Scouting The Trade Market: D’Backs’ Pitchers

DotF: Jagielo homers in first game back from injury
Update: Yankees call up Wheeler, option Solarte, designate Anna

Despite their recent stretch of poor play (putting it nicely), the Yankees remain in the postseason hunt because every other team stinks too. The AL East is especially bad. The Yankees have lost nine of their last eleven games yet they remain 4.5 games back of the division lead with 79 games to play. They’re five games back of the second wildcard spot. Those deficits are far from insurmountable at this point of the summer, but they will need help to get back into the race and fast.

Because so many teams are within striking distance of a playoff berth, there aren’t many sellers out there this time of the year. One club that has at least acknowledged the likelihood of selling is the Diamondbacks, who come into today with the worst record in baseball at 35-41. “Based on the last couple of years of being a .500 club and this year with the injuries we have and our record, we have to look at being more open-minded of moving some contracts and some veteran players for younger players,” said GM Kevin Towers to Nick Piecoro recently.

Towers spent a year in the Yankees front office and he is reportedly very close friends with Brian Cashman, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it will be easier to make a trade. They’ve gotten together for eleven trades over the years and most are very minor, Bernie Castro for Kevin Reese stuff. Their most recent sweep was Juan Miranda for Scottie Allen in November 2010, their most notable swap probably D’Angelo Jimenez for Jay Witasick in June 2011. Let’s see what pitchers Arizona can offer the Yankees in the coming weeks. Tomorrow Next week we’ll tackle the position players.

(Denis Poroy/Getty)
(Denis Poroy/Getty)

RHP Brandon McCarthy
The 30-year-old McCarthy is a sabermetrics darling, and you really need to be open-minded to look beyond his 2-10 record and 5.11 ERA. He also owns a 7-21 record with a 4.78 ERA since signing with the D’Backs prior to last year. High school Mike Axisa would have said no way to McCarthy based on that.

Behind the record and ERA are some promising core pitching skills, however. McCarthy has a 3.81 FIP during his two years in the desert and this season it’s a 3.88 FIP with his best strikeout (7.53 K/9 and 19.7 K%) and ground ball (55.6%) rates in years. He also never walks anyone (1.56 BB/9 and 4.1 BB%). During his resurgent “hey this guy is a good pitcher now” years with the Athletics from 2011-12, McCarthy had a 3.22 FIP, a 6.26 K/9 (16.9 K%), a 1.57 BB/9 (4.2 BB%), and a 44.3% ground ball rate.

The biggest difference between Oakland McCarthy and Arizona McCarthy is the long ball — he had a 0.69 HR/9 (7.1 HR/FB%) with the A’s and has a 1.05 HR/9 (14.4 HR/FB%) with the D’Backs. A lot of that is the difference in ballparks. The Coliseum is a tough place to hit homers and Chase Field is not. It’s pretty simple. McCarthy has compensated for the less friendly home park by throwing more sinking fastballs and staying away from his cutter. Here is the breakdown of his arsenal:

Four-Seam Sinker Cutter Curveball Changeup
Avg. Velocity 95.0 94.1 92.1 82.3 88.6
% Thrown 6.8% 54.5% 10.9% 25.7% 1.4%
Whiff+ 334 133 98 94 0
GB+ 81 125 103 104 42

The changeup is just a show-me pitch and because McCarthy throws so few four-seam fastballs, I wouldn’t get too excited about that astronomical swing-and-miss rate. (Whiff+ and GB+ are like ERA+, but with swing-and-miss and ground ball rates for individual pitches.) The sinker is clearly his bread-and-butter and it’s an above-average pitch both in terms of getting whiffs and ground balls. Is a guy who relies so heavily on his sinker a good fit for the Yankees’ infield defense?

