Update: Sabathia may need microfracture surgery on right knee

Mailbag: Cashman, Gardner, IFAs, Run Support
Game 85: Fourth of July

Friday: Girardi acknowledged that Sabathia may need microfracture surgery on his knee, which would really bad and knock him out for an extended period of time. “Whenever you have degenerative issues that cause surgery, there’s always a little question (about whether he will pitch again), yeah,” said the skipper.

Thursday, 11:00pm: The MRI showed only swelling in Sabathia’s knee, Girardi said following tonight’s game. CC will go see Dr. James Andrews for another look since he performed the stem cell treatment.

5:19pm: During a radio interview this afternoon (via David Lennon), Joe Girardi said CC Sabathia woke up with fluid in his knee today and will probably go for an MRI. He threw 3.2 innings and 55 pitches during a minor league rehab start with Double-A Trenton last night. Girardi said it’s unclear what the next step will be.

Sabathia, 33, has been out since mid-May due to a right knee injury. He has a degenerative condition and received a stem cell treatment a few weeks ago. Obviously the fluid in his knee is a setback, even if it’s only a minor one. With Michael Pineda just starting to play catch and Sabathia’s knee still not right, the Yankees are in desperate need for rotation help. They can’t count on either guy coming back to help this summer.

Mailbag: Cashman, Gardner, IFAs, Run Support
Game 85: Fourth of July
  • MB923

    I’m at the point where I’m not even mad about it anymore, it’s actually funny. This team’s season just becomes more laughable by the day

    Only thing we can hope for is Toronto and Baltimore (of course Boston and Tampa too) to lose as much if not more than the Yanks, but I don’t see that happening

    They better not be Buyers at the deadline if they continue to play the way they have the past week.

    • JLC 776

      I remember thinking this about 2013 AND 2012!

      • MB923

        2013 I understand. But why 2012? Best record in AL that year. Unless you’re solely referring to the ALCS

    • trr

      Well, I wouldn’t say it’s funny, but it’s certainly not surprising.
      He wouldn’t have made a difference anyway….

      • MB923

        Oh I’m not laughing at the fact that he’s injured. Don’t get me wrong. Just seems nothing ever goes right for this team except their average 1 to 2 games won each week

        I supposed the IFA was a step forward , but we still got a good 5 years until that happens

        • trr

          We do seem snakebit sometimes MB…

      • http://www.staggeringbeauty.com/ ALZ

        In his short stint this year he had a lower era, and more innings per start than nuno.

        • Mr. Roth

          I get what you’re saying, but that’s not exactly saying all that much.

          • Dave G

            Vidal Nuno has not set the bar very high! Big time trouble if he is some type standard of excellence:)

          • http://www.staggeringbeauty.com/ ALZ

            No, but it was in reply to the opinion that he wouldn’t make a difference.

  • Yankeefan91

    just come back healthy next year.

  • willie w

    looks like 50 million dollars plus down the drain

    • Yan Solo

      pun intended?

    • http://Riveravenueblues Marty l

      Add in A Rod’s approximately 60 million still owed, that’s over $100 million just about wasted. Poor Prince Hal.

      • willie w

        think of how they could lower ticket prices instead of throwing money away on these guys

        • Need Pitching & Hitting

          think of how they could lower ticket prices get even richer instead of throwing money away on these guys


        • nyyankfan7

          If you don’t like it, don’t support it – plain and simple. Otherwise quit bitching that somebody is making more money than you.

    • Steinbrenner’s Ghost

      Insurance will cover most of it

      I wouldn’t be surprised if this is a mutual compact.

      Both parties know he’s finished. CC doesn’t want to play like shit, getting booed, year after year. They yanks don’t want to have to pull him in the 4th every time. So they go through this process to demonstrate and substantiate a career ending injury. The result: CC gets his money and the Yanks get their insurance payout.

  • TWTR

    I just hope they don’t make any short-sighted trades. They aren’t good enough this year.

    • http://www.staggeringbeauty.com/ ALZ

      I know. Let’s get long term better. This is the 3rd year in a row where it’s kind of been like this. 2012 had Raul, Martin, Chavez, Jones, Ichiro, Nix, Stewart all getting tons of playing time. They need talent to come up through the minors, not trading it for a bandaid fix.

      I’m bit surprised this team is worse than the one last year, nothing was good on that team.

