Announcing the caption contest winners

It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for: Time to announce the winners of the fan-on-the-field caption contest. So without further ado:

The winner with 48 votes is Mike R.: Just one more unfunny moment in the career of Dane Cook

In second place with 32 votes is Yankee Fan in Chicago: I don’t have no friggin laptops!

In third place with 29 votes is usty: “Oh no, grass stains on my new khakis! Mom’s gonna kill me!!”

Those three folks win the Yankees World Series DVD collection. Thanks to all who participated.

Fan-on-the-Field Photo Caption Contest, Redux

Ok, folks. Let’s try that again. This time with more answer choices. We screwed up last time. So we’ll do it right this time.

We’re going all-out here. We’ve selected 19 captions for you to vote on and we’ll keep this one open until Sunday night at 11:59 p.m. or until the Yankees move into first place, whichever comes first. As an added incentive, the top three winners who share a valid mailing address with us will all receive the Yankees World Series DVD box set. Again, you can only vote once per IP address per day.

The Fan-on-the-Field Photo Caption Contest
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The Red Sox fan-on-the-field caption contest vote

Here we go, folks. After nearly 80 entries for captions, we’ve narrowed down the selection to our top five.

Your job now is to vote. The winner – or person with the most votes who sends us an address – gets to take home a pretty nifty DVD set. The photo and the poll follow. You can only vote once per IP address per day. The polls close at 2:10 p.m. Eastern time on Friday, September 21, 2007. Please, no hanging chads.

Vote in the Fan-on-the-Field Photo Caption Contest

EDIT: We hear your complaints, and we’re going to re-tool the poll. It will launch later tonight. We screwed that one up. Our bad.

A prize for the Fan-on-the-Field caption contest

Our Fan -on-the-Field caption contest is going strong. I wanted to up the ante a little bit. I’m going to offer a prize. The winner gets the New York Yankees Vintage World Series Film DVD Set.

Here’s how it works: Right now, the contest will remain open for submissions until 11:59 p.m. ET tonight, Tuesday, September 18. At that point, we’ll pick our five favorites that were not submitted by someone who writes or is related to someone who writes for River Ave. Blues. Tomorrow afternoon, we’ll post a poll thread that will remain open for 48 hours. The winner after those 48 hours will be awarded the DVD set.

So get send submissions in to to the comments on this post. Time’s a-wastin’.

Rivera pitches, 24 hours too late

So Mariano Rivera pitched tonight because, according to Kenny Singleton, he “needed work.” But last night, when the Yanks needed a win, Rivera just sat in the bullpen as Scott Proctor imploded. I covered this to death earlier with this post here and this one here, but it’s worth repeating. We have seem terrible bullpen utilization by Joe Torre over and over again this season.

Meanwhile, the lethargic Yankee offense has mustered a two-run home run in 18 innings in Baltimore. So at this point, I have to wonder: Who’s going to be managing the Yankees on Friday when they return home from what would be, at best, a 2-7 road trip against the Orioles, Giants and Rockies? Which brings me to a new poll…

Who will be managing the Yankees come Friday evening?
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