The biggest concern with McCarthy, by far, is his injury history. He has stayed healthy this season but has otherwise visited the disabled list with a shoulder problem at least once every year from 2007-13. Only once since 2006 has McCarthy thrown more 135 innings in a season (180.2 in in 2011) and this year he is already at 104 innings. Maybe he’ll stay healthy, but, given his history, you have to think a disabled list stint is coming at some point.

McCarthy is owed approximately $5.1M through the end of the season and will become a free agent this winter, so he’s a pure rental. The fact that he limits walks, keeps the ball on the ground, and is familiar with pitching in a hitter’s park are pluses. The below league average strikeout rate (remember, he’s facing pitchers too) and scary injury history are negatives. McCarthy is an upgrade over Vidal Nuno (and Chase Whitley) and would probably come cheaper than Jason Hammel, another mid-rotation guy with injury issues.

Miley. (Denis Poroy/Getty)
Miley. (Denis Poroy/Getty)

LHP Wade Miley
Unlike McCarthy, Miley would not be a rental pickup. The 27-year-old is in his third pre-arbitration year and will remain under team control as an arbitration-eligible player through 2017. Usually rebuilding clubs don’t trade a guy like that, but Buster Olney (subs. req’d) recently mentioned many teams are looking to land Doug Fister types — unheralded but effective pitchers with years of control remaining. (The Tigers stole Fister from the Mariners when he was in his second pre-arbitration year.) Miley may fit that bill.

Through 18 starts and 113.1 innings this season, Miley has a 4.61 ERA (4.13 FIP). He posted a 3.33 ERA (3.15 FIP) during his first full season in 2012 and followed it up with a 3.55 ERA (3.98 FIP) in 2013, so he is trending in the wrong direction. Miley’s strikeout rate (8.42 K/9 and 22.5 K%) is a career best and both his walk (2.70 BB/9 and 7.2 BB%) and ground ball rates (48.0%) are right at his career norms, so the problem has been the homerun. He went from 0.65 HR/9 (6.9 HR/FB%) in 2012 to 0.93 HR/9 (12.5 HR/FB%) in 2013 to 1.35 HR/9 (16.8 HR/FB%) this year. When he misses his spot, it tends to get hit a long way.

Miley has been very durable throughout his career, throwing 190+ innings in each of the last two seasons and at least 150 innings every year since 2010, when he was just a kid in A-ball. He has all but shelved his curveball this year — it was his top secondary pitch during his excellent rookie campaign two years ago — and is now more of a slider guy. Here is his pitch breakdown:

Four-Seam Sinker Curveball Slider Changeup
Avg. Velocity 91.3 90.9 77.4 84.6 82.6
% Thrown 31.7% 31.9% 1.1% 24.5% 10.6%
Whiff+ 64 150 50 123 119
GB+ 111 107 103 132 63

The curveball is a non-factor but otherwise Miley uses two fastballs interchangeably and has a well-above-average slider in terms of getting both swings and misses and ground balls. That pitch is why he’s in the big leagues and why left-handed batters have mustered only a 2.88 wOBA against him in his career. Like Fister, there’s nothing flashy about Miley’s pitch mix, no huge fastball or anything like that, but he has four distinct pitches and can make the ball move. Add in his durability and left-handedness and you’ve got a guy who figures to spend a very long time in the league.

The original Fister trade is not the perfect deal to reference because he had one extra year of team control, but it can give us something of an idea of what it would take to land Miley. The Tigers sent four players to Seattle for Fister (and replacement level reliever David Pauley):

  1. Third baseman Francisco Martinez, who was in Double-A at the time and considered the fourth best prospect in Detroit’s system by Baseball America.
  2. Left-hander Charlie Furbush, who had made his MLB debut earlier that season and been ranked as the team’s 26th best prospect in Baseball America.
  3. Right-hander Chance Ruffin, who was Detroit’s supplemental first round pick the previous year. He actually zoomed to the big leagues and made his debut with the Tigers right before the trade.
  4. Platoon outfielder Casper Wells, who had about a year in MLB at the time.

