Yanks blow two leads; Dunn, White Sox walk-off with 6-5 win

DotF: Sanchez's big day helps Trenton to a win
X-rays negative on Brian Roberts' right knee

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This was a total team loss. Bad pitching, bad hitting, especially bad defense. The Yankees have now lost eight straight games at U.S. Cellular Field (dating back to 2012) following Friday’s walk-off 6-5 loss. Let’s recap the heart-breaker:

  • Early Runs: Former Yankee Hector Noesi came into this game with a 7.31 ERA, and that went up after Brian McCann clubbed a three-run homer in the very first inning. Derek Jeter singled and Mark Teixeira walked to set the inning up. McCann has been pretty bad this year, but that was his seventh homer, or one fewer than the Yankees got out of their catchers all last season.
  • Chipped Away: Holy moly was the infield defense bad on Friday. I mean, it’s been bad all year, but it was especially bad on Friday. Kelly Johnson looked like he never played first base before — probably because he’s played 19 games at the position in his career — missing two scoops and failing to knock down a hard hit grounder. Those miscues extended several innings and drove up Hiroki Kuroda‘s pitch count, forcing him from the game with two outs in the fifth. He allowed four runs, the last two on an Alexei Ramirez homer. The bad defense hurt, but Kuroda also allowed eight hits to 25 batters. Ugly.
  • Retake The Lead: Noesi managed to settle down after the first inning and wound up with a quality start. Down 4-3 in the seventh, the Yankees put something together against the ChiSox bullpen, loading the bases with two singles and a walk. There was a sacrifice bunt mixed in as well. The tying run scored on a wild pitch, thankfully, then the super-slumping Jacoby Ellsbury lifted a sac fly to center to plate the go-ahead run. The Yankees have put together a spirited two-run rally in the late innings of each of the last three games.
  • Proctored: The poor bullpen is going to be toast come August. Because Kuroda was bounced from the game so early, Joe Girardi used his key late-game trio to get the final 13 outs. That meant four outs for Dellin Betances (20 pitches), five outs for Adam Warren (36 pitches), and one out for David Robertson (14 pitches). It would have been four outs had he not served up a two-run walk-off homer to Adam Dunn. It was his first blown save in ten tries this year. He was bound to blow one at some point. Sucks it happened on Friday.
  • Leftovers: Jeter played short and Brendan Ryan played first for the second time in about a week. That has to be the most backwards thing any team has done this season … Roberts fouled a pitch off his right knee and hobbled around the rest of the game. He was lifted in the ninth inning, but that might have been for defensive purposes … the Yankees need their starters to go deeper into the game. It’s a must. They’re killing the bullpen. Betances, Warren, and Robertson can’t be asked to get 4+ outs each every other day.

MLB.com has the box score and video highlights, FanGraphs has some other stats, and ESPN has the updated standings. The good news: Vidal Nuno will be on the mound to stop the bleeding on Saturday afternoon. Wait, no. That’s the bad news. I don’t have good news. John Danks will be on the bump for the ChiSox in the matinee.

DotF: Sanchez's big day helps Trenton to a win
X-rays negative on Brian Roberts' right knee
  • http://www.penuel-law.com/ Cuso

    This team needs a Jordan Brink game badly.

  • Zach

    Bottom line, this is not a postseason team.
    The only “good” thing is that at least this year, we won’t have to watch the Sux win again.

    • Silvio

      It’s true, what you say about the Sox, but, unfortunately, we may have either to watch the Blue Jays win.

      • Silvio

        Scratch “either.”

  • Chip Rodriguez

    Kelly Johnson’s butchery at 1B really makes me hope for Kendrys Morales.

    • Winter

      You know it’s a bad sign when you want Kendrys Morales’s defense on your team.

  • JIM

    Girardi’s obsession with bunting costs us another big inning. Why bunt Gardner with 2 on, no out, and the infield in? Also, we shifted on Tyler Flowers? Cripes.

