King: Mariners requested Bryan Mitchell for Dustin Ackley

Yanks rally from behind for 6-4 win over Red Sox
Pineda throws 3.1 scoreless innings in first minor league rehab start
(Thearon W. Henderson/Getty)
(Thearon W. Henderson/Getty)

Prior to acquiring Martin Prado, the Yankees sought a deal for former second overall pick Dustin Ackley, according to George King. The Mariners asked for Bryan Mitchell in return and that essentially ended talks. King says the Yankees view the right-hander as a potential rotation option either later this season or next year. They had interest in Ackley during the offseason as well, after Robinson Cano bolted for Seattle.

Ackley, 26, is hitting .258/.305/.389 (95 wRC+) with six homers this year and he continues to be a massive disappointment after being taken one pick after Stephen Strasburg in the 2009 draft. He has experience at first base, second base, left field, and center field. Obviously there is talent in there somewhere, but Seattle has been unable to get it out of him. The Yankees bought low in every trade they made this summer and this would have continued the trend.

The 23-year-old Mitchell has a 4.27 ERA (~4.35 FIP) with 81 strikeouts and 39 walks in 86.1 innings split between Double-A Trenton and Triple-A Scranton this year. He was actually up with the Yankees on two occasions, though he did not appear in a game. I ranked Mitchell as the team’s 18th best prospect recently because of his mid-90s fastball/hammer curveball combination. His general lack of command holds him back. Part of me wonders if he’s the next Dellin Betances, meaning a great stuff/bad command guy who takes off in a relief role.

Anyway, I have no problem whatsoever swapping a prospect like Mitchell for Ackley. I’d take a chance on guys with that kind of talent all day, every day. The Yankees are not in position to give away any pitching depth at the moment though, so I think they made the right call holding onto Mitchell and grabbing Prado instead. This is a deal they can revisit in the offseason and I hope they do. Getting Ackley away from the Mariners could do him a world of good.

Yanks rally from behind for 6-4 win over Red Sox
Pineda throws 3.1 scoreless innings in first minor league rehab start
  • Chip Rodriguez

    Glad that Cashman went the Prado route instead. Giving up O’Brien, who seems to be turning into Mark Reynolds with worse defense, is definitely preferable to giving up an AAA starter with great stuff that just needs to be harnessed.

    • TWTR

      Given the $22 million he is owed after this season, the Prado deal only makes sense if it has zero impact on what they spend over the next two years. They desperately need more power, so he is not a good fit at 3B or RF, and he cannot be permitted to block Refsnyder at 2B.

      • OldYanksFan

        The Yanks payroll is currently under $200m… the lowest since 2007. The Dodgers payroll has grown as follows:
        2012: $105,419,833
        2013: $216,753,286
        2014: $229,335,934

        Yes… I believe Hal would LIKE to produce a winning team while ‘only’ spending $200m. However, compared to 5 years ago, our payroll as been somewhat steady, while many teams’ payroll in MLB has grown dramatically. Back in the day, we were outspending everyone by a huge margin. Now it’s a lot closer.

        If the Yankees have learned one thing over the last few years, it’s that NOT having a Winner is costing them lots of money.

        I have no doubt that they will spend $240m if they believe it is a good investment in terms of getting back to the dynasty days. I just don’t think they want to spend that money on CC/ARod/Teix types of deals.

        In terms of Refsynder:
        We need to field 13 position players, not 9. There are always injuries and underperformance. Having Prado penciled in for 2nd base will not stop any kid who earns it from coming up. We should not worry about having ‘too many’ solid players.

        The $189 cost us in terms of team development… but that is behind us. It is only logical that the loss of the Core 4 as well as some bad contracts would make the 2014-2016 timeframe difficult. We all saw it coming, and now it’s here.

        It is harder now to simply ‘buy’ a great team than it was 10 years ago. A lot has changed, and during the last 15 years, we have had the WORST picks in MLB. It will be more of a challenge now to build a long term great team.

        But don’t be fooled.

        The Yankees will spend whatever it takes. But they will spend it more wisely than in the past.

        • The Other Mister D

          I think it is fair to say that if the Dodgers can afford it than so can the Yankees.

          In the end I don’t think fans much care how much the Yankees payroll is (though they will hold salaries against players if they suck) so long as the team is winning, and, most importantly, an artificial cap is stopping the Yankees from improving the team.

          The moves for Prado and Drew I think make it clear the Yankees weren’t letting money hold them back from making deals. We’ve now heard a few rumors about what scuttled deadline deals, and it all seems to be about what teams were trying to get from the Yankees.

    • emac2

      I worry about giving up O’Brien because power is pretty rare these days and because he is showing the ability to hit for average after adjusting to a new level.

      Prado’s balance due is also tough. Next year you could have had Prado and Mitchell or Ackley and a pretty good free agent pitcher.

      I think the move was made because they have had such bad luck when they have counted on a young player and because of the value the deal provides this year. Ackley and the FA pitcher would probably be better than Mitchell and Prado for the same money going forward though.

      • Chip Rodriguez

        power’s rare, but it’s one tool that he has. I’d be more concerned if he was a more toolsy guy or someone with a real position, but right now he seems like a lesser version of Montero – not good enough defensively to fit at any one position, and without much else beyond power. If you’re giving up a bat from the farm, I’d rather lose him than a Bird, Jagielo, or (god forbid) Judge.

        • emac2

          I like Bird a lot but if both pan out I would regret O’Briens loss more.

      • JonS

        O’Brien has never shown the ability to hit for average. Never.

        • emac2

          He hit 320 in Tampa before the promotion this year.

          He hit 320 last year in Charlston before being promoted

          I’m pretty sure he was also hitting 300 over his last 15 games before the trade.

          Ever even look at a stat page?

        • Sweet Dick Willie

          Not true.

          He started last year at Charleston and in 53 games hit 325/394/619. After a mid-year promotion to Tampa, he hit 265/314/486 in 66 games.

          Starting this year in Tampa, he hit 321/353/688 in 30 games, earning a promotion to Trenton where he hit 245/296/555 in 72 games.

          That being said, I still like the trade. He’s already 24, and according to scouting reports, ML pitchers will have no trouble exploiting the holes in his swing.

          If he has a career as good as Shelley Duncan I’d be surprised.

  • blake

    I was always a big Ackley fan as I saw him a ton in college……I’ve always been sorta shocked that he hasn’t performed better than he has at the big league level……but if you saw Justin Smoak hit in college you’d have thought the same thing about him as well…….it’s just really hard to project hitters sometimes as their are so many variables that go into consistently hitting big league pitching.

    I would have loved to give Ackley a reboot to see how he’d do away from Safeco……but given the hanks circumstances I do like the Prado deal much better as well….much more proven and versatile player

    • 86w183

      I like Ackley a lot, but not enough for a high end arm like Mitchell. Also, Mitchell seems to be getting better… his last three starts for Scranton, 17 innings, two earned runs, 15 K, 3 W.

      My only issue with Prado is the $$$ over the next two years. I don’t want that getting in the way of pursuing a SS and/or RF bat and/or starting pitching.

  • Go Win

    Mitchell has an ERA of 2.88 in 5 starts in AAA. 6 of the 8 runs he gave in the 25 IPs happened in one bad outing, for the other 4 has been lights out.

