Michael Pineda shut down following setback, MRI shows inflammation

Update: Mark Teixeira leaves game with wrist soreness
Saturday Night Open Thread

Michael Pineda has been shut down for after suffering a setback, Joe Girardi confirmed. An MRI showed inflammation in his back/shoulder, the same spot as his original injury. The good news is that there was no structural damage. Pineda was not expected back until the middle of next month, and now it seems like the Yankees will be lucky if he returns before the All-Star break.

Update: Mark Teixeira leaves game with wrist soreness
Saturday Night Open Thread
  • TheRealGreg

    Can you imagine if the Mariners got anything out of Jesus Montero?

    I agreed with Cashman in trading for young pitching, but of course the pitcher he trades for is damaged goods.

    • word

      I remember at the time that there was a suggestion that the Mariners knew something was up with Pineda as his second half of the season performance was much worse than the 1st half.

      Most wrote it off as the league catching up with a rookie the second or third time they saw him during the season but I wonder if they knew there was a shoulder problem with the lack of K and velocity?

      • TheRealGreg

        In that case, Brian Cashman was the sucker they wanted.

        Unfortunately for them, Montero blew up so they couldn’t reap the reward.

        But just the same, Cashman fails.

      • Zack D

        So they let a young pitcher (rookie, top prospect, etc) pitch the second half with a shoulder injury with the plan to trade him in the offseason?

        That theory has always been such a stretch.

        • Need Pitching & Hitting


        • word

          No I think it was after the season they suspected something was up and that is why they were happy to trade him

          • Need Pitching & Hitting

            So something was up the entire second half of the season, but it didn’t occur to them until after the season?

        • RetroRob

          It’s a nonsense idea, although some people like to believe in those things, like they do ancient aliens, and shooters on the grassy knoll.

        • qwerty

          When was the last time a team traded a guy like Pineda after the rookie season he just had? As far as I can remember it’s never happened. A rookie pitcher who can give you 180 innings and throws 97mph is a treasured commodity, unless you have serious doubts about his health. You don’t trade that for a prospect with no position. The fact that Seattle was attempting to get rid of him to the Blue Jays and then the yankees should have been warning enough. I doubt they were hiding an injury but they must have had huge misgivings about Pineda.

          • old dude in the country

            It’s the crooked hat. Always a bad sign.

        • anon_coward

          Pineda swore there was no MRI, but i bet a good scout, manger or coach can spot an injury by watching the mechanics or seeing the guy on video after a game

      • Ed

        The only meaningful difference in the first and second half of Pineda’s rookie year was he allowed more home runs in the second half. If you look closer, he allowed more home runs in July & August, then went back to his previous levels in September.

        The velocity issue was only in his final start of the year, after they started spacing his starts out more. He had 10 days off before his final start, and 7 days off before the previous once. It’s quite likely that the velocity was lower simply because he hadn’t been throwing much in the final few weeks of the season.

        • Mikhel

          In 5 of his last 7 starts in 2011 his velocity was below the average he sustained before those starts (were the 5 lowest in average velocity in that season).

          In those 2 starts with AVG velocity:
          13 ip, 11 H, 8 R, 8 ER, 5 BB, 14 K (9.6 K/9 ip), 4 HR

          In those 5 starts below AVG velocity:
          28 ip, 25 H, 13 R, 12 ER, 7 BB, 26 K (8.35 K/9 ip), 2 HR

          Those 7 starts were after his injury and definitely his speed was not what it was before (he lost 2 mph from his fastball from April to september, a 1 mph decrease from his last game before the injury and his last 7 starts).

          AVG speed in his 4 seamer:
          April: 97.3 mph (5 starts = 31 1/3 ip);
          May: 96.3 mph (5 starts = 32 ip);
          June: 94.8 mph (6 starts = 38 2/3 ip);
          July: 95.1 mph (5 starts = 28 ip);
          August: 94.9 mph (4 starts = 23 ip);
          September: 94.0 mph (3 starts = 18 ip).

          And since speed is not everything, the movement of his pitches fluctuated among the first 4 months, as did is release point. He could been tiring and was looking for a more comfortable release point, followed by a decrease in speed due to that, or that he has always had trouble with his back and/or arm and i began to show that season.

          And there’s something important too: Pineda had a bit of a history with back and arm related injuries in 2006 and 2008 before having it again in the majors in 2011.

      • Bo Knows

        This has been said 1000 times and has been disputed a 1000 times, Pineda’s “worse” performance was in ERA only, he struck out the same number of guys, walked fewer, his velocity was actually higher, his FIP and xFIP were better

        • Dr. Martin van Nostrand

          This doesn’t even begin to dig into the fact that Matt Sirotka/David Wells type trades will never happen again.

      • Tom K

        As many have pointed out in the past, Pineda’s second half was actually not so bad when you look at the more advanced numbers. The Mariners just desperately wanted a big young bat as much as the Yankees wanted a developed young arm.

