Tuesday Night Open Thread

The Yankees and Indians have a makeshift off-day today thanks to the storm in the New York. They’re going to play a doubleheader tomorrow. Doubleheaders are fun! Doubleheaders immediately prior to a massively important four-game series with the Red Sox are less fun. What can you do though? That’s baseball. Win two tomorrow, then win four over the weekend. Sounds good to me.

Here’s an open thread for this sudden Yankees baseball-less night. The Mets are playing tonight and MLB Network will air regional games at 7pm ET and 10pm ET. Talk about those games or anything else here, as long as it’s not religion or politics.

Thursday Night Open Thread

What a mess of an afternoon. Suspensions are coming. No doubt. Miguel Cabrera should get the longest suspension considering he started the physical confrontation. That doesn’t matter though. The Tigers are out of it and losing Cabrera won’t change anything. The Yankees are now at risk of losing their top two catchers and maybe a reliever — hopefully Dellin Betances doesn’t get suspended, but hitting someone (in the head) and getting ejected after a brawl? not good — while in the middle of a postseason race. Good grief. Everything to lose, nothing to gain.

Anyway, here is an open thread for the night. MLB Network is carrying a regional game tonight and there’s a preseason NFL game on somewhere too. Talk about those games, the brawl(s), this afternoon’s loss, or anything else here. Just not religion or politics. Thanks.

Monday Night Open Thread

Did you all catch a glimpse of the eclipse earlier today? I didn’t get a great look at it, mostly because it’s been cloudy here in New York. Still kinda cool though. Anyway, on this night without Yankees baseball, I recommend checking out Sam Miller’s article on the Skunk in the Outfield, a trick play that caused chaos during the 2006 Rhode Island state high school championship tournament. Really great stuff.

Here is an open thread for the evening. The Mets are playing tonight and MLB Network will carry a regional game at 7pm ET. And apparently the (football) Giants are playing a preseason game too. Talk about those games, the eclipse, the Skunk in the Outfield, or anything else right here. Just not religion or politics please.

Monday Night Open Thread

Sad news to pass along: former Yankee Don Baylor passed away yesterday following a long battle with multiple Myeloma. He was 68. Baylor played 19 years in the big leagues from 1970-88 and was named AL MVP while with the Angels in 1979. He played for the Yankees from 1983-85 and was an All-Star for them in 1983 and 1985. After his playing days were over, Baylor coached and managed for several teams. He was the first manager in Rockies history, most notably. Our condolences go out to his family and friends.

* * *

Here is an open thread for the evening. Very light baseball schedule tonight. Only seven games. MLB Network will have a regional game at 7pm ET and ESPN will have the Cubs and Giants at 10pm ET. Talk about those games or anything else here, as long as it’s not politics or religion. Get that outta here.

(In case you missed it last week, I highly recommend checking out Ben Reiter’s incredible story on the life and death of Hideki Irabu.)

Sunday Open Thread

Good win today. A needed win. Good to see the offense break out and good to see Aaron Judge hit the kind of home run pretty much only Aaron Judge can hit. I thought it was a double into the gap off the bat. It just kept carrying and carrying and carrying. As much as Judge has slumped the last few weeks, there are maybe five players in the game who can hit a ball like that.

Anyway, here is an open thread for the rest of the weekend. The Mets and Dodgers are the ESPN Sunday Night Baseball game, and that’s pretty much it. Talk about that game, this afternoon’s win, or anything else here.

2017 Trade Deadline Open Thread: Monday


The 2017 non-waiver trade deadline is now only hours away, not days. The Yankees addressed their fifth starter’s spot yesterday by acquiring Jaime Garcia from the Twins, two weeks after addressing their bullpen by acquiring David Robertson and Tommy Kahnle from the White Sox. They also added a stray Todd Frazier along the way. My hunch is the Yankees are not done.

Over the last few days (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) we learned the Yankees are still looking to add another starting pitcher even after picking up Garcia yesterday. A first baseman and a left-on-left matchup reliever are also on the shopping list, though they aren’t top priorities. We’re going to keep track of the day’s Yankees-related rumors right up until the 4pm ET trade deadline, so keep it locked right here. All timestamps are ET.

