TiqIQ: Best 2015 Yankees ticket deals are not necessarily on the secondary market

Monday Night Open Thread
With four candidates left in camp, Shreve and Whitley are good bets for last two bullpen spots

Yankees tickets1After saying goodbye to legendary closer Mariano Rivera in 2013 and “The Captain” Derek Jeter last year, the 2015 Yankees are hoping to contend with a combination of next generation anchors like Dellin Betances, Masahiro Tanaka, and Didi Gregorius as well as a cast of veterans like Carlos Beltran and Mark Teixeira. Based on prices in the secondary market, fans are looking forward to the next chapter in Yankees history. The current average price for tickets across the 2015 season is $130 on the secondary market, 21% higher than last year’s average.

Like years past, the most expensive games are against familiar teams such as the Boston Red Sox and New York Mets. Over the past 15 years, the secondary market has been the go-to source for fans looking to get the best deal. While that’s still the case for some events, fans looking to get the best deal on tickets will be better off going directly to Yankees.com.

In April and May, for 18 of the 22 home games, Yankees.com has the lowest prices in at least one seating level compared to the secondary market. For that same period, there’s a cheaper 300-level option from the team for 68% of the games. That’s the case for 100 level seats for 45% of the games. For the first Yankees-Red Sox game on April 11th, you can find a 100-level tickets on Yankees.com for $110, which is well below the $144 that they will cost on the secondary market. There are even a limited amount 100-level Opening Day seats against Toronto that are available for $77 less than by going directly to the team’s websites. In the 300-level you can find primary tickets for $80 compared to $179 on the secondary market.

Here are three other notable games where going directly to the box office will be your best bet:

April 24 vs. Mets

100-level tickets available at $225 on Yankees.com compared to $339 on the secondary market. 400-level seats for $22 directly from the team compared to $48 on the secondary market.

April 25 vs. Mets

100-level tickets available for $80 on Yankees.com compared to $121 on the secondary market.

200-level tickets from the team for $155 compared to $220 on the secondary market.

April 29 vs. Tampa Bay

100-level tickets available for $225 compared to $277 on the secondary market.

In addition to pricing more efficiently this year, there are also a host of promotional nights like MasterCard $5 nights, of which there are four over the first month of the season. You can see those all here and see the grid below which we put together to help Yankees fans make sure they’re getting the best deals to get out to Yankees Stadium.

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Monday Night Open Thread
With four candidates left in camp, Shreve and Whitley are good bets for last two bullpen spots
  • http://riveraveblues.com/ Mick

    They are pricing out the middle class. No wonder they are losing fans.
    Kids rather play video games and faster sports. Football, basketball and soccer are more popular.

    • pft53

      The middle class is being exterminated anyways, pretty soon it won’t exist, or it will be redefined to be where poverty level once was

      • Y’s Guy

        The secondary market is awesome for me! I’m cheap as hell when it comes to sports tickets and such. All I need is a seat. I got to the second home game pretty much every year, this year that will be Wednesday. Its usually one of the least attended games of the year, and it’s the Blue Jays who don’t draw at all. We’ll have a burger and beers before we get on the subway to go up there. It’s increadibly cheap, I love it!

        • ropeadope1

          Careful not to have too many beers before boarding the train, or you may wind up at Citi Field.

          • Jorge Steinbrenner

            Friends don’t let friends drunkenly transfer to the 7.

    • Sir Didi Nakamura

      Sports prices are ridiculous in any sport. Aren’t the Knicks charging a shit ton to go watch the shittiest team they’ve had in decades?

      • http://riveraveblues.com/ Mick

        There is just more demand for Knick tickets than Yankee.

        • Sir Didi Nakamura

          Don’t they have like 30k less seats or something? Might be a little too much, but it’s quite a bit. And how is there currently more demand for Knicks tickets? Are the fans masochists?

          • http://riveraveblues.com/ Mick

            Why don’t the Nets sell out then? The Knicks have a loyal fan base .

            • Literally Figurative

              Yes, but if the argument is fans spend money based on performance of the team, then the Knicks defy all logic.

              It’s been 15 years of mediocre or worse play. You would think it would affect sales.

              Maybe knick fans are better fans than Yankee fans, who act as if the world ends if the win only 84 games.

              • http://riveraveblues.com/ Mick

                Their product just sells, win or lose, hard to figure out.

        • Literally Figurative

          They also have to sell 20k seats 41 times, as opposed to 48k seats 81 times.

      • ChuckIt

        The Garden is charging Way too much, even if they were worth watching.( by the way, this IS the crummiest Knicks team EVER !)

