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  1. Andy (different one) in chilly NYC says:

    To answer Mike’s question from the end of the last off-topic thread, yes, I was using IE 8, on Vista, but it doesn’t usually take that long to load; it’s usually pretty snappy.
    Of course, I’ve only recently started commenting more than once or twice a thread. Guess I’ll switch back to Firefox or Chrome, and see if there’s a difference.

    Anyone else notice a difference in speed between browsers when commenting on a long thread? It was actually taking up to half a minute to show each letter as I typed it into the comment box.

  2. Zack says:


    So Giants get the first game at the new stadium because they “won” a secret coin flip at the league office, with no Jet representative present; after the NFL said there would be no coin flip and it’s Goodell’s decisison.

  3. bexarama says:

    “The Mets have already hit 20 home runs this spring. The power’s back!” -SNY announcers. Literally. And I don’t think they were kidding.

    • rbizzler says:

      Cliched and lame. I love how Leitch at first makes it seem like it was the org that perpetuates the myth of the “True Yankee,” but then shifts the responsibility over to the fans later in the piece.

      Color me unimpressed.

    • bexarama says:

      The rest of us might look at the addition of Javier Vazquez and think, “Damn, the Yankees just grabbed an ace as their fourth starter.” Yankees fans say, “Man, that guy can’t pitch in New York! We haven’t forgotten 2004!” What is new in New York is unproven, no matter what a player has done elsewhere.
      This part is true.

      And Curtis Granderson: I know everyone thinks he’s the perfect Yankee, and he’s obviously a personal, friendly fellow. But he’s due for a dropoff this year…

      Mark Teixeira is the logical, absurd extension of this, a man so programmed to be Yankee Pride that his personality has been scrubbed into oblivion. (If he ever had one in the first place.)
      These not so much.

      • bexarama says:

        also, huh, Soriano’s not here any more because the fans didn’t like his attitude…?

    • Accent Shallow says:

      It’s easy to write articles like this, so can you really blame Leitch? It’s low hanging fruit, might as well pluck it.

  4. Andy in Sunny Daytona says:

    Going to Tampa next Thursday and Friday (25 & 26) to watch the AAA, AA and A play. Any picture requests that anyone wants me to take?

  5. Drew says:

    Hmm, it has slipped my mind but Jennings just wrote that Grit doesn’t have a stolen base yet? He’s been on base seven times and hasn’t even attempted to steal. What’s the deal with that?

  6. I just wanted to say that the Granderson thread is exactly what we were talking about not doing last week.

  7. KayGee says:

    Maybe this type of article should not surprise me any longer, but how the f*&% does this man have a job covering baseball?


    Jered Weaver, Ervin Santana, Scott Kazmir, Joel Pineiro, and Joe Saunders


    • i was just coming here to post the same thing. ha. wow.

    • Zack says:

      If they all pitch to their potential, and other teams dont then I guess he’s right. It looks like a rotation of #3 pitchers to me.

    • bexarama says:

      At least he didn’t call the Phillies infield the best of the modern era.

      I guess with the Angels’ rotation, there’s no one who’s a real question mark in terms of the fact that they all have a pretty recent history of success, but they don’t have an ace at all. It’s debatable whether they have even a real #2. I’d say Kazmir might be, but his numbers last year were not very good and he’s an injury risk.

      And did he put the best lineups as basically:
      1. Phillies
      2. Red Sox
      3. Yankees o_O ?

      And is he still going on about Scioscia and Theo? Really?

      As a side/sort of related note, this is not an original scout, but I truly dislike when professional sports writers cite “one scout” (IE the Dodger scout saying “Feliz was the only out in that lineup”) to prove something. Doesn’t Gammons do this all the time to show how the Red Sox are teh best evah? It’s probably just the writer himself/herself, aagh.

      • bexarama says:

        I should amend that: playoffs aside, Kazmir’s numbers with the Angels were great. But he pitched only 36.1 innings for them.

      • bexarama says:

        aaargh. not an original thought*

        Also, if anyone else saw that “core four” talents article, the Mets listed without Santana? The Red Sox without Youkilis?

      • kunaldo says:

        Oh and the lineup thing is BS. Polanco slots in perfectly between Rollins and the big hitters? So Rollins(career .329 OBP) and Polanco (.348) > Jeter(.388) and Johnson(.402)??

        And Jayson Werth is a top 15 player? He’s good, but according to WAR last year, more like top 31.

    • kunaldo says:

      Wait a tick. 4 of the 5 Yankee starters will most probably surpass 200 IP, most of which will be above average. And we have a myriad of solid options to step in the 5th spot should anyone falter. And we’re top heavy? Que?

  8. I hate power outages. I’m typing this at my local library. The computer picked my fantasy team last night and will do the same for a second league tonight. The team isn’t terrible but it’s pretty crappy.

    C: Weiters
    1B: Morales
    2B: David Faustino
    3B: Cantu
    SS: Hanley
    OF: The Justin
    OF: BAy
    OF: Span
    Util: D. Lee
    Util: D. Uggla
    BN: Alexi Ramriez, S. Drew, Adam LaRoche, Mark Teahen

    SPs: Carpenter, Scott Baker, Brett Anderson, Burnett, Neinmann, Bedard
    RPs: Neftali and Valverde

  9. Andy in Sunny Daytona says:

    Kyle Anson retired. Teh Depth!!11!! just got a smidge shallower.

  10. Am I the only Kevin? says:

    Any rumors of Kevin Russo getting time at AAA to learn SS and LF? He seems to be a young Derossa-type super sub in the making. Decent bat, and potential decent defense at a bunch of positions, but not a wizard with the glove. The whole reason Pena has an edge on Russo seems to be Russo’s inability to play SS, no? If so, then I am all for giving Russo a couple months at AAA playing mostly SS and LF to take over for Pena in June. By all expectations, Russo’s bat will far outpace whatever offensive production Pena will provide, and has the added plus of actually hitting lefties. This would give the added benefit of enabling an additional one of Gardner, Granderson, or Cano to get a day off against tough lefties without necessitating the addition of a black hole into the lineup.

    As weak as his bat was, the flexibility Hairston provided was helpful in the stretch run last season, especially when it allowed us to DH ARod without putting Pena in the lineup. Hopefully Russo will be looked at to fill this role.


  11. Attention! First come, first serve! There is one spot open in the second TYU fantasy league. The league is in Yahoo, the ID# is 246409 and the password is tyu. The draft is TONIGHT at 8 PM EST so join quickly!

  12. bexarama says:


    Thought this was kind of fascinating. I love you, baseball.

    Also, as long as we’re speaking about Astros, holy crap Randy Johnson’s numbers in 1998 after he got traded to them.

    • JGS says:

      Ensberg’s blog is really really good. The part about this post that I don’t get is that there seems to be two ways to interpret what happened:

      A) Phil Garner didn’t know about the optical illusion and thought Ensberg was placed correctly when he wasn’t. Ensberg knew this but didn’t say anything because you go where the manager tells you to go.

      B) Garner knew about it, and knew exactly where Ensberg was placed.

      If A is correct, then Ensberg is right–he was in the wrong place. It also means that Phil Garner didn’t know his home park very well, which strains credulity. 2005 was his second year as the Astros’ manager–I’m sure he knew the sightline quirks of his home park.

      If B is correct, then Ensberg was exactly where he was supposed to be, but Eckstein hit it through the hole anyway. Such is life. This seems more likely, but negates the whole post

      and yea, Johnson was pretty ridiculous. The scary part is that Pedro Martinez pretty much put up those numbers over full seasons at around the same time.

  13. Drew says:

    The game isn’t on TV tonight? I don’t understand YES. They play day games during the week when no one’s home. Yet, they don’t show night games during the week when most people are home.

  14. sidney ponson just signed with the long island ducks. who’s coming with me?

    • Thomas says:

      You should bring a judge with you; just for kicks.

    • Tom Zig says:

      Their stadium is literally down the street from my school. I’ve never been inside it (the stadium that is), but it looks rather nice. If you do go (preferably sometime over the summer), let me know. I promise I’m not a psycho-killer.

  15. kunaldo says:

    Ok, I need to vent a little bit. What the heck is it w/ all these media people being obsessed with anything positive Hughes does being an indication that he’s pretty much guaranteed the 5th spot? Yes, he’s done better than Joba so far. This was just his third start, and Joba’s only had two(the first of which he was sick). Granted, Hughes pitched well, but A) it was the Astros and B) it wasn’t even the starters he was pitching against!!

    I’m firmly in the camp that coming into ST Joba should have had a huge leg up on the competition b/c simply he could pitch without any restrictions and he’s had better major league success than Hughes. I’m not bothering to include the other 3 “candidates” b/c I don’t think they could pitch much better, if at all, than Joba or Hughes over the full season, and obviously development is the most important thing.

    Joba certainly needs to step it up in his next few starts, b/c I don’t think he should necessarily be guaranteed anything, but it just really annoys me that these talking heads fail to use common sense when analyzing the situation.

    End vent.

  16. Mattingly's Love Child says:

    Elijah Dukes was just released by the Nats. The Yanks should sign him, right? I know he’s crazier than SBGL, but with that talent, don’t you take a chance and put him in Scranton, see how he produces?

    • Jose says:

      He’s not even out of options. What a bizarre move. Someone suggested the Blue Jays picking him up which I could see happening.

      • Accent Shallow says:

        The Nats claim it’s for baseball reasons.

        Color me incredibly skeptical.

        • Joe D. says:

          The Nats claim it’s for baseball reasons.

          Translation: he threw a baseball at the the manager’s head?

    • KayGee says:

      Very odd that he was flat out released and it was not an off-field issue. I’m sure Dukes is going to be looking for playing time wherever he signs, or at least the place that gives him the best possibility to make the major league club. The Yanks don’t seem fit to offer that right now, but it would be a no brainer to bring him in on a minor league deal if he would accept one.

      • Mattingly's Love Child says:

        I’m sure he’d be looking for playing time. But if he plays up to only some of his abilities, he’s a better player than Grit. The playing time could be there if he played well.

        With the Nats just releasing him, I’m sure a lot of teams are going to be kicking the tires. The question is if they want to take the risk of him exploding or sulking if he doesn’t win a job. I’m sure Cash$ will inquire, but yeah, I’m sure you’re right that someone else will probably offer a better chance to win a job.

        • Obviously he’s looking for playing time, but will he get it? Fair or not, teams seem weary of him because of his issues and he may not be able to be as picky with teams as he’d like to be.

    • Yes. Pick him up ASAP. He has options and the talent does seem to be there. He’s worth a risk.

  17. Accent Shallow says:

    Top candidates for most-hated Yankees of 2010:

    Brett Gardner
    Chan Ho Park

    My worst-case Park scenarios:

    1) Someone in the rotation goes down, Park makes more than one start, instead of the loser of the Joba/Hughes derby, because “he’s had that experience”
    2) Park somehow pitches competently for most of the year, prompting Girardi to go to him in an important situation, followed by Park serving up a bomb, because he’s freaking Chan Ho Park, the same below average pitcher he’s been for years, and two good half-seasons of relief aren’t going to change that

    My best-case Park scenarios:

    1) DFAed prior to the All-Star break
    2) Gives up a bomb to Tatis during one of the interleague series with the Mets, develops PTSD and retires
    3) Does not make playoff roster

    As for Gardner, I can’t hate him too much, since it’s unlikely that he’s taking playing time from better players, since the Yankees don’t exactly have stellar outfield prospects. Maybe Colin Curtis overcomes Mike’s doubts.

    • Thomas says:

      Or Chan Ho Park could just be a solid pitcher out of the bullpen, since he has a career ERA of 3.95 relieving in nearly 200 IP with 8.2 K/9 and 2 K/BB. Also, last year in 50 relief IP, his ERA was 2.52 with a 1.18 WHIP, 9.4 K/9, and 3.25 K/BB.

      My guesses for most hated Yankee
      Winn – if he sucks and gets too many at bats
      Marte – if he gets hurt or has a bad streak, which gets overblown after last year
      Vazquez – if he has a bad stretch, which gets overblown after 2004
      A-Rod – because he is A-Rod

      • Accent Shallow says:

        Care to make a friendly wager? Say, $5 b-ref sponsorship, a beer, something like that?

        I’m so convinced Park is dogshit garbage that I’d bet my entire bank account, but I’m aware enough to know that anything can happen in ~60 IP.

        • Thomas says:

          I think a gentleman’s wager is fine (if you really want to toss in something of material value we can do that to).

          I’d say by the of the regular season Park is still with the Yankees organization.

    • Mattingly's Love Child says:

      Most hated Yankee of 2010:

      Elijah Dukes. Yanks will pick him up. He will hit .290/.380/.500 with 25 bombs, and the rest of the league will hate the Yankees for getting a stud player on the cheap. Not to mention he might be THE biggest asshole in the league already.

      • Mattingly's Love Child says:

        BTW, I meant most hated by everyone else, not Yankee fans. We’ll obviously forgive his domestic assault issues…

    • radnom says:

      CHP just reeks of the annual “Older, experienced bullpen vet brought in on the cheap off a solid year in the NL who is mediocre-bad until he finally gets pushed out by a younger guy midseason and is DFA’d”.

  18. Doctor J says:

    I’m planning on continuing the indoctrination of my 2 kids and would like to take them to a day game this summer. Which sections in the new stadium offer the most shade during the mid-summer??

    • Mattingly's Love Child says:

      I’m pretty sure it’s still the 1st base side of the field has more shade.

  19. danny says:

    heres gameday if anyone was looking for it:

  20. H.W. Plainview says:

    Ron Washington smokes rocks.

  21. Drew says:

    No Gamethread today? The games on the Phillies channel for anyone in the viewing area. Marte just got hit hard by a liner from Howard.

  22. kunaldo says:

    Drew, what’s the good word on his velocity so far? How’s the off speed stuff?

    • Drew says:

      The broadcast doesn’t have the gun on. The slider looked good in his first inning. The second inning went by so quick he didn’t even throw anything offspeed.

      • The second inning went by so quick he didn’t even throw anything offspeed.

        he should just stay in the bullpen because he can mow people down without any offspeed stuff


        • kunaldo says:

          Someone on LoHud posted this Francesa quote:

          “Fatcessa: ‘Hopefully Joba gets lit up and goes to the BP’”

      • kunaldo says:

        Oh ok, thanks. I ventured into the LoHud comments to see some updates, and people are saying he has a great pace and the fastball has some good life to it, reminiscent of 07/08/post ASB 09. Or something.


    talk about bad luck. doesn’t yayo only stay in your system for like two days? haha. way to go guy

    • Drew says:

      Ha, yeah it’s only detectable in urine for a very short time. It can get out of your system in less than a day. People say he should get a break because he came clean b4 the results came in… I’m going to surmise that he had just done it before he came to the park and knew he was popped.

  24. Tank the Frank says:

    Francesa just now: Joba now pitching and let’s just hope he gets lit up so we can put him in the bullpen and forget all this nonsense.

    1. How does Joba getting lit up help his case for being a reliever?
    2. Joba is WORKING IN RELIEF today.

    I am now convinced that there is no limit to Francesa’s stupidity. He’s literally hoping for a Yankees player to fail simply so he can claim he’s “right.” Unbelievable.

  25. Drew says:

    Rex Grossman? Watevs..