In hindsight, the Tigers gave up very little. Furbush has settled in as quality left-handed reliever but Martinez, Wells, and Ruffin all flamed out. At the time though? Wowza. Detroit traded one of their top prospects, their supplemental first round pick from the year before, plus two cheap and potentially useful MLB pieces. Imagine if the Yankees were to trade, say, Greg Bird, Ian Clarkin, Jose Ramirez, and Zoilo Almonte for someone like Miley. Fans would probably riot. That’s not an unreasonable package though.

Miley’s increasing propensity to give up the long ball is a definite concern, but there is plenty to like here. He’s young, he’s under team control for three more years, he’s never been hurt, he’s left-handed, and he has a true starter’s repertoire. Miley is essentially a finished product — yes, I know every player is always looking to improve, but it’s not like they have to teach him a changeup or something — the Yankees could just plug into the rotation and let him go. Even if you think the Yankees have no business being buyers at the deadline, this is someone they should consider acquiring anyway because he’ll also be able to help in the coming years.

Reed. (Dustin Bradford/Getty)
Reed. (Dustin Bradford/Getty)

Miscellaneous Relievers
Every team can use another reliever, including the Yankees. They’ve had to ride Dellin Betances and Adam Warren pretty hard in recent weeks, partly because Shawn Kelley has been shaky as hell since coming off the disabled list. Closer Addison Reed (4.15 ERA And 4.57 FIP) has been amazingly homer prone (2.08 HR/9 and 18.2 HR/FB%), which is not exactly a good quality for a late-inning reliever. Brad Ziegler (2.34 ERA and 3.52 FIP) is a sinker and ground ball machine (67.2%) who needs a good infield defense to be not awful. Both Oliver Perez (.302 wOBA) and Joe Thatcher (.285 wOBA) are serviceable matchup lefties.

Ziegler ($5M) and Perez ($2.5M) are both already under contract for next season while Reed is in his final pre-arbitration year. His arbitration raises figure to be significant because he’ll finish the year with 100+ career saves, significant enough that he might be a non-tender candidate as soon as this winter. Thatcher will be a free agent after the season. Meh. Not really much to see here.

* * *

The rest of Arizona’s pitching staff is pretty unappealing. Bronson Arroyo is currently on the disabled list with an elbow injury and others like Josh Collmenter, Mike Bolsinger, and Chase Anderson barely move the needle. Trevor Cahill was so bad that he’s currently pitching (not particularly well, either) in the minors. If the D’Backs had more good pitchers, they’d be winning more games.

I think McCarthy is a lock to be traded before the deadline for pretty obvious reasons. He makes good money and he’ll be a free agent after the season. That’s exactly the type of player a bad team moves at the deadline. Miley is a different situation though — the D’Backs won’t have any trouble holding onto him if they don’t get an offer they like. The Yankees or any other team would have to pry him loose. Both he and McCarthy make some sense for New York if they’re serious about adding help before the deadline and making a run at a postseason berth.

DotF: Jagielo homers in first game back from injury
Update: Yankees call up Wheeler, option Solarte, designate Anna
  • Jorge Steinbrenner

    Take Clarkin out of that trade package and I’d make that trade all day, all night, and I like Greg Bird.

    I’d listen on McCarthy. All he needs to do is not get injured and last into the seventh inning between now and the end of the season. Not someone I give up value for, though.

    • ALZ

      Throw in Owings and then we can talk.

      • Jorge Steinbrenner

        Owings AND Miley, and we leave Clarkin in there? I’d do that. They wouldn’t.

        • ALZ

          I want Goldschmidt if they want Clarkin too.

    • Sam

      I agree. Clarkins a lot more valuable then he seems. Honestly I don’t know why the yankees don’t try to go after Tyson Ross on the padres. He’s tall dominant with a nasty 2 seam and slider and he just threw a complete game in which his fastball was hitting 95-96 still in the last inning

      • Evan3457

        Because he’s very good, cost-controlled, and very good (redundancy intended) and the package needed for him would be as costly as the package for Price, if not more so. San Diego has no incentive to trade him unless they could be overwhelmed by a large package of high-ceiling prospects, at least one or two of whom have to be major-league ready.

