TiqIQ: Multiple Player Ceremonies Lead Most Expensive Yankees Promotions

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From our friends at TiqIQ:

All season the New York Yankees have found a way to stay competitive. With the amount of injuries they have sustained, especially in the starting rotation, it would not have been surprising if they had one of the worst records in the league, but somehow they’ve remained above .500 all season. Currently they are second in the AL East with a 60-54 record, despite losing four of their five original starting pitchers to injuries. That’s especially shocking for a team that was realistically expected to struggle offensively. But there is one area the team hasn’t struggled, and that is with ticket sales for games at Yankee Stadium.

The Yankees are always one of the most expensive tickets in the league, and the only team that has been close to them this year is the Boston Red Sox. For the remainder of the season the Yankees have an average ticket price on the secondary market of $131.43, while most teams fail to even come close to the $100 mark. The league average is about $80 but most teams are lower. That number would be a lot lower if it weren’t for the Yankees and Red Sox.

Part of the reason New York Yankees tickets are so expensive is because of Derek Jeter’s impending retirement, but some promotions have also led to the hefty price tags. The next home series for the Yankees is this weekend against the Cleveland Indians. The Indians are no slouch, but they are currently third in the AL Central and a game under .500 at 57-58. Still the cheapest game of the series is $113.03. The most expensive game of the series is $176.61, and it also happens to be a game in which Paul O’Neill will have a plaque dedicated in Monument Park on Saturday.

Similarly the most expensive game for a September series against the Toronto Blue Jays has a promotion. The series is a four-game set from the 18-21, with the game on the 21 the only one with a giveaway. The first 10,000 guests 14 and younger will receive a limited edition Yankees bear beanie baby with the number “2” stitched in to celebrate Jeter. Tickets for that game are averaging $145.57, while the first game of the series is just $91.62.

From August 22-24 they play a Chicago White Sox team that isn’t anywhere close to contention. One the 22nd tickets are averaging $100.54, and on the 24th tickets are just $95.31, but on the 23rd the average is $139.48. But there is a big event on that day, with the Yankees retiring Joe Torre’s No. 6. But that pales in comparison to the game on September 7 against the Kansas City Royals. Tickets are currently averaging $543.42, with a special Derek Jeter ceremony scheduled for the day.

Despite everything they’ve had to deal with, the Yankees still have a chance at the postseason berth. But that’s just part of the reason Yankees tickets have been among the most expensive in the league this year. One of the big reasons seems to be all the promotions the team is having, especially those centered around their most popular players.

Yankees call up Bryan Mitchell, designate Matt Daley for assignment
Game 115: Call Me Esmil
  • cr1

    I know these special days are income producers but still I like the NYY showing appreciation for our old héroes. I like the saying ‘Once a Yankee, always a Yankee.’ I like Oldtimers Day and I love that the Yankees seem to be the only team that still honors its oldtimers this way.. I want all my old favorites to stay close to the team and visible to us fans, profit or no profit. I want these new young guys to see the oldtimers up close and personal, and I hope they aspire to be among them someday.

  • bardos

    Yep, $0.75 for a bleacher seat when I was a kid.

  • Friend of Fred Stanley

    What we really need is a Book Burning Night at Yankee Stadium, a cool evening for Yankee fans to warm themselves by setting fire to the following literary garbage:
    -A-Rod: The Many Lives of Alex Rodriguez by Selena Roberts
    -Bunts by George Will
    -Facing Up by Peter G. Peterson
    -Faithful by Stewart O’Nan and Stephen King
    -Joe DiMaggio: The Hero’s Life by Richard Ben Cramer
    -Men at Work by George Will
    -The Science of Hitting by Ted Williams
    -We Would Have Played for Nothing by Fay Vincent

    As we all used to say when Bernie Williams patrolled center field in the Bronx, “Bern, Baby, Bern!”

  • AskMeAboutMyCandyBars