Mailbag: Kemp, Barney, Aiken, Bailey, Lee

Update: Yankees interested in Kennedy, not for Jagielo and Clarkin
King: Yankees to scout Cuban outfielder Rusney Castillo tomorrow

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(Victor Decolongon/Getty)
(Victor Decolongon/Getty)

Many asked: What about Matt Kemp?

Kemp, who is still only 29, is open to being traded to a team that will put him back in center field full-time, according to Ken Rosenthal. That obviously isn’t happening with the Yankees. The Dodgers have been playing Kemp in left field and a tiny little bit in right while guys like Andre Ethier and Scott Van Slyke play center. They think that little of Kemp’s defense, and, of course, they have veteran outfielders to spare. He seems to be the most movable.

Kemp missed basically half of last season with shoulder, hamstring, and ankle injuries — the shoulder and ankle problems required surgery and he’s had shoulder surgery in each of the last two offseasons — but he’s been healthy this year, hitting a solid .268/ .33/.422 (116 wRC+) overall. That’s much better than last year’s 103 wRC+ mark but far behind his 2011 (168 wRC+) and 2012 (145 wRC+) production. He has always struck out a bunch (25.8%) but makes up for it with walks (9.2%), though his  power (.154 ISO) disappeared following shoulder surgery and he’s not the first guy that’s happened to.

There is approximately $118M left on Kemp’s contract through 2019 and that’s an avoid at all costs deal for me. The structural problems in his shoulder explain the missing power — Adrian Gonzalez had the same surgery a few years ago and his power isn’t close to what it once was — and doesn’t give me much reason to expect it to return. His defense isn’t good and it’s clear he isn’t happy playing a corner spot. This isn’t a “let’s take a flier on him” situation, there’s too much money left on his deal for that. I’d steer clear unless Los Angeles was willing to eat a substantial sum of money and take back only middling prospects in return. Too many red flags.

(For what it’s worth, Dan Szymborski’s ZiPS system projects Kemp for a total of 7.7 WAR from 2005-19. Yikes.)

A few asks: What about Darwin Barney?

This is an easy no for me. Barney flat out can’t hit (58 wRC+ this year and a 67 wRC+ in over 2,000 career plate appearances) and while he’s a very good defender, he isn’t as good as the defensive stats said he was a few years ago because they were not yet accounting for the shift. The Yankees have the exact same player in Brendan Ryan — a better version, in fact, because Ryan can play shortstop. Very easy no for me. If they’re going to replace Brian Roberts, I’d hope they would call up Rob Refsnyder before going with someone like Barney.

Brady Achin'. (San Diego Union-Tribune)
Brady Achin’. (San Diego Union-Tribune)

Many asked: What about Brady Aiken? Should the Yankees go after him if MLB declares him a free agent?

The Astros failed to sign Aiken, the first overall pick in this summer’s draft, last week after a pre-signing physical showed his UCL was smaller than usual. It’s not torn, it’s just an abnormality, like Ty Hensley had in his shoulder. The two sides had agreed to a $6.5M bonus, but Houston dropped it down to $5M after seeing his elbow and they couldn’t come to terms. Fifth rounder Jacob Nix agreed to a $1.5M bonus that was based on savings from Aiken’s below-slot bonus, but the Astros went back on that deal too. Nix really got screwed.

Anyway, the MLBPA filed a grievance on Aiken’s (and Nix’s) behalf because of how negotiations were handled. The usually mild-mannered Casey Close represents both and he tore into Houston for how they handled talks. The odds are strongly against MLB making either player a free agent, however, because the team did make both players the minimum required offer according to the Collective Bargaining Agreement. The league declared Barret Loux a free agent a few years ago because the Diamondbacks never made him an offer after taking him sixth overall and not liking something they saw in his shoulder. But yes, in the unlikely event Aiken (or Nix) is declared a free agent, the Yankees should go after him, clearly. They never got a chance to sign talent like that. Flex those financial muscles.

Daniel asks: Looking to next season, I was wondering if it would be possible if not likely that the Yankees would look to re-sign Chase Headley. I know there is the A-Rod potential issue as always but what kind of a deal would Headley require? If he continued at his pace of below average offense and strong defense, is it possible he’d sign a one year relatively low cost deal to rebuild value? Or is there a team out there other than the Yankees desperate enough to bet on his past production and go all in with a multi year deal?

