Ty Hensley home from hospital after being “brutally attacked and assaulted” during holidays

The many ramifications of Stephen Drew's return
Drew's return gives Yankees both a balanced and lefty heavy lineup
(Photo via Bronx Pinstripes)
(Photo via Bronx Pinstripes)

Some serious and sad news to pass along. Yankees farmhand and 2012 first round pick Ty Hensley was attacked during the holidays, his attorney Jacob Diesselhorst has confirmed. Hensley had to be hospitalized and has since returned home.

Diesselhorst told me Hensley was jumped from behind and assaulted while at a home in The Village, a suburb of Oklahoma City. Hensley was knocked unconscious and beaten. He suffered head and “pretty significant facial injuries,” including multiple fractures to his jaw.

“Ty is a strong young man and we’re confident once his injuries heal up that he’ll be back to himself,” Diesselhorst told me. “He does have severe injuries though.”

Agent Rob Martin released the following statement (via Chris Cotillo:):

“On behalf of Ty Hensley and his family, we are able to confirm that Ty was hospitalized after being brutally attacked and assaulted over the holidays in Oklahoma City.

Ty was treated and released from the hospital and is presently recovering at home from the injuries he sustained after being knocked unconscious in this vicious attack.  Ty and his family are grateful for all of the support, thoughts, and prayers he’s received from friends, fans, and well-wishers. We respectfully request privacy during this difficult time.

For those of us that know Ty best, this attack was shocking and disturbing both in it’s severity as well as the fact that it could not have happened to a nicer, more good-natured young man.  While Ty always handles adversity remarkably well, he’s taken it to a new level in meeting this challenge head on.  His pain tolerance, attitude, and determination to get back on the mound as soon as possible are literally off-the-charts.  This is a young man with rare character and unbelievable toughness. Please direct all media inquiries to his attorneys Rob Martin (ICON Sports) & Jacob Diesselhorst (Maples, Nix & Diesselhorst).  Thank you.”

Hensley is planning to press charges but none have been filed yet, according to Diesselhorst. Police in The Village investigated the incident and have recommended an aggravated assault and battery charge.

The Yankees selected Hensley out of an Oklahoma high school with the 30th overall pick in the 2012 draft. He had a 2.93 ERA with 40 strikeouts in 30.2 innings split between the Rookie GCL Yanks and Short Season Staten Island last summer. Hensley missed all of 2013 following hip and hernia surgery.

The attack and injuries likely mean Hensley will miss the start of the season, if not longer, but baseball is a secondary concern now. He’s a 21-year-old kid with his entire life ahead of him. Returning to full health after an attack like this is the priority. Get well soon, Ty.

Update (3:54pm ET): Jacob Unruh has more details on the attack. Hensley was attacked by Anthony Morales, an ex-football player from the area who played at Weber State and was in training camp with the Carolina Panthers last year. This is him. Morales was “found by an unidentified female standing over Hensley kicking and hitting him while he was lying on the ground following an argument over sports and signing bonuses,” according to Unruh. In addition to jaw fractures, Hensley lost a tooth, had lacerations on his lip and chin, and swollen eyes. Geez.

Update (4:46pm): The district attorney in Oklahoma County has filed felony aggravated assault and battery charges against Morales. The Yankees say they are aware of the incident but declined comment. The attack happened on December 28th and Hensley’s lawyer said Ty refused to tell Morales the size of his signing bonus, which prompted the attack. What a nut job.

The many ramifications of Stephen Drew's return
Drew's return gives Yankees both a balanced and lefty heavy lineup
  • Rich in NJ

    That’s is beyond awful. Best wishes to him.

  • Call Me Carlos the Dwarf

    Jesus H. Fuck.

  • Mickey Scheister

    Get well soon Ty. Hopefully he does press charges and the scum who perpetrated the attack are held accountable.

  • Jorge Steinbrenner

    Ty’s mom is an occasional reader here. Deeply sorry for what happened, and I wish him a speedy recovery. We hope that 2015 is the year of Ty Hensley.

    • RetroRob

      Perhaps she’ll stop by and give us an update, although she hasn’t shown up since we went to the Disqus format.

      • ropeadope1

        Are you implying the thugs at Disqus played a role in the attack?