    • http://www.twitter.com/mattpat11 Matt DiBari

      I almost want to see the spray charts they have. Because I’m really starting to have a hard time believing that every player in baseball is a severe dead pull hitter, but that’s the only conclusion I can come to when I watch this team shift.

    • mikhel

      And the Yankees scored, compare that to the other chances he had to order a bunt, did not do it, and did not score. With men on base, no outs and Roberts batting? Bunt! That would have set up a potential run scoring with Kelly J. at bat, but ultimately Roberts flied out, KJ grounded out and could not add another run, in a 5-4 game that is a huge insurance run.

      In total there were three clear chances to advance runners and JoeG opted not to (Gardner and Ichiro were never given the steal sign, after that if you bunt you set up another run, instead on of those was a double play grounder).

      • nyyankfan7

        He didn’t bunt Roberts because it was Brenden Ryan hitting behind him and considering Ryan didn’t get the ball past the pitcher it was probably the right call in that situation.

  • Scott

    Watching Mark Reynolds with 11HR in Milwaukee really burns my ass. It looks like Cashman has the Midas touch in reverse.

    • FIPster Doofus

      No mention of his .210 AVG/.284 OBP?

      • No 2013 again

        Reynolds is at 93 wRC+. That’s only behind Tex, Solarte, Gardner and Ellsbury (for now, since he’s at 97 wRC+ and falling) amongst Yankees regulars.

        So yeah, Cashman screwed up (again).

        • Need Pitching & Hitting

          Reynolds sucks. (he’s up to 105 wRC+ after today, fwiw)
          Awful defense.
          Mediocre offense.

          If your going to complain about not signing somebody, at least complain about not signing somebody who is actually good.

          • Scott

            Is it to complain about a player he signed that sucks worse than the player about whom I complained initially? I’m unsure of the rules.

        • FIPster Doofus

          He’s having a typical Mark Reynolds season. Meh.

        • nyyankfan7

          Actually no Cashman didn’t screw up.

          Contrary to popular belief every single player in the MLB does not WANT to be a Yankee. I know that is really hard for some people to believe but it does happen. And Mark Reynolds was one of those guys. He has said he turned down major league offers to take the invite to ST from the Brewers because he felt he had the greatest chance at playing time there. He is not a 3B anymore; he is a straight 1B, and a shitty one at that.

    • TWTR

      He has made some bad decisions, but that wasn’t one.

  • Kiko Jones

    Anyone else puzzled by this Joe G quote, regarding how Jeter has managed to tie Luis Aparicio for second place on the list of most ever games played by a shortstop?

    “You don’t read about Derek at places at 2 and 3 [in the morning]; that’s just not who he is.”

    I dunno what publications Joe G reads but apparently, the Yankee skipper was not around for The Boss’ constant chastising of Jeter for his constant late night shenanigans. Hell, they even made a Visa ad about it!

    • FIPster Doofus

      I miss that ad. It was on back when Jeter and the Yankees were good.

    • Mikhel

      I remember it was one time, the whole thing was then mocked. Cano was also mildly criticized, so was Melky, I think even Alex Rodríguez was at some point frowned upon, but from Canó’s arrival to his last year in front of the Yankees, the boss had taken a more relaxed role.

  • Tom

    The bullpen is going to be Proctor’d because Girardi can’t grasp the concept of what a long man is.

    Aceves IS the long man… and yet Betances has been the reliever regularly called on in the 5th or 6th inning. Tonight he was asked to get out of a 2 out, guy on first “jam” in the 5th inning; which is clearly when you want to deploy one of your best relievers (?)

    Aceves’ last 5 appearances have all been under 2 innings, 3 have been an inning or less, and most have been LATE in games. The whole concept of the damn long man is to come in when the starter has a short outing and provide multiple innings.

    Aceves’ last few appearances: 8th inning, 8th inning, 7th/8th inning, 4th/5th inning, 7th inning… that sound like a long man/mopup man to anyone?