As with Brandon McCarthy, I think it’s possible the Yankees will re-sign Headley after the season, but how he plays the next two months will play a huge role in that. Remember, when they traded for Lance Berkman a few years, there was immediate talk of re-signing him as a part-time first baseman/DH, but he played his way out of town.

Headley should have a decent market after the season because third basemen are always in demand, so I don’t think a one-year deal will do it. Plus he’s at that age when he’ll look for the biggest payday possible. Brian Cashman made it clear Headley was a rental after the trade, so maybe the team is dead set on playing Alex Rodriguez at third next year and won’t even consider bringing Headley back. But yeah, to answer the question, I think there’s at least a small chance he’ll come back, but it’ll take multiple years. I don’t see a one-year deal doing it in this market.

Steven asks: Any update on Andrew Bailey? Is he in any position to help the team? And is he on a two-year contract so that the real upside of the deal is 2015? I honestly forgot about him.


The last update we got on Bailey came back on June 26th, when VP of Baseball Ops Mark Newman confirmed the right-hander was throwing bullpens in Tampa, but only fastballs and changeups. He had yet to start throwing breaking balls. The Yankees have maintained that if Bailey does pitch this year, it’ll be very late in the season, sometime in September. This signing was always about 2015 (his contract includes a club option). Anything Bailey gives them this year is gravy. It’s pretty amazing how the four injured relievers everyone wanted their team to sign — Bailey, Jesse Crain, Ryan Madson, and Joel Hanrahan — have yet to pitch this season. Hanrahan just suffered a setback and is done for the year, in fact. Arm injuries suck, man.

Dan asks: Assuming the season won’t be lost at that point; why not wait on Cliff Lee to get to waivers and then put in a claim on him and see if you can get him just for his salary? He’s making a lot, but it’s only for one additional year and the Yanks can afford it. Better to save the prospects I think then squabble over Philly eating $5-10M.

The Dodgers actually claimed Lee off trade waivers in August a few years ago, but the Phillies pulled him back. I’m sure they would do the same this year — you don’t let aces go for nothing more than salary relief — unless they have serious concerns about his elbow. Then they might just dump him and walk away, but I think that’s unlikely. From where I sit, it would make sense for the Yankees claim, if for no other reason than to block a team like the Orioles or Mariners or Angels from potentially acquiring him. It is a risky move though because you could wind up with a $25M a year pitcher with a bum elbow. This seems like a “yeah definitely do it” move to us, but there’s a lot of other stuff to consider that we’re just not privy to, like his medicals and the team’s financial situation.

Jeff asks: If you had to chose between a power hitting RF’er or a starting pitcher at the Deadline, and you could only have one or the other, which would it be?

As much as the Yankees need offense, it would have to be another starter. I have much more faith in the team’s ability to fix their lineup internally than I do the rotation. They could call up Zoilo Almonte or Rob Refsnyder, or Brian McCann or Carlos Beltran could get hot, something like that. The rotation though? There’s nothing left in the minors, they’ve used up all of their depth. Chase Whitley gets major props for what he’s done as a recently converted starter, but replacing him is a priority before the deadline. The Yankees need both, a right fielder and a starter, but I’ll take the pitcher if I can only pick one.

Dan asks: True or False: Next year is make or break for Tyler Austin, Mason Williams, and Manny Banuelos as prospects?

I’ll say false, true, and false. Austin (wrist) and Banuelos (elbow) have had injury trouble the last few years and I think they need more time to get over that and show what they can do at 100%. Williams has been healthy these last two years though and he just hasn’t made any progress whatsoever. A third straight year of that would not be the end of his career, but it would be pretty damning. Talent and tools alone don’t buy guys unlimited opportunities, especially when they’ve had attitude and makeup issues like Williams.

Update: Yankees interested in Kennedy, not for Jagielo and Clarkin
King: Yankees to scout Cuban outfielder Rusney Castillo tomorrow
  • Alfredo

    I get the feeling the Yankees will swing a deal for Cole Hamels and Byrd before the deadline…. Do you guys think Gary Sanchez, Severino, Tyler Austin, Bichette, and Whitley would do the trick? I think it would be a great deal for us because of all the injury concerns we have in the rotation for the remainder of the season and in the future.

