Eighth inning rally leads Yankees to 3-2 win over Mariners in series opener

DotF: O'Brien goes deep, Refsnyder extends multi-hit game streak
Promotion to Triple-A puts Refsnyder on cusp of helping Yankees

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Staying up for these late night West Coast games is never easy, so it’s always nice whenever the Yankees can eke out a win. They used some late-inning heroics to top the Mariners 3-2 on Tuesday night. The Yankees avoided falling below .500 for the first time since the season was nine games old. Let’s recap:

  • Amazing, Disappearing Offense: The Yankees met their daily quota with two runs in the first inning thanks to two-out hits from Carlos Beltran (double) and Brian McCann (infield single). Derek Jeter and Mark Teixeira both singled to set up the rally. New York forced Hisashi Iwakuma to throw 46 pitches in the first two innings, then he retired 14 of the next 17 batters he faced and threw only 62 pitches in the next 5.1 innings. Things started off so promising, then the bats disappeared for about six innings.
  • Numero Nuno: Vidal Nuno owes his outfielders a steak dinner. The gerbil-ish southpaw needed several outstanding defensive plays on well-struck balls to hold the Mariners to four hits and one run in 5.2 innings. Brett Gardner got off easy; Jacoby Ellsbury and Ichiro Suzuki had to make the really tough plays. Nuno did retire 13 of 15 at one point (again, thanks to his defense) and he now owns a 1.80 ERA in 25 innings away from Yankee Stadium. If he could pitch every game in Safeco Field with an elite outfield defense, he’d be pretty great.
  • A Third Run?: Oddly, the Yankees scored another run in the eighth inning, but not until after Dellin Betances blew the 2-1 run lead in the seventh. It was a dumb rally. Hit batsman, move to second on a wild pitch, soft line drive just over a leaping Brian Roberts. Dumb. Then, in the eighth, the Yankees hit three Yankee Stadium homers and were left with a Jeter ground rule double to show for it. Gardner hit two balls that would have been gone in the Bronx and Jeter’s double would have been out as well. Ellsbury came through with a big two-strike single to plate Jeter and again give the Yankees the lead.
  • Six More Outs: Once the Yankees got that 3-2 lead, Joe Girardi turned the game over the Adam Warren and David Robertson, who combined to retire six of eight batters faced. Warren allowed a single to Robinson Cano but otherwise cut through the heart of Seattle’s lineup. Robertson issued a two-out walk while striking out the side and recording his 15th save. With Shawn Kelley set to come off the DL on Wednesday, the late-inning guys are going to get some much-needed help and extra rest going forward.
  • Leftovers: In addition to the go-ahead single, Ellsbury hit the ball on the screws in two other at-bats, but right at defenders … Jeter may or may not have missed first base on his ground rule double. He went back to touch the base and I’m not sure he gets to second without the ball hopping over the fence … Beltran had two hits (both to the opposite field) and generally seems to be getting more comfortable at the plate following the long DL stint … each of the top six hitters in the lineup had at least one hit while the bottom three hitters went a combined 0-for-9 with a walk.

For the box score and video highlights, head over to MLB.com. FanGraphs has some other stats and the updated standings are at ESPN. These same two teams will play the second game of this three-game set on Wednesday night, when Masahiro Tanaka starts against the soft-tossing yet effective Chris Young.

DotF: O'Brien goes deep, Refsnyder extends multi-hit game streak
Promotion to Triple-A puts Refsnyder on cusp of helping Yankees
  • forensic

    Then, in the eighth, the Yankees hit three Yankee Stadium homers

    It seems like they hit plenty of those on the road but none when they’re at home. It’d be nice if they tried to fix that the next time they go home.

  • ropeadope

    Super fast write-up Mike. Great job, as always.

  • Paisa
    • forensic

      That’s quite a throw. But, I hate giving guys credit for excellence when they’ve only gotten there because they screwed up the easy part of the play.

      • Paisa

        He was just baiting Kendrick.

  • TWTR

    Ellsbury is a very good player, overpaid yes, but I kind of like that he is a NYY.

  • nycsportzfan

    Gerbil-ish pitcher.lol

  • nycsportzfan

    Betances with a small fall back to earth. In his last 4.2inn, hes given up 4hits 1bb(more then a runner per) and 2er.

    Hopefully just a small hiccup for the best non closing season Yank fans have seen since MO in 1996.

    • Jim Is A (Bored) Peckerhead

      Today’s allowed run was about as lucky as it gets.

      • nycsportzfan

        How? He hit a guy(would of been ball 4 anyways), then threw a Wild pitch(obviously on him), and then gave up a linedrive single to score the run. Don’t see to lucky to me.

        Either way, love the guy and doubt theres much to read into it, but in my opinion, just has felt alittle less automatic then hes been. Even then, the guys amazing.

        • Jim Is A (Bored) Peckerhead

          A soft line drive that barely made it into the outfield, on a good pitch.

  • nycsportzfan

    Its pretty amazing DROB is on pace for well over 30svs despite missing time on the DL. Means not many blowouts happening for us so far.

  • nycsportzfan

    Also, ended up working out great by not passing up Nuno in the pitching rotation. I hated the idea but it worked like a charm. Now Tanaka and the rest of the rotation get the ex days rest and we got the win with Nuno.

    Chris Youngs been brilliant at home, so i’m especially excited that Tanaka gets to face em. Good chance its gonna be another low scoring afair.

    • El Maestro

      Nuno giving up just 1 run was a small miracle.