  • Matt DiBari

    I feel like Brandon McCarthy is a uniquely terrible fit for a team that plays in this division and with these infielders.

  • I’m One

    Wiley is intriguing, but the Yankees would need to feel that they can somewhat control or (better) reduce that homer rate. Perhaps being a lefty in YSIII would be enough, but he’d take a pretty decent package to acquire, so I’d hope they see something that looks correctable. In general, I agree, this is the type of trade they should be looking to make. I’d be disappointed in losing Clarkin, and Almonte could be a factor in the OF next season, but if that’s the price, so be it. I’d be interested in discussing.

    • ALZ

      Zoilo is most likely a platoon bat at best. If you can keep him it’s nice, but he wouldn’t influence my opinion of the trade.

      • I’m One

        Zoilo wouldn’t stop me from making that trade either. I’d pause on Clarkin, but still probably pull the trigger if the thinking is Miley can be “fixed”.

        • ALZ

          Bird and Clarkin would be the ones giving me pause. The others not so much. Ramirez looks fun, but at the end of the day relievers come and go, if he can’t start then it’s not a big deal, he is what Dellin used to be, before he started throwing strikes.

    • I’m One

      Wiley Miley

      • Jorge Steinbrenner

        I have no interest in Made Wiley.

        • I’m One

          With a name like Wiley, he couldn’t be a “Made” man anway.

  • Kosmo

    Actually the D-backs have a great 1B so i doubt a need for Bird.

    McCarthy would only be of interest if Prado came along with him. The risk at 5 million is steep.
    Miley is a long shot but an intriguing one at that. I´d include Clarkin for him.
    I would also be interested in Randall Delgado, maybe a change of scenery guy ?

    • Jorge Steinbrenner

      I wouldn’t say no to a good hitter, regardless of who is blocking him. They could always flip him somewhere else as part of a deal.

      • I’m One

        My thoughts exactly. They might be able to work a deal using him that benefits them.

  • Mike HC

    Adding one of these mediocre pitchers to this mediocre team will change nothing. Either trade for Price, or forget about it.

    • Mike HC

      I will also add that none of these guys even give the Yanks a big name to draw fan interest, like Berkman, Wood and Soriano have done in the past. So they would be giving up good prospects for not much better production and not much more fan interest.

    • Mandy Stankiewicz

      Because Price is going to be traded within his own division?

      • Mike HC

        Doubtful, but maybe. And if not, don’t trade good prospects for much lesser pitchers.

        • ALZ

          These players would also come quite a bit cheaper. And as is the case with Miley you get lots of team control, more than double what you paid for price.

  • Derek Jeter

    Neither of these starters would help in any significant way. Add 1/2 run to their current ERA’s just for the moving to the AL(DH) and Yankee stadium and you have nothing more than a slightly better Nuno. Save the prospects and realize this team needs to pull it own head out of it’s ass.

    • Jorge Steinbrenner

      Miley helps beyond this season.

  • jgibs

    Well my phone just told me it was indeed Solarte who got sent down to AAA. Carry on.

    • nycsportzfan

      Good. They also need to get Refs up here. There are 4deserving guys in Triple A right now. To many guys on this roster who need to go. At this point, its time to start seeing what the System can offer for a change.

  • 461deep

    Would not give up good prospects for 1 pitcher not named Price. This team is way way too old to go as far as the Tigers, Jays, O’s, Angels,
    & Royals. Tanaka would need another 10-0 stretch & hitters need to completely turn it around. They may get to 5-7 above .500 if they overachieve. Teams mentioned above will probably make moves as well.
    If Jays, O’s land pitching help to go with their offenses they will fight it out for the ALE banner.

