Pitchers and catchers have reported and Spring Training is now officially underway. I figure it’s a good time to toss up a fresh one of these…


  1. Yanks win 100 games this year, crush bitches in the postseason, win number 28.

    (hilariously optimistic)

    • Camilo Gerardo says:

      red socks were predicted to win al east last year as well by many. don’t sweat it. we got this

    • Bob Klob says:

      Joe Girardi must go. He cost us the game last nigh by leaving AJ in too long. He has cost other games as well. He STINKS!!!

  2. Passed both certification exams! Woo! One more hurdle cleared.

    • SCT says:

      Been reading your site all morning, really good stuff. Happy to have another great Yankee blog to go to for insightful articles and great analysis on a daily basis.

  3. SCT says:

    So, my oldest son had his first T-Ball practice last night. His team name: The Red Sox. Of all the teams?!? I’ll have to participate in, Let’s Go Red Sox! chants for the next few months. Just typing those words gives me a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach.

  4. Steve H says:

    Considering all of the nonsense on ESPN, it’s pretty funny that it took a fantasy article to realize that all is not doom and gloom with the Yankees rotation. (insider only)

  5. Mike HC says:

    Why would the Yanks completely nix the idea of using Posada as catcher? Him at catcher and Jones or Montero at DH could legitimately be our best line up, especially if Martin struggles, but even if he does not. And he is only under contract for one more year, so its not like we need to keep him productive for beyond this season. He wasn’t that bad last year.

    • Steve H says:

      His defense is beyond awful at this point though. I don’t think a good defensive catcher can help a pitcher by leaps and bounds, but a bad one can hurt a pitcher. Martin should bring a lot to the table defensively and working with the pitchers. Even if he doesn’t bounce all the way back offensively, they will score plenty of runs. The biggest concern is preventing runs.

  6. Evan3457 says:

    Anybody biting on the Rosenthal piece about…(ruffles and flourishes)…


    Didn’t think so. Interesting idea, though.


    We’d like to work out all the relegation aspects of the various fantasy leagues from 2010 as soon as possible. In order to do so, we need the final 2010 standings from each of the leagues.

    We still need someone to send us the standings from the following leagues:

    League 3 – RAB Baseball League One
    League 4 – RAB Baseball League Two
    League 6 – RAB Conference North League
    League 8 – [?]
    League 9 – [?]

    You do NOT have to be the commissioner of your league to access this information. If you have signed up for your league again for 2011, you can go to your league’s main page and access the 2010 standings quite easily.

    If you’re in one of the leagues listed above, please copy and paste your league’s final 2010 standings into an email and send it to


    • Johnny O says:

      You guys adding leagues this year? How about any in a roto format?

      • All the RAB leagues are head-to-head. They all have to have the same format if we’re doing the relegation thing.

        Leagues will be added if there is sufficient interest. Keep checking back, though, because I’m sure some people who participated last season will drop out so some spots will open up. If enough people want to play that the open slots are filled and there are enough players for an additional league (or leagues) we’ll add more leagues.

        • Johnny O says:

          thanks. all my other leagues are h2h so i was interested in trying roto format, but always happy for another h2h

  8. Steve H says:

    So I have swype on my phone, and every time I try to write “more” it comes back with “mitre”. I think it’s mocking me.

  9. Esteban says:

    I usually hate Francesa, but this is absolutely hilarious:

  10. Wil Nieves #1 Fan says:

    Hi. I’m Wil Nieves #1 Fans and I’m an alcoholic looking for a fantasy league. Anybody?

  11. Wil Nieves #1 Fan says:

    So I’m guessing everyone’s informed of the Miggy situation?

    • Tom Zig says:

      Sad story. Miggy is such a great player and he is throwing away a potential HOF career if he continues down this path. Someone get this guy some help.

      • Wil Nieves #1 Fan says:

        I remember following his incident last year and thinking to myself that he was in total denial about alcohol abuse.

        By the way, I should mention that my post above was a complete fluke.

  12. Tom Zig says:


    When a player gets put on waivers, clears them, and then is released outright, the team is still responsible for that salary, right?

    So when the player subsequently signs a deal for the major league minimum, does the original team still have to pay the full contract, or does it get to subtract the pro-rated amount of the ML minimum from their payments?

    • Mike Axisa says:

      Yes, the team is still responsible for the salary. When he signs with a new team, that salary is deducted from what his original team must pay. It can be any amount, but it’s almost always the pro-ratedleague minimum.

  13. Guest says:

    I enjoyed this rant about the Joba situation from


    While its more fun and ranty than reasoned and rigourously researched, the author does get at something that has been bothering me.

    The Yankees say they have given up on Joba as a starter because he showed diminished stuff as a starter in ’09. Isn’t that EXACTLY what you would expect from a young pitcher coming off a shoulder injury? How about giving it a little more time to see if he bounces back? And, if you don’t see him in your long term starting plans, why absolutely napalm his trade value by turning him into a middle reliever so soon in his career?

    I know the dead horse has been beaten so many times it has actually evaporated into thin air. But, for the life of me, I just don’t get what happened here.


  14. My GF and I are thinking of doing the Stadium tour this weekend. Anyone know what the deal is for parking? Is it the same price as a ball game?

  15. Wil Nieves #1 Fan says:

    I forgot I had this in my pictures folder. (safe)

  16. bexarama says:

    Jimmy Rollins predicted the Phillies will win 100 games. Silly Jimmy, don’t you know your predictions only work when they are against the Mets.

    (Yes, I can still see the Phillies winning 100 games, but geez.)

    • Ray the Anti-Handle says:

      The Phillies have a very good chance to win 100+ games, but hearing it from Rollins is just laughable. What was that, Jimmy? Beat the Yanks in 5?

      On a slightly related topic, I still can’t believe Rollins won that 2007 MVP award.

      • bexarama says:

        Jimmy said the Phillies were the team to beat at the beginning of 2007, which was a ridiculous thing to say at the time considering Atlanta’s dynasty (which was just ending) and especially the fact that the Mets had absolutely dominated baseball in 2006 (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). That “prediction” came true, and he won the MVP (not embarrassing, but not deserved much either), so he’s looked at as omgaprophet! when every stupid thing he said about the 2009 World Series was hilariously untrue. Phillies in 5! We figured out Mo! Andy Pettitte sux!

        Sooooo many parenthetical asides. I feel like Janusz. >_>

  17. Zack says:

    Isiah Thomas is seriously back with the Knicks?

  18. Zack says:

    [Comment From EricEric: ]
    Morning Pete! How do the pitchers seem to be with Saltalamachiaa?? Have a great week and be safe

    Monday February 21, 2011 9:36 Eric
    9:36 Pete Abraham: They all seem to like him, Eric. He’s sort of Tek 2.0 in their minds.

    Must be because of his 20 CS%


    We’d like to work out all the relegation aspects of the various fantasy leagues from 2010 as soon as possible. In order to do so, we need the final 2010 standings from each of the leagues.

    We still need someone to send us the standings from the following leagues:

    League 2 – RAB Championship League
    League 3 – RAB Baseball League One
    League 6 – RAB Conference North League
    (Not sure if there were 7 or 9 leagues)
    League 8 – [?]
    League 9 – [?]

    If you are the commissioner of one of these leagues, please re-activate the league so the participants can get back in. If you don’t want to be the commissioner again in 2011, please just re-activate the league and then we can deal with having someone else take over as commissioner.

    One your league is active for 2011, you do NOT have to be the commissioner of your league to access the 2010 standings. If you have signed up for your league again for 2011, you can go to your league’s main page and access the 2010 standings quite easily.

    If you’re in one of the leagues listed above, please copy and paste your league’s final 2010 standings into an email and send it to


  20. Tampa Yankee says:

    Fantasy Q:
    I get Hanley, P. Alvarez and Latos
    I give Tex, M. Young and Greinke

    I have Pujols at 1B, Desmond at SS, Wright at 3B and Verlander, Carpenter, Lilly, Bumgarner and D. Hudson as my other SP.

    I don’t need another 3B but I think Alvarez will put up better # than Young plus giving up Tex and Young kills my Util spot and leave me with a bench of Crisp, Gaby Sanchez and Span. Hanley is an obvious upgrade at SS so that’d mean Desmond slides to the bench or is cut. I got decent SP depth behind Greinke and getting Latos back would offset some of that.

    So… your thoughts? Good trade for me?

    • Steve H says:

      I’d do that in a heartbeat if I were you.

      • Thomas says:


        • Tampa Yankee says:

          Yeah, it wasn’t the losing Tex and Young part that made me hesitant, it was giving up Greinke.

          The balked on Tex and Young for Hanley and Alvarez and said if I found a way to include Greinke he’d be more inclined to accept it.

          Thanks guys.

          • Steve H says:

            Yeah, in a vaccum Greinke might be a big upgrade from Latos, but Latos gets to pitch in Petco. In a real life trade you have to look at Latos’ numbers and see the advantage he gets. In fantasy you know he’s going to be there all year, might as well take advantage of it.

  21. Joe R says:

    Wainwright to probably get TJS. Anyone think that kills any outside hope of getting Carpenter?

    • Johnny O says:

      I actually thought about the Yankees trying to pick up Wainwright next offseason for cheap. But looks like he’ll be getting $9M in 2012 when he probably won’t pitch (effectively at least) for a good part of the season, then FA in 2013. Could be a nice target then, 2 years away from TJS.

      And yes, I can’t imagine the Cards giving up Carpenter unless they’re waaaay out. Or maybe they go for a complete fire sale if they don’t think they can keep Pujols?

    • theyankeewarrior says:

      I was just going to ask about this? Maybe they fold the cards and sell their vet for prospects? UCWIDT?

      They are looking at a 30M first baseman, and Colby is about to start getting expensive.

      Does this hurt or help??

    • JGS says:

      Of getting Carpenter now? That wasn’t happening anyway. I think it actually increases the chances of Carpenter being available at the deadline.

      • theyankeewarrior says:

        Right. Because this decreases their chances of competing… so if they’re 10 games out of the WC by August, maybe they deal Carp and save the money for Fat Ablert?

  22. Tom Zig says:

    I think it’s hilarious that the Yankees are claiming to be underdogs this year. It must totally annoy the Sox as their whole identity is built around being gritty, scrappy, underdogs.

  23. I am not the droids you're looking for says:

    Food for thought: would the Sawx have “covered [Crawford] like [they] were private investigating him” – Theo Epstein, if he were white?

  24. Brett says:

    I was in River Ave. Blues lite, which I think was the second league, but it hasn’t been renewed or I didn’t get an email or anything, does anybody know what the deal was? Really want to play again.

  25. Mike HC says:

    Just finished taking the NY Bar Exam (first time). Unfortunately, there were not as many questions relating to as I expected, which is where I spent most of my study time.

    • Tom Zig says:

      hahaha nice.

      I’ll be in your shoes in about 17 months

      • Mike HC says:

        Good luck. I would advise less RAB and more Bar Bri class when the time comes, ha.

        • Tom Zig says:

          Have you taken any other bar review classes? Most people take either BarBri or Pieper. But after watching the Pieper MPRE review video, I’m seriously considering BarBri.

          • Mike HC says:

            I have not taken any other courses, but I did use the PMBR books for practice with the multi state multiple choice questions. I heard before I took the test that the PMBR multi state questions were actual past Bar questions, and far more reflective of what you are going to get on the test than the BarBri questions. And from what I saw on the test, I agree. Many of the questions from PMBR were directly on the test in one form or another. As for Piepers, I have not heard great things, but I am relatively ignorant when it comes to them.

  26. Always Alex says:

    Greatest A-Rod tribute video ever.

  27. Bryan L says:

    I needa get a Jesus Montero t-shirt.

  28. Odd request: if anyone has read “Slaughterhouse Five”, please tell me whatever problems you had with it in terms of comprehension/understanding . If you read it in HS, tell me what you wish your teacher had done differently to help you with the book.

    • Jerome S. says:

      I read it, I didn’t understand what Vonnegut meant with some of the alien stuff.

    • Accent Shallow says:

      I didn’t have any. I mean, he tells you what he’s trying to do.

      I can’t imagine reading Vonnegut for school. Whoa.

      (As for improving understanding, there are passages in other Vonnegut books in re: Dresden that may prove illuminating)

    • Thomas says:

      I read it and liked it (my senior year of college), but while easy to understand stylistically, I was somewhat confused by the aliens. I had a difficult time determining what was real and what was fiction (which I was probably desired by Vonnegut). My confusion was caused by the introduction where Vonnegut lays out the circumstances surrounding the writing of the book and his recounting of his time in WWII as a fact, but obviously Billy Pilgrim is fictional.

      Also you should ask the RAB commenter Kilgore Trout.


    We’d like to work out all the relegation aspects of the various fantasy leagues from 2010 as soon as possible. In order to do so, we need the final 2010 standings from each of the leagues.

