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  • Wolfgang’s Fault

    Q2Mike: “Rob Refsnyder and Jose Pirela. Either have the ability to be a serviceable starting 2B in the majors?”

    Mike’s answer: “Refsnyder definitely.

    Me: Pirela’s put himself on the map. He’s still only 24 y.o.

    Mike: “Roberts is awful but why in the world would you replace Johnson with Wheeler? ”

    Me: If Roberts is “awful,” Johnson’s right there with him. Oh, & so is McCann. Wheeler’s been a very solid minor league hitter for years. He’s hitting over .300 at Scranton, has some pop, hit’s from the right-side w/solid splits against lefties & righties, & he’s versatile enough where you can play him at infield/outfield corner spots & 2b as well. I’m not ready to pull the plug on Roberts yet as I still think he’ll be fine, but Johnson does what exactly that Wheeler at his worst wouldn’t give you? I’d like to see what production Wheeler would (or wouldn’t) provide if given the chance. Johnson’s been a big Meh so far.

    Mike: “My favorite players to watch are (in no particular order) Tanaka, Robertson, Dellin, Gardner, JRM.”

    Me: I’d add Roberts, Warren, & Whitley to that list, & subtract Gardner although Gardner has been solid. Roberts because I’ve always liked him as a player, & I’m happy he’s back healthy & playing, & he’s now a NY Yankee. He needs to get hot and get his #’s up. Tex has been very good too but he still drives me nuts w/his unwillingness or inability to hit the ball the other way – crazy. Ditto w/McCann. Should McCann’s game remain as it is, you can take solace in fact JRM has looked so good and Sanchez and others are in the pipeline. Still think Cervelli, if he’s ever healthy, & Romine (double ditto on his health) can at least be serviceable. If this is all McCann does throughout the year, I’d cut bait & deal him over the winter. He may be pressing, but so far, he just looks slow, lumbering, & mostly overmatched. Had they signed Dioner Navarro over the winter for the 2 years & $8M bucks Toronto gave him, they could have saved a lot of dough & gotten about the same production by platooning Navarro w/Murphy.