The River Avenue Blues Podcast: Episode 9


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Guest: Dave Brown of Yahoo’s Big League Stew. He knows his White Sox, and is one amusing dude. He’s on Twitter @AnswerDave, and you can check out his Big League Stew page.

But lemme tell you, it was a relief to see a win yesterday after 17 innings of futility against the worst team in the majors. Jay and I talk a bit about the series, and some more about Jeff Samardzija.

The other Chicago team isn’t all that great, but Dave really sheds some light on the positives and what we can look forward to in the series.

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  • Bavarian Yankee

    my guess would be that about 2/3 of Tanaka’s starts in Japan were outside. Considering that his home ballpark wasn’t a dome and 6 of the other 11 ballparks are domes I guess that makes sense. His starts at home are 100% outside, chances of starts outside in away games are just below 50%. So about 66% of starts outside makes sense I guess.

    I just went through the box scores of the first half in 2013 and of the first 12 games he started in 2014 8 were outside, 4 inside.

    • Bavarian Yankee

      ignore the “in 2014″ in the last sentence and replace it by “in 2013″ ;)

  • Jay Gordon

    thanks dude!