    • Bavarian Yankee

      not even close imo. Hamels alone will fetch a way better package than that.

      • Mike HC

        If we gave them a choice of 2 of Judge/Severino/Sanchez then one of Greene/Whitley and few other guys in 15-30 range of our top prospects, I think that would be a very competitive offer.

        • Bavarian Yankee

          I think if you add Betances to Judge, Severino and Greene (Whitley doesn’t have much value imo) then the Phillies would think about it. I’m not sure the Yanks would do it though and I sure hope they wouldn’t.

          • Paisa

            Yeah it probably makes more sense to wait and give Lester a 6-7 year deal in the offseason than to pay that price in talent for Hamels. I know they don’t want to keep adding these monster pitching contacts with Tanaka and CC, but I’m not sure they have a choice.

            • Rick

              I don’t think giving Lester a 6-7 year deal is a good idea. I’m not a fan of signing pitcher through his age 36-37 seasons – especially not at the money he will be asking. I’d be open to overpaying though if it could keep the years down. That’s where a financial advantage needs to occur – not in years, but in dollars.

              • Paisa

                If you can get 4 close to elite years it’s probably worth it. And if Tanaka isn’t going to be ready at the start of next year then what else are they going to do?

                • Rick

                  I get the point on Tanaka, but just because one pitcher is hurt doesn’t mean you overpay for another. That’s how you get into serious trouble long term.

                  • Paisa

                    There aren’t any principles or steadfast rules to this free agent game. Each potential signing should be evaluated on a case by case basis and I think Lester fits the bill. He has a strong track record of success, he’s held up relatively well health wise, there’s no reason to think he can’t continue pitching at this level for another 4 years or so, and he fits the need for a LH starter at the top of the rotation.

                    Obviously there is always huge risk of injury and quick decline with pitchers but I think the positives outweigh the negatives with him. Now the Yankees may see him differently, and that’s fine, but they have to at least consider it, I think.

                    Scherzer, on the other hand, I hope they stay away from.

      • Alfredo

        What other team can offer a better deal then Sanchez, Severino, and Austin?

        • Bavarian Yankee

          pretty much every team?

          • nyyankfan_7

            What? You mean the Yankees 22nd best farm system can’t offer the best deal of prospects???? But, but, but it’s Gary freaking Sanchez!?!?!?

            • Rick

              Seeing that he offered a Top 50 prospect entering the year (Sanchez) and a mid-season Top 50 prospect (Severino), he set forth a package that would rival what almost every other team could set forth sans the Cubs. Could other teams top that offer? Certainly. But it’s not a ludicrous proposal.

              The beauty about farm system rankings is that they fluctuate an incredible amount both during and after the season. It would be very difficult to continue to rank the Yankees farm system as merely the 22nd best system. This has been a very good year for the farm as a whole. Couple the talent infusion from the international free agents of this summer with the progress from our top prospects and you have a system that should easily be ranked in or near the Top 10. Conservatively, it’s no worse than 12-15.

              • Yankees Win

                Agreed. That’s my point too. The Rays farm at the moment really isn’t that good at all. In fact, the package above is extremely competitive. For those still drunk over the Red Sox preseason rating, sure they should easily be the front runner for Hammels should they want to acquire him.

                • Rick

                  Exactly. The offer could certainly be topped, but it’s nowhere near as bad as people are making it out to be. I agree with your comment below as well. It was articulated well.

                • Jim Is A (Bored) Peckerhead

                  Jason Hammel
                  Cole Hamels

                  If they married, maybe they’d compromise and take Hammels as a last name.

              • Dave G_Car Salesman

                “farm system ratings fluctuate an incredible amount during and after the season”

                Maybe if we included Drew Henson we could make a play for Byrd and Hamels.

            • Alfredo

              What other team in contention can really up that offer for hamels and take on his contact? I don’t think anyone can besides the Yankees, and our farm system is way better than you are giving it credit for. Severino is nasty and if he keeps on putting up number watch out, Sanchez hasn’t lived up to the hype but he still a solid catcher with good hitting potential, and if Austin has a strong second half after his wrist injury then he’s another candidate for Top 50 Prospect.

              • Preston

                The Dodgers. Pederson and Seager are both more highly regarded prospects than anyone in the Yankee system. Urias is a top shelf pitching prospect and Lee is a polished MLB ready pitching prospect. And they certainly have the money.

