Minor League Injury Updates: Bailey, Jagielo, Flores, Avelino, Montgomery

Yankees have internal options if they want to shakeup the offense
Thursday Night Open Thread
Jagielo. (MiLB.com)
Jagielo. (MiLB.com)

Chad Jennings spoke to VP of Baseball Ops Mark Newman about a variety of minor league topics this week. The entire post is worth a read, but here are the important injury updates (obligatory reminder that Newman’s timetables have a tendency to be … optimistic):

  • RHP Andrew Bailey (shoulder) is throwing bullpen sessions in Tampa, fastballs and changeups only. No breaking balls just yet. He is coming back from a torn capsule and, if he does become an MLB option at some point this year, it won’t be until very late in the season.
  • 3B Eric Jagielo (ribcage) is currently rehabbing at the complex in Tampa and is expected to return to the High-A Tampa lineup within ten days or so. He’s been out since late-May and had a 144 wRC+ before suffering the injury.
  • OF Ramon Flores (ankle) is still “a ways away,” said Newman. He has not yet resumed baseball activities and it will be a while before he does. Flores was having a real nice year (122 wRC+) for Triple-A Scranton before getting hurt.
  • RHP Mark Montgomery (shin) is currently in Tampa working out after being hit in the shin by a comebacker. Seems like they’re taking the injury as an opportunity to work on some mechanical stuff as well.
  • SS Abi Avelino (quad), RHP Branden Pinder (groin), and OF Adonis Garcia (hamstring) are all 10-14 days away from returning to their respective teams.
Yankees have internal options if they want to shakeup the offense
Thursday Night Open Thread
  • Andy in Sunny Daytona

    These injury timetable estimates remind me of “The Chinese Restaurant” episode of Seinfeld.

    “How long until Jagielo is back?”

    “10 days to 2 weeks”

    “It was “10 days to 2 weeks” 2 weeks ago”


    • JR

      Who’s Cartwright? ;)

  • Preston

    I’d be very surprised if Bailey pitches in the majors again.

    The injuries to Jagielo and Flores are unfortunate. Jagielo could have earned a promotion to AA if he’d been healthy and Flores might have been competing for the RF job at the MLB level.

    • Paisa

      He can still get there before the end of the year provided that the timetable is actually correct this time.

  • Raza

    Tampa Yanks activated Angelo Gumbs of the disabled list today. Hopefully, he can show some productive statistical ability in Hi-A.

    • Bippin

      Shut up Raza. You’re so annoying. You’re not even a yankees fan u just think Derek jeters mom is cute.

      • Billy

        This comment just might be a violation of the RAB Commenting Policy…

        • Revan

          And still one of the better posts of today.

  • cooolbreeez

    Attention all players:

    Stretch out boys. Stretch out good.

  • RetroRob

    It seems like the recovery time from injuries is longer in the minors than in the majors. I suspect they maybe extra cautious with the younger players. Or maybe it’s because players get injured but half the time we have no idea what injury they had. Jose Mesa Jr., and the two-year disabled list, anyone?

    • Andy in Sunny Daytona

      Joe Table had TJS

  • Paisa

    Speaking on Bryan Mitchell’s promotion Newman said the following: “I don’t know how long he’s going to stay there,”.

    So does that mean they think he might be a big league option at some point this year or that he may get sent back down to Trenton?

    • Preston

      Probably that he’ll move down to Trenton, he hasn’t been very good this year. He certainly wasn’t good enough to demand the promotion.

      • http://www.staggeringbeauty.com/ ALZ

        Still walking too many people

    • nycsportzfan

      If hes to be given a shot, its gonna have to be soon, as CC is on the horizon, and the trade deadline is approaching. The only way he gets his chance is if its for Nuno, who will be gone with CC or a addition at the deadline.

      Mitchell has been pretty bad this yr but you almost want to see him get a chance over Nuno just for sake of possibly doing better, as we know Nuno is gonna serve BP just about every time out there.

      Sometimes guys have better pro careers for some reason then minors. I doubt its the case with Mitchell but you never know. Still, he’d need to get his chance really soon, before we upgrade through trade and/or CC returns.

      • Paisa

        I was thinking that they might want him in a bullpen role.

  • Kenny

    On O’Brien: I wouldn’t offer him in any deals this season. The Yankees need to see whether this guy’s for real. 25 is an awful lot of HR’s, anywhere, by late June. It would be a catastrophe to trade him and then watch him pound the ball for some other team. They should have some idea about him by the end of the season.

    • http://www.staggeringbeauty.com/ ALZ

      If he turns into a 2012 Curtis Granderson I would be pretty happy.

      • Kenny

        Me too.

      • Cheval Anonyme

        Granderson can actually play a position passably.

        • Angelo

          Also, Granderson can walk. Not much of a comparison there.

  • nycsportzfan

    Can’t wait for Jagielo and Avelino to be back.

  • http://www.staggeringbeauty.com/ ALZ

    That ankle injury really unfortunate for Flores. I could have seen him getting his cup of coffee in the 2nd half if he got a few more AB in AAA. This was really his year, Soriano and Ichiro wouldn’t take much to surpass. And he needs to cement himself in the majors before the Mason’s, Austin’s of the world put it together and get to a higher level.