Yankees will retire Joe Torre’s No. 6, add plaques to Monument Park for Gossage, O’Neill, Tino

(Al Bello/Getty)

(Al Bello/Getty)

The Yankees will be making some additions to Monument Park this summer. The team announced they will retire Joe Torre’s uniform No. 6 later this year, as well as honor Goose Gossage, Paul O’Neill, and Tino Martinez with plaques. Bernie Williams will be honored in some way next year. Here is the ceremony schedule:

  • Martinez – Saturday, June 21st
  • Gossage – Sunday, June 22nd (Old Timers’ Day)
  • O’Neill – Saturday, August 9th
  • Torre – Saturday, August 23rd

No date has been set for Bernie’s ceremony next year, and there is no indication whether he will have his number retired or simply receive a plaque. No. 51 has been out of circulation since Williams left and it should be retired, in my opinion.

CluelessJoeCoverTorre, now 73, was unanimously elected to the Hall of Fame by the Expansion Era Committee over the winter. He had one heck of a playing career and did manage four other clubs, but he is going to Cooperstown for his success leading the Yankees through their most recent dynasty.

Torre managed the club from 1996-2007, and during that time the Yankees won ten AL East titles, six AL pennants and four World Series championships. They went 1,173-767 (.605) under his watch. Torre is second on the franchise’s all-time wins and games managed (1,943) list behind Joe McCarthy.

The divorce was ugly, especially once Torre’s book The Yankee Years was published. The two sides have repaired their relationship over the last few years and Torre is now a regular at Old Timers’ Day and other team events. I’m glad they worked it out. Torre is very deserving of having his number retired.

With No. 6 being retired and Derek Jeter‘s No. 2 certain to be retired at some point in the future, the Yankees are officially out of single digit numbers. They are all retired. Here’s the list:

  1. Billy Martin
  2. Jeter (eventually)
  3. Babe Ruth
  4. Lou Gehrig
  5. Joe DiMaggio
  6. Torre
  7. Mickey Mantle
  8. Yogi Berra and Bill Dickey
  9. Roger Maris

The numbers 10 (Phil Rizzuto), 15 (Thurman Munson), 16 (Whitey Ford), 23 (Don Mattingly), 32 (Elston Howard), 37 (Casey Stengel), 42 (Mariano Rivera and Jackie Robinson), 44 (Reggie Jackson), and 49 (Ron Guidry) are also retired. Williams, Andy Pettitte, and Jorge Posada are strong candidates to have their numbers retired. Add in Torre and Jeter and maybe it’ll be one number retirement per year from 2014-18? We’ll see.

Martinez spent seven years in pinstripes and had more than his fair share of huge moments, particularly in the postseason, but giving him a plaque seems like a stretch to me. They re-issued his No. 24 almost instantly. O’Neill played nine years with the Yankees and won a batting title while with the team (.359 in 1994), though his No. 21 has been mostly out of circulation since his retirement, outside of the LaTroy Hawkins fiasco. Gossage played seven years in New York and is wearing a Yankees hat on his Hall of Fame plaque. Giving him and O’Neill plaques works for me.

The Yankees, particularly Hal Steinbrenner and Brian Cashman, indicated over the winter that the team is planning to beginning honoring its recent history. Rivera’s number retirement last September was the first big ceremony and we now know there will be several more over the next two years.

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  1. CountryClub says:

    Plaques make sense for those guys. I’m sure some people will take issue with O’Neill getting one, but I actually think Tino is the biggest stretch.

  2. Dan says:

    I’m excited about this. Do any other players have plaques but not have their number retired? Interesting precedent.

  3. Cam says:

    So No. 21 isn’t getting retired?

    • RetroRob says:


      Can’t wait for O’Neill to kick over a few of the monuments when he realizes his number is not retired!

  4. The Great Gonzo says:

    Teh 21z!!!!!

  5. Ray says:

    They can’t afford to retire any more numbers, but I’m glad Tino, Paul and Goose are getting their due.

  6. The Great Gonzo says:

    I am actually surprised they are retiring Torre’s #.

  7. Dalek Jeter says:

    Hopefully 51 is retired next year. I know “Core 4″ sounds cooler, but 2, 20, 42, 46, and 51 should all be retired.

  8. Jorge Steinbrenner says:

    Plaques, but no number, seems like a worthy compromise for some.

