Update: Kelly Johnson heading for MRI on groin injury

Headley walks off in 14th, Yanks beat Texas 2-1
Scouting The Trade Market: Phillies' Position Players

12:37am: Johnson felt something in his groin and is heading for an MRI. That’s never good. Sounds like he’ll be out a few days at the very least.

10:20pm: Kelly Johnson exited tonight’s game with some sort of injury. He took the field in the top of the 11th before Joe Girardi and the trainer came out to check on him. He tried to run before leaving the game. Replays showed Johnson pulling up lame running out a ground ball in the previous half-inning. Hopefully it’s just a cramp. We’ll find out soon enough.

Headley walks off in 14th, Yanks beat Texas 2-1
Scouting The Trade Market: Phillies' Position Players
  • Not an ace

    The only way King Ref is going to get called up is if Johnson, Roberts, Size more go down.

  • Steven Cheung

    Free up Robert Refsnyder and or Jose Pirela

  • Slap-Ass

    With our luck, he tore his ACL.

  • Algernon blackwood

    Can you get hurt sucking?

    • Mikhel

      Yup, my GF hurt her tonsils the other day.

      • Lukasz

        Kelly Johnson is ur girlfriend?

      • I’m One

        Yeah, sorry for not returning your girlfriend the way I got her.

  • Need Pitching & Hitting & Defense

    If this ends up as a DL stint, I could see them calling up a C (probably Murphy) until Tex returns, with one of the C’s playing 1B in the interim.
    Once Tex is back, probably go back to 2 catchers, and call up Almonte to not get a chance to play.

    • forensic

      call up Almonte to not get a chance to play.

      Well said.

      • Kosmo

        maybe Almonte gets traded in the coming 7 day period or NY is working out a major deal which requires jettisoning players from the current 25. Johnson-Ichiro-Roberts ?

        Cashman has stated he´s got some deals tabled . Cargo/deLaRosa ? Kemp? (hope not) Milone? Danks ?

  • Mick taylor

    Trade for morneau he is a great Yankee stadium hitter.

    • mt

      He is on DL – not sure how serious injury is.

      If injury not serious, maybe that is a move they can make if they cannot get a thumper RF (who would that be for RF anyway?). Only problem is that Morneau cuts in to at-bats for Teix and Beltran since Beltran can only DH.

      I still think they need a backup 1b and 3B – playing Kelly and McCann/Cervelli as back-up 1B is playing with fire for an already bad defense.

  • Jorge Steinbrenner

    I’d say this is how you get your fresh arm today before you get an actual replacement.

    You Pirela lovers might want to pick out a nice outfit tomorrow.

    • Kenny

      As you used to say, “I laughed.”

      • Jorge Steinbrenner

        You really shouldn’t have.

        As Kosmo and Chip pointed out correctly below, though, Zoilo returning makes more sense right now. Put away the sundress and no panties.

  • MB923

    In a desperation move, Cashman trades (insert players) to the Phillies for Ryan Howard and Cliff Lee!

    Joking aside, who knows what goes on from here. If Johnson goes on the DL, maybe McCann and Cervelli split C & 1B and they call up JRM again?

    Not saying that’s the right move, just a guess on my part, and this is assuming he goes on the DL.

  • ac1

    Yankees definitely need to trim some fat off that ‘offense’.

  • Dick M

    Seeing him in RF tells me that they finally got the memo on Ichiro. Will be interesting to see who the next man in is.

    • Chip

      Nope – I think Girardi just wanted to give Ichiro a day off – not that he’s looking to sit him down.

    • MB923

      Refsnyder (not likely), Almonte, or a trade. If they trust Wheeler out there, he could be in RF too. He spent some time in RF in AAA.

  • Kosmo

    Ryan, Wheeler, Roberts, Johnson. At least one of these players is gone.

    • Jorge Steinbrenner

      There’s also the strong possibility of DFA’ing Huff or Francis.

      Where are we with Miller/Daley and their 40-man shenanigans? If they’re not on the 40-man, that leaves us with Mitchell and Ramirez, doesnt it?

      The extra infielder still comes up eventually and, in the absence of Sizemore, that means someone on the 40-man goes for either Pirela or Refsnyder. My hunch there is Pirela.

      • JOhn C

        I’d DFA Thornto befor Huff

        • Jorge Steinbrenner

          You’re also not paying each’s salary.

  • Chip

    If this is a DL stint my hope is that they call up Kyle Roller to play 1b while Tex is out. More likely they’ll just call up Zoilo and not play him.

    • Jorge Steinbrenner

      True. You don’t really need the extra infielder with Headley around. More than likely, you do get either Pirela or Zoilo.

      Forget the Pirela talk. I think Zoilo just winds up back here. Put away the nice change of underwear tomorrow, Pirela fans.

    • BKamm

      Zorro doesn’t fit the mold of major league veteran, nor is he quite yet in the minor league veteran washout, throwaway of Solarte/Wheeler. Girardi wouldn’t know what to do with a guy that has shown a power left handed bat in the minors. Especially in Yankee stadium.