    We still need someone to send us the 2010 standings from the following league:

    League 6 – RAB Conference North League

    At this point I am assuming there were only 7 leagues, so we can knock League 8 and League 9 off the list. Unless someone speaks up and says otherwise, we’ll move forward as if those leagues never existed since it appears they were a figment of my imagination.

    If you are the commissioner of League 6, please re-activate the league so the participants can get back in. If you don’t want to be the commissioner again in 2011, please just re-activate the league and then we can deal with having someone else take over as commissioner.

    Once League 6 is active for 2011, you do NOT have to be the commissioner of that league to access the 2010 standings. If you have signed up for the league again for 2011, you can go to the league’s main page and access the 2010 standings quite easily. However I do request that the commissioner him/herself send me the standings, for the sake of expediency.

    If you’re in League 6, please copy and paste the league’s final 2010 standings into an email and send it to Mike at the email address listed in the right sidebar.

    If you want to participate in RAB fantasy baseball but did not participate in 2010, just sit tight for now. We will give League 6 some more time to get their league re-activated, and then deal with any slots that may open up due to 2010 participants dropping out of their leagues for 2011. We can also, quite easily and quickly, add full leagues to the system, if there is demand.


    • Stryker says:

      so for those of us who won our respective leagues – should we be sitting tight instead of joining up again?

      • I don’t think it would hurt to re-join the league, just so the commissioner will know who is returning for the 2011 season and we can deal with filling empty slots. Then when we are ready to do the switches and promote/demote teams, you can just drop out of your old league and enter your new league.

        If you’d rather not enter the league, then leave it and enter your new league, please make sure you let your commissioner know you are returning for the 2011 season so we don’t mistakenly think your slot is open.

  30. Zack says:

    File this phrase under “Things we don’t have to listen to for a few months”: Why didn’t Cashman sign Justin Duchscherer?!

  31. The Real JobaWockeeZ says:

    Yay 2 K’s for ManBan off Inge and Perlata. I wish this was on TV.

  32. Avi says:

    Bob Nightengale of USA Today told Jim Bowden of MLB Network Radio on Monday that he thinks it’s possible Francisco Liriano will be traded to the Yankees sometime in the next two weeks.
    We’ve heard discussion about the Twins possibly trading Liriano from a variety of sources, so it appears this rumor has legs. The Yankees have an obvious need in their rotation, but the Twins would be trading away the closest thing they have to an ace at the moment. According to Nightengale, the Twins would acquire either Ivan Nova or Joba Chamberlain, in addition to other pieces. Stay tuned, because it sounds like things are about to get very interesting.

  33. The Real JobaWockeeZ says:

    Joe Mauer bacame my new favorite non-Yankee player.

    Joe Mauer passed along some advice for Jesus Montero through Joe Brescia of the New York Times: the Twins backstop says Montero should make an effort to learn as much as possible from Jorge Posada and Russell Martin. Mauer, an unusually tall catcher like Montero, is excited for the Yankees prospect to arrive in the majors.

  34. Pat D says:

    Wallace Matthews is a real douchebag.

    I’m sure we all knew this, but I just felt like saying it again.

    • bexarama says:

      what’d he do now?

      • Pat D says:

        This tweet from yesterday:
        “R Belly-ard will be out at least 10 days. Thanks 4 stopping by, Ronnie!”

        I mean, is there need for the stupid insult? Does he think he’s funny?

        And then I see this one from today:
        “Live chatting Yanks today @ 2pm, or right after AJ Burnett puts his fist thru the clubhouse wall”

        Has AJ pulled a Kevin Brown that we’re not aware of. It’s as if he lives to belittle others rather than report about them. Something tells me you can do the latter without resorting to the former.

        • bexarama says:

          Ew, I didn’t see any of those (I don’t follow him on Twitter because, well, he annoys me). I’m not asking beatwriters to be fawning over the team but if they could cover them without acting with complete disdain, it’d be appreciated.

          • Pat D says:

            I don’t follow him either as I don’t use Twitter, but I go to ESPN’s baseball page often, and that’s where I saw those.

  35. Tom Zig says:

    Do you know who I miss?

    Whizzo the wise.

  36. Pat D says:

    Anyone see ESPN’s blurb about AL East organizational rankings? Apparently Cashman is only 3rd best GM in the division and Girardi is only 3rd best manager.

    The funny parts were the fact that they ranked Joe Maddon over Terry Francona (I can’t see that) and that they referred to John Henry & co. as “class act” owners.

    Oh, sure, they’re “class act.” Except when they whine about the revenue sharing system saying that as a large market team it’s unfair they have to contribute so much to the losing teams, or when they whine about how they can’t compete with the Yankees because they only play in the 15th largest media market, or whatever Henry claimed it to be.

    Yea, whining about being both too rich and too poor at different times. Real class act, alright.

    • bexarama says:

      Don’t forget that Cashman deserves no credit for 1998-2000 but 2004 was all Theo. And that just Hank owns the Yankees.

    • The Real JobaWockeeZ says:

      Meh putting Epstein and Friendman ahead of Cash isn’t a crime.

      • bexarama says:

        It’s not at all, but the article was hilariously biased.

        Giving Theo all the credit for 2004, and docking Cashman for 1998-2000? Saying stuff like MLB’s model ownership group is committed to all aspects of franchise ownership about Henry & Co. and calling them all class literally while he’s in the middle of having to pay MLB for criticizing them? It’s not even factually correct, with the whole “Hank and just Hank owns the Yankees”

  37. Accent Shallow says:

    Garret Anderson retired.

    Good riddance, I hate that guy. Always seemed to mash against the Yankees, even though he was wildly overrated (awful walk rate)

  38. Tom Zig says:

    Charlie Sheen Quote Generator. If only it included sound bytes.

  39. Avi says:

    From today’s live chat with Keith Law:
    Avi (New Jersey)

    Keith, would you trade Banuelos for Liriano?
    Klaw (12:34 PM)

    No, not given their service time/years of control.

    • Accent Shallow says:

      Honestly, the way scouts have sounded on Banuelos recently, I wouldn’t move him, full stop.

  40. Johnny O says:

    Dellin stikes out Manny Ramirez. Granted it’s 2011 Manny, but that was still fun. And according to, he struck him out on 1 pitch…very impressive.

    • S says:

      you’ve never heard of Dellin’s triple boomerang curveball? it keeps going back into the zone until you strikeout.

  41. The Real JobaWockeeZ says:

    Interesting comparison between Perez vs ManBan.

  42. S says:

    Even the mlb tonight crew realize something is real fishy about the Twins wanting to deal Liriano and they more than hinted that the Yanks should not use deal for him because “They are obviously hiding something”

  43. S says:

    mesa got screwed on that pitch

  44. S says:

    jesus has officially become better than varitek at catching

  45. Guest says:

    Submitted without comment from the Minnesota Star Tribune:

    “If the Twins could get Jesus Montero, either Dellin Betances or Manny Banuelos, Hector Noesi, and someone like Chamberlain or David Robertson, it would be a good trade for the Twins. In the long term. But it would not be good for the 2011 Twins, and fans would likely not respond well. Maybe at the end of the day, Twins fans won’t need to know these names afterall, but it doesn’t hurt to get to know them.”

    Ok, I lied. One comment: No F*&!#@g way.

    • bexarama says:

      There seem to be very few athletes as nice and well-respected as Adrian Gonzalez. He’s drawn comparisons to the nicest baseball player in recent memory who, for a short time, played first base for the Red Sox, Sean Casey.

      It’d be kinda cool if Gonzalez slugged .392 with Boston and had an OPS+ of 100, yes.

      The New York Yankees are still quite formidable with the bats, but their batting order isn’t as strong one through nine,

      Dude, the Red Sox have Jarrod Saltalamacchia in their lineup.

      I fully expect Boston to win the AL East, win the AL Pennant, and meet Philadelphia in the World Series

      Bold. Very bold.

      An article linked on the bottom:
      “The Joy of Sox: 10 Things To Help Boston Reach the Ultimate Climax This Season” D: D: D:

  46. S says:

    I just noticed something, we talk about ManBan only having 15.1 innings but we never counted the 2 starts he did in the Thunder’s postseason where he threw an additional 12.2 innings. That means that combined with the innings in A+ and the AFL means he’s thrown 108 innings total in the 2010 season. That means that instead of a limit in the 130-140 range for 2011 he can be allowed to throw 140-150 innings.

    The same thing can be said with Betances who has an additional 11 innings due to the post-season.

    Both these guys can be in the rotation next year, but this also leads to another question….

    If you have players that are on innings limits, instead of skipping starts and/or ending their starts in odd intervals(think Joba rules)why not keep them back in simulated games like was done with Hughes and then let these guys start 30 games and pitch 5-6 innings; no more no less.

    Think about it

    30 starts 6 innings a piece = 180 innings
    30 starts 5 innings a start = 150 innings (This 5ip option could allow guys start postseason games)

  47. Tom Zig says:

    Does anyone else forget that Soriano is on the team?

  48. BavarianYankee says:

    I’m searching for a good Knicks blog. Any tips?

  49. Esteban says:

    Klaw pretty much thinks Manny B. could be in the rotation now:

    Joe (RI)

    Manny Buenlos has been lights out for the Yankees so far, how long before he forces his way to the bigs?
    Klaw (12:19 PM)

    Midyear? I feel like this is Heyward/Atlanta all over again, where you might let the best interests of the club in the current season trump long-term considerations – and it’s not like Banuelos has a ton of things to work on in the minors. If they gave him a rotation spot now I wouldn’t argue.

  50. Pat D says:

    I’ll bet a good portion of the Yankees’ hierarchy is laughing heartily right now.

  51. Dax J. says:

    Hey, no chat today? Doesn’t feel like a Friday if there isn’t a chat.

  52. mbonzo says:

    Someone dropped out of our RAB fantasy league today. We need one more person by 4:00 pm eastern for our draft.

    Its a 12 team standard.

    ID: 52282
    Password: rab776

  53. V says:

    Are all of the RAB leagues filled and drafted?

    • Johnny O says:

      Second this. Would love to join one but need more than 2 hrs warning.

      • RobC says:

        RAB league one needs 2 to 4 people
        yahoo ID 63914

        password : MoRo

        sorry I thouhgt i posted earleir – computer clitch

        • Johnny O says:

          Tried to register and got the following message from yahoo:
          “There is not room in this league if all teams from last year return. To join, get the commissioner to increase the maximum number of teams, or remove teams that will not be returning. “

  54. Jerome S. says:

    Fan confidence is the highest it’s been since the Yanks swept the Twins :D

  55. Esteban says:

    Is it Bañuelos, or Banuelos? First would be Bahnyooehlos, second would be Banwehlos.

  56. Johnny O says:

    From the Morning Jolt at
    “Would Brian Cashman swing a five-for-one deal with Jack Zduriencik for Felix Hernandez? [The five would include] Jesus Montero, who last summer was the centerpiece of the Yankees’ offer to the M’s for left-hander Cliff Lee. Left-hander Manny Banuelos or right-hander Dellin Betances, either of whom eventually could replace Hernandez as the Mariners’ ace. Right-hander Ivan Nova, who could slot immediately into the major-league rotation. And two others from the Yankees’ talent-rich grab bag. Maybe right-hander Hector Noesi. Maybe infielder Eduardo Nunez. Maybe second baseman David Adams, whose right-ankle injury helped torpedo the Yankees’ attempt to acquire Lee from Seattle last June. Five for one. As rich a 5-for-1 as Zduriencik can imagine without being ridiculous.”

    First – I’d prefer to do that deal for Dellin instead of Manny, but couldn’t argue too much if it included Manny. But let’s be honest this is irresponsible rumor mongering at its best. I can’t believe this will actually go down. And I can’t imagine Cashman wants to initiate another lengthy negotiation with Jack Z after getting burned last summer.

  57. Mike HC says:

    ESPN is now freely using WAR in their baseball telecasts. If that is not a surefire sign that WAR is completely outdated, then nothing is.

    • Jerome S. says:

      WAR is about as good as it gets. There’s just no definitive way of tallying D.

      I think WAR is only good with context, however; for example, Mariano Rivera is 69th all time bWAR pitchers, despite being without doubt the greatest closer… ever. Does he really rank 69th all time among pitchers (below the likes of Tommy John) in terms of overall greatness? No; it’s a counting stat, and Rivera’s a reliever.

      I applaud ESPN for using WAR, but you know they’re gonna find a way to fuck it up somehow.

  58. theyankeewarrior says:

    Betences, Noesi, Warren, Liard for Liriano

    Yay? Nay?

  59. Jose the Satirist says:

    I don’t know if anyone here heard about the injury to Luis Salazar, but here is an update. I feel for both Salazar and McCann.

