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  1. Ooooo, a shiny new open thread.

    So after this awful stretch, how much longer is it before the Mets make a change-for-change’s-sake move and fire the hitting coach? I give it three days at the most.

    • JohnnyC says:

      I think whatever moves they make will be predicated on how bad attendance is on this homestand at the new Ebbets Field(even by their current expectations). The Wilpons are sorely testing their fanbase. It would be hilarious if Selig had to step in, considering how their financial situation might implode.

    • Kiersten says:

      ohhhhh, shiny red ball!

    • RUSTY says:


  2. Jose the Satirist says:

    I figured I’d try asking in this shiny new thread since maybe one of the RABbis didn’t see it last night. Who won the $100 gift card for the 4th of July contest?

  3. Esteban says:

    YES! ESPN is using WAR on its broadcasts now! The nerds are taking over, and John Kruk can’t do anything about it.

    • Jose the Satirist says:

      I saw that. They even mentioned FanGraphs. Dan Haren is a perfect player to use WAR to describe just how consistently good he is.

  4. Thomas says:

    According to Jayson Stark, the Yankees dangled Montero in trade talks for Soria, but the Royals weren’t interested, thankfully. I certainly wouldn’t want the Yankees to trade a top 10 prospect for a reliever, even one as good as Soria. Hopefully the Royals do not become interested.

    • Steve H says:

      I don’t buy it coming from Stark. He’s the same guy with “an anonymous scout” who says Cervelli>>>Montero. If a scout truly said that Stark loses credibility for putting it in print, and if he just made it up, I guess Montero kicked his dog or something. Stark is unreliable, to say the least.

      • rbizzler says:

        Stark is garbage, but all of the rumors involving teh Jesus are starting to scare me a little. I could understand him being available for Lee (although I was lukewarm on the trade itself), but for Soria, no thanks.

        And really, what is so bad about having an elite DH/part-time catcher?

  5. bexarama says:

    So did anyone see Arizona’s interim GM’s comments on Saunders? Here are the highlights.

    We achieved by maintaining major league quality with a 2008 All-Star in Joe Saunders and a guy who quite frankly has been one of the winners in Major League Baseball. I think he trails only Roy Halladay among major leaguers in total wins. He’s won 63 percent of his games since coming to the major leagues, pitched in the postseason on two different occasions.
    a. OIC.
    b. WHAT?!

    • Tampa Yankee says:

      I think he trails only Roy Halladay among major leaguers in total wins

      Unfortunately, he is right. It still doesn’t justify the trade IMO but that’s why he is the GM and I’m not. (safe)

      • Zack says:

        Sounds like he won a contest on a radio talk show

      • bexarama says:

        Ah, over the past two years. He didn’t exactly say that.

        • RUSTY says:


      • forensicnucchem says:

        Actually, he is not right. Close though. That list for some reason leaves out Sabathia, who would have 36 in 2008-2009, one behind Halladay.

        • forensicnucchem says:

          Actually, it also leaves out Cliff Lee, who would also have 36. Guess it doesn’t seem to like guys who change leagues for whatever reason.

    • Accent Shallow says:

      Honestly, I think this is (at least partially) spin. Sure, there’s a non-zero chance he looked at Saunders’ 54-32 W-L record and thought “they’re giving me this guy? He knows how to win! What a stud!”, but with all the scouts/statistical analysts that MLB teams employ, I really doubt that fueled the decision.

      This is just something for the fans who have never heard of Saunders, so they don’t think this is a straight salary dump (which it sure looks like)

  6. Abbott's Arm says:

    Good idea or bad idea:

    Yanks swing a trade for Miguel Cairo…

    He can play all over the infield – 9 games at 1B, 1 game at 2B, 26 games at 3B (I assume he can play shortstop)

    He been hitting decently –
    .300 AVG – and these numbers come in only 130 ABs
    3 HR
    17 RBIs
    .370 OBP
    .423 SLG

    I’m sure there is some other backup infielder that the Yankees could find if they needed bench help but Cairo can’t hurt….and he’s an upgrade over Pena

    • Jose the Satirist says:

      Bad idea. He is having one of his best offensive years(that isn’t saying much) but it is a small sample. Miguel Cairo is not really a .370 OBP player. If he came here I could see him turning into a below replacement level player in an instant.

  7. Steve H says:

    In light of this Montero for Soria nonsense, how little sense would it make for the Yankees to scoff at including Joba or Man-Ban for Haren, but then offer Montero for Soria.


  8. Zack says:

    Now I don’t expect every stadium to be perfect, but yeah I’ll eat before I go to the game thanks. Then of course you have Chicago:

    The United Center, US Cellular Field, and Wrigley
    “Vendors with critical violations: 0%
    Inspection report excerpt: No critical or major violations. Chicago health inspectors inspect vendors while the stadiums are empty, when no workers are preparing or serving food.”

    They found no violations when there were no workers and no customers? Who would have predicted that? Someone should check the health inspector’s bank account.

  9. Tampa Yankee says:

    Holy crap… forensicnucchem really stole DOTF last night! LOL!

  10. Pat D says:

    If anyone else has ESPN Insider, KLaw’s got a great article destroying the Omar Vizquel is a HOF’er debate.

    Definitely worth reading some of the comments, too. Pretty priceless as you’d expect.

  11. Steve H says:

    So based on Dipoto’s comments after the Haren trade, I’m beginning to wonder:

    Jerry Dipoto=alex gonzalez?

    I was waiting for him to mention tRA when discussing the virtues of Saunders.

    • Jose the Satirist says:

      Son of a bitch. All those times alex gonzalez said he would make a good GM, he ends up becoming one.

    • Tom Zig says:

      can someone explain the tRA joke?

      • Steve H says:

        It’s not the real tRA. alex gonzalez believed that pitcher wins were the most important stat for a pitcher. He was adamant that 18-6 with a 4.50 ERA and 4.75 FIP was better than 14-12 with a 2.79 ERA and 3.01 FIP, because the guy with the better record did a better job of getting his teammates to play better around him to get the win. Hence the new statistic, Teammate Rallying Ability or tRA for short was designed. So whenever a crappy pitcher has a good record, he’s credited with a good tRA. alex gonzalez was a thing of beauty.

  12. Pat D says:

    As per Rob Neyer, they’ve just changed the Veterans Committee process again. It sounds like they’re reverting it back to the cronyism days of yore, just with different designations. If you care about the HOF, I suggest going to Neyer’s blog and reading his take.

  13. Esteban says:

    So I’m in a Jersey Shore fantasy league. You pick a cast member and an action and get points if that happens. You pick Ronnie-fight, and if he gets arrested it’s 5 point, a regular fight is 1 pt.

  14. Jerome S says:

    Well I was watching sports reporters the other day, and I saw a member of the BBWAA state that he would not vote for Alex Rodriguez because of PED’s. So here I ask an on-the-surface stupid question: Is A-Rod really a first-ballot hall-of-famer? Or are they eventually going to overlook the PED’s because of all of the numbers he’ll put up by the end of his career?

    • Pat D says:

      We won’t know anytime soon. Really depends how much he voting electorate has changed by that time. ARod’s not going to be considered for at least another 10 years and, assuming he plays out his contract, it won’t be for another 12 or 13 years. Who knows what will happen, both in terms of ARod’s final numbers and what other relevations might happen between now and then.

      We’ll have to see how Palmeiro and, to a certain extent, Bagwell are judged next year, and then what happens in 2013 when Bonds, Clemens and Sosa are all eligible for the first time.

      • Zack says:

        I know Bagwell played in the ‘steroid age’, but if a guy doesn’t fail a drug test or isn’t linked to a lab, doctor, list, etc, I don’t see the reasoning of how voters can keep someone out.

  15. rbizzler says:

    Francessa must be in a state of shock today:

  16. Steve H says:

    All of these “Yao Ming might retire articles” are beyond stupid. The gist of the story is that if he is physically unable to play, he’s going to retire. Well what other choice would he have?

  17. Total Dominication says:


    Nice article on A-rod, though I think he’s a bit better then top-20 in baseball right now, but the article is still good.

    • Jerome S says:

      That was a pretty good piece. As for him being one of the top 20, I’d say that this season that’s about right – I think this is his off-year (see Hank Aaron 1968). But next year it wouldn’t be surprising if he hits forty homers and bats .290.

  18. YanksFan in MA says:

    Out of curiosity I went to Fangraphs and pulled UZR/150 numbers for our regular starting lineup, a la No Maas. Here they are.

    Gardner- +22.9
    Granderson- +8.6
    Swisher- -3.7
    Rodriguez- -7.1
    Jeter- -5.3
    Cano- +9.1
    Teixeira- -4.9

    Gardner is in Carl Crawford territory and Cano is putting up career numbers. Left side of the infield is as big a sieve as ever. A-Rod has not put up a positive UZR/150 since his first season at 3B. Small sample size warnings, but I think this verifies what we’ve been seeing. The OF is probably our best in memory, but the infield is average at best, and terrible at worst.

  19. Steve H says:

    Damn, Scot Shields making the emergency start for the Angels. Looks good for the Sox.

  20. So Melvin Crousett and Gary Sanchez were roommates.

    I don’t need to live any more, there is no more possible win than this.

  21. Tampa Yankee says:

    So the guys in my office this morning are arguing that Carlos Pena is having a better season that Teixeira. What, what’s that? You want to know their reason… Pena’s got more HRs. They say Tex has a better average and that’s about it but he isn’t paid to hit .300, he’s paid to hit HRs. God, TB fans are retarded.

    • Sweet Dick Willie says:

      I guess they’re unfamiliar with the concepts of OBP, SLG, OPS & OPS+

      • Tampa Yankee says:

        Or WAR… I mean I know using runs and RBIs are not the best to evaluate a player but come on! Tex has Pena beat in EVERY category besides HRs (more runs, RBIs, more BB, FAR less Ks). Using selective stats to argue your point FTW!

    • Steve H says:

      So by the same argument Jose Bautista is having a better year than Miguel Cabrera, right?

  22. Thomas says:

    Sounds like the Phillies and the Astros have agreed on an Oswalt trade.

    Oswalt for JA Happ and two others (possible Vance Worley)
    The Astros will pick up a “very significant” portion of Oswalts salary.

    • Steve H says:

      I can’t get over the Phillies trading Lee in the offseason and picking up Oswalt now. So stupid.

      • Thomas says:

        Just think trading Lee away and adding Oswalt aren’t the stupidest moves the Phillies have made in the last year, combined.

        Unlike A-Rod and the 1998 Yankees, Ruben Amaro is not good at baseball.

  23. Steve H says:

    KayGee, here’s a link to a pretty interesting article regarding the discussion in the AJ thread. It really is a problem in my mind. Even the other day someone (Sherman?) went out of their way to stress that Joba wasn’t lazy the way Melky was. Maybe it’s true, maybe it’s not, but it can’t be true all of the time.

    • Zack says:

      “Twenty-one black or Latino players were called out for “lack of hustle” by a writer and/or manager, versus just one white player. This is not a coincidence. ”

      Since when does 22 examples prove it’s not a coincidence? Not to mention I searched Yahoo and on page 3 I found a story of Ryan Church not hustling. And does 23 articles of players and lack of hustle seem small?

      But that article talks about how we can’t get in Phillips head, so attacking his character means we’re prejudice. So then that means we can never question anyone? Not mention his own manager Dusty Baker called him out, is Dusty Baker prejudice against black players now?
      Brandon Phillips didn’t hustle, and it wasn’t the first time*- it was the 4th time in just over a calendar year that the Reds witnessed Phillips not hustle. So instead of talking about Brandon Phillips not hustling, not having his head in the game, or whatever cliche is used- we turn it around and say people who are calling him out are prejudice.

      I’m not saying white players hustle and hispanic/black players don’t, I just think 23 examples is hardly evidence that everyone is prejudice.


      • Steve H says:

        I just think 23 examples is hardly evidence that everyone is prejudice.

        I certainly don’t think everyone is prejudiced, and a lot of the prejudice in baseball is inherent in the game. It’s undeniable that white players rarely ever get labeled lazy, and minorities rarely get labeled scrappy. See this from Klaw’s chat today, who was in the game and still has plenty of contacts:

        Kevin (KC)

        You mentioned something on Twitter about a pitcher getting comps to Tom Gordon because he’s African American and short; just how racist is baseball sometimes?

        Klaw (1:25 PM)

        More than you know.

        It can’t be ignored. The article I posted is not proof nor is it scientific, but it also doesn’t mean it’s wrong. It happens all the time.

        • Zack says:

          I was referring to the article you linked for the prejudice part: “No, he didn’t run it out; perhaps it was half hubris and half misjudgment. But to attack his character with that horrid phrase smacks of prejudice.”