      • Pasqua

        Problem is, this is a team that spent a TON of money on veteran (read: older) players in the offseason. The Yankees are not in patience-mode, they are in win-now-mode — they just didn’t count on not winning.

        Point being, there is no “long term” in terms of improvement here. It’s do, or die, whether we like it or not.

        • TWTR

          They can’t win-now though.

          • Tom K

            Then they will be in win now mode next year. People are rooting for the wrong team if they expect it to ever be blown up and started over again.

    • Dan

      I totally agree. Don’t know when CC or Pineda is coming back, Beltran’s arm isn’t healed. It’s just not worth it to trade any prospect to reinforce this team. If they catch fire between now and the trade deadline, then my answer would change. But I’m not optimistic about that.

  • Farewell Mo

    He has a chronic degenerative knee. Nothing is going to help more than temporarily other than a knee replacement when he’s old enough.

    After 2 months of rest, rehabilitation including steroid and stem cell injections, his knee flared up after just his 2nd rehab outing of only 3 innings.

    Unfortunately, I think you can stick a fork in him since his days as an effective pitcher are most likely over.

    Best case scenario is he retires and maybe the Yanks can cash in on an insurance policy if they have one.

    • trr

      Yeah, but that never seems to happen…
      I don’t wanna think about next year, with A-Rod, CC, Beltran, and whatever other washed up 37 y/o they bring in limping around. The DL is gonna be more crowded than the A train at rush hour..

      • Bob Callison

        Actually, A-rod is a paradox. Yes, he’s a slimeball who took PED’s, lied about it and sued everyone, but, objectively, I’m sure the Yankee brass did everything to pressure Selig to throw the book at his so they wouldn’t have to pay his salary this year. Last year, he was coming off hip surgery and looked awful but he’s had time to heal.
        This year, the Yankees are barely losing game after game because they have no hitting. A-Rod on third might have been the difference. He would certainly have been more productive than McCann, Beltran and Johnson, the 220 boys. Had A-Rod played this year, I suspect, he would have contributed RBI’s and power where only Texeira has. The “Bronx Bunters” are the most boring Yankee team I have ever seen. They leave everyone on base, can’t get extra base hits, and look like they are trying to lose. Maybe the worst job in baseball is being a Yankee pitcher. I feel for Phelps. You almost have to pitch a no-hitter to win and I wonder if even then . . .

    • Mr. Roth

      I’m 100% with you on this. It really seems like the days of an effective Sabathia ended when he lost the weight and had the bone spurs removed from his elbow.

      I’m usually patient and optomistic with baseball, but I can’t find much to be hopeful about with Sabathia.

      I hope I’m wrong, but I really don’t expect to be.

  • tom

    I could not care for him. Especially, Greene has finally pitched back to back quality starts. lol.

  • W.B. Mason Williams

    This is probably impetus to trade for a guy like Miley, who at least has appears durable if not sexy.

    The Bird, Ramirez, Almonte and Clarkin trade sounds like an overpay.

    Bird, Ramirez, Almonte and Goody maybe? Substitute Gamel for Bird maybe?

    • TWTR

      Overpay? It’s sounds like insanity.

      • W.B. Mason Williams

        Well that’s why I changed it haha.

    • W.B. Mason Williams

      Obviously include the MTPS caveat

  • Masaeddard Tanaka

    I knew it was a bad idea to extend his contract. They just need to shut down all these injured guys and rebuild for the future. Unfortunately, it’ll be a few years before they can get rid of these albatross contracts.

    • willie w

      the funny part is that they were concerned about his shoulder:

      Sabathia will be paid $25 million in 2016, which is the final year of the new contract, the source said. The deal contains a vesting option for $25 million in 2017 with a $5 million buyout solely on the condition of his shoulder because the Yankees have some concern about a pre-existing condition.

  • Leg-End

    Think he’s done for the year, don’t keep trying to come back when he’s unlikely to be effective anyway.

    Rest, see ya next year.

  • Farewell Mo

    Sabathia signed an extension on November 1, 2011 for 5 years and $122 million.

    Yu Darvish signed January 2012 for 6 years and $111.7 million including posting fees.

    It’s an understatement to say the Yankees bet on the wrong horse.

    • http://www.staggeringbeauty.com/ ALZ

      Yes, but at the same time you really don’t know how much to bid.