  60. first time lawng time says:

    Apparently, Lee thinks the Yankees are too old. And a lot of people think this. I took the average ages of the Phillies starting infielders, outfielders, starting pitchers, and relievers. And I did that for the Yankees, too. Here’s what I found:

    Phillies SP: 31.5
    Yankees SP: 27.8

    Phillies IF: 32.5
    Yankees IF: 32.3

    Phillies OF: 33
    Yankees OF: 29

    Phillies C: 33
    Yankees C: 26.5

    Phillies RP: 29
    Yankees RP: 29.8

    Yankees seem to have the edge in all cetegories, except relief pitching which is pretty close. It’s funny, people always complain that Jeter, ARod, Rivera, and Jorge are too old, yet just about everyone else on the team is young or in their prime.

  61. JobaWockeeZ says:

    Eyo Ted. I didn’t catch your response to the Soriano thing but I want to continue it since it’s the only thing I care about on the team right now. Nothing new will happen to the rotation, offense will hit and the pitching prospects are beast.

    I think you missed the boat on this one. The Yankees wanted an “8th inning guy” and Soriano signed to be an “8th inning guy.”

    No, Cash was very much against it. Hal and the ownership needed something to improve the team in the short term so gave Soriano Mo like money.
    He would have to actively change his mind mid-season. It’s not that he couldn’t get a closer job this offseason, it’s that he took the Yankees money to be an 8th inning guy instead.
    Or maybe because all the other 28 teams didn’t want to pay him money and surrender a pick for someone giving you 2 wins? IIRC the Yankees were the only ones giving him an offer.

    If no team was offering him more this offseason, is a team going to offer him more next offseason?
    The closer market changes year to year. I’ll pray to Mo it happens. Relief pitchers are in relief for a reason. Someone will get hurt and someone will overpay to get him. Hopefully that’s not the Yankees again.

    If he pitches well, he better leave. Good logic.
    Well if you can point out the part where I said he’ll pitch good please tell me cause I don’t know how you can insult logic that I never said.
    Honestly I do see the logic, but it’s not set in stone that he can’t have 3 good seasons from 2011-13. Plenty of relievers have had a bunch of good seasons in their 30s. Plenty.

    Let’s see how he fares with a 50 percent FB rate playing half of his games in Yankee stadium. For comparison’s sake Javier and Hughes’ FB rates last year were at around 47 percent. I have no faith that he’;ll be anywhere near worth the contract when it ends so if he’s lucky for one year I’ll Cash to not give him a new offer.

  62. Stryker says:


    is anything going on with this? i won my respective league, but since i haven’t heard anything in a while i’m just going to go ahead and rejoin the one i was in.

  63. JohnnyC says:

    Joe Torre accepted the Yankees’ invitation to Old Timers’ Day this year.

  64. V says:

    Any RAB fantasy leagues still undrafted with open slots?

  65. First time lawng time says:

    How refreshing it is to hear the Yankees aren’t the only team with problems and the Red Sox aren’t the favorite.

  66. Jerome S. says:

    I know there’s an unwritten rule not to read Bleacher Report, but I couldn’t help myself here.

    You kids wanna see some crazy shit?

  67. Pat D says:

    Anyone else work for a company that got bought out today?

  68. JohnnyC says:

    Is today’s game on MLB Network blacked out in New York?

  69. J-Rod says:

    I have a fantasy yahoo league scheduled on March 27, 5:30 PM.

    This will be competitive and serious. PLEASE JOIN THIS WHEN YOU SEE THIS

  70. Yank the Frank says:

    What is the reasoning for the Met’s releasing Oliver Perez? They owe him 12 mil for this year, they are cash poor, is it just to open up a roster spot? Why not run him out there every 5 days?
    If someone picks him up they are still on the hook for 11.5.

    • Accent Shallow says:

      It’s to open up a roster spot. Why have an auto-loss every five days?

      • Yank the Frank says:

        That’s a hell of an expensive roster spot for a team with big money problems who won’t be going anywhere this year.

  71. JohnnyC says:

    It’s an attempt at good P.R. that’s all. The time to unload both Castillo and Perez was at least a year ago when they might have had some trade value. But, all is not lost, I believe they’re converting Daniel Murphy into a LOOGY. He’s a good athlete, he’ll be able to do it.

  72. _TheDream says:

    Have 3 spots remaining for RAB Baseball League Two

    League ID#: 63128
    League Name: RAB Baseball League Two
    Password: loubrown
    Custom League URL: http://baseball.fantasysports......eague/rab4
    Season Type: Full
    Draft Type: Live Standard Draft
    Draft Time: Mon Mar 28 8:00pm EDT

  73. Tom Zig says:

    The Orioles’s depth chart has Guthrie listed as the first starter, there is no way Guthrie starts over Matusz on opening day…right?

    • bexarama says:

      Nah, I think that could easily happen.

      • Tom Zig says:

        But Guthrie sucks, and Showalter isn’t dumb…

        • bexarama says:

          But Guthrie sucks

          Meh, no he doesn’t IMO. Not a world-beater, and on the Orioles of the past few years he’s always going to have a shitty W/L record so he doesn’t stand out, but he’s been quite good three of the past four years, 2009 aside. His FIPs are kinda ugly though, but again, seeing as he has three years of outperforming those by quite a bit, it might just be a skill.

          Matusz has a much higher upside than he does IMO but he’s not there yet.

  74. Zack says:

    Yost showed a preference last year to use Kendall in the No. 2 spot because of his ability to move runners. No longer.
    “He was a good fit last year,” Yost said, “but we have more options this year. Getzie and Esky fit that best for me….”

    Oh no, it’s spreading….thought it was a Girardi-only thing.

  75. Joey says:

    Hey guys, there is one more open spot in the RAB Conference South League™.

    League ID: 52615
    Password: riveraveblues

    Draft is Sunday, March 27 at 9:30 PM EDT (6:30 PM PDT).

    Had to delete my team, not going to have near enough time to update daily and didn’t want to be unfair to anyone else in the league by being relatively inactive. Have fun, I had a good time last season

  76. Zack says:;FEEDNAME=
    I guess some people just can’t stand an ARod-less ST, way to just make up controversey ESPN. What bullshit.
    “Magazines that allow statements without proper research or quotes, you end up with this kind of journalism, which is not journalism,” Boras said.

    You can hate Boras all you want, but he’s 1000% right.

  77. Tom Zig says:

    So this is my 2nd year in a row drafting Matt LaPorta. I had high hopes for him last year, but he fell on his face. I didn’t really waste a pick on him, I drafted him in the last round. Am i setting my self up for disappointment again?

  78. rbizzler says:

    So, a donated portrait of Pedro Martinez is being hung in the National Portrait Gallery in DC (underrated museum, BTW) and guess who the donor is?

    None other than HOF Sox homer Peter Gammons, who paid 35K for it a few years back.

    Yes, 35 freaking grand for a portrait of Pedro.

  79. Jerome S. says:

    I was almost unsure whether I should you this, but (yes, sfw).



  80. S says:

    Whats up with Hughes’ velocity? I’ve started hearing its been down? Is it something we should be worried about? I mean the guy is only 24 he shouldn’t be losing velocity, can anyone who’s seen him play fill me in?

    • Accent Shallow says:

      I hadn’t heard of this until the post on Hardball Talk today (Link)

      I won’t be too worried until I see a few regular season starts.

    • Steve H says:

      His stuff plays better in the bullpen.


      But seriously I don’t know.

      • S says:

        I went back and watched the highlights of Hughes during the toronto game, and his start against the Twinkies in the ALDS….it looks like his timing in his mechanics are off. His delivery during the Jays ST game was slightly faster, his arm when it locks right before the release was not staying back as long as it was against Minni last fall. I’m no expert but I watched both clips at the same time and there was definitely a slight difference in timing (think of Hughes as a bow and arrow, the longer you draw the bow the more power the faster the arrow upon release)

        Makes me feel a lot better.

  81. Jack says:

    League ID: 103464
    Password: riveraveblues

    Draft is Sunday March 27 at 8:oo Eastern. I have six spots open.

  82. V says:

    Someone at YES needs to be fired. 1:05 Spring Training game on Sunday afternoon… and they have an Encore of a Nets game instead? Imbeciles.

  83. Camilo Gerardo says:

    password: fangraphs. Draft is at 4pm. we are 6/12
    Jobawockys’ league: advaced stats, too

  84. Pat D says:

    No Maas commenters never cease to amaze me.

    I find them almost as irritating as Red Sox fans.

  85. Guest says:

    What do people think about SLGBIP (slugging percentage on balls in play) as a stat for pitchers?

    I imagine that, unlike BABIP, pitchers have at least some modicum of control over the slugging percentage they give up for balls in play. I have no evidence to back this up, just the naked eye. Think about it: almost anything can be a single and placement (which a pitcher can’t control) is paramount. But usually, non-homerun extra base-are scorched. I’m wondering if the facts back up my hypothesis.

    If so, I think the stat might help us better value pitchers who don’t get a lot of strikeouts, but still are successful. Maybe this is pointless because groundball/flyball ratios essentially do the same thing–groundball pitchers give up singles (not great but not terrible) and flyball pitchers give up x-tra base hits(not awesome at all).

    • Jerome S. says:

      Meh. If you’ve got Manny Ramirez in the OF, I could turn that soft fly ball into a “scorched double”.

      • Guest says:

        Haha. True. Definitely true. But, as usual, I think Manny is the exception rather than the rule.

    • pete says:

      I’d rather do IsoBIP (SLGBIP-BABIP), but I definitely think you’re on to something.

      As far as the BABIP-luck thing goes, I’d like to see that changed up a bit, too. I’d be much more interested in seeing it split up into BAGB (batting average on ground balls), BALD (line drives), and BAFB (non-hr fly balls). I think we’d find that BALD tends to be very stable, BAFB slightly less so, and BAGB much less so. In all likelihood, BAGB would be the best indicator of luck, both for pitchers and hitters, since it doesn’t really matter how hard you hit a grounder if it’s hit right at somebody.

  86. pete says:

    My wOBA predictions for the Yanks and Sox

    Gardner: .361
    Jeter: .338
    Tex: .392
    A-Rod: .409
    Cano: .376
    Swisher: .371
    Posada: .351
    Granderson: .359
    Martin: .331

    AND, the strong but massively overhyped Sox lineups:

    Ellsbury: .349
    Crawford: .369
    Pedroia: .371
    Youkilis: .414
    Gonzo: .384
    Ortiz: .376
    Drew: .356
    Scutaro: .324
    Salty: .297

    • pete says:

      forgot to mention that martin # is a combination of martin, cervelli, and montero. Now for the rotations (FIPs):


      Sabathia: 3.39
      Hughes: 3.91
      Burnett: 4.41
      Nova: 4.46
      5th starters (Garcia, Noesi, Brackman, Phelps): 4.71


      Lester: 3.09
      Beckett: 4.46
      Buccholz: 3.59
      Lackey: 3.92
      Matsuzaka: 4.61

      When you consider they have roughly equal defenses and the Yankees have a better bullpen (on paper), these teams are wayyy closer than they’re portrayed to be. Overall, I think the Yankees will score 886 runs and allow 752, while the Sox score 875 and allow 741. How those runs break into wins and losses is really just weather, but I’ll say 94 for the Yanks and 94 for the Sox, with the Yanks winning the east on a 10-9 record against the sox.

      • Accent Shallow says:

        And these numbers are from . . . where?

        Do you have a homemade projection system, or are you just making this all up?

    • Total Dominication says:

      I doubt Bucholz will be that good or that Salty will be that bad. That’s like .7 lower FIP than last year for Clay.

  87. Total Dominication says:

    The Yankees are 8-0 in their last 8 Opening Days at home. Let’s make it 9 straight!

  88. Wil Nieves Number 1 Fan says:

    The new gameday is fucking awesome.

  89. Joe says:

    Anybody know what happened to nomaas? I get a weird message saying “This Account Has Been Suspended. Please contact the billing/support department as soon as possible.” Anyone else seeing this?

    • Tom Zig says:

      Probably couldn’t pay their hosting fee as only 8 people visited their site a day. For shame I used to like NoMaas a lot. But the commenting section over there turned into something you’d see at SOSH.

      • Pat D says:

        Maybe it’s their April Fool’s Day joke?

        No, but that’s a shame if it remains down for a while. I still like their content and the photoshops, but they haven’t been quite as good or consistent as a year or two ago.

        And, yea, as I’ve mentioned a few times before, their comment section is something that scares even the trolliest of trolls (yea, that was weak). It would be nice if they’d attempt to regulate like this site does, but whatever.

  90. cano is the bro says:

    anyone else watching the sox-rangers game? I gotta say I like the music they play when one of the players hits a HR

    • JGS says:

      The theme from The Natural? It works when guys like Hamilton hit home runs. Less so for guys like Yorvit Torrealba.

  91. PaulF says:

    Wow, the Red Sox have by far the ugliest team in baseball.

  92. Xstar7 says:

    Has anyone else seen that meat video in the advertisement section near the top right of the page?

