The River Avenue Blues Podcast: Episode 12


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Guest: Former RAB weekend writer Hannah Ehrlich. She’s out in the bay area and makes it to her share of A’s games. It’s very nice to catch up with an old friend.

After lamenting the weekend series against the Twins, Mike and I launch into what became a state of the Yankees segment. From what I remember of the conversation, it all made sense. It also led to the poll question below.

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Will the Yankees DFA Alfonso Soriano and sign Kendrys Morales?

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  • Mikhel

    Right about now 46% say that Soriano should be DFAd, wow!

  • http://www.penuel-law.com/ Cuso

    Great listen.

  • MB923

    Wish I could vote for more than one. My 2 answers would be “No but they should” and “No they’ll DFA Kelly Johnson instead”. Not sure which one to pick.

  • Nick

    Why would they DFA Johnson? He’s been on a little hot streak the past week and he’s versatile. Morales only really makes sense if Beltran can’t make it back. If Beltran is back he will most likely need to DH a lot more to stay healthy and in that case Morales just clutters the roster.

  • Robert

    Morales would be a mistake. We need young position players in there 20s.Id rather wait for our AA and A players to pan out before signing another 1 dementional player.

    • Nick

      No one is suggesting a multi year deal

  • D$1184

    Why can’t they/shouldn’t they just demote Zolio Almonte to make room for him?

    • MB923

      Because they’re likely going to do that if/when Beltran returns.