                • Alfredo

                  Yet the Dodgers don’t need him. They have a stacked rotation, they are in the market for a catcher and that’s it.

                  • Preston

                    Haren is pretty replaceable. They are heavily rumored to be in on Price.

          • Yankees Win

            Actually, that’s largely in correct. Yes, there are teams that could offer a better package than that, but it’s only a handful. The one vaunted top Rangers farm is really dry at the moment with few impact pieces on the Way. Severino is shooting up and if he continues on this path, he could possibly make the top 20 prospects in baseball period, by this fall. I do agree that there are better trade partners than the Yankees, but one of most natural fits, the Red Sox, are having a somewhat down year on the farm. All of those can’t miss prospects aren’t looking all that great at the moment. I just wanted to provide a little balance to this argument.

          • bpdelia

            I understand that it’s annoying when people here overrate Yankees prospects but that is, in fact, a very strong offer. It’s very very rare that two top fifty prospects are traded in one deal. Sanchez is perhaps the third best catching prospect and an easy top fifty in the game and ridiculously young. Catchers take longer and Sanchez is 21 hitting well in a pitchers park in a pitchers league in AA.

            Severino is a kid. He has rocketed up prosect lists this year. Has great stuff and fantastic results at a young age for his level.

            Those two are a very very fair starting point to headline a package. Hamel’s isn’t cost controlled or offering massive surplus value.

            A fair an competitive offer would be one of sanchez/judge, severino, hensley, one of Murphy/Greene and bettances.

            Two 21 year old top fifty prospects with great scouting and excellent results at a level above their age appropriate league. A major league ready catcher. An elite cost controlled end game reliever and a big bodied big arm first round pick starting pitcher lottery ticket is a massive haul for a 30 year old making 25 million dollars a year.

            I’d seriously consider that trade on both sides but ultimately I’d probably say no as cashman.

            It’s also about what other teams will offer. Generally the successful teams have less elite prospects. The bad teams don’t want to trade their elite prospects.

            If the cubs were interested they COULD but probably wouldn’t.

            Which team that would want Hamel’s can you actually see beating that offer?

            I suppose if the mariners opened up with Walker, Paxton, Franklin Ackley and Montero that would work.

            The red Sox with Bette, Webster cechinni, swihart.

            See? Not many competitive teams have the means and will to put together a package like that.

    • tom

      I was happy to get rid of Soriano but getting Byrd will revisit that horrible feeling. HR and big K in next 2 years? Pass.

      Acquiring Hamels would be satisfying,though.

    • Mike HC

      I wouldn’t go as far to say not even close, but that package is probably closer to what it would take for just Hamels.

    • Rick

      Not sure that would get it done. Additionally, I’m not sure I’d want to make that deal either. I’d make a move for just Byrd. Hamels would be great, but not at the price tag they’re supposedly seeking.

    • ChuckIt

      Are you a Mets fan? that sounds like the stuff I used to hear out of them in the early 70’s.”We’ll get Pete Rose & Johnny Bench for Gene Klines & Duffy Dyer” crap.We’ll trade our BUMS for their superstars kind of fantasy BS.Wanna buy a bridge cheap?

      • Rick

        The trade proposal really wasn’t that bad. And what does his trade proposal have to do with him being gullible? The cheap bridge line made no sense. Little candor never hurt anyone.

        Further, if you want to talk about ridiculous statements then you’ve accomplished that feat by referring to Marlon Byrd as a superstar.

  • Alfredo

    By the way Mike and everyone else i love what you guys do with the site. I’ve been reading this site for 5 years now and i enjoy everything about it. From the crazy fans jumping of the bridge when we lose a tough game, to the great analysis Mike and his team does. Thank You from a huge fan of this site and an even bigger Yankee fan.

    • Dave M

      I 2nd that!

  • Frankie Cerveddardi

    The problem is offense, not pitching. An upgrade over Whitley would be ideal but they need a power bat in RF more. Pineda could be back in a few weeks to take Whitley’s spot. Ichiro ain’t going anywhere unlessthey get someone else.

