Michael Pineda expected to be out until at least August

Friday Night Open Thread
Update: Yankees sign third rounder RHP Austin DeCarr

Michael Pineda is not expected to return to the rotation until August at the earliest, Joe Girardi told reporters. He has not had another setback, that’s just the realistic timetable. It’s entirely possible Big Mike will be out even longer than that. That would really suck.

Pineda, 25, has been out since early-May with a strained muscle in his shoulder. He then suffered a setback following an Extended Spring Training outing a few weeks ago and has yet to even begin playing catch. Pineda had shoulder surgery two years ago and guys who have shoulder surgery tend to continue having shoulder problems. He managed only four starts and 19.2 innings before getting hurt.

With Pineda out until at least August and CC Sabathia still several weeks away, the Yankees do not have any rotation reinforcements on the horizon. They’ll stick with Vidal Nuno, David Phelps, and Chase Whitley behind Masahiro Tanaka and Hiroki Kuroda for the time being. They have reportedly been looking at the trade market for rotation help and you can expect their search to intensify in the coming weeks.

Friday Night Open Thread
Update: Yankees sign third rounder RHP Austin DeCarr
  • Guest

    Well, at least he’ll be well-rested for the playoffs….

    • Adam

      Why, where are we planning to trade him?

  • Bo Knows

    I wonder is it them being conservative in his rehab, or is it because he actually had a setback?

    • Lager on blackwood

      Hurt feelings can take a long tome to heal

  • vicki

    my heart hurts.

  • Come on

    What the F. What the hell happened to the guy.

  • TWTR

    Now I wish he just had a weight problem.

  • trr

    Disappointing, but not totally unexpected. Should the team seek a trade for an experienced starter ?

    • Mike HC

      That was my first reaction too. But maybe we should be having the exact opposite reaction?

      • Jorge Steibrenner

        As always, it depends on cost.

        We now have a whole new set of untouchables to go with our no-longer untouchables.

        • Mike HC

          Yea. The should we sell or should we buy conversations are tough with no knowledge of the what is available and what is being offered.

    • TWTR

      Offense is a lot less fragile, and still a bigger problem.

  • Mike HC

    “He managed only four starts and 19.2 innings before getting hurt.”

    But goddamn if those four starts weren’t jammed packed with entertainment.

    • Deep Thoughts

      0.6 fWAR / 0.9 bWAR for that, which is still more than the Ms have gotten out of Montero. #winning

  • The Other Matt

    The saga continues. That saga being: Michael Pineda (not) in Pinstripes.

  • Chip Rodriguez


  • kenthadley

    Well, we could have claimed Trevor Cahill…..

    • Michahiro Pinaka

      No, because ARZ had optional waivers (revocable) on Cahill and he had already agreed to accept a minor league assignment.

  • Mike

    Hulk Smash!

    • Grit for Brains

      405 for a warm-up

  • qwerty

    This was more or less expected even before he got hurt again. I’m not in the least bit surprised.

  • mark

    I guess there won’t be any innings limit issues…but there might be next year?

    • Mike HC

      If we are lucky.

  • Mike HC

    Haven’t you heard, Axisa. This is completely unrelated to his shoulder surgery.

    • Bo Knows

      Mike isn’t a Doctor, I doubt he has any sort of background in human anatomy, I’m going to hazard a guess you don’t either. If the actual experts have said it’s not the shoulder, then I would trust that a whole lot more than baseless conjecture.

      • Mike HC

        Blindly trust the experts at your own risk.

        • W.B. Mason Williams

          You should run for Congress.

          • Mike HC

            Compliment? Or insult? Or a little of both? ha

        • Jorge Steibrenner

          We all know where the injury occurred. I don’t know what the argument would be here.

          It’s a long road and, of course, just rub some pine tar on it.

          • Cliff

            The injury occurred to a muscle in his back near his shoulder. It’s got nothing to do with a previous ligament injury in his shoulder joint.

        • Bo Knows

          I have a degree in human biology and Anatomy. So yeah, I’m going to trust the experts words, as well as my knowledge about the human body.

          • Mike HC

            Didn’t mean to strike a nerve with my comment. I personally disagree that inflammation of a shoulder muscle shortly after major shoulder surgery is completely unrelated to each other. I came to that conclusion from life experience.