    The most encouraging sign though is that in his last 3 starts he only allowed 3 BBs in 17 IPs, showing that the control is starting to come. In those outings he only gave 2 runs? Mitchell has plus stuff all around, for him it is all a matter of confidence.

    All the signs are that the yankees see him as a starter all the way. He is seen as a top 10 prospect in this organization easily, one that could have a positive impact in the yankees rotation as soon as next year (or even this one if Pineda health betrays him and Capuano continues to be inconsistent).

    This point of view that the yankees have on Mitchell is what made them decide no to trade him for Ackley. Hoping they are right on this on!

  • blake

    Mitchell has always been a guy with a lot of ability that has never totally put it all together and kept it together…..if he does he could be pretty good

    • MTU

      Or he could just wind up in the Pen like most of them.

      Yankees are tops at turning SP into relievers.

      Amazing to see the Yankees auditioning so many guys.

      It’s sort of refreshing.

  • Bigdan

    This is yesterday’s news. I believe we discussed it on a thread then. Yesterday, during the Yankee broadcast, Cone said that the Phils asked for Mitchell in a trade for Byrd. I would do that deal in a second but I think Coney was wrong and was confusing it with this story.

    Not sure I’d consider the trade for Prado “buying low” but I guess we’ll see. Owed a lot of money.

  • Michael Cutler

    Good point on the pitching depth Michael Axisa . . i personally would have probably made the deal and added Prado,not traded for S. Drew and DFAed K. Johnson. I feel like you mentioned, that a change of scenery could help Ackley . . he could relax in the small ballpark . . Definitely an idea for the offseason. .depending on their evaluation of Refsnyder

  • Madrugador

    “No one knows what the team plans are for next year. Much depends on Tanaka’s health. If Tanaka and Pineda could be healthy, then they may not need a starter.”

    I don’t know if Tanaka or Pineda will be healthy next year either but prudence would dictate that the Yanks should not count on both of them pitching 200+ innings next year and that is pretty much the way this organization has to approach next season.
    I wouldn’t expect to get a full season out of Nova(one year post TJS) and Banuelos(two years post TJS) either. Maybe between the two of them you get 200 innings.

  • Yankee Fan Peter

    Heard Padres asked for Mitchell as well in a trade and the yankees said no.

  • bbb51

    Simply moving someone from starting to relieving is not going to help command. This is the false belief with Betances.

    • blake

      It doesn’t help command no… does in some cases make command important.

      • blake

        Less important I mean

      • 86w183

        Where it helps with command is by eliminating a third and perhaps fourth pitch, letting the pitcher focus on his two best offerings.

        • bbb51

          Betances’ command problems were due to his inconsistent mechanics. When his mechanics weren’t right (or aren’t still at times) he doesn’t command anything, it’s not just the 3rd or 4th pitches.

          • blake

            He still doesn’t have good command…’s just his stuff is so unreal that it doesn’t matter. He can pitch on the middle of the plate and guys still can’t hit it

            • bbb51

              True, but his control has improved to the point where he doesn’t walk a ton of guys anymore. Was saying command when I meant control.

              He may even gain command as he gets more and more used to his new mechanics.

              • blake

                Yes he’s throwing strikes now more consistently…..but simplifying his arsenal and only requiring him to do it for 10-15 pitches unseated of 100 probably helps him so that as well……I think a guy like him the longer you pitch the more there is a chance that mechanically you’re gonna lose it. I do think shortening his stride has helped too……but I think we have to consider also that the role change has played a part as well

                • bbb51

                  Well, they shortened his stride and had him throw from the stretch all the time, when he was still a starter. Then they quickly converted him to reliever before he got used to his new mechanics. Then he started having success. I think it was a coincidence his control improved about when he moved to reliever, I think it was his mechanics. I think he was misdiagnosed as a “failed starter”.

                  • blake

                    Maybe but the track record of him starting is pretty long….much moreso than the what 4 or 5 starts he had with the new stride?

                    I think his success this year is from a combination of things……maybe they’ll tinker with him as a starter again next spring….for now though I’m just happy he’s awesome as a set up guy

                • Pete22

                  Three things happened almost simultaneously. He perfected the knuckle curve at the end of 2012, he began pitching from he stretch in 2013 and he moved to reliever. Its impossible to tell which is the most important, or how he would do if he had the opportunity to start with the simplified delivery and perfected knuckle curve and perhaps just adding one pitch to his arsenal (changeup).

                  Elite starters are so rare, and perhaps Betances can be one. If not, no big deal, just move him back.

                  Many point to Bard in 2012 as a cautionary tale, but we now know his problems were Thoracic Outlet Syndrome which was responsible for his issues working out of the pen in Sep 2011 and was misdiagnosed by the Red Sox who had all kinds of medical malpractices going on at that time

        • OldYanksFan

          ‘CONTROL’ means throwing Strikes… not walking guys.
          ‘COMMAND’ means throwing Strikes where you want them (the corners, up/down, etc), ala Gregg Maddox.

          Dellin has greatly inproved his Control.
          If he is ever able to Command his pitches, he will be litterally unhittable.

          • blake

            Agreed…..he’s doesn’t really need great command as a reliever…….he literally just has to hold it anywhere over the plate for 12 pitches and nobody is gonna hit him unless they just guess fastball …..start way early and get lucky.

  • 86w183

    Yanks have no shortage of starting candidates for 2015:

    CC, Tanaka, Pineda, Nova, Phelps, Greene, Mitchell, Banuelos, Whitley and maybe Capuano and/or McCarthy. Not a sure thing in the bunch, either.

    • MTU

      I think Phelps have now proven that he is a viable back end SP.

      Greene needs a 3rd pitch. Should be sent down to learn and master it.

      Banuelos has fallen far.

      Whitley is a reliever.

      Capuano sucks.

      McCarthy likely will disappear.

      Tanaka depends on the TJS.

      Pineda will get his last chance when he returns.

      • CountryClub

        I still worry about Phelps, but ultimately I think you’re right.

        Greene doesn’t need to be sent down to work on a 3rd pitch. Can do it while in majors.

        Don’t give up on Manny yet. Looks like he’s turning the corner and should be 100% healthy next yr. Although I don’t expect him to pitch in NY in 15.

        Agree about Whitley.

        Capuano is nothing but a stop gap and through two starts he’s done his job.

        I think there’s a good chance McCarthy is with the team in ST.

        We’ll see what happens with Tanaka & Pineda.

      • Go Win

        As per Fangraphs, Greene has basically 3 pitches. On top of the fastball, he has a change-up and a slider. He throws both about 20 percent of the time each. The change-up is rated as an above average pitch and the slider as league average. From what I have seen the slider is inconsistent, but plays out ok as it gives another view to the hitters, thanks to the movement of the change-up and fastball.

        • CountryClub

          Yeah, it’s the slider that he needs to work on and throw more, IMO.

    • blake

      Lot of cAndidates yes……we all know that that’ll thin down significantly either due to injury or performance though. Never too much pitching……never.

      • Acx

        Yanks will go for some cheap vets in the offseason no doubt, to supplement the greenes, whitleys, and the guys with uncertain injuries. I agree that Phelps has proven he can stay in the rotation.

        • blake

          Phelps has a job until he loses it for me……he’s paid his dues and has shown he can pitch in a big league rotation.

