Injury Updates: Tanaka, Sabathia, Pineda, Tex

Game 101: Finish Them Off
Yanks wrap up series with 4-2 win over Rangers
Like one of these guys is still healthy. (Presswire)
Like one of these guys is still healthy. (Presswire)

Here are some updates are various injured Yankees, courtesy of Chad Jennings, Dan Barbarisi, Bryan Hoch, Brendan Kuty, as well as the team itself.

  • Masahiro Tanaka (elbow) still has some pain after receiving his platelet-rich plasma injection. “He’s improved, but he still feels it on a daily basis. It’s not good that he’s still feeling it at this stage. (We’ll just) go day by day, week by week and adjust accordingly,” said Brian Cashman.
  • CC Sabathia (knee) had his clean-up surgery as scheduled yesterday and everything went “as planned,” the Yankees announced. “I don’t know if we’ll see him. Obviously he’s not allowed to travel for a few days, so we’ll probably see him when we get back from the road trip,” said Joe Girardi.
  • Michael Pineda (shoulder) was scheduled to throw two innings and 30 pitches in a simulated game today, but it was rained out. He threw two innings inside and will stretch it out to 45-50 pitches in the coming days. If all goes well, Cashman said Pineda would return to the rotation “sometime in August.”
  • The decision whether to place Mark Teixeira (lat) on the disabled list will be made tomorrow. “It’s just seeing how he feels after three or four days, and then we’ll decide if we think it’s going to be in the near future that he would play, or if we’re going to need the 15 days. If it’s going to be 12, 13, 14 days, it probably make sense to get a player,” said Girardi.
  • Kelly Johnson (groin) has a Grade I strain and is not expected to miss more than the minimum 15 days.
Game 101: Finish Them Off
Yanks wrap up series with 4-2 win over Rangers
  • Stevis

    when are these overpriced overated stiffs going to hit

  • Geno

    Go to the 6-man “Yu” rotation in 2015! Tanaka, Pineda, McCarthy, Phelps, Greene, Sabathia!

  • JonS

    Looking like Tommy John for Tanaka. :(

  • qwerty

    See you sometime in 2016, Tanaka!

  • Lehman College Rocks !!

    list of players who have had TJ surgery, both minor and major leaguers

    • Farewell Mo

      First off, who the hell spent all that time making that spread sheet.

      2nd, that’s just an insane amount of pitchers needing that surgery, about 800 and counting in 33 years assuming that the list is comprehensive, considering it doesn’t include rotator cuff repairs, labral repairs or subacromial decompressions either.

      • Lehman College Rocks !!

        check out the tab of people who have had it twice
        note also that position players are also included in the lists

      • anon_coward

        these guys stress their arm too much these days pitching too many pitches in little league and college and it catches up by the time they hit the majors.

        used to be you played little league or HS ball on your free time and then got a scholarship to go to college. these days the kids pitch more than one game per day in high school or in college and then wonder why they need surgery

        fans love it when pitchers “go deep”, but that’s what causes the injuries

    • vin

      The 13th person to ever have TJ surgery? David Wells.

      That’s an awesome link. Thanks!

      PS – seems like #127 is still recovering :(

  • Reggie C.

    The start of 2015 looks absolutely delightful without Tanaka (if surgery happens), Nova, and CC.


    • JonS

      CC sucks so better off with a young arm than him.

  • Phil

    Don’t panic with Tanaka yet it takes time for pain to subside. The fact that it has gone down is better than it not going away.

  • RetroRob

    The Yankees have nothing to lose by waiting and trying to see if the rest and injection will help Tanaka. If he has the surgery in July or October he will be lost for 2015. I think they’ll try to see if the rest helps and if he can pitch the remainder of this year with the pain, but odds are very, very high he is having TJS.

  • mick taylor

    cashman should sign mccarthy now .

  • hornblower

    Almonte hit 3 homers in the suspended game and did not play in the second one today. He is probably on his way to New York. The less I see of Ichiro the rest of the way the better.

  • ac1

    Tex will be on the DL. Paging Kyle Roller…. Kyle Roller, we are in need of an actual first baseman for a few weeks. Bueller…. Bueller…

  • ac1

    That makes way too much sense. Even if they bring him up, he will sit the bench because why should a guy tearing the cover off the ball play over a guy who hasnt hit more than a single since april.