2015 Draft: MLB announces competitive balance lottery results

Scouting The Trade Market: Minnesota Twins
Game 100: How About An Easy Win?

MLB announced the results of the competitive balance lottery today, awarding a total of 12 picks to small market, low revenue clubs. Obviously the Yankees did not get one. The full results are right here. It’s hard to understand a system in which the Cardinals are awarded competitive balance picks but not the Rays or Athletics. Anyway, these picks can be traded! Just not in the offseason. What stupid system.

Scouting The Trade Market: Minnesota Twins
Game 100: How About An Easy Win?
  • Fernando

    The Athletics did get a pick but in Round B. I believe Rays are eligible but there are more teams than picks. Like the College Draft Pool and International Pool, this is another of Dud Selig’s nonsense designed to promote parity…yet fosters medicority instead.

  • Dalek Jeter

    Ugh this is such bullshit. Every single owner is a multi billionaire, “small market” teams don’t need the help, they need their owners to take a loss on their team one season a decade.

    • Bill

      And even when they take a loss they still have their entire family on the payroll as Vice President of fan club, Vice President of concessions, marketing director, etc. and they sell the team for 10 times as much as they bought it for.

  • TWTR

    Seligonomics sucks.

    • Yankee$

      It’s Voodooselignomics…

      • TWTR

        Yes, it’s pure Budiocy.

  • CMed21

    Competative balance picks in general is dumb as heck. How the hell are the Cardinals considered a small market team, they have 11 World Series championships and have the 7th largest home revenue in all of baseball this season. Why not give the picks to the worst teams instead of giving it to the smallest market teams?

    • Fernando

      The league takes the 10 franchises with the lowest revenues and the 10 clubs in the smallest markets and enters them into the Competitive Balance Lottery. There are six picks that are awarded after the first round and another six picks for after the second. There is some overlap so those 20 or less clubs vie for 12 picks, which is why a TB can lose out.

      It is definitely dumb, as those teams if they are truly bad get the advantadge of a higher draft pick, higher draft pool and increased flexibility with that pool to take chances on signability guys by signing top 10 round guys to below slot deals.

      No way a team like the Cardinals should consistently get a pick.

  • Fernando

    I see another chance to play the system….unless I am wrong.

    MIKE – Could a team go out and say trade for like 4-5 of these picks thus increasing their draft choices abd more importantly pool money?

    I know you can’t trade for more than 50% in the Int’l draft, but what about these picks? Would be a nice way to get add’l picks/money to take chance on post 10th round picks.

    • Preston

      Yes you can trade for them. But that would require giving up fair value in return. So I’m not sure how beneficial that is.

  • Kenny

    MLB announced the results of the competitive balance lottery….

    A question I keep asking about Seligist rules: who determines (e.g., in this case) that there will be something called a “competitive balance lottery”? Is it a committee comprising owners? If so, which owners? Is it a committee of MLB bureaucrats? Is it a committee comprising players’ union reps?

    These rules and the salami tactic way in which they arrive on the scene and become accepted as a way of life suggest to me that owners must want them (and which owners?) or that the owners have become supine vis-a-vis the commissioner’s office. If the latter, it’s time for them to regrow a backbone during the process to appoint a successor (making sure that Bud doesn’t anoint someone).

    • Preston

      The owners vote on these decisions. I believe rule changes and ratifications of the CBA require a 2/3 vote. The owners love Bud. He makes them gobs of money. The union only protects the interests of MLB players, so the ones who routinely get screwed in the bargaining is the young unsigned kids.

  • willie w

    if they want to help small market teams
    eliminate paying obscene amounts of money to people who have never played pro ball that are picked in the first round of the draft
    instead of 9 million to a high school kid
    how about $1 million TOPS
    doesn’t make sense
    what high school kid is going to go anywhere and get $5 or $9 million for having done nothing in the real world.

    • willie w

      these numbers are absurd, what is the alternative? is the kid going to go work at walmart ???

