Mailbag: Morneau, Cardinals, Ellsbury, Prospects

DotF: Bird homers and Bichette extends hitting streak in Tampa's loss
7/18-7/20 Series Preview: Cincinnati Reds

Got ten questions and nine answers for you this week. The best way to send us anything is through the Submit A Tip box in the sidebar. We get a ton of questions each week, so don’t take it personally if we don’t get to yours.

(Tom Lynn/Getty)
(Tom Lynn/Getty)

Vinny asks: Obviously he’d have to get his at-bats at DH at the expense of Carlos Beltran, but would you target Justin Morneau at the trade deadline? What would it take to get him?

Morneau, 33, is hitting .312/.345/.502 (119 wRC+) with 13 homers this year, his first with the Rockies. He’s actually hit better on the road (127 wRC+) than at Coors Field (109 wRC+). Morneau has big left-handed pull power and he’d fit wonderfully in Yankee Stadium, plus he’s always been a high contact hitter (10.6 K% this year). The Yankees need righty power more than lefty power at this point, but you take what you can get. The issue is Morneau’s contract — he’s signed for $6.75M next year and I’m not sure where they’d play him unless Beltran or Mark Teixeira went down with long-term injury. It took an okay big leaguer (Nate Schierholtz) and two prospects to get a year and half of Hunter Pence, which seems like a decent trade comp for Morneau. I’m just not sure where the Yankees would play him (unless Beltran has his elbow surgery).

Paul asks: Does St. Louis have any spare pieces the Yankees could deal for since they will need a catcher with Yadier Molina on the shelf for a while?

The Cardinals have a really deep farm system and lots to give up for a interim catcher, whether it be a stopgap like Frankie Cervelli or more of a long-term solution like John Ryan Murphy. Cervelli’s trade value is tiny as an injury prone out of options catcher. George Kottaras is roughly as valuable overall and he’s on waivers every other week (St. Louis actually claimed him right after the Molina injury). Murphy for someone like Randal Grichuk or Steven Piscotty would make a ton of sense for the Yankees since they could stick either player in right field immediately, but I’m guessing the Cardinals would balk, definitely on Piscotty. I get the sense the Cards will just ride this one out with what they have, maybe swing a nothing for a Cervelli type trade. Nothing more.

Jeb asks: Assuming the Yankees fold, would a trade of Jacoby Ellsbury to the Mariners be out of the question? If not, what would you guess the trade would look like?

I don’t think the Yankees would trade him, but, even if they were open to it, a deal like this would hinge entirely on Seattle’s financials and their willingness to take on that contract. This isn’t a salary dump in my opinion, Ellsbury is too good of a player to eat money to move him in a trade. The Yankees would be trading an impact two-way player, someone who is a standout center field defender and top notch leadoff man, so the return would be pretty big. I’d ask for Taijuan Walker, Nick Franklin, and a very good prospect as a third piece. I don’t even like Franklin all that much (Danny Espinosa without the defense!) and Walker has been battling shoulder issues all season, so that package might even be a little light. An Ellsbury trade doesn’t seem likely at all.

Danny asks: Do you know if Luis Severino has an innings limit this year? At the time of his AA promotion, he’s at 88.1 IP for the year, which is double what he pitched last year.

Severino. (Hannah Foslien/Getty)
Severino. (Hannah Foslien/Getty)

I’m sure he does. He is only 20, after all. Severino threw 64.1 innings in the Dominican Summer League in 2012 and 44 official innings last year. That doesn’t include all the time he spent in Extended Spring Training, however. (He made his official season debut in late-June, so he was in ExST for a while.) I have absolutely no idea how many innings he could have thrown there, but he “real” innings total for last season might be closer to 80-90. If so, that would put him in line for 120 or so this year. So he’s got another month or so before being shut down, more or less.

Joe asks: With the lack of any impact talent from the draft and Mason Williams, Slade Heathcott, Rafael DePaula, Manny Banuelos and Tyler Austin regressing (although I still think Austin ends up a solid ML player) and the Eric Jagielo, Jose Campos, and Abi Avelino injuries, would you say the system is having another down year or do you like the progress of others enough to offset this? Is this a top 15 or 20 system?