          When Robinson Cano did his lazy crap earlier in his career, the fans/media/coaches did get on him. But are you telling me that if Gardner/Tex/Swish ‘admired’ a HR, that didn’t make it out and they ended up standing on 1B that Kay/Sherman/Francesa/Girardi would just ignore it and say ‘It’s ok, things just happen’? No, they would absolutely call them out on it. If Manny was white, would people not claim he doesn’t hustle in LF?

          It’s not wrong or prejudice to call a lazy play a lack of hustle. The article you posted did point out the ratio, yes, but also said saying ‘lack of hustle’ is prejudice- and that part is BS. No one called those players out because they’re black/hispanic, they called them out because they did lazy plays out in the field.

          For the Tom Gordon reference: That’s racism? prejudice? Are you juding that player irrationally because he’s black? Yes they are both black, but if they have the same “stuff” is it an unfair comp? When you think 5’9 and hard thrower, who else comes to mind? Regardless of him being black, what white relievers in the last decade have been 5’9 and throw 95?

    • Jose the Satirist says:

      Here is some cognitive dissonance for you. Minorities are considered to be lazy by some. Those same minorities come into the United States and work jobs that many Americans don’t want to do. Then those same lazy minorities are accused of stealing jobs. So they are lazy but also take difficult low level jobs for minimum pay?

  24. Steve H says:

    Tigers lineup today is brutal. I know Boesch is having a good (and unexpected year based on minor league stats), but why would you give Miggy anything good to hit?

  25. rbizzler says:

    Alright people, one last fantasy trade proposal for you guys. As always, this is in a non-RAB league.

    NL-only league:

    I get: Johan, K-Rod (need saves right now) and Neil Walker (meh)

    I give: McCutchen, Ian Stewart

    Mind you, I have a glut of OFers (J-Hey, Carlos Lee, Hart, Beltran, Stanton) so I can afford to give up an elite guy.

    Thoughts would be appreciated.

  26. Total Dominication says:

    Oswalt approves the trade.

  27. Thomas says:

    The Astros are getting Brett Wallace for Anthony Gose!?!?!?!? This seems like a horrendous deal for the Jays.

    • Johan Iz My Brohan says:

      I thought Anthopoulos was Epstein 2.0 lol

    • rbizzler says:

      I agree. I know that Wallace is supposedly a butcher in the field and TOR is locked in at DH with Lind, but this seems like a steal for the ‘Stros. And yes, I am shocked that i just typed something positive about the Astros management.

      • Thomas says:

        The thing that makes it even more perplexing is they traded away Michael Taylor to obtain Wallace. Now, from the sounds of it Gose is fater and better defensively than Taylor, but if I remember correctly Taylor isn’t supposed to be slow or bad defensively. Thus, if the Jays wanted an OF they should have just kept the superior prospect in Taylor.

        Very perplexing.

        • rbizzler says:

          Taylor is way closer to the bigs, but he isn’t really doing all that well this year. Gose is only 19, and granted he hasn’t slugged for shit, but he is still young. Wallace looks like he can mash, even though he has no position.

          • Thomas says:

            True, Taylor hasn’t played that well this year (which I hadn’t realized), but at the time of the trade, he had hit very well in AA and in 30 games at AAA. Maybe the Blue Jays saw something, but they’d be one of the only ones.

            At the present moment, I’d say Wallace>Taylor>>>Gose.

  28. Pete says:

    So, when A-Rod first got to 599, everyone was writing about how boring the milestone was and how nobody cared, but now that he’s still stuck there, we get an article every day about how he hasn’t reached 600 yet.

    • Steve H says:

      Every headline about the games start with A-Rod. At this point #600 will be less celebration and more relief for me, just so I don’t have to hear about it anymore. He’s hitting the ball fine since #599 which is the best part (besides the Yankees winning).

  29. Jose the Satirist says:

    The Marlins would have been absolutely blown away for him to be traded. Johnson is probably close to being top 5 trade value in all of MLB. Still interesting that the Rangers kicked the tires on him by offering their top 3 prospects.

    • Steve H says:

      Shouldn’t the Rangers have thought about that before trading Smoak for Lee?

    • Tom Zig says:

      I wonder if JJ could be had for Montero + Romine + ManBan + Slade + Joba.

      Not suggesting it be done, or that it even makes sense, just that it would take that kind of overwhelming for them to at least think about it.

      • Steve H says:

        It would be a massive package (TWSS). I think it would take more to get JJ than Greinke, because the Marlins have a better chance at being a contender soon than the Royals do. The Royals have zero chance of doing anything during Greinke’s contract so it would make more sense to move him than for the Marlins to move JJ.

  30. ZZ says:

    Via Chad Jennings about Phil Hughes

    Ultimately, he said much of his success or failure comes down to arm slot. When he stays on top of the ball, he can locate it.

    “I throw majority fastballs, so for me it’s just establishing that pitch and being aggressive with it,” he said. “Getting ahead in counts and putting guys away. That’s kind of been my biggest problem, I haven’t been able to put guys away lately.”

    I guess he is still having trouble with his mechanics. Interesting that he would be on and off again with them lately because he is typically so good at repeating his delivery. Something to watch for tonight.

    It is also nice to hear him acknowledge his trouble putting hitters away. Always refreshing when a player is honest and self aware in his interviews instead of just generic answers like I am working on things.

    • ZZ says:

      When he is not on top of the ball and he doesn’t finish his pitches his fastball tends to tail towards the right just as a clue he may be having trouble by the way.

  31. Tom Zig says:

    Someone just called into the Michael Kay Show and suggested we trade for Joe Saunders so we can put AJ Burnett into the bullpen.

  32. Kiersten says:

    Colin Curtis is our DH on July 30th. If that doesn’t scream “we need to make a trade,” I don’t know what does.

    • Jerome S says:

      You know what sucks? I like Colin Curtis. I know, he isn’t the best hitter – OK, he’s actually pretty bad – But I like him for some reason.

      Oh, well, we ain’t gonna see no more of him after these trades anyway are we?

  33. bexarama says:

    Simmons’ article on why the Red Sox viewing numbers are down was pretty lame. Apparently the Red Sox don’t have anyone as “exciting” as Ryan Howard (I am personally very fond of Howard and very not-fond of Youk but I’ll take Youk over Howard any day) and they’re boring. I bet if they had the Yankees’ record, and the Yankees had the Red Sox’s, he wouldn’t find them so boring…

    Oh, and he also put Ortiz among the people that supposedly we suspect, but aren’t confirmed, to have done steroids, along with guys like Piazza and Gonzo, as opposed to the list of “definitely did steroids.” Cute, Bill.

    • JobaWockeeZ says:

      Wait so Ortiz is a ‘probable user’ but who’s a definite? Like A-Rod who confirmed it? Or was he being a dick and said like ‘Jeter because no shortstop of his age produces like him so he is definitely on roids?’

      • JobaWockeeZ says:

        Oh ROFL, JD Drew is lifeless? I’d definitely want him on the Yanks. Please boring and productive is better than flashy, gritty and sucky like Nick Punto or something.

      • bexarama says:

        He wasn’t being a dick, necessarily. Here it is in context:

        Whether it’s the legends we almost definitely know (Clemens, Bonds, Sosa, McGwire, A-Rod, Manny, etc.), the guys we suspect but don’t know for sure (Gagne, Gonzo, Ortiz, Belle and Piazza, to name five) or everyone else who shined during that era (Pujols, “Big Unit,” Griffey, Ripken, etc.), it just feels wrong to compare them to Mays, Aaron, Seaver and the Babe without the caveat, “Well, they DID play in the steroid era.”

        Ortiz doesn’t belong on the same list as Piazza and Gonzo. Those are guys who pretty much everyone suspects, but who haven’t actually been confirmed to fail any tests (right?). Ortiz actually failed a test, no matter how much he denied it, Bill.

        Should’ve linked the article:

        also douchey:
        For the past week, every media outlet has tried to talk us into A-Rod’s 600th homer — as if the moment means something, because, after all, just six other people have done it! — only the nation’s collective indifference was telling.
        The past week has been spent by those media outlets spending way much time telling us that we shouldn’t care about A-Rod’s 600th homer.

      • JohnnyC says:

        Simmons also believes O.J. “probably” killed 2 people.

    • JohnnyC says:

      Intellectual dishonesty as usual from Simmons. How do you go from a discussion of an alarming decline in ratings for Red Sox games to a blanket statement on the health and popularity of baseball on a national basis? In order to arrive at an answer, Simmons asks all the wrong questions and refuses to stare reality in the face: Red Sox Nation has out-lived its hype. We can only hope and pray that the decline in Red Sox interest portends this entire confabulation of neuroses they call the Red Sox subsiding to its pre-2004 state of inconsequence. After all, every fad dies out sooner or later.

    • Steve H says:

      He should have broken it into two columns. One about declining interest in baseball and one about the Red Sox. The Red Sox part was terrible, but he made some good points about baseball in general, time of games, new stadiums losing luster, etc.

      • JohnnyC says:

        Other than low ratings for the All-Star Game, what would be his evidence of a similar decline in popularity for baseball on the whole? YES ratings are spectacularly good. And MLB TV is doing well.

      • Poopy Pants says:

        I have no problem watching a long game. He said something like ‘even die hards can’t watch those long games’.

  34. Dan says:

    Don’t you think the Yanks should get Aaron Heilman?

  35. Kevin in Delectable Princeton says:

    The D-Backs are 4-10 since the All-Star Break. All of those wins are against the Mets.

  36. Steve H says:

    From Rob Neyer:

    This is purely a “because we can” move. The Yankees already lead the American League in scoring, Marcus Thames has been solid as their righty-hitting DH, and there’s no shortage of veterans who can use the occasional rest. Particularly with a playoff spot almost locked up already.

    Seriously Rob? Sure the Yankees have a great chance at the playoffs but on July 31st it’s far from being almost locked up. They have two of the best five teams in baseball chasing them, I wouldn’t consider it locked up until it’s locked up.

  37. Steve H says:

    Sox just got Salty.

  38. Steve H says:

    Phil Hughes has 102 K’s on the year.

    A-Jax has 106.

  39. Steve H says:

    They just said on WEEI that the Citgo sign, currently being repaired, will be ready in time for the playoffs.

    Too bad the Sox won’t be.

  40. Steve H says:

    Calling J.A. Happ “Cliff Lee lite” is like calling 70% lean hamburger “Filet Mignon lite.”

  41. Accent Shallow says:

    Not going to be on the playoff roster. Small victories, as they say.

  42. Meat Loaf says:

    FWIW, Kerry Wood looks a lot less scummy without his facial hair.

  43. Jimmy says:

    Sorry to see Fack Youk go semi-idle. Pretty good site. Helps you appreciate just how much work the guys put into this site to keep it up.

  44. Accent Shallow says:

    I’ve been listening to this all day. Good idea?

  45. Carlosologist says:

    People are talking about Miggy winning the TC in the AL, but what about Joey Votto? Dude leads NL in AVG, HR, and is only 4 RBI off the pace set by Howard. With Howard due to miss some time due to his ankle injury, Votto becomes the Triple Crown leader with one good game or two.

    • Carlosologist says:

      Slight error, he’s 9 RBI set off the pace by Howard.

    • Jose the Satirist says:

      Problem is even with Howard out there are two guys who still have good shots at getting a lot of RBIs. David Wright and Albert Pujols.

  46. theyankeewarrior says:

    Yes, I’m looking ahead here, but here’s my guess for the playoff 25-man roster. That bullpen has the potential to be downright dirty.

    CC Sabathia
    AJ Burnett
    Andy Pettitte
    Javier Vazquez

    Mariano Rivera
    Phil Hughes
    Joba Chamberlain
    David Robertson
    Kerry Wood
    Damaso Marte
    Boone Logan
    Alfredo Aceves

    Derek Jeter
    Nick Swisher
    Mark Teixeria
    Alex Rodriguez
    Robinson Cano
    Jorge Posada
    Curtis Granderson
    Lance Berkman
    Brett Gardner

    Francisco Cervelli
    Marcus Thames
    Ramiro Pena
    Austin Kearns
    Nick Johnson*

    * This spot is a wild card. I could see them bringing up Golson and using him as a pinch runner. I could also see them taking another pitcher like Moeseley/Gaudin/Mitre. But if Nick Johnson is healthy, he could give you a real solid AB late in a close game where you may have pinch ran/hit for Posada, Kearns, Thames, Berkman etc.


  47. J.D. says:

    Any thoughts on Rosenthal’s report that the Yankees were in on acquiring Lowell through a three team trade that would have sent Lowell to the Rangers and then to the Yankees?

  48. Zack says:

    Listening to Steve Phillips is funny.

    CJ Wilson is now a co-ace; ERA baby
    Berkman only hitting .245, why make the move
    Pedroia and Ellsbury will come back with no issues and the Sox will win the WC, “no matter what’s going on they elevate their level of play”

    • Pat D says:

      I heard him say stuff like this on Saturday. Not about Wilson or Berkman, but about the Sox. He said that they’re going to get their guys back, and that’s that. He didn’t say, but basically implied that of course they’re all just going to perform at their normal levels.

