Sherman: Rockies and White Sox keeping an eye on Cervelli

DotF: Torrens pushes hitting streak to 20 games in Staten Island's loss
Game 103: Make it 18

Via Joel Sherman: The Rockies and White Sox are among the teams keeping an eye on Francisco Cervelli prior to the trade deadline. All of his recent playing time is not a showcase, however. “You showcase in Spring Training, not now when you are trying to win games. We are just putting our best team on the field while [Mark Teixeira] is out,” said Brian Cashman.

Cervelli, 28, is hitting .311/.354/.443 (121 wRC+) in 65 plate appearances around a Grade II hamstring strain this year. The White Sox were said to be watching him back in Spring Training and the Yankees have reportedly asked about lefty John Danks, but it’s unclear if there’s any kind of match there. Sherman says the Yankees also like Rockies lefty Jorge De La Rosa, but Colorado is asking for way too much in return.

The Yankees have some upper level catching depth to spare but that doesn’t mean they should give it away. Remember, Cervelli is injury prone and Austin Romine has faded. The depth isn’t as great as it appears. Cashman did a really excellent job of getting Brandon McCarthy and Chase Headley for pennies on the dollar, so maybe Cervelli winds up being part of a similar trade within the next few days. We’ll see.

DotF: Torrens pushes hitting streak to 20 games in Staten Island's loss
Game 103: Make it 18
  • CashmanNinja

    I really don’t want anything to do with Danks. I’m not a huge Cervelli fan (he’s made of glass), but Danks’ shoulder is about just as brittle and he’s MUCH more expensive. I highly doubt the White Sox would eat a lot of cash just for Cervelli which means other prospects would be involved…I just don’t see the point in giving up that much for a pitcher whose shoulder isn’t nearly what it used to be. De La Rosa is the much better pitcher at this point, but the Rockies want a very strong package for him. They want a starter who is big league ready or just on the cusp of reaching the majors. Cervelli would help them a bit, but they’ll still want a pitcher and I don’t think De La Rosa is worth the haul of prospects. But Cashman has shown an ability to get some near steals via trades so who knows.

    • ALZ

      He’s a backend starter. Even if they pay half of it I still wouldn’t give up Cervelli for that. He is making way too much for a #5.

      • Daniel

        Yeah, agreed totally. And it’s funny Romine is mentioned in this because that’s literally the only catcher I would trade for Danks. And it would be a straight up trade too. I’ll take my chances with this Capuano experiment over Danks easily.

  • Travis Lincoln

    Cervelli for Stubbs!!

    • nycsportzfan

      I’ve been mentioning Stubbs and DeLaRosa for ever on these boards it feels like. 90pct of the people on here disagreed with me, but it makes a lot of sense. A lefty who hasen’t pitched in the AL whos been rock solid since 2009 in a hitters haven and a player who has right handed pop and some speed , who could be coming into his own finally. It just makes sense.

      It’d suck losing Cervelli as I have loved what hes brought to the table for some time now. I have thought for some time he could start on many other teams, and it looks like the rest of the league is starting to agree. But , we got many catchers including JRM to step up, so it makes sense.

    • Cool Lester Smooth

      Stubbs is garbage. Outside of Coors, he’s been the exact same hitter he’s been the last two years.

  • lightSABR

    I’ve always really liked Cervelli, and I’ll be sad to see him go. He’s hit well these last two years (if with limited PA), and his intensity is a lot of fun to watch.

    That said, if he can be the centerpiece to get us a legit starter and push Capuano/Whitley out of the rotation… well, I’ll cheer for you to succeed somewhere else, Frankie.

    • viridiana

      I once heard one of the Red Sox announcers describe Cervelii admiringly as a “pest.” Truth is, he has almost always hit quite well — and come up with more than his share of timely hits. I hope Yanks do not undervalue him in trade. This is a guy who throws out 40% of base stealers, has improved significantly as a backstop and hits way better than average MLB catcher. Should be worth quite a bit.

    • ALZ

      Yes, but I wouldn’t call Danks a legit starter. He is a #5 starter that has had serious injury issues over the past 4 years.

      • lightSABR

        I haven’t done my homework on Danks, so I don’t have an opinion there. But I agree – it needs to be a real improvement to be worth the trade.