    Very glad to see Torre’s accomplishments rise above whatever slight rift may have remained, if there was one at all, following his book.

  9. Chris Z. says:

    Mr. T? Yes, he deserves it.

    The others? Love them, grew up watching them, own their jerseys. But to honor them in the same space as Babe Ruth? #overKill

    • Rick says:

      Plaques are fine … unless you’re at the dentist

    • Jorge Steinbrenner says:


      I think being the defining Yankee(s) of your generation should get you honored without having to compare generations.

      We’re not exactly honoring Homer Bush here. We have every Old Timer’s game from here to eternity to do that.

      • Silvio says:

        The ’cause-the-people-loved-them-SO MUCH” rationale is mawkish and generationally self-serving.

        Which “people”? The current generation or two? On the principle f–k-the-dead! they got no vote)?

        This “princple” gave us that vote a few years ago on an “all time” all star team for which the commissioner had to intervene in order to get (wait for it) Stan Musial included.

        Or that f–k-the-dead vote for “all time” college fb teams that omitted Fritz Crisler’s great Michigan teams or (wait again for it!) Frank Leahy’s late 1940s teams?

        Of course, Tony ain’t around to complain as Tino might. Tommy ain’t around to complain as O’Neill might. Keller ain’t around to complain as Bernie might. F–k ‘em. They’re dead! They don’t get no vote.

        The Yankee penchant for retiring numbers is becoming laughable.

    • nyyankfan_7 says:

      No one in monument park deserves to be honored in the same place as Babe Ruth so if that’s your basis for monument park then the Babe’s plaque would be pretty lonely out there.

      If you’re going to honor Reggie’s 5 years of Yankee-dom I don’t see how we can have an issue with Paul and Tino. They were awesome players on some amazing teams. They aren’t getting their number retired, and they shouldn’t, but I think a plaque is the right gesture. Bernie on the other hand deserves his number to be retired.

      • I'm One says:

        No one in monument park deserves to be honored in the same place as Babe Ruth

        Disagree. There are quite a few out therre with him that certainly belong. I’d suggest also that Mo and Jeter belong there as well. There are a few that could be argued, but to say “No one” else belongs is wrong, in my opinion.

        • nyyankfan_7 says:

          I’m sorry but not one person out there should be allowed Babe’s sloppy seconds when you compare their numbers & accomplishments to his. Mariano and Jeter do not belong in the same conversation as Babe Ruth. I don’t care what stats you use. The man hit more home runs than whole teams; oh yeah and he was a hell of a great pitcher. If you want to use new saber-metric stats it is even easier to see how unfathomably better he was:

          Babe Ruth WAR: 155.1
          Derek Jeter WAR: 94.5
          Mariano Rivera WAR: 56.6

          No one is even close. Not Mantle (116), not Joe D. (73) not even Gehrig (112.1).

          Now don’t misunderstand me, I’m not saying these people don’t belong in monument park; I’m just replying to the guy who said that Tino doesn’t belong somewhere that Babe Ruth is being honored. Technically no one does, that’s all I’m trying to say.

      • Yan Solo says:

        “Hi, my name is Lou Gehrig. Have we met?”

        (not to mention numerous others who are EASILY deserving…just trying to make a very blatant point)

        • nyyankfan_7 says:

          “Hi Lou – see the above stats; your WAR alone was over 40 points below the Babe’s. Go find yourself a different home to be honored in if Babe is the benchmark for monument park as the original poster said.”

          See my above post because you are not understanding me. I am not saying ANYONE in monument park is not deserving of a plaque. I am simply making a point that if Babe Ruth is your benchmark (again, as the original poster says) then no one is deserving. Look at the WAR’s posted above; it’s not even a close race.

  10. Yan Solo says:

    Give Bernie the respect he’s due. The end to his Yankee tenure was pitiful on the part of the Yankees. I’ve always taken offense with the term “Core Four”. Bernie opened the door for all four of those guys and was around for every championship they shared (minus 2009). He needs to be in the discussion with them every time. Bern Baby Bern!

