Scouting The Trade Market: Phillies’ Position Players

Update: Kelly Johnson heading for MRI on groin injury
Carlos Beltran resumes throwing program

Yesterday we looked at the pitchers the Phillies could offer at the trade deadline, and they have two gems in Cole Hamels and Cliff Lee. Now let’s look at the position players. Philadelphia doesn’t have any impact position players to trade — Chase Utley has already said he would use his no-trade clause to remain with the team — but they do have a few usable pieces. Here are the potential fits for the Yankees.

(Justin K. Aller/Getty)
(Justin K. Aller/Getty)

OF Marlon Byrd
The Yankees have zero right-handed power right now. Their righty hitters have managed 16 homeruns in 99 games this year, six of which were hit by the departed Alfonso Soriano. Unless switch-hitters Mark Teixeira, Carlos Beltran, and Chase Headley are facing a southpaw, the team’s best power threat from the right side is Zelous Wheeler. That’s not good and adding some right-handed firepower to the lineup is a clear need leading up to the trade deadline.

Byrd, 36, is currently hitting .266/.319/.480 (120 wRC+) with 19 homers this season, one year after resurfacing with the Mets (and Pirates) and going deep 24 times. He was very nearly out of baseball in 2012 — Byrd had a 27 wRC+ in 153 plate appearances that year before being suspended for a failed performance-enhancing drug trade — but he reinvented himself as an all-or-nothing slugger following that season. Byrd basically swings from his heels all the time now, and the result is a lot of power (.214 ISO this year, .220 last year, .151 career) and a lot of strikeouts (28.7% this year, 24.9% last year, 18.9% career).

There is a tangible reason for Byrd’s transformation as a hitter (both Jason Collette and Jeff Sullivan have written about it more in depth) and his performance this year is right in line with last year. He is hitting a few more fly balls in general but his 16.7 HR/FB% is the same as last year (16.6% in 2013, to be exact). His plate discipline stats are roughly the same and his .337 BABIP is actually lower than last season’s .353 mark. After nearly 1,000 plate appearances, I think it’s safe to say Byrd’s swing hard all the time style is conducive to a high BABIP. If you’re willing to live with the strikeouts — the Yankees as a team have the fifth lowest strikeout rate in baseball at 18.4% — he’ll give you plenty of right-handed thump.

The Phillies signed Byrd to a very reasonable two-year contract worth $16M over the winter (there’s also a vesting option for 2016 based on plate appearances) and he is in demand at the trade deadline. The MLBTR archives show the Royals, Mariners, and Reds are among those interested in acquiring him. The Yankees are not included in Byrd’s four-team no-trade list according to Jim Salisbury, and he would fit nicely as the team’s everyday right fielder/number six or seven hitter. The Mets traded a half-season of Byrd for a Triple-A reliever (Vic Black) and a good but not great Single-A prospect (Dilson Herrera) last year, though I suspect the price will be a big higher this summer because he’s shown his resurgence isn’t a fluke.

(Mitchell Leff/Gett)
Mayberry. (Mitchell Leff/Getty)

1B/OF John Mayberry Jr.
Don’t want to pay the price for Byrd? Fine, the 30-year-old Mayberry is a cheaper alternative. He is currently hitting .213/.304/.418 (104 wRC+) with six homers in 138 plate appearances overall, including .255/.339/.582 (155 wRC+) against lefties. Over the last three seasons he’s managed a .259/.314/.498 (120 wRC+) line against southpaws and only a .220/.286/.341 (73 wRC+) line against righties, so Mayberry is strictly a platoon option. Considering what the Yankees have gotten out of right field this year, playing him everyday might still be an upgrade.