    • Michael

      Mr Cashman bets on the wrong horse more often than not…he’s the Adam Dunn of GM’s….occasional blast, but terrible batting average.

      • willie w

        for sure cashman and his cronies are inept

        • Michael

          Not inept, but not good enough to keep the franchise championship-challenging mantra. This isn’t the Mets…Cashman has a clue, but he’s just not very good at talent evaluation, and he’s very good at deflecting blame for bad organizational talent decisions. Angelini, Culver, Aune? c’mon….Quintana, Hughes, Chamberlain, Nunez gone for no return….not good enough to keep a team as a serious contender.

        • nyyankfan7

          The 5 World Series rings tend to show that he is far from inept. Don’t see a single GM during Cashman’s tenure that has sent more teams to the playoffs, to the World Series or put more banners in their stadium.

          • Geen

            Are you fucking kidding me, most of those championships belong to Gene Stick Michael. During his tenure core 4 was signed and all other player with championship pedigree. Cashman to be fair won only 1 championship which he bought practically in 2009

    • Yankeefan91

      wow that really hurts because i really wanted Darvish.

      • Mike

        We will sign him when he becomes a free agent

    • Need Pitching & Hitting

      Would have been an incredible risk to put all of their ace eggs in a blind bidding process basket, but certainly worth it in hindsight (assuming they actually judged the Rangers intent correctly and won the bid)

    • YankeeDJW

      Please. No one saw this coming. Sabathia was a workhorse and one of the best pitchers in the game at the time. You weren’t crying for Cashman to pay a massive longterm contract to an unproven starter at the time.

  • Slap-Ass

    Can he retire? Please? A-Rod can join him too.

  • Zach

    Let’s be blunt, the next few years are a rebuilding phase, simple as that.
    I hope they don’t trade for a pitcher or a bat or two, they aren’t going to fix the fact that this is a team that is going to miss the postseason again for the second year in a row.
    The era of being able to throw money at our problems is over.
    We have to work on our farm system, simple as that.
    It’s why(and I hate to say this) Boston will be in much better shape then we will be in the next five to seven years.
    I can see them winning another World Series. Us..not so much.

    • willie w

      these yanks don’t know how to rebuild

  • ropeadope

    How long would Andy need to get back into pitching shape? And Moose? And Rocket?

  • Bill

    As Leo Durocher once said when he took over the New York Giants, “Back up the truck”. Jeter’s gone after this year, as are Soriano, Suzuki, Kuroda and several others. Live with the fact that the team is going to be mediocre (or worse) for another two or three years and hope that between international signings and A and AA prospects, the team gets back to being competitive, if not contending. Simple as that.

  • TomH

    Reminds me of . . . 1965.

    • Craig


      Just a lazy comparison that isn’t accurate at all.

    • kenthadley

      In 65 the Yanks were one season removed from WS. This team is almost a baseball generation removed from WS. Aging and injuries are similar, but expectations were much more frustrating in 65. No intelligent fan really believed that this 2014 team was of championship class..not with a 40 year old shortstop and the infield from hell. This would be a good year to build future resources and talent….65 Yanks were staring into the abyss.

    • Get Phelps Up


  • LarryM Fl

    I would believe CC is done for this year and maybe his career. The words describing his knee are very telling. If two outings of competition brought about this setback, it could be curtains for the CC.

    I have no issue with the Yanks refraining from being buyers. There are just too many holes on this team to fill. I would not be unhappy if McCann was traded. Its not that I do not like his play but a hitter should hit in any ballpark and he looks old when he moves around. Murphy might be do well with more playing time if McCann went bye-bye. Jeter, Soriano, Roberts, Ichiro, Johnson are gone next year much opportunity for some guys. You could really blow it up and trade Robertson which I admit is drastic but if some quality players could be gathered with some trades, why not. You have to really being an optimist to believe the Yanks can win or make the playoffs. The last few series were quite telling about this team.

    Will the fans abandon Yankee stadium for a few years probably but it may get the albatross off the Yankees FO backs to win or bust.

    • RkyMtnYank

      Wow, completely agree, especially about McCann/Murphy! Am curious though, if that could happen, is the whole $189 plan that has long been forgotten still in play until the end of the year? If so, getting younger with a few key trades could still accomplish that while getting better through addition by subtraction.
      I don’t, however, think fans abandoning YS will ever be an issue since it’s clear the Yankees aren’t concerned about the regular fan anymore.

