TiqIQ: Yankees’ Offseason Additions, NYCFC’s Second Year Makes 2016 A Promising Year At Yankee Stadium

The New York Yankees need not be reminded of the gem Houston Astros pitcher Dallas Keuchel threw at Yankee Stadium during the AL Wild Card game last October. There is a heightened sense of optimism heading into the 2016 season, however. After acquiring infielder Starlin Castro from the Chicago Cubs and closer Aroldis Chapman from the Cincinnati Reds, Yankee Stadium will be alive and well with All-Star talent beginning in April.

Along with the added hype and marquee roster additions will also be a larger demand for tickets on the secondary market. As it stands now the average price for New York Yankees tickets through all 81 games at Yankee Stadium is $110.76. That marks a 27.9% increase from last year’s average of $83.63. More than a half dozen games currently own an average price above $150, including divisional games against the Tampa Bay Rays and Boston Red Sox and crosstown rival Mets in August.

That shouldn’t deter fans from making traveling arrangements to New York City this spring and summer, however. The Yankees won’t be left to lick their wounds for long as they welcome the Astros to the Bronx in early April. An August 14 game against the Rays, which will honor Mariano Rivera with his own plaque in Monument Park before the game, is currently the most expensive on Yankees schedule this season, with tickets averaging $227.59 and the cheapest ticket listed for $37. Fans can expect the Yankees’ shut-down relief to be on full display with a lead, as Dellin Betances, Andrew Miller and Chapman round out what is considered the most feared bullpen in the Majors this year.

Reasons to travel to Yankee Stadium don’t just end with the Yankees. New York City Football Club, New York’s newest sporting franchise, will launch its second season in the Bronx beginning on March 13 against Toronto FC. Tickets for the opening game are considerably cheaper than the Yankees’ Opening Day one month later, with an average secondary market price of $70.75 and a $23 get-in price. It will fall in the middle of the price pack in relation to the whole season, however, as seven other games are averaging a higher price. A July 3 game against the crosstown New York Red Bulls is the most expensive match of the season for NYCFC, with tickets averaging $110.79 and the cheapest ticket listed for $39.

NYCFC is coming off an underwhelming inaugural year after going just 10-17-7 and finishing 17th overall in the league. Much of the season was dedicated to the ongoing participation controversy regarding Frank Lampard, who played just 10 games and posted three goals in that time. Lampard, the all-time leading goalscorer for Chelsea, did little to contribute to a postseason push for NYCFC in 2015.

There is reason to believe that the upcoming year will be a monumental one at Yankee Stadium. With the Yankees bolstering their roster and NYCFC hoping to break out and place in the MLS Playoffs, 2016 will be a fruitful year for the fan hell-bent on making the trip to the Bronx.

TiqIQ: With Eyes Still On AL East, Yankees Host Rival Red Sox In Last Home Series Of 2015

The New York Yankees are on life support right now regarding their chances of winning the AL East, being four games back of the division rival Toronto Blue Jays with just a week remaining in the 2015 Major League Baseball season. While it’s appearing certain that the Yanks will still enter the postseason with one of the two Wild Card berths, they would much rather avoid that do-or-die play-in game, in which anything can happen.

Enter New York’s arch nemesis, the Boston Red Sox, who will be on the outside looking in for the second year in a row when the playoffs commence in just over a week. At the same time, they can still somewhat salvage their season by potentially dealing the final blow to the Yankees’ chances at first-place in the division. The two rivals will begin their latest heated series opposite one another on Monday evening.

As huge as this late-season series is, the value is incredible for Yankees tickets when they match up against the Red Sox in their final home series of the campaign. In fact, none of the four games in this series even top $97 on average, with the Oct. 1 finale being the most expensive at just $96.86 on the secondary market. The cheapest of the series is Tuesday night’s game two, which sports an average ticket price of $66.39, meanwhile, the series opener on Monday night also comes relatively cheap, being $73.99 on average on the secondary market. Tickets on the primary market from Ticketmaster are still available and start at just $20 for each of these rivalry games.

