Sabathia allows two runs in first minor league rehab start

Game 79: Gain Ground
DotF: Lindgren and DeCarr debut with GCL Yanks

In his first minor league rehab start with High-A Tampa, CC Sabathia allowed two runs on three hits and a walk in 2.1 innings. He struck out two. Adam Berry says he threw 24 of 36 pitches for strikes. A scout told Erik Boland that Sabathia sat 87-89 with a few 90s. “Couldn’t be happier with the way I felt physically out there,” he said to Berry, which is the most important thing.

Today’s outing officially starts the 30-day minor league rehab clock, so Sabathia has to be activated by July 27th. That’s enough time for four more rehab starts, if need be. There is no word on where Sabathia will pitch next, but it’s worth noting Double-A Trenton send out an email pushing tickets for next Thursday’s game, which would line up perfectly for his next outing. Makes sense to me, but there is no official word yet.

Game 79: Gain Ground
DotF: Lindgren and DeCarr debut with GCL Yanks
  • Preston

    Well that could have gone better.

  • Jvelaz

    Even Minor leaguers rake off CC smh

  • Ron

    If CC comes back and sucks, what do we do? Cant replace him so do we just let him pitch out of it because he was good 2 years ago?

  • Parade of First-Name-Only Commenters

    This is terrible. CC’s rERA (rehab assignment ERA) in his first start spells doom. He’s not down there to work on mechanics, or build arm strength, or get his “game feel” back, dammit! He’s there to get Florida State League hitters out.

    • Proxy for every generic first name guy to post on RAB

      Don’t disrupt the lobotomized comment narrative with well-played sarcasm, if you would.

    • JonS

      Sarcasm aside, Sabathia’s best days are long behind him. He may not be a 5.2 ERA guy, but he’s closer to that than a 3.0 ERA guy. Getting him back will only eat innings. They still need the same number of starters they need now.

  • Joe

    what he said.