  • Grant

    I would rather keep Cervi. What happens if Tex stays injured all year? I know Cervelli has been injury prone too, but the broken hand was a fluke. If we could get a proven bat or pitcher for a package with Cervi in it than okay. Otherwise we are much more versital with him. He knows the pitchers well and his bat has always been better than most catchers. McCann gets to rest at first, which is where he projects in the future anyway. Those two catchers may be the best two in baseball on one team right now.

  • DSFC

    No problem with trading Cervelli but I want nothing to do with John Danks.

    • JimBear

      I agree. I was hoping they would move him this spring when he was hot. He’s injury prone but plays one of the toughest positions to fill in the majors. Think of our miserable year with Chris Stewart last year and that’s what some clubs have to roll out. I like JR Murphy a lot more than Cervelli. Sell high.

  • Bat Jeter 8th

    If Chicago wants to flip Danks send them Romine and one of those over hyped Boston style OFer’s Williams, Heathcott, or Austin

    Cervelli is the only kid playing with any guts and energy, the rest of these guys are asleep at the wheel.. And let’s see McCarthy get some decent results against better hitting teams then Texas and Cincinnati before we make Cashman the GM of the yr

    He wasn’t fooling Cleveland so much, and an upgrade over Nuno isn’t exactly a Billy Beane style haul..

    • RetroRob

      …which means your offer of Cervelli and Austin or Williams, etc. is too much.

      Danks is a name, but he is not the pitcher he was and he makes a lot of money.

      I wouldn’t trade Cervelli for him even up, even if they were to pay half Danks’ salary.

      He’s done as a quality pitcher.

  • Frankie Cerveddardi

    I wouldn’t let Frankie go unless it’s for a real difference maker like a power bat in RF. Frankie calls a good game and brings a lot of energy to the club. Since he returned from injury the team has gotten right back in the playoff race.

  • JLC 776

    A guy with a healthy track record can go down to injury for a season just as easily as someone who’s injury prone going a full season while staying healthy.

    I think we apply the ‘injury prone’ label like it’s another stat that we can measure players with.

    Hold on to Cervelli. He’s been effective when playing and there’s no reason to assume he’s going to inevitably go on the DL again this year.

  • Mikhel

    #SayNoToDanks at least not for Cervelli, Francisco at least is playing at a good level right now and the same can’t be said about Danks.

    They could build a package around Cervelli in exchange for Ríos, or make it a three team trade to get some chips to get Ríos, that way he can start daily.

    Sure Morneau would be sweet in exchange for Cervelli+money or +somebody else, but they are asking too much for De La Rosa while their talks have not succeeded (I am keeping an eye on that, if I get some inside info I’ll let you know, but right now the extension for Jorge is non existent and not because Jorge does not want it). If the Yankees want him, they could wait for his free agency, though from what I have heard on the inside, Colorado will make him a QO, they do want him but not for many years and for not much money, so giving him 14 MM for 1 year, for them is a good deal.

  • PaulP

    I cannot see moving anyone on the ML roster for a pitcher besides another pitcher! Who plays first if you move Cervelli? McCann has to catch in that case.

    • lightSABR

      The idea would be to call up Murphy.

  • Chelo

    Really don’t understand the cervelli hate on RAB and why everyone is clamoring to trade him. Guys always hit when healthy and has been pretty good behind the plate. The players seem to like him and he plays hard, and leaves it all on the field. Yet people on RAB just can’t wait to replace him. He’s no superstar I get that but I’m pretty sure he’s worth more to the Yankees than what you would get in return.

    • Kenny

      At this point (10:53 am, 26/7/14), I don’t detect any significant hate of Cervelli in this thread. There is some caution, not without merit, about his proneness to injury.

      I’d not trade him for any mere “incremental” improvement (especially if it’s named “Danks”). He’s an entirely decent catcher, considerable experience by now, on a team that usually plays under pressure: nothin’ to laugh at here when it cames to trading meritoriousness.

      The Yankees can probably afford to say au revoir to him and rely on Murphy (plus other guys in the system, like the legendary Sanchez). But they should do any trade with considerable care and not get rooked by the damned White Sox.

      • lightSABR

        After the last two Cashman trades, my fear of overpaying has dropped significantly. I don’t think Cash is overvaluing marginal improvement.

  • tom

    Has to be more than Cervelli to land either Kyle Parker or Dayan Viciedo. The rest of OF options are pfffttt!!