  93. Kevin G. says:

    Wow, nice to see managers doing this for a change;c_id=tex

    But of course he has to do it with the closer on MY FANTASY TEAM -___-

    • JGS says:

      The headline, “Rangers’ Feliz not being saved just for saves” is a good idea in theory, but look at Washington’s usage of Feliz. Heck–it says in the article:

      “Feliz pitched twice in the series and both times were with a four-run lead. That falls outside the three-run lead maximum for a ninth-inning save situation, but Washington didn’t care about that, especially against the Red Sox.”

      Not caring about the fact that it’s a save situation to use your closer is a nice theory…but using him in even lower leverage spots because they are the 9th inning is even dumber than only using him in save situations.

  94. Yank the Frank says:

    John Sterlings home run call for Andruw Jones during last nights debacle:

    “Andruw Jones, has made his bones !!”


  95. ROBTEN says:

    Apparently the Yankees were not only “obliterated” by the Rangers last year, they were so obliterated that MLB has decided to erase one of the two games they won.

    ARLINGTON — Six months ago, the Rangers soared into their first World Series. They were at their hottest in the American League playoffs, winning a Game 5 against the Tampa Bay Rays in the AL Division Series and then obliterating the New York Yankees in five games in the AL Championship Series.;c_id=tex

  96. BavarianYankee says:

    Red Sox lose again. I thought they’d go 162-0 this year!?

  97. rbizzler says:

    Pardon me if this has already been discussed:

    • rbizzler says:

      Oh, and that link is (safe) and is a blog post about Gary Sanchez and Will Ferrell.

  98. Len says:

    The Yanks have signed Garcia, Colon, Millwood, and Silva. I have no problem with this but I’m curious. Is there anybody left on the pitching scrap heap?

  99. BklynJT says:

    In the past several years, the Yankees have developed several good major leaguers that Cashman have traded away. Jose Tabata, Tyler Clipper, Ian Kennedy, and Austin Jackson come to mind.

    I’m hoping this isn’t a growing trend, especially with the talent we have in our system right now.

    • Johnny O says:

      All were traded for major league assets, I see no problem with this. Yanks only have 25 roster spots, can’t keep all. I’m glad that we are developing ML talent, which should only help the trade value of people in our farm system.

      Clippard was not that great, and there’s no reason to hold on to middle relievers. Tabata had his flaws, and I think he’s exceeded his value so far but could be due for regression. We have a solid outfield so I can’t say that the Yanks would be better with him. IPK’s pitching style might not work in YS3 or the AL East. Sure we could use him now, but we need Granderson just as much if not more. Austin Jackson brings a similar skill set to Brett Gardner, except worse OBP and half the WAR.

      Cashman improved the MLB club with these trades (granted Marte’s value is limited to October/November 2009 but that’s fine with me). Sure, the Clippard trade didn’t work out but I don’t see the Yankees being so much better with him so it’s really not a big deal.

      Can’t kill Cashman on any of the above, sorry. Like I said above, I’m glad the Yanks are developing ML talent, which should only help the trade value of people currently in the farm system, so we can make more trades to help out the big league club.

  100. theyankeewarrior says:

    Let’s hope Brackman, Banuelos, Betences turn out better for the Yankees than IPK, Joba, Hughes.

  101. squishy jello person says:

    Issss mah bufday

  102. AJ says:

    Last night I realized just how nice it is to be a Yankees fan. My dad, who for some reason likes the Mets, had two tickets to the game. I’ve never seen Citi Field, and I didn’t want to pass up a free baseball game, so I decided to go to the game with him. He bought a few beers, the food was decent and the seats were pretty nice. We were 11 rows up near centerfield, and the game, while long, was pretty interesting.

    What made the game interesting, you ask? The Mets bullpen, of course. That’s a dumpster fire that has no chance of being put out. Now I know why Pedro Feliciano was abused (Cashman’d). Their relief corps is absolutely terrible. I couldn’t believe how subpar it actually was. Bobby Parnell overthrew Josh Thole from five feet away to allow the go-ahead run. Five feet!

    The Yankees will always be railed against for spending too much money, etc. And we’ll always question why Boone Logan gets the chance to pitch in pinstripes. But it was nice to see that this organization (usually) spends money well. Last night made the Yankees bullpen look untouchable.

  103. Hurling Darvish says:

    How many 40 man roster players can be on the 60day DL at one time?

    • Mike Axisa says:

      As many as the team needs. But at some point those players have to come off the disabled list and you’re stuck with a roster crunch.

      • Hurling Darvish says:

        Thanks, good point about the roster crunch. It looks like they aren’t going to 60day Feliciano; maybe that’s a good sign.

  104. Zack says:

    Michael Cuddyer is starting at second base today.


  105. Pat D says:

    So I was checking out No Maas (I know, I know), but then I found an article that they highlighted.

    Truly, this has to be read to be believed. And thanks to No Maas for highlighting another pathetic “sports journalist.”

  106. theyankeewarrior says:

    “A rival GM says he’d trade Felix Hernandez to the Yankees for Ivan Nova, Dellin Betances, Manny Banuelos and Jesus Montero if he were running the Mariners.”

    Sounds like fun.

  107. Pat D says:

    They’ve already called tonight’s Boston/Tampa game.

    A bad omen? It’s raining in eastern PA where I live, too, so tonight looks sketchy.

  108. Steve H says:

    This is a great take on Manny and on the HOF in general. Highly recommended reading.

  109. Pat D says:

    So the Adrian Gonzalez extension is official for 7 years, $154 million.

    I still just don’t see how they can afford to compete with the Yankees on a dollar by dollar basis.

  110. Victor says:

    What do you guys think happens first? Derek Jeter’s 3000th hit or Derek Jeter’s first home run of 2011?

  111. A-Rod's Wingman says:

    So someone offered me Hanley Ramirez for Troy Tulowitzki straight up in a H2H Keeper league, I’m leaning towards “no,” anyone want to offer me some advice here?

  112. A-Rod's Wingman says:

    I also got offered Montero for Drabek straight up in a keeper league, I’d be getting Jesus…I’m leaning no. Drabek’s already a major leaguer, cheaper, and after Montero’s second or third year in the league he’d be limited to my utility spot. So I’m also leaning towards no here too. The guy who offered them to me is FUCKING IMPOSSIBLE to trade with too, BTW.

  113. Dismortologist says:

    Does anyone else think that Banuelos & Betances going on the DL might be Cashman pulling a clandestine move to limit their innings? He knows that the rotation is in some trouble, if he keep their workload minimal through June, maybe he can use them come July or August if they are performing well. I don’t know… seems odd that both go on the DL with the SAME problem.

  114. Xstar7 says:

    There’s a party in Brian Wilson’s beard, and you’re invited.

  115. First time lawng time says:

    People need to quit complaining about the Soriano contract. It isn’t your money, you can’t change it, it’s outside of your control, and it’s already happened, so you should just accept it and move on. He’s one of the best closers in the game. Really, the way some people here act you’d think we signed some scrub for 3 years. Just get over it.

    • Jerome S. says:

      Soriano =/= Scrub
      Soriano = Top Five Reliever
      Mariano = Big Money
      Mariano =/= Top Five Reliever
      Top Five Reliever = Reliever
      Reliever =/= Jack Shit

      Transitive Property of Marte: Relievers are simply never worth the money.

      • first time lawng time says:

        But my point is we shouldn’t be complaining because it’s not our money.

        • Jerome S. says:

          But it is!

          Who do you think they get the money from? These kind of contracts indirectly drive the cost up of all Yankee-related things – have you tried to get tickets lately?

          • First time lawng time says:

            I understand your point, but my buying tickets has an absolute miniscule impact on a 200 million dollar payroll. And most people here complain about Soriano’s contract…also, most people here talk about how they sit in the bleachers. A few bleacher tickets in as many as 81 games has barely any impact on the payroll. (Im referring to individual people buying tickets for themselves and friends, not Yankee fans as a whole).

    • The Real JobaWockeeZ says:

      Right we shouldn’t care about money that directly affects on improving the team at all.

      Screw it give ARod a 500 million dollar raise, we ain’t paying him.

  116. First time lawng time says:

    I mean if you want to complain about a contract in terms of length, I understand that. But for in terms of money, it’s just stupid.

  117. Jerome S. says:

    I’m sure at this point you’re all aware of the player rankings on B-Ref.

    I am shocked to see that A-Rod is currently ranked behind, among others,
    George Brett
    Rickey Henderson
    Ken Griffey Jr.

    And perhaps more shockingly, Barry Bonds is ranked behinds anyone not named Ruth. End this madness.

    • Jose the Satirist says:

      It is a popularity contest. Current players are being heavily favored over past players. Pujols being higher than Bonds? I die a little every time I see that.

  118. Marcus says:

    Interesting story about Justin Duchscherer (only an excerpt):

    Gives you an idea of what it’s like for the player when you hear a ball player is sitting out because of anxiety problems.

  119. Mike HC says:

    With all the ridicule that ESPN and ESPN New York writers gets here, it is funny that there is now an add for ESPN NY on the site.

  120. RL says:

    I’m heading to NY for a college visit (Fordham) with my daugher next week. Game choices (due to our schedule) is Wed night against the White Sox or Saturday night against Toronto.

    Since this is our first visit to the new stadium, I’m looking for suggestions on sections to sit in (she wants to be near the “Bleacher Creatures”, I’m not so sure) and also where to buy tickets to get the best pricing (college is expensive enough!) Thanks for any suggestions.

    • Mike Axisa says:

      I usually sit somewhere in the 418-422 sections, that’s the upper deck right behind the plate. The bleachers are a lot of fun (the creatures are in RF, that’s 220-223 I believe). Call me biased, but I hear the best place to buy tickets is RAB Tickets:

      • RL says:

        Thanks Mike. Do you know the projected pitching matchups? Given the choice of CC or Freddie, I’d take CC, but I’m not sure who’s expected to start for either team, either game.

        RAB Tickets will be my first stop for tickets. Looks like there will be plenty in my price range ($50/ticket or so and under) for either game.

  121. Pat D says:

    Baseball Reference has WAR data for this year up on their site now.

    Some quick notes: only CC has been worth at least 1.0 WAR so far. Hughes is at -0.9, which is 3rd worst among pitchers. ARod is the top hitter at 0.8. Chavez has been as valuable as Teixeira, both at 0.2. Jeter is -0.2 and Gardner is -0.4.

    The worst pitcher is Matt Thornton and the worst position players are Aubrey Huff and James Loney, with Carl Crawford not far behind. The best pitcher is Dan Haren and the best position player is Matt Kemp.

  122. Tom Zig says:

    Who pitches more innings this year?

    Damaso Marte or Pedro Feliciano?

  123. Victor says:

    A lot of people on twitter are wishing Hitler a happy birthday. I did Nazi that coming.

    • Pat D says:

      Those people are either, A) trying to be funny, or, B) very sick in the head.

      Of course if they think that what they’re doing is A, it actually very much proves that they’re B.

  124. First time lawng time says:

    Dustin Mosely has the 4th best ERA in MLB. Lol

  125. Pat D says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if we get a regular post about this today, being an off day and all, but I’ll start the ball rolling.

    Frankly, I’d have to agree with the comment from the Yankees spokesperson at the bottom.

  126. Pat D says:

    Oh, and terrific, Amy K. Nelson wrote a long article for on Luke Scott, giving him one more chance to spout his views.

    It’s all very “you have to get to know him” stuff, so I decided to give it a try.

    I have the same opinion. He might be a good player, but he’s a right-wing nutjob, plain and simple.

  127. Esteban says:

    Hah the Red Sox are tied 2-2 going into the bottom of the 10th and they’ve walked 10 times and have 6 hits. 2 runs on 16 baserunners HA. And Crawford is 0-2.

  128. Jerome S. says:

    So Cashman gets trashed when he fucks up – which he does.

    But while Martin, Colon and Garcia are ostensibly doing well, I believe Cash deserves some serious appreciation.

    • Zack says:

      How many times did Bobby Valentine say the Yankees “used their resources” to have a 6-time GG winner back up Arod?

      All small moves that work are “luck” and all big moves are “obvious” when it comes to Cashman.

    • radnom says:

      Give me a break, the Yankees still have the worst starting pitching in the league and the highest payroll in the league and you’re complaining that people are not praising him enough for Colon and Garcia? Seriously? They’ve made one start each!

      Listen, I’m a Cashman supporter myself, but I think its crazy that youre asking people to suck his dick for things while the season is so young the Cleveland Indians are in first place.

      • Jim S says:

        Pettitte: Not Cashman’s fault.

        Lee: Took less money elsewhere.

        Hughes: Arguably cashman’s fault in that he hired the people who developed him, but no one saw this level of fall-off coming.

        What other FA pitcher did you want? What else could he have done? If we had signed Lee and Pettite doesn’t retire, people would be praising our rotation yet Cashman would have done nothing differently! If he empties the minors for a front-line starter, then all of a sudden he “can’t develop prospects” again.

