Michael Pineda throws 25-pitch bullpen session, remains in one piece

DotF: Lindgren strikes out four in one inning in Charleston's win
2014 Futures Game Thread

Right-hander Michael Pineda threw a 25-pitch bullpen in Tampa on Friday and reported no issues with his injured back/shoulder muscle, Joe Girardi told reporters yesterday. He also threw some breaking balls off flat ground. “No news is good news,” said Girardi to Chad Jennings. “I didn’t get any bad news today, so that’s good news.”

Pineda, 25, started a new throwing program about two weeks ago. He’s been out since late-April and at one point advanced far enough in his rehab that he was pitching in Extended Spring Training games, but he suffered a setback and has been sidelined since. Because he is essentially starting from scratch like the beginning of camp, Pineda is still a few weeks away from minor league rehab games. The best case scenario is a return to the rotation in mid-to-late August. Given his history, I’ll be happy if he comes back at all this year.

DotF: Lindgren strikes out four in one inning in Charleston's win
2014 Futures Game Thread
  • Scott

    More realistic than Pineda as 100-pitch starter is this: reliever with regular rest. So, outings of up to 2 IP every third day. Not as much as you want out of Big Mike, but isn’t that more realistic for 2014 than expecting to hear, “ok, he’s on a MiLB rehab, now we have to stretch him out to starter length….”

    • lightSABR

      Relievers get hurt a lot, too. I’m not sure there’s any reason to think that Pineda would give the Yankees more innings out of the pen.

    • ptbnl

      Overreaction. This last injury is just part of coming back from a serious shoulder injury. Everyone should have known it could take some time. It’s remarkable he was pitching like he was. Just need patience, and he should remain a starter unless injuries become chronic.

      • Dick M

        This. It was remarkable that he did what he did early on. Patience is key here.

        Potentially a difference maker long term.

    • Kevin G.

      What is the obsession with people wanting to turn young, high-upside starters into relievers?

  • Yangeddard Solarte

    “I didn’t get any bad news so that’s good news”

    Sadly, that’s where the bar is set around here. I wouldn’t bring him back. Tanaka either. There’s just no point to risk them for next season. If they are healthy next year we’ll have one hell of a young rotation with Tanaka, Pineda, Greene, BGDP, and CC as the old man.

    • http://yahoo.com Jim Jones

      He is a china doll

      • Dick M

        He may be. Or he could be a legit number 1-2 starter. With a guy like this, you wait it out.

        • Jorge Steinbrenner

          And, if you know he’s going to injury prone, especially with his shoulder, you make sure you use up every inning he’s got in that arm before it’s over.

          The reliever argument has to be the silliest thing I’ve heard in a few hours.

    • http://Riveravenueblues Marty l

      Hope so but Tanaka is no more then “iffy”, CC is a big ?, Pineda has not pitched a full season since 2012, Greene has been great but in TWO starts only, and Phelps is ok as a fourth or fifth starter. you are one very optimistic fan , good for you.

  • Phil Yarmouth

    I can’t wait for him to comeback, make 2 starts and get shut down again.

  • lightSABR

    Fun fact: measured by bWAR, Pineda has still been the Yankees’ third most productive starter this year.

    Another fun fact: measured by bWAR, Shane Greene is already the Yankees’ fifth most productive starter this year.

    I hate injuries.

  • BigLoving

    Man I was so pumped before the season about Tanaka, Pineda and Nova. Sigh…..

  • lightSABR

    One last fun fact: measured by bWAR, three of the Yankees’ top five pitchers this year have been relievers.

    That’s just wrong.

  • Algernon blackwood

    Best case scenario he disappears and I don’t have to hear about Carl Pineda any more.

    • BKamm

      Pineda Pavano?

    • jjyank

      …what? How is the best case scenario not “Pineda comes back and becomes a top of the rotation force going forward?”

      I just…don’t understand some fans.

      • Algernon blackwood

        That’s not realistic. If we are in fantasy land the best case scenario is he knocks on my door and hands me a check for $1000000.

        • jjyank

          It doesn’t matter if it’s improbable or not. As long as it’s not impossible (and it isn’t), that is exactly his best case scenario. We’re talking about the best case, not the likely outcome.

          • Algernon blackwood

            Ok. I guess I’ll stay home this afternoon and see if he shows up.

  • Jorge Steinbrenner

    No, Michael, you must pretend to never get better in order to fit the narrative. Now. Get back in the box.

    *kicks shoulder*

    See you soon, big man.

    • Mack Jones

      He doesn’t ever get better. That is actually the problem. You probably run around telling people you are a millionaire too, but you’re definitely not.