    In the last rotation cycle Hiroki gave up 1 run and got a ND, Greene gave up 1 and lost, Whitley gave up 0 and got a ND, BGDP gave up 1 and won 2-1, McCarthy gave up 1 and won 4-2. The bullpen is consistently putting up 0s when the starter is pulled early or the offense fails to score and the game goes into extras. Offense is the problem.

    • ac1

      Whitley is running out of innings.
      If he wasn’t they would probably stick with him because like you said, pitching is not the issue.

    • Ed

      The offense is definitely worse than the pitching, however, we barely have enough pitching if nothing else goes wrong.

      The bullpen is being overworked. Betances & Warren aren’t likely to be able to maintain their current workloads all year.

      Whitley is already around his career high in innings pitched, so he’ll probably run into problems before the end of the season. Most of his recent starts have been bad, and even when he’s good, he rarely pitches deep into a game.

      If anyone else gets hurt, we’re looking at wavier wire guys like Capuano joining the rotation.

      The other big problem is there’s reason to think the offense can improve, while the pitching staff is currently pitching better than anyone would have expected them to. I’d be far more willing to bet on Beltran & McCann improving than I would on Whitley & Greene pitching well the rest of the way.

    • Alfredo

      I agree, but what hitter is out there that is worth trading for? And Cashman already did a good job on getting Headley and he is a very good adition to this lineup.

  • JW

    Seems like Austin is just starting to recover fully from the wrist injury, as far as getting some power back. Like Mike has said, talking about Tex,that can take a while to happen after a wrist injury. If he finishes well, it will be interesting to see how he hits in Scranton next year.

  • TopChuckie

    Could Rusney Castillo be the answer in RF? Even if he’s not ready this year, the Yanks should use their financial resources to add a close to MLB ready player. Any chance they can add talent for only the cost of money, they should do it. They should have done it with all the recent significant over seas free agents. The hits make up for a couple misses and they can afford the misses.

    I don’t necessarily agree with all the “George would have done this” stuff, but he always did have to have all the shiny new toys money could buy, some hits, some misses, but the hits were worth it, El Duque, Contreras, Irabu, Matsui, Kat Maeda. :)

    • ac1

      It can’t hurt to look at Castillo, but I honestly believe if Aaron Judge stays healthy, he could be the answer by the end of 2015 to RF.

      • TopChuckie

        Never hurts to add depth for trade purposes if all it costs is money.

        Castillo is described as “Brett Gardner with power”. Yes please. How would that outfield defense look. I don’t know it that means real power, or just more power than Gardner, but this season that is actually saying something.

        • Rick

          We know nothing about Castillo. For every Puig or Cespedes, there are 3 dozen cuban defectors that never reach the big leagues.

          • Rick

            However, I do agree with you that it never hurts to add depth. If the Yankees scouting department is high on Castillo, they should certainly pursue him. With that said, he shouldn’t be viewed as an alternative to other moves. It should be treated independently.

            • TopChuckie

              He’s described as possibly ready to contribute in the second half. I take that to mean he’s viewed as MLB worthy and ready, and not just any other Cuban defector.

              • Rick

                I haven’t seen any report to that effect. I’ve seen a lot of this though … “Badler writes that scouts don’t expect him to have the impact of Yasiel Puig or Yoenis Cespedes in the majors and that there’s a question of whether he’ll be an everyday player or a fourth outfielder.”

    • ChuckIt

      How about Zoilo Almonte? He proved last year that he can hit ML pitching,and play solid defense.He’s also had a power surge lately.

      • TheRealGreg

        He hit .236 last year. .229 against righties. You can argue SSS but the Yankees are not in a position to wait for him

        • Need Pitching & Hitting & Defense

          But they are in position to wait for Ichiro? With no realistic possibility of something better coming from Ichiro?

  • tom

    What the fuck is up with Almonte situation? Bury him deeper because he can’t hit southpaw? So what, a number of left-handed pitchers in MLB is still small. Almonte needs to play every game to get comfortable so his power will be more helpful than Suzuki’s speed.

    • BaltimoeYankee

      I was wondering what the fuck was up with that myself.

    • Dave M

      Yeah, I think it’s time to call him up and let him play finally. And if it doesn’t work out, cut him loose when we need to free up 40 man spots in the off season.

      • ChuckIt

        Why give him a try when Kemp is available? You’ll get an over priced has been whose power numbers went swimmin’ wit da fishes after surgery.And he’ll cry about not playing center field,too !