        I don’t mind being neutral re: cashman right now, because it’s so early but come on. That rotation was a perfect storm of shit-happens.

        • radnom says:

          Not Cashman’s fault.

          He has been solidly in control of the team for years. A team with such a massive financial advantage should never have such an important aspect of the team in such bad shape. If you want to break down each individual FA/trade possibility and why you think there was nothing he could have done than fine, but the point is he is the guy running the show and its completely ludicrous not to place *any* blame on him for the current situation.
          Like I said, I like Cashman and I think overall he does a good job. But let’s take off the blinders guys, just because some people go overboard with the criticisms doesn’t mean you have to go the opposite direction defending him. How is Jerome S. any different than the morons who go nuts saying Cashman sucks when a new FA signing has a rough April? Answer: hes not.

          • Jerome S. says:

            I’m saying that it goes both ways.

            What I mean is the general attitude towards Cashman is subtly that he can only lose games; every time Granderson strikes out in a high leverage situation, he got us hosed in a trade.

            I’m not saying he’s now the best GM ever, either. There’s really nothing wrong with what I said. Take it down a notch, come down from your tower, and be rational.

            • radnom says:

              What I mean is the general attitude towards Cashman is subtly that he can only lose games; every time Granderson strikes out in a high leverage situation, he got us hosed in a trade.

              I agree that this attitude is moronic, all I’m saying is its just as dumb the other way around. Like you said, it goes both ways.

          • Jim S says:

            Umm, I didn’t say it was ALL not Cashman’s fault, but thanks for bolding the last half of my first statement where I clearly said that Pettitte retiring wasn’t Cashman’s fault. Appreciate the logical dishonesty.

            • Jim S says:

              In fact, not only that, but i CLEARLY said that you can argue that Hughes was Cashman’s fault. So please stop telling other people they didn’t read what you wrote when you clearly aren’t reading what we write.

      • Steve H says:

        Give me a break, the Yankees still have the worst starting pitching in the league

        I stopped there. That’s just so far from the truth.

        • radnom says:

          I stopped there. That’s just so far from the truth.

          Well thank you for demonstrating you lack of reading comprehension.
          We were clearly discussing the very small sample size that is the early season. Base on runs alowed and innings per start the Yankee staff is right at the bottom of the league so far. I thought that was a valid point to bring up, considering Jerome was saying Cash should be praised in part because of the early season success of certain players.

          I never made any comment about the overall talent level of the staff, which is far from worst in the league, simply performance to date. Try to keep up.

          • Steve H says:

            So let me get this straight. You don’t want Cashman getting praise for Colon and Garcia because it’s early in the season, but at the same time you are saying the Yankees have the worst starting pitching in the league. So good start by Colon and Garcia doesn’t matter because it’s early. Bad start by starters overall=worst pitching in the league. You can’t have it both ways. If you are bashing the starters performance to date, you have to credit Cashman for Colon and Garcia and their performance to date, right?

            • radnom says:

              You don’t want Cashman getting praise for Colon and Garcia because it’s early in the season, but at the same time you are saying the Yankees have the worst starting pitching in the league. You can’t have it both ways.

              Holy shit are you serious? I explicitly said I don’t think they are actually the worst in the league and that Cashman deserves no credit/blame for anything because its just ridiculously early. The only reason I brought it up was to say its double-stupid to make a definitive statement about offseason acquisitions at this point because results have been mixed.


              I never made any comment about the overall talent level of the staff, which is far from worst in the league


              Bad start by starters overall=worst pitching in the league. You can’t have it both ways.

              Really dude? Did you actually ready either of my comments before replying?

    • Accent Shallow says:

      But while Martin, Colon and Garcia are ostensibly doing well, I believe Cash deserves some serious appreciation.

      Absolutely, but it’s April. If those three keep it up, great.

      I think the Martin acquisition was an extremely savvy one, especially with the Red Sox needing a C as well.

  129. Kevin G. says:

    Fantasy question: Ty Wigginton or Bill Hall?

  130. Jerome S. says:

    Genius idea from me:

    Home game, Red Sox @ Yankees.

    CC’s pitching.

    Suspend the DH rule, allowing CC to bat. This means the Sox can’t use Papi and puts a noodle in his place.

    Just a thought.

    • Accent Shallow says:

      It doesn’t work like that — the Yankees can choose to not use a DH and have the pitcher bat, but they can’t force the Sox to not use a DH.

    • bexarama says:

      I’d really rather not risk CC in some kind of play on the bases (or if the Red Sox wanted to get retaliation for us doing that by throwing at him).

  131. JM says:

    ESPN Scorecenter alerted me today’s day was postponed… For shame. Too many days without baseball!

  132. Jerome S. says:

    Narrative on the Phillies:

    They’re doing great.
    They only needed two runs to win!

  133. Tampa Yankee says:

    Fantasy Q:
    I get: S. Castro and J. Upton
    I give: E. Andrus, N. Cruz and M. Boggs

    I also have Tabata, Gordon, Stanton, T. Hunter and Gardner in the OF but only play 3 of them since my Util is currently occupied by McCann and Martin (Posey starts at C). I have Marmol and Storen as CL with Madson and Rauch out there o replace Boggs and to get the occasional save.


  134. Zack says:

    I love watching old Welcome to the NFL Rookie episodes around draft time. Just remember, Texans were morons for passing on Reggie Bush, mechanics are overrated, and your team’s 6th round pick is a stud in the making.

  135. Snake Plissken says:


  136. Mike HC says:

    I think this was an excellent article. Very insightful about Jeter’s decline years and how the Yanks tried to “handle” it.

    A couple things come to mind for me immediately:

    1) Jeter wants everything private and respectful … until he decides to write a book. Then all bets are off, ha.

    2) A point that Jeff Van Gundy has brought up in respect to Ewing and Shaq, how to deal with a superstar in decline? It is the superstar’s ego and invincible attitude vs. the reality of the situation and whats best for the team.

    3) Great stuff on the ARod and Jeter fight. While it was obvious as an outside observer, it was interesting to hear the behind the scenes stuff.

    Saying all that, Jeter is clearly the man. I have tried to imitate both his game and attitude. He is probably the only sports athlete I have ever really looked up to.

    • Mike HC says:

      Apparently I assumed wrong that Jeter was part of writing this book. I don’t know why I would have even thought that. Point 2 and 3 still stand.

  137. Jim says:

    In fantasy I was offered Nelson Cruz and Matt Cain for Josh Johnson. I was considering countering with Cruz adn Tommy Hanson for Johnson. What do you guys think? Who would be better long term over the season? Am I crazy and should just accept.

    • Mike HC says:

      I think it is a pretty fair trade whether it is Hanson or Cain that is included. It would come down to who Cruz would replace in your lineup? Cruz is a career .272 hitter, never had more than 78 rbi’s or 75 runs in a season, and probably had an unsustainably high stolen base rate the past couple of years. So expect fewer steals too.

      • Mike HC says:

        Or, he has a career year. Who the hell can predict these things?

        • Jim says:

          I was thinking of countering with Cruz and Ubaldo Jimenez for David Price

          • Mike HC says:

            Seemed like the guy really wanted Josh Johnson in particular based on his offer, but what do I know? I’m surprised at what people are willing to accept in my leagues all the time, so it might be worth a counter offer.

            I still think the key of the deal is really who Cruz is going to replace in your lineup. If Cruz is going to put a good hitter on the bench, it is probably not worth it. If the upgrade is large, then more likely to go for it.

  138. Tampa Yankee says:

    I have been offered Price and Jimenez for Verlander and Latos. I should jump on that right?

  139. Tom Zig says:

    Charlie Manuel says “No way was Contreras overused”;c_id=mlb

    He pitched 3 days in a row, had an off day, but pitched 5 times in 7 days. That’s a bit much for a 39 year old.

    • Zack says:

      Graduated from the Joe Torre School for Managers Who Can’t Use a Bullpen Good (and what to learn how to do other manager stuff too)

  140. Tom Zig says:

    Fun fact:

    The Yankees have 8 former first round picks on their team.

    Can you name them?

    • Johnny O says:

      A-Rod, Jeter, CC, Swisher, Joba, P. Hughes, Teixeira. Stumped on the last one unless you count Brackman because he’s on the 40 man?

    • Monteroisdinero says:


      • Tom Zig says:

        Didn’t count Golson either because as he’s currently in the minors.

        But the Yankees do have the potential to have 10 first rounders in September if everyone is still around and Golson/Brackman both get promoted.

        1/4 of the 40-man roster is former first rounders, that’s kind of impressive.

    • Zack says:

      Are we counting supp-first or just pure first rounders?

    • JGS says:

      So? Boston has ten, including such worldbeaters as Saltalamacchia (36th, 2003), and Darnell McDonald (26th, 1997–he was drafted by Baltimore with the compensation pick from the Yankees for signing David Wells).

  141. Steve H says:

    I have now read in two places that Granderson’s 24 HR’s last year were a “modest total.” I think people are forgetting he missed time. Last year he had the best AB/HR ratio of his career.

    • Tom Zig says:

      24 HRs is a modest total… for a corner outfielder or infielder.

      20+ HRs from an up the middle position is not modest.

      • JohnnyC says:

        24 HRs for the 2009-2011 Jose Bautista is a modest total. 20+ HRs for the pre-mid-2009 Bautista is a pipe dream.

  142. Corporate Scum says:

    Soooo… I learned something today. Did you know Boston fans get extremely riled up and troll-y if you suggest that they may have been somewhat less than nice to Bill Buckner between the years 1986-2007?



    • bexarama says:

      Yeah, Boston fans are very touchy about this. Sure, they “forgave” him after 2004, and sure, the less-stupid-than-usual fans ;P know it was mostly the relievers’ fault. But that guy was hated.

  143. JohnnyC says:

    Look up the wiki on Fred Phelps. I had forgotten about that dude. It says a lot for someone to use that nom de blog.

  144. Rivera ve Blues says:

    Fantasy question:

    My first baseman is Carlos Pena who is struggling terribly. Should I drop him and pick up Moreland, Lee, or even Loney who is doing a little better than Pena? I’m afraid of dropping Pena and having him turn his season around later. Thoughts?

  145. Tampa Yankee says:

    If you could start a franchise with any 3 players from the same team who would you choose taking into consideration age, position and $. Only limitation is that they have to be on the 25-man roster currently.

    Ubaldo, Tulo, CarGo? (1st choice)
    JJ, Hanley, Stanton? (3rd)
    Hanson, Heyward, McCann? (4th)
    Price, Hellickson, Longo? (2nd)

    Any others?

    • Mike Axisa says:

      Posey, Lincecum, Cain?
      Gonzalez, Lester, Pedroia?
      Braun, Weeks, Gallardo?
      Kemp, Billingsley, Kershaw?

      I’d probably rank them 1) Braves, 2) Marlins, 3) Giants, 4) Dodgers.

  146. Steve H says:

    Like to see this:

    rbizzler (Madtown)
    Do you see Brackman staying in the rotation or does he end up in the ‘pen? If it is the latter, does he at least profile as a shut down reliever?

    Klaw (1:48 PM)
    Still think he’s a starter.

    Considering Law is such a Yankees hater (#sarcasm), that’s good to see.

  147. Virginia Yank says:

    I just wanted to share this quote from Beckett after their loss to the O’s last night. Imagine the crap storm if it was a Yankee saying this: “Is this TMZ? I thought we were talking about a baseball game,” Beckett said. “You want to know about bat-flips and talking to umpires. I think we should probably just stick to the game. I thought we did a good job battling back, and we came up one run short.”

    • Tom Zig says:

      But he’s such a fierce competitor!!!

    • Zack says:

      Wait, no bleeps? He, Pedroia, and Ortiz are good for about 4 combined after every tough loss.

      Remember that article about the Yankees giving their players media training? I don’t think I’ve ever heard a “bleep” during a YES post game show from one of their players (although the mic has been picking up Swish’s f-bombs at the plate often this year).

  148. Dismortologist says:

    I’m curious about the ESPN interview with Nick Swisher yesterday. Something about Tim Tebow and Swish recently getting married to his wife. Can someone enlighten me on this?

  149. Mike HC says:

    What happened to the weekend writers? Seems like nobody can handle that job. First Steve H, and now these guys.

  150. Dino Velvet says:

    this new web server is gritty

  151. Esteban says:


    • BavarianYankee says:


      • Pat D says:

        Victory over Osama.

        • Zack says:

          Victory? We killed him, not his idology and followers.

          • BavarianYankee says:

            and the entire USA celebrates. That only shows how disgusting that country is, celebrating the DEATH of a human being. Yeah, Osama was a very bad guy but celebrating his death is just disgusting. I don’t know if Americans are just dumb or ignorant. I thought most Americans are catholic. If somebody is catholic AND celebrating the death of a human being, then he is part of the wrong religion.
            Last time people celebrated the death of a human being in my country was back in the 1940′s, those people were called nazis. Maybe most Americans are nazis, I don’t know, but they’re for sure acting like that.