      1 1 Houston Astros $7,922,100
      1 2 Miami Marlins $6,821,800
      1 3 Chicago White Sox $5,721,500
      1 4 Chicago Cubs $4,621,200
      1 5 Minnesota Twins $3,851,000
      1 6 Seattle Mariners $3,575,900
      1 7 Philadelphia Phillies $3,300,900
      1 8 Colorado Rockies $3,190,800
      1 9 Toronto Blue Jays $3,080,800
      1 10 New York Mets $2,970,800
      1 11 &Toronto Blue Jays $2,888,300
      1 12 Milwaukee Brewers $2,805,700
      1 13 San Diego Padres $2,723,300
      1 14 San Francisco Giants $2,613,200
      1 15 Los Angeles Angels $2,475,600
      1 16 Arizona Diamondbacks $2,338,200
      1 17 Kansas City Royals $2,200,600
      1 18 Washington Nationals $2,145,600
      1 19 Cincinnati Reds $2,090,500
      1 20 Tampa Bay Rays $2,035,500
      1 21 Cleveland Indians $2,008,100
      1 22 Los Angeles Dodgers $1,980,500
      1 23 Detroit Tigers $1,953,100
      1 24 Pittsburgh Pirates $1,925,500
      1 25 Oakland Athletics $1,898,000
      1 26 Boston Red Sox $1,870,500
      1 27 St. Louis Cardinals $1,843,000
      1 28 *Kansas City Royals $1,815,500
      1 29 *Cincinnati Reds $1,788,000
      1 30 *Texas Rangers $1,760,500
      1 31 *Cleveland Indians $1,733,000
      1 32 *Atlanta Braves $1,705,400
      1 33 *Boston Red Sox $1,678,000
      1 34 *St. Louis Cardinals $1,650,400
      A 35 Colorado Rockies $1,614,500
      COMP 36 &Miami Marlins $1,573,900
      A 37 ^Houston Astros $1,534,100
      A 38 Cleveland Indians $1,495,400
      A 39 ^Pittsburgh Pirates $1,457,600
      A 40 Kansas City Royals $1,420,800
      A 41 Milwaukee Brewers $1,384,900
      2 42 Houston Astros $1,350,000
      2 43 Miami Marlins $1,316,000
      2 44 Chicago White Sox $1,282,700
      2 45 Chicago Cubs $1,250,400
      2 46 Minnesota Twins $1,218,800
      2 47 Philadelphia Phillies $1,187,900
      2 48 Colorado Rockies $1,158,000
      2 49 Toronto Blue Jays $1,128,800
      2 50 Milwaukee Brewers $1,100,300
      2 51 San Diego Padres $1,083,400
      2 52 San Francisco Giants $1,066,900
      2 53 Los Angeles Angels $1,050,600
      2 54 Arizona Diamondbacks $1,034,500
      2 55 New York Yankees $1,018,700
      2 56 Kansas City Royals $1,003,200

    • RetroRob

      What they’ve done in the real world is have a real skill that only a limited number of people have and a limited number of organizations want. Their skill allows these organizations to make a lot of money.

      • willie w

        do you have a clue what we are talking about ????

        we are talking about kids that will pitch in the minor leagues

        remember andrew brackman

        how much did the yankees make on him ??????

        • willie w


          He signed a four-year, $4.55 million-dollar deal with $3.35-million signing bonus as the New York Yankees’ first-round choice (30th overall pick) of the 2007 Major League Baseball Draft

          • willie w


            Following the 2011 season, the Yankees declined his 2012 option, making him a free agent.

            Reds and White Sox

            On January 4, 2012, Brackman signed a one-year minor league contract with the Cincinnati Reds.[27][28] On January 30, 2013, Brackman signed a minor league contract with the Chicago White Sox.

            so where is all this money you say he made that justifies
            all that money ???????????????????????????????

            • Steve G


              When asking a question, only one question mark is necessary.

  • cooolbreeez

    This is a major reason why the Cards had such a vaunted MiLB system. They get more/higher pics than the majority of other teams despite their consistent winning %.

    What’s suppossed to level the playing field has the oppostie effect in this case.

    Sucks for us!

  • The Guns of Navarone

    Enjoy your retirement, Bud Selig.

  • RetroRob

    A stupid system.

  • http://www.penuel-law.com/ Cuso

    Which did the Cardinals qualify for? 10 smallest markets or 10 lowest revenues? Have a hard time believing they’re in either. They must have just slipped in, whatever it was.

    Has to be smallest markets. How can St. Louis be a top 10 smallest market?!?