          I think Phelps is the only real sure thing for the 2015 rotation right now…..Tanaka we don’t know yet…..CC we don’t know…..Nova we don’t know a timetable yet…..Pineda we never know…..Kurofa isn’t signed…..McCarthy isn’t signed …..and very one else is unproven.

      • MTU

        Easier to crank out back end guys and relievers then front line types.

        That is why they had to go and get MT.

        They need a guy like Severino to reach his ceiling for a change.

        • Go Win

          The problem is that they have no sure thing at the top of the rotation, given that Tanaka and Pineda are injury concerns, Kuroda might not return and Sabathia is injured and has not performed for two years.

          Based on this, and depending on the budget, they will probably go for a top of the rotation guy like Lester. On top of that they will need a place-holder a la McCarthy.

          The rest of the staff will be filled with the above guys depending on health with Phelps / Mitchell / Greene competing the last spots of the rotation and providing depth.

    • Bigdan

      That is a very interesting point. Lots of possibilities, but few probabilities. I’m sure there’s a equation somewhere some really smart person can use to describe this scenario. From a risk management standpoint, it’s a daunting problem.

    • Pete22

      You are correct. The odds of Pineda, CC and Tanaka all making 30+ starts are between slim and none. In fact, the odds of any of them doing so is slim. I fully expect that Tanaka needs TJ Surgery and worry they will try to avoid it and he gets it done 1 year later after being ineffective for a good chunk of the season. Pineda shoulder is a walking time bomb, and CC’s knees make him a candidate for the most expensive LOOGY in history

      Banuelos has had a poor 2014 and he has all the hallmarks of being one of the 15% whose TJ surgery was not a success. Nova should be ready by June, but many pitchers are not very good
      in their first year back from TJ Surgery

      The rest are back of the rotation guys except for McCarthy who will be a free agent

  • Acx

    Hope banuelos keeps up this improvement. He was a big part of the future.

    • MTU

      Key word here being “was”.

      • CountryClub

        Still young and talented.

  • Y’s Guy

    Scott Boras just said on the Ed Randall show that the reason Greg Maddux did not sign with the Yankees was just because when they met to sign the contract, (winter meetings in Louisville) Steve Swindall took ill and had to be taken to the hospital and Gene Michael didn’t have the authrotity to sign the deal.
    Boras said that Maddux got on a plane assuming he was a Yankee but during his flight Bobby Cox called and they worked out a deal that Maddux decided to accept instead. Boras seemed clear that Maddux would have been a Yankee had Michael had the authority to sign the deal.

    • MTU

      Thanks Y’s.

      Kind of pathetic not to have a 2nd in command.

    • Bigdan

      That’s inside baseball. Great story.

      If Jeb Stuart hadn’t gotten lost, Lee would have been much more aggressive Day 1 at Gettysburg. The South may have won the war. And the Yankees would have remained the Highlanders!

      • JPK

        Swidell probably wasn’t ill either…more than likely he was caught up chasing some skirt…

    • 86w183

      I’m not buying that story for a minute. If they had agreed on terms a delay in signing the documents would not have mattered.

      Maddux took significantly less $$ from Atlanta because he wanted to stay in the NL and pitch to opposing pitchers rather than DHs.

      Boras has a PHD in revisionist history.

      • Y’s Guy

        Well, I will file that story away for the next time Ed has Gene Michael on.

    • CountryClub

      Things worked out just fine.

  • Madrugador

    86w183 says:
    August 3, 2014 at 10:37 am

    “Yanks have no shortage of starting candidates for 2015:

    CC, Tanaka, Pineda, Nova, Phelps, Greene, Mitchell, Banuelos, Whitley and maybe Capuano and/or McCarthy. Not a sure thing in the bunch, either.”

    Even though I totally agree that none of those are guaranteed to throw 200 innings next year, I am still not sold on paying out big money for a 30+ year old pitcher on a long term contract.

    • MTU

      My view is that it’s cool to have 1 or at most 2 younger guys in a rotation a t any one time.

      But the bulk of the rotation should evidence a veteran presence w proven abilities.

      The AL East is no place for massive tryouts under normal condtions.

      Most, if not, all of the preparation should be done at the AAA level.

      The ML’s only for polishing.

      For example, how does a guy like Greene make it to the bigs w basically just 2 pitches ?

      He should at least have a serviceable 3rd pitch.

      • entonces

        But young pitchers have carried Yanks this year– where would we be without Betances, Warren, Phelps, Greene (even Whitley for about seven starts)? I like a blend of young and veteran, but I think you need at least two hard throwers in the rotation. And guys lose velocity, often before they hit 30. I think the key is not to arbitrarily limit number of young pitchers but to have a large inventory so that you can shuffle between them, ride them when they’re hot, send them down for a bit (as with Nova) to make an adjustment as needed. I look forward to Severino, Mitchell, Green, Man-Ban, maybe Pineda all in the mix next year and beyond.

    • JPK

      Agreed many options going in to next year but almost just as many problems

      Pineda who knows, Tanaka we know the elbow is a ticking time bomb… CC is a physical wreak and is at best a #3 going forward, Nova likely will need at least till late May if not longer to be a option, Greene and Mitchell, and Banuelos should be considered insurance with the hope that at least one of them can pan out as a #5 at somepoint during the season.

      with that being what it is I’m all for making a big offer at Jon Lester, and also trying to bring back McCarthy if he continues to pitch well…
      Offseason priority list should be Lester, then figure out SS, then figure out 3B/RF/2B …. in that order

      • Go Win

        +1 on the description of pitching needs. The only way to give some predicitibility to the rotation is to bring a top of the rotation arm a la Laster, and a placeholder a la McCarthy. It could end up being different names, but I guess the strategy should not deviate much from this one.

  • Bavarian Yankee

    Nova could miss most of 2015 though and Tanaka might as well. You never know what’s up with CC these days and you can’t count on Pineda for a full season too. The Yanks really can’t have enough SP depth in the foreseeable future.

    • Bavarian Yankee

      this was supposed to be a reply to 86w183’s post above.

    • MTU

      The Yankees need to figure out what they truly have in their inventory.

      Process is under way.

      They have not been particularly good at self-scouting in recent years.

      Nor at getting guys to their cielings.

      It really helps to know what you have.

      It’s an essential process.

  • Steve

    I like the Prado deal. He will do well for Yanks and his versatility is key. Was not thrilled with Drew-Kelly Johnson deal but am rethinking that. Drew could be SS option next year and may be a good bat in YS. At worse, we get a platoon situation at SS with Drew/Ryan to beef up defense.

  • Madrugador

    Banuelos has fallen far due to his TJS but this is about the time you should expect to see him return to form and if you look at his last three appearances, he does look like he has put it back together against quality opponents. 14 innings 11k 4BB 3H 2R 1ER.

    • MTU

      When he was really hot stuff he was much like Severino.

      Great stuff and about 20.

      The TJS really set him back.

      I hope for the best for him but his star has fallen considerably IMO.

      He has a lot to prove now.

      • pinch hitter

        Yeah, I’m not high on a guy who won’t make the effort to stay 20.