A few weeks ago we heard the Bombers were scouting Mayberry and that makes sense. He’s cheap ($1.59M salary this year) and under team control as an arbitration-eligible player through 2016, plus he can play both corner outfield spots and first base in a pinch. A real live backup first baseman. Imagine that. We aren’t talking about a difference maker, just a nice role player. Mayberry would instantly become the team’s best right-handed power hitter and he should come relatively cheap — similar players like Scott Hairston and Justin Ruggiano cost nothing more than fringe prospects over the last calendar year. The Phillies placed Mayberry on the 15-day DL with wrist inflammation just yesterday, so a trade would either have to come in August or while he’s injured.

OF Domonic Brown
Remember all those Brown for Dellin Betances rumors? Those were fun. Last year the Yankees looked dumb for not making the trade (not that is was ever on the table, as far as we know) and this year they would be morons to doing it. Brown has been one of the very worst position players in baseball this year, hitting a weak .227/.279/.327 (66 wRC+) with six homers while playing awful defense in left field. That 66 wRC+ ranks 157th out of 161 qualified hitters. The raw production is slightly better than what Soriano (60 wRC+) gave the Yankees this year.

(Jeff Gross/Getty)
(Jeff Gross/Getty)

Of course, the 26-year-old Brown hit .272/.324/.494 (124 wRC+) with 24 homers and was an All-Star last season, when it looked like he was finally starting to turn his talent into results. Eighteen of those 24 homers came in the months of May and June though (12 in May alone), so over the last calendar year he has hit a soft .236/.292/.337 (74 wRC+) with only nine homers in 136 games. Brown is not a high-strikeout hitter (18.1% this year and 18.4% career) but he does struggle against lefties and is beating the ball into the ground this year. He’s a project. No doubt about it.

Buying super low on Brown as a reclamation project seems like a great idea, except he’s out of options and can’t go to the minors to work on things. At least not without clearing waivers, which would never happen no matter how poorly he hits. Someone would take a chance on him. Can the Yankees afford to stick him in right field everyday and hope hitting coach Kevin Long can fix whatever needs to be fixed? I’m not sure. The Phillies have been shopping Brown since the offseason and I don’t think acquiring him would be all that tough. I’m just not sure what the Yankees would do with him other than stick him in right and cross their fingers.

* * *

As I mentioned earlier, Utley has all but said he wants to remain with Philadelphia and would block any trade. Jimmy Rollins has indicated the opposite — he would be open to accepting a trade to a contender. I don’t think Rollins, who has played one-third of an inning at a non-shortstop position in his entire professional career, is a fit for the Yankees right now, but I fully expect a winter of Rollins-to-New York rumors after Derek Jeter retires. Get ready for it. It’s coming.

Catcher Carlos Ruiz makes no sense for the Yankees and don’t even bring up Ryan Howard. Did you realize he’s hitting .222/.302/.378 (88 wRC+) this year? Forget him. Just a name at this point. Left-handed hitting third baseman Cody Asche is hitting .256/.308/.401 (96 wRC+) with poor defense but is only 24, so that makes him kinda interesting. He wouldn’t help the 2014 Yankees all that much — they wouldn’t need him to with Headley now on board — but he might be useful in the future. Byrd and to a lesser extent Mayberry are good fits for a Yankees team in need of right-handed power. Both are available and both would make a lot of sense.

Update: Kelly Johnson heading for MRI on groin injury
Carlos Beltran resumes throwing program
  • MB923

    Byrd, Byrd, Byrd. Byrd is the word.

    Question is, what would the Phillies want? Maybe Almonte and Nik Turley + some cash? (I just threw in some random players in Scranton for the record).

    Last I heard though, Phillies and Reds were discussing him. Doesn’t mean much though, but thought I’d point it out.

    • Jorge Steinbrenner

      I’d consider that. I think they’d want more, though.

      • MB923

        They probably would. Hope they keep JRM over Cervelli to be honest (this is of course assuming the Phillies wanted a catcher)

        • Jorge Steinbrenner

          I’m not blowing Murphy as a chip on Byrd.

          • TWTR

            Me neither.

          • BKamm

            I’m not blowing Murphy under any circumstances. Period.