  • 3:10pm: Sonny Gray will be a Yankee. It’s Gray and $1.5M in international bonus money for James Kaprielian, Jorge Mateo, and Dustin Fowler, per reports.
  • 2:46pm: A trade! But a small one. The Yankees traded Yefry Ramirez to the Orioles for more international bonus money, the team announced. The deal clears a 40-man roster spot, which could be useful soon.
  • 2:40pm: The latest non-update: the Yankees and A’s are still talking about Gray. [Sherman]
  • 12:11pm: The Athletics are said to be “infatuated” with Mateo, for what it’s worth. [Sherman]
  • 11:55am: Apparently the A’s want 3-4 players beyond the Torres/Frazier tier for Gray. The two sides have agreed to some names but are still haggling about the others. [Heyman]
  • 11:48am: The Yankees and Athletics are gaining traction for a Gray trade, and it now seems more likely than less to happen. [Sherman]
  • 11:42am: The A’s initially wanted a Gleyber Torres/Clint Frazier package for Gray and backed away from that. They then wanted a Jorge Mateo/Estevan Florial package, but the Yankees won’t do that either. Huh. [Sweeny Murti]
  • 11:31am: The Braves’ interest in Gray has cooled, which is good news for the Yankees. One fewer suitor. Right now it seems the Yankees and Dodgers are the only teams on Gray, and the Dodgers seem to be focusing on Darvish. [Sherman]
  • 10:44am: The Yankees checked in with the Padres about Brad Hand yesterday, though it seems it was due diligence more than anything. Plenty of clubs are in on Hand. [Sherman]
  • 10:11am: The Yankees and A’s are “close enough to get over the hump” and complete a Gray trade today. The two sides still need to work some things out first. [Jerry Crasnick]
  • 10:00am: The Yankees and Athletics made “zero progress” yesterday during Sonny Gray trade talks. Apparently the A’s have set their price and the Yankees have made their offer, and that’s where things stand. [Bob Klapisch]
  • 10:00am: The Yankees are still in touch with the Rangers about Yu Darvish, though they’re not making a hard push for him. The Yankees are not included in Darvish’s ten-team no-trade list, for what it’s worth. [Joel Sherman, Jon Heyman]

Reminder: Your trade proposal sucks.

2017 Trade Deadline Open Thread: Sunday

Gray. (Jonathan Daniel/Getty)
Gray. (Jonathan Daniel/Getty)

It’s crunch time. The 2017 non-waiver trade deadline is only a day and a half away now, and already the Yankees have made two big trades and two small trades. They acquired Jaime Garcia from the Twins earlier this morning, in case you missed it. The Yankees have a new fifth starter, something they desperately needed.

On Friday and Saturday we learned the Yankees continue to discuss Sonny Gray with the Athletics, and both Gleyber Torres and Clint Frazier are off the table. The two clubs are talking about other prospects now, so that’s good. We’re again going to keep track of the day’s Yankees-related rumors right here. Make sure you check back throughout the day. All timestamps are ET.

  • 11:53am: The Yankees and Athletics are “optimistic something can get done” with Gray. Other teams are involved, but the Yankees remain the favorites. [Heyman]
  • 11:23am: Depending who you ask, the Yankees either are or are not involved in the Yu Darvish bidding. I get the feeling they’re not involved, but the Rangers are looping them into the conversation to increase their leverage. [Buster Olney, T.R. Sullivan, Jeff Wilson]
  • 11:00am: The Yankees are still in the mix for another starter even after this morning’s Garcia trade, and Gray remains their top target. “Still could work but hard deal to make,” said one report. [Ken Rosenthal, Jeff Passan]
  • 11:00am: Beyond a starter, the Yankees also have some interest in a first baseman and a left-on-left matchup reliever. I don’t think that’s a big priority though. Their top bullpen righties can get out lefties. [Heyman]

Reminder: Your trade proposal sucks.