Pineda’s rehab pushed back after MRI shows “trace” of inflammation

International Free Agent Notes: Tomas, Garcia
Saturday Night Open Thread

Another setback for Michael Pineda. Yesterday’s precautionary MRI showed a “trace” of inflammation in his shoulder, Joe Girardi confirmed, so he will not play catch this weekend as expected. The team is hopeful Pineda will be able to start a throwing program next weekend instead. He’s been out since late-April with a muscle strain and has already suffered one setback. Brian Cashman recently said they don’t expect to get Pineda back until August.

International Free Agent Notes: Tomas, Garcia
Saturday Night Open Thread
  • rbibaseball

    News Flash an MRI is always going to show something wrong, because its a very sensitive test. If there is inflammation give him some aleve and let him play catch.

    • Jorge Steinbrenner

      Absolutely what you should do when millions of dollars are involved.

    • Preston

      Who needs Aspirin? Just rub some pine tar on it!

  • nycsportzfan

    Exactly why the Yanks almost must make a deal for a pitcher by the deadline. Nuno is terrible, and there is very little ML ready depth in the System at this point. Even if CC does come back, the Yanks look like there gonna be in this thing till the end and can’t let pitching depth hold them back from a possible playoff berth/championship.

    Jason Hammel or Jeff Samardzjia would be nice.

  • forensic

    I’m shocked! SHOCKED, I say!

  • PunkPitch

    Traces of inflammation weeks after being shut down, IS serious. You don’t take two aspirin, and plow ahead. Good move by the staff to stay on top of one of their most important assets going forward.

  • Jorge Steinbrenner


    Rub some pine tar on it.

    And I’m out…

  • Kenny

    August? Really? I’ll put my money on March. Time for an agonizing reappraisal of what’s tradeable in the system. It’s not just a pitcher they need either. This puny HR production is not likely to get them to the post-season. Hell is Other Teams: especially when they bring power into ittie bittie Yankee Stadium

    • Deep Thoughts

      Thanks for covering the “agonizing” part.

  • TWTR

    Good luck to him, but I will believe that he is coming back when he is actually back.

  • Bike myke

    Release this loser and be done with him

  • Tuscan Chicken

    Will Carroll, the so called injury expert, said he heard they will seriously think of non-tendering him if he can’t make it back this season.

    I don’t buy it. He isn’t that expensive, is he?

    • Algernon blackwood

      How much are you willing to pay for nothing?

      I’ve noticed those doing a victory lap about the trade have been awfully quiet. I guess you can’t pass judgement the second it looks like its working out on your favor

    • ProjectNeo

      He’s making a little over 500k a year. Pretty much major league minimum. Hes worth hanging on for the upside IMO.

      • forensic

        He’s not making $500K a year. He’s making $500K this year.

        Next year is his first arb year. He’s certainly not going to break the bank given the injuries, but he will be making real money even just based on his rookie year.

        As I said when that tweet first came out, I don’t think they’ll cut him, but I would absolutely understand if they did given all that’s happened just over the last couple of years.

  • FlubJub

    Just admit it’s another Cashman failure and move on. He’s done.

    • Old Man Time

      Yes, inflammation always spells the end of a pitcher’s career.

  • monkeypants

    Britt. Burns.

  • Farewell Mo

    It’s not often you see someone miss almost an entire season because of. a strained muscle. Adrian Peterson came back faster from a torn ACL

    I’m betting we don’t see this guy till spring training. He’s the Nick Johnson of pitchers.

  • Carl Pavano

    Just give the guy some time.

  • Robert

    Hate to say it but Stick a fork in him this Turkey is done.Seattle knew it 3 yrs ago.
    Instead of waiting for a guy on the DL Yanks should be looking elsewhere.
    With his injury history Pineda and his body of work not that impressive.

    • Robert’s Dad.

      Maybe you should read the earlier article about the team prioritizing pitching on the trade market.

  • Mike

    What an awful trade. Both teams lost.