Tickets to see the Yankees and Red Sox battle need very little convincing, as this is arguably the most storied rivalry in all of baseball. Plus, there’s important playoff implications with each game in the series. On one side, the Yankees are trying to officially lock up their residency in the 2015 postseason, while also looking to catch Toronto in the division. In that regard, they’re going to need some help also, as the Blue Jays will have to lose about half of the games they have left over the final week in order to catch them at the top.

On the other side, the visiting Red Sox can make the best of a losing season if they are able to put a dent in New York’s aspirations for first-place. Not only that, they also have a little something to play for, as they try to avoid finishing in the division cellar for the second year in a row. At the moment, they’re a half-game up on the Tampa Bay Rays to avoid that distinction, and a series win over the Yankees would certainly help their cause even further, and perhaps even fault them ahead of the Baltimore Orioles to jump into third-place.

Each side, of course, has their big names to lean on. While the Bronx Bombers no longer have Mark Teixeira for the remainder of the year, they still boast some exceptional bats in the form of Alex Rodriguez, Brian McCann, and Brett Gardner. The Red Sox, meanwhile, have their own signature sluggers, being paced by the likes of David Ortiz and Dustin Pedroia. The Yankees have taken 10 of the 15 matchups between the two clubs this season, and will need to continue that notable success if they want to continue their pursuit of first in the division. With Boston recognizing that, it won’t be easy, but at the very least, this should be a very entertaining four-game series, making tickets for each game a tremendous value overall.

TiqIQ: Yankees Offering Playoff Ticket Pre-Sale As Best Option Opposed To Secondary Market

After a thrilling win last night against the Toronto Blue Jays in extra innings thanks to a Greg Bird three-run home run, the New York Yankees appear to be in complete control of their destiny as they gear up for the postseason. The position has not exactly been clinched yet, but the Yankees hold a six-game lead over the Minnesota Twins, who are the first team outside the American League Wild Card cut line.

The AL East division is still up for grabs, too, as last night’s win over Toronto pulled the Yankees to within 2.5 games of the Blue Jays with about a dozen games remaining for both sides. New York faces the Blue Jays in their series finale tonight to potentially cut into the deficit even more, before beginning an eight-game homestand on Thursday that will be comprised of a four-game set against the Chicago White Sox and a four-game series against the division rival Boston Red Sox. After the Red Sox series, the Yankees’ final series of the regular season is on the road against the Baltimore Orioles.

Fans can take their chances on the secondary market to purchase Yankees playoff tickets, but the purchasing customers don’t control those prices. According to TiqIQ.com, Yankees tickets on the secondary market for the postseason are very much on the pricier side (all prices listed below are ‘If Necessary’ since the Yankees have not officially clinched a playoff spot just yet).

The Wild Card home game at Yankee Stadium has an average price of $192.69 with a get-in price of $65, should the Bronx Bombers not catch the Blue Jays in the AL East. If the Yankees were to survive in the one-game playoff, the prices for the ALDS and ALCS rise significantly. The average price of the three potential home games at Yankee Stadium for the ALDS is $327.03, the most expensive of which coming on October 9 (second home game), having an average price of $359.75 and a get-in price of $56.

As expected, it gets even more expensive for the ALCS. The four-game average for Yankees home games is $768.81, with the potential Game 7 being the most expensive on October 24. That game carries a whopping average ticket price of $956.84, although the get-in price is much more reasonable, being $107.

Yankees playoff tickets on Ticketmaster through the Yankees website would give customers total control of how much is being spent towards purchasing for playoff baseball seats. Securing postseason tickets without having the market dictate the prices on a per game basis is a suggested practice, especially considering the fact that Yankees.com has featured more affordable pricing on countless regular season games over the course of the year.

In any case, barring any sort of monumental collapse, Yankees playoff baseball looks like it will be back for the first time since 2012, and Yankee Stadium will be rocking each and every night they host a game, as always.