  • blake

    If Tanaka ends up needing surgery then they’ll almost have to sign Lester or Scherzer this winter if they want to seriously contend in 2015……it’s more optional of the rehab heals the tear……Id still go after Lester if Hal would let me either way but it less critical if Tanaka can pitch.

    Lot is up in the air right now… many questions in the rotation

    • MTU

      Yup and Yup.

      It will get settled soon enough though.

    • 86w183

      Agrred, many questions, but I like these potential answers better than recent off-seasons offered up.

      Gotta go after Lester. He’s a perfect fit. since Stephen Drew and Kelly Johnson are both FA after the season, the trade has zero impact on the 2015 roster.

      • MTU

        I think they’ll have a boner for him.

    • Bigdan

      Actually, if you read your post real closely, there’s not a lot up in the air at all. Either way you sign Lester/Scherzer. And I think that’s what the Yanks will do.

      If Tanaka goes down, it’s an absolute necessity. If Tanaka pitches, there is still a big risk of injury for him in 2015 and even it he’s healthy, the Yanks still need a No. 2 because CC is not and Pineda is well, Pineda.

      So it’s really quite simple. And I think that’s the way the Yanks will read it as well.

      • blake

        Even if they sign Lester that’s 2 known commodities in the 2015 rotation ….the rest we just don’t know yet if they’ll be healthy

    • Exiledintampa

      All you need to do is keep posting and saying Lester’s name. Just like you did with Drew. It’s like Beetle Juice. You have the skills Blake use them.

      • MTU


        Blake forms attachments.

        He’s a sensitive and sentimental sort of dude.

        Like me.

      • blake

        Oh I will…..I want lestah!

  • Madrugador

    I thought Pineda was supposed to throw 60-65 pitches for Scranton today but I see Nuding listed as the starter. Anyone else concerned?

    • MTU

      They decided to skip him a day so he could run out and buy Pinetar for his start.

    • PhillyMatt

      He is still slated to start per this team tweet:
      SWB RailRiders @swbrailriders
      Rehabbing Yankee, Michael Pineda, is the starting today! Sunday FUNday presented by NEPA Honda Dealers! Gates open 11:30, 1:05 1st pitch!

  • Steve

    I have not followed Mitchell much. My initial thoughts would have been to jump at Ackley for Mitchell offer. Yanks must have strong view that Mitchell is part of future plans. I think the rotation has questions but we do seem to have a number of interesting options for 2015:
    1. CC (don’t expect much – probably is no higher than a #3-#4)
    2. Tanaka – clearly the Ace assuming he can avoid TJ.
    3. Pineda – A #2 if he can stay healthy
    4. McCarthy, Yanks should bring him back – good insurance particularly if CC, Tanaka or Pineda are not healthy.
    5. Phelps – has proven that he can pitch. Projects as a #4 or #5.
    6. Greene — Yanks have a budding pitching prospect here that can be a #3.
    7. Banuleous/Mitchell/Severino/Whitley/Clarkin/ and a host of other pitchers in system that can be part of the audition for next man up. I think there is at least 1-2 pitchers in yankee system that can emerge next season either at start of season or mid-season call up.

    I believe we can fashion 3 starters out of the 7 who can give us 30 starts. I would then use FA and trade market to grab at least 1 other starter to replace loss of Kuroda. Clearly Lester would be #1 on that list.

    If we get Lester would it make sense to look at CC as part of back end of pitching staff to protect 7-8-9th innings. That may extend his career and reduce wear and tear on injured knee and miles on his arm. Could be a Ecklersy type conversion.

    • MTU


    • 86w183

      Can’t see CC in the pen, but it might not be a bad idea.

      Definitely think signing McCarthy makes sense. I’ve always liked him and he seems to have taken to NYC quite well. Retain him and add Lester and then you can piece together a decent rotation regardless of how the many questions are answered.

    • Mike

      We are a Lester and Scherzer away from winning the World Series.

      • MTU

        Someone needs to make a sacrifice to the Baseball Gods for good Team health.

        I would have suggested Nunez but he’s gone.

        Maybe a ball boy would do ?

    • pepes pizza

      Did we trade Nova?

  • RetroRob

    I’d rather have Prado and lose O’Brien than have Ackley and lose Mitchell. Prado is a better player and Mitchell has MLB potential as opposed to O’Brien. Ackley is intriguing because of the untapped potential, yet he’s been in the league for years and at 26 should be at peak. He is what he is.

    • Go Win

      Couldn’t agree more. We have 3 prospects in the minors that could become top of the rotation arms if things go well and Mitchell is one of them. The others are Banuelos and Severino. Those are guys you don’t trade, unless it is in a package for a can’t miss player, and Ackley is far from that.

    • Wicomico Pinstripes

      Agreed. At this point, you have to think Ackley is what he is. Is there room for moderate improvement? Sure. I just don’t see him completely turning it all around anymore. Maybe I’m wrong and he pulls an Alex Gordon on us though.

      • Terry

        Ackley’s principle asset, like Gordon, is his defense, not his offense.

        He’s the best defensive second baseman on the Mariners.

        The fact that he’s not being used at second base is for the same reason Drew and Ryan aren’t the Yankee shortstops; they’re blocked by offensive stars.

        The Yankees will not be acquiring anybody who is already a star, so it’s a moot point to chase after people like Gordon; once they’ve broken out, the ship has sailed.

        So buying low is exactly the best, and possibly only, way to go which is why Ackley was a good target for Cashman.

        • Wicomico Pinstripes

          Why can’t the yankees acquire an above average talent through trade?

          • Terry

            Because the Yankees would have to sell the farm to get a proven talent like Gordon, and even that might not have been enough.

            In Gordon’s case, the Royals are desperate to make the playoffs because their window is closing. And that window closes when players like Gordon become Free Agents.

  • MTU

    Sad part is that unless MT gets that TJS he now is a ticking time bomb waiting to go off.

    Is he a Wainwright (super luck) or a Harvey (bad luck), or something in between.

    It’s incredible how fragile so many ML pitchers are these days.

    They throw too many innings w too much stress on their arms early in their careers it seems.

    • Terry

      Tanaka like so many Japanese stars who come over try to over-use their breaking balls and increase their velocity.

      The complementary theory of why so many new players (foreign and prospects) have been injured so early in their MLB careers; the lazy scouts and agents have fallen in love with the radar guns and pitch trackers. Rather than have young pitchers throwing consistent breaking balls and high-80s fastballs, the young and foreign pitchers are pressured into throwing harder fastballs and breaking balls than their arms are used to, either to break into the majors, or “show what they can do” in front of their new market.

      This is exacerbated by the complement to that theory: the medical drugs which were used to help build endurance and muscle to better leverage the pitcher’s body and limbs, which takes strain off the arm, have been banned.

      All of which has led to a bad situation that didn’t have to happen in the first place.

  • Matt DiBari

    18th best prospect in this organization sounds like carny for “warm body”

    • pat

      A warm body that sits mid 90’s with a plus curveball.

      • MTU

        And no 3rd pitch w less than stellar command.

        Lot’s of work still to be done there Pat.

        Should be completed at the AAA level.

        It amazes me how so many of our guys come to the bigs w/o being nearly finished products.

        Guess that is a product of bad luck and the win now mentality.

        Needs to change.

  • Mike

    A potential top of the rotation starter is someone you don’t trade. Good move by Cashman.

