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Sorry for the lack of posts recently, but the 3 of us have been busy and all that junk.

I’ve managed to secure a smidgen of time for myself amidst the chaos in my life, so I wanted to get something up on the site that could spark a decent conversation/debate and keep the site semi-interesting for more than 2 minutes. So here’s how it works:

You are Brian Cashman, and your team is in very real danger of missing the playoffs for the first time since Bill Clinton’s first term as Prez. The trade deadline is 11 days away and you have a pretty deep farm system (as well as a wealth of the most precious commodity in baseball, young cheap pitching) but few open spots on the ML roster. What do you do?


Hughes or Joba?

This is a couple of days old, so you may have seen it already. My bad for missing it.

Anywho, John Sickels asks a pretty interesting question over at his blog:

True or False:

Joba Chamberlain will win more major league games in his career than Phil Hughes. Discuss.

I recommend checking out the discussion in the comments, there’s some good stuff there.

As for me, I say FALSE because, well, Hughes is the better pitcher. His control is better, his command is better, his secondary stuff is better, he’s been healthier (Phil’s had some pretty fluky injuries), and I like his delivery better. Hughes has a chance to have one of those “15+ wins a year for 15 straight years” kind of runs. That said, Joba’s got a chance to do some serious damage, like 250+ K in a year.

Long story short, I think Hughes has a longer career with more wins, while Joba has a greater peak with more “holy crap” moments. Â

Jesus debut-eth

Austin Jackson’s incredible run with High-A Tampa has earned him the #4 spot on BA’s Hot Sheet, where he’s joined in the top 10 by . . . oh who am I kidding, you know who. I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out that personal fave Phil Coke was named FSL Pitcher of the Week. Props go out to former Yankee farmhand Randy Ruiz, who honored his old mates by launching a 3-run job off a certain Red Sawx prospect (who’s stats really aren’t that much better than Ian Patrick Kennedy’s, by the way) tonight.

Oh, and if Torre is going to steadfastly refuse to use Edwar Ramirez, just send him back to Triple-A so he can get some regular work. This is effin’ ridiculous. Stats after the jump…

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