  26. Tank the Frank says:

    This goes perfectly with an earlier thread. Joba’s line looks great thus far (3 IP, 2 H, ER, BB, 3 K) but it’s against the JV Phillies. The run was also due to a bloop double into no-man’s land. You can’t put any more stock into it than you could with Phil’s outing the other day.

    Considering Joba had what seems like a really nasty flu bug he had to get over at the start of ST (you don’t lose 8lbs from a sore throat), I’d say he and Phil are on equal footing. I think it all depends on whose stuff looks better going forward. Who has the better command of their pitches.

    • Drew says:

      That’s why you don’t look at stats. You look at the stuff and command he had. Also, the double that led to the run was actually a popup that the 2nd baseman Russo couldn’t get to in time.

      • Drew says:

        The run was also due to a bloop double into no-man’s land.
        Reading fail. My bad.

      • kunaldo says:

        Exactly. I’m really curious to see how he’d do in an actual start, maybe 5 innings next time?

        • Drew says:

          Yeah at least. He went 4 innings today, the bottom of the 9th didn’t count because the Phils already won but he did pitch 4 innings.

          • kunaldo says:

            wait, he pitched the bottom of the 9th? i guess they didnt show that in the box score. how did he do?

            • Drew says:

              Sharp slider and good fastball, good inning.

              Yeah they don’t show it in the box score because it didn’t count. Manuel agreed to let us pitch the bottom of the 9th regardless of the score because Joe wanted 4 innings for AP and Joba, and one inning for Marte. Without the bottom of the 9th that can’t happen.

              It’s what we did the other day for the Rays(I think it was the Rays).

  27. Charlie says:

    i wonder what elijah dukes would cost. i’m pretty sure he was flat out released so anyone can sign him. he’s got the talent to start in lf, so i definitely hope the yanks at least contact him

  28. JobaWockeeZ says:

    It’s funny how many people are considering today’s outing a make or break for Joba.

    • Mike Axisa says:

      It was only a make or break if he struggled. He did well, so now it’s just another start. Break or ignore is more accurate than make or break.

  29. Drew says:

    I will JIMP the day Francesa say’s “Joba’s looked good as a starter thus far.”

    Then the world will explode.

  30. rbizzler says:

    IPK just gave up a leadoff double to Maicer on mlb network and followed that up by giving up an RBI double to Kendrick. Whoops.

  31. bexarama says:

    so because Joba did well today, are people gonna say “Well look, it was in relief!”

  32. JobaWockeeZ says:

    Cliff Lee suspended for 5 regular season games. Wow.

  33. Ross says:

    Since Twitter is broken right now, thought I’d check in and say hello.

  34. Rose says:

    Ron Washington says that, at 57 years old, he just decided to try cocaine for the first time?

    Cmonnnnn, get a pulse. He’s insulting everyone’s intelligence.

    • Steve H says:

      Ron Washington played major league baseball in the early 80′s, and milb in the late 70′s, yet he never got the urge then, as everyone around him was using? Yet in 2010, at 57 he figures, sure I resisted temptation for so long, nows the perfect time?

      • Rose says:

        hahaha EXACTLY.

        It just doesn’t make sense.

        What’s funny is that you would think some of these drug dealers would blackmail these successful athletes and managers for a gigantic pile of money. They’re drug dealers at the end of the day…their sole purpose in life is to make a lot of money by doing as little as possible through illegal activity.

  35. Steve H says:

    Classic Klaw:

    Brad (Essexville)
    Can Austin Jackson keep this up in the regualr season. Spring Training means nothing but it sure looks like Detroit got the better end of the Granderson deal

    Klaw (2:33 PM)
    What you’re saying is that two weeks of spring data outweigh the last three years of regular-season and AFL performance data … that sounds like solid logic.

    • Steve H says:

      Another great one:

      cosmo kramer (new york)
      ive waited for an hour for your advice, could you not answer my question please

      Klaw (2:36 PM)
      OK, I won’t.

  36. danny says:

    wow, the games today have been awesome. march madness ftw!

  37. bexarama says:

    a. This makes me laugh
    b. Marte is okay. Woo!

  38. Drew says:

    So now Washington admits he smoked and took amphetamines as a player. I know he probably responded to a question but why even go there?;c_id=mlb

    • Zack says:

      Well I guess you could say it’s better than not answering, then in July when Texas is in the middle of the division/wc race a “anonymous source” accuses Washington of weed and amphetamines so then they have to do this thing again.

      • Drew says:

        I would think by July the whole thing would be over. I mean, who cares if the guy smoked and took greenies 40 years ago?

        • Zack says:

          I agree wouldnt care if it came out, but it wouldnt be brushed over. If he just left it as I tried coke once at 57 and that’s it, then someone went digging and a report came out saying he did more stuff earlier then he’d have to address the media again, address his team again- while trying to get his team into the playoffs.

          • Drew says:

            Yeah I know what you’re saying.

            Nevertheless, Nolan Ryan must be pissed. I wonder if he knew Washington was going to add the story by saying this new stuff.

  39. bexarama says:

    Those playoff projections would make me die of the happy.

  40. V says:

    So… quick ticket-buying question…

    Is there a SINGLE site out there, where I can search for ticket prices by seat, FOR ALL GAMES? I really don’t care WHICH game I go to; I’d rather pay $100 than $250 or $40 instead of $100, if I can ;-)

  41. WIlliam says:

    Hey RAB people, I just went through a mock draft. I was the 2nd pick. Is this a good team in a 12 team league?
    1. Hanley Ramírez (Fla – SS)
    2. Adrián González (SD – 1B)
    3. Víctor Martínez (Bos – C,1B)
    4. Ben Zobrist (TB – 2B,SS,OF)
    5. Chris Carpenter (StL – SP)
    6. Dan Uggla (Fla – 2B)
    7. Chone Figgins (Sea – 3B)
    8. Lance Berkman (Hou – 1B)
    9. Matt Cain (SF – SP)
    10. Julio Borbón (Tex – OF)
    11. Carlos González (Col – OF)
    12. Brad Hawpe (Col – OF)
    13. Edwin Jackson (Ari – SP)
    14. Billy Wagner (Atl – RP)
    15. Adrián Béltre (Bos – 3B)
    16. Nolan Reimold (Bal – OF)
    17. Jonathan Sánchez (SF – SP)
    18. Mark Buehrle (CWS – SP)
    19. Phil Hughes (NYY – SP,RP)
    20. Nick Swisher (NYY – 1B,OF)
    21. Hideki Matsui (LAA – Util)
    22. Ted Lilly (ChC – SP)
    23. Brett Gardner (NYY – OF)

  42. Andy in Sunny Daytona says:

    Anyone know where Gameday can be found on

    • Andy in Sunny Daytona says:

      Nevermind, I found it.

      If anyone else is interested.

      • Andy in Sunny Daytona says:

        Robbie went deep.

        • WIlliam says:

          The Astros announcers are pulling a Pirates. “You would think opening day would be a sell out, but its not. You can order tickets right now, announcers are standing by.” Ugh.

          • bexarama says:

            I recently read an Astros blog, and I should have saved it, that blamed all the Astros’ recent issues on Pettitte. Seriously, everything. An Astro got hurt? Andy’s fault. Their catchers suck offensively? Andy’s fault. It was either a parody that I just didn’t get, or the Astros’ equivalent of a Yankee blog that goes on about how we’d be better off with Melky instead of Javy because of the 2004 ALCS, or how Brosius > A-Rod.

          • bexarama says:

            So in other words, opening day not being a sell-out? Andy’s fault.

  43. WIlliam says:

    Can one of the RABbis set up a game thread?

  44. WIlliam says:

    Csano worked back from 1 and 2 to a full count. He checked his swing and went to 1st, but the 3rd base ump called it a strike. Robbie was robbed. Still, its good to see him working the pitcher some more. He seems to be getting deeper into counts this spring.

  45. Andy in Sunny Daytona says:

    This is on the front page of ESPN. THE FRONT PAGE.

    Red Sox re-sign Embree, finisher of 2004 ALCS

    12 paragraphs for a washed up reliever? Really? REALLY?

    • To be fair, it’s a human interest story from Still, I thought Alan Embree retired.

      • Andy in Sunny Daytona says:

        Does it really need to be on the front page on ESPN? Does it even need to be on the front page of the baseball section of ESPN?

        • bexarama says:

          but remember when he cheered after getting the last out of the 2004 ALCS?!?!? Nah – what I’ll always remember Embree for was him not coming in to face Matsui during the eighth inning of Game 7 of the 2003 ALCS…

        • Tank the Frank says:

          No it doesn’t. If you read the comments on the article, mine is the second one posted. Basically saying what you just said.

          In reality…he’s a 40-year-old reliever who was signed to a minor league contract. I just flushed something down the toilet more interesting than that.

          But it’s for Boston…so it gets extra attention and a feel-good twist to it. To me, the ESPN bias against the Yankees is undeniable. But I get it because that’s the sentiment of every non-Yankees fan in the country and therefor makes a good story. However, to combine that with the blatent glorification of not just the Red Sox, but of all things Boston, is something that has become a staple of ESPN.

          • The whole ESPN/Boston conspiracy theory is just that. The article in question was written for ESPN’s Boston-centric site and happened to land on the front page of ESPN’s MLB site on a rather slow weekend. Big effin’ deal, IMO.

            Look at the author of the Embree article, even. It’s Gordon Edes.

            • Andy in Sunny Daytona says:

              Slow weekend? It’s the start of the NCAA basketball tournament, the NBA season is winding down, hockey season is winding down, and ESPN feels the need to put this insignificant signing , with that idiotic headline on the front page? Whatever, Ben.

            • Tank the Frank says:

              No I disagree entirely. I don’t believe it’s a “conspiracy,” but I think the bias that some notice is very real. This article is but a small example. Given some time and more energy, I could list a dozen examples from both their website and SportsCenter broadcasts that can either be looked at as distinctly biased or used with the express purpose of insulting the Yankees organization, getting under Yankees fans skin, or glorifying the Red Sox organization and the Boston area in general.

              Frankly, I’m not sure how it can even be argued any other way it this point…it’s gotten so blatant.

            • Tank the Frank says:

              And I understand that ESPN has a Boston-centric site that uses local writers. But, like I said, when you get down to it, it’s a 40-year-old reliever signing a minor league contract. How can you try and spin this article as a feel-good story? Some kind of glorious homecoming. It’s not like he was a career Red Sox player; some kind of hometown hero. He’s a journyman reliever. A dime a dozen.

              • bexarama says:

                Well, it’s an ESPN Boston article by Edes. Of course they’re gonna try to make it a feel-good story. Whether it should be on the front page of regular is another issue.

                They are terribly biased toward Boston. Maybe it’ll get better with Gammons leaving? Oh, who am I kidding

  46. The Sheepmeister says:

    So I am going to my first Yankee game in April and was wondering where is a good place to sit. Are the bleachers better than the grandstand in terms of view?

    (I am looking to not spend a ton of money)

    • I haven’t sat in either place in the new stadium yet, so I can’t help you there.

      The one time I sat in the upper deck at the old stadium as an adult, though, I felt like I was gonna fall out of my seat and onto the fans at ground level. Every time I stood up, I got vertigo! Man, those rows were steep! I believe they fixed that in the new stadium, but I’m not positive. Anyone?

      • bexarama says:

        I sat up there once at the old stadium. Ugh, this was soooo awful. I really wanted to stand up and cheer at one point, but every time I stood up I felt like I was going to fall over and throw up, so I had to sit the entire time.

    • Jammy Jammers says:

      The bleachers are cheaper, but you can’t really see much and the video screen is behind you. I sit in the grandstands. You can see the game and the video screen.
      Also, if you want…you can just hang out on the ground level and watch the game from there. In my opinion, it is way better than being squeezed in with a bunch of goomba idiots in tiny seats. You can see better, there are also TV’s at the snack bars nearby (to see a replay) and you can easily get to concessions or bathrooms. Not sure if you can get into the main stadium if you get bleacher seats, though.

  47. Chaz says:

    how you guys feel about russo making the team in addition to pena. pena can play outfield in a pinch.
    only reason i wouldn’t is because i’d want that bat to continue to develop

  48. Jack says:

    I love March Madness.

    Eat it, Kansas.

  49. bexarama says:

    I’m sure you all heard, but Joe Nathan is going to have Tommy John surgery and will be out for the season.

    I didn’t realize how old he is before this – not that 35 is old in real life, but it’s ancient in baseball-land. Also, I want everyone to know that I went to Wikipedia and removed Mariano’s name from the list of pitchers that had TJ because he didn’t. Stop telling me lies, internets!!!!

  50. kunaldo says:

    Is it bad that I sorta kinda want Hughes to not do so well today so the mediots can jump off the bandwagon? Buster Olney just said he’s the clear cut frontrunner now. I shouldn’t let them get to me, but it’s annoying to hear these guys put their words into the Yankees’ mouths.

    Although, if there is some truth to what they say, and some Yankees brass believe Hughes has the inside track, then I really want him to not do so well in ST for a little bit. Forgive me for my treason

    • bexarama says:

      This is better than the people at LoHud that think there’s a “conspiracy” because Hughes is coming out of the bullpen after AJ (well he would have, had the game not been canceled) whereas Joba gets to start on… whenever it is.

  51. ultimate913 says:

    No game thread?

  52. H.W. Plainview says:

    Utley or Braun for the fifth pick, assuming both are available? Braun is an elite bat, but Utley is elite at his shallow position and still a top bat.

  53. pete says:

    not to brag or anything, but steve lombardi just got pete’d:

  54. Trade I’ve been offered: I get Ichiro and Konerko, I give Bay and Jeter. Hanley is my other SS in this leauge, but I’m leaning towards rejection. Your thoughts, RAB?

    • Drew says:

      I’d counter with someone other than Konerko. I’m assuming that you have a 1st baseman/DH that can produce his power numbers, and Konerko doesn’t bring many RBI or runs to the table. I’d love to have Ichiro just because you get a hit or two out of him every night. I’d love to keep Jetes but I’m worried about Bay, specifically his health and his numbers with that team and in that park. So if this kid really wants Jetes and Bay, I’d give it to him for Ichiro and another player that would fit onto your squad.

      • Maybe, yeah. 1B is weak for me, though. I have Nicky J and Jose Lopez (I made the league so OBP/SLG/OPS count, too). I’ll think about it and examine my options.

        Maybe Jeets for Ichiro straight up?

        • Drew says:

          That’s not as appealing to me. You know what you’re going to get from both of them. Jeter gets on base more, has as many runs, has more RBI(generally), last year had more SBs, and he does it out of the ss position. But you have HanRam.

          Is there two SS spots you can use or just one and a UTIL position? I was once in a league where there were two 2nd/ss slots.

  55. Tank the Frank says:;status=ok

    More anti-Yankees bias from ESPN. I personally can’t believe people think that it’s all just innocent. Read the headline. Then read the story. Then read the headline again.

    Thank God I live in an age with blogs like this one where I can come for sports news and analysis because I honestly don’t think I can visit that website anymore.

    • That’s an AP feed. The conspiracy theories about ESPN are just ridiculous, as I said above here. There’s no bias on There’s no bias on the air. We shouldn’t act like persecuted fans.

      • Drew says:

        There’s no bias on the air.

        Not entirely true. Some anchors(Berthiaume) are clearly not objective. Remember the Boli-Boli bit? Classy.

        • That was John Anderson.