TiqIQ: Chase For 28 Package Gives Fans Opportunity To Save Big on Yankees Playoff Tickets

Despite dropping three of four to the first-place Toronto Blue Jays over the weekend, the New York Yankees are still in prime position to qualify for the 2015 postseason as the top Wild Card team in the American League. Toronto’s lead over the Yankees sits at three games with a three-game set later this month that may very well decide the division. In any case, the postseason is still very much within grasp for the Bronx Bombers, and their fans will be able to enjoy the rest of the journey getting there, while also having a chance to book a seat for the future.

Due to the buzz surrounding the Yanks being on track of returning to the playoffs for the first time since the 2012 season, tickets are averaging $100.67 the rest of the way on the secondary market. Looking a bit deeper into the playoff picture, higher prices emerge. The average ticket price to the AL Wild Card game at Yankee Stadium is $247.44 with a get-in price of $75. For the American League Division Series, the three Yankees home games have an average price of $296.15 on the secondary market for the three games, with the most expensive game coming in at an average of $319.67 and a get-in price of $89.

One way fans can save on playoff tickets compared to the secondary market is by buying directly from the team, where postseason prices start at just $21. So compared to the secondary market, fans who buy tickets directly from the team can save at least $50 per game or more depending on the section. But those tickets can be hard to come by during the postseason, as demand skyrockets. Season ticket holders get preferred access to those tickets before the general public, which is a fact that the Yankees are using as an incentive to spur 2016 season tickets. The Yankees have released the Chase For 28 package, giving fans who submit their 2016 season ticket deposit access to postseason tickets directly from the box office, and flex pack pricing on remaining 2015 games.

No matter how the rest of this season unfolds, it seems like there’s no question the Yankees will be right back in the playoff mix in 2016, making this is tremendous deal for any fan of the team. Clearly, the future is very bright, as New York boasts a roster that not only leans on talented veterans, but productive youngsters as well that will be impactful players for the club over the next several years.

Of course, the success the Yankees are enjoying this season has been brought upon by a few familiar faces and a couple of new ones. Alex Rodriguez, who returned from his one-year suspension, has reminded everyone why he was always long considered one of the best players in the game.

Meanwhile, Mark Teixeira also enjoyed a renaissance season before going down with injury, and Brett Gardner earned his first All-Star berth with his own solid play this year. As for new faces, Luis Severino and Greg Bird have come up from the minor leagues, giving Yankee fans a glimpse of what’s in store for the future. The club’s biggest strength, arguably, has been at the back-end of the bullpen, where Andrew Miller and Dellin Betances reside as the best 1-2 punch in baseball closing out ballgames.

If the season were to end today with the Yankees in the top Wild Card spot, they’d be getting prepared to host the Houston Astros in the AL Wild Card Game, with the winner moving on to the Divisional Series round. At the same time, there’s still a few weeks left for the Yankees to catch up to Toronto at the top of the AL East, potentially making the rest of the campaign even more fun. With the Chase for 28 package, Yankee fans can take in a majority of the exciting action live, while getting set for what is sure to be another wild year in 2016.

TiqIQ: Ticket Prices Start at $15 On Secondary Market For Pivotal Series Against Toronto

The series of the year gets going on September 10th, as the New York Yankees and Toronto Blue Jays engage in a four-day affair that very well could decide the AL East division. Toronto stands 1.5 games ahead of the Yanks. Regardless, this four-game run could be precisely what changes everything for either team and could be the Yankees and/or Jays series to hit up for fans as the regular season winds down.

Despite this being an enormous series for both teams, Yankees tickets are actually showing tremendous value for all four games. New York Yankees tickets on the secondary market are over $129 on average to end the 2015 MLB season, yet none of these four clashes come close to even $100 on average. In fact, the most expensive game is game three on the 12th, when fans can pile into Yankee Stadium for this division rivalry for an average price of $91.25.

The value strings across this series from start to finish, too, with game one costing just $77.70 on average, while game two and the series finale (game four) both hover right around $83. Even crazier is the get-in price for each game, as the first two games have fans hitting the cheap seats for just $15, while the next two games are $17 and $18 to get in the door, respectively. If all of that value wasn’t enough, Toronto fans will be pleased to learn it’s not all about the Yanks, as Blue Jays tickets also drop way down for this series (usually right around $126 on average for the rest of the year).