      • Jorge Steinbrenner

        I’d love that for sure!

        She has a Twitter account as well, right? Perhaps, once things settle, she’ll provide an update.

    • https://www.flickr.com/photos/roadgeek/ Roadgeek Adam

      2015 is played in his honor. :)

  • NH Yankee fan

    Wow.. Hope he’s okay and rehabbing back to full health. I hope they got the aholes that did this? Get well Ty!!

  • Big Game Luis Sojo

    Terrible…A similar incident happened to one of my cousins. He bounced back physically, but emotionally he has never been the same. Thoughts and prayers to the Hensley family. Get well soon, Ty!

  • bernbabybern

    If it’s that bad it should be attempted murder.

  • Oops I Crapped My Pants

    what is wrong with people??? Beyond terrible. Best wishes and prayers to Ty and his family.

  • Posada_20

    That’s just terrible!. My hopes and prayers to Ty for a full recovery.

  • Dan A.

    Brutal. This kid has gone through a lot, I hope he keeps persevering.

  • blake

    Kid can’t catch a break…..was this just random violence?

  • Dropped Third

    Wonder if it was a robbery or he pissed off the wrong dude.

    • John in Forest

      The same sort of thing happened to a co-worker of mine a dozen years ago, in Maryland. The thugs didn’t know him and didn’t steal anything; they just wanted to beat the life out of someone.

      • http://www.google.com/ Tanuki Tanaka

        Wrong place at wrong time. Ouch.

        • John in Forest


  • Alkaline

    Yikes. Stay strong kid.

  • limited beaty

    I hope the chick was worth it, sounds like a boyfriend beating

    • trey knicksfan

      you should get into the detective game.

      • Finally Sweet Home Alabama – I

        Just call me rust cohle!

    • bgardnerfanclub

      Victim shaming doesn’t seem like the most appropriate response.

      • CashmanNinja

        Yeah…I’m not really fond of it myself. Besides…does it even matter why he was attacked? The guy got his head bashed in for crying out loud. He had broken bones, was knocked out, and had his face messed up. This doesn’t sound like the sort of thing that comes about from a girl. And you know what? Even if it did it doesn’t give that person the right to do that. Curse someone out, try to act tough, fine. But once you start committing aggravated assault/battery that’s extremely serious. In Oklahoma that can result in up to 5 years of jail time.

        • Finally Sweet Home Alabama – I

          Yes you’re right, it definitely sounds like this stems from the argument about signing bonuses.. If that’s the truth it proves both of us wrong. And my theory about a girl was far more plausible than anything else short of robbery. Who beats the crap out of someone about a signing bonus discussion? If true, that’s just random

      • Finally Sweet Home Alabama – I

        Shaming? No. It is disgraceful this happened to him or anyone in fact. However, as a forum we can discuss how or why it may of happened. Or we may not, i chose to. I guess one of the pluses for being an american,I guess it’s a good thing he’s not part of a muslim extremist group, you might come shoot up my house for my expression of freedom of speech.

    • Dropped Third

      My thought also. Smart, good looking, well mannered kid. Has to be about a girl or they were trying to get some of that signing bonus.

      • Finally Sweet Home Alabama – I

        The whole story doesn’t make sense. A curb stomping because they disagreed about signing bonuses ? Wtf ?

    • http://batman-news.com Thunderfingers

      That is among the worst comments I’ve read on here. So inappropriate.

    • Bo Knows

      you sound like a flippin idiot

  • http://www.google.com/ Tanuki Tanaka

    Alive and recovering, so that’s good.

  • SweetSpot

    That’s really terrible news, I hope he recovers quickly.

  • YankeeFan™

    awful news here hoping for a quick recovery ty and hope that animal pays for what he did.

  • Canarsie Yankee

    Highly unfortunate, no matter whom this affects. Only hopes are for speedy recoveries and for full prosecution.

  • RetroRob

    Wut, the…

    Hopefully he makes a full recovery.

  • bgardnerfanclub

    Healing thoughts and lots of love to Hensley, his family, and loved ones.

  • Austinmac

    Poor guy. He has had nothing but hardship since he was drafted. Multiple broken bones in the jaw sounds like possible surgery and a pretty long recovery. He has ability. I hope he gets to show it.

