Injury Updates: Tanaka, CC, Pineda, Beltran

(Jim McIsaac/Getty)

(Jim McIsaac/Getty)

The Yankees are off both today and tomorrow before resuming the regular season on Friday, at home against the Reds. Here are some injury updates in the meantime, courtesy of George King and Ken Davidoff:

  • Masahiro Tanaka (elbow) received his platelet-rich plasma injection on Monday as scheduled. Brian Cashman said the plan now calls for the team’s ace to rest before beginning a throwing program. There is no set date for Tanaka to resume working out and throwing.
  • CC Sabathia (knee) is scheduled to see Dr. Neal ElAttrache on Friday. He has already been examined by Dr. James Andrews, Yankees team doctor Christopher Ahmad, and Rangers team doctor Keith Meister. Microfracture surgery is a possibility but not guaranteed.
  • Michael Pineda (shoulder) continues to throw bullpen sessions and Cashman said the team hopes to get him back “sometime in August.” “He has gone from throwing on flat ground to bullpens. That leads to batting practice and rehab games,” added the GM.
  • Carlos Beltran (concussion) should be ready to be activated off the 7-day concussion disabled list when the second half opens on Friday. “That’s our hope,” said Cashman. The team has already sent down Bryan Mitchell to open a roster spot.
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  • Scott

    This should be in the post about Severino moving up, but someone commented on Williams possibly getting demoted. Josh Norris got this quote from Newman:
    “He’s going to challenge some guys,” Newman said. “He’s a center fielder. He’s a corner guy. He’ll provide some competition for the guys that are there.”

    Newman said that, at this time, none of those Trenton outfielders will be demoted to Tampa. Specifically, he said that Mason Williams is staying in Trenton. But Newman also made it clear that Cave will see time in center field as well as the two corners.”

    I think they want to put pressure on Williams to start doing something. He hasn’t developed (that was kind of obvious) and maybe it is on him, not the Yanks.

    • PoopChute

      Jackie Williams Jr the 2nd

  • Jorge Steinbrenner

    *kicks Pineda in shoulder*

    Stick with the narrative, Michael!

  • TWTR

    I think I am still in a state of semi-denial about Tanaka.

    • Jorge Steinbrenner


      Mike, I don’t know how that picture of Tanaka got up there. He is not hurt. Please remove him and replace him with a player of Wayne’s choosing. Everyone knows that Tanaka is perfectly lined up to start on Friday.


      • PoopChute

        Sanchez + Refsnyder + Severino + Judge for Utley + Lee

        You know it’s coming

        • Jim Is A (Bored) Peckerhead

          Want to bet?

        • TWTR

          If so, do you choose your user name to be one fan’s self-fulfilling prophecy?

        • MJF

          That would be a huge mistake. It would cripple the system for a player once again heading into the downside of his career and owed a lot of money. At least try and get a younger pitcher to build the staff around. Im not saying selling high on these prospects is terrible caus ethere are no guaruntees. However, adding another late 30 something arm is not the way to go imo.

        • Ant

          Noooooo please no

  • Robert

    Nothing is going to wake up Mason Williams he is destined to being another Chris Dickerson as best, and I like Chris but I see that as Williams ceiling.
    Who would have thought Taylor Dugas and Ben Gamel have performed better than Slade,Tyler and Mason!!!

    • Rob D.

      Rob, in all fairness, Slade has been on the shelf quite a bit, but I think that Mason’s time is running out if he doesn’t start to make adjustments. I’m also hoping that Severino being called up is not an audition for trade situations.

      • PoopChute

        Sanchez + Refsnyder + Severino + Judge for Utley + Lee

        You know it’s coming

        • Jorge Steinbrenner

          Sounds like you want it to happen rather than there been a prayer in hell of it happening.

          • PoopChute

            Why on earth would I want that to happen?

            I hope we’re beyond making a panic trade of the farm in hopes to salvage this season. You would think that the Tanaka injury closed the door on a farm selling trade but I still wouldn’t past the Yanks.

            • Jorge Steinbrenner

              Beyond? We’ve never done it.