This series carries even more value when you look ahead to the a late-season series between these two squads (Sep. 21-23) in Toronto. Sure, it’s entirely possible (if not downright likely) that the series two weeks from now will be more intense, but even if that’s the case, all three of those games are priced out over $205 on average. That gives fans huge savings to see the same exact series live this week, and with the ramifications just as important. Fans looking to attend either of these series can find the best travel and hotels deals via Hipmunk.com, which lists accommodations ranging from five-star hotels to AirBnB availability.

While the value is obvious for this week, the winner is not. The Blue Jays and Yankees have been fighting back and forth for the top spot in the AL East for the past month and both have really been in the mix for the division all year long. Toronto really put their foot on the gas when they swung trades for Troy Tulowitzki and David Price, however, and suddenly are quite the formidable roadblock as New York tries to win the division and punch their ticket into the 2015 MLB playoffs.

The reality is both teams boast elite offenses, and aside from Price in Toronto, neither has a defense they can routinely hang their hat on. It doesn’t get much more obvious than a look back at the meetings between these two already this year, as Toronto holds an 8-4 season series edge. The reason? Offense. Toronto lived up to their potent offense in the prior 2015 meetings, dropping a whopping 43 runs on the Yanks, while only giving up 26. If the Yankees want to give the AL East title a serious go, their offense will need to show up. There’s no guarantee that happens, but it’s beyond clear that this series is hyped up for a reason: because the offensive potential is through the roof and there just aren’t many series that carry more weight.

TiqIQ: Yankees Will Take On Crosstown Rival Mets In Most Expensive Game Of September, Host Orioles In Cheapest

It doesn’t get much more intense for the New York Yankees than the month of September. Trailing the rival Toronto Blue Jays by 1.5 games in the AL East, the Bronx Bombers have almost no room for error as they try to lock up a division title and give the World Series another go. Much like those pesky Jays, the Yankees have gotten to this point largely thanks to their potent offense, but whether or not they can secure the division and make a deep playoff run may come down to their uneven starting pitching.

With so much on the line, no one in New York should be surprised tickets to see the Yankees stand to spike a bit in September. Even with that being the case, fans can still find themselves some solid bargains. Let’s take a look at what kind of value can be had next month as we break down the cheapest and most expensive games for the Yanks in September:

Cheapest – 9/8/2015 vs. Baltimore Orioles at Yankee Stadium | Avg: $71.02 | Primary get-in: $20

While they currently sit 11 games back of first-place in the AL East, the Orioles are certainly a team that cannot be taken lightly, possessing one of the more potent lineups in the league. Furthermore, they are the reigning division champs and will do everything they can in trying to successfully defend their title. That’s just one fragment of the value to be seen in New York’s cheapest game of September, as this is obviously a huge rivalry clash with playoff implications.

For Baltimore, even if they’re out of the running for the division at this point in September, they’re still hovering around the Wild Card hunt as well. Every game and series is crucial for the Yanks down the stretch, and as a result, this particular meeting with the O’s should be as important as any.

The best part is this game screams value at just over $71 on average, while anyone can get in the door for $20 via primary tickets on Ticketmaster. New York holds the edge on the year, being 8-3 in the season series up to this point. At the same time, the Orioles have actually outscored them, 62-59, in those 13 ballgames, which could make this a very competitive series, just as it usually is when the Yanks and O’s get together. Baltimore boasts some truly dangerous bats, particular the likes of Adam Jones, Manny Machado, and Chris Davis, that can contend with any opposing pitching. Not only should this particular affair be close, but fans will get even more value thanks to this being Old School Pennant Night.