    • John in Forest

      Let’s just hope for a full recovery with no complications. A major league career is secondary.

    • Guest

      Where’s this information from?

      • Austinmac

        CBS Sports said he has multiple broken bones in his jaw according to his agent. Jaws can be tricky, but let’s hope for the best. It is good news he was released from the hospital.

        • CashmanNinja

          They can also lead to weight loss because of the inability to eat solid foods for a while. Plus there’s always a chance that he’d need some sort of speech therapy depending on the severity. We know very little right now, but hopefully he makes a full recovery.

          • Austinmac

            I think we can assume a liquid diet for some time. Of course, we know no details but “a brutal attack” doesn’t sound good.

  • Drew

    Thoughts and prayers going out to him. Hope they catch this thug and he is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

  • Centaur Hips

    Horrible news. Hope he recovers.

  • Mandy Stankiewicz

    Best wishes for a full, and fast recovery.

  • Macho Man “Randy Levine”

    Jesus, this is horrible news. Obviously I hope he can fully recover because I’d still love to see him develop and eventually contribute to this team.

  • CashmanNinja

    I really hope he recovers quickly — and not just from a baseball perspective. It sounds like it was an unprovoked attack and that the guy went to town on him. From a baseball standpoint it does suck because this guy cannot catch a break when it comes to injuries. That isn’t the important thing now, though. The important thing is that he gets well, recovers, and then after that comes the baseball stuff. I hope he presses charges and they better include aggravated assault and battery. This wasn’t like some drunken bar fight. This is the type of thing that involves 1 person vs. an unsuspecting person. Really, really low and dirty. I hope he recovers quickly because it sounds like it was pretty bad. Plus let’s not forget how head injuries are treated in this day-in-age. They’re going to be very cautious with injuries to the head, as they should, but hopefully there is no long term damage to his health.

  • Preston

    About a year ago somebody posted a comment with a top ten prospect list that had Ty Hensley in it (I think it was Nysportzfan) I said I didn’t think you could rank a guy who hadn’t pitched that much in a top ten and his mom replied to me telling me that Ty was going to prove me wrong and earn his way onto the list. With an awesome protective mother like that taking care of him Ty is going to heal up just fine. And he’s still going to prove me wrong and be a great Yankee ace. And I hope these guys are still in prison when his Yankeeography airs.

    • http://batman-news.com Thunderfingers

      My first hope for him is a full physical and psychological recovery. Once that’s been accomplished, anything he does in baseball is gravy. Let the kid have a healthy and productive life in whatever he ultimately chooses. Baseball may be a small or large part in that.

    • tbone1570

      Nice that Mrs. Hensley is protective pf her son, but she should grow some thicker skin or learn not to take comments on a message board to heart.

      • Jorge Steinbrenner

        That doesn’t resemble what Preston wrote at all.

        • tbone1570

          How so? Preston wrote his opinion of weather or not you should include someone with such little MILB in a top10 list. I wasn’t the least bit critical of Ty, yet it generated a response from his mother. My question would be: what kind of response will she be making in the future when someone posts a comment that is critical or derogatory about Ty (and because this is the internet, it’s bound to happen sooner or later).

    • Scott

      concur. NJ.com said he was initially knocked in the back of the head and it knocked him unconscious. The guy continued to attack him after he was knocked out. What a douche. If you keep attacking someone after they knocked out, are attempting manslaughter at that point?

  • captainmike

    from Oklahoma:
    The police report said the assailant was found by an unidentified female
    standing over Hensley kicking and hitting him while he was lying on the
    ground following an argument over sports and signing bonuses.

    • TheEvilUmpire

      Sounds like a jealous friend who felt entitled to a chunk of Ty’s signing bonus… Ty, those are the people who you want to avoid…

      • Now Batting

        Are you implying he’s somehow to blame based one sentence?

  • ropeadope1

    Horrifying news. Best wishes for a full and speedy recovery to Ty. Hope his assailant is quickly apprehended and put away for an extended period of time.

  • calripyankee

    Too bad, he had s nice though somewhat limited comeback last season..

  • Fernandito Andujar

    Wishing him a speedy recovery. And wishing a speedy trial and a long jail sentence for his cowardly attacker.

