• TheRealGreg

    Well I think Nuno will have to go first if we get a new starter.

    The offense did okay on the road trip, save for that ugly performance in KC.

    And given the crappiness of the division, the Yankees will be in there in September. Probably won’t win, but will be there.

    • forensic

      Well I think Nuno will have to go first if we get a new starter.

      Once Whitley showed that he was able to throw strikes and get through a lineup twice, there was never really a question that Nuno was the worst of the three. Whitley’s distance still hurts the pen (some of that is Girardi’s fault) but at least the innings he has given have generally been quality innings. Phelps comes and goes, but he’s certainly a better bet on any given night to have an ok start than Nuno is.

      The offense was better on the road trip, though that’s largely due to it being hard to be worse than they were. They only broke 4 runs 3 times, and today was due to bad pitchers in a blowout, which is the same number of times they scored 1 or 0 runs.

      • Cheval Anonyme

        “Whitley’s distance still hurts the pen”– 7 and 7.2 innings in his last two starts; I don’t think so.

        • forensic

          And he’s still averaging just over 5 innings, a touch more than Nuno. Plus, those starts were against KC and Seattle. No one’s confusing him with some innings eater yet.

          • Mikhel

            What i liked of Whitley is he maged to keep his pitch count low and could maybe get a complete game iin his past game with 100 or so pitches (82 in 7 2/3).

            The kid was talking about taking advantage of his OF with speed playing in a big park, so, he pitched to contact had very good luck (2 extrabases robbed, 3 total, 2 could have been HRs) but displayed poise and maturity in the mound.

            • Mikhel

              *managed, not “manged”, which by the way sounds like mango… with chili powder and lemon juice.

      • http://www.staggeringbeauty.com/ ALZ

        Nuno is definitely the worst of the three, but hopefully it won’t be too much longer. They can get away with only 4 more starts from that spot before the asg. If CC is figuring to be healthy not too long after then they can get away with it. Those games are vs O’s, rays, twins, o’s

  • jjyank

    I am not a father. Not yet, anyway. But my father is one of my best friends, and I really do mean that. Despite not living in the same state anymore, I was lucky enough to spend last night and this morning with him (and my mom.) I’m just glad I got to see him today.

    Happy Father’s Day to the wonderful man who raised me and to all the other father’s out there. I hope you all enjoyed it as much as my own Dad did.

    • mustang


    • Alkaline


      Hope things have been going well man.

    • Mikhel

      to be friends with your “old man” really speaks volumes… if you could understand spanish i would recommend you the song “Mi querido viejo”… a beautiful dad and song melancholic song.

  • IRememberCelerinoSanchez

    The video is fitting for Father’s Day (for me, anyway). As a nine-year-old, I was at the Chambliss game, with my dad. It was insane and fantastic.

    • forensic

      Which one of you stole home plate?

      • Mikhel

        hhahahaha +1

  • mustang

    Agree on Nuno has to go to pen and the offend needs help, but this team really hung in there and hopefully Mr. Cashman can get them what they need.

    Already said it once if the Yankees want to do one stop shopping they should already talk with the Diamondbacks.

    SS- Chris Owings, D. Gregorius and prospect Nick Ahmed
    3rd and 2nd- A. Hill and M. Prado
    Starting pitchers- B. Arroyo and B. McCarthy

    • forensic

      I could maybe see them trying to go after one of Hill or Prado, but I don’t see them trying for a SS and YUCK at those pitchers.

      • mustang

        Agree on the pitchers, but they maybe better than Nuno. The SS is a bit forward thinking.

        • forensic

          Sadly, I’m afraid their version of forward thinking regarding SS was signing Brendan Ryan for 3 years.

  • trr

    Just want to say “Happy Father’s Day!” to all the RAB Dads

    • forensic

      RAB Dad’s Club Unite!

      • Jorge Steinbrenner

        Indeed. Neither of us were dads when we first started commenting on here. Happy Father’s Day, forensic.

        • forensic

          And to you too, and all the others also.

