Phelps roughed up again, Yankees fall 8-4 to Royals

DotF: Kelley begins rehab assignment, Refsnyder picks up two more hits
2014 Draft: Reviewing Day Three

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Well, so much for stringing some wins together. The Yankees lost 8-4 to the Royals on Saturday night, making a spirited comeback in the middle innings before the pitching staff coughed it up an inning later. The Bombers have lost seven of their last eleven games. Let’s recap:

  • Phlops: David Phelps has now allowed 18 runs and 32 base-runners in his last 17.2 innings following his latest masterpiece. Five of the first six Royals reached base to start the second inning (the only out was a sac bunt) to give the Royals a quick 3-0 lead, then five of the first seven reached in the sixth inning to plate four more runs. Salvador Perez’s three-run homer was the big blow. Phelps allowed seven runs on ten hits and two walks in 5.2 innings, and five of those hits went for extra-bases.
  • Comeback: Danny Duffy came out of the gate throwing gas, 96-98 all night, and it looked like the Yankees had little chance against him. They did string together a two-out rally in the sixth, with Carlos Beltran‘s double and Yangervis Solarte’s single driving in three runs. Derek Jeter singled and Mark Teixeira walked in the inning. After that, seven of the next eight Yankees made outs. The rally was cool while it lasted.
  • Leftovers: The Yankees did plate a garbage time run in the ninth on Solarte’s double and Brian Roberts’ ground out. Teases … Matt Daley served up a monster solo homer to Eric Hosmer and Jose Ramirez threw a scoreless inning, so the usual late-inning guys got a night off … Jacoby Ellsbury had two singles and extended his hitting streak to 12 games … Beltran’s double was his first and only hit since coming off the DL … Alfonso Soriano went 0-for-3 with two strikeouts. He’s gotta go. Totally cooked. has the box score and video highlights, FanGraphs some other stats, and ESPN the updated standings. Veterans Hiroki Kuroda and James Shields will match up on Sunday afternoon in the third game of this four-game set.

DotF: Kelley begins rehab assignment, Refsnyder picks up two more hits
2014 Draft: Reviewing Day Three
  • Lukasz

    At least they scored more than two runs this time


  • Long-Past-His-Day-Rod

    If the Yankees are going to DFA someone who bats .200, doesn’t walk, and might occasionally hit a HR I hope that someone is Kelly Johnson. At least Soriano used to be a really good Yankee.

    Frustrating loss, tomorrow’s a new day.

    • hogsmog

      Counterpoint: Kelly Johnson can actually play positions on the baseball field. For the record, his walk rate is also fine (8.3% compared to league average of 8.4, where Soriano is at 3.0%).

      • Mikhel

        “Kelly Johnson can actually play positions on the baseball field”.

        That in itself really is not a counterpoint, Kelly Johnson can play, but it does not mean he does it appropiately. He has given up more runs on his errors or inability to field throws from his infielderz, than the runs he has created. Even a bucket on top of a roomba fields more than KJ.

        • Mikhel

          *more AND better…

    • rogue

      Kelly Johnson plays the INF. Soriano is a DH.

      A really good Yankee doesn’t make me want to destroy my walls with a bat every time he struck out chasing a bad pitch with men on base in the 2003 WS.

      • FIPster Doofus

        Sori was infuriating that series, but he’s still had a damn good Yankee career.

        • Mikhel

          One of the most underrated also in all of mlb

          • FIPster Doofus

            Yep. He’s a Hall of Very Good guy for his career. No shame in that.

        • forensic

          That series just kind of blends in with just about his entire postseason career for him. He’s had two good series and a ton of horrible ones. That, Jeff Weaver, and the hangover from the series before means I don’t really think much about that WS, though it does sucks that they basically failed to show up.

    • fred robbins

      Reggie Jackson used to be a really good Yankee. I have no idea how that is a relevant point. Although, I would actually rather see Reggie Jackson in the lineup than Soriano.