    • nyyankfan_7

      Remember when the Yankees won the World Series in 1996? They had the 3rd oldest lineup in baseball.

      Remember 1997-2009 when they won 3 World Series rings and went to the playoffs 12 times? They had the 3rd oldest lineup once; the second oldest 7 times and the oldest lineup 5 times.

      Point being? Age of the roster doesn’t mean shit. Young guys can get hurt too- all this team needs is the players to pull their head out of their ass and start hitting like they are all capable of – and to trade for a pitcher or two.

      • I’m One

        And preferably trade for pieces that help beyond this season.

      • Derek Jeter

        WRONG.. Age didn’t matter back when steriods could keep a 38 year old effective. It now matters immensely!

        • Jorge Steinbrenner

          Do you have any capability of nuance at all?

        • Mike HC

          Exactly. Guys aren’t improving from ages 33-38 anymore.

  • Boobie

    We need to sell. Not buy. A lot of teams still in the mix also means who ever is selling players will have a lot of suitors. This team is so far being an actual contender.

    • Mike HC

      We might be able to snag a good prospect for Kuroda if we play our cards right. Obviously not happening though.

      • Jorge Steinbrenner

        Like I said, talk to me closer to the end of this month and I’ll tell you how hard I’m hugging Kuroda.

        • Mike HC

          How hard you’re hugging him is meaningless, because nobody hugs their veterans harder than the Yankees do, for better or worse.

          • Jorge Steinbrenner

            Tell that to him if he’s not able to breathe from my tight hug.

          • Jorge Steinbrenner

            On a serious note, Mike made an excellent point yesterday as to how the team’s version of “selling” may look like “not adding.”

            • Mike HC

              I don’t know. Doing nothing, sounds a lot like doing nothing, no matter how you slice it.

              • Jorge Steinbrenner

                Fair way of looking at it, but it’s an accurate portrayal of a likely possibility on Mike’s part.

                • ChuckIt

                  you can talk about pitching all you want,but the fact of the matter is,unless they bring in a guy with an ERA under1.00,he won,t get the run support from this Padresesque offense.

      • Preston

        Kuroda has a full NTC. He’d probably waive it to go to the Angels or Dodgers. But that kind of puts the Yankees over a barrel in trade negotiations. I doubt the return would be significant.

        • Mike HC

          Gotya. Then yea, we really don’t have much to move at all. Which is all hypothetical anyway, because Cashman has made it clear he is looking to buy.

  • Wayne

    Does Simon De la Rosa , Domingo Acevedo ,Jake Cave,Greg Bird, Gosuke Katoh and Tyler Wade get you a Wade Miley from Arizona.
    Who else would you add to that package or is that enough?
    2 starting pitchers, 1 outfielder , 1 first baseman, 1 second baseman, 1 shortstop seems like alot and they are pretty young still. Oldest out of these guys is 21 years old.

    • Jorge Steinbrenner

      You and your Simon de la Rosa.

    • Old Man Time

      What the hell is with you and listing half the fucking farm in every trade proposal?

  • David Brown

    I do not see the Yankees Trading Clarkin. Why? The one Position they did not load up on in EITHER IFA or the Draft, is Starting Pitching (just DeCarr, Servando Hernandez and maybe Cave (gut feeling, is they will sign him)). The one not discussed advantage of all the $$$$$$ they spent in IFA, is they have a lot of warm bodies to trade from within the Organization (starting with Sanchez and Romine). Two big questions are: 1: Do they plan on having Alex Rodriguez back next year (if they trade for Headley, it may be a clue, they will not)? 2: Will Cave be signed? Since they did not spent a lot on Starting Pitching (particularly in IFA), they must either not like the Class, have a change in Philosophy, or have some kind of agreement in place with Cave. The next several weeks will be interesting.

