LaTroy Hawkins says it best

In an update on some Yankee farmhands, Chad Jennings lands a great quote from LaTroy Hawkins. When asked about how his Spring Training, Hawkins, who’s thrown eight scoreless innings, said, “Spring don’t mean shit, dude.” While rabid Yankee fans and bloggers alike fixate on spring numbers, we seem to care more than the players. They know it doesn’t count until Monday. We should take a lesson.

A Spring Training observation

While Spring Training stats are, by and large, meaningless, if I’m in charge of giving out the rest of the $105 million owed to Barry Zito, I am alarmed by his spring numbers. In 12.2 spring innings, Zito has surrendered 21 H and 24 ER. He’s walked 10 hitters while striking out 0. That’s not a typo, and I sure am glad the Yanks didn’t sign him when they had the chance.

Top prospects visit Legends Field

The Yanks are taking on the Rays this afternoon, and both Evan Longoria and David Price made the trip for Tampa. You can catch the action on YES. Lineups courtesy of PeteAbe:

Damon LF
Jeter SS
Abreu RF
A-Rod DH (Posada to follow)
The Big G 1B
Cano 2B
Cody Ransom 3B
Molina C
Melky CF

Moose, Karstens, Farnsworth, Albaladejo, Ohlendorf on the mound.

Iwamura 2B
Crawford LF
Pena 1B
Bossman Jr CF
Floyd DH
Gomes RF
Longoria 3B
Riggans C
Bartlett SS

Garza, Dohmann, Anderson, Birkins, Munter, Price on the bump. Comment here on the action.

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Yanks to face top pick this Saturday

The St. Petersburg Times is reporting that David Price, the first overall pick in the 2007 draft, will take the mound for the first game action of his professional career this Saturday when the Rays visit Legends Field. The big lanky southpaw reminds me a bit of Andy Pettitte, but he’s got much better pure stuff (low-90s heat, wipeout slider and sinking changeup). The game is on YES, and should be fun to watch regardless of who’s throwing for the Bombers.

(hat tip to Jason at My Baseball Bias)

Meet the new guys: Dan McCutchen and Ross Ohlendorf

Two good stories today in the New York papers about some of the lesser-known names vying for spots in the Yankees pen. Peter Abraham takes a look at Dan McCutchen, the pitcher who handed Joba Chamberlain his first college loss. Abraham’s story details McCutchen’s 50-game suspension that came about as a result of a paperwork snafu over an Adderall prescription. Mark Feinsand sat down with Ross Ohlendorf.

Spring Training, in pictures

Mike’s Sunday-night Picture Day post showed that, hey, for all the talk of the off-season, there’s nothing like seeing some baseball players. The posed photos were often hilarious, often awkward, and all in front of some nondescript background.

So how about some practice photos instead? Via an e-mail from loyal reader and frequent commenter Brian comes the New York Yankees photos from Daylife.

Soon, very soon, the games start, and then it’s just a short jaunt until Opening Day. I’m ready.

They’re bringin’ sexy back

Via Pinstripes PA, Getty Images has the “photo day” pics available. You should definitely check ’em out, but here are the highlights:

Make sure you take a look at all the photos. Good stuff. Some of ’em remind me of yearbook picture day.