The River Avenue Blues Podcast: Episode 8


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Guest: Christina Kahrl of ESPN. She writes for the SweetSpot blog (her archive here). We talk about the upcoming Cubs series, but really more about the woeful state of the team and what they’re doing to get back on track. Plenty of Jeff Samardzija talk, as you might imagine.

We also dive into social issues in sports, where Christina plays an active role. You can follow her on Twitter, @ChristinaKahrl.

Before that, Jay, Mike, and I talk a bit about the Pirates series. Lots of prospect talk going on during that 35-minute opening segment. I guess it’s appropriate, since Mike and I talk a bit more about the week in the minor league system.

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  • Bavarian Yankee

    good job again guys, I’m really enjoying these podcasts.

  • Jay Gordon

    thanks, we’ve been trying to do some new and dynamic stuff.

  • don

    Watching yankee gsme, get the announcers glasses the cub batter that got hit, did not swing. I know he is biased but they r rediculous