            • Mike Axisa says:

              I’m O:S’ing this entire conversation now. There’s literally no good than can come from this on a baseball blog.

              • Zack says:

                Well that’s why I commented on it in the OT thread and not other threads that people left comments on, to respect RAB’s guidelines.

    • Jerome S. says:

      ?????o? s?op s??? ss?n? ? ‘?o?

  152. Mickey Scheister says:

    So I decided to check out NoMaas. Decent reporting but the comment threads are awful. My fav post…

    “Relievers need strict well defined roles.
    Jeter is Done
    Gardner is good.
    RAB merchandise is a good buy.
    Bexy is hot.

    The comment above was the most coherent on the site. This is just one of many mentions of RAB. Many Kabak, Joe P, TSJC and Bexy haters over there. It was good comic relief.

    • bexarama says:

      Bexy is hot.

      Um, yay?

      I’m really not that sure why they’re so obsessed with me, I’m pretty boring

      • Mickey Scheister says:

        I laughed. I don’t understand what you being hot or not has to do with the Yanks performance. It does make for some fun reading, at a third grade level that is.

      • Tom Zig says:

        You probably made fun of someone one time.

  153. A-Rod's Wingman says:

    Okay so I got two VIP floor tickets to Metallica and I got two back floor tickets. Anyone know of any second hand ticket vendors in the City? I’m looking to get rid of my other two tickets.

  154. Tom Zig says:

    Dustin Pedroia willing his team to victory with the Golden Sombrero!

  155. Tom Zig says:

    Is Corban Joseph called “Multipass” because of his high OBP?

  156. Mike HC says:

    So, I click on the ESPN NY Yankees blog, I think for like the 2nd time in my life. And the very first entry, to my pleasant surprise, is written by, “Rebecca Glass.”

  157. bakekrukow412 says:

    Can someone please explain to me who Bexy is and why people obsess over him?

  158. Rob Thomsen's Chili Farts says:

    It’s hard not to root for the Rays, who are battling the rich kids in the AL East. The rich kids took away some of their toys and are doing ‘just about’ as well, if not better.

    • Rob Thomsen's Chili Farts says:

      and *they* are doing ‘just about’ as well, if not better.

  159. bakekrukow412 says:

    Did anyone else realize that Robinson Cano has already surpassed Alfonso Soriano in career WAR??

  160. Xstar7 says:

    This happened a little while ago but is still hilarious.;c_id=mlb

  161. Pat D says:

    Eh, fuck Rick Sutcliffe.

  162. boogie down says:

    Fantasy question: I’ve been offered Beltre, Utley, & Scherzer for Roy Halladay, who is very clearly in full-on beast mode. I know the person offering the deal desperately wants Doc, and I’m going to up the bid to include Jose Reyes. Only if Reyes is included will I consummate the deal, and then I will offer Starlin Castro & Delmon Young to a manager who is looking for shortstops. In return, I’d ask for Justin Upton.

    Btw, my rotation includes Hanson, Hamels, Chacin, Wandy, and others.

    My gut tells me I should do this, though it’s tough for me to come to grips with actually dealing away Doc.


    • Tom Zig says:

      If you can get Reyes in there then absolutely. Even without Reyes it’s a fantastic deal.

      • boogie down says:

        Well, I was wondering about just how good a deal it is b/c of the uncertainty surrounding Utley (though he’s begun his rehab assignment and will return no later than May 30th). Also, Beltre represents some performance risk, as well, albeit a small amount (especially since he’s in Texas).

        The presumed trade partner also has Jed Lowrie on his roster, so a SS vacancy isn’t a problem, assuming the Sox will find a spot for his still-potent bat.

        My hope is that by presenting these arguments, he’ll agree to include Reyes and thus free me up to deal Castro & Young for Upton.

    • YankeesJunkie says:

      Who is your third basemen?

      • boogie down says:

        Lineup w/out trades: C – V.Mart; 1B – Smoak; 2B – Kelly Johnson; 3B – ARod; SS – S. Castro; OF – Lind, Heyward, D. Young; UTIL – LoMo, Adam Jones; Bench: Bourn, Ryan Roberts, Hafner, Cuddyer; DL – Kendrys Morales

        Lineup w/ trades: C – V.Mart; 1B – Smoak; 2B – Utley; 3B – ARod; SS – Reyes; OF – Lind, Heyward, Upton; UTIL – Beltre, Adam Jones; Bench: Bourn, Kelly Johnson, LoMo, some waiver pickup; DL – Kendrys Morales


        Rotation w/out trades: Halladay, Hamels, Hanson, Wandy, Chacin, H. Bailey, A. Ogando (intend to pick up Matusz)

        Rotation w/ trades: Hanson, Hamels, Scherzer, Wandy, Chacin, H. Bailey, A. Ogando (intend to pick up Matusz)

  163. Zack says:

    Only thing better than a John Lackey blowup is a John Lackey blowup where he shows up his teammates.

  164. Jerome S. says:

    Notes on last night’s loss:
    Clearly Girardi is 0-4 on the season. Away with him.

    Also, “Where’s Joba?” Is officially a new meme.

  165. theyankeewarrior says:

    Trade for Carlos Beltran. Trade for Carlos Beltran. Trade for Carlos Beltran. Trade for Carlos Beltran. Trade for Carlos Beltran. Trade for Carlos Beltran. Trade for Carlos Beltran. Trade for Carlos Beltran. Trade for Carlos Beltran. Trade for Carlos Beltran. Trade for Carlos Beltran. Trade for Carlos Beltran. Trade for Carlos Beltran. Trade for Carlos Beltran. Trade for Carlos Beltran. Trade for Carlos Beltran. Trade for Carlos Beltran. Trade for Carlos Beltran. Trade for Carlos Beltran. Trade for Carlos Beltran.


  166. Tom Zig says:

    Fantasy trade advice:

    I was offered Delmon Young for John Danks

    My current rotation:

    Josh Johnson, Jon Lester, Michael Pineda, Ricky Romero, Zach Britton, Brian Matusz (on DL), Jorge De La Rosa, John Danks

    My current outfield:

    Corey Hart, Colby Rasmus, Andres Torres, Rajai Davis, Ryan Roberts

    • Yanks42 says:

      My take:

      If the league isn’t extremely deep, Danks is more replaceable anyway as a SP than Young. (Most likely Danks was drafted well after Young for this reason.) It’s true that both are off to slow starts, especially Young, and you have to worry a little about the injury, but considering his potential upside, he could be a big upgrade over what you’ve got in the OF. Besides, you seem pretty stacked at pitching. I’d take the deal and hope for Delmon 2010 to return…

      If you’re worried about Young and his injury/performance, I’d definitely target another OF in a trade for one or more of your pitchers, because it seems clear you could deal from that strength to fill a pretty major weakness you have there…

      • Tom Zig says:

        It’s a 12 team league w/24 roster spots. It’s decently deep. I actually drafted Danks in the 11th round while Young was drafted in the 17th. I’m seriously considering the offer, just wanted to see what others thought.

        The weakest point of my team is the OF, while the strongest is my SPs.

  167. Just got tickets to the game; anyone else going?

  168. Jerome S says:

    Roy Halladay turns 34 today.

    That’s officially, um, old…

  169. JobaWockeeZ says:

    Soriano still out with elbow stiffness. Don’t rush the hopeful future opt out.

  170. Zack says:

    Chapman has 12 BBs over his last 1.1 IP (4 appearances) with 1 K.

    Remember when people threw around the “$100m” figure this offseason?

  171. Johnny O says:

    Can we please get a Curtis Granderson appreciation thread going? Dude takes Lester and Price deep in back to back games. LOVE IT

  172. Pat D says:

    R.I.P. Harmon Killebrew.

  173. Xstar7 says:;c_id=mlb
    Mike Stanton is an absolute powerhouse.

  174. Kevin G. says:

    Fill in the blank:

    Dwight Howard will be a ___________ next year.

    • Basketball player.


    • Steve H says:

      Horrible free throw shooter.

    • boogie down says:

      Laker (assuming the NBA’s entire season isn’t canceled by the impending lockout).

      The writing’s on the wall about his frustration in Orlando and desire to go to LA, and this year’s playoff failure was the final straw, IMO.

      Hopefully (for its sake), Orlando hasn’t tried to trick itself into believing that he’ll extend with them. While there’s no way they’d get equal value back in a deal, a good starting point may be Bynum + 3 1st’s, as has been suggested by some in the media. Even then, they’d have to pry more viable assets from LA, because of the consistent balkiness of Bynum’s knees and body, in general.

  175. Kiersten says:

    I always forget this thread exists, but just wanted to say that I went on the mobile site for the first time in a looooong time this weekend and it is awesome. So easy to read. Love it.

  176. boogie down says:

    I was just reading about the ’93 ASG and found out, unsurprisingly enough, that 3 Braves starters were on the NL team. As this was during the Maddux-Glavine-Smoltz (and to a certain extent, Avery) reign, I was under the assumption that Avery was the one left off.

    Nope. Maddux, coming off of his first CYA season, and en route to his second (with a 20-10 record, 2.36 ERA, 1.049 WHIP, 3.79 K/BB), was left off of the NL’s staff. I understand that second-half surges can earn players their awards and wash out mearly average first halves, but, with those statistics, how middling could Maddux’s first half have been? Despite the fact that WHIP and perhaps even K/BB weren’t actively calculated/taken into consideration back then, a starter continuing his previous year’s dominance should, in my mind, have been obvious to the rest of the league.

    That year, the NL’s staff was comprised of Terry Mulholland (starter), Avery, Rod Beck, Andy Benes, John Burkett, Glavine, Bryan Harvey, Darryl Kile, Lee Smith, and Smoltz.


    • Steve H says:

      He was 8-8. Unfortunately there you go.

      He did have a 2.83 ERA, which would have been good for 5th in the NL that year (at seasons end). He of course went on a dominant run in the 2nd half leading to the Cy.

      In Maddux’ 8 first half losses the Braves scored 1, 3, 1, 0, 1, 0, 2, and 1 runs, for a total of 8 runs!. In his 1st half no decisions they scored 1, 3, 2, and 6 runs. Greg Maddux=Didn’t know how to win (in the first half of 1993)

      • boogie down says:

        Sheesh, first half Maddux ’93 = Poor King Felix.

        • JobaWockeeZ says:

          Wait what?

          • boogie down says:

            I meant, like King Felix nowadays, Maddux, in the first half of ’93, was subjected to routinely awful offensive outputs from his team. Consequently, he went 8-8, despite a great ERA and, I’m assuming, very good peripherals.

            Don’t know if that was interpreted as “Greg Maddux in the first half of 1993 was a poor man’s King Felix,” but that’s definitely not what I meant.

            I’d like to see the pitcher who Greg Maddux is a poor man’s version of. (Walter Johnson, maybe?)

            • JobaWockeeZ says:

              Yeah my bad. And I totally agree now I thought you meant that Greg Maddux is a poor man’s King Felix which made me major confused.

  177. ultimate913 says:

    Another beauty from Francesa:

    • Xstar7 says:

      Lol I was watching the Mike Francesa show today.

    • boogie down says:

      As much as I dislike Francesa the Blowhard, I can’t help but agree with him here, especially his “It’s the classic second-guess” comment.

  178. Meat Loaf says:

    Weekend comments (what is actually said): “YOUR ARTICLE SUCKS!”

    What they actually mean:

    Getting re-God-damn-diculous.

    • Zack says:

      Forgot the:

  179. bakekrukow412 says:

    Bernie Williams with Twisted Sister singing “We’re Not Gonna Take It.”

  180. breich315 says:

    Ticket buying question. My girlfriend and I chose Saturday June 25 as a date to travel to Yankee Stadium. She wants to get the tickets for my b-day (which was yesterday by the way :) ). I wanted to get RAB’s opinion on when the best time to buy was. Normally I would wait to closer to the game but there are a few factors in play:

    1) Weekend game. I know price of weekday games usually goes down as the date draws closer, but is it the same for weekend games.

    2) Interleague game. Sometimes the price goes up but it is the Rockies and not the Mets or Phillies. Tulo is awesome but will he really drive up prices from what they are now?

    3) Possible Derek Jeter 3,000 hit game. Seems like it could occur around that time. Thus, waiting to the weak of and he’s sitting at 2,995 probably isn’t a great idea.

    Would love to hear everyone’s thoughts. Also, not sure on the price range we’re looking at but my guess is around $100 per ticket.

    • For what it’s worth, if Jeter hasn’t reached 3000 by June 25, he’ll be hitting south of .230. Hopefully, it won’t come to that. You should probably wait a few weeks. Ticket prices have been heading south for a while, and I can’t imagine the Rockies being a big draw.

  181. boogie down says:

    I hate Hawk Harrelson. Just needed to say that.

  182. Jerome S. says:

    To all those who believe that Jeter should be benched:

    Who is his replacement?
    In all likelihood, Eduardo Nunez would be as bad or worse. Do you expect Hanley Ramirez to just walk in the dugout or something?