  • JGYank

    McCarthy throws harder than I thought. Miley would help fill a rotation spot for a few years and we could use a cheap starter next year with all the big contracts we have. The homer problems for both don’t seem like a good fit for this ballpark, but they are still both upgrades. Miley’s a LHP so that’s a bonus and he could neutralize lefty batters aiming for the short porch. Obviously it depends on cost to get them. If they’re cheap, go for it. If not look elsewhere.

  • Cheval Anonyme

    Since it probably won’t happen in reality, I think RAB fans would love to see a good “what if the Yankees are SELLERS” article. Which players could be moved for value, who would want them, and what kind of value. I’m assuming that if the Yankees actually did this, they would eat salary in return for a good prospect.

    I think every older player who has something in the tank would make a nice candidate for moving. some have no trade clauses but they could be bought out. Specifically:

    – Kuroda
    – McCann (likely comeback candidate, especially for an NL team)
    – Tex
    – possibly even CC, at 10% on the dollar, if he comes back in time to prove himself healthy. Someone might gamble on him as an experienced innings-eater who also could fill out a playoff rotation. Admittedly this is not worth anything close to what the Yankees owe him.
    – Robertson. Not that I would want to get rid of him, but he’s going to be an FA, and possibly without compensation; he could bring great value in return.
    – Gardner or Ells. These are not really players to dump, so it would have to be a great deal for the Yankees. But I don’t think these veterans are going to be worth as much in 2016 and 2017, which is the earliest window for the Yankees to rebuild.

    I don’t think a hurting Beltran, Soriano, a random replacement-level infielder, or someone on IR is going to bring anything of value, so they would not make for an interesting discussion.

    • MB923

      Nobody would take Ells, but I think A Lot would take Gardner. That was my thoughts too. He’d get great pitching in return if he were to become available.

      • Cheval Anonyme

        This is a great discussion topic, isn’t it?

        To address your specific point, wouldn’t you take Ells if you only had to pay $20M on the remainder of his contract?

        OK, now we are negotiating. :)

        • MB923

          “To address your specific point, wouldn’t you take Ells if you only had to pay $20M on the remainder of his contract?”

          Well you didn’t give a specific amount. Any team in the league would take Ellsbury for 6 year/$20 Million Total.

          If the Yankees wanted to trade Ells they could get another team to pay way more than $20 million total and still get a good return.

          • Jorge Steinbrenner

            Now do you want to pay that much money to watch him beat you for six more seasons?

            I agree that Gardner has more value. They’re not selling to that extent unless lobotomies are taking place beforehand.

            • ChuckIt

              Excuse me ,but why in hell is anyone talking about trading the few offensive performers on the team ?

              • Cheval Anonyme

                Because, as long time Yankees fans, squeaking into the playoffs and being eliminated in the first round is not a satisfactory aspiration. The last Dynasty is over, and some of us would prefer to move onto creating the next one, rather than huddling around a few dying embers. Neither Gardner nor Ells will be worth much by the time the next one gets going, even in the best case.

    • Mike HC

      Kuroda and Robertson are really the only two real pieces to sell. I would target close to the majors infield and pitching prospects. I would also be much quicker to pull the trigger on a Kuroda deal, then I would a Robertson deal.

    • Mandy Stankiewicz

      I know this is hypothetical, but Kuroda, McCann, Tex, CC, Ells all have NTC and half have 10 and 5’s, and they are not going anywhere. CC and Tex have actually said previously that they would veto any trade and want to retire Yankees in years past. Gardner, Robertson and Soriano are literally the only players you could trade on this list, and they could be pretty good chips…mostly.

  • JJ

    If they do a trade with Arizona for a pitcher, I fully expect it to be a bigger trade including an IF. Aaron Hill, Prado, or Owings makes too much sense. In that case I could see a package headlined by Sanchez heading their way.

    • MB923

      Sanchez isn’t going unless Owings comes here (along with other players from both sides of course).

      Hill and Prado have been just as bad as Johnson/Roberts, even worse.