      Meanwhile he said that the Rays’ starters, essentially Price, Neimann and Davis are all going to start running up against innings counts they haven’t been to yet and this will cause them to tire and lose effectiveness. So because of that, the Sox will pass the Rays.

      He may have a point about the Rays’ pitchers, but they haven’t shown it yet, so that’s still nothing more than an assumption. Just like Pedroia, Ellsbury, Martinez and Beckett performing at their normal levels.

      • Zack says:

        Basically he pointed out the positives in the Sox, and the negatives in the Rays. You do that for any two teams and you can make a case for one being better than the other.

  49. bexarama says:

    Jonathan Broxton, pre-48-pitch-implosion-against-the-Yankees:
    32.2 IP, .217/.254/.258/.512, 0.83 ERA, 48 K/5 BB

    Jonathan Broxton, post-48-pitch-implosion-against-the-Yankees:
    10.2 IP, .349/.451/.558/1.009, 10.13 ERA, 10 K/8 BB

    Obviously that’s a tiny sample size and it could just be dead arm or something but eeeeesh.

  50. Carlosologist says:

    Tim Dierkes at MLBTR presented an interesting situation that I think could greatly benefit the Yanks rotation for 2011: If the White Sox put Jake Peavy on waivers, I think the Yanks should claim him to bolster the rotation. The only problem is that he still has a hefty amount on that contract (33M left with a 22M team option/4M buyout). If he can come back healthy from his lat surgery, the 2011 rotation would be a scary beast (assuming Pettitte retires and Javy walks):


    • Dick Whitman says:

      If the Yanks can package Wordekemper with Burnett for Greinke or King Felix, that’d be awesome too.

  51. Tampa Yankee says:

    Tonight’s lineup:
    Derek Jeter SS
    Nick Swisher RF
    Mark Teixeira 1B
    Alex Rodriguez 3B
    Robinson Cano 2B
    Jorge Posasda C
    Lance Berkman DH
    Curtis Granderson CF
    Brett Gardner LF

    I’m glad to see Swish back up at the 2 hole. Him and Robbie are on fire and I think moving Puma down might take some stress off his shoulders.

  52. Jose the Satirist says:

    If you have ever said “luck” or “skill” when talking about baseball you must read that article. Easy to understand as well.

  53. Ross in Jersey says:

    Tonight is the 31st anniversary of Thurman Munson’s death. Hard to believe it’s been that long already. Here’s hoping we win one tonight for him…

  54. Okay I caught this once last year at the stadium and thought I was seeing things, but just saw it on the BP show–D-Rob is shagging flies left handed.

  55. Steve H says:

    Anyone who ever complains about Posada not blocking the plate in a July game against the Royals (or almost any game for that matter) needs to refer to Carlos Santana last night.

    • ZZ says:

      Check out the game thread last night where I brought up this point. You may be opening up yourself to the firing squad with this one. ;)

      • Steve H says:

        Oh boy. I’ll have to go check it out. But I can’t imagine what the argument is. You give up 1 run in a regular season game so that you don’t lose your catcher for the rest of the season (and possibly some of the next season if the injury is severe enough).


        • ZZ says:

          Apparently there is no sunshine if a catcher does not block HP.

          • Steve H says:

            Posada risking injury blocking the plate in a regular season game is like spending $100 on a lottery ticket where the max payout is $1. Not worth it.

          • Chris says:

            I went back and read the responses – some of them are ridiculous. How many guys are you actually going to get out by blocking the plate? Is that actually more that would knock the ball out of the catcher’s glove?

            Simply making a tag like they do at second or third will result in very nearly the same number of outs and eliminates the risk of injury.

    • bexarama says:

      It really makes me wonder how there can possibly still be so much parody in the MLB, such as this year, when a team like that just outspends everyone by a longshot.

      That’s amazing.

  56. Steve H says:

    The Cincinnati Reds have the best starting pitching in baseball.

    Joe Morgan’d

  57. Steve H says:

    Cliff Lee has not been dominating with the Rangers

    5 starts, 43.1 innings, 29k’s, 3bb’s, 2.91 ERA, 2 CG’s and 2 more 9 inning performances. At least 8 innings in all 5 starts. Remove his first tough start after the trade and in his last 4 starts his ERA is 2.10 with a 27/3 K/BB ratio.

    Apparently not dominating.

    Oh, I got it. Since the trade he has won just 1 game. That explains it, clearly not dominating. Joe Morgan is fantastic.

  58. bexarama says:

    Where do people think Carl Crawford will end up next year? I definitely have an idea but I’m not saying it until other people answer just to avoid the whole bias thing.

  59. Steve H says:

    Youk to the DL. Mike Lowell activated.

  60. Paul says:

    I was wondering, is there a chance that the Yankees give Jesus Montero an opportunity to make the team out of Spring Training next year? Assuming he finishes this year off okay in AAA, I would think he would get some consideration. However, while I’m not a prospect expert, I would understand if they kept him in AAA for the majority of next season. I’m just wondering is there a chance Montero could be a mainstay on the Yankees roster in 2011?

    • Oh yeah, he’ll definitely get a shot. If he rakes the rest of the way and (again) impresses in Spring Training, I can see him making the team.

      • Steve H says:

        While he will have to hit to get consideration, I think his defense will make the difference one way or another. It seems like (and it makes sense) they want to give him every opportunity to succeed (or fail) as a catcher before deciding what to do with him long term. If they don’t think he’s ready defensively but still think he can catch, they’ll probably keep him in the minors regardless of how much he’s dominating. If, and it’s a big if, they think he can regularly catch at the major league level, I don’t think they bring him up out of spring training to catch 50-75 games.

        • JohnnyC says:

          Makes sense but, seriously, is he a worse defender than Jorge Posada or, for example, Victor Martinez? For that matter, Cervelli hasn’t been a Gold Glover back there this season either. If the bat plays at the ML level, you bring him up, catch him 50-75 games and DH another 50-75.

          • Steve H says:

            If the bat plays at the ML level, you bring him up, catch him 50-75 games and DH another 50-75.

            I don’t think that’s the plan. I think they want him to catch 100+ games to continue to improve defensively. Having him only catch 50-75 stunts his development defensively and hurts his future value. I may be wrong, but I think that’s they way they are going.

            • JohnnyC says:

              If Romine doesn’t get traded, I believe he will be the primary catcher in 2012 onward, with Montero splitting time between catcher, DH, and 1st base. With that in mind, I could see Romine being called up second half of 2011. Especially if Jorge is either ineffective or on the DL.

              • Steve H says:

                That’s certainly a possibility. Romine is much less a sure thing than Montero at this point, so that might be the best case scenario. I don’t think they’ll fully implement that plan until they are sure Romine can survive at the major league level and Montero can’t catch at the major league level. If both are legit full-time MLB catchers, I think one of them will be traded eventually.

                • JohnnyC says:

                  Strictly as a catcher (offense & defense), Romine is considered a better prospect by almost all scouts. And it’s really not all that important that Montero is ever more than a mediocre defensive catcher. With his bat, they’ll find enough plate appearances for him. That’s a certainty. See his most-often cited comparable, Miguel Cabrera.

        • Paul says:

          Thanks for all your answers! I think you are right that they’ll only carry him if they think he can catch for the majority of the season, it just makes sense.

    • Zack says:

      I doubt he breaks camp, but when Posada hits the DL (May/June) I bet Montero comes up and they move Jorge to DH for the rest of the season.

      (Flaw in my idea is that it would require RHB/LHB/rotation at DH for the first few weeks)

  61. rbizzler says:

    Anyone have any insight into whether Mike Stanton or Dom Brown projects to be the better offensive player next year and beyond?

    Stanton’s raw power seems impressive, but his K rates are alarming. Brown’s MiLB SLG was a bit lower but his contact rates are far superior and they both project to have decent OBP’s.

    • Across the pond says:

      Can just hear Kay now, “Annnnnd he MAKES the play”…”OH WHAT A PLAY..”


  62. Tom Zig says:

    Only 2 managers in MLB history have 6 seasons of at least 100 wins. Anyone care to guess who?

  63. Mike HC says:

    I had a crazy night last night.

    I was sitting literally one foot away from Jeter and Minka Kelly at dinner last night. We were so close and I was glancing over so much it was getting awkward, ha. And Jay-Z and Beyonce was across the room fromm us.

    My sisters boss took my sister and her fiance and me and my girl out for an extremely expensive dinner at Locando Verde in tribeca.

    I didn’t say anything to them and left them all alone, but still pretty cool.

    (I’m sure nobody really cares, ha, but still thought I would share)

    • theyankeewarrior says:

      Oh no, we care.

      I’m going to take your work for it and assume all that really happened.

      That’s awesome bro. Wish I could see Jeets and Minka when I take my gf out.

      I ran into Alex during the last Indians series on the street in Cleveland. I was out with my boys on a road trip from Rochester. It’s surreal to see these guys off the field.

      Alex said hello and wished us a good night. Then he went into a tinted-out Italian restaurant with a security code and the door locked behind him.

      Pretty cool to see.

    • Thomas says:

      Awesome story.

  64. theyankeewarrior says:

    Fuck Jesse Crain and Ron Mahay

    • Tampa Yankee says:


    • theyankeewarrior says:

      Talk about high-leverage fucking situations. Gardenfuck leaves Capps in the pen while his ass relievers walk in runs and give up grand slams and then puts him in during the 8th inning anyways.

      What the fuck is the point of saving you closer for the 9th inning if the bases are loaded in the 8th?

      The central is garbage.

      End rant.

    • theyankeewarrior says:

      The twins tried as hard as they would to blow the game and still won on the pinball roof rule. I’ll take it.

      1st place Yankees!

    • Tampa Yankee says:

      Very nicely written. I love how in the days leading up to 600, the MSM was filled with “Does anyone care about 600?” then when he gets to 599, they show EVERY at bat and the headlines are “Stuck on 600 for x number of at-bats”. Now that he hits it, its all about it being “tainted” and “deserves an asterisk”. This is why I stopped watching/listening/reading ESPN and other MSM sports websites.

    • theyankeewarrior says:

      Granderson is a class act. Cool to know what Alex was the first one to call him. I wonder how guys like Derek and Alex are notified? Does Cash keep them updated himself?

  65. Steve H says:

    Well at least the Twins regained the lead.

  66. Johan Iz My Brohan says:

    I was looking at the Elias Rankings today to see how our recent additions ranked, Kearns and Wood are not ranked, but Lance Berkman currently is a Type B free agent, and I see him retaining that status by the end of the year.

    Obviously, as we have seen with guys like Damon, Matsui, Abreu and so on, the Yankees don’t typically offer arbitration to their pending free agents. However, Berkman has made it known that he would like to return to Houston or possibly retire, and that means he would likely reject arbitration if it was offered.

    Does anyone see Cashman offering Berkman arbitration if that is indeed the case?

    • radnom says:

      I can’t imagine Cashman would gamble losing $15 mil + to retain Berkman next year unless they come to some sort of agreement that he won’t accept.

      It’s just a supplemental pick. Not even close to worth that risk.

  67. bexarama says:

    Youkilis getting season-ending thumb surgery tomorrow. Too bad so sad.

  68. I may be distracted, but I’m pretty sure the MLBN guys just referred to Delmon Young as an MVP candidate.

    • Carlosologist says:

      They did. That just explains the lack of offense this season in the AL.

    • bexarama says:

      .330/.361/.537, 140 OPS+, a ton of RBIs (yeah, they suck, but we know people look at them), had an insane July so he’s fresh in people’s minds. BB-Ref has him at only 1.1 WAR, but a lot of that is due to apparently horrible fielding; I wouldn’t know, I don’t watch too many Twins games.

      • Steve H says:

        And I bet they think he’s good defensively.

      • JGS says:


        Dear Lord, that’s an even worse IsoD (.031) than Jeff Francoeur (.053). If Morneau comes back and continues to rake, he is the MVP candidate on that team (any word on him?)

        If not, it will come down to Hamilton, Cano, and Beltre. Beltre will get bonus points because everyone else on the Sox has been hurt, so if Boston somehow makes the playoffs, I would think he would be the likely frontrunner (that shouldn’t matter, but you know it does and will)

  69. poster on another computer who happens to be a deuce bag says:

    How the fuck did the Twins pull that game out?

    Thank you Tropicana. You really DO suck.

  70. Kiersten says:

    Twitter is down for hours supposedly. How am I going to survive the night?

    • Accent Shallow says:

      Further proof that just being fast doesn’t make you a good defender. He blew several plays in the most recent KC series (of course, he killed the Yankees with his bat (!!!))