          • Drew says:

            You sir, are correct.

            Following an August 8, 2009 clip of Alex Rodriguez’s walkoff HR against the Boston Red Sox on ESPN’s Sportscenter, Anderson caused a mild stir by chanting “Boli boli boli!”, an apparent reference to the performance enhancing drugs that Rodriguez claimed to have used at one point.

            I don’t know why I thought it was Berthiaume.

      • Tank the Frank says:

        Does the AP write the misleading headline as well? (Serious question). I believe ESPN may change the headlines as they see fit but I could be wrong.

        As far as no bias on the air…goodness. I may have to start going through these examples in my head to prove it to you. Boli, boli, boli is just the beginning.

        And as far as the website, I will never forget a Gene Woj. column that came out just after the Red Sox had won the 2007 World Series. Allow me:

        Convince me that isn’t biased…or downright hateful. And I don’t even want to hear about an op/ed piece. He’s employed by ESPN. They chose to trash the Yankees rather than celebrate the Red Sox victory. The story isn’t the Yankees losing. The story is the Red Sox winning, and it should be written as such.

  56. ultimate913 says:

    Mauer signs an 8 year/184 million dollar contract extension with a full no trade clause. I think this should be the topic for the open thread.

  57. Drew says:

    This Mauer deal really handcuffs the Twins. They better hope he stays healthy. Next year they’ll have about 40 million tied up between 1st base and catcher. That’s about 40% of their payroll. They better hope that new stadium is a cash cow. Wouldn’t be surprised to see Morneau dealt this year or next, he doesn’t have a no trade and I don’t see them paying all that money on 2 positions.

  58. Drew says:

    ESPN Headline:
    Dice-K sharp in minor league start.

    Heh. He threw 14 balls-18 strikes. I guess that is sharp for Matsuzaka.

  59. Rose says:

    Well it’s happened. With all the bribes, backroom deals, and arm twisting the progressive democrats passed an unconstitutional health care bill.

    May God help us all…

    • Care to make a legitimate argument for the unconstitutionality of the health care bill? You say progressive as though it’s a bad thing to cover the uninsured.

      • H.W. Plainview says:

        There is a legitimate argument to be made surrounding whether or not the individual mandate to purchase health insurance is Constitutional.

        • Then make it. Cite amendments and Supreme Court precedent that back you up. Otherwise, I just hear people claiming unconstitutionality with no basis.

          • Drew says:

            I’m not sure of the constitutionality of it, just tossing out food for thought. I don’t feel the government should ever be able to force me to buy any good or service. This is the first time the federal government has done this, what am I being forced to buy next?

          • Jose says:

            People argue that the Commerce Clause only applies to voluntary activities. So it wouldn’t allow individual mandate. Also argued is the General Welfare Clause only accounts for congressional spending and doesn’t take into account when money is taken in by the government as in individual mandate.

            Whether these are valid arguments, I’m not sure, but I’m not going to sit and here and debate. But those are some of them. Let’s wait for a court to decide whether or not there is any basis.

            I guarantee people with far more knowledge than either of us will present arguments for and against to a court at some point.

            • H.W. Plainview says:

              12 Attorneys general are filing suit against the federal government as soon as the President signs the bill. So we’ll find out eventually.

              • Jose says:

                *Completely irrelevant to the discussion, but I enjoy your name. That is a fantastic movie.

          • Rose says:


            Health care is not a right enshrined by the Constitution. Mandating health insurance by overstepping the authority of the Constitution. The Commerce Clause does not give Congress the authority to regulate healthcare.

            U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann says “A lot of members of Congress may have forgotten what the Constitution says. But, again, it is not within our power as members of Congress, not within the enumerated powers of the Constitution, for us to design and create a national takeover of health care, nor is it within our ability to be able to delegate that responsibility to the executive.”


            Creating provisions for something so big on something that little time was put into is incredibly unconstitutional. While lobbying and campaigning for such may not be, flying long-time adamant naysayers on a flight only for him to land and have his mind entirely changed raises a lot of eyebrows and rightfully so.

            When was the last time somebody was refused treatment due to them not being able to afford it?? All these twisted stories from people they are propping up in front of the podium aren’t telling the real story. Their family members were still given treatment regardless.

            If you work hard, you will be able to afford health care. If you work hard and you still can’t afford it? You either a.) aren’t working hard enough, or b.) have your needs and wants (values and priorities) mixed up.

            Of these “poor” people who “can’t afford” health care…70% of them have a color television. A doctor wrote an article about how a person came in for treatment without health insurance…and had thousands of dollars of tattoos all over them, gold teeth, and brand new $200 sneakers. It made him sick to his stomach. It’s not that these people can’t afford it. It’s that they can’t afford it while still living well above their means.

            In my old towns newspaper last Thursday…one of the articles was “200 Teenage Women Rally at the State Senate House For More Support and Money” (or something along those lines. So basically, while they made a major mistake – it’s now everybody elses problem.

            “The democracy will cease to exist once you when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not.” – Thomas Jefferson

            and always remember this one…

            “A government big enough to give you everything you want, is big enough to take away everything you have.” – Thomas Jefferson

            • Rose says:

              In my old towns newspaper last Thursday…one of the articles was “200 Teenage Women Rally at the State Senate House For More Support and Money” (or something along those lines. So basically, while they made a major mistake – it’s now everybody elses problem.

              Sorry, should have said “Teenage Moms”

              • bexarama says:


                • It’s ok. I stopped reading at “Michele Bachmann” too.

                • Rose says:

                  Bipartisanship is when TWO parties mutually agree on something. This tactic is usually used when voting on bills and other things. Bipartisanship was NOT used when voting on the health care reform bill. ONE party alone voted on it (Democrats) and they even needed to twist arms and bribe their own kind to do so! Doesn’t that tell you anything? 76% of the people in the United States were against it as well!

                  It’s just unprecedented. It’s ridiculous.

                • pete says:

                  well, to be fair, a majority of americans opposed Bush’s election in 2000…just sayin…

                • Rose says:

                  The Republican party is just as corrupt. The two-party system needs to go. And basically anybody else with common sense is considered a crack pot.

                • Rose says:

                  And by common sense I mean. We don’t have any money and are $12 Trillion dollars in debt as a nation. Health Care in 2009 was roughly over $3 Trillion dollars. Most crazy liberals like to throw out the number of “27 million people are uninsured”. So you add those 27 million people to the already over $3 Trillion dollar health care spent last year…then you add the population exponentially growing at a rapid pace – and somehow…SOMEHOW…this is going to LOWER the $12 Trillion dollar deficit by over $100 Billion?

                  It’s mathematically impossible and incredibly ludicrous.

                • Zack says:

                  I saw the number closer to the 55% mark but whatever; what % of Americans disagree with the two wars? The American people give the power to the select few who are suppose to do their job and do what is best for the country, and their district. If people are unhappy, they will have to show that come election time.

                  And the bipartisanship thing- it’s a difference in philosophies, when one party is at A and one party is at Z, but the party with A has the majority power then the party at Z needs to make compromises if they want to get something done. They’ve spent months working on it; the democrats have the majority power and they used that power, if the courts find it unconstitutional or something then so be it.

                • bexarama says:

                  this, pretty much.

                  With the “bipartisanship” thing, there wasn’t a single Republican who voted for the bill. The Democrats currently have a huge majority. Should they not take advantage of that and just sit there and twiddle their thumbs and not pass legislation that fits their agenda while they have said huge majority? That’s how government works. Like Zack said, if people are unhappy, show it come election time.

                • Rose says:

                  Usually you have 2 parties which may be split somewhere and that is when the majority vote comes into play. NEVER in the history of the United States of America as there been 2 parties (bipartisanship) that has disagreed on a bill…and one party (partisanship and only through the help of bribing their own) have passed a bill along regardless.

                  Democrats control Congress, and currently Congress has an 18% approval rating. 76% disapprove. 63% of their own party (Democrats) disapprove of the job lawmakers are doing right now. Only 35% total approve the health care bill.

                  When you add all of this up…you have to scratch your head and wonder “Well if nobody is really in favor of what’s going on…why not only are we adamant about pushing this out? But why are we pushing something the majority of people hate out so fast??

                • So I want to toss a question out there for you, Rose. I understand your point on bipartisanship, but why haven’t Republicans offered up any acceptable health care solution? It’s undeniable that we have a health care problem in this country. It’s also undeniable that the GOP had the White House for eight and Congress for four without doing anything about it. Where’s the other solution?

                • Zack says:

                  “(partisanship and only through the help of bribing their own)”

                  That shit goes on with both parties so its a moot point; insurance companies are in the back pockets of Republicans just as much as Democrats have their lobbyists. Republicans make promises to one another and put “pork” in bills just as much as Democrats do. Who’s the Republican who’s holding up ~60 of Obama’s appointments because he wants an FBI building built in his state?

                  “Well if nobody is really in favor of what’s going on…why not only are we adamant about pushing this out? But why are we pushing something the majority of people hate out so fast??”

                  Well when one party continues to tell people that the bill is going to kill grandma and to go load your guns because the revolution is coming then yeah people aren’t going to support the bill.
                  And wasn’t that the same question in the 60s with the Civil Rights Act? Democrats knew that if they voted they would lose Southern support, yet they went on with it anyways?

                • Rose says:

                  To both Ben and Zack. I am not a Republican. You are right. They are just as corrupt as the Democratic party. I guess I am basically a less radical Libertarian. I believe people need to start living within their means…and that’s how you fix the problem. People also need to start taking responsibility for themselves and stop relying on the Government or some other faction to provide for them. If you work hard, you will find a way to pay for health care.

                  As for those who have worked hard and have gotten laid off, the elderly, the disabled, and war veterans? THAT is where you write a much smaller bill specifically for them. The people who are perfectly capable of working but refuse don’t deserve their welfare check. We are only enabling that kind to continue their non-contributing lifestyle. This goes for any race or religion. People need to start taking responsibility for themselves. People need to start weighing their needs and wants more appropriately and then they will find out that they CAN afford health care after all.

                  There are other ways to fix the problem without conjuring up a socialistic bill that the majority of America disapprove of.

                • Zack says:

                  “If you work hard, you will find a way to pay for health care.”

                  Isnt that boversimplification?

                • Rose says:

                  And by the way, Zack. Two wrongs don’t make a right. Just because one party are a bunch of crooks doesn’t make it alright for the other party to be. Unfortunately the country is so used to a 2-party system that they don’t give any other outside party a chance…and that is also where the problem lies.

                  In addition, as Americans we have dug ourself into a big hole ($12 Trillion) and in order to take a step forward we would have to take a giant step backward…and deep down nobody wants to do that.

                • Rose says:

                  “If you work hard, you will find a way to pay for health care.”

                  Isnt that boversimplification?

                  Not if you’re not an idiot. If you were hard and are an idiot then I guess you may have a hard time. But if you have common sense and you work hard…you will succeed and be able to afford health care. It’s not that hard of a concept.

                  It’s like the example of the guy above. Thousands of dollars worth of tattoos, gold teeth, $200 sneakers…but he can’t afford health care?

                • Rose says:

                  If you were work hard – Woops

                • Zack says:

                  Yes, you gave me an example, but it’s one example.

                  Like I said previously, it’s a difference in philosophies that arent going to change. You feel that if you work hard you should be able to get healthcare, I agree with that some of the time, but definately not all the time, and probably not even a majority of the time.

                  No, 2 wrongs dont make a right. But you add a 3rd party and they would do the same exact thing because thats how people get re-elected. You dont get re-elected by bringing 0 jobs and 0 funds to your state, that’s why they write in 500k for cattle research in Monatana, so the Monatana representative gets to say during his re-election campaign- Hey I brought in 500k worth of jobs. If he didnt, his opponent would say- What the hell has this guy given to YOU? Nothing.

                • bexarama says:

                  I worked really hard in college and got really good grades. I spend at least an hour a day looking for jobs. I do not have a job. Seriously, I apply to somewhere like CVS and hear nothing. It’s not that easy.

                • Rose says:

                  No, 2 wrongs dont make a right. But you add a 3rd party and they would do the same exact thing because thats how people get re-elected.

                  Now if that isn’t boversimplification I don’t know what is. But you may be on to something here. But that’s only because of the same thing we just talked about, people being idiots.

                  Andrew Jackson is the ONLY President to ever pay off the national debt by opposing national banks. The ONLY reason there was a depression right after is because Martin Van Buren was an idiot and tried to corrupt everything again. But what you hear about is that Andrew Jackson was the bad guy because that’s what they want you to think. He was actually one of the smartest Presidents there ever was.

                  Think of it this way. We’re $12 Trillion in debt…and we write a bill to provide health care for everybody in America for “free”. Picture seeing a casino with the signs outside “Everybody Wins All the Time!” and “Free Money Every Time!”. How long do you think this Casino is going to stay in business?

                  More and more leeches have been taught to feed off of the dying dog. But what the leeches will soon find out is that once the dying dog dies – so do the leeches.

                • Rose says:

                  bexarama says:

                  March 23rd, 2010 at 12:48 pm
                  I worked really hard in college and got really good grades. I spend at least an hour a day looking for jobs. I do not have a job. Seriously, I apply to somewhere like CVS and hear nothing. It’s not that easy.


                  Please don’t take this the wrong way – but the school system is one of the most flawed systems in the history of mankind. “Getting good grades” doesn’t necessarily mean you’re smart. It means you know how and when to do something that somebody tells you to do. And please note that when I say “you”, I am meaning the universal “you” and not you, specifically. I know absolutely nothing about you.

                  Spending an hour a day looking for jobs may clearly not be good enough. Try making “finding a job” your full-time job and I guarantee much better results. If you are applying to places and hearing nothing, try calling them instead. Shows that you’re very serious and it puts you a head above the competition because the majority of them are just looking for the call.

                  Now, you may have known all of this. I’m only trying to help. But there are ways, that’s all I’m saying. There are jobs out there…they may not be ones you really love…but they are out there none-the-less.

                • bexarama says:

                  I wasn’t trying to say “look at me, I’m so smart because I got good grades.” Just saying that a lot of places look at grades.

                  Not even touching the rest of this.

                • Rose says:

                  Not even touching the rest of this.

                  I don’t blame you…

                • Zack says:

                  My mom has her bachelors degre, masters degree, and obviously years of experience. The state eliminated their program to save money (yet she and the rest had guaranteed contracts until 7/2011 so state=fail); and it her took 4 months to find a comparable job.

                  I guess my mom didnt try hard enough for those 4 months, I told her to bring back her gold teeth but she just wouldnt listen. ;)

                  And for what it’s worth, a lot of HR departments specifically say “No Phone Calls Please.” But I’ll take his approach and not get further involved, again citing the differences in philosophies that arent going to change regardless of stories, examples, predictions, analogies, etc.

                • Rose says:

                  I guess my mom didnt try hard enough for those 4 months, I told her to bring back her gold teeth but she just wouldnt listen.

                  Specifically: As for those who have worked hard and have gotten laid off, the elderly, the disabled, and war veterans? THAT is where you write a much smaller bill specifically for them.

                  And the reason your Mom lost her job is mainly because of everything I just said. The government is $12 Trillion in debt and can’t afford to pay her the salary she was earning. So they opt for less experienced teachers at a much lower cost. The less experienced teachers then don’t teach well…and the cylce of idiocracy is then born.

