Michael Pineda to begin rehab assignment in Triple-A on Sunday

Thoughts following the trade deadline
8/1-8/3 Series Preview: Boston Red Sox

Michael Pineda is scheduled to begin an official 30-day minor league rehab assignment with Triple-A Scranton this Sunday, Brian Cashman told reporters following the trade deadline yesterday. “He’s coming back hopefully soon on a rehab assignment to give us more choices in the rotation,” said the GM to Chad Jennings.

Pineda, 25, has been out since late-April with a muscle problem in his back/shoulder. Joe Girardi said earlier this week that he will throw 60-65 pitches on Sunday, so I suppose he might only make two rehab starts before jumping back into the rotation. Say 60-65 pitches this time, 80-85 pitches next time, then bam, back in MLB. The Yankees could always play it safe given his history of shoulder problems, but they’re desperate for pitching help and there isn’t much season left. They might simply turn him loose after sitting around and waiting these last three years.

Thoughts following the trade deadline
8/1-8/3 Series Preview: Boston Red Sox
  • blake

    Pineda saw his shadow….6 more weeks of he might pitch again one day…..maybe.

    • Y’s Guy

      When CC started throwing the Yankees made this big thing about telling everyone that he was weeks away and had to basically go through another full spring training and don’t expect him back for a long time.

      Now Pineda throws a couple of bullpens and Cash says they expect him back up soon….

      …what gives?

      • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike Axisa

        Sabathia has structural damage in his knee and receive a stem cell treatment. Pineda just pulled a muscle.

      • Tom S.

        He didn’t just throw a couple of bullpens…he has been on a rigid schedule. He’s had catches, flat grounds, mounds and numerous bullpens in addition to a 2 inning sim game and a 3 inning sim game.

      • Ed

        He didn’t “throw a couple bullpens”. He started with long toss, did some bullpens, and a series of progressively longer simulated games, and now he’s doing rehab starts. He started throwing again in late June. Best case, it looks like a month and a half of rehab to get back to the majors.

    • CR7

      Haha agree

  • Y’s Guy

    Question for whoever: Can the Tigers make a QO to Price after next season and keep him for 2016?

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike Axisa

      Yes and please keep the comments on topic going forward.

    • BoS8

      Considering Price will probably score 20 in arb this winter, which was the main reason for the weak return, I can’t see how a QO could work.

      • Preston

        It works to get them a first round pick.

  • Dalek Jeter

    Help us, Obi-Wan Pineda, You’re our only hope.

  • Dick M

    We need Big Mike, big-time. Difference maker.

    • I’m One

      Almost any healthy pitcher could be a difference maker on this team. A producive Pineda could be huge, especially if Tanaka is able to come back strong at some point this season.

      Baby steps …

    • TWTR

      There is something about the look on his face when he pitches that makes him even more fun to watch. It’s like: “FU batter, you can’t hit Big Mike.”

  • pinedamaybegreata (formerly Monterowasdinero)

    If adversity builds character, Pineda should benefit big time. He has shown questionable judgment several times already in his Yankee career. Hopefully the physical AND mental issues will finally get fixed…..

    He is a huge part of the big plan.

  • Bigdan

    Hopefully there are no more setbacks. I felt early on that this injury was relatively minor. I just couldn’t understand why the Yanks only shut him down for 10 days when it was first diagnosed. That’s where the problem was. Those are big muscles in the back and 10 days was never going to do the trick.

    And BTW, thinking three weeks of rest will heal an elbow ligament makes even less sense to me. I expect Tanaka will be given more like three months to determine if the conservative option works.

    The problem I have with Pineda is can he throw his slider effectively without pine tar?

    • RkyMtnYank

      Should be fine throwing his slider now while it’s warm and only needs the rosin bag, what happens in Sept/Oct though when it gets cold again? I’m sure somebody has trained him up on how to hide the pine tar by now.

    • Exiledintampa

      Is it possible that Pineda won’t be effective w/o pinetar? Could it be that he needs it more than other pitchers Because of the slider grip? What would change? less rotation?

      I know very little about pitchers grips. Just asking

      • Chip Rodriguez

        I don’t think it should be an issue now. Pine tar helps grip more than it helps the quality of a particular pitch or movement. In cold weather in April, I can see why he was using it. I don’t imagine he’d need pine tar in mid August or September.