  71. Johan Iz My Brohan says:

    That Chris Cabrera guy we sign as an IFA… well, he’s studly

  72. Carlosologist says:

    So Torii Hunter had an explosion.

  73. bexarama says:

    This kinda made me laugh. Division races right now:

    NL East, ATL over PHI by 1 game
    NL Central, CIN over STL by 0.5 games
    NL West, SDP over SFG by 1 game
    AL East, NYY over TBR by 0.5 games
    AL Central, CHW over MIN by 1.5 games
    … AL West, TEX over OAK by 9.5 games (!!!)

    • Accent Shallow says:

      I’m really pulling for the Reds. It’s so boring having the Cards in the playoffs every year. On the same token, I am enjoying the Angels falling off the face of the planet.

      (As a Yankee fan, is it hypocritical of me to complain about lack of variety in the playoffs?)

      • bexarama says:

        The Cards are one of the NL teams I’m more fond of than others so I don’t mind them being in the playoffs. I’d really like to see the Padres in there… I think they’re a good story and all that.

        On the other hand, the Angels can go to hell.

  74. Kiersten says:

    Can someone explain what all of those Hall of Fame statistics on B-Ref mean? Like Mike Mussina is way below the average HOF for Black Ink, but above it for all the others. How does that work?

    • Jose the Satirist says:

      They are Bill James metrics to see likeliness that they will be voted into the Hall of Fame.


      Basically he tried to quantify what HOF voters use to elect players. Each test has a different set of formulas to try and measure what HOF voters do. For example, RBIs aren’t a good way to measure the value of a player. But HOF voters love players who have a lot of RBIs over their career. As such these metrics add points to their HOF “worthiness” for having a lot of RBIs.

  75. Total Dominication says:

    Morrow with no hits, 14 k’s and just 1 walk through 7.

  76. Gonzo says:

    Am I the only one that believes that PED’s can help a player’s career statistic?

    The fact that both HgH and steroids improve healing time is proof enough, no?

    • bexarama says:

      I think they can help in some ways; I don’t think they turn you from a marginal player to a HOFer.

      • Gonzo says:

        No, but couldn’t it turn a 3 year peak into a 5-7 year peak? Thus turning a HOF player into an all-time great? Or turning a borderline HOF into a bonafide HOF?

        • bexarama says:

          I don’t think so. But that’s just me, maybe.

          • Gonzo says:

            No worries. We agree to disagree. The data on steroids and HgH on athletes is not exactly bountiful, but recovery, to me, is reason enough to expect in increase in 100% expectation to skill-set over a 162 game * years of career.

    • Zack says:

      I agree.

      Yes guys like Canseco and McGwire had great hand eye coordination, but I don’t buy that steroids did nothing for them

    • Pete says:

      I believe that they can help. I also believe that improved bats, lasic eye surgery, improved physiological understanding, improved diets, improved workout regimens, improved coaching through improved video analysis, and a greater understanding of the long-term benefits of rest/pitch counts/etc. vs. old-school “get-r-done” style of play can help. In other words – I don’t really care.

  77. Carlosologist says:

    No no-no for Morrow… again. He did strike out 16 compared to two walks. That’s crazy.

    • Gonzo says:

      Spoke too soon!

    • FIPster Doofus says:

      137 pitches, 17 K’s, and the Yankees now lead TB by 2. Great job, Morrow and Jays. That team is pretty good.

    • ARX says:

      Wish I saw it from the beginning. Just got back home, checked on my fantasy team, and looked at the scoreboard: “hmm, 1-0 in the 9th, wonder why they havent gone to Gregg…oh, Morrow with the complete game. Bah. Lets see, 9 innings 1 hit, 17 strikeou- WAIT WTF!?!? ONE HIT AND SEVENTEEN STRIKEOUTS!?” Oh well.

  78. larryf says:

    For those interested in pitching mechanics… much as we hate Beckett he has a great drop and drive delivery. Not all pitching coaches favor it but it is interesting to compare it to, say….Joba’s push and fling

  79. bexarama says:

    You know, not that anyone here outside of dalelama was saying it here, but if AJ really secretly faked his injury because he was too afraid to face the Red Sox, would he really be too excited at the alternative: facing the Rangers in Arlington?

  80. Kevin G. says:

    Any Call of Duty fans here? If so, did you huys see the new trailer?

  81. VO says:

    So anyone who watched the Joe Girardi show I just need to brag that my question was finally chosen. It was the one by Vinny2942 about being trapped in a foxhole. My life is complete. That is all.

  82. Meat Loaf says:

    Triple play my ass.

    All it took was my pause button on to show that… It definitely takes away from the hype of a triple play when it’s because of a blown call.


  83. Pat D says:

    Want a good laugh? Read this piece of absolute drivel.

    • vin says:

      That is the worst assembly of thoughts in the history of the written word. She should be ashamed.

    • Meat Loaf says:

      I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.

    • Pete says:

      Ha. Wow. I’m going to link to this sooo much when the Yankees beat them in the ALCS on the strength of a combined .523/.731/1.004/1.735 line from those two. And then I’m going to laugh even harder when the yankees sign their precious Cliff Lee, win again in 2011, and watch the Angels reclaim the AL West.

  84. vin says:

    From a TJ Simers LA Times editorial:

    “We’ve had our share of bums. Andruw Jones, Kenny Lofton and Gary Matthews Jr. come to mind.

    Don’t know yet of Scott Podsednik falls into that category, but I understand now why he can’t hit very well.

    When I spoke to him Saturday night, he couldn’t make eye contact, so hitting .205 and not looking at the pitcher, that’s not bad.

    He was sitting alone in the Dodgers’ clubhouse because no one seems to like the guy, and so I greeted him as I do most disappointing players.

    “When are you going to start hitting?”

    He appeared stumped. I mentioned Don Mattingly’s name and he didn’t seem to know who I was talking about. At some point, he swore at me, and I hadn’t even mentioned the ball he botched in left, allowing it to roll away for an inside-the-park home run.

    So far he stinks and isn’t much of a teammate, but I told him I was rooting hard for him to be with the Dodgers next season.”


    • JohnnyC says:

      Good times in L.A.

    • Pete says:

      jesus. that reporter doesn’t even bother not making it blatantly obvious how much of a douche bag he is. I never got why people get angry at already-shitty players for being shitty. Shouldn’t they just be pissed at their GMs for bringing in shitty players?

    • His commentary on the Angels is also batty. I’m no fan of Scoscia’s style, but Jesus, given what he has on that roster, there was no way he could manage that. Yes, his small ball ways often cost them runs, but no amount of “intestinal fortitude” outweighs a lack of talent, though many on that team have greatly underachieved. How much of that is on management I can’t say.

      There’s little power in that lineup, only one member of the offense gets on base more than 35% of the time, the defense is all kinds of awful in the outfield (not his fault Torii, Abreu, Rivera comprise the outfield, although Bourjos will help significantly), and Kendrick and Aybar took a step back defensively, which is compounded by their .317 wOBAs. They still don’t have a real 3B, Kendry’s been out most of the year and for some reason.

      Even with a fairly good rotation and bullpen, that’s a managerial death sentence.

  85. Despite missing 7/15-8/3 with a wrist injury, Gary Sanchez is 2nd in GCL in HR, 1st in RBI & should qualify for top 5 BA/OBP/OPS after today

  86. JohnnyC says:

    Gammons on Francesa right now comparing Ryan Kalish to Darin Erstad. Is that necessarily a good thing, Peter?

    • Tom Zig says:

      He was good in 2000…and that was about the only time.

    • Zack says:

      Gammons also said SF was the perfect place for Johnny Damon.
      NL + big OF = worst place for JD

      But has anyone noticed Damon’s team is 4 games UNDER .500? I thought his clutchness, grit, and body of a 27 year old would turn them into WS favorites.

  87. Ray Fuego says:

    How can I let my new GF know that she will never convert me into a red sox fan? ha ha

  88. Poopy Pants says:

    MLB network just said Dusty Baker is ‘fiery’.

  89. Carlosologist says:

    Wow, did anybody see the fight in the Reds-Cincinnati matchup yesterday? Hot damn.

  90. bexarama says:

    I got 46/51 on this without cheating. Do I have to turn in my baseball fan card now?

  91. theyankeewarrior says:

    Ok, so I don’t mean to boast or anything, but ever since I met the Manchild himself, he has been on a tear of biblical proportions. I shook the hand of Jesus on July 5th, and since that time, I believe his OPS is approaching 1.2…

  92. JGS says:

    I don’t know when this happened, but it must have been pretty recent, but here is the career pitcher bWAR list:

    70. Mariano Rivera: 52.2
    71. Early Wynn: 52.0

    That’s right, Mo has more WAR than a 300-game winner. The next 300 game winner on the list is Mickey Welch at 56.5 (49th all time, though Halladay will pass him before Mo does). All the others are way out of Mo’s reach (Tom Glavine is next at 67.0).

    Yea, I know wins are stupid on a game-by-game or even season-by-season basis, but when talking about whole careers, they have some meaning. Outside of Wynn and Welch, it isn’t an accident that the other 22 members of the 300-win club are all in the top 29 in career WAR.

    • Jose the Satirist says:

      #13 on the all time bWAR list is crying over your analysis of wins.

      • JGS says:

        I said “some”. Given the teams he played on, it’s a testament to Blyleven’s value that he even got to 287. He’ll get in next year. Now all we need is Marvin Miller to get in to fix the biggest snubs in Cooperstown.

        • Jose the Satirist says:

          Hands down one of the most important figures in the history of baseball. I bet many people don’t even know who he is.

          • JGS says:

            I would argue that he has been the single most important figure in creating the system under which baseball is played today. Baseball as we know it would not exist without Miller. It’s a damn shame that he isn’t in the Hall.

      • JGS says:

        And Bly is 27th all time in wins. What’s wrong with that?

  93. Mike HC says:

    Hey guys,

    So, I have a couple of free weeks on my hand, and I am looking for some good books to read, sports or non sports. I like humor, but I have a pretty wide range of taste. Much appreciated if anybody has any suggestions for me.

    I just finished “Super Sad True Love Story,” by Gary Shteyngart, which I highly recommend. Funny and thought provoking. And I’m reading some stuff by David Sedaris which is pretty damn funny so far as well.

    Thanks in advance.

  94. Jose the Satirist says:

    An awesome article about the Pittsburgh Pirates:,17862/

  95. 28 in '10 says:

    Segedin signed.

    • bexarama says:

      There are very, very few people I’ve ever followed on Twitter and then unfollowed, even the super annoying people.

      I unfollowed that guy.

  96. Total Dominication says:

    Girardi saying Burnett is Cerve’s only set pitcher now. Sounds like we finally have our regular catcher again in JOPO.

  97. Jerome S says:

    Yanks are 3-6 in august. Are we in for an 8-game win streak some time soon, or are we looking at a long-term slide to the wild card?

    PS Let’s pray this isn’t the 2007 Mets…

    • bexarama says:


    • Meat Loaf says:

      I dislike you, sir.

      • Jerome S says:

        I’m sorry. I’m not a total pessimist; I just like to play devil’s advocate sometimes. Ultimately, I think the Yankees will finish 99-63 or better, but sometimes my mind wanders…
        I should probably stop that.

        • Meat Loaf says:

          I think you took it a little far. Yes, these last 5 games have felt shitty, I won’t argue with you there. But calling this a “long term slide” when we have the best record in baseball and have not lost more than 3 games in a row all year is, in my opinion, out of line.

          Of course, if you want to give yourself ulcers by creating worry for yourself, more power to ya!

        • bexarama says:

          Yeah, well, why even leave a comment like your original comment? That’s basically concern trolling.

  98. Meat Loaf says:

    I don’t care for MLBTR anymore. It used to feel like Tim was a personable guy who you could talk to and enjoy a conversation with. There was some narration mixed in with the posts. Now, I don’t see it as much… example, when Tim started the chat this afternoon, he said “Tim Dierkes here.” I don’t know, I assume everyone who was in the chat would understand if he just said “Hey everyone, Tim here.”

    Honestly, the only personal flavor I see is when Mike posts there.


    Am I making any sense?

    • Apollo22237 says:

      I know what you mean, although I don’t spend too much time over there. I don’t read the comments or chats, I’m just there for the main info.

  99. Zack says:

    Mets’ closer Francisco Rodriguez was arrested at Citi Field tonight after assaulting his father-in-law following the team’s loss to the Colorado Rockies, police said.

  100. Zack says:

    “Just talked to Chipper. Torn ACL. Out for the year. Bad news all the way around”

    Wow, that’s probably it for his career. Sucks, he was one of my favorite non-Yankees to watch.

    • I don’t think people realize just how good he was at hitting. In his career, he’s had just three years with a sub .360 wOBA–his rookie year (.354), 2009 (.354), and this year (.358).