    • MTU

      I doubt very much that Mitchell is that.

      His stuff plays a lot like Brett Marshall who is now in Nowheresville.

      Too much prospect hugging goes on around here IMO.

      • entonces

        You’re usually right on target, MTU, but not in this instance.Mitchell much better than Marshall, who lost velocity as he climbed to AAA. Mitchell still gasses it up at 95. Also, recent prospects comprise better half of current Yankee pitching staff. That’s not prospect hugging. It’s respecting the value of prospects enough to give them a chance.

        • MTU

          I seem to remember him as very similar. But Ok. I’ll accept your assessment on that as you appear to know him better.

          And as far as all these auditions go. Imo they are fine in a year where they are a necessity due to injury.

          I hope they make the most of it.

          I do not like too many inexperienced guys in the Staff at the same time.

          They usually wilt down the stretch.

          1 or at most 2 at a time. Prefer one out of the 5 slot.

          Most of these guys will bust out. That’s the sad reality.

          Too much hugging IMO.

  • Exiledintampa

    I was looking forward to following Pineda’s rehab start at SWB today. Milb has Nuding listed as the probable. Any info on that, anyone?

    • MTU

      You can still look forward to it.

      Just not today.

      • MTU

        I stand corrected.

        Looks like you get your wish Exiled.

        Don’t use ’em all up.

    • PhillyMatt

      The team tweeted this about an hour ago:

      SWB RailRiders @swbrailriders
      Rehabbing Yankee, Michael Pineda, is the starting today! Sunday FUNday presented by NEPA Honda Dealers! Gates open 11:30, 1:05 1st pitch!

    • Madrugador

      Yeah, have to wonder about that. Wouldn’t be a surprise if Pineda had yet another set back.

  • Delbert Grady

    I also would’ve traded Mitchell for Ackley. Getting a young talented bat like that out of Safeco could do wonders. I do think that park is where offense goes to die. Smoak, Montero and Ackley all didn’t live up to their offensive potential as Mariners yet all were consensus top 25 (or higher) prospects.

    If Mitchell doesn’t become a starter for us, that was a severe missed opportunity with the Yankees penchant for turning their top starting prospects into relievers. If he becomes another reliever it was a dumb deal to pass up.

    Plus it would’ve been fantastic to see the front office trade for someone young position player wise who hasn’t entered into their prime.

    • Evan3457

      At 26, if Ackley’s hasn’t entered his prime years, he should have by now.

  • MTU

    Most of the young guys in the Yankee’s system are nothing more than potential trade bait IMO.

    The Yankees are not suddenly going to become the Rays or the Twins.

    Not their M.O.

  • Hankflorida

    I can accept Prado at 2nd, and with Beltran at DH, the Yanks need a power player in right field. If Granderson in pinstripes could hit more home runs in a season then all the Yankee outfielders, you know that the offense is in big trouble.

    • MTU

      Castillo is not a power bat but I think the Yankees are pretty serious about him.

      Wouldn’t shock me to see him wind up in our lap.

      Sorry I couldn’t do better Hank.

      I tried to get you Upton, but Stanton, Trout, Puig, Abreu, and Harper are all taken.

    • Kosmo

      You have to consider that Judge is the future RF with good power potential. He could be in the Bronx mid- 2016 if everything breaks right. I would hope NY will address the RF situation this offseason. Crowbarring Cargo from the Rox would be on my wishlist. The Rox would unload his remaining 3 years 60 mil. He would be a good transitional player. Otherwise the power will have to come from around the infield.

      • MTU

        I would looooove to get Cargo.

        Just make it a package deal.

        Tulo and Cargo.

        Hey. Guy can dream, right ?

      • Terry

        The statistic to watch for in Judge’s case, is like any case with a power hitter:


        If he can get on base, the strikeouts and low batting average can be balanced with OBP and power. And Judge’s swing (which has a lot of holes) is a classic case of a kid who needs to be more compact and improve his batting eye. Only from there can he break into the MLB (it won’t be with his speed or defense).

        He’s a project, as is any prospect.

        • MTU


          Hysterical how so many have him penciled in as a Superstar already.

          A budding Winfield.

          He’s proved little just yet.

          If it only were that easy.

        • Evan3457

          The statistic to watch is strikeouts, and walks a fairly distant second.

          Case in point: Brett Jackson.

          From 2010-2012, he was in the BA Top 100 at #76, #38, #32 (#96, 47 and 44 at Prospectus).

          In 2010 he was 21 at the A/AA levels, and he K’d 126 times while walking 73 in 580 PA. That’s a very nice walk rate and a tolerable K rate.

          In 2011 he was 22 at the AA/AAA levels, and his walk rate was even better: 73 in 512 PA. But his K’s also increased to 138, which put him in the contact danger zone of nearly 1 K every 3 AB.

          In 2012 he spent the whole year at AAA at the age of 23, but both his walk rate and his K rate kept disintegrating; 47 BB and 158 K in 467 PA. He was now striking out in almost 40% of his AB, which is almost unsustainable at the big league level.

          His BAVG at AAA had dropped from the .290s to the .260s, but he was still a top prospect for the Cubs, and they brought him to the big leagues for long look from early August to the end of the season. The power was OK; his ISO was .167. Not as good as in the minors, but good enough for a center fielder. The walk rate was excellent: 22 BB in 142 PA.

          The problem was that his K rate got completely out of control, as he whiffed 59 times in 120 AB. As a result, his batting average was .175, and if you’re not a pitcher, you can’t play in the majors batting .175. In 2013, he suffered three injuries. He hasn’t been regarded as much of a prospect since.

          I know all this because he was a prospect in the farm of my fantasy team. I watched with eagerness as he climbed the ladder. I worried a bit about the K rate, but saw the good power, the good steals, and until AAA, the good BAVG, and told myself, “Well, sooner or later, like all good prospects, he figure out the contact thing.”

          But 2012 was a warning bell; 2nd year at the level, and the contact gets worse and the BAVG goes down, not up? I traded him for a decent player, and I haven’t looked back.


          Normally, 99 K in 378 AB wouldn’t bother me all that much at the A-level, but Judge is already 22, so his high K rate is not a product of age/competeing against older competition relative to the league. But what does worry me is that next year in AA at age 23, it may very well go to 40%, and that’s a big red flag.

          The contact issue is the big thing now with Judge. We all see he knows the strike zone. We all believe in the big-time power. But if his contact deteriorates much more as he climbs to the upper minors, he’ll never unlock it at the big league level.

  • mortl

    #Yankees Michael Pineda is scheduled to throw around 65 pitches today in a rehab outing at Triple A Scranton/Wilkes-Barre #sportsrants

    #Yankees P Michael Pineda scheduled to start Sunday against the @SyracuseChiefs. Join us at 1:05 on @TheScore1260.

    • MTU

      I hope someone down there showed him where to hide the Pinetar this time.

      • Exiledintampa

        I read where Lester uses sunscreen sprayed on his forearm for grip. I’m sure by now Pineda has been told more about how to craft the skill of hiding it by far too many people.

        • blake

          They all use something…..I want that beady eyes sucker on my team next year. Baseball is crazy …..Manny Machado got half as many games for throwing a bat at somebody as Pineda got for using something every pitcher uses

          • Exiledintampa

            Manny and Ray Rice. Must be something in the water in O-Town. They both got off light. I want lester too. I think he ages best of what’s available. I see a lefthanded Mike Mussina type addition.

