other team in the East doesn’t get on a roll, the Yankees will always have a chance. The real problem is this is an old team and old teams tend to fade as the season gets longer…….not good.

    The only real LONG TERM solution is to build up the farm system thru better drafting. Hopefully last years draft was the start of something good. Right now the Yankees don’t have any leverage to execute trades for needed pitching.

    • Joe C

      What they need to do is blow it up and start again. They need to hold a fire sale and start rebuilding the farm system, even if that means a couple of last place finishes. They need to realize that a lot of fans would gladly trade a couple of last place finishes for a run of 6 Championships in eight years. Most fans would go for that in a heart beat because it’s better than getting knocked out in the first round every year. What they need to realize is this entire notion that New York will not tolerate a rebuilding effort is nothing more than a media created fallacy. By and large fans will put up with a rebuilding effort if they are sure that their is light at the end of the tunnel. What they will not tolerate is years and years of ineptitude with no end it sight, which is the direction that the islanders and the jets have been going in for what seems like an eternity. Yankee fans are more than patient and they have put up with a lot over the last decade and a half and it has lead to nothing but frustration. There were several years over the last ten where I felt that it would have been in the teams best interest to rebuild because I honestly felt, and still feel, that it would have been in the team’s best interst instead of this win now mode. But management has opperated under this week can’t rebuild fallacy for a long time and guess what it has done? It has lead to nothing but mediocrity.

      • Jorge Steinbrenner

        Uh huh.

        I’ve been hearing that for my entire life as a Yankee fan, other than the dynasty years, and there probably was one guy screaming it somewhere back then as well, but I don’t know. There was no text browser version of RAB at the time.

        It’s not happening.

        • Joe C

          Yeah and that’s why we’re going to continue to toil in mediocrity.

          • Jorge Steinbrenner

            I’ll still be here if that’s so.

      • BigDavey88
      • Kiko Jones

        You make a lot of sense Joe C. but do you honestly think the über fickle Yankee fans—which seem to be in the majority—would support a last place team? Not even if you could guarantee ’em a run like the ’90s dynasty. Nope. Hell, you see how it is on here: as soon as things go bad—with the team in 2nd place, no less—the screams for blood rise to a fever pitch. Rebuilding? Only if a meteor hit YS. Sad, but true.

        • Jorge Steinbrenner

          It’s also absolutely unrealistic. This is not a roster you can sell off for good parts. I don’t even think a 1998 Dave Dombrowski could do much here.

          Let’s go around the infield.

          Tex? Wrong side of 30. Too many injuries. Owed less than he used to be, but still enough for it to be a deterrent.

          McCann? Would have value. Also has an NTC.

          We’ll skip the rest of the infield because, really….oh, I forgot, Brooks Solarte would clearly bring something back.

          Gardner? There we go. Someone with value.

          Ellsbury? At the start of a seven-year deal he was overpaid on? Salary dump.

          Beltran? Same.

          Let’s go to the rotation:

          Sabathia? BWAHAHAHA.

          Kuroda? Could fetch you one guy with some potential at the deadline. Sure. He also could get you nothing if he continues to be inconsistent.

          Tanaka? You could probably get the Houston Astos for him. There’s another.

          Pineda? Hasn’t proven he could stay healthy yet.

          With the bullpen, yes, you could get some pieces of use for Robertson. You could probably squeeze a single-A guy with potential for Warren, Betances, or Kelley.

          That leaves your tradable pieces as Tanaka, Gardner, Robertson, Kelley, Betances, Warren, and potentially Kuroda.

          Next plan, please.

          Also, I couldn’t care less what part of the fanbase supports. If it came to that, and it’s not going to, the team needs to do what it needs to do. Those fans would come back…..or they’d become Mets fan, in which case, good luck with that.

          • Jorge Steinbrenner

            Could care less.

            Sell of the team for lack of an edit button!

            • Jorge Steinbrenner


          • Michahiro Pinaka

            But teh Sox did it!??! Surely it can’t be difficult!

          • Donnie

            There is no doubt that other teams would grab several Yankee vets to help them through the last two months of the season to make a run at the WS.

      • Michahiro Pinaka

        You’re the exact type of fan that could not handle a true rebuild.

        Also, you do realize those fail to work out far more often that not, right?

      • Donnie

        This season is a bust, so I would be willing to multi-post has-been vets on Craig’s List and blow it up. But we must acquire a truck load of the other teams’ TOP YOUNG TALENT … and build for the future. That would be more exciting than watching broken-down, over-the-hill, and mediocre plays crash and burn.

  • fred robbins

    it’s a scary thought they would add years and money for Lee… there is probably no chance they would scrap this year and bring up Montgomery and a few others to see what they can do… that would be like saying all the money they spent on Beltran and others was for nothing- which it may well have been. Beltran and CC are worth almost 100 million dollars for 3 years– think about that– and what this team will get from them.. wow…
    It will at least be interesting to see how this season plays out– even with all the teams close, it is still not fun to watch a bad team

    • Jorge Steinbrenner

      Montgomery is no one’s savior, and they’ll cycle through enough relievers that his number will come up soon.

      Chase Whitley starts on Thursday. I guess that means they’re punting on signing Beltran. Makes perfect sense. Not.

  • Joe C

    Yes I really believe that Yankee fans will put up with rebuilding. We’ve done so in the past. I’ve actually lived through the lean times that were the 1980’s. I’ve lived through George’s scandel with Howie Spira. I’ve seen this team hit rock bottom and I’ve already seen them go through a rebuild. And guess what. It lead to a run of Glory that lasted for about a decade. Since then we’ve slipped into mediocrity and I’m afraid that we’re going to see a repeat of the 1980’s. I don’t want to see that again and because of that, I would rather they break up the team now and try to bring back the prospects that they need to rebuild the farm system.

    • Jorge Steinbrenner

      I agree with you on the premise that fans would put up with it as well. If they don’t, they’d be back at some point.

      It doesn’t always lead to run a glory, though. Most of the time, it leads to constant rebuilding.

    • Improbable Island’s Dirty Midget Whores (formerly RRR)

      In the 80’s they had the most wins in all of baseball. They made it to the WS several times. That they didn’t win is unfortunate but you can’t really as for much more than to make it there.

      • Donnie

        In the 80s the Yanks had star position players far better than this year. But the pitching was bad. And George mettled so badly with the team that he sabotaged any hopes they had. George should have been named AL MVP for the decade of the 80s, from the other teams’ perspective.

      • Donnie

        The Yanks made the WS in 1981 and then not again until 1996. So you are incorrect about several WS in the 80s.

  • Donnie

    With 60 percent of the starting rotation on the DL, this rotation is a complete shambles, a real wreck. Pray for Tanaka and 4 days of rain! The forecast is for more of the poundings the Yanks have taken this week. There is little to no relief in site — unless guys just flat out pitch better. Barring that, this will be a lost season, and will descend to a battle vs. Toronto for fourth place. The playoffs are a distant galaxy away, light-years away. So the pressure is off, expectations are gone, and it won’t be worth getting bent out of shape with all the looming losses ahead.