            • Jorge Steinbrenner

              Don’t plant your your feet too firmly into the ground there.

              • BKamm

                I should have said, “I’m not blowing Murphy or anyone else. Period. I find the idea to be repulsive at best.”
                It was an attempt at humor. I try not to take things too seriously. Myself included. Playing to the wrong room I would guess. :)

                • Jorge Steinbrenner

                  Nah. Just a room that would immediately counter that with all sorts of potential contingies proving otherwise. :)

                  • BKamm

                    You mean like Judge being more your type?

                    • Jorge Steinbrenner

                      Big hands, big feet…

                    • W.B. Mason Williams

                      It’s not like he has trouble getting to third base anyway…

              • BKamm

                I guess in the case of Judge you would have to plant your feet firmly?

          • Dan

            Same; and I’d imagine they want more than Almonte and Turley. Hopefully there’s a middle ground–I wouldn’t trade any top 5 prospects for him. But, I could see moving someone like Austin.

            • Jorge Steinbrenner

              Austin for Byrd? Nah.

              I could see myself totally regretting that stance, though.

              • Paisa

                I had Williams in mind. It’s probably worth it but definitely makes you pause.

                • Jorge Steinbrenner

                  I hug Williams less than Austin.

                  • Scott

                    I push Williams away. With a 10 foot pole. And someone else pushing.

          • MB923

            Oh I agree completely.

    • Chip

      I think there’s enough interest in Byrd that they can get a pretty good prospect for him (think more JR Murphy level).

      I think Danks and Viciedo makes some sense in that the Yankees will end up having to give up less because of the money owed Danks. I would think a deal similar to what they gave up for Headley might get it done.

      • Jim Is A (Bored) Peckerhead

        Except Danks is terrible. Beyond terrible. He’s not even a lottery ticket at this point.

        • BKamm

          Danks would be so ridiculous.

          • Jorge Steinbrenner

            Price-dependent. Danks for low-level fringe? I’d do that.

            • Preston

              That would be fine for this year. But his contract sucks, I don’t want him locked into the rotation through 2016.

      • nycsportzfan

        I’m still hoping for DeLaRosa and Stubbs. I know Stubbs hasen’t hit on his prospect status before this yr, and has mostly done his damage at home, but the bottom line is hes only 29yrs old and had alot of promise and could just be a late bloomer. He also adds a bit of speed and some pop from the right side of the plate, and from what I understand , hes a pretty good defender.

        DeLaRosa is 55-32 4.12ERA since 2009.. Hes a lefty who never pitched in the AL before(which I like).

        I’d be happy with just DeLaRosa, but if they could get both , that’d be cool to me. Maybe a Adam Warren, Jake Cave, Brady Lail package gets it done?

        • nycsportzfan

          Could you imagine the speed on the team with a Gardy, Ells, Ichiro, Stubbs, Jeter(on pace for 12SB)? Stubbs has 30 and 40 SB seasons under his belt. He also can leave the Yard. Stubbs is hitting 360BA against Lefties. A Ichiro/Stubbs platoon would be a nice little tandem for the rest of the yr..

          THis lineup vs LHP’ers

          1). Brett Gardner LF
          2). Derek Jeter SS
          3). Jacoby Ells CF
          4). Mark Tiexera 1B(should be back soon)
          5). Chase Headley 3B
          6). Carlos Beltran DH
          7). Drew Stubbs RF
          8). Frankie Cervelli(just adding the RH bat.)
          9). Brian Roberts 2B

          Vs Right Handed pitching…

          1). Brett Gardner LF
          2). Derek Jeter SS
          3). Jacoby Ells CF
          4). Mark Tex 1B
          5). Brian McCann C
          6). Chase Headley 3B
          7). Carlos Beltran DH
          8). Brian Roberts 2B
          9). Ichiro Suzuki RF


          Whitley(6th starter)

          • Mandy Stankiewicz

            In a perfect world, we would get a right handed platoon partner for Ichiro–except he has a reverse split. It would be best to get an everyday RF and place Ichiro on the bench as a spot starter, defensive replacement, pinch runner. Also, Dom Brown told the press this year that he’s a die hard Cowboy fan. A Cowboy fan. In Philly. With his poor performance he’s beyond hated in Philadelphia. The fans call him “Cowboy Brown.”

