Bullpen Shakeup: Yankees drop Aceves and Claiborne, add Ramirez and LeBlanc



The Yankees have shaken up their bullpen, at least slightly. Alfredo Aceves has been designated for assignment and Preston Claiborne has been sent down to Triple-A Scranton, the team announced. In corresponding moves, Jose Ramirez was called up and Wade LeBlanc was added to the active roster. LeBlanc was claimed off waivers from the Angels yesterday. The moves leave the Yankees with an open 40-man roster spot.

Aceves had a 6.52 ERA (6.22 FIP) in 19.1 innings during his second stint in pinstripes. He somehow allowed six homers in his last 12 innings. In addition to his bad pitching, I think the Yankees were sick of his attitude as well. Aceves didn’t seem to get on the same page as Brian McCann, plus Larry Rothschild had to go out to the mound the other day to tell Aceves to stop throwing inside after giving up a few homers. He’s long had some attitude problems.

Claiborne had a 3.57 ERA (3.74 FIP) in 17.2 innings. I think he’s going down because the team wants to get a look at Ramirez more than anything. Ramirez had a 0.84 ERA (2.86 FIP) in 10.2 Triple-A innings this year after missing the start of the season with an oblique problem. LeBlanc simple takes over as the veteran journeyman long reliever¬† Joe Girardi can use and abuse as needed. With the starters struggling to go five innings at times, that’s guy is kinda necessary.

The Yankees called up Scott Sizemore and demoted Zoilo Almonte yesterday, and today they shook up the bullpen a little bit. Carlos Beltran is expected to activated off the disabled list either tomorrow or the next day, so there is at least one more change coming. It’s not much, but it’s better than remaining status quo. Sizemore should be more useful than Almonte, Ramirez could be an impact reliever, and dumping Aceves is a positive almost regardless of who replaces him.

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  1. Yangeddard Solarte says:

    Well that’s a start but it does nothing to improve the offense that can’t score more than 2 runs a game.

  2. pat says:

    Didn’t even realize Claiborne was with the team.

  3. Farewell Mo says:

    Times are desperate when you have to promote a reliever who has allowed 18 base runners in 10.2 innings at AAA.

  4. UWS NYY says:


  5. SouthPaw429 says:

    Who gets sent down when Beltran comes back tomorrow??

  6. Jedile says:

    Call up Montero to spark the offense!

  7. Wayne says:

    Don’t know what happens to Jose Ramirez?
    Or what to expect?
    Probably there to give bullpen guys a rest and help out Betances.

  8. JGYank says:

    No surprise with Aceves getting DFAed, but I’m surprised Claiborne went down. He was decent. I don’t know much about Ramirez, but does 10 innings at AAA with a 1.69 WHIP warrant him to be called up? I know he has good velocity, but his numbers just aren’t too impressive looking at the last few years. Hopefully he can follow Betances and become a nasty reliever.

    • vicki says:

      preston claiborne is garbage. i don’t know if ramirez is all the way back from injury, but at least he’s got stuff. if you’ve never seen him pitch in march against bigleaguers (i’m sure mike has some hot gif action laying around) you’re in for a treat.

  9. Mike HC says:

    Wade LeBlanc will forever be the French David Huff for me now.

    Excited to see Ramirez. The bullpen is the most exciting aspect of this team, non Tanaka division. Maybe they can give themselves some cool nickname and spark this team somehow … The Filthy Four (Robertson, Betances, Warren and Ramirez) … The No Bull pen … (those were horrible, but you get the point).

    • jjyank says:

      I’m late to this thread, so you probably won’t see this, but I think Mike already came up with one. He’s used in in recap threads before.

      Bullpen On Parade. I like that.

      • Mike HC says:

        I’m even later to your response, so I doubly doubt you will ever see this, but I’m in for Mike’s nickname, even though I’m not completely sure exactly what it means.

  10. Soooooooo……..Can any of these guys hit for power?

  11. MB923 says:

    Claiborne has a good ERA but his WHIP is a terrible 1.51 and it’s a 2.29 (yes 2.29) with RISP!

    For some reason I can’t find out how many inherited runners he’s allowed. Looking on both Baseball Reference and Fangraphs I can’t find it.

    • Evan3457 says:

      Claiborne has permitted 6 of 10 inherited runners to score in a league where 30% of inherited runners scoring is average. SSS? Yeah, but he went downhill fast late last year, so I don’t have much hope for him, long-term.

      Might as well throw Ramirez and LeBlanc against the wall to see if they stick.

    • Tom says:

      It’s on BBref. If you go to Claiborne’s main page you have to go on “more stats” near the pitching summary table. It’s then down in the “reliever pitching” table. (just for future reference)

      He’s allowed 6 out of 10 inherited runners to score.

      Last year he also allowed 6 inherited runners to score… though he inherited 32.


  12. Niko says:

    Very relieved Aceves is gone. Every time he came into a game it was like a white flag was going up.

  13. Yan Solo says:

    Someone needs to tell the Angels that’s not how a “proof of life” photo works. You’re supposed to have them hold up a newspaper with a very recent newspaper to prove they are currently alive.

  14. Jorge Steinbrenner says:

    LeBlanc has about as good a shot as any journeyman at not being Alfredo Aceves, Bruce Billings, or Chris Leroux. Ramirez, obviously, is the natural order of things taking its course.

    There was a prelim wrestler, somewhere, in the 1980′s named “Frogman LeBlanc.” I always associate the two.

    So long, Alfredo Aceves. We’ll always have 2009. The gangsta straight ran out of bullets.

  15. W.B. Mason Williams says:

    It’s a shame relievers don’t get a Sterling call for pitching well.

    “Wade LeBlanc’s ‘em!”

  16. TWTR says:

    I definitely like the Ramirez aspect.

  17. Naved says:

    Nerf LeBlanc! rito plz

  18. Cheval Anonyme says:

    They signed Matt Leblanc? JOEY?

  19. Cliff says:

    Free Pat Venditte!

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