    I don’t mind trading Cervelli for non 40 man player because it would prompt John Ryan and Rob Refsnyder to be on the active roster.

    Realistically, Yankees should not trade Cervelli because he handles pitchers very well. John Ryan is still learning. Can’t afford to mess up pitchers’ performance as Yankees are still in the playoff contention.

  • Bret The Hitman

    There are teams/GM’s who view Cervelli as a starting catcher. So his value on the trade market should be that of a cost-controlled starting catcher. He’s in his prime too and has sufficient experience so you can say at this point that he won’t bomb managing a staff. My hope is the Yankees can piece together a package of players who trend as sell-high chips.

    • Go Yanks 69

      Cervelli is a free agent next season. He’s only “cost-controlled” for the remainder of the season. That said, I hope we can sell him off before his value drops again for a prospect or two.

  • Yankee$

    Seems like it wasn’t more than a few weeks ago that Mike A commented on Cervelli not having a lot of trade value. If the medical reports on Danks were good, he’d fetch more than Cervelli. There are two more years at around $14MM per year left on his contract. If they’d part with him for Cervelli (as the centerpiece) the medicals must be lousy. Seems like it’s a crapshoot betting on if he can stay healthy in ’15 and ’16 (like most pitchers anyway.) This might be a gamble the yanks are willing to take to go after it this year.

    • ALZ

      disagree about him fetching more than Cervelli. That Danks contract is so bad, he currently has negative trade value.

      • Yankee$

        I get it that you hate Danks. My point was that IF his medicals were good he’d fetch more than Cervelli. You might still hate him if he were healthy or on the DL. Reality is that he would fetch more than Cervelli if he was healthy. Also, just about nearly everyone who posts on this blog overvalues Cervelli. I get it that we like him. Doesn’t mean the other GM’s around the league value him the way Yankee Blog board posters do. What happens is RAB posters still look at him the way we look at prospects (lots of untapped potential.) The rest of the league looks at him for what he is…A China Doll playing Catcher in the Big Leagues who hasn’t had more than 137 Plate Appearances in a season since 2011.

        • Cheval Anonyme

          Cervelli had 419 PAs in 2012.

  • emac2

    A cheap young catcher that can hit in the majors isn’t something you trade for a bad contract. He can basically fill in for Tex or McCann and is more valuable to the team that any of the names I’m hearing.

    I don’t care what the scouts say about any of these guys. The great thing about stats is it means you don’t have to listen to anyone’s opinion.

    San Diego should get him for Benoit and I could see something like that but I’m thrilled to keep him if we don’t get something at least that good in return.

  • fred robbins

    I’m throwing my hat in the hang onto Cervelli bandwagon. He’s so dam excited to play and I think the pitchers like working with him.

    This current run could be a tease, or it could be that The New Chase feels the magic of the pinstripes and has sparked a little more winning chemistry on this team. It seems like a good mix out there.

    Maybe the New CC will also get a big of magic and Francis takes that one inning and does the same?

    I say sit tight a bit longer, and bring up someone to keep the spark going.

  • Algernon blackwood

    Hold onto cervelli and trade jr since he would provably bring something better back in return.

  • Farewell Mo

    Danks is an expensive injury prone fly ball pitcher who doesn’t miss many bats. He seems like just the kind of pitcher you’d want to stay away from if you’re the Yankees.

  • Slap-Ass

    No, don’t trade “Fist Pumps” Cervelli. Give them Romine instead.

  • Jorge Steinbrenner

    Cervelli for anyone who can be a more solid piece in chasing a playoff spot would be a great coup, and would certainly calm those who think the only way you’d get something of value would be to trade the big-name prospects. I’m not confident Cervelli lands you that kind of player, but I’ve been pretty surprised at how little Cashman has had to give up thus far for the performances we’ve gotten.

    I don’t dislike Cervelli, but I believe in Murphy and Sanchez’s potential a ton more moving forward. Perhaps we see two of those three go at some point, but I push Cervelli off the cliff first for sure.

    • I’m One

      Cervelli has hit well in limited time and part of the reason it’s limited is his fragility. And his defense has been good too, again, in limited time. So her certain has value when on the field.

      However, since the Rockies are looking at him, I’d be willing to do a straight up trade for Tulo. Get it done Cash! :-)

  • Djan

    Keep Cervy, bring Rusney Castillo and try one more low cost trade for a pitcher… better than expending prospects for a “high bat rf”
    Cervy is hot and plays with fire in his eyes.. He brings attitude that we expected McCann to bring…
    and pray to Pineda be healthy for the final run to the playoffs!