  • Matt DiBari

    This was a less appalling loss than usual. The Yankees offense knocked a starting pitcher out of a game. I’m almost certain that hasn’t happened since the Edinson Volquez game on May 17

  • Lukasz

    Man this team would be ugly without Solarte. He has definitely been the tamarind in the juice so far. Just when you think he’s ran himself on the road, he turns the corner and rightens the ship again

  • Henry

    Three positives from tonight’s game: Carlos Beltran’s at bats , Solarte’s ability to deliver clutch hits and Jose Ramirez’s scoreless relief effort. On a side note, did any of Yankees’ fans notice how the supposed infallible Saint Jeter blew off a middle aged older gentleman holding out ball and pen at the end of game as Jeter was heading back to dugout from on deck circle. Fox tv camera captured the Captain’s true colors. Overrated and overindulged coddled self centered vain glorious singles hitter who only cares for fans who are media VIPs, hotties, or when he knows the TV cameras are rolling.

    • nycsportzfan

      His true nature is that of a private person. He dosen’t hurt anyone or the team and keeps to himself. I’m fine with that. I’m sure there are quite a few Derek Jeter autographs in existence. I don’t care if he dosen’t like giving Auto’s, as long as hes not mean about it, which i’m sure he never has been.

      Hes a singles hitter now, but lets not act like he dosen’t have over 260hrs, 1000rbi’s, who avg’d 15hrs 31doubles 194hits 110runs 20sb from 1996-2012

      • nycsportzfan

        and 4triples per yr as well.

      • http://Riveravenueblues Marty Lieberman

        257 home runs (regular season)

    • Derbs

      Or his team is losing so he’s probably not in the autographing mood…just a thought.

      • nycsportzfan

        Also this. I’m sure the guy wants a postseason berth to end his career unlike MO last yr. After just watching Phelps completely suck, probably not making him feel to good about his last yr.

        • fred robbins

          how many people on the team watch Jeter and probably not feel so good when they see his throws to first base, his weak at bats and his inability to field ground ball that is more than one step in any direction away from him? He should be the last one to be upset watching Phelps suck. Phelps does suck, but he sucks less than Jeter and tries harder. Jeter is an ego maniac who is showing his true colors and how much he really cares about his team and his teammates.

          • WhittakerWalt

            Whatever, dude.

            • JohnnyC

              You’re either 2 years old or an extraterrestrial from the Pleiades. Get over yourself.

    • Tanuki Tanaka

      The Mick hated doing autographs, by his own admission. Not all athletes fully enjoy autographs; they’re still humans and may not be in the mood at times. Because one non-autograph show’s one’s true colors, I guess someone can be a bad human being for not holding the door open for someone else one time.

    • WhittakerWalt

      You have a baseball IQ of approximately zero, if this is your final assessment of the career of Derek Jeter. He’s one of the 5 best shortstops of all time, by virtually any measure.

    • Paisa

      Of course, the most pertinent question here is: why would a middle aged man ever ask for an autograph from another middle aged man? Because he’s a fanuke, that’s why.

      • Stratocaster

        I laughed….. hard. So true!

    • Michahiro Pinaka

      Sounds like someone didn’t like their gift basket.

    • Mr. Sparkle

      So, you’re all over him because he didn’t give some random guy in the stands an autograph after a loss? However, if he stopped to give the guy the autograph, the cries would likely be, “Did everyone see Jeter stop to give that guy the autograph after another bad loss? I told you he was all about himself and doesn’t really care about the team or winning. That stuff is all just PR by an overrated player. This team can’t buy a run and Jeter’s giving out autographs. What a phony!”

      Sad thing is, that’s all paraphrased from stuff I’ve actually heard people say about Jeter.

    • forensic

      Walking into and/or out of the stadium before or after a game? Maybe stop and sign a couple. On the field before the game? Absolutely, go and make some kids happy.

      Four seconds after he was just on deck preparing for an AB, considering where to hit his next ground ball, then realizing his team just lost another disappointing game? No chance, what the hell are you thinking? People shouldn’t be so dumb to expect something like that, especially an ‘adult’ who should know better.

      What’s next? Every time he hits a single he has to call time and go sign an autograph before the next batter steps in? Maybe sign one between each pitch?

    • That’s right, because we always judge a player’s career by his last season after he’s way past his prime

      Babe Ruth, too.
      And Mickey.
      And Joe D.

      42 in career MVP shares.
      88 in career WAR.

      33rd in games played
      14th in AB
      11th in runs
      9th in hits
      27th in career total bases (not too bad for a singles hitter)
      80th in career extra base hits
      I’m getting real tired of this revisionist horse shiite about Jeter’s career.