Nah, I don’t think this is another down year. Williams and Austin have disappointed and Heathcott and Campos have serious injuries, sure, but the Jagielo (oblique) and Avelino (quad) injuries were just muscle strains. Nothing structural like Heathcott’s shoulder/knee. Aaron Judge and Severino have emerged as top 50-ish prospects while Jagielo, Ian Clarkin, and Gary Sanchez are having good years. Dante Bichette Jr. has rebounded well, Jake Cave has built on last year’s breakout, and guys like Jorge Mateo, Alex Palma, and Leonardo Molina all make their domestic debuts. Has it been a great year? No. But I don’t think this is a down year. If anything, it’s a normal year. Some good, some bad, lots in the middle. I think the system is in the 11-20 range among the 30 teams right now, probably closer to 13-17 if you want a tighter range.

Ryan asks: Would best case scenario for Peter O’Brien be Mark Trumbo? With offense in short supply around the league, there has to be a spot for him somewhere if he continues to hit for this kind of power.

Yeah, that sounds about right. It is worth noting that when Trumbo was O’Brien’s age, he was hitting .299/.366/.575 (133 wRC+) with 36 homers at Triple-A, with better strikeout (21.2%) and walk (9.2%) rates than O’Brien has now (24.5% and 4.6%, respectively) in Double-A. O’Brien’s right-handed power is very real — I seem to remember Keith Law rating it a 70 on the 20-80 scale recently and 70 power is no joke, but I can’t find the link — but I’m not going to lie to you, I am very skeptical about whether O’Brien will be able to tap into that power at the big league level given the holes in his swing and his general lack of plate discipline. Keep giving him chances, of course. Everyone should be thrilled if he turns into Trumbo.

Mark asks: At what point do we know if Shane Greene is the real deal? I know two starts is a ridiculously small sample, but he sure would be a nice find in a bleak (to this point) season. Thanks in advance.

The stuff is the legit, right? You can see that from watching him. PitchFX says Greene has averaged 93.9 mph with his sinker and 87.8 mph with his slider, which will play anywhere. The only question is whether he will continue to command it well enough to be successful. I don’t think we can put a number on this, X starts or Y innings before knowing if he’s the real deal. Greene is going to hit a rough patch at some point, it’s inevitable, and his ability to adjust will determine if he’s the real deal. I will say that I feel far better about his chances of remaining in the rotation long-term because of the quality of his stuff than I did Chase Whitley, with all due respect. Whitley did have a nice little run there and that shouldn’t be forgotten. Greene’s stuff is more built to last.

(Jason Miller/Getty)
(Jason Miller/Getty)

Tom asks: With Masahiro Tanaka out for a while, could they flip Brandon McCarthy prior to the deadline if they fall further back (another good start or two and I’d think they could end up with something even better than Vidal Nuno)? Is there a restriction on trading a player recently acquired? (time limit? player approval?)

Darrin asks: With the health of CC Sabathia and Michael Pineda in indefinite question and Hiroki Kuroda‘s retirement coming sooner rather than later, if McCarthy pitches well would you be in favor of the Yankees signing him to a short term deal (1 year+option, 2 years) this offseason? He would cost less than some of the high dollar FA guys, although I wouldn’t mind another elite pitcher as well. Yanks need to fill several rotation spots.

Going to lump these two together. The Yankees could flip McCarthy at the deadline, there are no restrictions. The Red Sox acquired Adam LaRoche just before the 2009 trade deadline and traded him away nine days later. I don’t think they would get anything more than Nuno in return, however. There are a ton of teams looking for another starter and no one bit on McCarthy when he was with the Diamondbacks. If anything, they’d get a player similar to Nuno in return, nothing better.

As for re-signing McCarthy, that depends on how he performs in the second half, obviously. His long history of shoulder trouble is scary, so that will have to be considered. If McCarthy pitches well down the stretch and he’s open to a short-term contract, then sure, bring him back. The Yankees are going to need pitching and he’s a solid option for the middle to back of the rotation. As we’ve seen this year, there is no such thing as too much pitching. There will always been room for him. McCarthy is on a two-year, $15.5M contract right now and I wouldn’t go any higher than that after the season. Maybe even offer less since he’s two years older and not as good as he was the last time he was a free agent. Two years and $12M instead?