                  Does this ring a bell? Perhaps, just maybe, this is what they may one day have to do with our health care…hmm…

                • Rose says:

                  No to mention that Massachusetts (where I lived) was supposed to be a posterchild for universal health care…and the system failed miserably. The state went bankrupt and the gov’t had to bail them out.

                  So not only are they rushing out a health care bill that nobody wants and we can’t afford – but they’re basing it on a failed and debunked system.

                  Real good.

                • Zack says:

                  “So they opt for less experienced teachers at a much lower cost.”

                  Actually no that’s not what they did in my mom’s case, they eliminated the program in hopes of saving 3m, instead it cost them and additional 1.5m due to clauses in their contracts.

                  Not to mention the LPN program that she was in charge of, basically all of their students were on govt programs, and in 18 months it turned them around to full time jobs, off govt programs, and into tax-paying citizens.

                • Zack says:

                  Crap, always get those numbers mixed up. Tried to save 1.5m, going to cost them an addition 300k between Jan-June. Point is they didnt save any money.

                • Zack says:

                  Crap, told myself I wasnt going to get more involved, ha. Because we each have stories and examples that can go on forever.

                • Rose says:

                  Didn’t save any money immediately no, but those decisions are also made for the long term. But regardless, she wasn’t let go on a whim for no apparent reason. Your mother as a teacher may have a very small sample size of some different occasion.

                  My mom is also a teacher. Is older. And what I described above is what happens to basically every state in America.

                • Rose says:

                  And here’s a good one.

                  Who’s going to want to be a doctor now?

                  Not a lot of people. The was the system was before was that it set up competition which in turn challenged and created better doctors. If all of the doctors and procedures are being regulated, this ENDS competition for doctors…and essentially prevents them from excelling in their craft.

                  This has happened in almost every communist country which is why it’s a failed system. If I can get the same amount of money doing barely anything…why should I bust my ass for the same price as the other guy who is doing the bare minimum?

                  It’s just real bad that’s all. There’s nothing good coming out of this. It’s common sense.

                • JGS says:

                  Yea, medical schools are getting easier and easier to get into.

                  wait, what?

                • Rose says:

                  You never know when the government is ALSO regulating the schools now for no reason…

                • JGS says:

                  In what way?

            • Andy in Sunny Daytona says:

              “Somebody bring a slave, so I can fuck her.”

              /Paraphasing Thomas Jefferson’d

              • Rose says:

                We may all be slaves soon. Wait til your lifestyle is regulated. Unhealthy foods will be taxed accordingly. You like to go out and have fun with your friends and grab a few drinks? Better be careful…alcohol is going to be taxed through the roof. Having fun and having freedom just got A LOT more expensive…

                • There’s a huge jump between mandating health care insurance and regulating lifestyle.

                  Remember how badly mandatory car insurance fared?

                • Rose says:

                  Very true,

                  But the gov’t wasn’t paying for it. We’re talking about the gov’t “paying” with health care. Well, we’re actually paying…but we actually paid for social security too and that fell apart as well because they overspent all our money.

                  Nobody really knows how it’s going to play out…but if you look at all the context clues and similar activities that have happened in the really not-so-distant past…it just doesn’t look good at all.

                • Rose says:

                  By the way, this bill already has a “Tanning Tax”. A 10% tax on tanning will be issued when purchased.

                  If they are doing this…it’s only a matter of time until they get even crazier.

                • rbizzler says:

                  Dude, I am so enraged by the tanning tax it is out of control.

                  Not really.

                  Take a deep breath Rose, and……relax. It will be ok, despite what the fear-mongers have been saying.

                • Jose says:

                  Guidos everywhere are crying over the tanning tax.

                • rbizzler says:

                  Quick, buy stock in spray tan!

                  There are going to be some orange guidos at ‘the showah’ this year.

                • bexarama says:

                  I wonder if they will also tax gym and laundry

                • Zack says:

                  /fist pump

                • Rose says:

                  Laugh now. But answer me this…if this is so good and so helpful, why don’t they give us the choice to use it or not? Why are they shoving it down our throats? There’s only one reason why…it’s because it’s never been about health care all along. It’s been about control.

                  What do education loans have to do with health care? Why is this randomly in there? Because it coincidentially has a lot to do with government control too.

                  I mean if you read between the lines it’s all there. No “fear” has been instilled in me. It’s just common sense.

                  I’m well aware there are a lot of Democrats out there who really want to help the poor and such…but this really isn’t about that. If it were, they would have made a bill geared towards them strictly and it would be a lot more cheaper too and make a lot more sense. But they’re forcing this on us for a reason…and if it were really that good and they still gave us the choice…we would all jump on-board now wouldn’t we?

  60. H.W. Plainview says:

    Power to regulate interstate commerce, United States v. Lopez (1995), Supreme Court said Congress cannot not mandate a citizen to spend money on a particular good or service.

  61. Andy in Sunny Daytona says:

    Just got my tickets to the Yankee game Wednesday night against the Natinals. Action packed week for me. Big squad Wednesday night, AAA and AA teams Thursday afternoon and both A teams Friday afternoon. Hopefully the weather, and my alcohol tolerance, will cooperate. Lots of pictures.

  62. Steve H says:

    Is George King serious?

    Hughes is considered the slight favorite, and is followed by Alfredo Aceves and Sergio Mitre.

    • Jose says:

      I want to see Sergio Mitre win the fifth starter competition just to hear people’s reactions. That would be hilarious.

  63. Andy in Sunny Daytona says:

    Gameday up for the Philly game.

  64. Drew says:


    Bill James loves Joba this year. I know nothing about the quality of their projections but they have him at a 3.7 FIP, less than a hit per inning and a K/9 approaching 10. All of this as a starter no less. Me like.

    • bexarama says:

      if Bill James’ predictions for Joba and Andy come true, watch the hell out American League. (Not that they don’t have to watch the hell out anyway. :) )

    • Accent Shallow says:

      I don’t know of any projection mavens who take the James projections seriously. Too bad that’s the case if they have Joba so high.

      ZiPs is more pessimistic, but has him projected as the Yankees best starter (non-Sabathia division)


  65. Mark Feinsand has no heart. And he just stopped mine.

    The J. Vazquez part didn’t fool me, but it took me a good thirty seconds to remember that Mike Rivera is in camp.

  66. I’m as much a fan as any in discussing all sorts of things on an off-topic thread, but I still think there should be a bar-rules approach. Religion and politics are topics that simply don’t belong here.

    • bexarama says:

      Yup. That’s why I didn’t respond to the above health care discussion.

    • Jose says:

      I only responded because one of the RABis responded asking a question. I assumed that to be an indication that it was acceptable to have that type of discussion.

      I mean as long as the discussion is civil it is within the commenting guidelines.

      • Yep. As long as we’re all staying civil, I have no problem in this thread only discussing politics. As long as it stays out of the main baseball threads, that’s the purpose of this off-topic post.

        • Jose says:

          Thanks for the clarification.

          Anyone reading the off-topic always has the option to avoid a discussion. If you know a particular topic really pushes your buttons, you can always just skip over it. That seems like a pretty reasonable way to please those who want to discuss it as well as those who don’t.

          • That’s fair. Its not my site and “off-topic” is somewhat vague, so the clarification is good to hear. Figured some things are just too divisive but if the powers that be determine otherwise, hey, whatevs.

            In terms of restraint and avoidinance, you can say that of many things. That doesn’t mean it works.

  67. pete says:

    watching phil hughes pitch, is anyone else reminded of early-2000s Mussina in terms of repertoire? Solid FB, sharp curve, big knuckle curve, cutter, changeup

    • Accent Shallow says:

      Does Hughes throw two different curves? I thought he dropped the big, slow breaking ball at the start of 2009.

      Which is too bad, because it looked cool as hell. Huge break.

  68. Rose says:

    For Tommie…

    I went to your Twitter page and then Facebook but it’s private so I couldn’t see your email.

    Normally, I wouldn’t mind just adding you or whatever but due to all the hooplah in the past I’d rather just remain anonymous for the time being. No offense intended.

  69. H.W. Plainview says:

    For Ben and the rest of the legal eagles, a copy of the lawsuit filed against the government regarding the health care bill.

    • Rose says:

      Mmmm this is good. Thanks for the post!

    • Rose says:

      In one simple word:


      • Moshe Mandel says:

        No, it isnt. Gonzalez v. Raich pretty much knocks this suit out of the water. Of course, the court can blaze a new path in Commerce Clause jurisprudence, but I doubt it.

        • Rose says:

          Gonzalez V. Raich is the government regulating one single illegal drug from being used.

          This lawsuit is entirely different. The government is basically using Mafia tactics (coercion) in order to force American’s to purchase the government’s ONE version of health care or face extreme taxings and fees.

          It’s entirely unconstitutional.

          The best part of the lawsuit is they reference ARTICLE I LOL. It wasn’t like some random thing way in the back that they might have missed…it’s the FIRST Article LOL. Fucking unbelievable.

          • Moshe Mandel says:

            Just because you say it doesnt make it true. Most constitutional scholars believe that the case has no chance. Because you are not being forced to actually get treatment, it is an economic issue that clearly impacts commerce. Gonzalez is important because it shows that any reasonable link to commerce will be respected.

            • Rose says:

              The first part of the definition says “[The Congress shall have power] To regulate Commerce with foreign Nations,” BEFORE the next sentence thereafter which includes “and among the several States,”.

              What would happen if this corrupt government tried to use their Mafia tactics on a foreign nation – forcing them to buy their one-dimensional debunked health care plan or face a severe penalty?

              • Do you believe the PATRIOT Act — which allows unwarranted phone taps on American citizens — to be Mafia tactics as well?

                At least with health care mafia tactics, people will be healthy!

                • Rose says:

                  No, I absolutely hate the Patriot Act. As I’ve said above, Republicans are just as corrupt and crooked. The two-party system has to go. The Republican Party is most certainly not the party it once was when it started this country and the Democratic Party isn’t even our parents Democratic Party anymore. They’re a bunch of socialists.

                  “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country” was a powerful statement that meant something. The American people are doing the complete opposite!! “I don’t want to take any responsibility at all! So what’s the government going to give me?”

                • Rose says:

                  At least with health care mafia tactics, people will be healthy!


                  How “healthy” are we really going to be?

                • Moshe Mandel says:

                  I’m sorry, but you are butchering the Constitution. It has been read one way by the Supreme Court for a very long time, so you can read it however you want, but it is unlikely that this court will agree with you.

                  And your comparison to foreign nations makes no sense. It isnt a matter of compelling foreigners to do something, it is a matter of regulating commercial interactions between USA and foreign countries.

                • Rose says:

                  And you’re forgetting the “OR ELSE!” part of things.

                  If they created a bill that gave Americans THE CHOICE – this wouldn’t be an issue. America doesn’t FORCE foreign nations to comply with certain demands OR ELSE they’re issued severe penalties.

                  Remember this?

                  “The Enabling Act gave the government the power to enact laws without parliamentary approval, to enact foreign treaties abroad and even to make changes to the Constitution.”

                  Hmm, eerily similar.

                • Moshe Mandel says:

                  No, not eerily similar at all. I would not have voted for the bill, but this sensationalism about it is a load of bull. We havent changed to a socialist nation, we havent taken a huge turn in the history of politics. We passed a social program that has wide ramifications. It has happened before and will happen again.

                  Do you drive Rose? Do you curse those socialist bastards every time you pull on a seatbelt?

                • Rose says:

                  You’re comparing apples to oranges. You’re comparing putting on a seatbelt to a forced one-dimensional, already debunked health care system.

                  I would have put my seat belt on already so it wasn’t a big deal. I WOULDN’T have already volunteered for a one-dimensional, already debunked health care system.

                  Putting on your seat belt to prevent a crash is important – but it’s certainly not as important as the work being done AFTER the crash or for ANY health issue you have for the rest of your life.

                • Moshe Mandel says:

                  No, I’m comparing a government mandated rule that required certain property owners to act that faced a lot of opposition to a similarly mandated bill.

                • Rose says:

                  But they’re on such different levels it’s ridiculous.

                  That’s like saying theft and murder are both breaking the law…so they should be thought of in the same regard.

                  This is the biggest scam since Social Security. Actually, this is much bigger because people’s lives are directly at stake…for the rest of our lives or until the people finally realize how they’ve been tricked and literally revolt.

                  You add everything up:

                  - The Government can’t even manage it’s own money – $12 Trillion in Debt
                  - The failed Social Security scam (Where’d the money go?)
                  - The failed and debunked Mass Health plan that this was the basis for
                  - Why are they not giving us the choice between choosing this or a private option if it’s so good – they shouldn’t have a problem!
                  - What does education have to do with health? Why was an education provision hidden in this bill that also coincidentially gives the Gov’t more power and control?
                  - They not only had to resort to bribery and arm twisting…but they had to do it to THEIR OWN party!! Why?
                  - They are using Mafia coercion tactics in order to enforce their demands.

                  Half of these are legitimate questions that have not been answered (but should be)…and the other half represent the epitome of Socialism. Think about it.

                • Moshe Mandel says:

                  I have thought about. It’s thinking like yours that has millions of people protesting a plan they dont understand- panic about socialism when it simply isnt the case. Like you, I describe myself as a libertarian, but this bill is not as huge a deal or affront to liberty as you are making this out to be.

                • Rose says:


                  Why is it alright to think positively about a bill “that we don’t understand” because of the malarky the gov’t spoon feeds us but it’s not alright to think negatively about the bill based on a LARGE sample size of their failures in the past with much smaller tasks?

                  Read this article – it, piece by piece, explains how Obama is full of shit and that this health care bill is going to create chaos – both figuratively, monetarily, and literally.


    • Jose says:

      That was filed 7 minutes after President Obama signed the bill. 12 are Republicans, and 1 is a Democrat.

      I don’t know if this will be too successful, I believe there is a better chance when individual mandate takes effect. I don’t believe that happens until 2013. Then at that point an individual who is actually effected by the bill can sue, rather than attorney generals now.

      • H.W. Plainview says:

        Well I believe it is 4 states that already have conflicting laws with this bill, so it will have to be addressed at this level at some point.

        • rbizzler says:

          Sorry to break the news to you but federal law trumps state law (see: marijuana, medicinal). Whoops.

          Plus, the mandate doesn’t go into effect until 2014 so there will be plenty of time to hash out any issues with that aspect of the bill.

          Timeline for you:

          • Jose says:

            My mistake on having the wrong year on the mandate. Thanks for the correction.

          • Rose says:

            Sorry to break the news to you but federal law trumps state law (see: marijuana, medicinal). Whoops.

            So the Constitution doesn’t apply anymore? LOL. The Federal Government should just tear it up and convert to Communism?

          • Rose says:

            Sorry to break the news to you but federal law trumps state law (see: marijuana, medicinal). Whoops.


            The very first paragraph:

            The Constitution of the United States of America is the supreme law of the United States. It is the foundation and source of the legal authority underlying the existence of the United States of America and the federal government of the United States. It provides the framework for the organization of the United States government and for the relationship of the federal government to the states, to citizens, and to all people within the United States.


            • rbizzler says:

              For someone who claims not to be a Republican, you sure are good at ticking off their fear-mongering talking points.

              As has been stated by Moshe above, and reinforced by a multitude of constitutional scholars (which you are not, I presume) the lawsuits are going to be dismissed as they do not have merit.