      He ain’t Babe, Lou, Joe D, or Mickey, but those guys are among the top 20-25 hitters of all-time.

    • Jorge Steinbrenner

      You’re supposed to sign every autograph? You’d never take a piss. Ever.

  • yankeepankee

    Phelps is very limited. No put-away pitch.
    The Yanks need to be progressive and have Tanaka and Kuroda teach him a splitter.
    In fact, the Yanks should have Tanaka and Kuroda tutor other pitchers on the majors and upper minors staffs who need a strikeout pitch and are stuck with middling stuff right now. Claiborne can use one, etc.

    • nycsportzfan

      Yeah, Ive stuck up for him alot, but i’m finished. Even when he throws a good game, you know a crap fest is close by. He can barley control his pitches. Always in a jam and behind the count. Something you can’t be when your not a power arm. Much rather have him in the pen, as a emergency starter.

    • forensic

      The Yanks need to be progressive and have Tanaka and Kuroda teach him a splitter.

      I always find it hilarious when people say this, like it’s so easy to suddenly learn and master a new pitch to the level of being able to use it against MLB hitters, especially a pitch as different, difficult, and rare as the splitter.

      It’s like when everyone wanted Mo to teach every player who ever wore pinstripes the cutter. Yeah, I’m sure that’ll work out well. Just ask Phil Hughes…

    • Silvio

      They should find Edwar, that guy with the fantastic change-up, and pay him a bundle to teach it to their pitchers, ML and MiL.

  • nycsportzfan

    We really need Michael Pineda to return healthy. Looks like we got something in Whitley. Add Tanaka, Kuroda, and Pineda to Whitley, and suddenly the staff is solid with CC/Phelps/Nuno filling the 5th spot. If its CC, the rotation will be very solid.

  • nycsportzfan

    I got a question. How much better is this team if Mariano Rivera was playing and doing his usual? Betances, Robertson, Warren, and MO as your back end of the pen?

    Do we have any more wins?

    • Tanuki Tanaka

      So far in bWAR
      Betances 1.5
      Warren 1.1
      Claiborne 0.3
      Kelley 0.3
      Robertson 0.1
      Thornton 0.1

      So probably a win or two just on paper. In reality might be more.

  • nycsportzfan

    I heard Jonathan Holder was on the golf course with Jacob Lindgren when he got the call he was drafted by Yanks. How cool is that? They much of both been stoked.

  • Jonathan

    I was at the game and this loss is 100% on Joe Girardi. Phelps was getting HAMMERED almost all game. Tex made a great play on a lineout and Phelps made a really good play on the previously mentioned sac bunt to go along with catching a rocket hit right back to him to double a runner off first when he had runners at the corners. It should have been worse and there were several lineouts to the outfield as well. Then we put those three runs on the board and he had to sit for a long time.

    Immediately he comes out and walks Butler and then Gordon while throwing 8 out of 11 pitches for balls after having not walked anyone else all night. On top of that he was taking the return throws from Murphy with major attitude and visibly showed he either thought he was done or should have been replaced. Nearly every pitch, before he stepped on the rubber, he’d pause and look directly at the dugout to see if they were coming (and to signal he was toast most likely). And he was pretty freaking awful before this inning but Girardi only had a lefty warming up in the pen (yet didn’t use him vs lefties AFTER he had given up the three run jack and a subsequent rocket triple and sure enough Aoki tacked on another run). It was absolutely mind boggling and they just left him out there to die. Phelps was awful, but it was obvious he was awful before the bottom of the 6th and he should have had an extremely short leash after being awful, getting hammered by the middle of the lineup and the long layoff. I realize we need more than 5 innings out of our remaining SP but not at the expense of having a pitcher on the mound who has a chance not to give up rockets and runs like Phelps in the 6th. Absolutely unjustifiable by Girardi. If he didn’t want to go to the usual guys like Dellin/Warren etc almost anyone would be better than Phelps tonight.

    • villapalomares

      I agree completely and had the same thought after he walked Butler to start the inning. Get him out of there now.

    • Jorge Steinbrenner

      Team sport. You can never say a loss is 100% on one person. Phelps is paid to make those pitches.

