Sabathia goes 3.2 innings in second minor league rehab start


In his second minor league rehab start, CC Sabathia allowed five runs (three earned) on five hits, one walk, and one hit batsman in 3.2 innings with Double-A Trenton. He struck out two and threw 33 of 55 pitches for strikes (60%). A scout told Matt Kardos that Sabathia sat 88-90 and topped out at 92 mph.

Sabathia just left the game, so there’s no word on how he and his injured right knee felt just yet. This start came on three days’ rest but Joe Girardi confirmed Sabathia will start on regular rest from here on out. I have to think he’ll make at least two and probably three more rehab starts before rejoining the rotation.

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  • Stargell8

    Yea!!! 5 runs!! Go C.C. Go!!!

  • WhittakerWalt

    5 runs against a AA lineup. That’s the trade we’re looking for!

    • JGYank

      First of all it’s a rehab start where getting outs really isn’t the biggest priority and second of all it’s only 3 earned. calm down.

      • JonS

        So…A typical day at the office?

      • The Guns of Navarone

        An inevitable response but totally incorrect. What you said would be true if this were the 2009 version of CC and we knew what we were getting once he was back. But this current version of CC hasn’t shown he can be even an average MLB pitcher for a season and a half. The fact that he and his 88mph nothingball are getting crushed in A ball is not encouraging. Sorry.

        • Need Pitching & Hitting

          AA. It got crushed in AA.

          Give him some credit.

        • Jorge Steinbrenner

          It’s the worst possible result from a fan perspective. Which explanation do you believe, the “focus on how he felt,” or the “he gave up five runs?” Hell if I know.

        • JGYank

          Not trying to be that guy, but nothing I said was incorrect. It’s a rehab start and CCs priority is getting back, not worrying about double A hitters. 3 earned isn’t good but he has some rehab starts left. 88 will get hit by any professional hitter if it’s not located well and obviously CC isn’t what he used to be at all, but making judgements in any 4 inning sample size is stupid never mind 4 innings in a rehab start.

      • Need Pitching & Hitting

        3 in 3.2 is still pretty awful.

        But yeah, it’s more about the process now. Considering how his last year+ have gone performance-wise though, it would be a welcome sign of something/anything if the results were actually good.

        • JGYank

          But we have no idea what happened in the start. We’re making a big deal about 5 hits and a walk. Could have been some infield hits, bloopers or grounders that snuck through the infield. We know the defense made errors that cost him at least 2 runs. If I knew he give up hard liners and really got hit around, it would be more conerning.

          • JonS

            Except this isn’t 2008 and we know this is what to expect from Sabathia.

            • JGYank

              I don’t have any expectations for him at this point. Just asking why would you point to a 4 inning rehab start to make any sort of conclusion.

              • Need Pitching & Hitting

                We shouldn’t make any conclusion based on this rehab start.

                But this rehab start certainly doesn’t change any conclusions reached about his performance over the past year and a half.
                It would be nice to see some indication that he’s coming back strong from his injury and some sliver of hope that he won’t be the 5-ish ERA starter of the past year+. This wasn’t that.

                • JGYank

                  Trust me I’m about as worried as CC as anyone. Anyone that loses a good amount of velocity and has his era skyrocket simultaneously over a period of over a year should be watched closely and should have a very tight leash in his starts. Not to mention their investment in him. My comments weren’t saying I’m confident he’ll rebound. his first rehab start’s result is just insignificant to me. Even if he pitched well I wouldn’t consider a good sign just like I don’t consider this a bad one.

              • JonS

                Who’s pointing to one rehab start? How can you not have any expectations for him? Have you not watched him for the last 1.5 years?

  • Oy Vay !

    Sheesh Mike, I hate to ask, but can we “cherry-pick” only good news for a bit ?! I know that posts might be few and far apart, but man this is getting painful !

    • vicki

      or at least tag the bad news NSFD. not safe for depressives.

  • RetroRob

    3.2 IP. That’s about a typical Nuno or Chase outing. He’s ready.

  • Terry

    CC should be able to reinvent himself at this stage of his career. He’s a veteran pitcher. Others have done it why can’t he??

    • willie w

      others have done it and he NEEDS to do it

    • Yanks

      Unless this is sarcasm, it is incredibly hard to transition from a guy who can throw 92-94 every time out to a guy who struggles to hit 91 and mostly sits 88-89 with a lot of stress on the arm. It’s very difficult, and for every one that succeeds, many others have failed.

      • willie w

        he is owed over FIFTY MILLION DOLLARS ! in his contract

        for that price he BETTER transition.

        we don’t need any sissy compassion for him

        either he gets the job done or give back the money or don’t take it.

        too many hungry people in this world to give these athletes money they don’t earn

        • Yanks

          That’s not how it works…

  • Stargell8

    My ace little league pitcher gives up 5 runs to my tee ball team,I’m

    • Old Man Time

      Hard for a pitcher to give up runs in tee ball.

      • Jorge Steinbrenner

        He must really be a terrible pitcher. Time to take up a musical instrument.