Austin asks: I’m glad to see that Bernie Williams is going to be honored with a plaque in Monument Park next year, but I think he deserves a larger footnote to the ‘Core Four’ discussion. From 1995 – 2002 he slashed .321/.406/.531 and averaged 5.2 bWAR. How does Bernie stack up with center fielders of his era?

I hate the Core Four (the term, not the players) because it completely ignores Bernie for no other reason than because Core Five doesn’t rhyme. It is pretty disrespectful to the guy who was the best all-around hitter on the team during the dynasty years. Anyway, Bernie’s peak was basically 1994-2002, so a strong nine years. Let’s stretch it out and call his era 1990-2005. I’m not sure where else to cut it off. Here is the center field WAR leaderboard during that period (full list):

Rk Player WAR/pos OPS+ Age G
1 Ken Griffey 79.6 146 20-35 1998
2 Kenny Lofton 64.8 108 24-38 1838
3 Jim Edmonds 56.8 137 23-35 1587
4 Andruw Jones 52.3 115 19-28 1451
5 Bernie Williams 49.8 126 22-36 1945
Provided by View Play Index Tool Used
Generated 7/17/2014.

No, WAR isn’t perfect, but it’s fine for an exercise like this. Plus it’s easy to search. Griffey being at the top should be no surprise. It’s definitely Griffey (big gap) Lofton (moderate gap) everyone else among center fielders of the era. There’s a decent-sized gap between Bernie and the number six player, Steve Finley (43.7 WAR and 107 OPS+). You could argue that, offensively, Williams was the third best center fielder behind Junior and Edmonds. His defense lagged behind the other guys and that costs him, but I don’t see any shame in being the fifth best overall center fielder in an era with Griffey, Lofton, Edmonds, and Andruw. All five of those guys are borderline Hall of Famers at worst.

DotF: Bird homers and Bichette extends hitting streak in Tampa's loss
7/18-7/20 Series Preview: Cincinnati Reds
  • phil

    Severino throws 120 this year; 150 in AA and AAA in 2015; Opens in the MLB rotaion with in 2016 with 180 innings limit!

  • nyyankfan_7

    Let me start by saying that I really really like the new Jeter commercial by Jordan; however, that being said – anybody else not like the fact that the group sitting at the table was Torre, Mo, Posada, Andy and Tino? I went back and watched again, assuming it would be Bernie sitting there and was kind of surprised it was Tino. Just my thoughts, not that it matters – 1st world problems.

    • Mark Teixeira – Ghostbuster (formerly Drew) RIP Egon

      I totally agree. I was a bit puzzled to why Tino is there. He was a big part of the 90’s dynasty don’t get me wrong, but he was nothing compared in Bernie (his play on the field and contribution to the franchise). Maybe Bernie still has sour grapes over not having his contract picked up in 2007, or maybe he wants to focus on his music and shy’s away from the Yankee PR nostalgia machine, who knows. But I know one thing though, I have a fever, and the only prescription is more Bernie Williams.

      • Hawkeye

        It’s entirely possible that Bernie was simply not available to do the commercial.

        • Mark Teixeira – Ghostbuster (formerly Drew) RIP Egon

          That too!

        • D$1184

          This. Maybe they shot it quickly on Old-Timer’s Day weekend when all of those guys were there, on the Saturday prior to Old-Timer’s Day when all of those guys were there for Tino Martinez plaque day.

          • RetroRob

            That probably makes sense, yet that makes me wonder why Bernie wasn’t at Old-Timer’s Day? Is this a Yankee thing or a Bernie thing?

            • Preston

              I’d have to think that the Yankees would love to have Bernie at any event, all it does is sell tickets. He’s probably just focusing on his music.

      • BKamm

        Always one of my favorites. Carried on the tradition of star Yankee center fielders.