      • LarryM Fl

        189 plan does not affect me or spending 240 million. I just detest the Yankees singing the likes of Beltran. They go after every veteran if he 30 years old they may give him 5/6years if he’d 35 then they go 2/3 years. FA’s eat up draft choices. Not all top draft picks pan out but you really can’t develop with such a small sample of top draft choices. The team with this philosophy just becomes old and heavy with bad contracts.

        We look just like the 2014 Yanks with no apparent plan at all.

      • Need Pitching & Hitting

        It would be extremely difficult to get under $189M at this point.
        They’d need to shed about $45M – $50M worth of players (they’d need to clear about $25M give or take, but the season is over half over)
        And most of the Yankee high dollar contracts are untradeable (combination of NTC’s and bad deals).

  • JKatlak

    I don’t agree with the Yankees philosophy to be in a win now mode. If their mission statement is to win the world series and not merely just MAKE the playoffs, then they most definitely won’t have success doing it with an all veterans lineup. The owner of this team lacks an innovative mind. It’s like pushing the elevator button a trillion times and expecting it to work after all that. There is not necessarily a right or wrong way to build a team, but doing the same thing and getting the same results back is just dumb. At least for once gamble and try something different.

    When the Yanks won the world series in 2009, that year they actually tried to be innovative. Yankees didn’t have to give neither Gardner nor Cabrera a starting job and could have gone with a veteran, but they didn’t and it paid dividends. They didn’t look for older guys and tried to incorporate guys under 30. I mean this owner is not open to trying anything different. It’s the same recycled stuff year in and year out. Sure it may stick some years, but when they continuously fail at their ultimate mission they’ll just pretty much trot the same crap out there the next year, because they throw long term contracts at hitters. It’s sad, but it’s true.

  • Nathan

    So what pitchers are going to be available this offseason? Seems like we’re going to need at least a few.

    • MB923

      Barring any kind of extensions, Lester, Scherzer, and Shields. I might be missing another big name pitcher but those 3 come to mind.

  • Jorge Steinbrenner

    I’m glad some people find this funny. Sabathia is easily in my top five favorite Yankee pitchers ever. All this is, to me, is sad.

    I hope for a recovery, but this isn’t good news at all.

    • Chip Rodriguez

      I love the guy, but I’m not entirely sure he makes that top 5 for me. Just a smidge behind Andy, Moose, Duque, Mo and Coney for me.

      Who’s in yours?

      But agree, definitely sad. The guy was a legit ace at his peak, and in August through October of 2009 was something really special, Chase Utley aside.

      I’m hoping for a recovery just as much, but at this point I’m getting the bad feeling we’ll only see him next year.

      • Kenny

        Ford, Guidry, Pettitte, Reynolds, Sabathia

      • doug

        Guidry, El Duque, (I know it’s early but) Tanaka, Hunter, Wells.

  • Wayne

    Why did we pitch him on three days rest?

    • Jorge Steinbrenner

      Said the Milwaukee Brewers.

  • Wayne

    Tanaka looks like he going to get tattoed and Sabathia is career is over.
    Hal is going to trade Luis Severino and David Palladino you watch. He will make Cashman do it.
    This teams farm system is going to get torn apart.
    What a bummer.

    • Need Pitching & Hitting

      Just like it was torn apart last year.

  • emac2

    What a bunch of crybabies!

    Most of you sound like you’ve been baseball fans for 2 years or less.

    Get a grip. All of you suck even more than Cashman.

  • Pisceddu

    I posted in the Yanks in Exile site during Feb that signing McCann and Beltran was a mistake. Ellsbury was a risk, but young enough to bounce back. Unfortunately, for now, I was correct. This whole lineup can be dumped as far as I am concerned. Tex cannot hit to right field, and everyone else is old or often injured. Injuries you cannot account for, but the Yanks need more offensive balance in the lineup. This is dreadful.

    CC unfortunately, has expired. Pineda is a bonus if he ever pitches again.

    Cashman shows little restraint and sense with these types of deals and he needs to go away.

  • Nathan

    Well, looks like four pitching spots will be open for next season.

