Saturday Night Open Thread

Game 93: Beat the Birds
Greene's gem gives Yankees 3-0 win over Orioles

Happy Saturday everyone. The weather is gorgeous in New York tonight, so hopefully you aren’t stuck spending it inside for whatever reason. If you are, use this as your open thread. FOX is carrying a series of games tonight and I assume Tri-Staters will see the Phillies and Nationals. Talk about anything you like right here.

(Video h/t @NYMoot)

Game 93: Beat the Birds
Greene's gem gives Yankees 3-0 win over Orioles
  • Christ is King

    I think the Yankees just found their new post apocalyptic Ace….. Thank you Mr. Greene

  • Neil Hollander

    I’m in Manhattan! Any thoughts on dinner ?

    • PsiFighter37

      Depends – what are you in the mood for / what part of town are you in?

    • Sam Pearce, the Troll Hunter

      Times Square Sbarro

    • Yankee$

      Don Antonio Starita Pizza place (Napoli Style) at 50th and 8th. Start with the Burrata.

    • But But But But


    • Jorge Steinbrenner

      I think you’ve got about 50,000 possibilities at your disposal there, champ.

  • PsiFighter37

    Manhattanhenge tonight – going to go out and snap a few pics in a little bit.

  • hey now

    Rougned Odor

    That name will never get old.

    • Chip Rodriguez

      injuries absolutely suck, but one silver lining is that we’ve seen some players emerge with some phenomenal names.

      Rougned Odor. Zelous Wheeler. Yangervis Solarte.

  • Yangeddard Solarte

    Even with the W today they ain’t going anywhere. They still only scored 3 runs and how long is Greene going to pitch like Pedro Martinez? I think it’s time to look at replacing not only Cashman but Girardi as well.

    Scouts said Girardi didn’t have this team fundamentally ready on defense to start the season and it just seems like the ballplayers are going through the motions. Joe has lost the clubhouse and like Tito Francona said, that’s when you know it’s time to move on. This team needs to get younger and needs more of a disciplinarian like Buck as manager.

    • emac2

      That is such a lame sentiment.

      The rotation is gone, the offense stinks and Girardi should go because of defensive fundamental comments made by a scout….. even though he somehow has the team in contention?


  • emac2

    Here’s my “might as well” plan

    Send Jeter and McCann to the 14 day DL to give them some time off.

    Trade Roberts and Johnson to KC for nothing.

    Send Huff and Almonte to AAA

    Promote Gary Sanchez for 2 weeks until McCann returns and start him most games

    Promote Bryan Mitchell for 2 starts. He can stay if he does well.

    Promote Refsnyder and Garcia.

    Start an infield of Wheeler, Ryan, Refsnyder and Tex.

    Garcia as the 4th OF.




    Solarte/cervelli (DH)

    Some of these guys might not be totally ready but none of them are so far away that you risk damage. I would rather see if we can push Mitchel, Refsnyder and even Sanchez as a bat instead of trading for crap or giving up too much.

    It’s cheaper and more interesting to watch.

    I don’t think you stop trying but I wouldn’t mortgage any future assets for better odds this year. I would build for next year with an eye towards things that can also help today but would let players like Roberts go even though they are playing OK because they don’t make a difference and block development of next years option.

    I would have Jeter at the bottom of the order and playing a lot of DH in the second half though I would consider letting him start games at the top of the order and get replaced in the first few innings.

    • But But But But

      Sanchez hasn’t even played in Scranton yet, that’s my concern. Otherwise, as you said, might as well, IF and ONLY IF one views Yankees as completely out.

      • emac2

        Sanchez isn’t terribly motivated and while I don’t like to reinforce a bad attitude he has the ability to step up with the bat in the majors for a short stint. He might be the only guy who could step up in a big way right now and make a difference this year.

        I think we are out of it if we stand pat but we can still make the playoffs if we make some moves. I don’t think we should do what it would take via trade but I do think we should give the kids a chance to win it for us.

        I would rather watch some kids than a patched up old team stagger across the line.

    • Mr. Roth

      It would sure be interesting to see, but we all know its highly unlikely that any one of those things happen, let alone all of them.

      • emac2

        I can’t argue there.

        It’s an important time. We’re about to trade a bunch of prospects or put the future in their hands.

        I hope we at least give them a chance if we are thinking about dumping them at half their value or for a shot to squeak a weak team into the playoffs for a quick exit.

    • Tar

      Ryan will never be “more interesting to watch” than Jeter. Personally I am enjoying every AB from Jeter. Decades of more than likely mediocrity at SS will soon be here, please don’t rush it by advocating for Ryan.

      And your plan is missing the most important piece in the “cheaper and more interesting” dept….. Starting Dellin.

      Other than that I like it.

  • MB923

    I hope Shane Greene doesn’t become Chase Whitley 2.0.

    • emac2

      What does that mean?

      Never lose a game?

      I don’t get the doubt with Greene. He throws really hard and has had good results.

      I think both will have bad games because they’re young but Greene isn’t a fluke.

      • Mike

        I agree. I think he can be a solid #3 at worst and a potential #2 with a little more experience.

      • MB923

        To better elaborate, I meant off to a great start and then tank. To even stand a chance this season , Yanks will need more starts like this.

        • Jorge Steinbrenner

          Of course he’s going to throw a stinker, or three. It’s part of baseball.

    • Tar

      Greene pitched 154 innings last year. He’s around 70 so far this year .

      Last year Whitley only pitched 67 innings, this year so far he’s around 78. He may have hit a wall, be tired and experiencing some dead arm issues. I wouldn’t be so quick to toss aside Whit.

    • Jorge Steinbrenner

      If, by that, you mean “young starter who comes up and, once he throws a couple of stinkers a few starts in, a bunch of impatient fans turn against him,” then yes, he is ABSOLUTELY the next Chase Whitley.

  • BKamm

    “I wouldn’t mortgage any future assets for better odds this year. I would build for next year”

    This is exactly what any sane, soundly run franchise would do.

    • Improbable Island’s Dirty Midget Whores (formerly RRR)

      I’m calling grade A bullshit. There is not a team in baseball building for next year three games back one game before the ASB, with the final game before the break against the team ahead of them in the division.

      And no, there’s not a team in baseball “building for next year” four games back at the break either.

  • Mike

    Goes to show the strength of our farm system when we can bring up Shane Green and don’t miss a beat.