    News flash: Shortstops Suck, in general. Theres a few good ones, and they’re extremely valuable because their peers are so bad. But generally, they suck.
    Jeter is about what a shortstop is. But most shortstops bat eighth or ninth…

  183. CBean says:

    Chad Jennings has a story on D-Rob going to Tuscaloosa to help the tornado victims. He’s set up a charity but there’s not really anything up on the site yet.

  184. Esteban says:

    Linda Cohn just referenced WAR on Sportscenter. Holy crap.

    • Mike HC says:

      I can just about guarantee that there is not a single team that uses WAR as an analytical tool. They all have far more advanced systems at this point (except the Mets maybe, ha).

      Not to take anything away from WAR. I appreciate the idea of trying to put a single number on everything a player brings to the table. Not easy.

  185. Xstar7 says:;c_id=mlb

    Scott Cousins is a dickhole. That tackle of Buster Posey was completely unnecessary.

    • Zack says:

      The ball was there and Posey went to his knees infront of the plate, lean how to catch correctly or get your ass out of the way, this isn’t little league or “ghost runners on 2nd & 3rd”.

      If Cousins tries to slide and get tagged out, it’s him being soft and not playing baseball the “right way.”

      • CP says:

        If Cousins made the same play at 2B, then he’d be ejected and probably suspended. Why is a play at the plate special? Is that anywhere in the rules?

      • Mike HC says:

        Yea, I don’t blame Cousins at all. Like he said, he was playing hard, going after a crucial run. He didn’t head hunt (although it was close) and lowered his shoulder as low as he could get.

        You are right that Posey needed to do a better job of protecting himself. He assumed the guy was going to slide, and next thing he knew, Cousins was launching himself right into him. He was not expecting it when he should have been.

        • Zack says:

          And how many of us had a problem with Swisher or Gardner sliding hard into 2B? Both hard slides, both caused serious injuries; no suspensions, no ejections.

  186. Kevin G. says:

    I know this is kinda random, but do you think the Yankees would have beaten the Cubs in the 2003 World Series? If so, does that mean Steve Bartman hurt the Cubs and the Yankees?

    • Pat D says:

      I remember rooting like heck for the Marlins because I didn’t want a repeat of 2001 (essentially getting beat by 2 pitchers).

      It’s funny looking back. There was really no excuse for them to lose to either team. They won 101, the Marlins won 91 and the Cubs won 88.

      The Marlins lineup was half good (Lee, Lowell, IRod) and mostly league average (Castillo, Gonzalez, the entire outfield). Their pitching staff was similarly half good (Beckett, Willis, Urbina and Looper in the bullpen) and half league average (Redman, Penny, Pavano, rest of the bullpen).

      The Cubs lineup was good only in the outfield (Sosa, Alou, Patterson, Lofton) while the rest of the regulars were league average or worse. Prior, Wood and Zambrano were all good in the rotation, and their bullpen was pretty solid, so it seemed like they’d be tougher to face.

      All in all, if you replayed that series 10 times, the Yankees probably win the majority. But they were doomed by bad luck (Gonzalez’s HR barely clearing the wall), bad decisions (not using Mo at all in Game 4), and Wells pussying out of Game 5.

    • bexarama says:

      I do, but I also thought they should’ve crushed the Marlins. Then again, if they were on, Prior and Wood were freaking nasty.

  187. Kevin G. says:

    This is what Jaleel White did after Family Matters.

  188. Pat D says:

    So a few days ago MLBTR had a link to a Jayson Stark article where he said there might be a push to elminate the DH in a few years.

    This was my take:
    “Getting rid of the DH means regressing the game. I don’t want to see a pitcher hit, because most of them can’t, and that’s because they probably haven’t hit since high school, if even then. The National League is the only professional baseball league I know of that has pitchers hit.

    Yea, I’m a Yankees fan and I still cringe with memories of Wang getting hurt running the bases. I want pitchers to pitch and hitters to hit.

    All the other things that are “missing” are stupid anyway. The extra “strategy” employed by NL managers when trying to figure out when to double switch and the like are really just excuses to allow over-managing to occur. And don’t even get me started on bunting. Bunting is a complete waste of time unless you’re trying to catch the defense napping and bunting for a hit, or you’re playing for just one run. Even in that occurrence, as WPA shows us, it usually has a negative impact, not a positive impact. When will people realize this?”

    I just saw this reply to my comments:
    “Ok, here is my simple answer to your “not having a DH is stupid”.

    Baseball should be played by athletes. Pitchers should at least be able to sac bunt(Even though you are claiming this as something meaningless, it still happens quite often in AL games WITH A DH). If a pitcher can’t step up to the plate and run the bases once a week, without getting hurt, he is not athletic enough for the money he is making playing a SPORT (by athletes). Most DH’s are just walking on one leg. They are no longer “athletes”. The DH allows players that can no longer get around good enough to simply field a position (very simple for someone athletic) to continue their careers. Baseball is a “thinking mans” game. Strategy is a huge part of it in the AL and NL. If you just like points, hey that’s what the NBA is for.

    All that said, I am all for the DH in the AL. That is fine. Just let us here in the NL enjoy real baseball :)

    So apparently I’m not a real baseball fan and DH’s aren’t athletes because it takes no athletic skill to hit a ball. Anyone else agree with that?

    • Xstar7 says:

      You can’t argue with all the fools in the world. They just don’t want to listen to reason. It’s easier to just let them have their way and find out for themselves how wrong they are. Until then, I hope that guy has fun watching “real baseball.” :)

      • Pat D says:

        His user name indicated he was a Cardinals fan, too. Assuming they re-sign Pujols to a big contract, I wonder what his attitude would be 6-8 years down the road when Pujols can’t really play first base anymore but can still hit a baseball 400 feet?

        • Xstar7 says:

          He’s really going to wish the Cardinals were in the American league when that happens. Good thing the Yankees are in the American league, because when that happens to A-Rod and Mark Teixeira, we’ll be really glad we have the DH option.

  189. Icebird753 says:

    Yea…RAB may want to scrap this weekend writers thing or get new writers, because the quality is iffy lol. What do you guys think?I can always tell which articles aren’t Mike’s/Joe’s by the second paragraph of articles; for now I think I’ll just read Mon-Fri

    • bakekrukow412 says:

      Personally, I like them. I don’t mind the whimsy articles. I thought the sacrificing players article today was clever. The weekend writers aren’t supposed to give you the caliber material that Ben, Joe, and Mike give you. That’s why they are the “Weekend” writers. It’s more laid back. I don’t usually spend as much time on this site on the weekend, so the articles they put up are perfect. Some of the comments directed towards Brock, Hannah, and Stephen are downright rude at times. I personally think they’re doing a good job.

      • Zack D says:

        Some of the comments directed towards Brock, Hannah, and Stephen are downright rude at times.

        I would love to be able to check their IPs address and see how many sent in their name to be a weekend writer.

      • Mike HC says:

        I think all the writers are doing a good job as well.

        In Stephen’s “should of” article, I just found it funny that the entire theme of the article was making fun of “stupid” fans, and everyone was quite happy to laugh at idiots. But god forbid somebody write a negative comment, and everyone gets back on their high horse, saying how rude and how horrible of a person they must be. The hypocrisy was hysterical to me. Laugh at stupid people all you want. But don’t then act like you are so much better than people who voiced their displeasure with the article. I mean, come on.

        • Mike HC says:

          You had school teachers writing dissertations in the comments, handing down life lessons about being nice, all the while, he was laughing about being so much better and smarter than those stupid fans who think we “should of” kept such and such player.

          • Mike HC says:

            Then you also had the idiots who didn’t get the joke, acting all smart by correcting the author’s grammar. I guess that shows you how smart all these internet grammar police people are.

            Those comments were filled with entertainment. Just thought I would post my views here. Probably should have just kept it to myself though.

            Have a nice memorial day weekend, ha.

        • The209 says:

          i find ben & joe’s twitter feeds the best place to read about stupid RAB commenters/fans

    • Zack D says:

      Weekend writers can’t win.

      They write “whismy” articles and they get the “this baseball not a joke!!!” comments. And if they write serious articles they get “It’s 100 ABs!” “He’s DEREK JETER” comments.

      If you don’t like them, offer constructive criticism or don’t read. Reading game threads aren’t fun anymore because 90% of the comments are bitching and moaning, so I rarely post there.

      • Mike HC says:

        I’m probably the only person on the site that actually thinks the game threads have improved. My biggest complaint about the game threads were that you couldn’t really have a conversation about anything. It was just a million “this sucks” comments if things were not going well, or, “yay” if things were going well.

        Now that all the negativity has driven so many people away, ha, you can actually have conversations and flesh out ideas with people. Less people in the threads the better in my opinion, ha.

        • bakekrukow412 says:

          Sometimes I wish you needed to log in to use this site. It would help keep the trolls at bay.

          • Len says:

            Do trolls eventually take over every site? The negativity is off the charts now. I stay away from the game threads. It has become like Lohud.

            • Zack D says:

              I have no problem with negativity, there are definitely issues to worry about. But when AJ walks 1 batter in the 2nd inning and all of the sudden there’s 75 new “OMG BAD AJ!” “TAKE HIM GIRADI YOU F’ING IDIOT!” messages, and I have to scroll down to just read 1 reasonable comment, it’s just too much to ignore.

    • theyankeewarrior says:

      The new weekend writers do not suck.

      But many of the new commenters do.

  190. Dismortologist says:

    Assuming IFAs Paniagua and Depaula do not get Visas will they:

    1. be pitching in the DSL this season?
    2. receive “Yankee” coaching to prep them for the minors in the states?

  191. boogie down says:

    So, yesterday in the open thread, I asked if I should trade Kelly Johnson for Colby Rasmus, since I had Utley and Cuddyer as backups. I was originally going to go ahead w/ a Johnson-for-Rasmus proposal, but, as the owner wants “UTIL,” thought I’d throw out Cuddyer-for-Rasmus, just to see if it would stick. Well, it did. And this is is a keeper league. Insane.

    Question: The cost of keeping a player in our league is the preceding round’s pick, and the rule still applies when a player is traded; Rasmus was drafted in the 10th, making his cost a 9th-round pick — should I keep him?

    We’re allowed to keep up to two players picked in the 10th or sooner, and up to 2 players picked in rounds 11-24 & waivers. If a player is picked in the 21st or later, the cost is a 20th-round pick.

  192. jsbrendog says:

    white sox call up marquez and bruney. oh boy

    • Accent Shallow says:

      If White Sox castoffs can succeed in NY, why can’t Yankee castoffs succeed in Chicago?

      I liked the Brian Bruney Era. Marquez? Eh. Just shows how rosy prospect dreams get crushed.

  193. Why are the Reds and White Sox still insisting on using Chapman and Sale as relievers?

  194. bonestock94 says:

    Anyone ever play pick six on fangraphs? Its my 3rd day in, pretty fun.

    • Mike Axisa says:

      It’s a freaking blast. I was in second yesterday until the night games ruined everything.

      • bonestock94 says:

        Yea, I haven’t cracked 40 yet lol. Today I’m trying to get the “Rays” achievement, highest points while spending less than $80.

    • I just signed up. This is pretty awesome. I wish I’d gotten into the Ottenu thing before the season started; that looks really, really cool.

  195. bakekrukow412 says:

    Bartolo Colon has a better ERA than Cliff Lee lmfao

  196. Mike HC says:

    I have given Kabak a little shit for his harsh book reviews, but he nailed “The Extra 2%” review. Surely readable and interesting, but overall it was only ok.

  197. Pat D says:

    I’m sure this will be a story later today on the site, but for now, here we go again.

    • Pat D says:

      OK, now the story has been updated with MLB saying they are satisfied that the ban has been “respected.”

  198. theyankeewarrior says:

    Once we acquire Beltran, here are our two lineups:

    vs. LHP
    Jeter SS
    Granderson CF
    Tex 1B
    Alex 3B
    Cano 2B
    Beltran RF
    Martin C
    Swish DH
    Gardner LF

    vs. RHP
    Jeter SS
    Grand CF
    Tex 1B
    Alex 3B
    Cano 2B
    Beltran RF
    Martin C
    Posada DH
    Gardner LF

    This essentially makes Swisher and Posada a DH platoon, which I like because of their power from opposite sides of the plate in the 7-8 hole. The other will serve as a switch-hitting-pinch-hitter off the bench.

    The 4 other bench players (I’m talking playoffs here, because we’re going) are between Cervelli, Montero, Jones, Chavez, Nunez, Trade.

    • theyankeewarrior says:

      **vs. LHP
      **Gardner/Jones LF

    • Jerome S. says:

      If you’re gonna have Swish and Beltran in the same lineup, have Swish play the field. He’s just better there than Beltran, and probably more valuable that way.

