Game 116: Severino’s Biggest Test

Guest Post: Frankie Crosetti: Historically Underperformed and Under-Respected
Severino strikes out nine, but Yankees fall 3-1 to Blue Jays

This series has gone quite well for the Yankees so far. They won Friday’s game in dramatic come-from-behind fashion, then won Saturday’s game because their ace pitched like a damn ace. They go for the sweep of the suddenly quiet Blue Jays — where’d all the Jose Bautista sound bites go? — this afternoon.

On the mound is rookie righty Luis Severino, who will be making his third career start. This will be his first major test. Yeah, the Red Sox and Indians have okay offenses, but the Blue Jays are on a different level entirely. They’re the best offense in the game, especially at home, where they average 5.52 runs per game. Here is Toronto’s lineup and here is New York’s lineup:

  1. CF Jacoby Ellsbury
  2. LF Brett Gardner
  3. DH Alex Rodriguez
  4. 1B Mark Teixeira
  5. C Brian McCann
  6. RF Carlos Beltran
  7. 3B Chase Headley
  8. SS Didi Gregorius
  9. 2B Stephen Drew
    RHP Luis Severino

It is nice and sunny in Toronto this afternoon, so the Rogers Centre roof should be open. This afternoon’s game will begin at 1:07pm ET and you can watch on YES. Enjoy the game.

Injury Update: Ivan Nova (finger) threw in the bullpen today and everything went well. The swelling has gone down significantly after he was hit by the hard-hit grounder the other night. Nova expects to make his next start.

Guest Post: Frankie Crosetti: Historically Underperformed and Under-Respected
Severino strikes out nine, but Yankees fall 3-1 to Blue Jays
  • n0exit
    • Preston

      Makes sense. Just wonder who it will be.

      • n0exit

        We’ll see, there should be an announcement soon…

  • n0exit
  • Nick_CT>>>Wa?blí

    this one is for the war of 1812

    • Macho Man “Randy Levine”

      But we won that one.

  • pfoj

    Let’s pound these clowns.

  • Winchester

    Hutchinson has been a very lucky pitcher.. yeah, he pitches way better at home but lets finally kick that fucker down

  • Rob Refsneddard

    Stephen Hawking says, “Where there’s life there’s hope.” Severino and Bird have given us both when it seemed like we had none just 4 days ago. Severino has given us 2 brilliant outings and there’s no reason to think he can’t give us another today to return the sweep. All Greg Bird does is win. Between Scranton and the Yanks he is 20 games over .500.

    • ReallyPriceyMustacheMasher

      Actually a pretty nice stat on Bird.. Had no idea about that

  • Austinmac

    I want Severino to get through the first inning without damage. Then, I think he will be okay.

  • Macho Man “Randy Levine”

    I noticed in Hutchison’s game logs for this year that he has faced a bunch of teams more than once. In most of those cases, he seems to have one good start and one bad start. He’s already had a good start this year against the Yankees, so hopefully he’s bad today.

  • Winchester

    I still dont understand why Jays fans continue to call Yankees “The Skankees”. Is that supposed to offend us or something? Bunch of 10 years old there lol

  • blake

    Hutchinson sucks but gets the best run support in baseball…..time to change that

  • HoopDreams

    I went to Toronto last year for a game, Hutchinson pitched. He threw a 1 hitter against Pineda. Between that, the 90 degree weather and traffic hell getting through customs and finding a parking spot at the stadium. One of the worst days ever