          • D$1184

            I don’t think you bat Headley ahead of Beltran until he starts hitting. He wasn’t a “buy low” option for no reason.

            • nycsportzfan

              Fair enough. Either way, and i’d be cool with it.

        • Jorge Steinbrenner

          Dude, you HAVE to start looking at deeper stats, though. I get your point, but there are good stats out there that give you a deeper look as to what’s going on with De La Rosa.

          I know, I know….I can’t shake looking beyond what’s on the back of a Topps 1984 card either. It comes with age. I’ve resorted to forcing myself to look at wOBA, FIP, BABIP, etc. more, though.

          • Mandy Stankiewicz

            Yes, like google “McCann splits” and explain Cervelli starting against LHP (hint: .310 vs .130)

            • BKamm

              Girardi doesn’t have the werewithal to deal with anything like that.

            • nycsportzfan

              Yeah and how many AB’s we talking about? And I realize you could play McCann still, hence why I put “just putting another righty in there” next to Cerv’s name. Just showing we can have a basically all RH lineup at times and fairly long lineup with Beltran and Stubbs(this yrs version) near the bottom of the order.

          • nycsportzfan

            Oh I totally get it. But you still can’t totally ignore 55-32 4.12ERA since 2009.. Hes been solid every yr since 09. Not top of the rotation, or even Hiroki Kuroda, but as a 3rd starter, maybe 4th, hes not bad. I like a couple things that don’t show up anywhere as well. The being lefty and never pitching in the AL(tends to favor pitchers early on). I just think he’d be a good fit and if we can get Stubbs also, and the price is pretty fair, i’d be happy.

  • Chip

    My guess is that the Yankees bring in Danks and Viciedo from Chicago.

  • Jorge Steinbrenner

    Shit, I remember SWISHER for Brown rumors, and Dom Brown making Stephen Drew sound like someone who never got mentioned on here.

    Amazingly, buying low on Brown would be the only thing I’d be interested in here. Byrd’s value is probably at its highest right now, and no thanks on Mayberry.

    • nycsportzfan

      I’m with you. The Phillies position players do nothing for me. We can do without.

  • JLC 776

    Throw me in on Team Brown – he’s worth a chance if we can get him on the cheap. We’ve shipped off enough of our failures only to watch them turn around in a new city, so let’s do the same for Philly.

  • Cheddard Headley

    Yesterday when the pitching post was up I said we needed offense and last night proved it. Our starters have given up 1 run in the past two games and they are 0-1 with a ND. On Sunday Hiroki gave up 1 and got a ND. The problem is offense. Headley alone won’t fix it. They need a RF bat. Byrd would work just fine to replace Ichiro.

    Roberts, Kelly Johnson, Ichiro, Zelous wouldn’t be so bad if there was just one of them in the lineup hitting 9th but when there’s 3-4 of them in the lineup you just ain’t gonna score many runs. Throw in Jeter and that’s 4-5 weak bats with little power.

    • BKamm

      Its true. On many teams 4 of those guys are on the bench. In fact a couple wouldn’t be on a lot of benches.

  • Jimmy

    Don’t see how brown makes sense he’s another lefty hitter we have enough of them we need a rh outfielder but I do like the idea of buying low. It just isn’t a great fit for this team

    • Jorge Steinbrenner

      If he can revert to form, I’ll gladly take that problem on.

      • Mister D

        Yup. Brown has been worse than awful, but I’d take a chance on him in RF every day over what we trot out right now.

  • Pinedamaybegreata (formerly Monterowasdinero)

    Not to beat a dead horse folks but there is a AAA player at Tacoma who is tearing it up. A backup 1B, righty power hitter with tremendous right field power. 24 years old

    Ridiculous upside.