    • BeanTooth

      There’s clearly a disconnect between fans and the media/Yankees brass when it comes to Bernie. If your only understanding of the 90s dynasty were recent media reports or Yankees PR, you’d think Bernie was just a role player on par with Brosius. But on Mariano Rivera day last year, the cheering for Bernie was louder than for Posada or Tino or pretty much any of the old teammates introduced that day. He may not get love in certain quarters, but he’ll never need to buy another drink in NY because the fans will always love him. The guy was just an electric player. And his slide/pirouette across home plate was a thing of beauty.

  • Mark Teixeira – Ghostbuster (formerly Drew) RIP Egon

    I can 100% see O’Brien getting traded at the deadline. Hopefully there is some GM out that believes in the power potential. The Yankees will be buyers at the deadline and fingers crossed make a deal of significance (unlike the deadline 2 years ago where they literally did nothing – which was the worst) Unless Teix, Robertson, Betances, Jeter, Ellsbury, and Gardner all go down with major injuries the Yankees won’t be selling, even then it is questionable. I don’t understand the logic behind people wanting the Yankees to be sellers. So you want to root for a team to lose? You don’t like them because they aren’t winning the way you want them to win? Can someone please try and explain their logic behind it, and then I can politely tell you that you are batshit crazy.

    • Jorge Steinbrenner

      I get part of the logic for sure. If the team winds up out of contention, and you think you’re not bringing back a Hiroki Kuroda next season, why not flip him, if he’s amenable. I get that.

      What I really, really don’t get if those who cry “sell! sell!” but then provide a list of players who they deem untouchable in selling. Those folks want to have their cake and eat it too. It doesn’t work that way and, frankly, that approach won’t bring them back anywhere near that “impact talent” they keep writing about.

      What would I do? Something in between the tried-and-true Yankee way and the TWTR way. Use what you have at your advantage, but exercise a bit more patience and don’t make superfluous moves when you don’t have to.

      I wasn’t a fan of giving away draft picks to sign so many Type-A guys, but the team, to me, made up for that by signing every 15 year-old male in the Dominican Republic within the same season.

      • ChuckIt

        Your right about the “sell sell” approach.look where it got the Mets.That the Yankees traded all their top prospects in the 80’s for a lot of has beens’ or never weres’ wasn’t such a hot approach either.Realistically,for the Yankees to sit back and nurture players on the farm,they would have to go through some pretty sorry seasons,EG;the George exile years of the late 80’s early 90’s.I’ve been a fan since the late 60’s,and I can’t see the new generation of instant gratification fans tolerating this strategy.Not in this market ,any way.

    • Jorge Steinbrenner

      Also, if you can’t get someone to bite on O’Brien being the next Barry Bonds in a trade, you might as well continue to give him opportunities, as Mike said.

    • LK

      So to clarify, you’re saying that if Teix, Robertson, Betances, Jeter, Ellsbury, and Gardner all go down with injuries, it would still be questionable for this team to sell?

      Just for the record, this Yankee team’s position players have produced 6.9 fWAR, with 6.1 (88%) of that coming from Teix, Jeter, Ellsbury, and Gardner. This Yankee team’s pitchers have produced 12.3 fWAR, with 3.6 (29%) coming from Robertson and Betances, and Tanaka, Sabathia, Nova, and Pineda already hurt accounting for 3.7 (30%). You’re essentially saying it would be questionable for the Yankees to sell even if they had the worst roster in baseball.

      • Ed

        So to clarify, you’re saying that if Teix, Robertson, Betances, Jeter, Ellsbury, and Gardner all go down with injuries, it would still be questionable for this team to sell?

        If that happened, who the hell would you sell? I guess you could still trade Kuroda, but you’d still need to find more pitchers just to finish the season.

  • Jorge Steinbrenner

    OK, fine….let’s go there:

    Sanchez for Piscotty.

    My guesses here at that Sanchez can’t really help the team now, which kills the idea, but he’s certainly the high ceiling player.

    I wonder what kind of piece you’d add with Murphy to get Piscotty. I think it’s perfectly fair to assume that, if you want someone else’s young piece, you need to offer them two of yours.

    This is why I don’t get any young piece anymore.

    • nyyankfan_7

      yeah that’s why you don’t Jorge……that’s why.