        • Mikhel

          i am not a dad but i will take it as a good omen… though i need to get my a laaady firssst!!… ok that was creepy

  • mustang

    Will never forget my first Yankees game with my Dad our seats were in the upper deck behind home plate great for me, but my dad was a bit afraid of heights.
    He looked so nervous, but we stayed all game and I loved him for his effort.

    • mustang

      Happy Father’s Day to all.

  • http://RiverAve.Blues Joseph

    I will never watch another Yankee game started by Nuno. Actually, if he makes another start for NY Joe G. and Cashman out to have their heads examined. Line up all the retreads and bums they can find and run ’em out there till something works. Give some of the kids a shot. What’s Tim Wakefield doing these days? Any-fucking-body but Nuno.

  • brett

    no dotf again

    • forensic

      It’s still a little early and Staten Island is still playing.

  • Jimmy

    Some of my best memories of my Dad were sitting at the kitchen table past midnight on a school night listening to my Dad’s stories about the Yankee glory years until my Mom broke it up. I would give the world to hear my Dad tell me one more time about Tommy Henrich, Mickey Owen and the dropped third strike in the ’41 series. Baseball more than any other sport is a connection between generations.

    Happy father’s day all.

  • Mikhel

    Still with CC back there could be a possible issue with the amount of pitches/innings the Yankees will be willing to tax Sabathia coming off his injury (or ailment?). He has not had a brilliant track record recently against divisional rivals iIRC.

  • Cash Man

    Go Heat Go Go Heat Go


    Loser Heat fans can go crawl back into their hole and never be heard from again. Well until they become Spurs fans now.

    Good old fashion embarrassment of historic proportions.

    • Proxy for every generic first name guy to post on RAB

      That would be an awesome 2-fer if the Heat fans would never be heard from again, doubt any such luck…

  • Farewell Mo

    And the cherry on top of a great father’s day:

    Prima donna Lebron and the Heat go down like a bunch of dogs in 5.

    Thank you Spurs!!

    • Jorge Steinbrenner

      There’s been absolutely nothing primadonna-like about Lebron James for about three seasons now.

      Congrats to the Spurs. We simply ran out of steam, it seems like. Four straight championship appearances is still a damn fine accomplishment.

      • Farewell Mo

        Not a prima donna, Did you forget “The Decision.” Most sickening self aggrandizing display I’ve ever seen in sports.

        He took the easy way out and screwed his hometown team stacking the deck with Wade and Bosh in Miami. He’ll probably leave Miami now for the Clippers or some other team with a better supporting cast now that Wade is finished.

        He’s 2-3 in NBA championshits and he’s a missed free throw and a lucky shot by Ray Allen away from being 1-4.

        Jordan he’s not and never will be.

        • Jorge Steinbrenner

          The “easy way out” thing is ridiculous. He took less money to be surrounded by guys he actually wanted to play with. It also fit into Riley’s blueprint of pairing DWade, like he did Kobe, with a second star. It’s worked well for him.

          The show was stupid, but I said “past few seasons” for a reason. He’s been an amazing teammate since.

          The nonsensical hate for Lebron blinds people to the fact that the Miami Hear, under Mickey Arison’s ownership, are one of the best run franchises in sports.

          I have no clue what Lebron does, but I’d be back if I was him. I wouldn’t go out like that. If he leaves, Wade’s too best up to carry this. Time to rebuild.

          The bandwagoners can jump off if they want. Who needs them. They must be in some other part of the country I haven’t been to. Every Heat fan I’ve ever met has ties to Sourh Florida and has been there since 88.

          • Jorge Steinbrenner

            That Kobe thing was a complete brainfart on my part, obviously.

  • forensic

    Yay Spurs! So sorry Lebron and company. “If you can’t stand the heat…” applies in so many ways for this series.

    • Cash Man

      I LOVE IT!!

      Hey Lebozo James – Not Two, Not Three, Not, Four, Not Five, Not Six.

      All that shit talking and you got two rings. Whoopedeefreakingdoo

      And he only got two rings because the Eastern Conference is like playing against the Little Sisters of the Poor


      • Jorge Steinbrenner

        Obvious mental midget Knicks fan is obvious.