Looking Ahead to the Draft, High School Edition

Once upon a time I believed high school players were where it’s at, that a team should spend all 50+ of its picks on prepsters and completely forego college players. However I’ve been coming around on college guys of late, and now believe that they too have their place in the amateur draft world (conversely, Billy Beane has been warming up to high schoolers, taking 4 in his top 7 picks last year). In fact, I’ve concluded that a team should draft only college guys at 2 key positions: catcher and end-game reliever. Experience in these roles is crucial, and you can argue that they are the scarcest commodities out there.

But enough of that, lets get down to business. If you’re a Yankee fan, there’s only one guy to focus on for the first round: Jack McGeary. The 6’-3” southpaw will be graduating from Roxbury Latin High in suburban Boston this summer and has a – putting it mildly – strong commitment to attend Mike Mussina’s alma mater, Stanford (and it’s not just baseball that’s getting him there either, he scored a 2030 on his SATs). Over the last decade, the rule of the land has been “if you commit to Stanford, you go to Stanford,” as nary a player has passed up the Cardinal for pro ball since before Moose played at Sunken Diamond. That track record combined with some scary bonus demands (more on that later) is what will get McGeary to the Yanks at #30.

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Top 150 players under 25, Part 2

The guys at Project Prospect released the second half of their list, with Melky Cabrera (#78), Dellin Betances (#145) and Joba Chamberlain (#147) joining the guys from the list’s first half.

It’s interesting to see where they ranked some the of top college guys, particularly David Price of Vanderbilt (#75 - 51.2 IP, 35 H, 79 K, 13 BB this year) and Andrew Brackman of NC State (#117 – 40.1 IP, 41 H, 38 K, 15 BB).

Top 150 players under 25, Part 1

I can’t say I’m surprised that a guy who already has a .311-.384-.535 line, 104 HR, 404 RBI and 1 World Series ring in his career tops the list. Three Yankees make the top half of the list: Phil Hughes at number 21, Robbie Cano at 32, and Jose Tabata at 65.

The guys at Project Prospect did a great job putting this together, you can’t argue with any of their rankings really. Great stuff. 

Papelbon to the rotation…NOT!!!

So now the Sawx pen will blow all those leads in the 8th instead of the ninth.

That sound you hear is Peter Gammons scurrying to his keyboard to write about how this makes the Sawx unbeatable. Either that or Paps rotator cuff and labrum beginning to tear…

Update by Ben: While ESPN’s Spring Training broadcast may have broken the news, guess who was hard at work blogging about Paps’ return to the ‘pen? Who needs the reporters when we’ve got the players blogging?

Fantasy gamble pays off

Phew. Kinda looked like he’d be headed to AAA for a while.

Whaddaya think, does he have a shot at winning College Player of the Year, Minor League Player of the Year, and Rookie of the Year in 3 consecutive years? What about MVP in the 4th year? That’d be one hell of a thing.

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