              They are being filed, however, because they are good politics. The Republicans feel that they have traction on this issue so they are going to hammer it hard, despite the fact that the bill is going to create affordable access to health care for many of their constituents. Ironically, you claim that both parties are corrupt but you are falling prey to the politics of the situation as well. Getting all angry about the mandate inclusion while you drive to work on highways created through public investment or ride public transportation (subsidized) is embarrassing.

              You talk about personal and fiscal responsibility, well, this bill makes individuals personally responsible for getting health care so that the cost of treating uninsured persons is not passed along to other paying customers.

              BTW, the CBO (nonpartisan) scored the bill and it looks like it will actually reduce the deficit. Now, a lot remains to be seen as to how the numbers will actually play out, but, on the surface, it looks like the bill will not be as expensive as you are being led to believe.

              • Rose says:


                I’m sure you mean well but when was the last time the government did something exactly as they promised?

                You talk about personal and fiscal responsibility, well, this bill makes individuals personally responsible for getting health care so that the cost of treating uninsured persons is not passed along to other paying customers.

                Wrong. This gives the undetermined people (who probably won’t go for regular doctor check ups regardless) the ability to be treated in the hospital if need be. But wait a minute – the hospitals were never able to turn you down…interesting. The Gov’t can’t name ONE person who has been refused health care. Not one. They can corruptly prop people before a podium who have had parents die of an irrevocable disease and make it look like it was due to them “not being able to afford it” but they were never refused treatment. As for the others who already had health care? It forces them to enter a “free market” in health care after previously having the choice of numerous successful doctor specialists at their beck and call.

                BTW, the CBO (nonpartisan) scored the bill and it looks like it will actually reduce the deficit. Now, a lot remains to be seen as to how the numbers will actually play out, but, on the surface, it looks like the bill will not be as expensive as you are being led to believe.

                You should follow the orders of your buddy Moshe:

                Moshe Mandel says:
                March 24th, 2010 at 10:24 am

                Just because you say it doesnt make it true.

                I have unloaded years and years and years of statistics and facts of WHY this is a corrupt bill that won’t work. Everybody else seems to disagree but doesn’t seem to offer ANY facts of why it will be good other than “Well they said it will be! I believe them!” I’m sorry if you believe them – but I most certainly don’t.

              • Rose says:

                Also regarding this:

                BTW, the CBO (nonpartisan) scored the bill and it looks like it will actually reduce the deficit. Now, a lot remains to be seen as to how the numbers will actually play out, but, on the surface, it looks like the bill will not be as expensive as you are being led to believe.

                Obama is promising to save $500 billion (the current cost of the Midcare program) over the next 10 years by cutting waste, fraud and abuse. Back in 1966, Medicare cost $3 Billion dollars. In 1990, Medicare inflated to $12 Billion (after inflation). The actual cost in 1990 was $107 Billion.

                Just read this article. It talks about it pretty simply. (http://www.washingtonexaminer......58687.html)

                Politicians want us to believe that their inability to control spending and add-ons is over and that they’ll go on the spending wagon while still protecting the elderly.

                In remarks to the House Democratic caucus, President Obama claimed the bill would reduce the deficit by $1.3 trillion. He must know that isn’t true because the money “saved” from Medicare cuts will go to pay for new spending. Only in Orwellian Washington can money be saved and spent simultaneously.

                Addressing critics of the bill, President Obama said no one is “going to pull the plug on grandma.” They won’t have to. The opposition believes that Grandma will be denied treatment because she’s too much of a financial burden on government. It’s called rationing. Is that why the president emphasizes sick children? Will children be the only ones to get the most – and best – treatment? Rahm Emanuel’s brother, Ezekiel, has said government has a right to decide how many health-care dollars you are worth. And if children with a lifelong taxpaying potential are worth more than grandma who is taking more from the tax pot than she is contributing, too bad for grandma.

                Well just read the rest…it’s pretty interesting stuff.

                • bexarama says:

                  You can’t offer an opinion article from a conservative publication as fact. That’d be like if you asked someone to defend health care and they gave you some rant by Keith Olbermann or something. Something interesting to read, sure. Fact, no.

                • rbizzler says:

                  You unloaded and quoted years worth of propaganda that has been spoon fed to you. If you watched any part of the bipartisan health care summit you would know that both sides agreed on the major provisions in the final bill (obviously not the cost). Congrats. It is good politics for the Republicans and conservatives to act like this bill is repugnant now. I think the proper phrase is cutting their constituents noses to attempt to spite their political opponents faces.

                  There is not going to be any health care rationing as that notion has already been debunked as a myth. Is anyone on Medicare currently denied services or tests? Didn’t think so. And quoting a columnist published in the Examiner, a paper I wouldn’t wipe my ass with when I lived in DC, isn’t really helping your cause.

                  If you believe all of the garbage they print in there, Sarah Palin has a reality show to pitch to you. Oops, I guess she already did that.

                  You seem ultra-concerned about spending but fail to acknowledge that the government has a definite role in providing for its citizens. Trust me, I don’t have a ton of faith in the competency of our elected officials but I don;t really have a problem with reigning in the insurance industry. As far as I am concerned, if we are going to be stuck footing the bill for two ill-conceived wars and the prescription drug bill that was passed by Bush but never budgeted or paid for (embarrassing considering the Republican cries of fiscal irresponsibility now), I am fine with spending some cash domestically.

                  Here, I’ll throw you a bone:


                • Rose says:

                  See this stuff amazes me. “Oh well it’s Fox News so THAT’S why you’re wrong!”

                  Actually, this same article was posted in the Springfield, Massachusetts newspaper today. The most Democratic state in the country.

                  And regardless, it’s loaded with factual information that also makes complete sense. I have YET to read a liberal article where they explain anything similar. Everything is always just “wait and see!”

                  The quotes and dollar amounts are all factual and really happened. If you dismiss facts and actual situations because you don’t like the surrounding dialogue – then maybe that’s why people like YOU don’t really understand what’s going on here.

                • Rose says:


                  The money is ONE portion of this disaster. The rationing of our elderly is just one other.

                  Tell me, because it’s a simple question that NOBODY seems to be able to answer…

                  If this health care bill is so wonderful – why do they have to resort to Mafia coercion tactics in order to force them to comply? If it’s so wonderful we all would just simply sign up!

                  Propaganda?? You’re calling actual facts propaganda? Republicans and Democrats are ALL propaganda! How do you think your President got elected?!?


                  You think those people voted for Obama for his actual policies???

                  If that wasn’t propaganda (and bribery) I don’t know what is…

                • rbizzler says:

                  Here is a new one for you:



                • Rose says:

                  That’s not even an article, that’s a blog. And that blog has absolutely zero affect on me because I’m not a Republican. They’re both equally as corrupt and crooked. Saying “well we can scam everybody in America because you scammed everyone in America” doesn’t really solve anything nor make it okay.

                  Nobody can answer my question. It’s a simple question that absolutely NOBODY can answer…yet they still stick to their guns no matter what because they trust the government! And why wouldn’t you? They’ve always been good with their money (our money) and never once did they not live up to their promises.

                  People need to start caring a little more and opening up their eyes. It’s as clear as day right there in front of them.

                  There are 3 scenarios when it comes to backing this and 3 scenarios only:

                  1.) You have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about.
                  2.) You’re an idiot.
                  3.) You’re in on the corruption.

                • rbizzler says:

                  And to answer your question as why people are being ‘forced to comply,’ it is because wingnut, fear-mongering, liars have whipped the nut jobs into a frenzy and they actually believe that something designed to help them will actually hurt them.

                  When you have your fellow Republican leaders on TV defending racial, homophobic and ant-Semitic remarks hurled at representatives for voting for a bill that they do not agree with, you have a real problem. The time for introspection and self-reflection should start right now because it is embarrassing that educated people like yourself actually believe the crap about health care rationing.

                  Do some research and actually point to a place in the legislation that calls for any sort of rationing. I won’t hold my breath. In the meantime, try not to be so fearful.

                • rbizzler says:

                  Ha ha, you are hilarious. Try and read the bill before you start accusing people of being idiots and uninformed. Please point out the section on rationing.

                  Trust me bro, I guarantee you that I can hold my own with you in the intelligence department.

                  Thanks for the personal attack though, that was really great.

                  You really need to get your head out of the Glen Beck cesspool of hypocrisy, hate and lies that is clouding your judgment.

                • No personal attacks please, both of you. Keep it civil. I know politics is an emotional subject, and I know we wanted to give everyone an off-topic thread. But we still should keep it all civil.

                • rbizzler says:

                  No worries Ben.

                • Jose says:

                  Out of curiosity, what party are you a member of Rose? I’m sensing a lot of Libertarian philosophies.

                  Also this has been making the rounds for those who haven’t seen it:

                • Rose says:

                  I wasn’t personally attacking you. There were plenty of options. Perhaps you are very smart and just in on the corruption? How would I know?

                  Your arguments don’t mean anything. This “two wrongs make a right” nonsense doesn’t do anything but continually self-destruct what was once a land of freedom.

                  So basically what you’re saying is…the people are going to be charged a severe penalty if they don’t sign up for this only because the government wants us to have the best care?? Am I getting this right? Boy, you’re really in need of a life saver. You’re treading water with absolutely nothing around you. That doesn’t make any sense by the way. Not only does the government not care about my health – *newsflash* – they don’t care about yours either.

                  If they really want what’s best for us why don’t they pass a bill that forces us all to go to school too…and forces us to pay a strict severe penalty if we don’t? Because they really don’t care.

                  They want your money and they want it now. And they want control. There is absolutely no other reason why they would use Mafia coercion tactics to force you to sign up for their corrupt, already debunked health care option or else pay a hefty ridiculous penalty because they care about you personally. They don’t. That’s why they send millions of troops over to places we have no business being in too…because they all care about us. Lying to us about Global Warming for no reason…that’s because they care about it.

                  They’re all corrupt and they have been for over a hundred years. And the one time they are taking it too far…people seem to be mistaking it (brainwashed) for ‘they’ve changed! they’re no longer corrupt!’ Give me a break.

                • Rose says:


                  I am a Libertarian. And all those things are nice but we’re $12 trillion in debt, we pissed off a bunch of other countries for no reason, and now the government is trying to fix everything they ruined by resorting to Communism.

                  If I borrow a lot of money from you and buy (or create) all this wonderful stuff using your money that I borrowed…you sit across the river from me and watch me enjoy all of my great stuff…and I also never pay you back even though I promised to…how would you feel?

                  That’s basically what we do with other countries. They also do that to us too but allow us to play with some of the gadgets here and there (for a fee of course). But they won’t be paying us back the money they borrowed (Social Security).

                • rbizzler says:

                  Don’t we already have laws that mandate children are required to go to school until a certain age?

                  Just checking.

                  I will agree with you that it is about money and control. First, they want control over an industry that has little to no accountability other than to their profit margin (hmmm, maybe you are in on the corruption in the insurance industry). Second, you are right that it is about money. As the NY Times article I linked to earlier stated, the bill attempts to address the income disparity that exists in this country. As of right now, that increased tax threshold does not apply to my household. Maybe some day it will, but unlike others, I am fine with paying into social programs that actually help people. By the way, you are allowed to keep you private insurance as there is no public option. The mandate states that you just need to have insurance.

                  I already said that I don’t trust or agree with much of what the government does, but I am all for making sure that everyone has the opportunity to lead a successful, educated and healthy life.

                • rbizzler says:

                  I didn’t see your reply unit after my post, but I see now that all you care about is money.

                  That’s cool even if that is not how I live my life, but let’s drop the charade of calling people ‘communists’ because you don’t believe in their political philosophies.

                  And I have no idea what you are talking about with your lifesaver analogy, but keep on enjoying yourself Axl.

                • Rose says:

                  And as I said above somewhere, not all Democrats (like yourself) are corrupt and evil…sometimes they use the “charity” slogans and “social justice” terms to their benefit and trick innocent good hearted people into believing that that’s actually what’s going to happen.

                  I don’t want people to get sick and die. I’d love it if we could all be healthy. But it’s just not possible. People are going to die the same ways they used to. If you have an irrovocable disease, odds are you will still die. This health care bill will not save you. In fact, with the loss they will have with specialist doctors…people will get even more sick.

                  If people would just take a step back and look at everything…look at the big picture and not just the “what is this going to do for ME” or “I have a golden heart and this will help everyone!” without looking at everything else – then they would understand.

                  If something this good (as their describing) will really help everybody and fix all our problems – they shouldn’t haev to penalyze us if we don’t want any part of it – and they certainly shouldn’t have had to bribe and cut backroom deals with THEIR OWN PARTY in order to convince them that it’s a good idea.

                • Rose says:


                  I understand you’re losing ground with your nonsensical responses that have no merit or factual information but you don’t have to dig down deep for that “Axl” comment in a low-blow style attempt at some safety net.

                  [rbizzler thinking]
                  Man o’man I’m getting creamed here what can I do to for yet another irrelevant attempt to make him look bad…



                • Rose says:

                  Where do you get out of ANYTHING that I’ve wrote that all I care about is money? I’m beginning to realize why you’re not understanding what’s going on with the country. You don’t even understand what’s going on right in front of you lol

                • rbizzler says:

                  Alright buddy, this is my last reply as I have some work to do.

                  1) I am not a Dem, but rather an independent, who doesn’t appreciate all of the political BS that goes on.

                  2) The reason for the mandate is economic. In creating a larger insured public, you reduce some (but not all) of the costs of treating uninsured patients. Thus, the cost of insurance for everyone does not necessarily decrease (as the cost of everything inevitably goes up) but it will remain relatively stable.

                  3) There is no public option, so the government is not really ‘taking over’ health care. They are expanding Medicare though and providing subsidies for people that want to buy in to that program. You are free to keep your private insurance.

                  4) The backroom deals are loathsome and a major reason why I can’t be a true supporter of either party, but, unfortunately, they are a political reality.

                • rbizzler says:

                  Whoops, this will be my last reply.

                  First off, I feel like I have a proper understanding of what is going on in the country, but I am not an alarmist.

                  Are you not Axl? Or am I mistaken?

                  As for the money comment, you seem to be hyper-infatuated with talking about the deficit which is understandable. Most libertarians I know are fiscal conservatives who get all fired up about taxes and paying into social programs. Am I wrong?

                  As for citing facts, posting a link to a conservative columnist who is misrepresenting the health care bill and regurgitating Glen Beck (who is an entertainer, not a prophet) talking points isn’t exactly bringing the truth. I am glad that you know that the deficit is 12 trillion dollars, but I am not sure that really qualifies you to act as some sort of expert on economics.

                  Oh, and I see what is going on with the county: power has been usurped but a Manchurian candidate communist/socialist who wants to take away all of our individual liberties. Can I join your club now?

                • Rose says:

                  Are you not Axl? Or am I mistaken?

                  Rose says:

                  Hmm. I was right…still says Rose.

                  As for the money comment, you seem to be hyper-infatuated with talking about the deficit which is understandable. Most libertarians I know are fiscal conservatives who get all fired up about taxes and paying into social programs. Am I wrong?

                  I didn’t see your reply unit after my post, but I see now that all you care about is money.

                  That’s cool even if that is not how I live my life

                  I don’t see how these two haev anything to do with one another. You clearly meant something else. Or are you saying you just don’t care about being $12 trillion in debt and the American dollar being worth diddly sqwat?