        • MTU

          Yes. But they are smart enough not to hide it in plain sight.

          And the doofus had a 2nd chance too and blew it.

          It’s pretty obvious he isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed.

          • derp

            and how stupid are his teammates, or the coaching staff for not covering this shit?

            nope… we don’t do that stuff around here!

            horsehockey. idiots.

            • MTU

              I thought LR’s response was pretty funny.

              What a jackass.

          • bbb51

            I think he’s just naive in some ways. Remember he’s just a poor boy plucked out of the Dominican.

            I really can’t believe no other Yankee saw that pine tar on his neck and taught him the right way to do it.

        • RhapsodyInBlue

          Pineda would do well by switching to a black glove like Lester.

    • blake


      • MTU


        Save your prayers for some thing really important.

        Like the health of your children, or World peace.

        • derp

          or making all of our relievers starters.

        • blake

          Pray for it man …..pray without ceasing right…..

  • Hankflorida

    Getting Ackley or Prado does not fix the Yankee offense as long as they have two table setters in the outfield like Ellsbury and Gardner. Cashman planned this power outage with a team of banjo hitters with the intent of having a team that can win with pitching, speed and defense. Next year, with Prado, Drew, Headly and Text in the infield, he has his defense to compliment the outfield. He has the strength in the pen, so now he need the dominant arms in the starters to carry the team into October. I disagree with his blueprint for success because this team plays in Yankee Stadium and not in Citifield.

    • Terry

      This was dealt with a long time ago.

      Gardner and Ellsbury were not the problem in the outfield with the Yankees early in the year, and they’re not the problem now.

      The problems in the outfield were Carlos Beltran and Alfonso Soriano.

      End of discussion.

      • Hankflorida

        It is not the end of discussion when you have table setters playing positions of power. In 2012, the Yankees had seven players with over twenty home runs and went to the playoffs with not a great pitching staff. This year, the team started with the hope that four guys could accomplish that feat, and that mark does not seem to be obtainable. Next year, the Yanks will have the same problem of having a power outage; it will never change once you have Punch and Judy hitters in the outfield. The solution may be to find a pitching staff like the Cleveland Indians had with Feller, Garcia, Lemon and Wynn, and even though that staff could not beat the Bronx Bombers, it may work today with the Wildcards, and in a short series, pitching always win.

        • MTU


          Most anyone agrees that the Offense should not be neglected.

          Only question is how much is necessary within the total
          picture of the Team.

          Seattle used to be an example of way too little w great Pitching.

          The Giants found the right balance.

          The other end of the spectrum are Teams who try to slug their way to championships w/o sufficient SP.

          It rarely works.

          Answer is to find the proper balance.

          Yankees can do that without MM in the outfield.

          Or w/o Koufax on the mound.

          98 team was a great example of a balanced Team.

      • Blake

        Two injuries that have really crushed the yanks are obviously Tananka but the other is Beltran……he was the guy they hired to replace cano in the middle of the lineup and even tough he’s playing ….he’s not 100% and he’s not been able to be that force since early in the year. He’s been swinging it better so hopefully he’s kinda learning to adapt to thh discomfort and will finish strong

    • Old Man Time

      Because Beltran, McCann, Tex, and Soriano, were always known first as speed and defense guys.

      • 86w183

        It doesn’t matter where the power comes from as long as there is enough of it. DH, RF, SS, 2B and 3B are much bigger problems in terms of productivity than LF or CF.

        • Old Man Time

          Oh, I agree. I just get tired of Hank’s “Cashman planned this power outage by signing speed and defense” argument every other day.

          • Exiledintampa

            Hank attended his first game at Yankees stadium in 1937. That’s 1937. Get it. Old people tend to repeat themselves. You of all people, whith your handle should get it. i pray to live as long with as much rich Yankee baseball knowledge as Hank.

          • Evan3457

            If Beltran, McCann, and Soriano had hit the way it was thought they were going to, the power, or lack of it, wouldn’t have been an issue. I thought they’d hit about 75-80 HR between the three of them, not the 40-45 it looks like they’re going to hit.

            That 30-40 HRs…that’s the missing power right there.

    • Ghost of Brian Roberts

      If Prado was going to be our 2B next year, wouldn’t it have made sense to just put him there now and put that 170 hitting Brendan Ryan clone Stephen Drew right on the bench where he belongs? I will take Ichiro in the lineup in RF over Drew in the lineup at 2B any day.

    • entonces

      Disagree with this argument, Hank. Gardner and Ells are not the problem. The problem is they don’t have enough singles and doubles hitters behind them to drive these two in. You can’t have three guys in the middle of the lineup all hitting around .230. These are rally killers. You can build around Gardner and Ells with either more power or more contact. Problem is Yanks have had neither. Maybe new guys will help.

  • Madrugador

    Pineda now listed in the starting line up for the Railriders.

    • RhapsodyInBlue

      I hope he doesn’t show with a shining neck.

  • Howard Cosell

    I brought this up the last time – The Yankees have no problem trading for a utility guy that makes 11 million a year but wont negotiate with Robertson a proven high end closer that has shown he can pitch under the big lights in New York.

    I think it is foolish for Cashman not to have locked up Robertson before he hits Free Agency – Betances has only shown he can pitch in relief consistently for less than a year – he is not a viable candidate at this point to replace Robertson – Not with his history of control problems…

    • MTU


      Agree 1000%.

      Robertson has done a fantastic job filling some huge shoes thus far.

      Does not get enough credit.

      • RhapsodyInBlue

        And considering the questions concerning our 2015 rotation a deep pen with both Robertson and Betances isn’t a bad thought.

      • Y’s Guy

        agreed, I was very big on extending both Gardner and Robertson this spring. Even if they thought they’d be able to go forward with DB as the closer, DRob with, say 2 more years on his contract would have been a great target at the TD as well as this winter. And he’s going to cost alot more now as a proven closer than he would have as a potential closer.

        oh well, pay the man…

    • Howard Cosell

      Lastly – I watch Ackerly a lot living in Seattle. His swing sucks, he has limited power and he is a mediocre outfielder. He is a 4th outfielder at best.

      I’d seriously rather give Zoile Almonte a half a season to see what he could do….although the guy seems to do nothing special when called up….

      • Terry

        Ackley not an outfielder at all.

        He’s a second baseman.

        And a superior one to Cano defensively.

        He’s always been a second baseman.

        • Blake

          Actually he played CF and 1B mostly at unc…….the Markners drafted him and made him into a 2B …..he was bad there for awhile…..early on the concern was always finding somewhere for him to play and not his bat……..ironically he became a pretty darn good defender at 2B but his bat has always been the issue in the big leagues

          • Terry

            I meant he’s always been trained as a second baseman since he became a pro in the Mariners organization and minor league system.

            They saw him fielding at first base, and realized that his speed and arm were a waste at the position.

            He clearly didn’t have the arm to break the majors at SS, but he was plenty quick and strong enough for second; turned out to be the perfect position for him.

            • Blake

              He’s become a good defender at 2B……his bat has been the disappointment. Safeco has killed more than 1 good hitting prospect though

              • Terry

                I have a different take on Safeco.