    • Dr. Greg Stevenson DDS says:

      I agree with this, Bernie got the shaft in my eyes. Don’t get me wrong I love Posada, but Bernie out performed him in H, 2B, 3B, BB, RBI, R, HR, SB, SLG, AVG, OPS, OBP, less K’s, he was part of the foundation of the 90′s Yankee Dynasty. Yet he’s left out of the conversation when it comes to Yankee Greats in that time. Andy left for pete’s sake! Bernie scratched and clawed to stay with the organization. I know the term Fab 5 is used elsewhere but it honestly should be the Fab 5 and not the Core 4. BERN BABY BERN!

      • El Maestro says:

        That is correct, but Bernie didn’t play the position Jorge played. Getting the numbers that Posada got being a catcher for so much time is a much more difficult task.

        That being said, I love Bernie, and I think 51 should be retired.

      • Fin says:

        ” Andy left for pete’s sake! Bernie scratched and clawed to stay with the organization. ”

        You know expect for the fact that he almost left for Boston until the Yankees overpaid. Same thing Petite did except the Yankees didnt overpay.

    • jsbrendog says:

      the end of his yankee tenure was too late because he was already useless and he refused to acknowledge it or take a pay cut….

      • Yan Solo says:

        That takes away NOTHING from the entirety of his work. He is easily the cornerstone of the dynasty years that was built on top of him (not that he was the most vital, but he got the train rolling for the Core Four to replace the awful Yankees of the late 80s – early 90s). Yet… nothing. I don’t care how his career ended or whether there was bad blood or not. You can find a flaw with EVERYONE in Monument Park (or the retired numbers). He deserves so much more respect than he receives.

    • Looser trader droids FotD™ says:


  11. John C says:

    With Jeter retiring, all the single digits will be gone forever

  12. OldYanksFan says:

    In 6 years with NY, Tino averaged 2.5 bWar/yr, and only surpassed that mark in ONE year. (averaged 113 OPS+)

    In 9 years with NY, Paulie averaged just under 3 bWar/yr, and surpassed that mark in three years. (averaged 125 OPS+)

    In 16 years with NY, Bernie averaged just over 3 bWar/yr, and surpassed that mark in nine years. (averaged 125 OPS+)

    In 18 years with NY, Mickey Mantle averaged just over 6 bWar/yr, and surpassed that mark in nine years (and was over 10 bWar 3 years). (averaged 172 OPS+)

    I love the Fab Five, but plaques are going awful cheap these days.

    • Johnny says:

      For better or worse, it’s just a popularity contest now. Not a measure of greatness. Oh well…at the least actual monuments still mean something special.

    • Jorge Steinbrenner says:

      Again, why compare generation to generation? Highlight the premiers Yankees of their generation.

      Like nyyankfan_7 said above, if Ruth and Mantle are the benchmarks, it’d be a pretty empty Monument Park.

      I do agree that Tino’s a slight stretch, but I also definitely err on the side of inclusion versus exclusion.

      • Matt DiBari says:

        Yes. Its not the Hall of Fame. Its a little area for Yankee fans to celebrate the people they loved.

        • Jorge Steinbrenner says:

          It’s a museum of sorts of Yankee history. I’m not saying include Alvaro Espinoza and Tim Leary because someone has to represent the early 90′s, but I don’t see why fans wouldn’t want to have some sort of representative Yankee history to look back on.

          Here’s a crazy inclusion on my end: I’d like to see something to commemorate Righetti’s no-hitter. Perhaps one plaque with the names of every player who contributed from 96-00 on it.

          What if, at some point, this does evolve into an actual Yankee museum?

          • Prussian General Jordan Brink says:

            You take that diss of Alvaro Espinosa back, fish boy!!!!

            • Jorge Steinbrenner says:

              I actually had written “Oscar Azocar” first, then changed it to Alvaro.

              • nyyankfan_7 says:

                I think they need to commemorate Andy Hawkins’ no hitter!

                And if we need representatives of the early 90′s my vote is for Hensley “Bam-Bam” Meulens and Kevin Maas. Or maybe just a line of white dust and empty beer bottles to honor Steve Howe.

                • Jorge Steinbrenner says:

                  Chuck Cary. Always Chuck Cary. The bar was so low that I looked forward to Chuck Cary starts.

      • mitch says:

        Tino is a pretty low bar though. If he gets one, I think you’re opening the door up for about a dozen other guys from that era

        • jsbrendog says:

          except, devil’s advocate, tino has more memorable playoff monents than a lot of the more generational talents. when it comes to plaques it’s mroe of this guy was a part of the most recent (and possibly last) baseball dynasty and had moments in the postseason for said dynasty that people will watch on youtube and remember forever.