      • Jorge Steinbrenner

        That and that whole “married” thing. ;)

      • I’m One

        Maybe we should ask his wife her opinion on that. :-)

        • BKamm

          She wouldn’t hold back.

          • Jorge Steinbrenner

            She’d laugh, more than likely.

            • BKamm

              Sorry. Wrong Jorge.

              • Jorge Steinbrenner

                What WOULD Laura Posada do?!?!?!

                • http://google NYcornerstone

                  WHAT WOULD Al BUNDY DO ?

  • GreenArmMike

    agreed re: bernie.

    hah, i actually made one of those ampersand shirts with all 5:


    • Jorge Steinbrenner

      I bought a shirt just like that at Yellow Rat Bastard once. They do exist.

      • GreenArmMike

        hah, well dammit. i honestly couldn’t find one prior to making them.

  • Dr. Martin van Nostrand

    Bernie was even ignored in that #RE2PECT commercial. Andy, Mo, Jorge, Tino, and Torre, and no Bernie! Incredible.

    • Dr. Martin van Nostrand

      I did not see that this was already mentioned in this comments’ section. Sorry about that.

      But, hey, at least this means I’m not on an island on this one, at least. #highfivenyyankfan7

  • Andy

    Color me skeptical on Greene, I think the Greene fans are about to get Solarte’d. Stuff is one thing, but the dude is 25 years old, two or three years older than the normal call up age, and has literally never been successful at any level of the minor leagues, where he didn’t have an ERA lower than 4.37 at any level except his 3.38 in 2013 when he gave up 175 hits in 154 innings. Prior to his call up, his ERA was 4.61 and he gave up 79 hits in 61 innings. The simple fact is that it is extremely rare for a player to make his debut at age 25 or older and ever have any sustained success at the big league level, and the examples that do have a record or some significant success in the minors. I just find it hard to believe, no matter how good the stuff is, that a guy who every year consistently gives up significantly more hits than innings pitched in the minors will somehow ever become a good major league pitcher.

    • emac2

      Did this come out with a fart?

    • Jorge Steinbrenner

      Improper use of Solarte there.

      The only real similarity between them is that they’re both older than more heralded first-year players.

      Greene has been quite a bit more of a slow burn, but has risen through the system steadily, and enough was seen in him that he was given a 40-man slot and not allowed to go unprotected.

      Solarte’s a guy who wasn’t deemed worthy of even the opportunity to play (never added to a 40-man, right?) in the bigs, then took a shot with another org on an MiLB and made the most of a Spring Training.

      Greene may be a quick flash in the pan, but his road to that would be a different one than Solarte’s.

    • CashmanNinja

      Solarte never had a chance because he just didn’t seem like he had the skills or talent. He looked like a filler player and defied the odds by making the roster and having the first half that he did. Greene was never given up on. His real issue has been command. He has the size and the stuff. The guy throws a 90+ mph sinker and has a slider with nice bite. He has what you look for a middle of the rotation type of pitcher. The stuff is there, the size is there, but the consistency hasn’t been there. If he can keep it up then he could be successful. Some guys are just late bloomers.

      The Chien-Ming Wang comparison was very good with Greene. Wang is like 10 pounds lighter, but about the same height and also threw that heavy sinker. Wang was also 25 when he came up. If Wang hadn’t hurt his fucking foot on the base paths then who knows how differently his career could have been…but he had back-to-back 19 win seasons (~124 ERA+!). Greene has more strikeout ability and that alone is why I think he can be a successful fixture in the rotation. Good size, heavy sinker, ability to get strike guys out…the only missing piece is consistency and that is something that can come along. Greene > Solarte.

      • Andy

        Yes, it my comment did come out with a fart, but my Solarte joke fell flat – what I meant was a guy who comes out of nowhere, tears it up, everyone gets excited, and then he crashes.

        The difference between Wang and Greene is Wang was out injured an entire year, which was the major reason he came up so late, and had far superior minor league stats. I hate to be a pessimist, but I just don’t see it. I hope I am wrong.

        • Jorge Steinbrenner

          Your joked has been redeemed! :)

          • Jorge Steinbrenner

            Why did I put a “d” after joke?!?!