  101. Carlosologist says:

    Blue Jays announcers are making the argument that Papelbon is better than Mo because Papelbon has saved more games than Mo since Papelbon’s career started.

    • Apollo22237 says:

      Well Papelblown, the greatest closer ever, is at it again.

    • FIPster Doofus says:

      I am convinced that anyone who doesn’t think Rivera is at least the premier current closer in baseball is a moron. Only a hard-headed, facts-ignoring jackass would try to put someone ahead of Rivera, let alone Papelfail.

    • Pat D says:

      Wow, and when I listened to them during Morrow’s game on Sunday, they struck me as moderately intelligent.

      /fool me once, fool me twice’d

    • bexarama says:

      LOL. That horrendous blown save only happened because Mo heard them and wanted to make them aware. >:D Just like how last night only happened because that one Rangers fan I follow on Twitter said something when it was 6-1 like “Too bad this is a blowout, because I’d love to make Mariano our bitch again.” He hears you. HE KNOWS. ;P

  102. Apollo22237 says:

    I can’t believe I wish that Papelblown didn’t get hit by a ball.

  103. Carlosologist says:

    Papelbon blew it ahahahahahahahahahaha

    • Apollo22237 says:

      He better hope Lackey doesn’t strangle him.

      • FIPster Doofus says:

        “Scios, this is mine!”


        • Pat D says:

          How unfortuante that when Lackey pitches well, the ‘pen blows it. Yanks better make this one hurt tonight.

          In other topics, there’s the rumbling that the Sox might try to trade Papel-bum. I think they should, but isn’t his stock going to be somewhat low?

          • Zack says:

            His stock is lower, but in order to rebuild it they have to wait until next season- and I doubt they’d move him during the season if they are fighting for the playoffs.

            Plus, what is a team going to give you when he’s a FA after 2011?

            • JGS says:

              Plus, what is a team going to give you when he’s a FA after 2011?

              Most contenders already have established closers and while he would certainly make any bullpen stronger, he is going to be awfully expensive if he isn’t closing (and if he is, then whoever he is displacing would probably be expensive. Either way, you are drastically overpaying someone). I’m not even talking about retaining him after 2011–he is making $9.35M this year and still has another year of arbitration left.

              Philadelphia might be a decent fit, but that’s all I got

              • bexarama says:

                I actually expect to see him on the Phillies soon, just in time for his total decline. It’ll be glorious.

              • Zack says:

                That would be 24m the Phillies are investing into 2 bullpen spots- horrible allocation of resources.

                How about Atlanta? Wagner has said he’s done after this season, Saito is 40+, I doubt they’d hand Vitters or Moylan the job; their front office is old school no?

                • JGS says:

                  Pap in Atlanta isn’t crazy, but to get him now, you would have to give up at least a decent package.

                  Other closers available for just cash:

                  Kerry Wood (I don’t see the Yankees picking up his $11M option)
                  Rafael Soriano (that would be funny)
                  Frank Francisco (lesser quality, but much cheaper)
                  Chad Qualls
                  Brian Fuentes

                  There is also Joaquin Benoit–he has never closed regularly before, but he is having a good enough season that I could see someone giving him a shot.

                  • Zack says:

                    Well I don’t see legit playoff teams signing Wood/Fuenetes/Qualls to be their closer. But I do see your point, his performance + salary + other options makes his market basically nothing.

  104. Carlosologist says:

    Game Six of the ALCS is on YES now.


    • Carlosologist says:

      Just a note: Tex really has altered his swing from last season to this one. The old one was closed a bit more. A-Rod might have changed his well. In the ALCS, to me, it looked as if it was a bit more away from the plate. Now A-Rod looks like he stands really close to the plate.

    • bexarama says:

      Andy Pettitte is so full of scruffy goodness. I really miss watching him pitch. :(

      Seriously, though, why is this game on Yankees Classics and not like Game 2 of this series? And why is Game 3 of the ALDS a Yankees Classic and not Game 2 of that series? Game 6 of the WS, but not Game 4 or Game 2?

      (Haha Vlad just got doubled off. ANGELS BASEBALL!)

  105. Meat Loaf says:

    I am excited to see Granderson’s swing tonight.

    Next project for K. Long: Gardner

  106. JGS says:

    Anyone else listen to Jim Bowden make an ass of himself on XM this afternoon? What he was saying boiled down to “Pujols should be the MVP because he has lots of RBIs and is feared.” The goal of the game is driving in runs, and therefore players with more RBIs are by definition better. Also, he had been arguing in favor of Votto for most of the season, but because the Cardinals just swept the Reds, it has to be Pujols.

    Well done, Jim Bowden

  107. bexarama says:

    I honestly wonder why Pat Burrell was just so freaking bad with the Rays.

    • JGS says:

      Some people just can’t DH, even if that’s all they should do.

      Jason Giambi’s OPS as a DH is a respectable .854, but that’s 122 points lower than his OPS as a first baseman. We aren’t talking small samples here–over 5000 PAs as a 1B and over 2000 as a DH. Of course, a lot of those DH PAs were later in his career when he was a worse hitter in general, but he has always had a stark split like that (even in 2000, he played 1/5 of his time at DH and OPSed 267 points lower)

      Something to keep in mind when talking about guys like Adam Dunn.

      • Guys like Giambi also take days at DH when they’re not feeling 100%, so that in part explains the discrepancy.

        • JGS says:

          That’s true too, especially at the beginning of his career. My main point was that people who say they like playing the field should probably be listened to. I’m pretty sure Giambi has said things like that (and I know Dunn has. Not sure about Burrell), and the numbers bear it out.

          • Zack says:

            Well there’s a trade off:
            1. Adam Dunn OPS around .900 while balls drop left and right in RF, with someone else at DH
            2. Dunn OPS around .850 and being a DH, with someone who can catch a ball in RF

            I bet Jermaine Dye liked playing RF too so he could get paid like a RF and not a DH, doesn’t mean he should have been in RF.

            • bexarama says:

              Fair enough but with Burrell it wasn’t an OPS difference of .050. It was much more than that.

              • Zack says:

                Oh I know, I just don’t agree that just because a player wants to play the field instead of DH then you should let him.
                Players don’t want to DH now because the pay cut.

  108. Total Dominication says:

    Why isn’t JoPo catching CC?

  109. Carlosologist says:

    Kazmir’s fail of a play still brings happiness to my soul.

  110. bexarama says:

    Apparently Frenchy said that the whole thing with K-Rod might be the “positive distraction” the Mets need.


    • Pat D says:

      It’s statements like that that make me so happy I’m not a Mets fan.

    • Zack says:

      I see his point. Instead of talk shows talking about them sucking, they talk about their pitcher still in a holding cell during the game from the night before. Right?

      Another Potential Positive Distraction: Francoeur saying he wants a trade- getting his horrible bat out of the lineup is a positive for any team

  111. jsbrendog (returns) says:

    RAB fantasy football time?

  112. Zack says:

    Burrell and Guillen in the same OF? I’m sure that pitching staff is ecstatic

  113. bexarama says:

    This is really cool, or I’m a nerd.

    Maybe both.

  114. Gonzo says:

    Anyone else bummed by KLaw’s comments about Romine? He didn’t bury the guy, but it wasn’t like he said he was an All-Star either.

    • AndrewYF says:


      • Gonzo says:

        His last chat:

        Taz (San Jose, CA)
        KLAW, Yankee prospects to keep an eye on besides Montero. Thanks.

        Klaw (2:07 PM)
        Most exciting guys are Betances, Brackman (I don’t want to say he’s back … but he might be), and Heathcott. JR Murphy’s a long-term guy, but with Romine’s hot start fading out I think some hype might shift over to him as the Yanks’ potential C of the future.
        JAYPERS (IL)
        Re: Yanks to keep an eye on. How about Gary Sanchez?

        Klaw (2:09 PM)
        Yes, thanks, forgot him. That’s a pretty good line of catching prospects – even if Romine’s just a fringe starter, that’s three catchers who project as that or better in their system.

  115. AndrewYF says:

    Was thinking about this today, Boston could have easily gotten Yunel Escobar had they held onto Alex Gonzalez this past offseason.

    It’s not like they could have forseen Gonzalez’s offensive outburst, but it’s certainly one of those things that ‘could have been’.

    • Gonzo says:

      I find it ironic that Adeiny Hechavarria signed with the Jays instead of the Yanks, and he may be blocked in Toronto longer than he would with the Yankees.

      Also, the Red Sox have Iglesias who they seem to like. However, I am sure they would love to have Yunel too.

  116. Gonzo says:

    What would you give up to get Matt Kemp?

  117. Kevin in Delectable Princeton says:

    Fantasy baseball question: It looks like Morneau might be back this season, and if he does it won’t be until the end. Should I go ahead and replace him now?

  118. poster on a different computer who happens to be a deuce bag says:

    All right, I’m going to be the bearer of bad new here and make an uncomfortable point: I’m not convinced that when Andy Pettitte comes bak our rotation problems will be (even mostly) fixed.

    Let’s ignore the A.J./Vazquez issue for a moment here. What I’m not convinced of is that Andy will come back and keep pitching like he was before he got hurt. He’s even one of his best seasons. Great for him. But the reason he’s been so great is that he’s been so lucky. He’s stranded a TON of runners on base, and his BABIP is extremely low. This is not a good combination.

    I was always figuring him in for a regression at some point this year anyway but when you couple all of this with the fact that he’s been on the DL for awhile now and any lingering effects his injury may have I’m not too sure what we could expect of Andy when he gets back on the team.

    • bexarama says:

      Did you think I wasn’t going to respond to this? ;)

      You have a point. But… on the other hand… sometimes it’s just your year or just not your year, frankly. I mean, look at Pettitte’s 2008. He didn’t leave a ton of runners on base, and he had a very high BABIP. I’m not a blind believer in BABIP, so I believe part of that is because he just wasn’t pitching that terribly well due to partially hidden injuries and what have you. But, on the other hand, I think he is (well, was. Sob sob.) pitching terribly well this year.

      I’m more concerned with him coming back from injury than any sort of BABIP stuff or whatever, and I’m sure they won’t let him come back unless he’s 100%. Hopefully the rest is good for his elbow or shoulder or what have you, and he doesn’t get a bit tired in September like what happened last year.

      M&A had a pretty good article on this before his injury.

  119. Gonzo says:

    Anyone see The Expendables? For some reason, I want to see it. Can anyone talk me out/into (of) it?

    • Rose says:

      I haven’t seen it yet…but since nobody has responded I’ll tell you what I’ve heard from others…so certainly take it with a grain of salt. They say that it’s the best worst movie they’ve seen in a long time. Meaning, that you know it’s going to be stupid with a ridiculous plot going into the movie…you prepare yourself accordingly…and then you enjoy the action and badass individuals you grew up loving that was forever lost in the 80′s.

      If you go into this movie expecting everything to make sense and see numerous Oscar winning performances, you’re clearly going to be disappointed. But if you go in knowing it’s barely going to make sense but be filled with non-stop action, explosions and gun shots…you’ll probably enjoy it quite a bit.

  120. Pat D says:

    Wow, VMart’s able to throw out a runner at 2nd because Vlad just can’t run anymore.

    • larryf says:

      but why run? to stay out of the dp? then why not a pinch runner? just a dumb play like Torii Hunter a few weeks ago trying to steal 3rd in the 9th down a few runs with 2 outs. Ended the game.

    • Apollo22237 says:

      Vlad deserved that because he keeps sliding into first base. I can’t stand that. When he got on base, that slide slowed him down so much. If he just ran through first base with his 20 foot strides, he would have easily been safe.

  121. Apollo22237 says:

    So, anyone else watching Baseball Tonight try to explain the “Hughes Rules”

  122. larryf says:

    That Brettsky hustle double last night almost did for me what Andy does for Bex (just kidding wrote the happily married contributor). If Brett could just learn to drive the ball in the gaps-wow!!!!

  123. JobaWockeeZ says:

    I’m not gonna lie I’n a Nets fan and I occasionally go through a blog. Ugh. Not that they’re bad or trollish it’s just that you try and bring something advanced to the table and you get shot down fast.

    Baseball sabermetric fans ftw.

  124. Rose says:

    Everybody do themselves a favor and watch the documentary “America: Freedom to Fascism”. It’s filled with incredible factual information that’s extremely scary. Most people just turn their head and refuse to do research all while holding their same stance they barely know anything about…but watch this.

    One of the main points is how we, legally, don’t have to pay any income tax. It says no where in the Constitution that we have to pay it…and the 16th Ammendment was never actually ratified. The Fed just passed it along regardless. Supreme Courts have ruled accordingly as well. The juries have asked the government (and corrupt judges) to show them the statute that states they have to pay income taxes and they clearly were not able to do so. Very interesting documentary. Highly recommend it.

    • Jose the Satirist says:

      “One of the main points is how we, legally, don’t have to pay any income tax.”