      Johnson – 88
      Roberts – 84
      Prado – 84
      Hill – 79

      • JJ

        Oh, I am aware. It’s a Yankees sideways move as of late.

  • Wayne

    From the guys available so far that have been mentioned if you can’t get David Price or Jeff Samardzija then Wade Miley is the next best option. Otherwise Cashman is just making a trade just to say we made a trade so we must automatically be better .

  • Adam

    Trading for a mediocre or even decent SP is like putting a band aid on a bullet wound.

    This team needs an overhaul.

    • Jorge Steinbrenner

      Trading for a pitcher who’ll be around more than a few months isn’t a band-aid.

  • Kenny

    …the Yankees remain in the postseason hunt because every other team stinks too.

    An incomplete truth. In head-to-heads against the Jays, Sox, and Rays, the Yankees stink worse than those teams. They also stink worse than Baltimore.

    • ChuckIt

      I smell where your coming from.

    • Craig

      This is also an incomplete truth (with a whole lot of untruthiness mixed in). They have a slightly better record again AL East teams than Boston and TB and are 1 game worse that Toronto. Baltimore has played the best against the AL East at 22-16.

  • Wayne

    Would we Have to give up a Luis Severino for Wade Miley?
    I saw the video on him from wednesday . They say this guy just has to improve his breaking pitched and improve his mechanics and he will be a super star starting pitcher. He already has a fastball and changeup that are plus.

  • willie w

    this is the kind of GM the yankees need
    just read the miracles he’s performed

  • Wayne

    Could we realistically give up any other starting pitcher in our minor leagues without giving up David Palladino and Luis Severino and get Wade Miley from Arizona?

  • Wayne

    If so i would Make that trade at this point.

  • Linden Walker

    The problem is that most intriguing thing about McCarthy is his wife. She is awesome, he is not so much.

  • Wayne

    I almost choked when I read nyyankfan_7 comment that “Age of the roster doesn’t mean shit.” And then he backed up this claim by citing the success of the 1996 Yankees and the 1997-2009 Yankees (all WS winners with older rosters).

    Come on guys, stop drinking the poisoned Kool-Aid. Can you really imagine this crap infield and mediocre starting staff winning a World Series? This team was decidedly mediocre from Day 1 of the season. One or two trades that deplete our only recently rejuvenated minor league system will NOT turn this team into a SERIOUS playoff team. We should build for next year and subsequent years & not trade any of our best prospects: this year is a done deal.

    But to stress that point, here is the “aging” 1996 Yankees’ everyday line-up that nyyankfan_7 alluded to. Compare this line-up to today’s line-up & then think twice about comparing the two ever again.

    C- Girardi/Leyritz 9 HR, 85 RBI, .294/.264 BA

    1B – Tino 25 HR, 117 RBI .292 BA

    2B – Duncan 8 HR, 56 RBI, .340 BA

    SS – Jeter, 10 HR, 78 RBI, .314 BA

    3B – Boggs 2 HR 41 RBI .311 BA

    LF – Raines/WG. Williams 14 HR 63 RBI .284/.270 BAs

    CF- B. Williams 29 HR, 102 RBI, .305 BA

    RF – O’Neil 19 HR, 91 RBI, .302 BA

    DH – Sierra/Fielder/Stawberry 35 HR, 125 RBI, .258/.262/.260

    Fielder and Straw also played in the field. It’s also worth noting that only two of the above players had OBPs of less than .342!

    And the ’96 pitching staff included Pettitte, Kenny Rogers, Gooden, Jimmy Key, David Cone, and Wetteland and Mo to close things out.

    Now, go and compare this “old” 1996 line-up to the current team’s stats. Be forewarned, you may need to vomit. The only thing common between the two is they were both older teams, beyond that, there’s no similarity between the two teams.

