Wild Card Weekend Open Thread

This weekend is the first round of the NFL playoffs, so use this thread to talk about the games. The Saints and Seahawks kick off at 4:30pm ET (NBC) this afternoon, then later tonight we’ve got the Jets and Colts. Sunday brings the Ravens and the Chiefs (1pm ET, CBS) and the Packers at the Eagles (4:30pm ET, FOX). Enjoy.

NY Giants open thread

It’s the final day of the NFL season, and the Giants need a little help to sneak into the playoffs. They need to beat the Redskins (4:15pm ET, FOX) and they need the Packers to lose to the Bears, nothing else will do. Chat about the game here if you like.

Football Open Thread

The Giants are playing the Lions (1pm ET), the Jets are in the Denver (4pm ET). If you’re a Cablevision subscriber, you’re out of luck with the Giants. Still no resolution between them and FOX. Bastards. Chat about any of all of the games here.