  • qwerty

    If they can get rid of cervelli get rid of him. He’s completely useless, this guy can’t stay on the field for more than a couple of weeks before he has some major injury. His next one is coming up so he has zero value, as far as I’m concerned.

    • ALZ

      So people are willing to trade the entire farm for Tulo who gets injured all the time, but call Cervelli completely useless for getting injured?

      • Jorge Steinbrenner

        I don’t know if qwerty’s ever said that, but #rablogic nonetheless.

  • Bret The Hitman

    I still believe Cliff Lee is our top target, so I will be surprised if Cervelli goes for Danks or De La Rosa or another pitcher. Tanaka is gone imo and someone needs to take the ball in game one if we get there. It must be someone with game 1 potential like Cliff Lee.

    When speculating, I’d look more at hitters on the White Sox + Rockies + other teams in need of a starting catcher and see how they profile/fit in with our roster.

  • mt

    Given the situation with Tex right now (constant, nagging injuries this year incluidng “fatigue” plus a surgically repaired wrist that still needs attention), I would be very hesitant to trade Cervelli right now since McCann is the remaining back-up first baseman. If we had a legitimate back-up first baseman, maybe I would think differently about trading Cervelli right now. Also it does not help that Kelly Johnson – who is really no true back-up 1B either – is on DL. Yankees need to make hay right now with these next nine games before schedule gets tougher so weakening an already fragile catcher/1B combo is dicey. Even if Teix avoids DL, I would want two weeks of stability before thinking of trading Cervelli – also as others have mentioned pitching has been pretty good recently and do we want to thrust JRM into that mix right now? This sound sridiculous given how much Cervelli has been up and down but I would really have to be overwhelmed (an offensive RF or a legitimate upgarde to Capuano) to even consider it at thios moment.

    I watch parts of every game but not necessarily every out – can someone tell me whether players have been trying to bunt on McCann and make him field the ball? If not, and Teix remains down, I can see that happening. Definitely Boston will do it.

    This back-up first baseman thing really chaps me because to me it was shortsighted – Yanks go ahead and sign Brendan Ryan to a 2 (??) year ML contract with an option for a third year as Jeter SS insurance since Jeter was 39 and coming off major surgery but for Teix, who is also coming off major surgery and also has recently had d a lot of nagging non-wrist injuries before this year, Yanks basically punt to Kelly Johnson who was starting 3B and really no back-up 1B. Also Cervelli and McCann were on fringes as back-up 1B with no real experience. They should have been able to find someone who could back up defensively both Teix at 1B and Johnson at 3B (who started year as 3B starter) so Opening Day bench would have been back-up 1B/3B (remember Ryan was on DL at beginnibg of year), Solarte (who could back up 2B, 3B and SS until Ryan came back), Cervelli, and Ichiro (with Soriano in at starting DH and Beltran in starting RF). Then with the subsequent injuries to Teix, Beltran, Cervelli, and now Johnson this player (who would also have minor league options) would have been in the mix for a lot of time on major league roster. Instead we are doing all these gyrations and putting an even worse defensive infield on the field than is necessary. Maybe the player would have even performed decently so that we would have cut Kelly Johnson or sent Solarte down after Ryan came back. (Solarte would still have been avaailable for Headley trade). Oh well!

  • small ball

    What about putting Franco at first instead of mccan ..less chance he will get hurt and we need his bat.

  • ChuckIt

    I like Cervelli,but with the McCann contract,& reynolds looming on the horizon,he is expendable.I just wouldn’t trade him for the sake of trading him.Janks is for the sake of trading him.He is not a good fit for this rotation.Unless it’s REALLY an upgrade,let the rotation stand.

  • Kevin G.

    Cervelli for Tulowitski straight up. Do it Cash.

  • Tom K

    I really don’t mind trading Cervelli….it wasn’t long ago that people were wondering if his concussions were career threatening…and really, that fear will never go away.

    That said, I don’t want Danks at all.

  • RangerTex

    The Rockies have received interest from the New York Yankees about southpaws Jorge De La Rosa and Brett Anderson, possibly even catcher Wilin Rosario.

    Rosario can apparently back up 1B.