    • Stratocaster

      I blame myself.

  • Tom

    Is Phelps performance all that suprising? He (and Nuno) are fringe starters/swingmen. Fine for taking two or three turns through the rotation for a short DL stint, but did anyone not think they would be exposed if they had to pitch for several months?

    Even if/when Pineda and CC get back they will still be a starter short unless Whitley turns out to be a legit option. But with Nova out and those two missing 2-3 monthe, 50-60+ starts from the combo of Phelps/Nuno/Whitley (they already have 21) isn’t going to get it done with the offense (and infield defense) the Yankees have, no matter how good Tanaka is.

    I think the Yankees need to make a decision now whether they are in it or not. If they wait it’s going to end up being a tease like Soriano last year – enough of an upgrade to keep things close not enough of an upgrade to make the difference. I have no idea who’s available at this point, but now that the draft is in the rear view, there should be some more focus on the trade deadline around baseball. If they are going to deal any prospects for upgrades June is the time to do it;or just play things out and hope for the best.

    • Kosmo

      I agree Phelps and Nuno are fringe SP. Yanks need a good SP and a bat or 2. This takes me back to the idea expressed many times that NYs “strength“ is that they can absorb other teams payroll. Teams like the Cubs, D-Backs and now the Phillies have players NY can use.
      If the Cubs asking price for the Shark, which is going to be undoubtedly high, could be reduced if NY agrees to eat the remainder of Edwin Jackson´s contract ??

  • Tanuki Tanaka

    Rangers blow another lead. Fun day.

  • Mikhel

    “Jeter blew off a middle aged older gentleman holding out ball and pen at the end of game as Jeter was heading back to dugout from on deck circle.”

    So? I also saw that somebody held a pen and a baseball asking for an autograph but Jeter seemed to be a few steps away and not facing the fan… but even if he did, you can not seriously go to a game expecting to get an autograph.

  • WhittakerWalt

    The saddest thing about David Phelps is you just know he’d completely dominate this Yankees lineup.

  • Mikhel

    Nuño+Phelps duo makes me remember when Ted Lilly and Keisler were in the starting rotation some 10-12 years ago, they could have a good 4-5 innings and suddenly implode, maybe they could pitch back to back in the same inning in something called “The Peralta System”, it was designed and put into practice 50 years ago more or less in the Mexican Baseball League (the summer league) with a tandem of pitchers per game, every one would throw 3 innings, it produces good results and I think even no hitters (like that friggin no hitter the Astros threw to the Yanks years ago, started I think by Oswalt). It is not an ideal system and has its obvious faults in modern context of baseball (pitchers do not throw everyday nowadays)… but it could work for a few games… heck, JoeG has tandems of pitchers depending of the score:

    games with advantage: starter goes 6 or 7, followed by Betances, Warren and Robertson if there is a ssave opportunity.

    games in disadvantage or on the brink of losing the advantage: Thornton, Daley and everybody else.

    • Mikhel

      *back to back in the same GAME.

  • forensic

    The Yankees have played 20 games since May 17th. Just ONCE have they scored in even 3 different innings of a 9 inning game (they did it one other time but it took them 12 innings).

    That seems bad…

  • qadams

    The idiocy of Suzyn Waldman never ceases to amaze me. During this game she exclaimed — and this is a direct quote — “John, half the teams in baseball are under .500, isn’t that something?” She wasn’t being ironic. She was going on about parity or mediocrity or something. But how can she possibly be surprised that half the teams in baseball are losing teams and half the teams are winning teams???

    • captain obvious

      I see you gave Suzyn’s remark alot of thought.

    • JohnnyC

      Suzyn majored in theater arts not math. She may not know what regression analysis is but she can sure sing the shit out of the first eight bars of Oklahoma!

  • Mick taylor

    Cashman, not soriano, is the problem and needs to go. He has had the advantage of about 100 million more a year than every other gm yet is a horrible talent evaluaor. For every gem like tanaka we get10 Pavanos , igawas , etc. Even a dope like me could see signing a 30 year old catcher who hit 250 with 50 rbis in for 85 million was dumb could have had Nelson Cruz and abreu for that money. Cashman passed on all the great Cuban players like puig. Why?. Now he will not spend 7.5 million for morales. He will not get a better hitter in a trade because almost every team will be in the race come july31. And even if they get a hitter they will decimate their farm system. Morales was a no brainer. Yanks will not win another championship with cashman in control. The dynasty of 1996 -2003 was largely built by gene Michael and bob Watson.casman gets only partial credit for 2009, since the core 4 were a big part. And the gians and cards gms blow cashman away.17 years is enough.even the mets would have won a championship in the last 14 years with the money cashman had.