                I don’t think it’s Safeco Field that kills hitting prospects. A larger field should improve the Batting average of a hitter, nominally, although I acknowledge that a more aggressive pitcher. It’s a factor in offensive decline and pitching effectiveness, but it’s not this much of a factor.

                The truth is that the Mariners organization as a whole has been on a decline for more than a decade since Yamauchi took on a larger in baseball decisions in the early 2000s.

                It’s a long story, of course, and someone should write a book about it.

                Is a big ballpark a factor?


                But there’s far more context than that.

    • Terry

      I think that has more to do with Robertson wanting to improve his negotiating position.

      This has been said before; I highly doubt they didn’t offer Robertson an extension, but their offer was similar to Gardner’s which was a team discount offer on top of the relief of risk and forgoing Free agency – a clear underpay for job security.

      We’ll see what Robertson is willing to accept in Free Agency. If he does what Cano did, he’s gone. If he simply wanted an improved deal but is still willing to take a discount after removing the risk from having played through his FA year, there’s a good chance he stays a Yankee (unless there’s something we’re all missing about this situation, entirely possible).

    • 86w183

      Robertson has been terrific this year, but four months does not make someone a “proven high end closer.”

      Betances has not had control problems out of the bullpen either last year or this.

      When exactly should the Yanks have signed Robertson long term? Spring training when he was unknown as a closer? May? June?

      • Terry

        Robertson is a high-leverage reliever, and has been used as such for years.

        Betances has had control problems throughout his minor and major league career because his mechanics are inconsistent and he had no control of his secondary pitches. That’s why he’s a reliever now and most of his arsenal has been scrapped. He doesn’t have control of his breaking balls even now; as many have commented (including Betances and McCann), it breaks erratically and unpredictably on him from one outing to the next. But it’s so unpredictable and usually sharp that it’s been unhittable and batters continually offer at it.

        Dellin has been a great high-leverage reliever this year.

        Robertson has been a great high-leverage reliever for years and is a great closer this year.

        If Robertson leaves, he will be given a closer job somewhere else, no questions asked, and Betances will be given a shot at closing in New York.

        Personally, I prefer to keep Robertson and retain Betances for set-up duty.

        • Tar

          “That’s why he’s a reliever now and most of his arsenal has been scrapped.”

          The overwhelming reason that he is a reliever now, is because the Yankees screwed up and thought he was out of options. In a attempt to get value out of him, they moved him to relief.

          His mechanics were changed ( glove hand, stride length, etc) and he also started pitching exclusively from the stretch,. WHich allows him an opportunity to repeat his new found mechanics.

          The Yankees did something right in their changes to Betances, but then screwed up ( option fail) and are not reaping the full benefits of what they changed.

          Having said all that re-signing DRob is a no brainer for me. Great guy, great pitcher, re-sigh the guy.

          • Terry

            Tar, they had no choice but to change his mechanics.

            His leg kick couldn’t be repeated and threw off the timing after the pivot on every one of his pitches, his variant torque put him in different landing positions and he’d stumble and fall off. The way he finished even when everything went right screamed “lower back injury” at some point in his career.

            Heck, he still has problems with his torque even in his abbreviated reliever mechanics, and when he over-swings, rather than fly open, he misses his landing and loses his balance, stumbling to the ground.

            Dellin’s problem is typical of young pitchers his size: repeating his mechanics consistently. This is why young pitchers who demonstrate good mechanics in college is all the rage in MLB right now. Dellin is years behind in this regard, however much “talent” he has. And if that talent isn’t harnessed better, especially as a starter, he’s a Tommy John surgery for certain.

            The simplified mechanics out of the stretch and his relief role are a logical outcome. And the Yankees have been proven right so far. They’d be foolish to bounce him back to starting the way they did Joba (now that was mishandling a young prospect if there ever was one).

            • Tar

              Sorry for the delay. You could be right and you could be wrong. But I appreciate the lessons in mechanics. That’s an area I definitely lack expertise in…. but I do try read a lot, in particular with Betances.

              If i am right…..the difference being the Yankees have a front line starter. If I am wrong no harm no foul, he goes back to the pen. I have ( finally, rejoice everybody!) conceded that it is not possible for this year, But they are fools if they don’t give him an audition in ST.

              As for the Joba experiment… every time I read that, I think of the Igawa experiment. And how it probably kept them from going all in on Darvish. You make mistakes you learn you grow and you do it better next time. You don’t hide your head in the sand.

    • Giuseppe Franco

      Seconded. I made this same argument for months on LoHud.

      Robertson is quite underrated by his own fans.

      • Blake

        Really don’t want to lose DRob…..the problem though may be the payroll and prioritization of things. The yanks have a lot of needs and if Hal will only allow X amount of dollars to be spent then Cash may have to decide between DRob and a bat or starter…….lets hope not because Is much prefer to have both he and Betances going forward

    • Jorge Steinbrenner

      One thing has nothing to do with the other.

      There’s plenty of time to extend DRob. The only real thing you’re avoiding, at this point, is his hitting free agency and a bidding war.

      All the old arguments are new again.

    • entonces

      Agreed– sign D-Rob!

  • Sam

    I’d have preferred him to Drew. Personally I would have pulled the trigger.

    • Y’s Guy

      im not impressed by either Mitchell or Ackley. I dont think this non-trade is going to be long remembered on either end.

  • MTU

    I’m out.

    Catch you all later.

    • 86w183

      me too…. have a day

  • Oy Vay !

    Mike / Anyone, is there a Yankee salary projection for 2015 ? i.e., salaries coming off, player / team options, arbitration, etc…, Would be nice to see “approximation” of total salary commitment, and go through the impossible(but fun) exercise of projecting how much they might spend in the off-season.

    • Old Man Time
    • Y’s Guy

      first off, to be on topic, Bryan Mitchell is under team control for next year, not arbitration eligible and not a rule 5 minor leaguer. So his effect on next year’s budget is negligible.

      this should help you out:

    • Terry

      This might help:

      I don’t think you need to approximate for the 2015 season to know that this off-season has ensured that the Yankees will not be under the luxury tax next season or the season after if they want to plug holes through Free Agency. Prado’s contract doesn’t help since the traded player is added with the maximum penalty rate.

      Basically, the Yankees are screwed financially, and they knew that at the beginning of the 2014 season (the corporate welfare that is the “Luxury tax” is an abomination).

      They’ll be in worse shape if they don’t make the postseason.

      And if that happens, 2015 will be a make or break year, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see them break the bank again because at that point, if things don’t work out, the Yankees will blow the thing up and George Steinbrenner’s legacy will be – if not dead – at least distant in history.

  • Madrugador

    Thought Severino was starting for Trenton today but I see Heredia is in their for the Thunder now. Anyone know anything?

  • RhapsodyInBlue

    Luis Severino pulled from his Trenton start today, as of yet no news why.

  • Wayne

    That is why they did not trade Luis Severino Aaron Judge and Gary Sanchez because their four starters were lost for the year. But by this time next year we will sign free agents Max Scherzer Jon Lester and James Shields and then the yankees will have traded Luis Severino Aaron Judge and Gary Sanchez for somebody probably a dud!
    But who knows like you guys said.
    I hope if that trade happens we get a young starting pitcher back who is a stud like Felix Hernandez but he hates us!
    Oh well!!
    OOOOh well!