    • Jim Is A (Bored) Peckerhead

      “Not to beat a dead horse”

      Except that’s all you do. At the very least you should embrace it.

      • pinedamaybegreata (formerly Monterowasdinero)

        I do and will Peckerhead. Just hoping for a return to the Bronx. He would help us.

        • murakami

          Not only is he clobbering lefties as usual, he’s up to an .864 OPS against right-handers. If the Mariners don’t shelve the entirely futile Cory Hart and LoMo, they are dumbbells. Yanks and Montero redux? That would be sweet, but they would have trouble getting all of their 90 year old DH types enough playing time, isn’t that their silly logic?

      • Preston

        I’m so over Montero I had to look up what team Tacoma was affiliated with to get this. The Ms are in the middle of a playoff hunt and have decided that Corey Hart with a .622 OPS and Logan Morrison with a .631 OPS are the way to go at DH/1b. That tells me everything I need to know about Jesus.

    • TWTR

      I think a deal made more sense when the only thing he was tearing up was food wrappers.

      • BKamm

        Hard to trust PCL offensive stats. Both Bubba Crosby and Dean Anna were huge PCL stars.

    • BKamm

      Tacoma? PCL?

      • TWTR

        That should impact the price, not the interest.

        • BKamm

          Impacts both in many cases.

          • TWTR

            True, but the Yankees (if they had interest, which we all probably doubt) already know what he can do at YS, at least v. LHP.

    • craig

      Let’s see…
      24 years old (check)
      5th year in AAA (check)
      2nd year in PCL (check)
      Reality = not really tearing anything up / the horse is dead and that train has left.

      • D$1184

        Wait….so the horse was on a train?

        • Jorge Steinbrenner

          Or on the side of the road. Poor horse.

          • craig

            At this point, he might be under the train. The phrase “ridiculous upside” can no longer be connected with Jesus Montero, unless it is to this effect:

            Jesus Montero HAD ridiculous upside, but now he’s a fat guy hitting .314 in the PCL, which is his 5th year in AAA. What a waste of that ridiculous upside he once had that is gone now and not likely to ever return.

            • Jorge Steinbrenner

              He truly is becoming “ridiculous upside the elder.”

              He’s a curiosity to me, at this point. That’s all.

        • Jean Shepard’s Ghost

          The horse was on the train, but the bear missed the train and now he’s walkin’.

    • MB923

      I’ve thought about that in the past too. Low Risk/Medium (unlikely High) reward.

    • ac1

      We have our own guys in AAA tearing it up.
      Hell Roller can do what Montero would do as a back up 1B.

  • a smart person

    If the Yankees give up Judge, Severino, Refsnyder, O’Brien, or Sanchez for any of these Phillies position players and/or Cliff Lee, Cashman has gotta go.

    • MB923

      Who do you expect goes then if they were to make a trade for Lee (or Byrd) particularly?

      I can’t see the Phillies giving up either of the 2 for next to nothing, particularly Lee.

      • TWTR

        Right. The price would he high, which is why I am strongly against it.

    • Jorge Steinbrenner

      He can give up O’Brien in a cocaine heartbeat as far as I’m concerned for Lee or Hamels if they’re dumb enough to take him as centerpiece.

      Honestly, same with Refnsyder. If that’s the best player they want, roll with it.

      Sanchez would have to net me Hamels, though.

      • Michael

        Funny how we’re ready to give prospects for Lee and Hamels, but when ballistic when it was suggested to sign Kazmir for just money over the winter.

        • TWTR

          Trading top young talent may make sense when a team has somewhat older, already-established top young talent at key positions at the ML level.

          The Yankees are in the opposite position. They having an aging ML roster with a lot of holes.

          That is the worst time to trade top young talent for anything other than top young talent.

          • murakami

            Right? Not like they have anyone of any impact under 30 as a regular.

