Rivera pitches, 24 hours too late

So Mariano Rivera pitched tonight because, according to Kenny Singleton, he “needed work.” But last night, when the Yanks needed a win, Rivera just sat in the bullpen as Scott Proctor imploded. I covered this to death earlier with this post here and this one here, but it’s worth repeating. We have seem terrible bullpen utilization by Joe Torre over and over again this season.

Meanwhile, the lethargic Yankee offense has mustered a two-run home run in 18 innings in Baltimore. So at this point, I have to wonder: Who’s going to be managing the Yankees on Friday when they return home from what would be, at best, a 2-7 road trip against the Orioles, Giants and Rockies? Which brings me to a new poll…

Who will be managing the Yankees come Friday evening?
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Pregaming for Draft Day

We love the draft here at RAB, and strive to provide you with some of the best amateur draft coverage on the blogosphere (let’s face it, we can’t compete with the great writers at the Scout.com network). We’ll have plenty of scouting reports, links, photos, analysis, opinions, and just some random musings leading up to the big event, which kicks off Thursday at 2pm EST. Just as I did last year at IGWT, I’ll be liveblogging the Yankees picks, and probably chiming in on some of the other picks as well.

Here’s the links to some of our more substantial draft features from this year, but you can access all our draft coverage by clicking here.

Looking at some College Players
Looking at some High School Players
College Q&A (featuring Brian Foley of the College Baseball Blog)
Mock First Round (featuring DA Humber)
Interview with ESPN’s Keith Law

Here’s a poll question to sort of “kick off” the draft festivities:

If he falls to the Yanks at #30, should they draft Andrew Brackman out of NC State?
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A poll

In which we ponder the fate of Luis Vizcaino.

What will it take to get Luis Vizcaino off the Yankees?
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