The River Avenue Blues Podcast: Episode 7

Yanks hang on for 1-0 win over Mets in Whitley's first start
Mailbag: Tanaka, Sabathia, Solarte, Moustakas

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How much more injured can the Yankees get? Frankly we don’t want to know the answer. Mike and I kick off the show talking about the latest injuries to CC Sabathia and Carlos Beltran (and Shawn Kelley, don’t forget him).

Then we’re talking to Jorge Arangure of The New York Times, Sports on Earth, and other fine sports publications. Jorge wrote an article on Carlos Beltran this week, which you can find here. We talk about some aspects of Beltran you don’t see reported every day. Catch Jorge on Twitter, @jorgearangure.

The Pirates come to town this weekend, which gives us an opportunity to talk with Tim Williams of Pirates Prospects, a wonderfully run team blog. Might even be the second-best team-specific blog out there. It might be called Pirates Prospects, but it covers all aspects of the team. If you’re wondering about the team that broke a horrible below-.500 streak last season, but has started out slowly this year, Tim’s your man. You can catch him on Twitter, @timwilliamsp2.

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Yanks hang on for 1-0 win over Mets in Whitley's first start
Mailbag: Tanaka, Sabathia, Solarte, Moustakas
  • Mikhel

    I just read Arangure’s article and he is right, Beltrán has a large following in all of hispanoamericam, even though that ghost of his past about not willing to give his maximum effort still lingers.

    But what stands above everything else is his effort off the field to help young kids to develop their potential in baseball and in life.

    Since MLB instituted a draft for Puerto Rican kids, baseball began a decline in Borinquén the beautiful, overall the concept of a draft in hispanoamerica is something that could end up damaging more than it could help.

    Espero que en verdad Carlos logre regresar bien de su lesión.

    Saludos guys, good work.

    A Yankee fan in Baja, México.

  • Pasqua

    How much more injured can the Yankees get?

    None. None more injured.

  • Mark Teixeira – Ghostbuster (formerly Drew) RIP Egon

    Small request. Can you guys update the logo on iTunes to this one? All it is right now is the tiny screen grab of the top of the website. It is not aesthetically pleasing to my eyes on Downcast compared to the other podcasts I listen to.

    • Joe Pawlikowski

      That’s odd. For me the new logo shows up in iTunes.

  • Bavarian Yankee

    you know one part of that podcast was a bit annoying, you know? You know, you know, you know!

    Loved it aside of that, you know!

    • Joe Pawlikowski

      Do I say that a lot?

      • Bavarian Yankee

        no, you did a fine job again, Joe!

        When you talked to Jorge he said “you know” like 10 times per minute. I almost started a drinking game ;)

        • Joe Pawlikowski

          K, thanks. I say “uh” far too much. Working every week to clean up my diction.

  • Chip Rodriguez

    Listened to most of it on the (long) drive to work this morning. Really enjoyed it, nice job guys.