            • Jorge Steinbrenner

              Chase Headley.
              Masahiro Tanaka
              Shane Greene
              Chase Whitley (almost mispelled as “Chase Shitley.” Sorry, Jim.)
              Adam Warren
              Dellin Betances

              Zealous Wheeler is on the bench. Frankie Cervelli is on the bench.

              Ivan Nova is recovering from surgery.

              David Robertson, Brian McCann, and Brett Gardner are barely over 30.

              I’m probably missing someone else, even.

              Even choosing your completely arbitrary number of 30, that’s wrong.

              That’s not to say that they could still get “younger” in a few areas, but let’s things right if we’re going to claim them.

              • Jim Is A (Bored) Peckerhead

                Headley is 30

                • Jorge Steinbrenner

                  *crumbles paper up and throws it into the large pile on the floor*

            • TWTR

              Right? or Right!

              In the next three years, they will or could need: a 1B, a 2B, a 3B, a SS, and a RF. And that doesn’t even address the rotation, which tends to be fragile.

              We can’t even be sure how many games McCann will be able to C in 3 years given the historical aging curve of catchers.

              • BKamm

                He’s averaged 117 a season for the past 3 years as it is.

                • TWTR

                  Right, so his age 27-29 season are not necessarily likely to be comparable to his age 31-33 seasons, given the position he plays.

              • craig

                3 years is a long time and the Yankees will have so much money off the books by that time, but let’s play anyway.

                Refsnyder seems like he could be our 2B if he continues to progress.

                Judge or Austin could be ready for RF by then.

                Cave, Gamel or Dugas could step forward, which would allow you to use Gardner as a trade chip.

                Jagielo could be ready for 3b at that time.

                SS…kind of a hot mess. Better prospects still in A, so FA seems like a need here.

                Pitching? The BP can be almost entirely filled by homegrown players. Starters? Well, let’s hope that Tanaka is the #1 and perhaps a couple of the guys there now are still producing for 2017/2018. But you have FA to bolster the rotation and a slew of guys that have potential in the minors (Severino, Banuelos, Clarkin, Lail, Long and others). Most will fail, but some will progress.

                Worrying about 2017 or 2018 is just silly right now. The Yankees are 1.5 games out of the wild card and 4 back in the division with 65+ games to go. At this moment you try to win now. You don’t mortgage the future, but you improve the team and try to win.

          •!/Clay_Bellinger Clay Bellinger

            The standings dictate what they should do more than the aging roster. They 1.5 out of a playoff spot and have already made two trades, so clearly they’re going for it, as they should.

            Also, most of those names aren’t “top young talent”.

            • TWTR

              One year plans have led to the creation of the current mediocre roster, and the continual scrambling for suboptimal solutions.

              In light of that, the standings should not stand in the way of a longer-term plan to field a great team once again.

              •!/Clay_Bellinger Clay Bellinger

                I’m not advocating trading away the farm for a one year run, but hugging guys like O’Brien and Refsnyder is just silly. They’re not top prospects. They’re guys that we hope can be ML contributors. Decent lottery tickets. If Lee costs one of them then do it.

        • Jorge Steinbrenner

          I haven’t a clue what you’re referring to.

          I’d have taken a flyer on Kazmir. I didn’t trust what I was seeing, though. I was wrong. Whoop-dee-doo.

          The best player I’m willing to give up for Hamels is a solid catching prospect in an organization where he’s still being blocked by a solid catching prospect above him and a guy in year one of a five-year deal, OR a solid second base prospect who may top out at average defensively with a decent-to-good bat. Either of those being the TOP guys in a trade would be a relative steal.

          I take back what I said about Lee and Refsnyder. Refsnyder would only go, in my book, as the top chip for Hamels.

          It’s not happening, though. If I’m another org with a player of that caliber, I’m looking at Judge and Severino.

          It’s not “giving up prospects.” It’s which ones. I believe in stacking the system as well, but you have to keep things moving. That means keeping some, graduating some, AND moving some.