                  As for citing facts, posting a link to a conservative columnist who is misrepresenting the health care bill and regurgitating Glen Beck (who is an entertainer, not a prophet) talking points isn’t exactly bringing the truth. I am glad that you know that the deficit is 12 trillion dollars, but I am not sure that really qualifies you to act as some sort of expert on economics.

                  Wrong. And I already discussed this.


                  Crazy progressives love the fact that you think so though. So they can continue their corrupt and unconstitutional ways.

                  Glenn Beck doesn’t make up what actually happened or is currently happening. And a conservative columnist? He writes for USA Today and (as I’ve stated in my linked comment) his article was in today’s Springfield, Massachusetts newspaper. Massachusetts, in case you didn’t know, is the most Democratic state in the history of the world. They also, ironically, were the warm-up for socialized health care. Cal Thomas didn’t make up that it was a failure and everything that really happened. It’s all real. Regardless of whether or not you want to believe it.

  70. Drew says:

    The Mets’ A-Lineup has Cora batting 1st. Heh, good thing Jose is cleared from the thyroid thing.

    • Zack says:

      I thought they were going Pagan-Castillo-Reyes-Bay-Wright-Murphy-Francouer-Barajas until Beltran returns. Either way it’s not that good. And I guess they said they Reyes will start off leading off so he doesnt have one more thing to worry about.

  71. Drew says:

    Lisi told the Daily News that the CEO initiated the exchange by asking him why he had a bag on his head.

    Really? You don’t know why he had a bag over his head?

  72. bexarama says:

    is there some way to contextualize FIP? Like, an ERA+ equivalent for FIP?

    • JGS says:

      wouldn’t xFIP already be fully contextualized? Walks and strikeouts don’t need any adjustment and if you are setting the home run rate to be 11% of fly balls, then that takes park effects out of that too.

  73. Tank the Frank says:

    For those who doubt ESPN’s bias.

    • Tank the Frank says:

      Just a continuation of an earlier discussion…this article is from 2007. Hasn’t gotten any better in my opinion.

      • One idiot does not equal an entire organization.

        If you think about it, ESPN has valid business reasons to overinflate both the Red Sox and Yankees. If anything, there’s a northeast bias at a media organization based in Connecticut.

        • Rose says:

          The difference is that the Red Sox are the newest fad and the majority of the people like reading or hearing about the Cinderella Red Sox doing well and succeeding while that same majority also likes hearing about the big success machine Yankees failing

          • bexarama says:

            That’s a media construct, though (which I’m sure you’re aware of). The Red Sox aren’t a scrappy Cinderella team who win out of sheer grit and heart and because they want it so much. The Yankees aren’t actually evil.

            ESPN definitely pays the most attention to the most popular and (currently) successful teams. This obviously makes sense. Ten years ago, they’d be giving the attention to Atlanta that they now give to Philly. The way they cover the teams is pretty different, though.

            • Rose says:

              Agreed. And rightfully so. Why would they spend a lot of time talking about failures and bad teams that nobody is watching? You know?

              The Red Sox may get overvalued here and there but its only to make more interesting stories. The Yankees being good might sell…but the Yankees and Red Sox both being rivals in the same division and both being good at the same time sells even more.

              • Tank the Frank says:

                But they’re doing it in completely different ways. Anything the Yankees do (or Yankees players – with few exceptions) is subject to negative criticism, while the Red Sox are met with adulation.

                A SportsCenter segment discussing the retiring of UNC’s Tyler Hansbrough’s jersey actually LEADS OFF with taking a shot at the Yankees organization and more or less criticizing the organization for retiring too many numbers, therefor making them less credible. Meanwhile, on the front page of ESPN’s MLB section, we can find a feel-good story of Red Sox manager Terry Francona’s brother’s service in the military.


                • Rose says:

                  Simple answer.

                  America hates success. The Yankees are successful. It’s the same reason everybody is fine with stealing from the hard working successful man and giving it to the poor undetermined man.

                  The majority of America are jealous and envious of success – and instead of working hard or trying the same things to get there – it’s easier to just put them down and/or steal from them.

                  The Red Sox represent the everyday working man who coasts through life never giving the extra mile but wanting it anyway. This represents the majority of America. The Yankees represent the wealthy and successful bunch that the government is trying to chop down.

                  The Marlins (literally) represent the bottom feeders and leeches that take all the free money and don’t ever apply it to anything useful.

                • bexarama says:

                  without even getting into the rest of this, how the heck are the Red Sox the everyday working man who coasts through life never giving the extra mile but wanting it anyway? They’re very much NOT. They have a large healthy payroll and are involved in attempting to get most big free agents. They have some of the top analysts working for them. They spend a lot of time on the draft, their farm system, etc. They’ve won two World Series in the past six years.

                • Rose says:

                  Because they work hard and do similar things but never raise the bar like the Yankees do. And sometimes the occasional worker of this caliber makes it up the rankings (2 world series’). Most of the time they don’t (86 years of staying put)

        • Tank the Frank says:

          Sure it may be good business. But good business does not equal jounalistic integrity. The main point of the article is to antagonize Yankees fans and trash the organization as a whole by means of overexaggerating the value of the Red Sox organization. Again…this isn’t an isolated incident.

          You claim there is no bias. Then when examples are used, you shrug it off as a business decision or an isolated case. There have been several examples shown just in this open thread. There is no doubt a northeast bias at ESPN based on their location. But if you’re willing to admit bias, then you have to admit the direction of the bias sways against the Yankees VERY heavily.

          Show me an article, or any example, of the Red Sox organization being cast in a negative light by ESPN. Now, I’m not talking about a particular player or his decline. We could find many examples of Theo’s drones in the media trashing Red Sox players…once they’ve done the organization a disservice, of course. But show me an example of an article that belittles the Red Sox organization or those who run it, in the same smarmy, sarcastic tone.

          You might as well save yourself some time…

    • bexarama says:

      Gene Woj isn’t so much biased as he is a total idiot

      Though it is kinda funny that he waxes rhapsodic about how the Red Sox know what to do with their payroll then slammed the Yankees and told everyone to root for the Phillies this year because of… payroll

  74. Drew says:


    Baseball Tonight just had a piece explaining BABIP and ERA+. Progress!

    • rbizzler says:

      Saw that.

      I also enjoyed Berthiaume saying (I am paraphrasing)”yeah, those stats are fine but sometimes you just need to watch the games.”

      Two steps forward, one step back.

  75. Johan Iz My Brohan says:

    I’m doing a project for my Stat class, and I want to use baseball statistics since we can chose our topic.

    I thought of comparing the offenses and pitching of the AL and NL, but what statistics would best determine the better offense and pitching (I thought of OPS and WHIP)???

    If anyone has any killer ideas to measure using baseball statistics, just say what they are and I probably could include them.

  76. ultimate913 says:

    Just found this one. Featuring Derek from Step Brothers,laptoploverbuchholz from the small market red sox and mrhowimetyourmotheristhebestshowswisher from…what team does he play for again?

  77. Marcus says:

    Not sure if this in common knowledge, but Michael Lewis is finishing up a sequel to Moneyball:

    “I’ve done almost all of the reporting on the sequel,” he said. “It’s about this group of college and high school baseball players drafted in 2002. The Oakland A’s were the first ones who picked the team not using any human judgment but instead using this algorithm. I am looking at whether the old-fashioned way is better, or does this way work? What happened to those people so quixotically picked?”

    The 2002 draft was a good one: BJ Upton, Greinke, Swisher, Prince Fielder. Should be an interesting read.

  78. pete says:

    It’s going to be hilarious watching guys like Sherman and Heyman try to wiggle out of their holes when the yanks announce that Joba’s the #5 starter. It’s one thing to say you think that it’s the right choice. It’s another thing to say with absolute certainty as Heyman and Sherman have that that’s what the yanks are gonna do.

    • Zack says:

      They won’t, they’ll just bash how stupid Cashman is because “everyone” knows Joba belongs in the bullpen.

    • Steve H says:

      Totally agree. For all of the “Phil is the leader” stuff we’ve been subjected to, not a single word of that has been attributed to a named person in the organization. Neither Phil nor Joba has won this “competition” in spring training. Whomever ends up in the rotation will be the guy who they wanted there all along, nothing big enough has happened this spring to alter that belief. I too believe it’s Joba. I know a lot of people are beginning to believe the pathological B-Jobbers and their daily rants, but until I hear it from Cash/Girardi/Eiland/Hal or whomever else, I put zero stock in who the leader is. Hell, the other day George King didn’t even consider Joba part of the competition, he said it was Hughes, followed by Mitre, Ace and Gaudin. Seriously? This idiot writing that makes me beleive that Phil is in the lead? Nope.

    • Tank the Frank says:

      Who has said Joba will win the job? I hope he does, but I’ve been frustrated will all the media reports that the job is all but Hughes’. These guys are saying it with such certainty that makes it seem that they have inside info from people inside the organization.

  79. Stryker says:

    left this question in last night’s open thread but i’ll ask again. need some fantasy trade proposal help.

    looking to trade one of haren/king felix/verlander for one of reynolds/wright.

    batting categories: R, HR, RBI, SB, OPS

    pitching categories: W, SV, K, ERA, WHIP

    i was initially figuring to trade haren for reynolds – i really need the power, but i’m not sure if he could replicate 2009. the more i think about it, wright is primed for a nice bounce back year and could but up similar R, SB, OPS #s as reynolds. thoughts?

    • Zack says:

      I guess it depends on who the other guy is; if he’s down on Wright maybe you can grab Wright + another piece for Haren; but if its just Haren for Reynolds or Haren for Wright I’d go with Reynolds.

      Reynolds probably won’t hit as many HRs, but he’s going to hit more than Wright. Plus Wright’s K% jumped from 19% to 26%, and his BABIP last year was .394, which is 50 points higher than his career average BABIP. So if Wright’s power comes back but his K% stays the same and his BABIP returns to norm then you basically have the same player. I jus think Reynolds is a ‘safer’ pick because there’s no guarantee that Wright is hitting 30 HR this season. (Yes he has 3hrs in 18 ST AB, but yeah it’s ST)

  80. H.W. Plainview says:

    Love how Doc Gooden pulls an idiot move again and the headline is “Yankees ace” even with only 2 years service time. Amazing.

  81. Bobby V. is bemoaning the idea of ST competitions. Love it.

  82. bexarama says:

    for those wondering who said Joba was too emotional to be a starter a few days ago on MLB Network, shocker, it was Mitch Williams:

    • rbizzler says:

      Love the hyperbole, but it is just too ridiculous to take seriously.

      I also love the contradiction between Mo as the stoic closer and Clemens/Unit as excitable starters.

      • Steve H says:

        Yes, this is the most delicious irony about this whole debate. They say Joba’s bulldog mentality means he’s a reliever. On Joba’s team, is the greatest reliever in the history of baseball, hands down, no argument, and yet, he has the absolute polar opposite mentality of Mo. Even better, when Hughes was dominating in the pen last year, you started to hear about his serene, Mo-like mentality out of the pen. These mediots and B-Jobbers really need to get their arguments straight.

        • rbizzler says:

          Speaking of bulldog – that was also the nickname of Orel Hershiser. Orel wasn’t exactly a fire-breathing dragon on the mound.

          The only value (I am using that term loosely) Williams brings to a broadcast is his application of his experience in MLB. As a member of the Nasty Boys, maybe he is predisposed to believe that anyone who throws hard and has a nasty slider should be a reliever.

        • bexarama says:


          Plus, what the hell does “mentality” even mean? Is it because he fist-pumps after strikeouts sometimes? It’s really annoying.

    • Chris A says:

      Ugh, why I did I click that link, I’m so sick of all these sayings for Joba (bull in a china shop, etc…) and now I just heard another moronic one: Joba is like a round peg and the starting rotation is like a square hole. I’ve gotten to point of almost vomiting over the stupidity of some of the things people say.

  83. Hangoverologist says:

    The LCS schedule has been condensed.;c_id=mlb

    No more off days in between Game 4 and Game 5. Thoughts on the move?

    • bexarama says:

      waaah it’s only a problem when the Yankees do it and/or when the Greatest Manager of Managers that Ever Managed in the History of Managing complains about it

      • bexarama says:

        honestly, I don’t actually care, though. But really, why change it now? It’s tough to think of a reason other than Scioscia complained about the Yankees taking advantage of it. The playoffs have been really long for a while.

        • rbizzler says:

          Yeah they close the loophole, but are going to have to sacrifice some dough in the form of reduced television ratings.

          Just like a major sports league to be reactionary though (I am looking at you NFL with your OT rules changes).

    • Rose says:

      Socialists! lol

    • Accent Shallow says:

      Approve. It’s nonsense to have non-travel off days in the playoffs.

  84. Drew says:

    The Night game isn’t on TV.. AGAIN!? WTF I know the damn Nets have to be broadcast on YES, why couldn’t they get the game on My9 or something? Ugh..

    • Because My9 has to air…

      ::checks schedule::

      King of Queens and The Unit.

      I’d imagine Spring Training baseball would get better ratings.

      • ultimate913 says:

        Yes. I would have to agree that live Spring Training baseball would get more ratings then Nets, King of Queens or The Unit. Maybe even combined considering how many people are blood-thirsty for baseball.

        • Jose says:

          Let’s not go overboard. A lot of people don’t watch Spring Training due to no-names playing. The ratings wouldn’t be better then 3 shows combined with one of them being a basketball game(even if it is the Nets).

  85. Salty Buggah says:

    Anyone want to help me answer this (by midnight tonight) for my Business Law and Ethics class?

    Many states are filing lawsuits against the federal government claiming that the new health care law violates the Constitution. The crux of the argument is that none of the seven articles of the Constitution… authorize the federal government to require individual Americans to purchase health insurance. What provisions can the government counter with and who should win when this hits the Supreme Court?

    Thanks in advance.

    • Jose says:

      Some have been repeating the line “at no time in our history has the government mandated its citizens buy a good or service.”

      Second Militia Act of 1792 counters this. Which was passed when the writers of the Constitution were still around.

      Gonzales v. Raich has to do with states trying to pass laws to ignore federal bills.

      United States will win this round. I think it becomes more interesting in 2014 when people face individual mandate. It presents new circumstances.

      • Accent Shallow says:

        Gonzales v. Raich has to do with states trying to pass laws to ignore federal bills.

        Not that I’m a Constitutional scholar, but this was the crux of the Nullification Crisis (not that there was a Supreme Court decision there, I believe)

        • Jose says:

          I’m no expert either. I just try to stay educated. I believe that the Nullification Crisis was never decided in court. The Force Bill was passed by Congress and the South Carolina convention repealed their Ordinance of Nullification.

          Gonzales v. Raich on the other hand shows the authority of federal laws over state laws.

      • Jose says:

        Good thing you showed up. I can only bullshit for so long.

        • Heh, no worries.

          To be more clear, Salty… This is a commerce clause issue. The attacks are going to go after the individual mandate, arguing that the federal government doesn’t have the ability to regulate in this manner (requiring people to buy health insurance). The bulk of commerce clause related precedent/jurisprudence, however, leads most observers to believe that the attacks will be unsuccessful, since the SC has held that the federal government can regulate activity, or even non-activity, if such activity or non-activity, even if it occurs on an intrastate basis, will have an impact on interstate commerce. The government should and probably will win when this hits the SC.

