Tuesday Night Open Thread

Over at MLB.com, friend of RAB Mike Petriello used some #math to rank 2017’s top platoons. The Yankees first base duo of Greg Bird and Tyler Austin come in third, behind Cubs left fielders (Kyle Schwarber and Ben Zobrist) and Dodgers right fielders (Yasiel Puig and Andre Ethier). Who knows whether Bird and Austin will actually platoon this year, but it sure seems possible, and given what they’ve done in their limited MLB time, they could be quite productive. Bird crushed righties and Austin crushed lefties. Could be cool.

Anyway, here is tonight’s open thread. The NHL All-Star break is over, so all three local teams are back in action. The Knicks are also playing and there’s some college hoops back on as well. Talk about those games, the Bird/Austin platoon, or anything else right here. Just not politics or religion.

Monday Night Open Thread

Important baseball news: several Yankees prospects are already in Tampa working out and preparing for the season. Erik Boland says Luis Severino, Justus Sheffield, James Kaprielian, Tyler Wade, and Kyle Holder were all at the complex today. Luis Cessa was there too. They’re all there for Captain’s Camp, I assume. Actual baseball is starting to happen. Thank goodness for that.

Here is tonight’s open thread. The NHL is still in their All-Star break, though the Nets are playing and there’s one college basketball game on the schedule. Not a whole lot going on tonight. Good night to watch Netflix, I suppose. Talk about anything here except religion or politics. Thanks in advance.

Weekend Open Thread

Last June, Phillies pitching prospect Matt Imhof, who I once profiled as a possible draft target, lost his right eye in a freak accident at the ballpark. He was working out with resistance bands mounted to the wall when the base broke loose and hit him in the face. It was a tragic, freak accident.

Thankfully, Imhof has recovered and is thriving. In a must-read piece at ESPN, he announced his retirement from baseball as a player not because of the injury, but because “I need a change of pace after 20 years of doing the same thing.” Imhof has since gone back to college and is currently an undergraduate assistant pitching coach with the Cal Poly baseball team.

I have no connection to Imhof and all I know about him is what I wrote in that draft profile four years ago. I was still devastated by the news of his accident last summer — how could you not feel terrible for the guy? — and I’m glad to hear he’s now doing well. That was a traumatic, life-changing day, but Imhof has refused to let him drag it down.

“My identity used to be wrapped around baseball, it was who I was. This injury allowed me to see past that,” he wrote. “I might not want the same things as I used to, but that’s only because I have learned more about myself than I ever thought I would … I’m a firm believer that baseball, through all my struggles on and off the field, prepared me for this moment. But the greatest thing baseball ever did for me was teach me who I could be without it.”

* * *

Friday: Here is the open thread for the night. The NHL is in their All-Star break this weekend, so there’s nothing going around the league tonight. The Knicks and Nets are both playing though, and there’s a ton of college hoops on the schedule too. You folks know how these work by now, so have at it.

Saturday: This is the open thread again. MLB.com is releasing their top 100 prospects list tonight during a live broadcast on MLB Network. It begins at 8pm ET and you can stream it on MLB.com as well. Also, the NHL All-Star Skills Challenge is on tonight (7pm ET on NBCSN), plus the Nets are playing and there’s a ton of college basketball on too.

Sunday: For the final time, this is the open thread. Both the NHL All-Star Game (3:30pm ET on NBC) and the Pro Bowl (8pm ET on ESPN) are on today. The Knicks are playing too, and there’s some college basketball on as well. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Thursday Night Open Thread

Looking for something to read? Check out this conversation between Shawn Brody and Brendan McGuigan, two college pitchers who underwent Tommy John surgery. McGuigan shared what it was like when his elbow ligament gave out — “(It) felt like a knife went through my elbow,” he said — and discussed the rehab process and all that. Pretty enlightening stuff. Check it out.

Here is this evening’s open thread. Both the Devils and Islanders are in action, and there are a handful of college basketball games going on as well. Talk about that stuff, the Brody-McGuigan piece, or anything else here. Just not politics or religion. Get that outta here.

Wednesday Night Open Thread

We let the cat out of the bag on Twitter last night, but it’s time for the formal announcement on the site. We have (finally) completed our search for new writers. We’ve added two new members to the RAB team:

Thank you again to everyone who applied. There were a ton of quality submissions. Seriously. Whittling the list down was very difficult. And also thanks for your patience. It took us a good month to finalize things. Domenic and Steven will begin posting soon. Be sure to welcome them aboard.

Now that the official business is out of the way, this is tonight’s open thread. The Rangers, Knicks, and Nets are all playing, plus there’s a slew of college hoops games on as well. Talk about that stuff here.

Tuesday Night Open Thread

Yesterday, the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences published a study looking at the effect of jet lag on baseball players. George Dvorsky has a good summary. The study found teams that travel west to east see their performance suffer much more than teams that travel east to west. We’re talking a lower winning percentage, batting average, runs scored, the whole nine. Over the last few seasons clubs have been looking for ways to improve travel and optimize sleep to avoid the effects of jet lag, though who knows if it’s actually working. Pretty interesting stuff. Check it out.

Here is the open thread for the evening. The Devils and the Islanders are both in action, and there are a bunch of college basketball games on as well. Discuss those games, the jet lag study, or anything else here. Just not politics or religion. Keep that outta here.

Monday Night Open Thread

I missed this last week, but Christian Red has a pretty great article on Justus Sheffield. Sheffield talked about his upbringing and what he learned from his arrest a few years ago, things like that, as well as his experience with the Yankees after the trade last year. Not surprisingly, as a left-handed pitcher from Tennessee, he looks up to David Price. Give it a read. Pretty great stuff.

Here is tonight’s open thread. The (hockey) Rangers, Knicks, and Nets are all playing, and there’s some college hoops on the schedule too. Talk about those games, the Sheffield article, or anything else here, as long as it’s not religion or politics. Thanks in advance.