    My point is this: Be REALISTIC. Don’t be foolish and delude yourself into thinking this Yankees team has even a remote chance of winning a WS. I hate saying it; I’ve been a loyal Yankees fan for more than 50 yrs. But this team is borderline awful, and the addition of several really good players will not turn this team into a serious playoff team; it will only destroy our farm system.

    Grow up, guys, We can’t win every year & it’s silly to damage our farm system just to loose in round one of the playoffs (yet again). We’re finally getting close to having a really good farm system, let’s not blow it up to be Pretend Contenders. Instead, let’s plan to be real contenders next year! Don’t trade for any of these mediocre pitchers or even Price, because a Price trade would ravage the farm.

    Enough already, plan for 2015. I sincerely hope we don’t trade for anyone, unless somebody is giving away players for a garbage return, which isn’t realistic, of course.

    • Old Man Time

      nyyankfan_7 didn’t compare lineups; he was making a point that younger is not always better.


      • Wayne

        nyyankfan_7 comment was that “Age of the roster doesn’t mean shit.” How does that translate into him meaning that “younger is not always better”?

        And he cited the 1996 Yankees and the 1997-2007 Yankees not me. And my point should have been obvious: age matters unless your stars are aging well (which isn’t true of the current batc) and you need an infusion of good young blood (like Jeter in ’96) to round out a championship team.

        Unfortunately all of the younger position players on this team (other than Gardner and Ellsbury) are basically borderline MLB players.

        You can love the Yankees no matter what as I do, but you have to be realistic about the quality & quantity of talent you have on the team I mean, can you really see Kelly Johnson, Roberts, Ichiro, Soriano, and Nova kissing the WS trophy?

        I agree with the next person’s comment (Duran) we should trade as many of the older players we have for whatever we can get. While Johnson, Roberts, Ichiro, Soriano and Kuroda are nearing the ends of their careers, teams with a serious chance of winning the WS might be willing to take a risk on one or more of them to fill a hole or put them over the top.

        After all look how many times the Yankees have taken on an aging star (like Fielder for example) to help win a championship?

        Let’s just enjoy Jeter’s farewell tour and root for him to get as many hits as possible so he can possibly surpass Wagner (in 6th) and Yaz (in 7th) on the all-time list; it’ll be close, but he could make it with a healthy and strong finish.

        • Wayne

          CORRECTION: I made one name typo in the above response. I said Nova when I meant Nuno.

          I also apologize to any reads of the above for a few missing commas and periods: my grandson spilled soda on my keyboard and the comma period and question mark keys don’t work anymore so I have to cut & paste them from other posts (like the earlier one I wrote from work) and I sometimes forget to do the cut and paste.

          Anyway, here’s hoping Jeter gets 120 more hits in the second half (unlikely) to surpass Speaker. If he stays healthy he should easily pass Yaz and Wagner, but Speaker will be tough. (I miss read read Wagner’s total earlier and thought Jeter was 100+ behind him, but he’s less than 35 behind him.

          GO JETE!

  • Roberto Duran

    I really wish we could flip the narrative. Yanks should be sellers. Kuroda, DRob, Thornton should be dealt. DFA Roberts, Ichiro, and Soriano.

    Ideally the Yanks should have done this last year… But they believed the hype they were a playoff team.

  • nycsportzfan

    I brought up Miley to you a month ago Mike, and you acted like there was no chance the D’Backs would even consider trading him.

  • http://riveravenueblues mississippi doc

    Thanks, Wayne. I, too, have been a Yankees fan for more than 50 years and reluctantly agree that this team is going no where. Any potential trade that gives away good young talent to get borderline better or previous stars on the downside of their careers players is a bad idea. The Yankees have rebuilt from nothing twice before in my life, in the early seventies and early nineties. The latter team rebuilt on the go for almost 10 years. Both times it was done through a combination of good players coming up from the farm system and smart trades. Another Corey Black for Soriano trade will do nothing for this team. Maybe Phil Jackson would be willing to take over the NYY front office also.