Most Expensive – 9/19/2015 at New York Mets at Citi Field | Avg: $322.71 | Secondary get-in: $81

The Subway Series is baseball’s battle of New York, and this year it is bigger than ever with both the Mets and Yankees fighting for the top spot in their respective divisions. The Mets severely upgraded their offense around the trade deadline, and to go with their elite starting pitching, have created quite the pad for first in the NL East. They might only be more explosive from here on out after getting longtime Mets third baseman David Wright back from injury. The Yankees, of course, have their own significant firepower, led by Alex Rodriguez, Mark Teixeira, and Brett Gardner, but we’ll see if their sometimes inconsistent pitching can keep up with the likes of Matt Harvey, Noah Syndergaard and/or Jacob deGrom on the road. Fortunately for the Yanks, their own pitching has come on as of late, with improved showings lately from Masahiro Tanaka, Nathan Eovaldi, and Ivan Nova, all of whom appear to be hitting their stride at the right time.

All of this adds up to offer up the most expensive game of September — and by a wide margin. Mets tickets are below $100 on average to close out the year, but despite that being known, this game climbs a staggering $322.71 over that average. It’s just as crazy for Yankees tickets, which average out around $121 to finish the regular season. This is a pricey game, to be sure, but it’s magnitude can’t be underplayed. The good news for Yankees fans is that their club did take a series from the Mets earlier in the year way back in April, when the Bombers took two of three at Yankee Stadium. Either way, fans from both sides are in for quite a show, especially since this game includes a cool Thundersticks Giveaway and has so many playoff implications for both squads. The average price is hard to take in, but at least fans can stomach the get-in tag, with the cheap seats being a very affordable $81.

TiqIQ: Yankees Prepare For Series Opposite Astros; Tickets Remain Very Affordable For Jacoby Ellsbury Bobblehead

A week ago, the New York Yankees lost their stronghold on the AL East. Now, they’ve got it back. That touch-and-go status atop one of the most competitive divisions in all of baseball will probably stick around, too, since the surging Toronto Blue Jays are just 1.5 games back and remain one of the hottest, not to mention most dangerous, teams in the American League.

Toronto isn’t the only team giving the Yanks a run for their money inside the division, which is all the more reason for New York to piece together a hot run without looking back. Thanks to a recent run of their own, the Baltimore Orioles are also just five games out of first, and even the Tampa Bay Rays were just 6.5 games out earlier in the week. Suffice to say, the home stretch is bound to be a wild one for the Bronx Bombers, making New York Yankees tickets an extremely hot item as the season soon enters its final month.

On top of their division title and playoff prospects, New York is force-feeding fans value on a regular basis at Yankee Stadium, and that should only continue with Jacoby Ellsbury Bobblehead Night when the Houston Astros come into town on Monday, August 24. When these two contenders collide, there will certainly be playoff implications, making it all the more of a tremendous bargain when this series-opening showdown gets underway. After all, Major League teams only give out a select number of bobbleheads commemorating their best and most celebrated players, and the Ellsbury offering happens to be one of the last of the season provided by the Yankees.

The first 18,000 guests get their hands on a Jacoby Ellsbury bobblehead, and then get to enjoy two powerful teams battle. Both Houston and New York have scored a healthy number of runs this season, and with Yankee Stadium being the perfect stage for an offensive explosion, the likes of Alex Rodriguez, Mark Teixeira, Carlos Correa, and Jose Altuve could break out in a big way. The man of the night, Ellsbury, is also more than capable of churning out his own significant production, and may be extra tempted to do so on the night he is being honored with his first-ever bobblehead as a member of the Yankees.

Regardless of how the game goes down, fans from both sides are in for a major value, with Yankees tickets for game one of this three-game series averaging out at just $88.83 on TiqIQ. If that wasn’t good enough, fans can hit the cheap seats starting at $20 on Yankees.com and if they arrive to Yankee Stadium early enough, they’ll also get the desired Yankees collectible giveaway. Without question, it’s one of the best deals going down at Yankee Stadium left in the slate, and is certainly the game worth catching before August comes to a conclusion.

With the season starting to wind down, the Yankees need every win they can get to make sure they can stave off the pesky Jays and Orioles in the AL East. And while they do it, fans can continue to take advantage of the great promotional items being distributed at Yankee Stadium.