            • Macho Man “Randy Levine”

              Because you’re focused on getting your nails done.

              • Jorge Steinbrenner

                Well, there’s that.

                More fingers than Antonio Alfonseca.

  • Dan

    I think Morneau would cost way less than Pence. You’re only focusing on what they’re doing this year in terms of wRC and not the body of work. Pence was 29 when he was traded to the Giants and Morneu is 33 this year. The least amount of games Pence has played in since he was a full time big leaguer at the time of the trade was 154. Morneau has played in over 150 games once since 2008. And has played in under 100 games three times in that period. If they can’t get Morneau for significantly less than Pence, then they shouldn’t do the trade.

    • I’m One

      Even if they could get Morneau for significantly less than Pence, unless Beltran is out for the season, I don’t see a place for him. I’d love to have him, but I just don’t see the room for him.

      • Dan

        Totally agree, I’m just talking in terms of value.

  • emac2

    I know you can’t really rate prospects at the lowest levels but I do think you can assume some level of value in terms of rating the organization as a whole.

    I have a hard time believing that over half the teams have systems with as much talent as the Yankees have gotten in IFA and the draft over the last 18 months. There is no way you can rate them outside the top 10 or 15 unless you simply ignore everyone below Tampa.

    We also need to remember as fans that the minor leagues aren’t there to get great stats. We are better served by a season like Katoh who was pushed & struggled for a couple of months before it clicked.

  • Vern Sneaker

    I think Mike’s rating is about right. We’re light at the AAA level. A year from now, if the encouraging development at the lower levels continues the way it is this year, with good talent already on the move to AA, we’ll rate in the top 10-12, IMO.

    • emac2

      Light at AAA compared to what?

      Just because we’ve promoted all of our pitchers doesn’t mean the system is weak because of the AAA pitching staff.

      When have we had the depth of players in AAA that could play for the team right now?

      People overrate top 100 players in AAA when grading systems. Unless you grade by potential all star players in AAA the Yankees actually do pretty well.

  • Frank

    Morneau was such an obvious targt for the Yanks this past winter. He’s younger than Beltran, has always hit well in YS which is tailor made for his swing, I’m willing to bet would have cost less than Beltran,and most importantly, he would have served as valueable back up for Tex at first (which by the way, the Yanks still don’t have). Terrible decision by the Yanks IMO.

    As for Heathcott and Williams, I’m tired of hearing about them already. They are both busts. Just face it and move on.

    • I’m One

      Morneau was such an obvious targt for the Yanks this past winter.

      Except there wasn’t a position for him. They didn’t need a full-time 1B or DH. They needed a full time OF, which they thought they got in Beltran.

      • Frank

        There was a position for him- back up 1B and one of several DHs to be rotated. That was the plan. Beltran was never penciled in a full time OFr. He was to be rotated with Soriano,to some degree Ichiro and also one of several DHs in order to give others a break. Morneau would also have been the better option because the Yanks had no back up for first. At least for the OF, they had Almonte in the minors to go along with Ichiro and Soriano.

      • Jorge Steinbrenner

        And there were some MAJOR lingering questions marks about him as well.

        • Frank

          Just as there were with Beltran.

          • Colombo

            What were the questions around Beltran? Yeah, he was old, but he had just come off two healthy, successful seasons in St. Louis.

          • Jorge Steinbrenner

            I don’t understand why you care, since you’re only watching two more games this season.

            Knees and age versus concussion history. I’d wager teams would be a bit more wary of the concussion history. You can’t just hide someone with that sort of history at DH.

    • PoopChute

      The obvious choice for the Yanks was the 27 year old Cuban Barry Bonds… A full time DH seems to have worked well for the Red Sox all these years (and considering the mounting injuries with Tex he would have seen time there as well)… A .972 OPS and 29 HR might have helped out this offense a little

    • Mike Axisa

      Why would Morneau sign with the Yankees top be a backup 1B/DH when other teams would let him play 1B full time?

      • Macho Man “Randy Levine”

        Because playing for the Yankees is the most selfless, sacrosanct thing one could ever do in his lifetime, naturally.