          IMO, if youre name is synonymous with huge moments and history and you will be talked about forever than why not a plaque to acknowledge it? the GREATS get their numbers retired, the memorables get their plaques. Id def put Tino in the memorable. granted he is the baseline and it could be considered a stretch but not that big of one to me.

    • Matt DiBari says:

      I think there should be a tough standard to get your number retired, but I think the plaques and go a little freer.

    • Wolfgang's Fault says:

      Mantle’s in the conversation with the games greatest players. Paulie & Bernie are foundation players on their era’s most successful ball club. You’ve gotta pay them their due.

  13. Matt DiBari says:

    I’ll definitely be going to that.

    I’d also like to see Bobby Murcer get a plaque, but I don’t know if that’s in the cards

    • Dave in VA says:

      I’d love to see Murcer get a plaque; he was my favorite Yankee of the early 70s. A plaque for his teammate Graig Nettles too (one of the top 2 or 3 third basemen in all of baseball during the early Steinbrenner years). Murcer’s contribution as a Yankee broadcaster means that a lot of later-era folks recognized him too, which adds to the argument for his getting a plaque.

  14. JLC 776 says:

    I’m real glad to see all of this. Torre deserves it, despite the funny business following his departure. It’s also pretty cool to see all of the single digits now retired.

    I, too, think this is a great way of paying respect to Tino and Paulie – two very core members of the dynasty. I’ll be very interested to see what they do for Bernie. I think he falls firmly between the level of the Hall of Famers (Jeter and Mo) and the high contributors (Tino and many others), so I’m expecting he’ll have his number retired.

    Bernie is every bit as vital as any of the Core Four. He just wasn’t around in 2009, and came into the Majors a few years earlier, so they couldn’t call them the High Five or some shit like that.

    • mitch says:

      I think Bernie is much closer to Jeter/Rivera than Tino. He played his whole career here and a fringe HOFer. I’d retire his number

      • RetroRob says:


        Jeter and Rivera are going to the HOF. Bernie, Posada and Pettitte are borderline HOFers, just on the wrong side of the line. They are also home-grown Yankees who played their careers with the team outside of the few years where the Yankees forced Pettitte to Houston.

        O’Neill is nowhere near those three.

        • Looser trader droids FotD™ says:

          Well, his years before he came here were not to the level he played while here, but someone posted further up that Paullie’s relative numbers are on the same level as Bernie’s.

  15. Dr. Greg Stevenson DDS says:

    I DEMAND THEY BE KNOWN AS THE FAB 5! Jeter, Bernie, Posada, Andy, and Mo!

  16. Darren says:

    They should honor David Wells with a keg in the corner.

    Also, Monument Park is pretty sad now that’s buried in the gloom and shadows underneath a sports bar. In the old Stadium it was much more special.

    • Jorge Steinbrenner says:

      I laughed. That’s a pretty funny visual.

      Hopefully, in twenty years, we can honor Michael Pineda by hiring a guy who smears you in the neck with fake goo as you walk into Monument Park.

  17. Yangeddard Solarte says:

    Each and every one of those guys deserves to be honored for the dynasty they helped create. Jeter, Jorgie, Paulie, Coney, Wells, El Duque, Tino, Andy, Torre. These guys were True Yankees. I’d give Hideki a plaque. I’d give Jeter a monument in his very own park named just for him. I’d give Mariano a plaque out in the bullpen. These guys are special and deserve to be honored.

  18. Ye$ the Yanke$$ will be honoring Recent Hi$tory.

    Bernie Torre Jeter Posada and I guess Pettitte with retired numbers even though they gave out 46 immediately after Andy bolted for Houston for a few years.

    I am okay with O’Neill getting a plaque but Tino and Gossage? When will the Aaron Boone be getting a plaque?

    Un-retire Guidry and Jackson and give them plaques.