  • Scott

    Regarding the Aiken situation, I don’t think MLB will make him a FA because nothing was done wrong technically. However, I also don’t Selig will make him a FA because he knows the Yanks will gobble him up and there is no way Seling will allow that to happen. He hates the Yanks, has done everything he can the past 10 years to take away the Yanks financial might, and would not allow a top draft pick to fall into the hands of the Yankees.

    If Bud stayed on another 5 years, he would figure out a way for the Yanks to not be able to trade for good players anymore, kind of like the NBA and having to ensure the $$$ numbers add up before completing a trade.

    • ChuckIt

      all too true .His jealousy of George Steinbrenner will NEVER be appeased.

    • Rick

      The grievance is for a neutral arbitrator to decide. But similar to JD Drew’s grievance of yester-years, the arbitrator will likely punt and find he has no jurisdiction over those players because they’re not members of the union. The MLB executive council will then decide whether they’re free agents. As you stated, they likely will not do so as the reported offers were within the parameters of the CBA. There is no requirement that teams offer slot values, that is merely a recommendation.

      One bit of clarification, it would not be Bud’s decision to make.

  • John C

    not sure Castillo is the answer, not this year anyway. I’d pass on him and this offseason maje a big pitch for Yasmani Tomas, who is said to have ridiculous power. As for the short term, I’d try and get Marlon Byrd. Wanted the Yanks to sign him instead of Beltran this past offseason anyway.

  • ac1

    Again, why trade for ANY right fielder?
    Almonte can play most days vs. righties and Ichiro can go back to just hitting lefties. This way, Almonte is playing most days and Ichiro is back to the 2 x a week he was thriving in early on.

    • TheRealGreg

      The problem is Almonte has not shown that he can hit in the majors immediately. The Yankees are not in a position to wait for him to grow.

      Now if he had a Solarte like rise, that’s different.

      • ac1

        Because Girardi barely played him.
        When he came up last year, and before he got hurt, he was playing pretty regularly and hit pretty well.
        And I dont think for a second he could be any worse than Ichiro.

        • TheRealGreg

          He hit .342 in his first 12 games than hit .208 his next 12 games. So he hit the Solarte wall earlier than Solarte

          • TheRealGreg

            Then he got hurt and hasn’t hit a lick in the majors since, between last year and this year.

            • ac1

              Doesnt help he came up and played all of 1 time in a week.

              • Preston

                He has 138 ABs in the majors and has hit .221/.254/.298, that’s a guy who hasn’t hit for average, power or taken walks. I get that people are tired of Ichiro and want a change, but that doesn’t mean Almonte is the answer.

                • Skool of rock

                  No but the way those ABs were spread out making an already extremely SSS even noisier, means that he’s not not the answer either. We just don’t know. Have to play him regularly for a while – longer than the Yanks and likely the fans have patience for.

                  • Preston

                    The midst of a pennant race isn’t really the time to throw a guy who isn’t well regarded by scouts, who has put up terrible numbers in MLB a chance because he’s had a power spike at age 25 in AAA over half a season. I want Ichiro out as much as the next guy, but there are plenty of cheap acquirable guys who project to be much better this season than Zoilo.

  • Les

    Any chance of moving Aroid to SS next year and playing Headley at 3b? or has Arod lost to much to go back to SS?

    • Dbomb

      I think he could probably give us more of what we have now…maybe even a little better. I can’t shake the feeling that Brendan Ryan will be the everyday SS next year.

      I still hope they just cut Arod. Next year will be a new beginnings of sort for the organization, and I wouldn’t want his toxic personality anywhere near the clubhouse where, hopefully, the Yankees begin to build a new winning culture. With Jeter gone, the teams identity is up for grabs and i’d be willing to pay Arod his remaining money to just stay away.

      • Dave G

        Ryan was given a 2 year contract to caddy for Jeter and the heir apparent to take over for Jeter in 2015.

        No way AROD is gone. If the Yanks cut him loose, the Yankees are STILL responsible for his incentive clauses should another team pick him up. There is no way around that. They can pay off his base salary ($61 million for 2015-2017), but the incentive contracts for AROD are the responsibility of the Yanks, if he is playing for another MLB team (RE: the Marlins).