      They had the power to collect income tax since 1789. Read Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution. The 16th Amendment then removed the potential requirement to apportion income tax revenue based on state population. I’ll quote the 16th Amendment: “The Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes on incomes, from whatever source derived without apportionment among the several States, and without regard to any census or enumeration.” Read 26 U.S.C. § 1. That imposes income tax as a law.

      “the 16th Ammendment was never actually ratified.”

      There were 48 states at the time of the 16th Amendment. 36 would need to ratify it for it to become an adopted Amendment. 42 states ratified it. 3 never reviewed it. 3 rejected it.

      “Supreme Courts have ruled accordingly as well.”

      These are important cases related to income tax:
      Brushaber v. Union Pacific Railroad
      Penn Mutual Indemnity Company v. Commissioner of Internal Revenue

      Also people in that film had quotes taken out of context. That film only used sound bytes that would be beneficial to their claims. Even if it changed the actual meaning of the quotes. If you really believe you don’t have to pay income taxes then stand by your belief. Don’t pay them.

      /Not going to enter a political debate

      • Pat D says:

        Yea, just going to the Wikipedia page for the movie highlights a tremendous number of inaccuracies in quotations that were used.

        I’ve grown tired of being manipulated by other so-called documentaries over the last several years (yes, including Michael Moore and I’m liberal, though Capitalism: A Love Story was pretty good), that I just don’t bother with them anymore. The times are so politically polarized that you’re never going to get both sides to the story in anything anymore.

        • Rose says:

          The problem that Liberalists get is that they are tricked into thinking that they are crusaders that are for “helping those who are unfortunate.” Nobody is saying this is wrong…but do we need the government regulating this for us? If you want to help the unfortunate and/or undetermined then do so on a personal level…or one of the states can pass a law that does this…so if somebody doesn’t like the law? They MOVE TO ANOTHER STATE! That’s exactly why the United States was created in the first place! What’s the point of states if the federal government has total control?? There isn’t any. It’s utterly pointless.

          The United States was created on the precedent that everybody is free. This means that you should be able to do whatever you want…as long as you don’t rob, harm, or murder anyone or any property of others. Why doesn’t this exist anymore? The Constitution says that all men shall be treated equally. That doesn’t necessarily mean that out of everybody that comes to this country, nobody has to work or earn a living because others will and should always support them.

          The Republicans and Democrats are all the same. A GREAT analogy used is that the government is like the mob. The Democrats are like the Genovese’s and the Republicans are like the Gambino’s. And their both playing the same craps game at the same craps table. Occasionally, they’ll shoot one another…but if anybody tries to ruin their corrupt game they’re playing. They’re going to hurt you…and make sure you pay.

          • Rose says:

            In the mean time, the actual Liberals running for office are contributing to the destruction of the Constitution and rejuvination of a Fascist society.

            National Health Care is just one small piece of everything. Just wait until the government puts FID chips in your driver’s licenses. Conglomerate companies are already doing so with their products you are buying. They’ll be able to monitor where you’re going, where you went, and what you’ve been doing along the way. You know who else did this? The Nazi’s. “Let me see your papers please…please give me your papers”

          • The United States was created on the precedent that everybody is free. This means that you should be able to do whatever you want…as long as you don’t rob, harm, or murder anyone or any property of others.

            I’m not going any further with this because it will be an incredibly pointless discussion, but that’s a tremendously gross oversimplification and you know it.

            • Rose says:

              Well that was the gist of it anyway. The forefather’s didn’t reject the legitimacy of the British Parliament so they could and flea the Kingdom of Great Britain so they could create a MUCH WORSE situation for the future than what they were originally breaking from.

              I understand there may need to be a few Amendments here and there as mankind grows…but the majority of the laws are put there so the gov’t and bankers can make a profit. Why do you think we go to war? Why did we go to Vietnam? Why did we go to Iraq? Because the government and the bankers who back them get rich off of it.

              “Military men are dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns for foreign policy.” – Henry Kissinger

              And this is a man, like Obama, who won the Nobel Peace Prize for advocating the exact opposite of peace. I agree with Ron Paul when he said Obama should be EMBARRASSED about receiving that award for doing absolutely nothing but sending MORE troops to war.

      • Rose says:

        First of all, I love people who argue or FIGHT on the government’s behalf. It’s mindboggling and sad…but what can you do I guess?

        Secondly, what state in their right mind would ratify something so unconstitutional that takes away their original rights and gives more power to the federal government? Ohio wasn’t actually a state when the government corruptly counted it as one. Also, the Constitution requires that Presidents be natural-born citizens of the United States. William H. Taft was born in Cincinatti, Ohio in 1857 when it was most certainly not a state and thus not a natural born citizen. He shouldn’t have legally been President in the first place and couldn’t legally introduce the 16th Amendment in the first place.

        In addition. The 5th Amendment that is against self-incrimination directly relates to the 1040′s.

        It’s a fascist control mechanism. Why did the Federal Reserve need to be made?? The country seemed to have been doing completely fine for the nearly 140 years before it!

        Ask yourself. What good does it do? It’s been around for years and the country is more in debt after it’s corrupt introduction than ever before…where is the money going and why is it necessary??? They created the Social Security Scam for the same thing. Steal money from the public upon broken promises and false pretenses. Where is that money too??

        Gas taxes and tolls pay for roads and transportation. Corporate taxes, which are quite legal, pay 100% of the military budget. What else is there to pay for on a national level?? The politicians campaign?? All other taxes should be paid on a state level. If I live in Connecticut why should I have to pay taxes for people in Illinois? It doesn’t make sense. That’s not how this country was built. It’s entirely unconstitutional and morally wrong.

        The Federal Reserve is the worst thing to ever happen to this country. It’s entirely unnecessary and morally corrupt regardless of what nonsense the government and/or media feed the public.

        “We are in danger of being overwhelmed with irredeemable paper, mere paper, representing not gold nor silver; no sir, representing nothing but broken promises, bad faith, bankrupt corporations, cheated creditors and a ruined people.” – Daniel Webster, Senate Speech, 1833.

        • Rose says:

          And why won’t the government allow anyone to audit Fort Knox? What are they hiding? Is it because there isn’t anything in there at all??

          • Small World Story:

            A guy I did my internship with last year–older guy, 40ish, in his second career–was in the Rangers and once did a guard duty shift at Fort Knox.

        • He shouldn’t have legally been President in the first place and couldn’t legally introduce the 16th Amendment in the first place.

          No person except a natural born citizen, or a citizen of the United States, at the time of the adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the office of President; neither shall any person be eligible to that office who shall not have attained to the age of thirty-five years, and been fourteen years a resident within the United States.

          Now, I’m not a Taft biographer or anything, but I’d be willing to guess that he spent 14 continuous years in the U.S. after being born in a territory rather than a state.

          • And, I can’t remember back to my history classes all that well, but weren’t people living in the territories still considered citizens?

            • Jose the Satirist says:

              Yes. John McCain could be elected president even though he was born in the Panama Canal Zone. A Puerto Rican could be president. There are a lot of crazy places someone could be born and still be a natural born citizen.

          • Rose says:

            Now, I’m not a Taft biographer or anything, but I’d be willing to guess that he spent 14 continuous years in the U.S. after being born in a territory rather than a state.

            Ohio wasn’t even a state in 1913 WHILE Taft was President haha. The oversight wasn’t found until 1953. Another unconstitutional law then was passed to “retroactively” admitted Ohio a state in 1803. William Howard Taft died in 1930…when Ohio STILL wasn’t a state LOL

            • Considering Jose’s above comment, I guess it doesn’t matter.

              • Rose says:

                The saddest part about all of that is that they can become President…but they have no obligation to pay federal taxes nor the right to VOTE in the same Presidential Elections they are able to run for.

                So they’re able to receive Welfare…but those that actually work don’t have to pay Federal taxes…and they can become President…but if they don’t run themselves…they can’t vote for them.

                [Head spins round in circles with the nonsense the government has created for itself]

                • Pat D says:

                  Rose, do you watch Glenn Beck a lot?

                  • poster on another computer who happens to be a deuce bag says:

                    To be fair and objective here, whether he does or nothing has nothing to do with your ability to rebut his points. IF you want to debate him, do so. Don’t laugh at the controversial/stupid media people he may or may not watch, because Rose is not Glenn Beck.

                    Just saying.

                    And I’m out.

                    • Pat D says:

                      No, my point is that a lot of what Rose says are things I’ve heard Beck say. Rose earlier mentioned liberals being brainwashed into saying and doing things that other people say and do. I just want to know if it goes both ways.

                      I’m not trying to debate, because I’ve stupidly started political debates on this site, and I’m actually trying to stay out of this, but I’m just curious.

                    • poster on another computer who happens to be a deuce bag says:


                      It just seems that whenever people learn somebody watches Beck, they immediately take it as a liscence to decide that this person’s views are crazy and therefore invalid. And the discussion ends with none of the points rebutted. The rebuttal becomes, “Oh he watches Glenn Beck he must be crazy.”

                      Well, that’s not an argument.

                      Also, just becomes somebody watches Glenn Beck, or Rush Limbaugh, or any other hardcore/controversial conservative does not mean they were necessarily brainwashed by such people.

                    • Rose says:

                      Actually, Glenn Beck has absolutely nothing to do with this. He may have stated similar things…and why wouldn’t he? If something is true I would assume a lot of various people would have said similar things…not just one person you don’t like.

                      This is actually a common view amongst people who read and study what’s going on in the country. Most people don’t and they have a similar view to yourself where “I’ve heard people say Glenn Beck is crazy…and this sounds a lot like Glenn Beck…so I’m not even going to begin to get into this because he’s automatically wrong.”

                      So many people refuse to look at things through a different window or perspective so their incapable of seeing what actually might be going on. Conspiracy theorists are labeled crack pots because they actually read and do research while the everyday person just listens to their teacher growing up or reads an inaccurate history book and treats it as gospel. There are a reason these groups exist…and it’s not because all the crazy people in the world united. It’s because they care and are passionate about something that others may take for granted.

                      Every single President that tried to eliminate the fed was assassinated. Now you can label me a “conspiracy nut” but I’ll just label you a “coincidence nut” right back. When are too many coincidences going to be enough? Is it ever?

                    • Pat D says:

                      Yea, I clearly don’t look into this as much as you do. I’m all for government being limited but we seem to disagree on where it should be limited. There should be government regulation in certain areas, and that’s mostly because the people who run things let them run amok, i.e. Wall Street.

                      I’d love to see a class revolution in this country, but it won’t happen because too many middle and lower class people are more concerned about owning guns, not letting gays get married, their religion being stamped upon and a ton of other made up issues that have no real relevance or importance. That’s when happens when corporations own all the media outlets.

                      Also, fascism is such a strong word. You can’t have really fascism without totalitarianism. I can’t see that happening unless there’s another terrorist attack where we all as people let it happen the way we let the Patriot Act happen.

                    • poster on another computer who happens to be a deuce bag says:

                      “I’d love to see a class revolution in this country, but it won’t happen because too many middle and lower class people are more concerned about owning guns, not letting gays get married, their religion being stamped upon and a ton of other made up issues that have no real relevance or importance.”

                      This is where I disagree. These issues all have VERY REAL importance, whatever side you’re on. They show a major change in the philosophy of the country, and that’s important. They involve our understanding of what rights are and what it is to have them.

                      I find that important.

                    • Rose says:

                      Yea, I clearly don’t look into this as much as you do. I’m all for government being limited but we seem to disagree on where it should be limited. There should be government regulation in certain areas, and that’s mostly because the people who run things let them run amok, i.e. Wall Street.

                      The problem with Wall Street is that it, again, is all fake money. It’s not real money. It’s a “perceived” value of something that is backed by nothing but broken promises and trust that doesn’t exist. There is no gold or silver backing the value of the stock market.

                      Also, fascism is such a strong word. You can’t have really fascism without totalitarianism. I can’t see that happening unless there’s another terrorist attack where we all as people let it happen the way we let the Patriot Act happen.

                      Totalitarianism DOES exist. The majority of America just either don’t know what it is, don’t care about it, or can’t seem to connect the dots.

                      (Definition taken elsewhere) “Totalitarian regimes or movements maintain political power through an all-encompassing propaganda disseminated through the state-controlled mass media.” Sound familiar? Who own the majority of the media? The same large corporations that profit from government activity.

                      “Control over the economy” is another one. Alan Greenspan and the rest of his corrupt government banker buddies literally control the economy. Especially since the unconstitutional Federal Reserve was put into play. “Mass surveillance” was just put into play not too long ago with the equally as unconstitutional “The Patriot Act”. Although they were bugging phones and illegally using mass surveillance before that. Now they can just do it “legally”. And “the widespread use of state terrorism” was basically common practice in the 20th century. Henry Kissinger was going to be put on trial for literally sacrificing human lives to pursue government strategic goals in documented areas.