  • ac1

    I am not parting with Refsnyder, Judge or Severino. The ONLY reason I would part with Sanchez is because of Murphy/OBrien/Romine/Cervelli/McCann and that 18 year old in A ball that catches….

    • TWTR

      I would trade Sanchez, but only in a package for a young, really good SS, 3B, or RF.

  • Max

    Wonder if the Yanks could swing a trade for Byrd and Hamels. If they could swing that and got Tanaka back this year, they could actually make a run in the playoffs.

    What would that take? Hard to gauge the cost for Hamels because of his contract. One top-50 prospect? Two?

    Could Judge and Severino for Hamels and Byrd work?

    • Scott

      Probably not enough to land Hamels by himself, let alone Hamels and Byrd.

      Hamels is the kind of pitcher you trade top prospects for, but I don’t think Philly wants to trade him unless they are blown away. The Yanks would have to give up 3-4 prospects, two of which are in their top 10. If you think Hamels is better than Samardjz (I can’t spell his name) then the package for him has to be better than what the A’s gave up.

      I wouldn’t trade much for Lee. I’m not sure how I feel about Byrd in terms of what to give up.

    • Jorge Steinbrenner

      Phillies may still want more. I’d say no to that as the Yankees.

    • Chuck_D84

      I read a while ago that before last year’s draft, the Phillies were really high on Ian Clarkin. I am wondering if Cashman drafted him with the idea of using him as a chip,in a future trade with the Phillies knowing they had a couple of very good LHP. I know he has a high ceiling, but could we use Clarkin as a trade chip for Hamels (no way I would include him for Lee) so we can hang on to Severino? I was thinking Clarkin, Jagielo, Cervelli, Williams, and Warren for Hamels, Papelbon (replaces Warren in BP) and Mayberry., with the Yankees eating all the salary. Is this even close? Would Papelbon agree to a trade to be a 7th inning guy?

      On a side note, I’d do Williams for Dom Brown. Two former five tool guys who have hit a rut and could use a change of scenery. Yankees have done well with buy-low guys so far.

  • Kiko Jones

    A bunch of under .250 hitters, is that what the Phillies have to offer? No, thanks.

  • JGYank

    Maybe Byrd or Mayberry to platoon with Ichiro, and to back up 1st. Utley doesn’t seem realistic. But two words: Cliff Lee.

    Totally unrealistic best case scenario coming: If Tanaka and Pineda magically both return by September and are pitching well, we have a rotation of Tanak Kuroda Pineda McCarthy and Phelps. Good rotation, right? Then Whitley goes to the pen pushing out Francis and I’d assume Greene goes down to AAA to be a spot starter if needed.

    But what if Cash, knowing we can’t rely on those guys to come back, makes a deal for Lee and as a bonus gets one of Byrd/Mayberry? Then we’re looking at a Tanak Lee Kuroda Pineda McCarthy rotation. Phelps to the pen so it becomes Drob Betances Warren Kelley Thornton Phelps Whitley and maybe Huff if you want an 8th reliever. Wow.

    Maybe we also add a RF, like Byrd/Mayberry to the lineup so it looks like Gardy Jeter Ells Tex McCann Beltran Headley Byrd/Mayberry Roberts.

    That looks like a WS contending team to me. Amazing pitching. Good lineup on paper. I’m drooling at the thought of that. But obviously just getting Lee and just one of our injured starters back (most likely Pineda) would be a huge boost to this team. I feel we need offense more than pitching (some defense would help as well), but there’s not much out there to help offensively so why not try to create the best pitching staff possible?

  • BKamm

    I just can’t get over the amount of posters that are concerned at all over a platoon of any sort with Suzuki. He is the furthest player from my mind as to having any sort of real value to the Yankees.

    • Jim Is A (Bored) Peckerhead

      We’re just trying to salvage some value there, and we know Joe isn’t benching him.