      • theyankeewarrior says:

        I guess my perception of Beltran was wrong. I remember reading that he was playing a great corner this season now that his legs are back.

  199. JohnnyC says:

    How much do you think the fact that both Boston and TB are in need of even a replacement-level catcher factors into the Yankees’ dilemma with Posada. If they release him, they risk Boston or TB signing him and possibly reaping the benefits of a last gasp offensive spurt. Regardless, the PR hit would be hellacious. They would need to have Posada agree to staying retired…not something Jorge has ever even hinted at. We laugh but he recently said he wanted to play next year at least.

    • Jerome S. says:

      Posada will not catch. I can’t imagine another club trying to make him do it, either.

      Aaaaaaand he’d probably be below replacement level anyway.

  200. Jimmy says:

    Romine scratched. Is a call up about to happen?

  201. Avi says:

    Is Mike having a live chat during the draft like he did last year?

  202. Xstar7 says:

    Doc Gooden’s input on the Ortiz bat flip:

  203. Jerome S. says:

    Take solace in the fact that when you take out the times they have played us, Boston’s season has been pretty meh so far.

  204. JohnnyC says:

    Francesa reporting that Joba has a torn ligament in his elbow and is going to see Andrews. Looks like TJS. Bullpen’s a mess now.

    • bakekrukow412 says:

      Joba’s out. Hughes is out. And Kennedy is kicking ass in Arizona. Go figure.

  205. Esteban says:

    Haha, when did RAB become the Mike Axisa blog? Everything today was from Mike. I’m not complaining though.

  206. JobaWockeeZ says:

    Casey Kelly is being called up? LOL.

  207. Shocking Meat says:

    Phil Wetherell and Zach Arneson signed according to BA…may be late on that.

  208. bakekrukow412 says:

    Interesting fact: Roger Maris actually had a higher WAR in 1960 than 1961 (7.5 vs 7.2).

    • Pat D says:

      In Bill James’ book he said Mantle was the best player in the AL every year from 1954-1962, with the exception of 1959 when he rated Nellie Fox ahead of him.

      bWAR shows different data, but I do find these things interesting.

    • aRX says:

      All because of defense. His offensive numbers were of course better in ’61, but his defense was allegedly so awesome in 1960, it was worth 2.1 WAR by itself (before dropping back to 0.1 in 1961) and accounted for 40% of his career defensive WAR…

  209. theyankeewarrior says:

    Lefties are hitting Jeff Francis to this line: .239/.253/.352

    He’s walked one and struck out 13.

    LOOGY me please.

  210. JohnnyC says:

    Kevin Goldstein has a great article in today’s ESPN Insider about the Yankees’ strange fear of promoting their own prospects. I agree with Kevin that Cashman seems to have a complex about prospects failing at the major league level (e.g. Montero)that probably started in 2008 with the disastrous debuts of The Big 3. That was the year the Yankees failed to make the playoffs for the first time since 1995. Seriously, Cashman doesn’t seem to realize that NOT promoting his prospects does as much damage to their trade value as seeing them implode in their debuts. Perception is reality. Scouts are no different from the teeming millions in being swayed ny outward appearances…and if you’re hesitant to call up prospects, well…

  211. JobaWockeeZ says:

    Slade and JR to Tampa!

  212. Esteban says:

    Future star. Better chance to catch than Montero had. RT @jacksonlee7: what’s the potential for Gary Sanchez’s? Future Yankee or trade bait?
    3 minutes ago

    KLaw hates the Yankees!!!!111!!!

    • bexarama says:

      I think the “KLaw hates the Yankees” accusation is ridiculous. He has very strong opinions and is extremely stubborn – about every team, and many players, both Yankees and not.

  213. Xstar7 says:

    AJ Burnett should have a look at this commercial:

  214. Xstar7 says:

    Here’s a video of Tino’s Old Timers’ Day home run for anyone who missed it:;c_id=nyy

  215. Kevin G. says:

    Which Yankees do you think could throw 100 mph in a life or death situation?

  216. first time lawng time says:

    These two teams meeting in the WS is the worst possible scenario.

  217. Jimmy says:

    After only 2 1/2 years on the Yankees, CC is already (as of today, 6/29/11) #38 all-time on the Yankees in strikeouts, only 5 behind Catfish Hunter. Even more surprising is that AJ Burnett is in 44th place. Weird that in 100+ years two guys can be top 50 after less than three years on the team.

  218. Jerome S. says:

    Dave Cameron just called Jesus Montero overrated. Commence with the reasons why his opinion doesn’t matter:

    • boogie down says:

      I’m reading the chat now and I just came here to post the same thing; dude went so far as to compare him to Delmon Young!

    • JohnnyC says:

      Cameron’s a Mariners fan. Mariners turned down Montero in deal for Lee, chose Smoak instead. Mariners are an awful offensive team. You do the math.

    • bexarama says:

      It’s not that his opinion doesn’t matter, it’s just an opinion. But let’s bust this out again.

      I guess I should have nominated Cano in the most overrated prospect thread the other day. That he still gets talked up as some kind of top prospect (not pointing at John here, by the way) amazes me.

      I’ve seen Cano play a lot, and I’m not even sure he’d be a productive Triple-A player. Let’s start with his defense; it’s brutal. He has terrible footwork and simply lacks any kind of instincts around the bag. There’s no way you want him playing up the middle. He might have the raw speed to not be awful in left field, but that’s about as kind as I can be regarding his glovework. Offensively, he’s a fastball hitter. He sits dead red on every pitch and waits for a mistake. Any good breaking ball or offspeed pitch will have him out in front. He’s mostly a gap hitter, lacking the power to drive the ball consistently over the wall. To add insult to injury, he’s also a terrible baserunner.

      In his prime, I think he could hit .280/.320/.400 while playing awful defense. Yipee.

      -January 20, 2005

  219. JohnnyC says:

    Here’s another lefty for consideration: the Cubs released Doug Davis today.

  220. Zanath says:

    Anyone listening to the Michael Kay show on 1050 ESPN Radio? He’s being such a drama queen about the idea of batting Jeter anywhere but lead off. He said it would steal Jeter’s soul to bat him 8th or 9th.

    Sometimes Kay can be really stupid.

  221. YFan says:

    Cano, Montero and Nova for Felix. Who hangs up first?

    • bakekrukow412 says:

      They’d never even pick up the phone.

    • Guest says:

      Yanks do.

      Cano is a bonafide star at a premium defensive position. Montero is a big prospect (for now) at a premium defensive position. Nova is a solid ML starter.

      Too much, even for the King.

  222. Steve H says:

    Joey (West Palm Beach)
    How would Ian Kennedy be doing in the AL east?

    (2:38 PM)
    Just a matter of opinion, but I’d say he’d be lucky to have an ERA below the mid-4s in the AL East.

    Couldn’t agree more.

    • bexarama says:

      I agree he wouldn’t be nearly as good as he is right now but Nova’s got a sub-4.50 ERA and Kennedy is better than he is. Granted the year’s not over now.

  223. bexarama says:

    jfc how is Pujols coming back TODAY

  224. Guest says:

    I just looked at the Mariner lineup today, and sweet baby Jesus Montero is it weak.

    Adam Kennedy, ADAM KENNEDY is their 3 hitter.


  225. Tom Zig says:

    Nostra-Artist did you just call into WFAN?

  226. Cris Pengiuci says:

    Haven’t seen Tommy posting in the past few days. Hope he & family are OK.

  227. bexarama says:

    Holy crap Mike Trout is getting called up for the Angels’ game on Friday O____O

  228. bonestock94 says:

    Man I feel terrible about the dude that fell down trying to catch the ball, and the fact that he tried to catch a Josh Hamilton toss into the stands that fell short. I bet he’s feeling awful today.

  229. Tom Zig says:

    a 35 year old with 65 million left on his contract with a career .325 OBP? Passsssssssssss

    I wouldn’t mind having Aramis Ramirez though.

    And no to Sean Burnett. We already have one Burnett too many.

  230. Oscar Gamble's 'Fro says:

    FIFA officials are a complete fucking joke. This is criminal.

  231. Xstar7 says:

    John Sterling and Walt Frazier make a great team:

  232. Oscar Gamble's 'Fro says:

    Just read the “Commenting Guidelines” and Rules 7, 9 and 12 make me love this site more than I already did.

    • Monteroisdinero says:

      Rules 2 and 4 are my personal favorites. They are often ignored by commenters and those responsible for enforcing them.

      • Oscar Gamble's Fro says:

        What the fuck are you thinking, dumbass?

      • Jim S says:

        You mean #4 where they say they don’t enforce a no-profanity policy? I’m not sure how you can enforce something you say you won’t enforce. But sure.

      • Jim S says:

        And sorry, but there ain’t no rule against calling your opinions batshit insane when you call for Golson > Swisher.

  233. SDM says:

    this is funny as hell, as well as interesting

    also we now know the reason Mitre is with the team….

  234. CP says:

    First Ohio, then North Dakota?!?

    Where’s Rose when you need him….

  235. bexarama says:

    Unbelievably great stuff: The 100 Worst Baseball Players of All Time, Part 1. Part 2.

  236. Mike HC says:

    I say we try to swindle John Danks away from the Sox somehow.

  237. Bavarian Yankee says:

    does anybody know good shops that ship Yankees-merch to Europe?’s shop is ridiculously expensive. When I want to order a $99 jersey there then I have to pay $219 (!!!!) because the shipping costs are – as mentioned before – ridiculous. And I chose the cheapest shipping option, the other one was like $180 for shipping + $99 for the jersey. Do they deliver the jersey in a golden parcel or what!?

    • Yikes. Um, try a sporting goods store, like Modell’s?

    • Jerome S. says:

      As a person who once lived in England I can tell you that it was virtually impossible to get any goods shipped over from the states.

      Amazon? They were always pretty good, albeit you never quite know what you’re getting.

  238. Wil Nieves Number 1 Fan says:

    Jeff Karstens has an 88.7% LOB%.

  239. Xstar7 says:

    USA’s women’s World Cup soccer team: EPIC FAIL

  240. Ray the Anti-Handle says:

    Wow, that Fangraphs article on Hughes really turned into a spectacle…

  241. theyankeewarrior says:

    Trade season looks… well… depressing

  242. Heisenberg says:

    Fantasy trade question: Giving up Tulo & Nolasco for Zobrist & Gio Gonzalez. Which side wins?

  243. Bavarian Yankee says:

    Amy Winehouse is dead.


    but seriously, who didn’t see it coming? Unfortunately it was just a matter of time. A friend joked about 2 weeks ago that she’ll never know what it is like to be 30.

  244. Bavarian Yankee says:

    fantasy trade question, NL Auction Keeper-League (6 keepers for every team): would you veto this trade?

    Team A gets: Stauffer ($7), Blanks ($1)
    Team B gets: Greinke ($26)

    and please get your facts straight before you answer.

    • Mike Axisa says:

      Is it standard 5×5? If so, I’d do it. I don’t expect much out of Blanks because of Petco, but I like Stauffer for $7 over Greinke for $26. Greinke will have more K, but he’s the anti-DIPS guy. Great peripherals, crappy ERA. I heart Stauffer.

      • Bavarian Yankee says:

        yeah, it’s 5×5. I’d also do the trade if I’d get Stauffer. This trade occured in my league (I was not involved in the trade) and it was vetoed. Seems like a lot of guys in this league just see the big name of Greinke and think the other side has to get something like Kershaw.

  245. jsbrendog says:

    i hope that football being back means so is the RAB fantasy football league!!

  246. BklynJT says:

    They should come up with a metric to classify unclutch pitching!!!
    If so, what stats would be looked at? strand rate, 2-out hits, ???

    It can help bridge the gap between FIP and ERA. If you give up a bajillion hits that arent HRs (even if they are off the top of the wall), strike out much more than you walk, your FIP would go down, even if you gave up 5+ runs in the process… but maybe your unclutch pitching stat would be bad.

    In another thought… is there another “fielder independent pitching” stat that takes into account batted ball data? I mean really, a ball hit where no fielder can reasonably be expected to get to (not just HRs) should count against the pitcher.

    • Tampa Yankee says:

      WTF… didn’t mean to post that yet… anyways….

      I truly wish the NY media would stop talking about the Yanks and trading for King Felix!

  247. The glorious human element literally cost a team a game last night. Why is this good again?

  248. bonestock94 says:

    And finally we know why they wanna trade Ubaldo

  249. Len S. says:

    If the playoffs began today who would be the Yankee #2 pitcher?

  250. Dismortologist says:

    Was looking over Andy Seiler’s review of the Yank’s 2010 draft. Man, was he spot on with his analysis. Especially check out what he says about Mason Williams, Tyler Austin & Rutckyj. The rest is pretty good too!

    I can’t find him anywhere on line… not with MLB bonus baby anymore. Does anyone know if he is still posting stuff?

  251. Plank says:

    Thought people may be interested in the contest going on at

    He’s giving away copies of season 2 of Eastbound and Down every day this week.