              Despite all evidence to the contrary, things like this keep being brought up. A possible explanation for why would be that the people bringing it up have some sick, twisted, teddy-bear-humping-like fantasy of it happening.

              • PoopChute

                We’ve also never agreed to $450M in contracts in an offseason only to miss the playoffs. I hope they don’t but I wouldn’t be shocked to see a desperation move or 2.

                • Jorge Steinbrenner

                  You’re assuming pressure on them that they may not be putting on themselves.

                  Yes, they did spend that money, but neither of us have a window as to what they view possible, how much more they felt was needed relative to what was spent already, or what the plan would be if new barriers emerged.

                  If the Yankees make any move between now and the end of the season that goes beyond a Brandon McCarthy type, there’s going to be endless arguments on here as to whether it was a desperation move, not a desperatoin move, whether the players given up were potential impact guys or not, etc. Get ready.

                  You mention Headley below? Would you call that a desperation move? I bet you someone else would.

                  • Jorge Steinbrenner

                    No extra punctuation after “below.” Goddamn Dutch.

        • Jim Is A (Bored) Peckerhead

          Want to bet?

  • hornblower

    Are the Yanks really going to open the 2nd. half with Johnson still on the squad and Ichiro playing right? They don’t really expect to do better with the same group? They have overachieved with this bunch as is.

    • The Great Gonzo

      Nope… they should be getting Nate Scheirholtz and Chone Figgins in the mail any minute now.

      • Jorge Steinbrenner

        ….for David Palladino Dan Camarena Brady Lail Simon De La Rosa Bunuelos Rodriguez!!!!!!!!!!!!



  • hornblower

    How about Ref. and Pirela? They are free.

  • PoopChute

    I would do my best to try to trade for Headley on the cheap, he’s been much better lately (.788 OPS this month.) and if they think Refsnyder can be adequate in the field, call him up, would not call up Refs to play OF, if he isn’t ready defensively at 2nd leave him down in AAA to continue to develop in the field… Platoon Almonte and Ichiro (reverse split) in RF

    CF – Ellsbury
    SS – Jeter
    LF – Gardner
    1B – Tex
    DH – Beltran
    C – McCann
    3B – Headley
    2B – Refsnyder
    LF – Almonte

    B -Cervelli – Ichiro – Roberts – Solarte

    Kelly Johnson DFA’d

    That lineup still isn’t great but it’s better and Headley shouldn’t cost all that much, especially with his lingering injury concern. Obviously a lot still depends on Tex/Beltran/McCann being healthy and productive.

    • Jorge Steinbrenner

      I don’t think it moves the needle much, but I’d be down for Headley at the right cost.

  • Ahr Mon

    Brett Gardner just pulled a hammy while reading this post. Thanks a bunch, Mike…

  • feztonio

    how is that ahmad guy still the team doctor? with all the injuries the past few years shouldn’t the team doctor and training staff be shown the door ASAP? if it were just the 35 to 40 year olds getting hurt it’d be one thing, but younger guys are getting banged up too. either their not preparing properly, not getting adequate treatment, something has to be off that so many injuries have been happening the past few years. someone should be held accountable for all the injuries

    • Jorge Steinbrenner

      I’m glad we have a member of the Medical Quality Review Board on here. Where were you guys? The meeting started an hour ago and, really, almost of the catering is gone. Just check if there’s some seats left in the back row.

  • Nathan

    I’ve always wondered, and hopefully someone knows, but when a player is injuried as Tanaka and Sabathia are, how much in contact are they with the team? I mean, it’s during the season but they’re not playing or rehabbing.

    I’ve always wondered if the team is in contact every few days or just a weekly check in and/or if they give them instructions while they’re off.

  • http://Noneofyourdamnbusiness.com Michael

    If Ichiro is a C, Ellsbury is an F.

  • http://riveravenueblues mississippi doc

    Mike, RAB reads more like the OR schedule at Mount Sinai or Presbyterian than a baseball blog

  • tommy cassella

    the yanks are nothing more than a freaking ordinary team.