                      All anybody has to do is read about it, do their due diligence, and use common sense and it’s all right in front of you. Clear as day…and scary as hell.

                  • Poopy Pants says:

                    What a lame/ineffective way to try to discredit what someone says.

            • Marcus says:

              Presidents who were born in Ohio before 1953:

              Ulysses S. Grant
              Rutherford B. Hayes
              James A. Garfield
              Benjamin Harrison
              William McKinley
              William Howard Taft
              Warren G. Harding

              Why focus on just Taft?

              Is it just income tax that is “unconstitutional”? What about local property taxes, sales tax, etc.?

    • Oh, and, I’m sure there’s a similar documentary with “incredible factual information that’s extremely scary” from the opposite side on this debate.

      • Rose says:

        How would the government NOT having total control and ultimate power be scary by any means? This country stood up to a gigantic government once and succeeded quite fine before. What’s so scary about it now? What is the federal government doing for us that we need so much? Please, tell me. I’d love to know. The federal government isn’t supposed to have ultimate power. “We the people” are the rulers. The government is below us. The state laws should be above federal law as well. But they made it so that this isn’t the case.

        What exactly do we need them for? So they can take our hard earned money unconstitutionally and throw it out the window? What has the Federal Reserve done that is so succcessful? Besides causing ridiculous inflation and ruining the monetary system as we know it? And what about Social Security? Thank God we have that too. What would we do without it?

        • Rose says:

          The only thing scary about it is that people are ultimately afraid of them. And rightfully so. As Beverly Oliver once said during Jim Garrison’s Kennedy Assassination investigation: “If they can kill the President of the United States, you think they’ll think twice about somebody like me?”

          The difference between people now and people during the Revolutionary period…is that they were willing to unite and die for the future of this country where people today are more selfish and would just rather turn the other cheek and let everything get destroyed.

      • poster on another computer who happens to be a deuce bag says:

        This is the type of thing I mean. This is no rebuttal at all.

        Boy, I’m putting myself into people’s good books today, aren’t I?

        • If that was pointed at me, then I’m sorry. But, I”m not trying to rebut him or argue with him; that would be incredibly fruitless. I’m just trying to point out that for all his “absolutes”, I’m sure there are just as many “absolutes” on the other side of the debate.

          • poster on another computer who happens to be a deuce bag says:

            You’re pointing that out…with no evidence.

            Maybe it’s true. Maybe it’s not. What do I know?

    • Pete says:

      I don’t plan on spending enough effort researching any of this to properly make an argument, but I’ll say one thing: most people are idiots. I don’t want someone as stupid as me having any say in what goes on in government, and I sure as shit don’t want anyone dumber than I am having a say either. I know that’s not a commonly held viewpoint, but over the past decade the govt. has reeled back regulations and now the economy is in the shitter. I don’t mean to imply that one caused the other because that’d be an obvious boversimplification, but the whole “everyone should be able to do whatever they want as long as it doesn’t directly and forcibly harm others” viewpoint is not necessarily the gospel people hold it to be. There are some of us out there who kinda think most people are idiots and should have their global impact leashed to some degree ;)

      • Rose says:

        That’s exactly the problem though. Most people don’t care or aren’t smart enough to understand what’s going on and just put their trust in random people they know nothing about, hoping that they do things right.

        Unfortunately, the majority of the American public are idiots…and the majority of politicians are very smart and manipulative. So put it this way…say you barely have a conscience (if at all) and you’re playing poker with somebody who has no idea how to play but is still willing to participate…and on top of that…that person who doesn’t know how to play has shitloads of money he’s willing to contribute regardless. What do you think this conscience-less person is going to do?

        This is basically what politicians do…knowing that 9 out of 10 Americans are too stupid to understand the game.

        • JGS says:

          You have a member of Congress on record voicing his concern that stationing more troops on Guam would cause the island to tip over and capsize.

          I think saying the majority of politicians are very smart and manipulative is a little off.

          • Rose says:

            “Smart” is a relative term I’m using. By that I mean the average citizen doesn’t know much about politics and/or doesn’t want to talk about politics (mainly because they don’t know a lot about it). The politicians know this…and take advantage of it. It’s pretty simple.

            Look at Social Security. Do you think it was created with the people’s best interest in mind? Or do you think they created it to take your money and never pay it back…which coincidentally is what happened. If they really created it with the best interest of the people in mind, they would have made sure it worked properly and wasn’t a scam.

            And these are the people who are going to also be in charge of the “best interests” of you and your family’s health care. Pretty fucking scary.

            • Marcus says:

              Has Social Security ever not paid out benefits to someone who was eligible? If not, than how is it is a scam? If so, please show me where and how often that has happened.

  125. bexarama says:

    Why does everyone happily use FIP and xFIP but not SIERA or tRA (non-alex gonzalez version?)?

    • Jose the Satirist says:

      Easier to calculate and to find. In my opinion SIERA and tRA are much better.

    • I use tRA+ (StatCorner version) quite a bit. I’m also not fully versed on SIERA. I’ll have to read that piece again.

    • Mike Axisa says:

      My biggest concern with SIERA is that it’s not complicated enough.

      • bexarama says:

        I am assuming this is sarcasm?

      • Jose the Satirist says:

        Haha. This has to be sarcasm. The formula even looks complex: 6.262 – 18.055*(SO/PA) + 11.292*(BB/PA) – 1.721*((GB-FB-PU)/PA) +10.169*((SO/PA)^2) – 7.069*(((GB-FB-PU)/PA)^2) + 9.561*(SO/PA)*((GB-FB-PU)/PA) – 4.027*(BB/PA)*((GB-FB-PU)/PA)

    • Pat D says:

      Cuz I still barely understand FIP and especially xFIP, so I’m not prepared to use the others yet.

      I’m still trying to use wOBA, too.

      • FIP is easy. It just takes the two things over which the pitcher has the most control (BB and K), plus home runs (over which he has some level of control). xFIP just takes home runs and recalculates their rate based on their fly ball rate. This is because a pitcher doesn’t have 100% control over his home run rate. FIP assumes 100% and xFIP assumes it’s 100% related to fly ball rate. Neither is perfect, but both serve their purposes.

        wOBA is great because it assigns a specific run value to each event. A walk’s not as good as a hit, we know, but wOBA values show us how much more valuable the hit is. It also shows us how much more valuable a walk is than an out.

        • Pat D says:

          Yea, I just still need to learn them better.

          The other issue I’m still having is knowing what’s “bad,” “average,” “good,” and “great” with these stats. I know for things like the basic ones, OPS+, ERA+ and stuff like that, but still trying to grasp it with the new ones.

          • Jose the Satirist says:

            For wOBA you can use wRC+ for gauging “good” and “bad”. It would be interesting to have FIP+. I don’t honestly know why there isn’t.

            • bexarama says:

              This is one of my major problems with FIP, other than that I am not a true 100% believer in BABIP. There really needs to be some kind of FIP+-type thing.

              • Jose the Satirist says:

                I believe league average FIP is set to league average ERA. Average ERA in the NL is 4.10, average ERA in the AL is 4.15. Boom. My shitty FIP+ version that probably has problems with park and league adjustments. Use it for fun.

                AL FIP+: 100*(4.15/Player’s FIP)
                NL FIP+: 100*(4.10/Player’s FIP)

                For example, Johan Santana has a 139 ERA+ but only a 122 FIP+ this year. Joba has an 81 ERA+ but a 141 FIP+.

              • JGS says:

                Especially because park adjustments are crucial when talking about home runs, all the more so for a stat like FIP which doesn’t care about balls that don’t leave the yard, even if they are mistakes.

  126. Steve H says:

    WEEI calller just said the Sox should trade Ellsbury for Matt Kemp in the offseason.

    • Steve H says:

      And Dale Arnold says the Red Sox would be crazy to do it.

      • bexarama says:

        It’s kinda funny how Sox fans have gone from treating Tacoby like Jesus in 2007 to “DUMP HIM!!!! WHY DIDN’T HE COME BACK SOONER!!!!” now.

      • Batshit insane.

        Evan Roberts said a few weeks ago the Mets/Dogers should do Reyes for Ethier. Can you say: sidestep?

        • JohnnyC says:

          You cannot trade the most exciting player in baseball!!!! Anyways, they can get Ethier for Ollie Perez and Luis Castillo.

    • Zack says:

      Mike Felger has said numerous times that they could get Prince Fielder for DiceK + Ellsbury.

      Do you get CSNNE? Sports Tonight is a must watch for me.

      • bexarama says:

        I saw some CSNNE guy on Twitter, I forget who, say something like “If John [sic] Lester was a real ace, he wouldn’t have lost four in a row with his team fighting to stay alive in a pennant race” when Lester was struggling a bit post-ASB. Yeaaaaah. Obviously the only real true ace is Josh Beckett.

      • Steve H says:

        I think they could get Gallardo in that deal too…..

    • JohnnyC says:

      The Dodgers could just hang on to Podsednik.

  127. Steve H says:

    “JD Drew could be one of the better players in the league if he could gut it out more.”

    -Glenn Ordway

      • Pat D says:

        Well he was supposed to be like Mickey Mantle. It seems that lack of desire and injury are the only things that have held him back, right? Right?

        /unrealistic hype’d

      • rbizzler says:

        I have no idea what it is about Drew, but I have some very rational and reasonably intelligent Red Sox fan friends who share the irrational dislike for him. I get comments all the time that begin with “I know that the numbers love him,” and “Supposedly he is one of the most efficient players in the game’” and are followed bu the inevitable “BUT” and some flimsy excuse for why he is a bum. My favorite line had to do with the fact that Drew makes the most money on the team, but doesn’t play like it (whatever that means).

        • Zack says:

          Here’s my thing:

          If ARod missed 30 games every year he was with the Yankees, and we had to watch Ramiro Pena start for those 30 games. Would our opinions of ARod differ? Yes. Therefore, I can’t blame them.

          • Steve H says:

            JD Drew has missed 30+ games only once in his 4 years with the Red Sox.

            A-Rod has missed 30+ games once in the past 4 years.

            A-Rod is definitely more durable, but JD Drew has only had one season with the Sox that was truly derailed by injury.

            • Zack says:

              Drew Games missed: 22, 53, 25, 14(on pace for 24)
              ARod Games missed: 4, 24, 38, 7(on pace for 12)
              There’s a difference between those numbers.Especially when you look at their histories.

              I’m not saying JD isn’t good, or that he fakes injuries. I’m just saying I understand Sox’s frustrations with him- yes maybe they get irrational with the hate, but that’s because it’s consistantly something wtih JD,

          • Steve H says:

            Also, this is a fanbase that absolutely loved Trot Nixon who was always injured. They love Youk, who has never played 150 games in a season in his 5 year career.

            They don’t like Drew because his helmet isn’t full of pine tar and he doesn’t show emotions. When Ellsbury stole home against Pettitte, the big story in Boston the next day was how Drew didn’t jump up and down in the batters box with excitement. He also doesn’t misplay balls in the outfield, so you rarely see him make a diving catch.

            As simple as it seems, if the dude rubbed some pinetar on his helmet and dirt on his jersey, he would get more love from the fans in Boston no matter how many games he played. I’m here, I live it. They hate Drew for being Drew.

            • bexarama says:

              Yeah. In Simmons’ recent article about the Red Sox, he basically got on Drew (TWSS) for not fist-pumping after a big double or something. The guy is a bit of a robot but who gives a shit? So’s Teixeira. He’s really good at baseball. I remember people criticizing him for not getting excited over the Ellsbury steal of home, too.

              A bunch of the hate/skepticism probably also comes from the fact that Theo absolutely adores him, but he’s not in an obvious way one of the better players in the game, or even like… to dumb fans… someone like Ryan Howard, who hits a gazillion dingers and has a bunch of ribbies. That I can at least understand, even if I don’t agree with it.

  128. JohnnyC says:

    K-Rod out for the year. Tore a ligament. The Mets are beyond baseball.

    • Jose the Satirist says:

      Karma is a bitch.

    • Apollo22237 says:

      The Mets are the exception to the rule “you can’t predict baseball.”

      You can always predict something bad will happen to the Mets.

    • bexarama says:

      The Mets can’t just have a quietly bad season, can they??

      • JohnnyC says:

        It’s too bad that Brian Bruney is on the DL. It’d be ironic in a Michael Kay sort of way to have Bruney called up from Buffalo to replace K-Rod as Mets closer.

    • aRX says:

      If you’re a Mets fan, and a parent, do you raise your kid to be a Mets fan too? Not sure I could bring myself to hurt my kids like that.

  129. Steve H says:

    It’s easy to forget that Rivera has thrown the eighth-most innings in playoff history (133 1/3) and has an ERA of 0.74.