    • jsbrendog says:

      and the aaron boone thing would be more of a time line, like a wall someday gets an “important postseason yankee greats” or “great moments” and it is a pic of him holding up his hands trotting to first with a brief description…

    • jsbrendog says:

      what joe torre did was way worse than andy pettitte leaving for more money to be closer to home and play with his buddy clemens. come on, let’s be honest here, no one who is ok with torre having hsi number retired can say shit about andy pettitte having his retired. he is one of the top 3 left handed yankee pitchers EVER and a borderline hall of famer during the most recent and possibly last mlb dynasty. to me that is number retirement worthy.

      • What exactly did Torre do wrong? He got fired unjustly by not living up to the crazy expectations that were set by owernership. If you managed a team to 6 World Series and won 4 of them and never once missed the playoffs as a manager and got kicked out the door you wouldn’t you be a little pissed off?

      • Jorge Steinbrenner says:

        I don’t think Torre really did anything wrong. No one ever looks great after a tell-all book. If they did, it probably wasn’t a very exciting book.

  19. Yankenstein says:

    Their gonna need a bigger wall.

  20. Vern Sneaker says:

    Am I missing something? Where’s Posada? No way he doesn’t get this honor and O’Neill and Tino do. And Pettitte and Bernie should go before any of them. Whoever said plaques are going awful cheap these days (above) got it right, imo. If O’Neill and Martinez get them I can think of at least half a dozen former Yankees at their level who aren’t mentioned at all and n ever will be probably.

    • Jorge Steinbrenner says:

      I can’t believe I forgot Posada here.

      Perhaps #20 is on the retirement list.

    • mitch says:

      O’Neill retired 5 years before bernie and 10 before Posada. Pretty sure the order isn’t based on merit.

      • jsbrendog says:

        plus, his leaving was a bit heated and sometimes it takes a few years away first. but yeah, definitely has to do with timing of retirement here, imo

  21. jim p says:

    Bernie is in the top ten, actually the top six or seven in Yankee history, in almost every offense category there is.

    Amazed me to see that at the NY Post’s tribute/stats page for Jeter’s final season. Scroll down a bit to the part showing the top ten Yankees in all the standard offense stats. You’ll see a lot of Bernie in there.

    All I remember is that he would get hot, right about now, and carry the offense for 4 or 6 weeks, then do that again in late July/Aug or Aug/Sept. Loved that guy.

  22. Pinedamaybegreata (formerly Monterowasdinero) says:

    Agree that plaques are going cheaper these days. Based on numbers, I am sure Robbie “take the money” Cano will have a plaque out there someday too. If he doesn’t, then it is just a popularity contest for sure.

    • Jorge Steinbrenner says:

      I’d think Robbie’s on the outside looking in there at this point, but who knows what changes between now and when we really have to think about this.

    • jsbrendog says:

      why would robbie get one? what are his memorable moments? is he a hall of famer based onlyon his time as a yankee? will hebe talked about for years to come and be immortalized for something he did during the post season? i mean, he was arguably the best player on the team but i dont see him having the longevity cache that even tino has because tino did it during the dynasty.

    • Looser trader droids FotD™ says:

      No chance unless he’s traded back here with >2 years left on that deal and produces some memorable moments. I literally cannot recall a single one.

  23. Dave says:

    Last time I checked 0 was still a single digit number.

  24. Matt Nokes says:

    Great news all around the board. And stop belly-aching about Tino…he was clutch and we all loved him.

  25. Eric says:

    Old timers day is the 22nd, not the 21st. You almost have me a panic attack thinking I bought tickets for the wrong day two months ago.

  26. dela g says:

    The best part is that ian o’connor headline. That guy is such a dumbass

  27. TWTR says:

    Timing is everything.

  28. Now Batting says:

    I’m ok with Torre getting a plaque but retiring his number seems like overkill to me and that’s not even factoring in the book.

    • TWTR says:

      Torre aside, they have retired so many numbers that it detracts from how meaningful retiring a number should be.

      • Jorge Steinbrenner says:


        • TWTR says:

          I blame Reggie.

          • Jorge Steinbrenner says:

            I just don’t have the intensity of emotion towards this issue. I’ll be honest. Retire whatever you want. Don’t retire whatever you want. It just doesn’t affect me that much.

            HOWEVER, if you wanted me to point to what the most questionable retired number is, it’d be #44 for sure.

            • RetroRob says:


              • Jorge Steinbrenner says:

                That’d be next.