  • vin

    Just terrible news. Get well soon, young fella.

  • Bsquared41

    God how awful. Hopefully they can find the person/persons responsible. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

  • YankeeB

    This poor guy can’t buy a break. Hope he recovers quickly and has some change in his luck.

  • Antonio G. Fuster

    I hope they catch whoever is responsible, and make them pay, regardless of whatever, whoever it is. Speedy recovery and hopefully we’ll see him in the Bronx, “Real Soon”

  • captainmike

    Hensley’s attorney Jacob Diesselhorst said the right-handed pitcher was
    knocked unconscious and beaten early Dec. 28 by Anthony Morales, a
    former linebacker and running back for the Bulldogs who starred at Weber
    State and was briefly on the Carolina Panthers’ roster in this season’s
    training camp.
    Diesselhorst said he has not heard of any legal representation for Morales. He also added that he was told by detectives that Morales is not cooperating with the investigation.


  • hrbomber1113

    WTF is up with Oklahoma? I live in Kansas and growing up I had a coach on my 11-12 year old team that was a star at Oklahoma State and on a team trip he stayed in his hotel room for a light workout and went to bed, while most people went and partied. He woke up in the hospital as someone(s) bashed his skull in with a metal baseball bat and it ruined his career and life. I think he lost an eye and a lot of vision in the other along with MANY other issues for life, as you can imagine. I’m actually disabled for life from head injury myself. Like Ty, I had hopes of a Yankees MLB career as my Grandpa played for the St. Louis Browns and my Dad for the Yankees and was a left handed hitting catcher and signed by Tom Greenwade before blowing his shoulder out. I pray Ty doesn’t end up with the existence that I’m left with and we see him on the mound someday. Coming from a guy with 11 surgeries on my throwing shoulder and knees and the brain injury it would mean a lot to see this guy tear it up. He clearly was born with the talent and it’s INCREDIBLY cruel to give someone the talent, character and work ethic to play at the highest level and take it away.. This should ABSOLUTELY be attempted murder/manslaughter after attacking him from behind and significantly after he was knocked out on the ground. I hope it leaves to no jail time. I want hardcore federal f*ck you in the @$$ prison for all involved. If this guy has any money from his football career left or gets any in the future I hope ever cent of it goes to Ty Hensley. Get well Ty!

    • LazerTown

      Didn’t feel that dangerous last time I was there. Is a pretty dull place though, and the fact it takes like almost an hour with a 75 mph speed limit just to cross the physical Oklahoma City boundaries does not help. Hard imagine Kansas really any better though.

  • The Great Gonzo

    See, none of this would have happened If Cashman didn’t sign Stephen Drew…. (I know, horrible time to make a bad joke).

    This sucks. As a fan it bums me out, but as a father it scares the shit out of me. While we have no idea what caused this (everything is speculation at this point), but kids be trippin these days. Get well soon, Ty.

  • RhapsodyInBlue

    Terrible news. I hope the kid makes a full recovery.

  • vicki

    fucking lunatic.

    • LazerTown

      Over something you can find on Google of all things.

  • captainmike

    after reading the update, I hope the prisoners have their way with morales

  • captainmike

    the daily news has posted more information on their website tonight

  • NY Doublle F 117

    Wow ! As A Long Time Yank Fan & Had Went To Several S.I. Yanks Games , Last Yr. Here On The Island & B’klyn. When They Played VS The Cyclones , The SS Mets Team.
    I’m Sorry To Read About That Bully Attack ! 2 Days Before C Mas.’14. I Think Commissioner Goodell Better Banned That B______!. Players Like Him , Rice, Caret, Even M.V. Doesn’t Belong In Such A Sport Like Football !.
    To Pummel A Guy Less Than He Is In Weight/? Body Structure [Cause FB Players Are More Heavier Than Pitchers, Besides The Panda] Because 1 Doesn’t Want to Say How Much They’re Earning Is ‘Stupid’ & Uncalled For !.
    I Hope That Morales Gets The “Fullest” Prison Time.
    Hoping Mr. Hensley Recovers With ‘No’ Strenuous Career Ending Injuries Due to That “Uncalled” For ‘Bully’ Attack.