  • http://yahoo Jack shittz

    Pretty sick of Phelps . Get rid of
    this dead wood already. And flush Soriano down the toilet while u r at it

  • http://yahoo Jack shaaittzz

    Phelps must go , like , right now already. Soriano needs to be flushed too, bcuz at this point, all he is doing is stinking up the place.

    • WhittakerWalt

      Gee, I wonder if the same guy wrote these two comments.

      • Stratocaster


  • W. Morse

    Phelps is not a major leaguer.

    • Jorge Steinbrenner


  • fred robbins

    What is it, that almost every fan here can see a certain move makes sense, and see that Phelps is really not very good and needs to come out, yet the manager does not see the same thing until it is way too late? Are there that many other things going on that no one else knows about?
    It just hurts that Soriano is continually in there hacking away, and that Phelps is out there pretty much begging to come out and in both cases Girardi acts like he is watching something else.

  • Jeter’s retirement council

    Roster needs a little shake up. 4 spots on the roster that are cheap and could be filled better:
    1 & 2 Nuno and Phelps. Nuno has been the worst of the bunch. Many on here wanted/expected better from him, but he’s just been lit up every time. He, by far, needs to be sent back down, released, or traded. His style doesn’t play well out of the pen either.
    3 & 4 Johnson and Soriano. Johnson seems like a quality guy and player (on a much reserved role), but on this Yankee team, Kelly Johnson is somewhat redundant and to a lesser scale of what they already have. Soriano might be reaching the end of his rope. I didn’t want to believe it and I felt the Yanks would hang in there with him, but I am starting to believe that he could be a release candidate.

    These are 4 very important spots. We can’t count on Pineda, but he would fill one. Ditto for CC. Both are big loses. Even if the Yanks anticipate both back right before/after AS break, I wonder if they are better vested looking to acquire another arm. Whitely has done well and he might be the man to hold a rotation spot (out of the Phelps, Nuno crowd). I don’t know, but anything of real value is going to be expensive, so I don’t know who makes sense for this team.

    They need a power bat. There is no other way around it. Fortunately and unfortunately, Jeter is hitting and playing a passable SS. With a guy like him and his legacy, the team is pretty much hands tied on what they can do there for this season, so it’s not even worth discussing, at all. At best, maybe we can drop Jeter to 7th or 8th if needed some days, but that’s the best case scenario. They have Ryan to back him up. Roberts also is playing a passable 2nd and hitting a little. He’s not totally cooked, but the Yanks could be justified upgrading at 2nd. Do you release a guy like Roberts? Probably not, actually. I don’t see the Yanks releasing him or even benching him all that much. I don’t think based on the cost, Utley would be an adequate upgrade. The problem is, with so many .500 teams, there isn’t that superstar .300 hitter available on the 20-40 team. Castro is that guy, I guess.

    Ugh. There really are no obvious solutions. None to even dream up.

    I do feel the Girardi should tamper with the line-up. I haven’t been a big fan of how he’s been running it out. What if, say, he just got stupid and did something like:


    • Jeter’s retirement council

      Having Gardner – Jeter – Ellsbury 123 thing is not working and I don’t like. I haven’t since he did this. That’s the biggest thing for me.

      • Jeter’s retirement council

        I’m going to respond to myself again to press this point, I firmly believe that a great deal of the Yankee run production issues are coming from how Girardi is writing the line-up card. The players are there, at least for the most part, but it’s mismatched and I’ll say it again, having a mixture of Ellsbury, Gardner and Jeter 1-3 is not working. Even if it were, it still wouldn’t make sense.

        Gardner seems to be the most accepting to his role (anywhere/anytime), so drop him to 9th, where he excelled in the past and I always liked him there, especially now with Ellsbury. It’s a comforting wrap to the line-up. Jeter needs to be dropped in the line-up. Solarte might play very well hitting 2nd for a while. Shit, give it a shot, why not. Crap, even slot Soriano in there for a few games. They need a righty batting 2nd correct?