                • Now Batting says:

                  It’s one thing to write a book and include your thoughts on players like Mo did. Torre actually divulged conversations he had with players in what they though was private. How that doesn’t get you blackballed from an organization is beyond me. Now they’re immortalizing him forever in Yankees history by retiring his number.

  29. Still think 21 should be sent to the door. They keep holding it back, so I mean come on.

    Besides, Monument Park needs a 3rd thing to get 2, 20, 21, 46 and 51 in.

    • And building on that, you should put 21 in that empty spot. Then on the new one, have Torre, Jeter, Posada, Andy and Bernie in there. The problem is they are in order of when, so moving Mo’s might be a problem.

  30. Potvinsks says:

    Speaking of days of yore and those guys, the excerpt from Mo’s book that no one is talking about where he basically says NYS isn’t loud, isn’t a tenth man and basically has crappy atmosphere were pretty damning.

    • Wolfgang's Fault says:

      We didn’t need Mo to tell us that, but I’m impressed he weighed in w/such honesty. I DESPISE the NYS.

  31. RetroRob says:

    Plaques and special days to honor these players are fine and I encourage it. They just need to reserve the retirement of numbers to a very select few. HOFers with few exceptions. Mattingly might be the only non-HOF player whose number I would retire who is not a HOFer, and frankly I can’t think of any other compare to him in Yankee history. So, no, I would not have retired Ron Guidry’s number, and he was remains one of my all-time favorites.

    I guess I’ve been up on the rules for Monument Park. I assumed every plaque out there had the player’s number retired, too. Or is this something new?

  32. Ralph says:

    Just FYI, Old-Timer’s Day is Sunday, June 22, not Saturday, June 21 as it states in the article.

  33. brian says:

    I wish they never went down the road of retiring all these different numbers…

    But since they did, Torre is completely deserving, greatest yankee manager of my lifetime, hands down

    Bernie deserving as well, but sounds like that’s for 2015

  34. cooolbreeez says:

    It’s all subjective but I agree the price of plaquedom is on sale right now. What about the Fritz Peterson plaque? Lowest ERA of all pitchers in old Yankee Stadium.

  35. BigBlueAL says:

    Torre, Bernie and Posada deserve to have their numbers retired. If they want to give plaques but not retire numbers than O’neill and Pettitte deserve one. Dont think Tino does though.

    Also Goose and Winfield deserves plaques but not numbers retired, same I believe for Righetti.

  36. RetroRob says:

    Although I’m opposed to it, they’ll probably create a Core Four day where they retire all their numbers. They’ll do it on Bernie Williams day so he’s not noticed.

  37. vicki says:

    i never, ever, vote 6 in the fan confidence poll – even when it most closely reflects my viewpoint – out of pure hate for torre. i don’t defend this as rational, but there it is. i would be tempted to go to the stadium the day he’s (gross) honored, and turn my back to the field during the ceremony. in black dress and veil.

  38. dalelama says:

    It is a moral disgrace to retire a single digit number for a Yankee manager not named Stengel or McCarthy.

    • JAG says:

      Which single-digit number did you want retired for Casey Stengel, who wore #37, which is retired for him? Or for McCarthy, who wore no number at all?

      • dalelama says:

        My point went above your head obviously. It was my way of saying there is now way Torre should have his number retired. Try to keep up.

  39. Yankeefan91 says:

    i think the yankees should add a couple of statues of former players around the stadium. i no they probably wont add them outside the stadium since they do play in the bronx lol but a couple of statues by the bleachers would be pretty cool i love how they have it set up in comerica park.

  40. Steinbrenner's Ghost says:

    I’d love to see an Oscar Gamble plaque (full fro).

    Maybe they could have a plaque just for Scott Proctor’s arm.

    • Looser trader droids FotD™ says:

      I’m going to have a local artisan do up that Oscar plaque for my man cave. Oscar the Crouch FTW.

  41. Steinbrenner's Ghost says:

    I’d like to see them give Clemens a plaque, just to piss off Boston.

    He had five productive years, won a cy young, won 2 titles, did everything he could to try to pull out game 7 in 2001, he’s never spoken ill about anyone and produced one of more dramatic moments in yankee blogdom (

  42. Macho Man "Randy Levine" says:

    So when does Winfield get his plaque?

  43. Eric says:

    Billy Martin did not deserve a retired number – he was good in the World Series but not a great player – maybe George felt sorry for firing him so many times.

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