  • Algernon blackwood

    So I guess you can’t make up for 32 years of being a fat ass by slimming down for six months

    • Farewell Mo

      Crudely put but yeah, playing pro sports at 350+ lbs for over a decade surely wrecked his knee.

      The success rate of microfracture is pretty sketchy. It’ll probably put him out for at least a year from when he has the surgery.

      I really think he’s done.

      • Revan

        You should’ve seen the comments back in 2009 and in 2011 about how CC’s extra weight was actually spun as a positive for him being healthy in the long run.

        And when he tried to get skinnier many disliked the intent because it’s “different” than what he’s been doing his entire career.

        RAB man.

      • Algernon Blackwood

        I think he’s done too and it’s a shame. Jokes aside, I liked him even before he became a Yankee.

  • hornblower

    I’m sure they must have bought the insurance. This could turn out well for the bottom line. He really can’t pitch anymore.

    • http://www.penuel-law.com/ Cuso

      Why do you care about the bottom line? It’s not like his salary will be removed from the payroll for luxury tax purposes.

      It’s not going to have an impact on how the whether they spend more or less money either.

      • Need Pitching & Hitting

        It could. The WBC insurance on Tex’s contract certainly seemed to influence them spending more money last year.

        • http://www.penuel-law.com/ Cuso

          I’d argue that it had no effect whatsoever. Tex getting hurt in the WBC sent the “oh shit” tremors through the front office making them realize they need to make moves to improve the offense (which they didn’t, anyways). Same thing when Granderson got hurt. And they didn’t really spend money other than trading for Wells.

          Soriano later in the year had nothing to do with WBC insurance.

  • Deep Thoughts

    Jon Lester, come on down.

    • Mandy Stankiewicz


    • Mike

      He was born to pitch here.

  • trr

    For all the money we (over)paid him, we got 4 very good years, 1 mediocre year (I’m being charitable) and garbage time this year. Was it worth it, or could the money have been better spent elsewhere?

    • Tom K

      If he does have to retire, I think it comes out as a net positive..as they won’t be responsible for the big money at the end of his deal. If he is able to come back but pitches poorly for a few years, the value obviously goes way down .

  • http://riveraveblues sandy g

    Let me say this.If Sabathia needs micro surgery he is done as a pitcher.Grady Sizemore had this operation and it took him 2 years to come back.He is much smaller of a person than Sabathia.If Sabathia is unable to pitch the insurance will kick in for the yankees.Forget about 2014.Going into 2015 the Yankees will need 4 starting pitchers to contend in the AL East.In my mind the only yankees who are going to be there in 2015 are Tanaka,Warren,Betances,Robertson,McCann,Teixeira,Gardner,and Ellsbury.You are going to see 10 to 15 new faces next year.Be forwarned.

  • http://www.penuel-law.com/ Cuso

    Wow. This is really a mess going forward – speaking beyond 2014.

  • Broll the American

    What a waste of Tanaka’s prime years.

  • http://Riverave CB

    CC well it’s sad and he is done! Trade roda to the dodgers for something….. After that drob is the only value…. So maybe Johnson and Roberts as bench players to someone same for ich! Might get something diamond in the ruff wise. Other than that no trades are happening… Everyone should get on the phelps train and give some kids their shot for the remainder of the season and let’s see what 250 ab’s look like on them! Would love to see who can play for real and who the pretenders are in the farm! We are wasting old salads non injury time when he could show off a bit and get traded for real talent

  • jgibs

    This blow is made even bigger by the rumor that the A’s and Cubs are in serious talks for a deal that would send Hammel “and/or” Samardjia to Oakland. Shit…

  • Bob Callison

    When CC’s fastball started clocking at 89, it told me the clock had stuck 12 for him. He was a class act but now he’s done.
    If you look at the Yankee team, you see the “over the hill gang.” And no matter how you fantasize, you can’t sign players after 35 because they are risks. I applaud the Yankees for not signing that whore Cano and hope he rots in Seattle. How many millions does one need? Yes, he’s talented but anyone who won’t run out his hits has a real attitude problem. He was cannon-fodder to get credibility for JZ as an agent as was played as he’s dumb as a stump. For all the extra money he made in Seattle, he’ll lose more in endorsements he would have made in NY and his power numbers will remain down in Safeco Field. Maybe he’ll get endorsements for raincoats in Seattle.