  • Mikhel

    Gerbilish…. hshhahaha

  • http://www.twitter.com/mattpat11 Matt DiBari

    I think the real lesson here for the Mariners is “never give someone a ‘gift’ from the Kingdome.”

  • Kiko Jones

    “Gerbil-ish”? Not cool.

    • Jim Is A (Bored) Peckerhead

      Are you offended on behalf of gerbils?

  • Mick taylor

    Hey idiot cashman kendry morales is hitting375. Ofcourse he could not helpyanks.

    • Bigger Member

      Hey idiot Mick Taylor, he has 3 hits in 8 ABs with 2Ks and a double. Small sample size. Lets see how he is hitting after 50-75 ABs before annointing him Ted Williams and saying the yanks should have signed him.

      He has played in 2 games, in a hitters park in Toronto.

      • mick taylor

        hey bigger member a.ka. little member for cashman, morales is good for 20 hrs 70 rbis. look at his career stats . jerk. i will repeat it to all you morons, cashman will have to give up gary sanchez in a trade to get a hitter as good as morales

  • Jorge Steinbrenner

    Thank heavens Kelley is back today. He’s much needed here.

    Pitchers settle down. This happens every night in baseball.

    Nice win. Didn’t watch a lick of it. Box score shows that Beltran and Jeter got two hits each. I thought both were dead.

    • mustang

      Apparently they were just on life support. But you did miss another show of Jeter’s big ego. Now he is too good to touch first on a ground rule double.

      There just no limits this can’t go on.

      • Jorge Steinbrenner

        How DID we put up with such a clubhouse cancer all these years?

  • cuponoodles

    Robertson and Betances are now ranked #2 and #3 in K/9 in all of baseball (behind Kimbrel).

  • Joe C

    First off, I really didn’t expect the Yankees to score a lot of runs last night because Iwakuma really is as good as advertised. So I wasn’t prepared judge the offense based on how they played against Iwakuma. Nevertheless, I saw signs of improvement last night. Marked improvement. They actually were able to cash in on the scoring chances that they had. There performance with runners in scoring was dramatically better than it was on Sunday. Even though they didn’t have a lot chances they actually made the most of them by going three for five with runners in scoring position. If they had done that on Sunday they would have won the game.

    Still, it wasn’t all good news because they did hit into three double plays but I’m willing to chalk that down to bad luck more than anything else. That double play, where Ells got doubled off was the result of a line drive that was right at Robbie. If it had taken one hop or got by Robbie, that’s a first and third situation for the Yankees. The strike him out throw em out was disapointing but I’m going to send the runner in that spot because it’s actually an opportunity to make things. Happen.

    I don’t think that they Yankees run nearly enough even though they got some guys who can run. I just wish that they’d utilize it more often by using the hit and run. You don’t actually have to steel bases you just have to have guys who can put the ball in play and guys who can run. IF you can do that then you will have a lot of chances to score runs.

    One more thing, I thought the play where Ellsbury cut the ball off in the gap was actually the play of the game last night and I thought that that was the play that won the game for the Yankees. I know that Ichiro’s play was a top play on Sport Center and all but to me Ellsburys fielding play was more important because it actually saved a run, possibly to because if it gets past him you have an easy triple and a tie game with one out. Instead you have runners on first and third and Vidal Nuno has an opportunity to pitch out of it without giving up a run, which is exactly what happened.

  • Niko

    Can anyone explain how Betances was credited with a blown save? A blown save implies that it would’ve been a save, and I can’t think of someone getting a save for pitching in the 6th and 7th.

    • Jim Is A (Bored) Peckerhead

      Because the save rule is dumb. Betances theoretically WAS in line for a save, if he’d finished the game(3+ innings maintaining a lead). He obviously was never going to pitch 3+ innings, but so goes the rule.

      I can’t imagine he cares very much though.

    • Jorge Steinbrenner

      More of a “blown hold,” but see Jim’s comment.

      • Niko

        Thank you, and Yes.

  • Yankee Fan 1

    Chad Jennings with some words of wisdom:

    One other quick comment: Can we stop with the idea that Jeter should go to Girardi and ask to be dropped in the order?

    Jeter’s not going to the plate believing he’s going to make an out. He’s a confident and accomplished player who has to go up there fully believing he can come through in any situation. Short of an injury, no player would or should ask for less playing time or a less significant role. It’s up to the manager and the front office to make those decisions. Jorge Posada never asked to move to the bottom of the order, nor should he have asked. Alex Rodriguez never asked to be benched in the playoffs, nor should he have asked. You can bet Beltran didn’t ask to be in the No. 7 spot this weekend. Girardi made those decisions because it’s his job to make them.

    It’s Jeter’s job to be productive, which starts with him believing he’ll be productive. If Girardi decides it’s time to move Jeter down, then it’s up to Jeter to accept that decision without throwing a fit. Continuing to hit second is not a lack of leadership on Jeter’s part. It’s simply the job he’s been given.

    • Jorge Steinbrenner

      They obviously need to replace Chad Jennings with Dirk Diggler. He won’t be such an apologist for Jeter’s ego.

  • rogue

    Where’s all the Captain Bashing?

    Jeets reached base 3 times and scored 2 runs.

    When will all of you realize that anecdotal evidence will trump advanced analytics every time?

    You all should be ashamed!

  • 461deep

    Timely hits, great defense, solid pitching & a little luck won last night. Nuno got a lot of loud outs. Can’t remember a better game team played this year