    Until at least Kelley gets back, there is no way Betances should be entering games in the 5th inning, the bullpen is simply not deep enough to ask your 3 best relievers to cover 4+ innings.

    • Need Pitching & Hitting

      Really don’t want to see Aceves anywhere near a winnable game.

      As for Betances, I don’t have a problem using him as the fireman in any inning (probably not earlier than the 5th) in a close game (they certainly could have waited in this game. I think he was warming up in case of a jam, which was essentially erased with the HR, but Girardi didn’t have the foresight to have someone else up in case of that situation). But if they are going to go with him that early, they need to work someone else into the mix (maybe in the 7th inning)so that not every key reliever is going multiple innings in the same game.

      • FIPster Doofus


      • Tom

        But the problem is Aceves is showing up in winnable games…

        Girardi’s recent usage model almost assures a lesser reliever being called upon in a winnable game because Girardi’s “strategy” is to blow out the good portion of the pen to go 4 innings to get 1 win. Once he brings in Betances early, as he has been doindg – he’s prety much committed to running the gauntlet with the good relievers (unless the offense opens up a big lead)

        Who’s pitching tomorrow if it’s late and close? Robertson is probably the only guy available, and he’s not coming in unless they have a lead. So Girardi is already forced to use Claiborne, Daley or Aceves if it’s close late in the game. And folks will say “unavoidable, unless you want to kill Betances’ or Warren’s arm” Or he could have used a lesser arm in the 5th inning the day before in what was not exactly a high leverage spot.

        • Need Pitching & Hitting

          Doesn’t the opposite also assure a lesser reliever being called upon in a winnable game?
          Except that they know that game was very winnable once it got to the bullpen. They have no idea what will present itself in tomorrow’s game.

          Today’s game was certainly winnable, and a 1-run game throughout the bullpen portion of the game. If they hadn’t used the big 3 for the duration, a lesser reliever would have definitely been pitching in a definitely winnable game. And going to the long-man there would force multiple innings from their worst reliever in a very winnable game, likely turning it into a much less winnable game.
          They do need to do a better job of saving the best for the highest leverage situations – runner on 1st with 2 outs, or starting the 8th clean against the bottom of the lineup, weren’t exactly highest leverage, and they potentially could have gotten some outs from Daley or Claiborne in those situations.

          • Tom

            Couple of things:

            – Lesser pitchers are pitching in winnable games, with only 3 reliable arms it’s unavoidable. The question is when are they pitching in these winnable games.

            – If you bring in an Aceves late (say the 8th), if he does happen to be pitching well, you get minimal gain out of it – 2 innings at most (and maybe one as the closer comes in for the 9th with a lead). Plus if he blows up in the 8th, you really aren’t saving the pen all that much. Bring him in in the 5th and you might get more; and if he blow up at that point, you actually do get to save the extra innings on the good arms and can have him or Daley Or CLaiborne take one for the team.

            – Aceves (or Daley or Claiborne) are often coming in when there are no other options as the rest of the pen is unavailable from the day before or pitching earlier in the game. Bring one of them in in the 5th or 6th and you still can go to a Betances or Warren to escape a jam they create.

            – Girardi seems to be of the mindset of once he burns Betances early (and he is effective escaping the jam), he is compelled to not take any chances and go though all the good arms (or risk “wasting” the Betance outing). I agree with your point of adding another arm once they get out of the jam in a lower leverage spot – I don’t for a second see Girardi doing this though. He seems to have the clear tic-tac-toe plan like he did a few years ago (thought that was the 7-8-9 plan and was easier on the pen)

            I think the dynamic changes a bit when Kelley gets back as it means someone probably only working 1 inning along the way (and being available the next day) but until then it seems like a short sighted way to run the pen.

            • Tom

              ugh… apologies for all the typos.