    • Get Phelps Up

      Ooh, this is even better than the Hindsight GM’s that would have signed Nelson Cruz.

  • ColoYank

    Thank you, Mike! I also hate “Core Four” for that exact reason.

    Side note: we know Jeter and Mo are headed to the Hall of Fame (it’s too bad they won’t go in together – they both have to be first-ballot guys, right?). I will say that Pettitte belongs – look at his numbers, really – and that Jorgie’s case is frankly overwhelming for a catcher. And I feel bad that my favorite of all, Bernie, is JUST on the outside looking in.

    • BKamm

      Jeter and Mariano would be obvious to most writers. And you are so correct Jorge’s case is overwhelming, but we are dealing with the BBWAA. They gave Mussina 28% of the vote. Among his top ten sim scores are Palmer, Andy, Marichal, and Hubbell. His overall numbers are better then Palmer who waltzed in.
      The lack of real baseball savvy on the part of the BBWAA likely leaves Jorge out but Andy may get in.

      • Jorge Steinbrenner

        HGH may keep Andy out due to the same sportswriters.

        • BKamm

          Oh my yes. The ever vigilant guardians of the game’s integrity. How could I forget.
          It’s no wonder Ted Williams held them in such high regard.

        • ChuckIt

          Yep.Andy’s screwed.look at McGwire,Bonds,and Sosa.Hell,the Cubs don’t want anything to do with Sosa anymore.

  • BillyBalls

    The Direction:

    If I’m GM Brian Cashman I go to ownership with this suggestion:

    “Hank, I know this is Jete’s last year but please let’s not trade any young player with any value for an outside shot at making it interesting down the stretch. In fact I feel it will take 2 years to build something special, a mixture of youth with older players and players in their primes”

    Ellsbury CF
    Gardner LF
    Beltran DH
    Texiera 1B
    McCann C
    AROD 3b
    Aaron Judge RF (yes you heard it here! Middle of next year he will be in the lineup!)
    Refsynder 2b
    SS (Hardy free agent signing or Ryan) ??????

    Murphy C
    Heathcott OF Platoon with the other 3 so everyone stays healthy
    Chase Headley (signed to 1 year deal 3b and OF platoon)
    O’Brien RH power off bench (1b, RF, C)

    Staff (amongst the following mix and match next year depending on injuries):

    1-Tanaka (end of 2015 after TJ Surgery)
    2-CC LH (injury?)
    3-Nova (after recovery TJ Surgery)
    4-Pineda (will probably be off and on DL List)
    5-Greene (Great stuff, w shall see)
    6-Phelps or Banuelos (LH would be better for stadium)

    Possible end of 2015 call ups!
    Clarkin LH


    D Rob (hopefully they resign him)
    J Ramirez
    A Warren
    Lindgren LH (2015 call up)

    The future looks bright Hanky!

    Brian than says “Im working on a huge deal to bring back Troy TULO! We will be trading Sanchez, Avelino,
    Mason, and any pitcher not named severino or clarion and eating the entire remainder of contract.”

    Hank says “get em done Bri Guy”! And by the way get me under the cap!

    • Kyle

      Seriously. Why would Headley sign with a team just to platoon..?

      • Macho Man “Randy Levine”

        Exactly. Even with a down year, he’ll have plenty of multi-year offers in the offseason. He’s only taking a one-year deal if he thinks he’ll be able to quickly re-establish his value. You know how he wouldn’t be able to do that? By being a “3b and OF platoon” with the Yankees.

    • Old Man Time

      This looks suspiciously like something “He Who Must Not Be Named” would write.

  • JKatlak

    I think the problem for the Yanks as far as any kind of trade is that you are going to have to give up young hitting talent to get a pitcher or even hitter. With offense being a joke in the league, it would be dumb for any team even those out of contention to trade a power bat like a Willingham or someone else without getting a nice return in terms of talented position player prospects. Most teams that have problems stem a lot from the fact they can’t hit, which makes it convenient to blame the pitching despite a lot of wasted pitching performances. The Rockies could be a trade option, but what pitching are the Yankees giving the Rockies for Morneau? Colorado inevitably wants pitching for any trade of a hitter. There’s a reason an elder like Soriano was available last year, it’s because most teams required a hitting prospect for guys in their late 20s and early 30s that were still producing. Sure the Soriano thing worked for 1/2 of a season, but I never took that as meaning anything because I look at a “what have you done for me lately” as a failed experiment for long term projections.

