Wednesday Night Open Thread

The two days after the All-Star Game are the two slowest sports day of the year. Nothing is going on at all. It’s nice. Refreshing. I’ve learned the enjoy the time away from baseball as I’ve gotten older. So talk about whatever you want here tonight. Have at it.

2015 Home Run Derby Open Thread

The 2015 Home Run Derby will take place tonight in Cincinnati’s Great American Ball Park … maybe. It’s been raining in the Queen City for much of the afternoon — there was a severe weather warning at one point — and it’s supposed to continue raining tonight. Some forecasts seem to indicate a window will open up a little later. Hopefully that’s the case.

If the Home Run Derby is able to go down tonight, it will have a brand new format, one with a clock and head-to-head brackets. Players now get five minutes to take their swings, though they can earn additional time based on home run distance and some other stuff. Here are the rules. The last minute rules seems needlessly complicated. Here’s the brackets from Seeding is determined by regular season home run totals.

2015 Home Run Derby Bracket

No Yankees are in the Home Run Derby (duh) — I remember reading somewhere that Mark Teixeira said he would decline if invited, but I can’t seem to find it now — so I guess I need to make an official pick based on something more than fandom, huh? My pick is Joc Pederson. He leads all players in average home run distance (427.32 feet) and he’s young, so endurance during the five-minute hack session won’t be an issue. So yeah, Pederson’s my pick.

The Home Run Derby has been rained out once before: back in 1988, coincidentally also in Cincinnati. Hopefully it doesn’t get washed out tonight. That would be lame. The Derby is set to begin at 8pm ET and you can watch it on ESPN. Talk about the Home Run Derby or anything else right here tonight. Have at it.

Sunday Night Open Thread

It’s always good to take a series from a perennial last place team, especially right before the All-Star break. These next four days will be pretty swell. Recharge the batteries a bit and get ready for the second half, a second half in which the Yankees have to be considered the AL East favorites. They’re flawed, no doubt about it, but I think they’re also the most well-rounded team in the division.

Anyway, here is tonight’s open thread. The Cardinals and Pirates are the ESPN Sunday Night Game (Cooney vs. Liriano) and that series has been really good. Last night’s game was epic. Hopefully we’re in for more of the same tonight. Talk about whatever here.

Thursday Night Open Thread

Well, I was planning to use tonight’s open thread to mention Brett Gardner remained in the fourth place in the AL Final Vote voting according to this morning’s update, but he was named to the AL All-Star Team as an injury replacement for Alex Gordon this afternoon. That’s much better. So instead I’ll mention today is the four-year anniversary of Derek Jeter‘s 3,000th hit. That was cool. It’s also the five-year anniversary of the Cliff Lee non-trade. That was less cool.

Anyway, here is tonight’s open thread. MLB Network is showing some regional games tonight, so talk about them, Gardner going to the All-Star Game, Jeter’s 3,000th hit, the Lee non-trade, or anything else right here.

Monday Night Open Thread

The Yankees have an off-day today, so check out this Tyler Kepner article on Mark Teixeira and his now healthy wrist. “I’ve had knee surgery, I’ve had ankle surgery, you have little things here and there, shoulders and low back. You can play through all that. The wrist is the hardest thing, by far, I’ve ever had to go through,” he said. Also check out this Jorge Ortiz article on ex-Yankee Robinson Cano, who is having the worst season of his career amid some off-the-field issues. Cano’s grandfather passed away recently and he’s been dealing with a stomach parasite since last August. Teixeira’s wrist and Cano’s stomach issue sound like excuse-making, that’s just the way it is, but sometimes those physical issues are a perfectly valid excuse.

Anyway, here is tonight’s open thread. The All-Star Game reserves will be announced tonight (7pm ET on ESPN) after the starters were announced last night. My official prediction guess: Teixeira and Dellin Betances get in, Brett Gardner and Brian McCann get snubbed, and Alex Rodriguez is on the Final Vote ballot. (Teixeira gets in because Miguel Cabrera’s injury opens a spot for a first baseman.) ESPN will show the Cubs and Cardinals after the All-Star show and the Mets are playing later tonight. Talk about any of that stuff right here.

Sunday Night Open Thread

Here is your open thread for the last few hours of the holiday weekend. The All-Star Game starters will be announced tonight (7:30pm ET on ESPN) though based on the various voting updates, don’t expect to see any Yankees named tonight. The rest of the rosters will be announced tomorrow. The Giants and Nationals are the ESPN Sunday Night Game (Vogelsong vs. Zimmermann) and the Women’s World Cup Final is on as well (USA vs. Japan at 7pm ET on FOX). Talk about whatever here. Have at it.

Fourth of July Open Thread

Happy Fourth of July, everyone. Hope you’re spending the holiday with friends and/or family and having a good time. Here’s an open thread to talk about whatever throughout the night. MLB Network and FOX are showing a whole bunch of regional games through the afternoon and evening, so there’s lots of baseball on the tube. Enjoy.