  • TWTR

    Blow it up

  • BigBlueAL

    Im starting to believe James Dolan has secretly purchased the Yankees. That would go a long way in explaining how far the Yankees have fallen in the last 2 years lol.

  • No 2013 again

    Can we fire Cashman and get the Dodgers to take our bad contracts? This team is a joke.

  • http://www.twitter.com/mattpat11 Matt DiBari

    I don’t blame Kuroda for this. From the very first batter, when Eaton grounded it to the second basem…er, the no one that was standing at the second base position, this team made it impossible for him to pitch. I was making jokes about Roberts inexplicably playing assistant first base for no reason on that play, but holy mother of God would the night have gone better if he was. What in the hell was Kelly Johnson doing tonight? I’ve never in my life seen someone struggle at first base like that. And I sat through the ill considered “Wison Betemit, defensive replacement” era. I don’t even know what you do with Johnson at this point. You can’t put up with that.

    • Silvio

      You may have a point. Although Kuroda’s face was a mask (as usual), while infield chaos was going on all around him, he must have had a bad case of acid reflux by the time he left the game.

  • Steinbrenner’s Ghost

    well, at least the Saux have lost 8 in a row.

  • 461deep

    JG pulled Kuroda a little early. Feel he was not doing that badly despite the HR. DR MaY need a chiropractor for Dunn neck whiplash HR.
    Yes Carlos is missed but Chisox missing Abreu & Garcia. Next few days will test team as they play better hitting teams. Defense is not good. Cannot lose games to bad starters & bad pens. McCann on 25 .HR pace so that a plus for him.

  • Mikhel

    Yanks need a second baseman who can actually get the ball from second base to 1st base with a hard line throw, not the pop toss Roberts keeps doing, throwing the ball with a 12-to-6 motion of his arm instead of a 3-to-9 kind of movement. He often looks like he gives up on throwing the ball as soon aas he steps on second base in a grounder with a 6-4 route instead of a 6-4-3 double play attempt, is as if he knoes he won’t get the ball succesfully to 1st base. Sure precaution is needed with a n00b playing 1st base like today, but with Teix there, he can do it.

  • fin

    Unfortunately, this is not a good team, without their pitching. Its going to be a long season. Kuroda looks cooked, CC is clearly cooked, Nova is done for the year. Its not a pretty situation, even if Pineda comes back as an ace. Its a shit show really.

  • rogue

    A true “captain” would never allow Ryan to play 1B.

    Yes, I’m calling out Jeter for being a selfish tool. He’s been overpaid for years and his “defense” is killing the team. Even in his final season, his ego won’t allow him to be replaced at SS.

    Jeter deserves to be criticized. That’s what eventually will happen when any aging former star overstays his welcome.

    Be a captain Derek. Move to 1b/dh. Let Ryan be the FT shortstop.

    • qadams

      Or maybe Joe Girardi should be a true “manager” focused on managing games to give his team the best chance to win. Girardi claims he’s not running a farewell tour for Jeter, but the way he keeps him at short and puts Ryan at first base (!!) makes it totally obvious that he is putting on a farewell tour.

      • Yankee Fan 1

        or maybe when you have 2 guys who have never played a position before, you have the younger, better defender play the new role

  • forensic

    They just can’t seem to get out of their own way. You just can’t lose a game like this if you have any aspirations of being a real playoff/championship contender. I can’t wait until next week or the week after when some of the hitters start doing better for a couple weeks but the pitching implodes over and over. It seems inevitable. The only consistent thing on this team is the defense, and that’s not a good thing.

    If Kuroda’s pitching like this when he’s fresh early in the season, the end of the season should be really entertaining. And I understand putting a bunch of the blame on Johnson (I haven’t seen all the throws yet), but how about they try to have the infielders actually get the throws over there without bouncing them all the time first.

    You just can’t count on an offense that runs at least 4 starters with sub-.300 OBP’s out there every day, especially when it’s combined with 4 starters with sub-.400 SLG’s.