      Oh yeah that’s right, from what I gather reading here, you don’t really ever pay attention to what is actually happening on the field.

      No reason for anyone to ever be disappointed that this team is always injured, playing like shit, and completely the definition of mediocrity. Does that about it sum it up? Oh yeah and CASHMAN RULES. LMAO Nice try buddy.

      • jjyank

        “He doesn’t ever get better.”

        He’s 25. With his talent and age, you wait it out on a guy like Pineda. Time will tell if he can get and stay healthy.

        As for the rest of your comment…the see me trollin’, they hatin’…

      • Macho Man “Randy Levine”


      • Jorge Steinbrenner


      • Get Phelps Up

        OTM called and they want you back.

  • Dave G

    WFAN crediting and obviously using RAB info on Pineada on their 20/20 updates this morning.

  • Tar

    For the remainder of this year, start Dellin and have big Mike take his place in the pen. They both can be heated up just in time for the end of the dog days, and the start of the PS run.

    Next Spring they both should start.

    • Old Man Time

      “Start Dellin…” – have you been asleep the last 6 years?

      • Tar

        Oh I get it….. the lazy “failed starter” argument again.

        • Alkaline

          uhhh. What’s your counterargument then? I’ll love to hear it.

          • jjyank

            Hah, yeah seriously. How is that argument “lazy” anyway? If he’s a failed starter in the minors, I don’t see much reason for hope that he can suddenly be a legit starter in the bigs.

            • Mouse Man

              Yay! Bexy is back!

              • jjyank


          • Tar

            Sorry kind of busy today

            First he had plenty of success in the minors, along with command struggles that skewered some of his numbers. Pretty much every pitcher in the minors struggles UNTIL they figure things out. Last start was 5 ip of no hit ball… that screams ”failed” huh

            I’m going to assume that you know about the change of his mechanics and that he now pitches from the stretch exclusively. I’m also going to assume that your whole argument as to why he has success now, is simply “just because his role changed” and has nothing to do with his mechanics or pitching from the stretch.

            So your argument is that he was a failed starter, and a successful relief pitcher simply because his role changed…correct? And there is no doubt in your mind because of that that he wouldn’t be a successful starter correct?

            Did you realize that not even the Yankee front office was unanimous in converting him to the pen? Or that Gil Patterson was in favor of keeping him as a starter? So I guess Patterson and you have a difference of opinion.

            The over-riding factor to not keep him as a starter was because he “was out of options” so they need to get some value out of him. And get him to the bigs ASAP.

            ““He was out of options at the end of the year,” Cashman said last week. “Right now, from the long sample, his fastball command just hasn’t allowed him to be a consistent, successful starter. So we’ll move him to the ‘pen.”

            The big problem with that is he really wasn’t of options. How does an a billion dollar organization screw up like that? And as for FB command well they changed his freaking mechanics and it worked..eureka A Yankee development success story….oh WAIT!!!!

            It’s all out there, but people just take the easy way out and say “failed starter”… Here’s a link that answer’s some questions and also puts to bed the Betances didn’t want to start and is happy as a relief pitcher meme


            • WhittakerWalt

              Mariano Rivera: Failed starter.
              It’s not changing the role that makes failed starters into successful relievers, it’s changing to an easier role. Relieving is easier than starting. Two pitches and a couple of shutdown innings makes you a good reliever.

              • Tar

                Or it’s not having the patience to do whats right.

                “”Everybody’s looking for starters and you exhaust every opportunity to see if a guy can be a starter,” said Mark Newman, the Yankees longtime senior vice president of baseball operations. ”

                DId the Yankees exhaust “every opportunity” or did they just screw up and thought he ran out of options?

                Here’s the other side of the Mariano coin. A team that stuck with a struggling starter. It’s an article about a pitcher ( who you may have heard about ) who struggled with command and then changed his mechanics. He went on to have some pretty good success as a starter.

                It’s actually a cool article in owns right.


                And BTW his MILB numbers were much worse than Dellin. And FTR the only comparison I am making is that they booth struggled with command early and changed their mechanics. One was allowed to stay a starter, one was converted to the pen in the mistaken belief that he was out of options.

                • WhittakerWalt

                  If you really think Rivera would have had a comparable career to Randy Johnson as a starting pitcher then I don’t know what to tell you.

                  • Tar


                    The topic was Betances. And you bought up Mariano as a a failed starter. RJ is there to show how Mechanics can have a huge difference in in the success of a pitcher. And not just having an “easier role”

                    Really Mariano has nothing to do with Betances anyway. Mariano didn’t become Mariano because his “role was easier” or because he was a “failed starter”. No he became the greatest because of his “gift from God”… otherwise known as the cutter. He probably would have been a failed reliever as well as starter if it wasn’t for that pitch.