  • RhapsodyInBlue

    RHP Luis Severino (AA Trenton) scratched. NYY VP Mark Newman said “very slight” soreness in left oblique, NOT ARM. “Playing it safe.”

    • Terry

      That’s good.

      Problems in the lower body can often translate into problems in the upper body if they aren’t caught in time. Ironically, it is often worse for the pitcher if there isn’t a more severe “injury” to his lower body, because he’ll sometimes try to pitch through it and compensate by putting more strain on his arm.

      Common mistake of young pitchers trying to do too much.

  • tom

    Ackley>Prado. Prado is basically an expensive version of either Wheeler, Garcia or even Johnson.

    I guess…. Getting Ackley would eliminate acquisitions of Prado and Drew. That would provide much flexible for trades via waiver.

    Ackley could match Prado’s offensive strength for much less than 11m.

  • Blake

    @Shane_Hennigan: Pineda gets Jeff Kobernus to pop out to second on a 94 mph fastball to end the inning. 21 pitches (13 strikes). Slider between 82-84 mph.

    94! Like that

    • Evan3457


  • Evan3457

    FWIW, Pineda’s made it through 3 innings, 2 hits, 1 BB, 4 K’s.
    High pitch counts in the 1st and 2nd. 54 through 3. Scraping the rust off, I guess.

    • Terry

      Swinging strikes are something to watch out for.

      He’s still a ways away.

      But at this point, building endurance is all that matters.

      • Y’s Guy

        Ackley and Pineda used to be teammates (topic)

        As long as Pineda wakes up healthy tomorrow and makes his bullpen in a couple of days I’ll consider today a big plus.

  • SweetSpot

    Not really concerned at all with Pineda’s performance, we all know what he can do on the mound we just should want him to remain healthy.

    • Giuseppe Franco

      Simply remaining healthy is quite a tall order for a guy who has thrown just 19 innings in his 3 seasons with the Yanks.

      Anything they get from his is a bonus. He can’t be counted on.

  • mortl

    Prado > Ackley. In what world is Ackley better than prado ? Prado is a career 290 hitter with a 764 ops. Ackley is 248 and 674 ops… Are things suppose to just click for Ackley after he gets traded to a new team ?

    • Blake

      On planet earth Ackley isn’t as good as Prado….maybe there is still some upside in there somewhere to tap but at this moment Prado is better

      • Terry

        Whether Ackley is better or worse than Prado at this point is irrelevant. We have Prado for a few years.

        And he’s a solid player around the field.

        On another front, I’m wondering what it says about Mariner’s FO this season that they were willing to trade him to the Yankees. They’re in the Wild Card hunt with the Yankees after all.

        • Blake

          That he was expendable or that Jack Z is crazy……or both

          • Terry

            I don’t think Jack Z is crazy.

            I also don’t think he calls all the shots.

            People have to understand that the problems plaguing the Mariners organization for years begins with their owner in Japan who was a notorious micromanager but was frankly Machiavellian when using his FO as front-men (which is modus operandi in Japanese business culture, a matter of face-saving when things go wrong).

            Things have been very confused in the Mariners organization since Yamauchi fell ill years ago and with GMs, managers, and players having incredibly crazy turnover, it’s all pretty incoherent.

            So this may have less to do with Z being crazy, than about the Mariners organization being a mess.

  • mortl

    tom still hungover from last night I guess

  • steve

    Prufrock on Lohud was a big mouth bully, make no mistake about it. He had a tight knit circle of cycophants and they were equally nasty. He tries to pull that here they’ll carry him out in a body bag.

  • Tim B

    Assuming Tanaka doesn’t need TMJ I’m hoping next years rotation looks like:
    Tanaka, Lester, C.C, McCarthy, Nova. Pineda needs to pitch in the minors. Phelps as long reliever/spot starter. Mitchell needs more time. Whitley is a reliever. Greene will be in the minors unless he is traded. Capuano wont be with the team. Id like to see C.C. Traded. As much of a fan favorite he is, he is a liability.

    • Jorge Steinbrenner

      You’d like to see CC traded.

      That’s about as likely as Ron Guidry in the rotation next season.

    • BillyBall

      Why in the world would you put Greene in the minors?

      First of all Nova will not be ready until mid season. Greene if he continues to pitch like this will and should be in a rotation or at very least bullpen.

      I agree that Phelps can be used long relief but perhaps a trade is worked out if the rotation is as you hope it will be.

      Also you would like to see CC traded and I would like you to understand the nature of contracts, fantasy baseball, etc….

      • Jorge Steinbrenner

        Greene may very well wind up pushed out of the rotation next season.

        A healthy Tanaka AND Pineda, plus a replacement for Kuroda from outside the org, Phelps solid as the #4, and you’ve got Greene fighting for a fifth starter spot with everyone else.

        • mustang


          With Mitchell and Manny Banuelos as back ups

  • Jorge Steinbrenner

    I was much more interested in Ackley before this season, when the second base plan wasn’t clear once Robbie left. Now? The team made the right move here.

    As much as he isn’t a sure thing in the least, we should at least have enough confidence in Rob Refsnyder’s development thus far that acquiring an Ackley to, essentially, block him in the short-term isn’t something I’d want.

    On top of that, yes, Mitchell has shown signs of figuring this out and has now climbed to AAA. Not the time to cut bait, especially not on a deal like this.

    Those who worry about trading prospects for the sake of it should feel pretty comforted by the team not making a move like that.

    • Terry

      Refsnyder’s achilles heel is his defense, which has been pretty ugly.

      With options like Prado, the bar for him to break into the MLB has gotten much higher.

      This is why breaking into the Majors as a Yankee is a bad deal for a prospect; unless you have truly elite skills in one area, you’re unlikely to stay with the team even if you do well because the Yankees are likely to trade you or sign a quality FA with their high payroll. Solarte is just one example. Gardner is an even better one, someone with elite defense and speed and good on-base skills, and even he almost lost his job when the Yankees signed Curtis Granderson.

      Sop Refsnyder future as a Yankee is muddled at best. At this point, I think he’s a clear underdog as the future of the Yankees at second.

      Fans can hope, though, nothing wrong with that.

      • Jorge Steinbrenner


      • mustang

        “even he (Gardner) almost lost his job when the Yankees signed Curtis Granderson.”

        Yeah, but he didn’t they held on to him and sign him long term and that has worked out well.

        Solarte is a real bad example he was a journeyman minor leaguer that Yankees got lucky with.

    • mustang

      Well said.

  • Y’s Guy

    I love watching Hunter Pence play baseball. He’s a guy I don’t mind paying to see play, he always hustles. I wish the Yankees has found a way to aquire him when he was switching teams back a few years. (they might have been able to include Bryan Mitchell as a spare part(topic))

    3 rbi already in the Met’s game, 6 in the series.

    • Terry

      I hate Hunter Pence.

      Especially in San Fransisco.

      Meaning I wish he were on the Padres.

      The fact that he is in SF just proves that Ruben Amaro has no damn clue what he’s doing.

  • Dan A.

    They should have done this trade. Ackley can play multiple positions, is young and still has upside, and is significantly cheaper than Prado. Does Mitchell have the upside to even be a future number 4 starter?