            • Bo Knows

              It’s not the shoulder muscle though, it’s a back muscle. Just because you want think its the shoulder doesn’t make it the shoulder

              • Mike HC

                Right below the shoulder. I think they are related. I’m not trying to convince anyone. And with your education you can surely out argue/debate me on this topic. Can you explain to us laymen why the injuries are completely unrelated? Because common sense seems to say a muscle strain so close to his original major shoulder surgery is related.

                • Mike HC

                  Actually no need. I’m about to go out and gain some more “life experience.” ha All good. Maybe I’ll catch you in the victory recap thread.

        • Kenny

          In general a wise principle.

  • JGYank

    This sucks. We need him to take phelps and nuno out of the rotation. Don’t trust CC anymore so I’m not sure what he’ll give us when he comes back.

    Now we’re gonna have to build Pineda up again next year too. Frustrating.

  • Steve G

    I heard Craig had the same shoulder injury and came back throwing 200 miles per hour with movement, so this is actually a good thing.

    • Craig

      On a bad day;)

  • Mikhel

    We already know what happened with Profar, he has the same injury, reagrated it very similar to Pineda, and will miss the rest of the season.

    I think the Yankees are following a damage control strategy and sending signals that their young pitcher will be available in august, thus if they contact a team asking for X pitcher they think it is not out of desperation… kind of like what they did with the Cubs in 2013, everybody knew the Yankees needed OF help, but still played cat-and-mouse with the cubbies for almost two months until the price of Soriano “dropped”.

    • Mikhel

      *reagravated it.

      or however it is spelled LOL

  • forensic

    Michael Pavano, I mean Pineda, sure has had an interesting tenure in pinstripes.

    If he’s spending all this extra time in Tampa, I hope they got a driver for him.

    • Kevin Brown


  • Walking Dead Pitcher

    Is he Pedro or is he Pavano?


  • Curtis

    Seattle knew!

  • Adam

    How long till our genius GM brings in another shit pitcher off the scrap heap like Randy Wolf?

    • Heath Bell

      Someone mentioned my name?

  • Bill

    There was always a chance he’d continue to have issues and with the Yankees those chances are always higher. If he pitches again this year I’ll be surprised.

    All eyes toward the waiver wire.

    • Jorge Steibrenner

      Those chances are always what?

      Funny how the last two comments belong to first-name only guys and are completely in the spirit of such.

      • Mikhel

        Is there any problem on using your name to post, as opposed to using a nickname?

        • Chase Whitley Strieber

          Yeah, he seems to ascribe to generic first-name-only posters some kind of increased incidence of reduced mental capacity. Not the first time he’s made such an inane correlation.

  • RetroRob

    Good news.

  • Craig

    Does anyone remember how annibel Sanchez did his first season back?

  • Doug

    My (your) fill in the blank trade proposal sucks: Ian Kennedy and Chase Headly for _____________

    • Steve G

      Manny Banuelos, one of Austin/Williams/Heathcott and maybe Katoh? I don’t even know. That might be too much.

  • PunkPitch

    Hope he has a backup plan. There has to be plenty of Vegas strip clubs that would love to hire a bouncer named Big Mike. Right, Itty Bitty Mike?

  • ChucIt

    All the more reason to trade for a top line starter.Bell? maybe they’re working on a deal that includes someone in the pen .You can’t deny that all of them have youth + value.The Cubs are winning a few now,but they know they’re still going nowhere fast.Young pitcher(s)& a catcher could land Sjmarda(sorry about my spelling)or Hamel.

  • http://riveraveblues sandy g

    I think the Yankees should call the Mets about Juan Lagares and jacob Degrom.Call the phillies about Cliff Lee and Marlon Byrd

    • ChuckIt

      Lotta Money, not a lot left in them.

  • http://riveravenueblues mississippi doc

    Getting Cliff Lee now would be like whan we got Randy Johnson. Too late. As for Pineda: it certainly sounds suspiciously close to his shoulder; and if it is a completely different injury, then he is just Pavano redux with an injury du jour. The only viable player from that trade remains Hector Noesi. He may not be great, but at least he has stayed on a MLB roster.