Double-A Trenton giving away David Phelps/Adam Warren double bobblehead on August 29th

Monday Night Open Thread
DotF: Banuelos struggles to throw strikes in Scranton's win

Just a heads up, the Double-A Trenton Thunder is giving away an Adam Warren/David Phelps double bobblehead to the first 2,000 fans (age 14 and older) at Arm & Hammer Park on Friday, July 29th. Here’s a photo of the bobblehead. I want one. You can buy tickets right here. That’s the Thunder’s last home series of the year and the team is loaded with prospects, including Gary Sanchez, Jake Cave, Mason Williams, Dante Bichette Jr., and Tyler Austin. Good game to catch.

Monday Night Open Thread
DotF: Banuelos struggles to throw strikes in Scranton's win
  • Roadgeek Adam

    July 29, 2015? ;)

  • W.B. Mason Williams

    Nice to see some of the talent in AA this year, some of which will be moving up to AAA. Many should be poised next year to make their cases for sooner-rather-than-later MLB time.

    I hope this is what qualifies as the “talent in the upper minors” that GM’s and scouts talk about.

  • TCF16

    You have to be 14 or older? That sucks. Should be 14 and younger.

    • Pkyankfan69

      Have to make sure no dumb little kids poke their eye out with one

  • RhapsodyInBlue

    Gee I’d like to have a room in my house just filled with Yankee bobbleheads.

  • dkidd

    even by bobblehead standards, those likenesses are horrible
    phelps looks like joseph wiseman in the role of dr. no

  • Andrew_Jackson_Pollock

    When I read “double bobblehead” I expected something more monstrous and freaky. I’m glad I checked the pic before buying tickets.

    • Jorge Steinbrenner

      Glad I wasn’t the only one there.

  • Game 3

    That’s pretty cool for them.

  • Vespasian Clark

    I bought tickets to this game as part of a 10 game mini pack knowing only that it would be a bobblehead giveaway. Unfortunately, the team is out of the running for the playoffs this year, so this is the best cap to the end of the season I could hope for.