                    • WhittakerWalt

                      So Rivera wouldn’t have been any good except for his really good pitch? I’ll write that down. Also Reggie Jackson wouldn’t have been any good if he couldn’t hit the ball 400 feet.
                      You brought up Randy Johnson, and the point is that Randy Johnson was a freak. A physical outlier in so many ways, you have to try making him into a starter. Johnson was 6’10”, threw 100 mph, and was lefthanded. A guy with that pedigree you’ll wait forever for him to figure it out as a starter. Mariano was 6 feet, righthanded, threw mid-90s, and had already had elbow surgery. Nothing to suggest you’d move Heaven and Earth to get him in a starting role.

                    • Tar


                      Yeah right that down… no cutter no Mo. Nothing to do with a “simpler role”.

                      And try to stay on track, we are discussing Betances starting, how mechanics plays a pivotal part in that….. not Marinao starting.


                    • bbb51

                      Forget it Tar, they are too dense to understand chronological events.

                • BigLoving

                  And for every Randy Johnson who figured out his mechanics there are hundreds of Daniel Cabreras, Brackmans, Andrew Millers etc..

                  Betances was on track to bounce around from organization to organization if he stayed in the rotation. One year after being switched to he pen he is going to the all star game. I really don’t understand why this is such an issue……minor leaguer trying to figure it out or dominate all star reliever?

                  Oh yeah your boy Randy Johnson didn’t find success until he was traded from the original organization that drafted him.

                  • Tar

                    And I really don’t get how smart baseball people value relief pitchers over starters?

                    Look if CC was was pitching like CC, If Nova didn’t get hurt, If Pineda didn’t get hurt, if the offense didn’t suck…… then hell yeah I would be all over having a shut down pen with Dellin and DRob.

                    The fact is especially with this offense they are not going to going deep in the PS without at least two shut down SP’ers. Even if Tanaka comes back they still need someone else.

                    You can spend 75 plus mil on Lee (maybe) or you canhave the balls to to do whats right and at least give Dellin a shot. There is nothing to lose and a front line starter to gain!

                    I do agree though…. Dellin won’t get a chance to start until he goes to an organization that knows what the hell they are doing.

                    • Jorge Steinbrenner

                      You’re seriously discussing, with over six years of evidence to the contrary, that Dellin Betances should be starting. Gotcha.


                    • vicki

                      @JS, why be glib, though? he’s put a lot of effort into making salient points. if our (i include myself) assumptions about dellin are lazy, Tar’s certainly are not.

                    • Tar

                      Why is “changed his mechanics” such a hard concept….. that some of you can’t seem to grasp it’s meaning? If it’s nothing more than a baseless propaganda tool, and not meaningful at all…. why would any pitcher ever change their delivery?

                      Wait let me guess, he is successful now because his “role is easier”. That Cashman is such a genius!

                      And the evidence points to an overpowering pitcher (10.1 SO/9), with pre-changed mechanics command issues… but you knew that.

                      They have nothing to lose.

                    • Tar

                      Thank you Vicki.

                      Have a nice day everyone…

  • trr

    Any meaningful innings we get from Pinedafor the rest of this season should be considered gravy.
    The question is , will there still be meaningful innings in Aug-Sept?

  • PunkPitch

    You’re gonna eat a bowl of chow mein, and get hungry real quick – I predict. Chances of precipitation in Big Mike’s future: 100%.

    • trr

      (+1 for the Sparks quote)

  • Mike

    Hulk Smash

  • FLYER7

    Starters get turned into relief pitchers, then everyone complains the system does not develop starters

  • http://www.staggeringbeauty.com/ ALZ

    I like how so many are willing to give up on Pineda who we have for the next 3.5 years for nothing, and at the same time were willing to trade the whole farm for 1.5 years of Samardzija.

  • Tom

    Pineda stays in the rotation until the options run out.

    Luis Severino is projected to be 4th pitcher for the World in today’s future game. He could be seen in 4th or (5th if World’s starter went 2 innings.)

    No idea when Peter O’Brien will be seen for USA.

    • Tom

      scheduled not projected.

  • Tom

    Oh and Betances stays in the bullpen for good.

  • E-6

    Dellin Betances to the rotation ? This must be the guy from the lo-hod blog. Yes it is Tar and a few other Betances zealots . Much like the Book of Mormons, door to door, blog to blog.