        For the conspiracy theorists/people who think Cashman was a sucker: Can’t I just claim that the Yankees knew they had a dog in Montero and decided to deal him while his value his high? This theory is actually MORE plausible than the M’s theory – because Montero actually hit a few home runs upon being called up before being dealt. I can say that the Yankees brought him up hoping he’d get hot so that they could get rid of him ASAP at top value.

        Note that I don’t believe in either theory….

      • Joan Quiambao

        I would not put this above the Mariners. This is not the first time the Yanks got “burned” by damaged goods. I think it is high time MLB purs a stop to this.

    • pat

      And maybe Cashman knew Montero was a fat good for nothing would would eat his way out of the league in a year?

    • Bo Knows

      If, if, if, if my Aunt had balls and a d#$k she’d be my uncle. It doesn’t matter what could have happened because it didn’t happen. Montero decided he wanted to compete for the world Sumo championship, and has been useless to the Mariners.

      I don’t understand why you have to keep whining about this deal and about Cashman, no one could predict this was going to happen, GET OVER IT.

  • word


  • TheRealGreg

    And once again, the “crack” medical staff has to deal with another setback.

    This organization sucks.

    • Zack D

      Yankees are the only organization to have setbacks?

      • TheRealGreg

        At this rate?

        • Zack D

          Do you follow blogs from each team? How many players had their second tjs this year? Every team has setbacks. We just notice it more because we follow every Yankee injury.

          Could it be higher than league average for setbacks? Sure. Except theirs no baseline numbe, it’s 100% perception.

          • Michahiro Pinaka


  • PFOJ

    It’s actually funny at this point.

  • jgibs

    Look, this sucks sure, but if we can stay within striking distance I’d rather have a healthy Piñeda pitching Aug, Sept, Oct as opposed to April, may, June.

  • The Guns of Navarone

    Setbacks are officially an epidemic with this organization and it makes one wonder whether or not they know what they’re doing when it comes to rehabbing players. Kind of like developing young talent, shifting, and playing defense

  • word

    I remember at the time that there was a suggestion that the Mariners knew something was up with Pineda as his second half of the season performance was much worse than the 1st half.

    Most wrote it off as the league catching up with a rookie the second or third time they saw him during the season but I wonder if they knew there was a shoulder problem with the lack of K and velocity?

  • Jmpnyy

    How was this discovered? Did he complain or was it just discovered via a follow up? I wonder how other Orgs would handle these situations. Probably better.the team docs must be Dr. howard, Dr. fine, and Dr. Howard.

  • Looser trader droids FotD™


  • roberto kelly johnson


  • TWTR

    They should be sellers.

  • Kosmo

    OK CC, Nova and Pineda all out for prolonged periods of time. Tex is probably headed for the DL again.

    Yanks needs are : SP good luck finding a good one

    maybe 2 bats: Morales + 1 other

    It´s a longshot but now that the Cards promoted Taveras would they be willing to move Craig ?

    • http://www.penuel-law.com/ Cuso

      No. Craig is moved to where he should be playing: 1B

      Matt Adams is on the DL and Craig sucks on defense but only played RF because they wanted to give Matt Adams a shot as a regular.

      On his brand new team friendly contract, Craig to the Yankees is not a long shot, it’s no chance whatsoever.

  • Farewell Mo

    I never knew that “Michael Pineda” translated to English is “Nick Johnson”.

  • RetroRob

    Tex and Pineda in one day. Has anyone checked on Beltran?

    • TWTR

      There is so much crap on this roster. Without wishing anyone ill, if players have to get hurt, why can’t it be them?

    • mikesezimajerk

      Stepped on a rake in the yard and knocked silly – possible concussion.

  • Paul

    Time to call the cubs…free agents next winter for sp? And a future 1b….let’s go cash!

    • alittleblackegg

      Starting pitching is a seller’s market, and the Cubs want talent that will mature in the next few years. It does not look like the Yankees have enough of that, and the players in their system who are standing out (Murphy, Betances, Warren) are contributing at the major league level.

  • forensic


  • waldman’s beard

    because of course.

  • http://www.penuel-law.com/ Cuso


  • Lager non blackwood

    This is a long time to be out with hurt feelings.

  • nycsportzfan

    Lucky for the Yanks, they should have plenty of ammo to get a decent pitcher at the deadline. I don’t think John Ryan Murphy makes it the entire season wearing Yankee Pinstripes.

    • Lager non blackwood

      They should trade mccan and hold onto the serial killer

  • Ian

    It never ends. When someone gets injured playing for the Yankees, they will never get healthy. Can anyone ever bounce back? The chances of Beltran not needing surgery this season is negative a trillion percent. Which is low. Sorry, I need to blow off steam though.

  • Steinbrenner’s Ghost

    Cashman really fucking failed