        Plus they will be paying CC monster bucks, regardless if he is pitching for the Yanks or at home in his Barcolounger for 3 more years

    •!/Clay_Bellinger Clay Bellinger

      Lol. Not a chance in hell. It’s been 11 years since he was a SS.

  • Matt DiBari

    What on earth would the Yankees do with Darwin Barney?

    • Bavarian Yankee

      trade him and a PTBNL for a bag of balls.

  • TheRealGreg

    I think a few names to watch out for are Alex Rios and maybe Justin Ruggiano from the Cubs. Hitting .291/.357/.442 this season and he has hit for some pop the last two seasons.

    I think a mid level prospect can get that done.

  • Dick M

    I think we’ve got to be careful giving up long term assets for short term fixes.

    That being said, the most obvious opp for an upgrade is RF.

    • ac1

      I am not giving up anything of value for a RF with Judge scaling the system. Unless that 1 is CarGo or Stanton.

  • Yankees Win

    Scanning up and down the rosters, there just aren’t that many good matches for the Yanks right now. It’s such a messed up season for baseball and with something like 20 or more pitchers on the shelf with TJ surgery, that pool is even thinner. The Cards really could use a solid upgrade at catcher and I do wonder if they are one of the better matches. If the Cards trade for Peavy, perhaps one their guys, like Miller could use a change of scenery and leagues. Does John Ryan Murphy (I really don’t want to trade him, frankly) and Eric Jagielo do the trick?

    • ac1

      Oddly enough, a few teams are interested in Cervelli.

      • Yankees Win

        With Miller pushed out of the rotation, he is a guy I would certainly give a shot on our end should the cost not be too high. He is very much the type of guy the Yanks could use. I would absolutely trade Cervelli and Jagielo (or even consider Clarkin) for Miller. I suspect John Ryan is the more desirable, but I still think that he will be very useful the Yanks next year and forward, until they see what Sanchez has. They need a quality back-up behind McCann.

  • LeftyLarry

    I don’t think Austin has much to prove now, he’s pretty much back and has been hitting well and hitting with power again too, wish they had left him at 3rd base though Bichette is doing a good job there too now.
    I was never a big ManBam guy, many of those smaller pitchers who have pitchibility at a young age peak early and don’t pan out.Always thought he would end up a reliever at his height.
    WIlliams is a total puzzle.Before the shoulder injury he seemed like a can’t miss hitter and now at a higher level he appears helpless, and has had some bad boy issues too.Not counting on him anymore, more excited about Cave’s potential.

    Will Tyler Austin be a 25-30 HR type because if he isn’t, and does become a .285 hitter(which appears to be his upside) with only decent defense and average speed, what’s the big deal anyway?

    •!/Clay_Bellinger Clay Bellinger

      “I was never a big ManBam guy, many of those smaller pitchers who have pitchibility at a young age peak early and don’t pan out.Always thought he would end up a reliever at his height.”

      Or they become Pedro or Big Time Timmy Jim. Never know.

  • Paisa

    It would be so great to get Aiken. He is by a Longshot the best high school pitching prospect I’ve ever seen, fwtw. Never going to happen though.

    • Rick

      Just out of curiosity, how many high school pitching prospects have you seen? Are you going off of reports or are you using what you’ve actually seen first hand?

      • Paisa

        I’ve probably seen most of the big time guys that have come out of orange county and San Diego since about 2008. Clarkin, Fried, Giolito, Covey, Hobgood, Tago, Matzek, Cole, Maurer. A few norcal guys too. Aiken blows them all out of the water, even Cole.

  • RetroRob

    How do the Astros know, or anyone, if a short UCL might mean he’s going to face TJS? They don’t. Here’s an idea. Maybe the shorter UCL is stronger and less likely to tear. The kid passed the physical.

    It’s crazy. The Astros somehow have decided that a short UCL is worth $5 MM, but it’s not worth $6.5 MM, and in the process they lost two other picks.

    For a number of reasons, MLB is not going to declare those players free agents, especially Aiken. Yet I’m not sure MLB would want this case to go to court.

    • Paisa

      Doing away with the draft would solve so many problems. Highly unlikely though.

    • Preston

      This happens all the time, the Yankees did it with Hensley. I don’t know what the fuss is about. And the Astros will get those picks back next year. So if they really thought something was wrong it makes all the sense in the world to let him walk.