  • captainmike

    my brother has gotten bleacher ticket packages for many years
    neither of us would pay more than that for tickets
    the teams and players can go jump in a lake if they expect my brother or I to do so
    we will let other throw away hundreds of dollars on a stupid game

  • Pete22

    The secondary market is extremely volatile. Yankees lose a couple to start the season and if the weather is lousy those prices plummet as you approach game time.

    At some point fans wise up and realize the only way the Yankees change and become a big market team to match their prices is to stay away for awhile. Until then it will be same old same old, at least the same as the last several years

  • Drew

    Ticket prices are down because there is more parity in baseball. At one time the Yankees were locks to make the postseason – not anymore, so the ticket price is lower. Let’s face it: we all love a winner/contender thus are more likely to buy a ticket to a team with a better or great chance to make the postseason.

    The 2013 Yankees won 85 games, the 2014 Yankees 84 games with the worst offense in years, like 1990-92 bad. The entire team is healthy save Capuano whose injury could be a blessing in disguise if Warren is good. Let’s see what they do this year before we write them off as “same old same old”.

    I will give them three strikes. If they don’t make the postseason this year and sign a top shelf starting pitcher like David Price (if not DP himself) in response to not making the postseason for a third straight year, I will boycott this team until they make a move/moves I feel make them World Series contender worthy, or I will watch them again until they make Judge the 2016 RF and Bird the 2017 1B.

    • calripyankee

      I’m more interested in seeing the Birds, Judges, Severino’s, Refs, etc, than I an any over-priced past his prime, other team’s star player like D Price..

  • Mustang and The 2015 Upsiders

    I have a 20 game plan where I sell most them at face to co-workers and I have only one game left. But I really think this is the last year of that if they don’t make the playoffs or sign any big names next winter.

    Personally I will cut my plan in half if those 2 things happen.

  • http://riveraveblues.com/ Mick

    Is this article trying to tell us that secondary seats are no longer the way to go?

    • Sir Didi Nakamura

      Isn’t this a promotion?

      • http://riveraveblues.com/ Mick

        I don’t know who wrote the article but why would TiqIQ send out something saying to buy your Yankee tix at the Yankee box office?

        • Sir Didi Nakamura

          Maybe they get a part of the pot of we buy from the Yankees box office? Selling from secondary markets doesn’t matter for the Yankees since it’s all bought for them initially.

          • http://riveraveblues.com/ Mick

            They put up a big enough stink last year about it and made it more difficult to buy from StubHub didn’t they?
            Something about not accepting their tickets at the gate.
            Making you go to Yankee Ticket Exchange where they must get another piece.

            • Tom_hamsandwich

              This all

    • ChuckIt

      Secondary seating is basically legal scalping.

  • calripyankee

    The nose-bleed seats look pretty reasonable.. Besides, that’s where the “real” Yankee fans sit anyway..

  • Thuds81

    Yeah this might be true for before the season starts, but if you can wait till the day before or day of to get tix, it will always be cheaper on the secondary market becuase people dont want their tix to go to waste. I feel like this is kind of a joke post.

    • Mandy Stankiewicz

      Also those “subwsy series” or other hot tickets are gone off Yankees.com if not bought far in advance–those games should be pretty good this year fwiw.

  • pfoj

    Damn capitalism.

  • Yankenstein

    HD & A/C are alright by me.

  • The Original Drew

    The lesson here is to always compare shop. Never believe that one site has the best deals with out checking out their competitors first!

  • Jorge Steinbrenner

    Funny, since I’ve pretty much defaulted to the secondary market for years. Of course, I’m not buying any tickets right this second unless I was planning to go the first couple of weeks of the season.

  • ChuckIt

    I’ve been getting 6 game packages (with friends) since 1999, through the box office site, and really can’t complain, unless I go back to 1976- 1979, when I had the season ticket weekend/ holiday plan, with friends & relatives.Field level reserves,first row behind the boxes,in between the Yankee dugout & 1st base-row 77E, $7.50 seats, game day @ $5.75 for the season plan. this plan also gave the option on the same seats for playoff & WS ( at higher prices, of course). They also gave each seat holder the option of purchasing seats for the playoffs/WS in the upper deck,located above our seating ( I used these tickets to finance my post season tickets). these seats rose each year@ approx. 4.5 %. Big difference in pricing. I also have purchased special price tickets, $2.50 seating ,weekday games rear loge, or upper deck. These seats feature lower ranked teams,Minnesota,etal, but you can have a good time, & are pretty sure to see a win.

  • bernbabybern