MRI shows bone spur in Beltran’s elbow

The Marginalization of David Robertson
Yanks place Kelley on DL, call up Zoilo Almonte
(Brian Blanco/Getty)
(Brian Blanco/Getty)

An MRI revealed a bone spur in Carlos Beltran‘s hyper-extended elbow, according to Meredith Marakovits. Apparently it is an old bone spur not even Beltran knew about. He received a cortisone shot and they are hopeful that will alleviate the pain and allow him to avoid the disabled list. Beltran will rest the next two or three days, and if the cortisone shot doesn’t work, he will need surgery and would presumably miss several weeks.

Beltran, 37, hurt himself while taking swings in the batting cage between at-bats last night. I guess he aggravated the old bone spur somehow. CC Sabathia pitched for years with a bone spur in his elbow until it started to act up during the 2012 season. He had surgery that October and the recovery time was 6-8 weeks. That doesn’t necessarily apply to Beltran, however. Pitcher vs. position player, every person is different, yadda yadda yadda.

In 33 games and 140 plate appearances this season, Beltran is hitting .234/.286/.430 (89 wRC+) with five homers. He has been in a big slump for weeks now, ever since he flipped over the wall trying to catch a foul ball in Tampa. Who knows if that fall or the bone spur were behind the slump. With Ichiro Suzuki also banged up, the Yankees figure to use Alfonso Soriano in right field for the time being. Zoilo Almonte was just called up to add an extra warm outfield body.

The Marginalization of David Robertson
Yanks place Kelley on DL, call up Zoilo Almonte
  • Ed K

    Let’s hope cortisone will help Carlos through the season and he can have the bone spur surgery after the season.

  • JoeyA

    I’m no medical expert, but won’t this basically be an on-going issue.

    Correct me if i’m wrong, but cortisone shots basically mask the pain. So how long could that possibly work? few weeks? a month?

    Will it eventually come back up later in the season? Because if that’s the likely scenario, just get the surgery now and be ready for mid-June

    • Ed

      Bone spurs are common. They often hang around for years without causing problems. Sometimes you just move the wrong way and the spur moves and causes trouble. Maybe you need it removed, or maybe it shifts again and stops causing trouble.

    • Jonathan

      A cortisone shot doesn’t mask pain. It’s a steroid that reduces swelling and that can help a ton. I’ve had 11 surgeries on both knees and my throwing shoulder and it can get you through a lot. It’s possible a little rest and the shot will fix it very quickly. It’s also possible it’ll be a problem that needs surgery this season. The good news is that he/we should know soon.

  • Poconos Adam

    At least we might get to see Zoilo Almonte now. I liked most of the off-season acquisitions, but signing a 37 year old to a 3 year deal just didn’t seem like a good idea.

    I like Beltran, but that type of signing is part of the Yanks problem. You don’t sign a guy like that to more than a 1 year deal. Now he’s going to be around and get in the way for a long time.

    I’d like to find out if Almonte can really be a player. He looked adequate last year, but it was only 100 ABs. Of course, they’ll probably just go acquire some 35 year old to fill in for a few months….why give a kid a chance?

    • Jorge Steinbrenner

      ….or the cortisone shot helps and he looks like he did when it seemed like he was coming out of this a few weeks ago.

    • ALZ

      55 wRC+ isn’t really adequate. Zoilo is a 5th outfielder. He isn’t someone that we should even want to see for an extended period of time. Look at what Abe Almonte is doing in Seattle (.198/.248/.292) Zoilo is more power and less other abilities.

    • willie w

      the yanks have a talent for signing old players to excessive contracts.
      if they wanted him for 3 years they should have signed him several years ago not now.

  • Oprah

    A DL stint for you! And a DL stint for you! And a DL stint for you!

  • Cuso

    How does he know if it’s an old bone spur if he didn’t know it was there?

    • Mike HC

      The MRI can probably show if an injury is new or from a long time ago.

    • Ed

      Probably by the size of it. I think spurs are basically a very slow buildup of extra growth on a bone. Unless it’s pressing against something important, they don’t get noticed very quickly.

    • RetroRob

      You cut it open like a tree and you count the rings.

  • TheRealGreg

    Shaun Kelley to the DL, Almonte called up.

    Two years, Two MASH units.

  • King of Fruitless Hypotheticals


  • Damn to Doritos

    “Beltran, 37, hurt himself while taking swings in the batting cage between at-bats last night”

    Will NY ever allow this team to rebuild properly?

    • Jonathan

      If the signing doesn’t keep us from doing anything then how is it hindering our “rebuild”? Should we do what the Cubs and Astros are doing instead?

  • Endlessjose

    I guess that hit to the fence aggravated the injury.Beltran hasn’t hit since than.

  • Gonzo

    Anyone know if the spur/s is/are loose or not?