    • Rose says:

      A lot of the people for this bill are using the famous “well we’ve broken the law before…so why shouldn’t we be able to break the law again?” for its defense. It’s sad but that’s the way courts work these days.

      They use this same argument for almost anything. “Well the other party is crooked and corrupt so that’s why it’s ok for us to be.” This rebuttal is usually a last minute attempt at some semblance of a response to a question they don’t have an answer for.

      The thing is – all those other cases they bring up are entirely different when you look at them. If you paint the broad brush you might be able to use them but when you’re smart enouggh to dissect them – you realize that this is much more important than regulating something that doesn’t pertain to or affect every single person’s health in the country for the rest of their lives.

    • Rose says:



      The Supreme Court held that the federal government could not dragoon state legislatures or executives into carrying out and paying for federal programs.

      Health care forces individuals to buy insurance from a certain company and are fined if they don’t. This is unprecedented manipulation of Congress’s ability to “regulate interstate commerce.”

  86. bexarama says:

    just to hammer home the “ST don’t mean sh-t” thing, here are a list of the four teams that have scored the most runs in Spring Training so far:


  87. Zack says:

    Does anyone else find it ironic that all the NFL people are saying not to judge Ben Roethlisberger, let him have his time and court and everything. Yet when it comes to Pacman it was SUSPEND HIM because he was in the same place that an incident occurred.

    (For the record I’m not defending Pacman, just criticizing how it’s obviously not the same standards across the board. Another example would be Jared Allen only got 2 game suspension after his 2nd dui)

    • Steve H says:

      Yes. Agree 100%. Goodell has suspended simply due to damage to the league’s reputation, without any conviction. JMK had a post on this at M&A a week or so ago, and that was my exact question, how will Goodell respond? His track record says suspend, even if not yet convicted. Certainly a double standard. Matt Jones got the benefit of the doubt, I think Joey Porter called the NFL out on it, it’s the only time I’ve ever agreed with Porter.

      • Rose says:

        I agree but I don’t think it has anything to do with race but more of the “attitude” or personality of the individual. Pacman Jones is a thug who gives off a bad vibe to anybody that meets him while Ben Roethlisberger represents himself in a more professional manner (other than the constant rapings and sexual harrassment ordeals).

        If Bill Cosby was accused of a crime I’d be willing to bet that almost everybody in America would be giving him the benefit of the doubt too.

        It’s all about perception. It happens in any workplace.

        • Zack says:

          I didnt mean to bring race into it; I was just pointing out that the commissioner has been inconsistant with his suspensions. Perception should have nothing to do with suspensions, thats why I said that the union should fight for a change because Goodell shouldnt be judge and jury when he’s choosing who gets suspended and who doesnt based on their perception.

          • Steve H says:

            I kind of did, just because of the Matt Jones thing on top of Big Ben therapist.

            • Zack says:

              I think you have to look back to when Goodell took over, then when that whole player accountablity thing was enacted and see all the numbers before it becomes a race issue, obviously just not 2 cases.

      • Zack says:

        All good points; and it’s something that I think the union definately needs to bring up in the CBA- suspensions takes away game checks from the players, and if you have a system that’s basically Goodell makes the decision, and if you appeal then Goodell makes that decision too (IIRC), then something isnt right.

        Mianly, they need to decide if suspensions are based on arrests, or convictions (and plea deals).

  88. Drew says:

    10 months I’ve spent, since graduation, searching for a job. I never thought it would be so difficult to find a job with and accounting degree, but I digress.. I must’ve handed out 150 resumes whether by hand or email. Had my resume on Monster and career builder, attended all the local job fairs, even went door to door to over 30 CPA’s to see if they needed extra help during the busy season.

    10 months go by, nothing.

    Two weeks ago a family friend asks me to send him my resume and he’ll submit it to someone in the office. Two weeks later, I finally get a damn job! Woot!

  89. Rose says:

    To go back to the conversation above on how the media always puts down the Yankees and talks about the Red Sox being great all the time. Watch the two videos – “MLB: Yankee Dandy” and “MLB: Return of the Red Sox?” Even when they say some good things about the Yankees they have to add in a bad note to counter it.

    • Rose says:

      The kid is more realistic with the Red Sox. But you can tell they’re both upset when they say “Yeah, the Yankees have the best team in the AL…”

    • Tank the Frank says:

      Javy Vazquez was there six years ago, had a five ERA, and was a huge part of that postseason collapse.

      My favorite part.

  90. bexarama says:

    So I figured we all might need a laugh.

  91. Zack says:

    “It was the “feel” that led Zduriencik to ignore his critics when he was scouting director in Milwaukee and use first-round picks on Prince Fielder and Ryan Braun.

    They had been labeled DHs. And while they have reaffirmed they can hit, they also have done just fine defensively, Fielder settling in at first base and Braun adapting quickly to the move from third base to left field.”

    Braun was horrible at 3B, and he’s not that much better in LF.
    Fielder’s UZR at first has been -10.5, -8.8, -8.5, 0.6 (I know UZR isnt great for 1B, but -27 over 4 years is bad); so I wouldnt say they have done just fine defensively.

  92. Steve H says:

    alex gonzalez, I used teammate rallying ability in my post today, but don’t worry, I gave you credit.

  93. Drew says:

    Who’s looking forward to 3 inning starts in July when Hughsie is reaching his innings count!? Woohoo

    • Zack says:

      I’m looking forward to April 14th when people realize Hughes isnt hitting 95 like he was as a reliver and people either:

      A. Claim Hughes is hurt
      B. Claim Hughes’ mechanics are messed up
      C. Claim Hughes needs to go down to AAA to find his velocity
      D. But him in the 7th inning because you cant be a successful starter without averaging 95 mph

  94. So, I think I may have figured it out.

    Ben was right.

    It did take some time. But I think I got it. I’ve got something to say on the off-topic post that I shouldn’t be talking about.

    Why are the Yankees putting Joba in the 8th? It’s a mistake. They should send him down to AAA. Personally, I like Hughes in the rotation because I think he’ll be a better starter long-term, but it’s foolish in the short and long term to simply relegate Chamberlain to the eighth inning role. Short term: What, do they not expect to need another starter this year? Joba would be the perfect guy when Burnett goes down for a month. Long term: Payroll is going up and up, we’re going to need cheap, cost-controlled talent to stay flexible and competitive. Joba should be a starter.

    Did I do it? I wrote about Hughes and Joba on the No Hughes and Joba day. Is that sufficiently off-topic? WHAT DO I WIN?

    • Tank the Frank says:

      No see he already been served, I served him. He’s taken care of. He a little slow, but he got it! What he thought was he could come up in here and make the rules, but now he see that (the artist) make the rules at SmartTech, that I run this bitch, and now he about to bounce!

      /40-year-old virgin’d

      Couldn’t help it when I read the It did take some time. But I think I got it.

  95. Jose says:

    Happy No Joba, No Hughes day everyone!

    I’m picking up the cake I ordered that has 8 candles on it to celebrate the day. It feels great to have my cast iron bulldog idol back on the mantle.

    For anyone who can’t make it to the service at the cathedral(Yankee Stadium) I encourage you to join me in a moment of silence at noon followed by chants of “Andy Pettitte is a starting pitcher” with “Enter Sandman” playing the background.

    What is everyone else doing on this day? I’ve been keeping to myself all day, due to the fact the only thing I ever talk about is Hughes and Joba. People have been asking me if I’m all right as I sit catatonic. I wish I could remember any other players on the Yankees. Oh well…

  96. Steve H says:

    For those of you who enjoy pete’s long winded comments, he was nice enough to do a guest post over at M&A for us. The topic at hand is off limits here today. but pete has a very solid take on the situation, and I just hope he’s right.

  97. Tank the Frank says:

    Hey look, another article from ESPN about how good the Red Sox are. But remember kids… there is no bias!

    • Stark’s not wrong except for when he talks about David Ortiz. Dude is toast.

    • Jack says:

      “All I know,” said Toronto reliever Jason Frasor, “is when you come out of the bullpen, you can’t look on deck. You can’t look in the hole — because there’s an All-Star coming. They’re like the American League All-Star team. So they’ll be just fine. And the great thing is, if things aren’t fine, they’ll go out and get somebody else.”

      Boston’s payroll is murdering baseball.

  98. H.W. Plainview says:

    Too bad PeteAbe didn’t get to go paint balling. That would have been a sight to see.

  99. Mike HC says:

    No Joba or Hughes talk today? It can definitely get sickening to talk about over and over, but come on guys. It is only the day after the official announcement. I feel like Bo hacked into the website and is running the show today.

  100. Zack says:

    How does Gilbert Arenas get no jail time? Can no DA/Judge man up and give an athlete/celebrity some real jail time when they break a law. Not probation, not a half way house, not some 12 minute jail stay they give them in California for DUIs.

    (I realize Vick and Plax got time; but how many others have been arrested and got nothing?)

    • Steve H says:

      Roman Polanski got on Oscar instead of getting time.

    • You can argue Plax’s punishment was a bit harsh (although NY comes down hard on gun offenders), but the others have really gotten off easy. You can argue their celebrity had a lot to do with it. I think it’s more about them just having tons of money and hiring the smartest attorneys out there than just the celebrity, though they’re not mutually exclusive by any means.

      • Zack says:

        I still dont think his punishment was “a bit harsh,” he took an unlicensed gun into a night club full of people and it went off.

        1. Dont have unlicensed guns
        2. Dont take guns into the club; if you dont feel safe, dont go, you’re a millionaire and have been for 7+ years
        3. He wore sweatpants to the club, he deserves to go to jail for that (Kidding, but still, sweatpants?)

  101. JGS says:

    I got a bag of crap!!!!!!!!!

  102. ultimate913 says:

    Great. Another Yankee game being played at home that wont be on tv. Thanks, YES and my 9. I’m sure Seinfeld and Yankees Magazine will do great.

  103. Alex S says:

    10 team h2h league

    Matt Cain and Jason Heyward for Jered Weaver and Ian Kinsler (my players)

  104. Tank the Frank says:

    Brian Cashman regarding Joba:

    “I think we finished off his development plan, and we have choices with him now,” Cashman said. “He can start if we need him to start, he can relieve if we need him to relieve. I don’t feel it’s a waste at all. I think we completed the mission on him and what will be, will be.”

    I’m sorry… what the FUCK is Cashman talking about!?! When did Joba Chamberlain = Alfredo Aceves? He’s seeing something I just don’t see…

  105. ultimate913 says:

    Just got accepted to college. I don’t think it’s a great one but atleast I can say that 12+ years of education = success(for now). Today is now a great day. Now lets top it off with a Yankee ST win.

    • Drew says:

      Congrats, enjoy it.

    • That’s awesome, dude. Congratulations. What school, if you don’t mind me asking?

      • ultimate913 says:

        New York City College of Technology. It’s in Brooklyn. I want to major in business so I’m hoping I get accepted to Baruch(which is great for business).

        • So you can finally answer Biggie’s question: Where Brooklyn at?

          Great success!

          But seriously, congrats. If I can impart one bit of advice as a recent graduate—meet as many people as you can and always develop professional connections and opportunities. I know it sounds cliched, but it really can be the difference in having no job or a crappy one out of school and having the choice of many things you’d be interested in. And don’t drink too much.

          • ultimate913 says:

            Will do. I’m gonna have to do something about my shy attitude then. Most people my age have been drunk atleast once before, but not me. ^_^ I actually cant remember the last time I drank. So I guess I’m off to a good start. and thanks!

            • Zack says:

              Dont worry about it too much; just have to remember that you’re all (incoming freshman) are basically in the same position. Whether you’re living on campus or not, everyone is experiencing the same changes from high school life to college life and everything that comes along with that, so just make sure you enjoy it.

        • JGS says:

          Congrats! Hope it’s a nicer part of Brooklyn than I’m in

    • bexarama says:

      ‘grats :)

  106. Drew says:

    With all of this Joba debate, I think what is lost is how much we all love Phil and want him to kill it.

    Now that it’s final;
    Hughes to the rotation.

    I think it calls for a Hughes anticipation thread. A chance for us to step back and view him in a vacuum, free from what it may mean to Jober’s young career.

    • Salty Buggah says:


      We all like Hughes too and want him to succeed. Joba will be back starting in 2011 (I hope…) so we need both to become the studs we thought they would be.

  107. So I just played the “Rust” map in MW2 for the first time. What a crock of shit that map is.

  108. Drew says:

    God I can’t wait until GSP beats the shit out of Dan Hardy.

    • Zack says:

      I would have perferred Hardy to get knocked out or tap out, but still glad GSP won. Hardy didnt do shit the whole night, but have to give him credit for not tapping- the arm bar and kimora were just nasty, when it gets locked out like that you’re just waiting to see something pop.

      Hardy’s strategy was basically hang around, dont tap, and hope to land a left hook.

  109. Zack says:


    So last time Joey Porter assaulted and robbed another NFL player in a casino he got a fine of 141k and no suspension. Your move Goodell.

  110. I just got an inside the park homer with Gardner in The Show ’10, and he got hurt upon crossing home plate. G-R-I-T.

  111. Alex S says:

    10 team H2H league

    Josh Johnson for Ian Kinsler

    who wins this trade? i own JJ and have placido polanco at 2B. Besides Polanco i have a great lineup. Ian Kinsler would definitely be great. will he start the season on the DL? My rotation is JJ, Cain, Lackey, Gallardo, Jordge De La Rosa. i also have Gavin Floyd and Jonathan Sanchez on the bench. so i think my rotation could take the hit. so basically does…….polanco, JJ < Kinsler, one of Floyd, Sanchez? what do you guys think?

  112. E Street Shuffle says:

    Anyone here go to Pitt?
    I just sent my deposit to them.


  113. Hey guys I’m in a 12 team H2h League for the first time and I’d like some tips and pointers for my roster:

    C – Victor Martinez
    1B -Todd Helton
    2B – Dustin Pedroia
    3B – A Rod
    SS – Tulo
    1B/3B – Lance Berkman
    2B/SS – Dan Uggla
    UT – Nick Johnson (I really, really like him in front of Tex and A Rod)
    OF – Shin-Soo Choo
    OF – Jayson Werth
    OF – JD Drew
    OF – Brad Hawpe (thank Mo there’s no defensive stat in fantasy)
    B – Beltran (ready to be stashed away on the DL upon the season starting)
    B – Posey
    B – Kubel
    SP – Cliff Lee
    SP – Josh Johnson
    SP – Jair Jurrjens
    SP – Jered Weaver
    SP – Roy Oswalt
    SP – Jonathan Sanchez
    RP – Heath Bell
    RP – Trevor Hoffman
    B – Bronson Arroyo (mostly to get innings while Lee is on suspension/DL for the beginning of the season)
    B – Bobby Jenks

    I didn’t do much predraft preparation, I pretty much pulled a few spreadsheets from fangraphs listed by WAR and wOBA for hitters and WAR, K/BB, and Saves for pitchers and put an emphasis on the infield in the first few rounds. Right away my deficiencies are stolen bases and possibly strikeouts. Sanchez is a little iffy I know but I figure for my 6th starter I could do much worse. I do like the upside of my team though when A) Beltran gets back and B) If Posey is successful so I can shift V Mart to 1B and trade one of my other players for another OF or SP.

    Anyway, any feedback would be awesome. Thanks!

    • At first glance, your team looks very strong.