    • Dirk Diggler

      Jeter batting ahead of the 3rd/4th best hitter on the team (who is batting ninth in your lineup)? lomfl

      Jeter should be batting last every single game and it’s not up for debate. The problem lies within fans not wanting to hurt his wittle feelings.

      • Jeter’s retirement council

        Chill out and for once I would like to have an honest, non heated discussion with the small minded on here, if that’s possible.

        That said, you can’t have Ellsbury and Gardner batting 1/2. It doesn’t make sense IMO. I think they’re a better threat spread out in the line-up.

        • Dirk Diggler

          “That said, you can’t have Ellsbury and Gardner batting 1/2.”

          Yes, you can.

          “I think they’re a better threat spread out in the line-up.”

          And yet you have them batting back-to-back at the last and leadoff spot respectively? Do you understand how contradictory that is?

          • Jeter’s retirement council

            Can someone please explain the game of baseball to our compadre here…

            • Dirk Diggler

              Figured you’d have nothing, poopsie. Now tell me how having Gardner and Ellsbury hit back to back after the first time around the lineup ‘spreads them out’.

              I won’t hold my breath waiting for a valid response. Peace.

              • Jeter’s retirement council

                The way a pitcher prepares his game starting at 1 on the line up card is entirely different than his approach in the 4th inning or 8th inning and that is if the 9 and 1 come up back to back in the same inning.

                • Looser trader droids FotD™

                  Which happens 2-3 times every game.

    • Jorge Steinbrenner

      I cringed at your screen name initially and assumed trolling, but I was wrong.

      You’re right in that there are no easy solutions or magic pills here. I don’t think Nuno is able to, in the medium to long turn, have the command he needs to get by with his stuff. Again, though, no easy solutions around. The best solutions may be getting our guys back healthy.

      I agree with the others on Ellsbury and Gardner. Sorry.

  • http://riveravenueblues mississippi doc

    Now, if I get it straight, we need to fire Cashman, Jeter, Soriano, Nuno, Phelps, Johnson, Roberts, Beltran, Thornton, and whoever the next scapegoat du jour may be and then make a smart trade with a team that knows the Yankees are desperate without giving away any significant minor league talent. That shouldn’t be very difficult. Easy to criticize, but outside of the Athletics, Blue Jays, and Tigers, we are no worse off than any other AL team. Cashman and Girardi are not the problems. Two out of five of our SPs are on the DL and the third is pitching inconsistently. Whitley wasn’t even on the depth chart coming out of ST. Yes, Soriano does look cooked, but Beltran was coming off an excellent season and McCann was a star. The former is now injured and the latter is just not performing. Jeter is the same problem Mantle was at the end of his career. How do you gracefully retire a team icon who refuses to do so? At the end of the day, it is up to the players on the team to play well, and, if they do not, then either they are not trying hard enough or, maybe, they are just not that good. Don’t blame it on the manager. I suspect that Girardi would have preferred to start David Price yesterday, but, given who was available to him, Phelps was his best choice.

    • Jeter’s retirement council

      I’m not one of the people that’s clamoring to fire anyone, especially Cashman. Anyone who states that is a moron. Plain and simple. I am not pushing to have Soriano cut either. I think the line-up card has been atrocious, frankly, and the players are there, it’s just time for Girardi to man up and move players around. Lastly, Nuno does need to go. A bit too wishful from the fans, but it’s just not working with him and Kelly Johnson doesn’t serve a valuable role at this time, so I rather see his roster spot utilized by someone else. I say hang on to Phelps and Soriano for a little longer.

  • TheRealGreg

    The problem with Phelps was that he was at 65 pitches to begin that inning. So he was going to start that inning.

    It seems that many believe that Girardi should have had a man warming before the inning, which in that case, he would have to been psychic to see what was going to happen.

    The best argument against Girardi in this case is that he was looking at the numbers rather than the actual circumstances. There, you might have a point.

    But at the end of the day, Phelps blew it.

  • TheRealGreg

    Plus I think someone said it last night. Chase Whitley is the number 3 starter right now. That’s not good.