  • emac2

    The question is if we’re willing to Trade Severino, Judge, Sanchez and Betances if it gets us Price or Stanton?

    • PoopChute

      If Price wasn’t in the division that might be close to enough for 1-1/2 years of him but I can’t see the Rays trading him to the Yankees… That offer would not get you Stanton.

      • emac2

        good points even though you don’t answer the question.

        • PoopChute

          Does it really matter if we’re willing to?… Rays and Marlins would not make those deals… For Stanton I would give up the guys you mentioned +… I don’t think I’d give up that deal for Price, adding Price this year still doesn’t make us a true contender and it might not even do that next year.

    • Chip Rodriguez

      for Price, no. Stanton, yes.

    • Preston

      For Stanton I trade the entire farm. For Price I think that’s too much. Sanchez and Severino would be a good package in my opinion. I wouldn’t want to trade Betances because the point of getting David Price is to make the team better, subtracting big league parts doesn’t do that.

  • BillyBalls

    I couldn’t DISAGREE anymore.

    If you don’t think Betances (All Star), severino (top 50 prospect with raving reviews) , Judge (top 50 on Keith Law list), and Sanchez (prior top 50 two yrs running) would get Mike Stanton, I think your delusional.

    Sorry but as a Yankee fan I would never do that trade, trading 4 potential major leaguers with high end ability for 1 superstar that plays RF (a position that can be filled easier than others) that is heading for a huge payday and off a down season last year!

    My point was keep the young players and infuse them onto big club.

    • Macho Man “Randy Levine”

      You’re trading only one guy who has even reached AAA. There’s also really no reason for the Marlins to trade Stanton right now.

      • ChuckIt

        Maybe so,but the Marlins fire sale mentality is historic for it’s nonsensical moves.

    • RetroRob

      Other teams could and would offer a better package than that, including players closer to the Majors with a higher probability of success. Your package is a relief pitcher who could have been had for pretty much for nothing a year back, while Judge, Severino and Sanchez may all turn out to be busts. They’re still too far away. The Marlins will want more. That package could be a whole bunch of fail in the long run.

      • Billy15

        OK, so since our relief pitcher could have been had for next to nothing based off of your inside knowledge a year ago, does that change the fact he figured it out and is now an ALL STAR?
        I understand none of these players other than Betances is yet in AAA but Sanchez is in double A and Severino is a call away from being there as well.

        Sorry but you are way undervaluing these kids!

    • FIPster Doofus

      “If you don’t think Betances (All Star), severino (top 50 prospect with raving reviews) , Judge (top 50 on Keith Law list), and Sanchez (prior top 50 two yrs running) would get Mike Stanton, I think your delusional.”

      It might get you Mike Stanton. It’s not getting you Giancarlo Stanton. No f’ing chance.

      • Billy15

        Actually his name is MIKE STANTON but later changed to Giancarlo so no reason to be an idiot, read what I wrote!

        • FIPster Doofus

          Why I’m responding four days later, I don’t know, but I’m well aware his name is Mike – it was a joke – and you’ve clearly got the idiot thing down to a science.

  • BillyBalls

    I also do not make that trade for Price, reason being your mortgaging the future for 1 season and a half. Just cannot do that at this point, we need to think long term and not quick fix in order to rebuild something of value.

  • No 2013 again

    Could Severino net us one of the cubs middle IF prospects? Would we do it?

  • RetroRob

    The Core Four + one More!

  • RetroRob

    Lofton’s high WAR is built heavily on his defensive value. I think Lofton’s overall was a bit underrated during his playing years. He was a fine player, but I don’t buy that his HOF case at all. I believe WAR inflates his value.

  • http://google NYcornerstone


    • ChuckIt

      almost agree-but ,even though I liked Granderson,his love affair with the short porch drastically changed his game.