        • TWTR

          And it appears to be widely used, albeit more discretely.

  • Martin Preddard

    I’ve been saying Pineda would come back soon and nobody believed me. He’ll be a big boost during the stretch run replacing Capuano. To me Tanaka ain’t coming back this year nor should he. Pineda’s our ace.

    • Dalek Jeter

      Martin Preddard? You’re not even trying anymore. Not that you can do much with Martin Prado…but come on Stepheddard Drew? Stephen Dreddard? There are better options out there and I feel like you took the easy way out.

      • Martin Preddard

        I was saving Drew for the Sox series. People look forward to my new screen names as much as they do to John Sterling’s new HR calls. Can’t wait till we get to the Sept call ups.

        • BaltimoreYankee

          “…People look forward to my new screen names…”
          Um, no they don’t.

        • mustang


          The legend in his own mind.

        • Deep Thoughts

          Keep doin yo thang dawg.

      • I’m One

        Yeah, we need vintage eddard back. Let’s hope he (and his dad) aren’t injured for the Red Sox series.

  • TWTR

    I would rather watch that than the ML club’s game.

  • blake

    I hope Pineda can come back and be good…..Lord knows they need him to. I just feel likes he’s this big swimming pool in the desert that we all see and think it’s real and it pretty much never is.

    • kibbles ‘n vicks

      Welcome to RAB, Blake!

      • blake

        Michael Pineda Injury update mentioned* Thanks bud.

  • Mike in Davie

    Does anyone else remember Carl Pavano…….you know how there is a CP3 in basketball for Chris Paul? I say we rename Mike Pineda CP2, for Carl Pavano the 2nd!

    • Mandy Stankiewicz


  • trr

    As Mike points out, perhaps it is time to “turn him loose”

    Get him out there, let’s see what we got here….I’m not writing this year off, but we have several serious determinations to make, and next year’s rotation may be No. 1 on the list…

  • nycsportzfan

    Does anyone know if were having a Live Chat today?

  • Tyler

    I really like that the Yanks are just giving him what looks like 2 rehab starts. Time to see if Pineda can stay healthy and maintain his stuff over a long period of time. The pitcher we saw in that first start in Toronto was extremely exciting. If he can even be close to that guy, this team has a really nice chance to sneak into that 2nd wildcard after yesterday’s lineup upgrades. Don’t love their chances against the Angels but who knows in October.

  • John C

    Really hope Pineda can make it back but not getting my hopes up. Last time he made it to his 2nd rehab start then suffered a setback. Lets hope he makes it back all the way time with no further setbacks

  • hey now

    We can still win this trade, goddamnit!

    • Pedro Cerrano

      (lights candle to locker God Jo-bu)

    • aRX


      But seriously, we already have. Montero hasn’t done shit for the Mariners, and IIRC Noesi was sub-replacement level for them.

      • Deep Thoughts

        I think Montero opened the door a crack by playing well in AAA and getting a call-up, but Kendrys Morales slammed that door shut.

  • RangerTex

    Best case scenario he comes back in mid August, he provides about 8 starts for the rest of the season. How many more wins would he provide over his replacement? 2 or 3? Will that push them over the hump? Doubtful but it will probably be close, 2 or 3 wins by the trade acquisitions, 2 or 3 wins by Pineda (Best case scenario, he comes back in Mid August and stays healthy). If they are close, then bring him up. Otherwise the risk os not worth it.
    I think and hope that’s how they need to play it. See where he is at, see where the team is at by mid August, and then if healthy make decision to bring him up depending on the standings. Otherwise it’s not worth the risk.
    I also think he is under team control next season as well, I might be wrong on that, but if he is, save his arm if this season is a lost cause.

    • TWTR

      ML service: 2.099

      They control, the only upcoming issue would be arbitration.

      At this poiint, I think they have to build up his arm (strength) more than save it.

  • Bo S8


    A healthy Pineda with McCarthy and Greene, sinkers at 95, makes for a reasonable staff. Add in Kuroda and Phelps and it’s above average. That’s why I’m much encouraged at the upgrade in the IF.

  • HansDavenport

    This is really good news.

  • W.B. Mason Williams

    Progress is progress.

    Let’s go Big Mike.