      • Thanks! Overall I am very comfortable with the team. I think I’ll pick up Gardner (he’s still available and I have a bunch of O’s/Mets/Phillies/generally Anti-Yankee fans in my league) for when I put Beltran on the DL so I can at least have a shot of taking the SB category. Unfortunately the only reason Arroyo is on the roster is that Iinitially took Joba with my last pick as a sleeper for my rotation which made the Hughes decision suck that much more.

  114. bexarama says:

    did the YES Network ever do a Yankeeography of 1996 and/or 1977-1978? I feel like they should if they didn’t. YOU LISTENING, YES??

    • bexarama says:

      Yeah they have.

      Unfortunately I was in college (in an area outside of the YES Network) when 1996 premiered so I never saw it. I’ve seen 1998, Mike Mussina, Tino Martinez, and a whole bunch of others something like 500 times though.

      • Bex, just curious, where did you go to college?

        • bexarama says:

          Don’t really feel comfortable saying that, hope you understand. It was in PA, though.

          • It’s all good.

            I was “out” of YES territory, too. That is, the surrounding area’s cable package(s) got YES, but UConn’s didn’t.

            • bexarama says:

              oh ugh that REALLY sucks, at least I was nowhere in the range of YES

              This year my college apparently has no TV at all to save money. I didn’t really watch TV a whole lot in college but I guess I graduated at the right time!

  115. Michael Kay thinks the Yankees should sit Gardner because off the bench, he can be like Homer Bush and steal a base late in games.


      • Not only is it batshit insane in ignoring Gardner’s great defensive value, but it also (as Kay LOVES to do) inflates Homer Bush’s value. He had 7 regular season steals (3 CS) and 2 playoff steals (0 CS) in his time with the Yankees. Has anyone’s value (non-Jim Rice division) been inflated by a media member this much?

  116. Booey says:

    There is one opening in the 4th RAB yahoo fantasy baseball league. If you want to join the draft is tonight at 7:30pm.

    League ID: 423467
    Password: loubrown

  117. JobaWockeeZ says:

    Who here is in the second RAB fantasy league?

  118. FL Yank says:

    If you have yet to hear the Cashman audio over at LoHud go do yourself a favor and give it a listen. It’s a shame the comment section is such garbage because their content is spectacular.

  119. Rose says:

    I have Heyward on my fantasy team. Anybody feel he makes an immediate impact? Has a Matt Weiters type year only to be good the following years? Or becomes irrelevant a la Alex Gordon?

    • Rick in Boston says:

      Option 2. I think you’ll find that he has your typical rookie up and down periods. He’ll wow you some days with a display of power and then go into a funk for a while. But give him two years and you’re looking at a very good player.

      I wouldn’t give up on Gordon just yet – he’s been banged up after getting seriously rushed by the Royals.

      • Rose says:

        I give Gordon a chance every year! He was my warm up guy while Arod was out until he went down with the same exact injury lol

        My team was so sick and I still came in 5th place. Not being able to make moves at work killed me bad.

        I did, however, draft the two biggest sleepers in fantasy the past 2 years. “Nasty” Nate McLouth and Ben “don’t mess with the” Zobrist. Pretty proud of that…

    • Is this an RAB 140 team? Do you not need me to hold a spot for you in Tier 6, which drafts on Friday night?

  120. Andy in Sunny Daytona says:

    Hey JMK, I know you would appreciate this, but apparently Cyclops Mateo played for the Yankees in a minor league game Saturday. He has been doing a sort of, tryout, for a bunch of teams. I was a day too early. KAAAAAHHHHNNNNNN!!!!!!!

  121. pete says:

    My predictions for Yankee Starter ERAs:

    CC: 3.42
    AJ: 4.12
    Javy: 3.96
    Andy: 4.38
    Hughes: 4.64

    (for the record, Joba: 3.84)


  122. bexarama says:

    really MLB Network? Ichiro’s walk-off HR off of Mo last year was an ALL-TIME moment for the Mariners? Also Jesus Christ the Mariners’ announcer needs medication

  123. Alex S says:

    just robbed a guy in my league i got Ian Kinsler for Jonathan Sanchez and Jason Heyward. I might have to sit kinsler for a week because of his injury but this is sooooo worth it

    • Big Juan says:

      Is it a keeper? If it is I like his side of the deal more.

      • Alex S says:

        nope not a keeper. he’s been hounding me for Heyward since the draft.

        • Big Juan says:

          Then yea, you probably got the better end of the deal. I think Sanchez is a big sleeper this year though. But obviously Kinsler’s value at his position is a huge plus for your team.

          • Alex S says:

            yes Sanchez was the only reason i hesitated to make this deal. he’s a third year pitcher which usually means success. last night he struck out 11 against the Brewers. But no worry i feel i have a good rotation with JJ, Cain, Lackey, Gavin Floyd, Gallardo. i also have Jorge De La Rosa on the bench and I’m going to pick up Max Scherzer from the waiver pool. Before Kinsler i had Placido Polanco as my 2B

  124. Tampa Yankee says:

    Olney gave his picks this year on Mike and Mike:

    For the NL:
    East – Phils
    Central – Cards
    West – Rockies
    WC – Braves

    For the AL:
    East – Yanks
    Central – Twins
    West – Angels
    WC – Sox

    He has the Rockies beating the Yanks in the WS.

    He says the Rays are the better than the Sox and Yanks right now but the Yanks and Sox are the “kings of the July trade deadline” and will go get whoever they need and that’s what will put them past the Rays. He also states that the Twins will have the best hitting lineup in AL (not just the ALC but all of the AL) because of their 3-6 (Mauer, Morneau, Cuddyer and Kubel).

    1.) The Rays are NOT better than the Yanks or Sox right now. They are close but better than.
    2.) The Twins have a nice 3-6 but I’d still take the Yanks 1-9 everyday of the week and twice on Sundays.

    Also heard that SI has the Yanks winning the Eats w/ the Rays taking the WC then the Rays losing to the Phillies in the WS.

    • Drew says:

      On what planet are the Rays better than us right now?

      • bexarama says:

        I think people are getting all excited about their ST record which, if this really mattered, meant we’d have to watch out for the powerhouses of Cleveland and San Diego. Those aren’t bad predictions by Olney, though.

        And yeah, I don’t think the Rays are better than us or the Sox right now. They were over ten games worse than the Sox last year and almost twenty games worse than us. I’m not the biggest fan of Pythag, but they were almost ten games back from both the Sox and Yankees there.

        That said, they’re a good team. Not dissing or sleeping on the Rays.

        • JGS says:

          The last two Grapefruit League champions have gone on to win the AL pennant. It breaks down after that though. Heck, the Reds won the Grapefruit League title in 2006

  125. Jersey Mike in LA says:

    Has there been any mention of Ryan Garko on the blog since he was placed on waivers yesterday? He mashes lefties to the tune of a .313/.392/.495 line for his career. He is not much of a threat on the basepaths and has been an unmitigated disaster in his short time playing the outfield, but his UZR is on par with Marcus Thames. They each do the same thing well and Garko does it better.

    • We haven’t touched upon it, but Fack Youk likes the idea.

      • Jersey Mike in LA says:

        Thanks Ben. Keep up the great work. With blogs like yours and LoHud, it’s easy for a displaced die-hard to stay in touch with all the latest Yankee news.

    • Drew says:

      I like the idea, he’d probably have to take a minor league contract though. Last year he was on his way to a typical Garko season, then he was traded to San Fran and fell apart. That park killed him, in 51 PA’s there, he had 6 hits. Definitely worth a look if he’d accept a bench role.

  126. Andy_C_23 says:

    Where’s the game thread?

  127. ultimate913 says:

    I don’t see a game thread…

  128. You people are being really impatient. Joe, Mike and I were having lunch, and we didn’t know the game was on ESPN until we got back. It’ll be up soon.

  129. So, what’s the worst case scenario for Phil (non-repeat-of-2008 division)? I’d say it’s that his changeup isn’t improved and he has to try and rely on two pitches. If that happens, he’ll be in for trouble.

    • Drew says:

      FB location is the main thing. Without that he may be pedestrian. That and, as you mentioned, the change. Not necessarily that it isn’t good, just will he be willing to throw it in big spots.

      It makes me wish Clemens was around, I’d love for someone to teach Phil and Jober the splitter.

  130. Templeton "Brendog" Peck says:

    those small market red sox broke the bank and spent the most in FA. the world will combust……

  131. Steve H says:

    I have to give credit where credit is due. In today’s Globe there is a position by position Yankees vs. Red Sox poll. This surprised me.

    First basemen
    Which team has the advantage at first base?

    Red Sox
    Total votes: 6822

    • Steve H says:

      And back to reality.

      90% of these fans picked Pedroia over Cano.
      83% picked A-Rod over Beltre.

      • bexarama says:

        Whoah, I thought they’d overwhelmingly pick Youk over Tex.

        You can justify Pedroia over Cano for now.

        WTF @ anyone picking Beltre over A-Rod?!?!?!?!?

        • Steve H says:

          Yeah, wasn’t saying that it should be Cano over Pedroia, but more that 90% of them picked Pedroia in a 50/50 call, but only 83% picked A-Rod in the biggest no doubter of all.

      • Zack says:

        I’d love to see what they had for catcher:

        100% Varitek
        0% Posada

  132. bexarama says:

    Watching Rockies/Diamondbacks on MLB Network, Mark Grace just implied the Yankees are paying off the umpires. The bitterness (and why is he bitter, considering certain teams he was on?) is so delicious.

    My favorite Mark Grace memory is when he basically said that Andy would suck in Game 6 of the 2009 ALCS because Andy sucked in Game 6 of the 2001 World Series. I literally yelled YOU ASSHAT and threw a tissue box at the television.

  133. Steve H says:

    From Olney this morning:

    Have heard this: The Giants’ players feel like they have an outstanding clubhouse mix.

    He’s becoming unreadable. That outstanding mix will go away as soon as they start losing.

    • bexarama says:

      is that the baseball Giants or the football ones? Just because I’ve never heard anything about the SF Giants’ locker room since Bonds left, but the NY Giants’ locker room was supposedly full of malcontents.

      Anyway, yeah, you’re right. Or, they could very well have a clubhouse mix and get along great, but if they don’t have the talent to win, that doesn’t really matter.

  134. This is not baseball-related but I figure there’s a good community of readers/commenters here who can participate in this…

    iMentor is in the running for a $50,000 grant from Pepsi, and needs your support. Voting is currently open, and the top 10 finishers will win a $50,000 grant.

    iMentor is an organization that connects New York City professionals with high school students from low-income communities, creating the foundation and support for high-impact mentoring relationships.

    PLEASE GO TO THE LINK BELOW AND VOTE FOR iMENTOR! Voting will take just a minute of your time and will help a really good cause. And if you’re interested in becoming a mentor yourself, please let me know!

  135. Rey22 says:

    Dang…I won’t be there for my fantasy draft…that won’t end well with the system picking for me.

  136. Steve H says:

    mryankee, even though you never post in the off-topic section (ironic because most of your posts are off topic), Verducci wrote about things he’s excited to see this upcoming season. Jason Heyward will be in the Braves lineup Opening Day. Jesus Montero in all likelyhood will not see the majors until rosters are expanded in September. In no way, shape, or form should anything Verducci wrote about Heyward make you angry. He wasn’t making a list of top prospects in baseball and ignoring Montero. He wasn’t comparing Heyward to any other prospects in baseball. He was writing about the 2010 Major League season, of which Jesus Montero will not be a contributor.

    All of that being said, Jason Heyward is a better prospect than Jesus Montero. Any article written about Jason Heyward being a better prospect than Jesus Montero is not some anti-Yankee bias, it’s what 99% of scouts agree on. The bats are equal but Heyward is miles ahead of Montero defensively. Relax, we all love The Jesus and not a single word written about Montero or Heyward will have any impact on their careers.

  137. Steve H says:

    Where is Manny going in everyones fantasy drafts? I got him in the 8th round and I think he’s going to crush this year.

  138. H.W. Plainview says:

    Vechionacci is in the lineup!

    Building up his stock for a trade?

    Vechionacci + Wordekemper for Ryan Braun?!

    Anyone? Anyone?

    • bexarama says:

      Granderson is 2-for-2 off the lefty pitcher they’re playing. One hit was a double. I know it’s a ST game but woo.

  139. The Yankees just called me to ask if I wanted to buy a ticket package.

    I’ve been…


  140. As per the (brief) Garko talk above, my post at 3 is on that subject.

  141. Steve H says:

    4597 minutes until 1st pitch.

  142. Steve H says:

    I just read Heyman for the first time in months, and I’m sorry I did. In his column he mentioned six teams that could surprise

    The Rays: Everyone knows the Rays are good and most people think they are a Top 5 team in baseball.

    The Rockies: The 92 win Rockies, who won one less game than the Phillies last year and were in the playoffs. The won the 6th most games in all of baseball last year. They might be a surprise team???

    The Twins: Division winner in 2009 with 87 wins. They won 88 in 2008. Who are the Twins surprising at this point?

    The Braves: They won 86 games last year and have Tim Hudson all year. Would anyone truly be surprised for them to make a run at the playoffs, seriously?

    So there we have it. 4 of his 7 “surprise” teams aren’t surprises at all. So when the Rockies win 94 games this year and NL West, is he going to pull a “I told you so” after a two win improvement? Maybe he’ll just say the Rockies would have won 102 had they signed Johnny Damon.

    • H.W. Plainview says:

      Heyman is the worst writer in baseball.

    • bexarama says:

      The Rays are good but everyone, especially Heyman, is going all JITP over their ST record. Actually, I just read that entire article, and for the non-obvious teams it’s basically “Wooooo ST FTW!!!”

      • bexarama says:

        The Red Sox and Josh Beckett will complete an extension by early next week that’s for four years and believed to be for $68 million, which is a very good deal for Boston. “Great deal for the Red Sox,” corrected one competing executive.

        Have I mentioned how much I hate “a scout said” or “another AL/NL executive” said? Especially when it doesn’t say anything new, at all?

        • JGS says:

          why would he sign for less than Lackey and Burnett got when is younger and better than both

          • Steve H says:

            Because he’s a gritty gamer who likes being the underdog in a small market, unlike those business-like, all about the money Yankees.

    • Zack says:

      “The Braves: They won 86 games last year and have Tim Hudson all year”

      Plus Tommy Hanson all season (only 21 starts last year), McLouth for a full all season, Heyward all season (replacing Garret Anderson), and Melky replacing Schafer (who didnt hit at all last season).

      Then again they need Chipper and Glaus to stay healthy, Saito and Wagner to stay healthy, and Jurrjens too. Who are all old/injury prone.

  143. H.W. Plainview says:

    A Nats fan proposed a Willingham for Joba trade on Twitter and said that Granderson should move to right, Gardner to center, and Willingham to LF and Swisher should be traded or banished.

    I proved to him Swisher > Willingham. Equal offensive, Swisher better defense. He acknowledged that Swisher > Willingham.

    He then persisted that 31 year old Willingham > 24 year old Joba.


  144. colin says:

    RAB sets a pretty tough standard to match up to, but I’m interested in finding a NY Giants blog to follow and was wondering if you guys knew of or followed any that had a similar level of analysis and quality to RAB. Or at least, which do you guys suggest?

  145. Ok, folks. We’re closing this thread. It’s getting too long. The new off-topic thread is right here.