    And finally, people like to complain about the Yankees TV and radio announcers (me included sometimes, radio-wise), but they really have nothing on how terrible the White Sox announcers are. Everyone knows about Hawk, but their radio guys are just as bad, not just in their homerism but apparently also in their preparation and/or knowledge. As an example, I point you to Betances’ appearance tonight. They said he’s not overpowering and just knows how to pitch, his fastball will top out at the 94 that he threw on his first one tonight, he backs it up with an ok forkball and a fine curveball, and he’s not at all what you’d expect from a guy of his size. Huh???

    • Silvio

      Every season I find myself amazed at how bottom-of-the-barrel bad the Chicago tv announcers are and vow never to criticize Kay again.

  • Stevis

    As Yogi says
    “It aint over till its over….well its over…this will be a season of 3rd place….maybe if their lucky

  • Frank

    Last place within a month. This is plainly not a good team.

    • TWTR

      This team should sign Morales today, but I will still take the over.

    • Get Phelps Up

      Do you think that about the Red Sox and Rays too?

    • BFDeal

      You said the same thing over a month ago.

  • Yangeddard Solarte

    I think it’s over for this Yankee ballclub. They can’t hit, can’t pitch, can’t defend. Their strength was that bullpen and Girardi is running the good pitchers into the ground. If it weren’t for Solarte, Teixera and Tanaka this team would already be in last place and their run differential would be even worse than it is now. It’s over, folks.

    • nyyankfan7

      Thanks for the update Chicken Little

  • fred robbins

    maybe they can print the Jeter memoirs early so Girardi can have something to talk about after a game, because he sure can’t talk about his managing and his team.

    What Cashman has done with the most money in baseball is utterly disgusting. They are not even close to being as good as Oakland and at this point, one could make a case that Seattle is a better team than the Yankees.
    Year after year now the Yankees have become a graveyard for used up ball players and an ownership with no guts. My God– they rushed a limo to get Kuroda and they cobbled together an infield that looks like a little league team where the parents insist their kids play or they are taking the money away for uniforms.

    This whole team management and front office is an affront to any real fan of this team.
    Derek Jeter is a pig now who wants nothing more than the photo ops and limelight as his team goes into a hole around him.
    Betances should ask for a trade before he becomes the next up under the knife and misses two of his best years. Hell, he should probably get a good lawyer and sue for being used the wrong way every darn night.

    Girardi is one of the worst managers in baseball and you can go around this whole team and ask yourself… what other team would take any of these players as a starter… 1- maybe 2– tex and who else- ellsbury and McCann?

    Any decent front office would have brought up Murphy and kept Martin and never used 85 million to sigh McCann… and Beltran? what kind of joke is this? 3 years?– holy shingles Bat Man– you might not get 30 good days out of this guy in those 3 years.

    Just a sickening team to watch– and those who sit here and say that is not being a true Yankee fan are very misguided by love… kind of the way the mother of a rapist or child molester says her kid is really a good boy…

  • ChrisGuitars

    I’m a huge Yankee fan and until recently I’ve watched every inning of every game, usually in delay. Recently, I’ve taken to using the FF button in clutch hitting situations. It’s not good for my blood pressure to watch them blow these countless scoring opportunities. Until they change their approach at the plate things will continue to stink. When they’re hitting with 2 strikes, when they’re hitting with 2 outs, they have to stop the same uppercut pull/swing for the fences approach. It’s not working. Forget about that 5% chance of jacking one and go with the 50% chance of not striking out, popping up, or grounding into a DP. …I have never seen 2B as bad at pivoting a DP as Roberts. The whole infield is playing at AA level, which is why you NEVER see them on the daily highlight reel on MLB channel.never in the history of money, has anyone done so little, with so much.

  • Holy Ghost

    I’m enjoying watching Tanaka, Jeter, and Solarte this season. But unfortunately, this team looks like they’re going to miss the playoffs for the second year in a row. Lets just hope they have a respectable season and don’t finish in last place…