Yankees place Slade Heathcott on 15-day DL with quad strain, call up Ramon Flores

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Slade. (Presswire)
Slade. (Presswire)

Earlier today, Joe Girardi told reporters in Oakland the Yankees will place Slade Heathcott on the 15-day DL with a Grade II quad strain. “I can tell you it’ll be longer than 15 days,” said Girardi when asked about a timetable. Ramon Flores has been called up from Triple-A Scranton to fill the roster spot.

Heathcott, 24, told reporters on Thursday that the quad has been bothering him on and off since the offseason. I guess the team sent him for tests at some point, which confirmed the Grade II strain. Chris Capuano suffered a Grade II quad strain in Spring Training and was out from early-March through mid-May, for what it’s worth. Heathcott’s not a starting pitcher who has to get stretched out though.

Girardi said that with both Heathcott and Jacoby Ellsbury (knee) on the DL, he’ll use Brett Gardner in center field more often going forward. That makes sense — Chris Young hasn’t hit for about a month now and Flores is best used in left field. Hopefully Flores gets a chance to play like Heathcott, even if he’s only the left-handed half of a left field platoon with Young.

Flores, 23, has hit .294/.389/.425 (140 wRC+) with four homers in 42 games with Triple-A Scranton this season. This will be his first taste of MLB. Donnie Collins says Flores was in the RailRiders’ lineup tonight before being scratched, so chances are he is not with the Yankees and is still traveling out west. I guess they have to play a man short tonight.

Friday Night Open Thread
Game 49: Reverse Lock?
  • nycsportzfan

    Wow, injuries have destroyed this kids career


      He’s to ripped

      • WhittakerWalt

        I don’t think that’s it.


          Kids really tense im glad he made it to the show hope he makes it back

  • Jman1213

    Sorry to say, but when it comes to staying healthy Heathcott makes Nick Johnson look like Cal Ripken Jr.

  • Yankee Trader

    Now it’s time for Flores to ” step up to the plate!” Any further word on Ellsbury’s knee?

    • Pete22

      Last I heard he was expected to be out a month or so.

      • Yankee Trader

        Is Ben Gamel, another lefty, the RailRiders RF?


          Mason Williams lefty too

  • Literally Figurative

    Get well soon, slade runner


    Put him on an US Air Force stealth super jet obama’s not using them anyway

    • Basil

      Which of those is that? The good one they only made about 100+ copies of? or the dog that is supposed to satisfy all parties (including the Chinese and Russian AF’s that will shoot it down)?

  • Centaur Hips

    Sucks for Slade, but it’s opp for Flores I guess. People expected the team to need plenty of SP depth, but instead they’re on their 6th outfielder and it’s not even June.

  • JH

    So with Flores coming do they move The Judge to AAA? Hope so.

    • dave_8

      I’m thinking Cave.

    • n0exit

      Doubt it. Still can’t pick a breaking ball.

  • dave_8

    Good thing we didn’t cut this guy or trade that guy just yet, huh?

  • Elton Cod M.T.

    Another poor decision by Girardi.

  • The Billy MartinVanBuren Boys

    Cmon Slade you gotta stretch man!

    • dave_8

      Gotta reveal your aches and pains when you first feel them too.

  • Macho Man “Randy Levine”

    Well he had his shot and he blew it. I think we can all safely say that his time has come and gone.

    There’s only one humane thing left to do now. Put a bullet in his brain.


      You’re talking about Beltran too you know

  • Preston

    Flores might end up having a better MLB career than Slade (because he actually plays). But a 5’10” corner OFer is hard to get excited about. Slade Runner was very easy to get excited about.

    • WT2

      I completely agree. Although believe it or not I actually like Flores hitting tools and approach even if he is a corner OF who doesn’t hit many HRs.

      I think he is a very smart hitter, good OBP and his LH line drive/gap hitting is very welcomed.

      To me he is a poor men Bobby Abreu, but who wouldn’t love someone like that in the lineup.

      The only problem is that the way the Yankees OF is constructed he has no place on the lineup once Ells is back of course. I still like the kid though. I think he has a future given a chance in MLB.

  • gageagainstthemachine

    Damn, Slade Runner. Damn!

  • disqus_8E66WIUyso

    Flores can rake. Solid player. Good luck.

  • LazerTown

    This is absolutely so exciting. I have been a fan of Flores for years now, and he is finally getting his chance. Exciting thing about the team this year is they actually got legit prospects who can come up and have an impact.

    • n0exit

      He’s super underrated because he doesn’t hit the homer. But people also forget that he’s only 22 or 23. Still quite young.

      • LazerTown

        Just turned 23 in the spring. Always liked his willingness to take the walks and get on base. Hate the turds like Soriano that just tries to do it all and fucks team if he don’t. I like the deep lineups with the players that if they don’t got anything to work with, then just get on base and TRUST that your teammates can do it.

    • James

      It kills me and makes me happy at the same time. I feel bad for Slade but he just cant stay healthy :[
      On the ither hand, im also excited for Flores. Hope he can beat the platoon thing because CY sucks lol

      • LazerTown

        Young doesn’t such, it’s just he is a platoon only bat. Which doesn’t make sense how he has been used, because Garrett Jones is the exactly same vs the rhp. They are complements to each other.

        I just really like that we are getting two actual prospects onto this team. It seems like it’s hardest for them to get their chance, but once they do they can come up and down.

    • WT2

      I agree. I have always like him and think he has a MLB career ahead of him if given the chance.
      But the way the Yankees team OF is constructed he has no place unless Beltran goes down.
      Pretty much he has until Ells get back to make an impression.

  • dave_8

    Big outing for Mitchell tonight. 8 innings 2 hits. 1BB

    • LazerTown

      He is always such a tease. Next time around he will go 2 innings and give up 8 runs.


    Rays lost

  • Guest

    So this is the Slade Heathcott experience, eh?

  • W.B. Mason Williams

    Balls. ballllllllls.

  • Mike Ehrmantrout

    Garrett had a clear shot at Butler there

  • insidethescoreboard

    Really sucks but the amazing & encouraging thing is that they have yet another live prospect to call up instead of dumpster diving for the 2015 equivalent of Vernon Wells.

  • RetroRob

    Related question. Flores will be up for a few weeks since Ellsbury probably has another three weeks or so before he’s activated. Slade will be out for over a month. That means two of the starting OFers from AAA are no longer there. Who backfills? Gamel can cover one OF slot and basically has been. Now they have another. Does Judge get moved up? Or perhaps they call back Dugas.

  • jayd808

    I don’t get it. Yankees are famed for quality coaches and support staff. How does a kid who is suffering since last winter get to the point where he injures himself and is out for a month after a great start to his call-up? Is it lack of stretching and warm-up as some suggest? How can that be in a professional sports organization like the NYY? Who is being held responsible? The 24 year old himself?

    • Shortporch

      Our old, potbellied training staff does not inspire confidence in this fan.