    ::head explodes::

  130. SouthernYankeeFan says:

    Asked this in the game thread but I think it got lost at the end and never got an answer.

    Does anybody know who said something like, “if you are going to hit into a double play at leas have the common sense to strike out”

  131. Zack says:

    got to give #angels credit for keeping private k-rod’s issues. no wonder they didnt try hard to sign him.

    Even when the Angels suck, lets make up stuff to suck up to them.

  132. Andy In Sunny Daytona says:

    Fun Fact: Gary Sanchez is younger than Bryce Harper.

  133. Johnny O says:

    Axisa – Can we get a draft review now that all picks are signed? Gotta think it looks better overall since we got so many inked.

  134. larryf says:

    Interesting article in the Times today about Lou Gehrig and his disease. New research suggests he may not have had the disease that is named after him! May have been on the basis of numerous concussions in pro baseball and football in high school and college. He never wore a helmet through all of that. They also mention a post-game brawl with the tigers in 1924 where Lou took after Ty Cobb and fell (Zimmered) on concrete hitting his head.

    • Jose the Satirist says:

      Gehrig was never actually named in the study, he was used as an example as to where the research could be applied. In all likelihood no one will ever know if he had it or not. All that remains of Gehrig are ashes and the actual illness can never be 100% certain.

  135. bexarama says:

    I’m shocked that the Dodgers actually signed Zach Lee.

  136. Steve H says:

    Oh Joe.

    Matthew (Columbia, NJ)
    Hey Joe, does Roy Halladay have a legit shot at the Cy Young Award?

    Joe Morgan (11:17 AM)

    He definitely has a chance, but he has a lot of losses. I don’t know what they look at for the Cy Young Award any more, because last year Adam Wainwright should have won the Cy Young. I think he should win it again this year.

  137. Steve H says:

    Ok, now I’m convinced. Joe Morgan’s post playing career is just the longest running episode of Punk’d ever. There’s no way he’s not messing us with this gem:

    Jason (Memphis)
    Joe, I really appreciate a HOFer taking the time to chat with fans each week during the season. If you were GM for an expansion team – which current player would you take – assuming everyone was available?
    Joe Morgan (11:25 AM)
    Very good question. First of all, the toughest positions to fill, and to fill with superstars, usually is shortstop. If you’re starting a team from scratch, and using that philosophy, I would look at Starlin Castro and Elvis Andrus, but, that said, Jason Heyward, Austin Jackson, Mike Stanton would probably make me change my mind and I probably would take one of them. Right now the edge would go to Heyward.

  138. rbizzler says:

    This may be being discussed in the Top 30 thread, but I thought I would drop this in here:

    Being that he is a top tier talent, the Yanks have to at least take a gander at the medicals.

  139. aRX says:

    Have the car ads always been here (In the banner, on the side, in between posts)?

  140. Steve H says:

    Tom Verducci says Josh Hamilton is the best player in baseball. Why do these mediots do this? Sure, the guy is great, and has been great thru Mid-August. Albert Pujols has done this for 10 years.

    I am a fan of Josh Hamilton but the headline is so ridiculous I’m not even going to read the whole thing. Too “now” for me.

    • Zack says:

      It happens way too much.

      I love Greinke, but he’s not the best pitcher in the game like he was made out to be last year. Like you said, one year of great performance doesn’t unseat a guy like Pujols or Doc or whomever.

      Same with Bartlett/Zobrist last year- good players who had great years, doesn’t suddenly make them the best at their position.

  141. poster on another computer who happens to be a deuce bag says:

    Could this be a Sal sighting? Time will tell.

  142. Too good not to share:

    “melvin says: (4:22:51 PM)
    yo soy mariano”

    head. Explodes.

  143. Carlosologist says:

    My attempt at dissecting the 2011 draft order:

    1) Pirates
    2) Orioles
    3) Mariners
    4) Dbacks
    5) Indians
    6) Cubs
    7) Dbacks (for failure to sign first rounder Barret Loux)
    8) Royals
    9) Nationals
    10) San Diego (for failure to sign first rounder Karsten Whitson)
    11) Astros
    12) Brewers
    13) A’s
    14) Tigers
    15) Brewers (for failure to sign first rounder Dylan Covey)
    16) Marlins
    17) Mets
    18) Angels
    19) Dodgers
    20) Rockies
    21) Blue Jays
    22) White Sox
    23) Cardinals
    24) Giants
    25) Boston
    26) Texas
    27) Philadelphia
    28) Cincinnati
    29) Minnesota
    30) Atlanta
    31) Padres
    32) Rays
    33) Yankees

    This is assuming winning percentages hold up for the duration of the season.

    • Carlosologist says:

      A note: The A’s, Tigers, Phillies, Reds, Rays, and Yanks all have the same winning percentages, so the order could have gone either way.

    • Tom Zig says:

      One minor nitpick: 33) Texas – From Yankees signing Cliff Lee.

      • JGS says:

        correlary to this:

        Doing a draft order before the free agent signing season doesn’t make too much sense–this will change many times

  144. bexarama says:

    The Johnny Damon six-hit game was one of the ugliest Yankee wins of all time Y/Y?

  145. Jose the Satirist says:

    The Mets placed Krod on the disqualified list so he wouldn’t collect money or service time. Looks like the union is going to drag it’s feet on this one.

    • Steve H says:

      Pretty ridiculous. If he had beaten up his whole family without getting injured they suspend him for a few games and bring him back, especially if they were in a pennant race. They are punishing him for getting hurt, not for beating up and old man.

      • Chris says:

        True, but they may actually win in the case to not pay him until he’s able to pitch again.

        • Steve H says:

          They shouldn’t have let him throw a pitch. The fact that they brought him back to pitch, and are now going to punish him only because he’s hurt looks bad. I bet they lose. Had the suspended him indefinitely and found out he was hurt before bringing him back to pitch I think they’d have a case.

  146. Steve H says:

    If the Nationals and Harper really went down to the last 26 seconds before the deadline they are idiots. I don’t believe it one bit. They’re just putting that out there to show they both drove a hard bargain.

    • Chris says:

      I bet that he finally signed the deal (or faxed it, whatever needs to happen) with 26s to spare. I thought I heard that they had the basic parameters of a deal worked out a few weeks ago and it was just the last minute posturing trying to get a couple extra dollars, or a suite on road trips, or whatever that took it to the last minute. It also doesn’t help that MLB doesn’t let teams announce over slot deals until close to the deadline.

      • Steve H says:

        Agreed. There’s no way it truly went down to 26 seconds as to whether he was going to sign or not. Just makes for a better story.

        • Zack says:

          If that’s true, I wish the fax machine jammed up. And they all had to watch the clock: 26…25…24…

  147. bexarama says:

    Some ESPN wishful thinking from the “Hunt for October” page……..

    • Carcillo says:

      I saw something like that a while ago. I know why, even though it may sound nonsensical. I apologize in advance.

      The Rays and Yankees are tied for the divisional lead, and the Wild Card lead as well. However, the Rays have the tiebreaker edge at 6-5, and that seems to cancel the Yankees out of the equation altogether. It’s probably just a technicians error. Originally after the final game in 2005, the standings had the Red Sox 95-67 record ahead of the Yankees’ 95-67 record, though the tiebreaker gave the Yankees the division championship. They did fix that.

  148. Pat D says:

    So as I got into my car and started to drive to work, I turned on WFAN. Those two Mets fans were subbing for Francesa again. They were getting on Cashman apparently for comments that Cashman made where he said something like if the Yankees don’t have the playoff spot or division clinched with time to spare in the season, then they haven’t done what they’re supposed to do or something like that.

    I came in towards the end of this discussion, so I might have misheard, but does anyone know if Cashman really made comments like this recently?

    • Steve H says:

      “We have 162 games to get the job done and if we need the final week, then we haven’t lived up to our maximum potential,” Brian Cashman said. “And in that case, it wouldn’t be right to put it on this kid’s (Hughes’) shoulders.”

      New York Post

      • Pat D says:

        OK, I see what Cashman is saying. But I also see what the other guys were saying. They said that one of the reasons that the Yankees might need the final week is simply because they play in the toughest division with a lot of other good teams.

        I did see someone in Jerry Crasnick’s ESPN chat today that only the Tigers have a winning record vs. the AL East this year, and if they lose to the Yankees tonight, they won’t anymore either.

        • Pat D says:

          Let me amend that. Of non-AL East teams, only Detroit is even .500 against the AL East. And that’s before tonight’s game.

  149. Carcillo says:

    Uh oh. Yankees about to fall out of first place…for about six hours worth of time.

    Cue the morons.

  150. larryf says:

    Brettsky lead off again tonight?

    • Pat D says:

      Brett Gardner LF
      Derek Jeter SS
      Mark Teixeira 1B
      Robinson Cano 2B
      Nick Swisher DH
      Jorge Posada C
      Curtis Granderson CF
      Austin Kearns RF
      Ramiro Pena 3B

      • larryf says:

        Good. we will never swing at the first pitch in the first inning with Gardner. So demoralizing to ground out to short/2nd on the first pitch.

  151. bexarama says:

    “To say that I’m frustrated is an understatement”
    “Maybe I pushed it too hard”


    (As I cry through my tears)

  152. Tom Zig says:

    “The Reds, no surprise at all, are a direct reflection of Dusty Baker, proving again that he’s one of the best managers in the biz”

    Oh ok.

    • Carlosologist says:

      I fully expected the Reds to be one of the worst teams in baseball entering this season.

      • Tom Zig says:

        Same here and I still expected them to crash by the ASB but here in August and they are still around. However, little of that has to deal with Dusty Baker, he doesn’t have the magical tRA.

      • bexarama says:

        I am quite sure if you dig back far enough in the archives here/find the right thread you’ll see my predictions for the worst records in the two leagues…

        AL: Blue Jays
        NL: Padres

        (hangs head in shame)

  153. Gonzo says:

    Pirates get Heredia! Dang.

  154. Jose the Satirist says:

    Melancon’s comments were a bit surprising. Suddenly in three innings of work in Houston they have his back?

  155. Doug says:

    Looks like Berkman’s going on the DL. Nunez called up.

  156. Rose says:

    Everybody sign up for the class action lawsuit against Barrack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and the rest of the politicians breaking the law.

    It’s for a good cause!

    “We the people” are in charge…not the government. Let your voice be heard and stop the fascism!

    • Rose says:

      Three claims are made in the complaint:

      Abuse of Authority – The actions of the Defendants are not within the scope of authority granted them by the U.S. Constitution.
      Violation of 10th Amendment – The actions of the Defendants violate the explicit limitations in the 10th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.
      Breach of Oath of Office – The actions of the Defendants represent a breach of the Defendants’ duties contained within their oaths of office to protect and defend the U.S. Constitution.

      • Chip says:

        At first I thought this was a joke, and then I remembered growing up around racist conservatives and realized that it isn’t

        • Rose says:

          Do you always jump to conclusions and think irrationally…or do you just do it with politics?

          What does being a conservative have to do with being racist? Secondly, the Republicans are just as corrupt. They’re all basically the same. They both steal your hard earned money so they can fund nonsense that isn’t needed. We need funds for roads, police, education, and military. That’s it. Nothing else. We don’t need to pay for a random Governor’s retirement and benefits package in Iowa because he was once corruptly promised that for his vote on something unconstitutional.

      • Nate says:

        Replying here since this crap has no place in the game thread.

        For starters, that’s actually one claim, considering that claim 2 and 3 both refer back to claim 1. And claim 1 happens to be entirely wrong. See:

        This has been tried on numerous occasions in the various states that have similar plans, and failed miserably every time. Good luck with this one working any better.

      • Pat D says:

        Wow, if only we had been this opposed to the Patriot Act…

        • Nate says:

          The really sad part is that if we had, and if it had gotten the same amount of attention as Tea Party crazies do, it might actually have gotten somewhere in the courts, unlike this poorly thought-out political maneuver.

        • Rose says:

          They were opposed to the Patriot Act. We were just 10 years younger and didn’t watch the news or care to hear about it back then probably. That’s my guess as to why people don’t remember anyway.

    • Newbie says:

      That’s funny. Maybe anyone who wishes not to pay for healthcare can sign a dotted line and then refuse all public healthcare. So if that person does need immediate help, he will not be treated in the ER. He will not pay, so he will not receive any publicly supported health care. The streets would be lined with bodies.

    • Zanath says:

      Can I assume you have no problem with the Arizona immigration law? Or are we only opposed to government went it doesn’t follow an ideology we like?

      • Rose says:

        I don’t see the logic of starting up the “Patriot Act” because we’re “threatened by terror” but we still have the borders open? But on the other hand…I don’t think we need to do either.

        And we actually may need the illegal immigrants here. With unions hiking up prices and outsourcing becoming a rampant part of life…paying illegal immigrants under the table to push the broom around for a while isn’t that big of a deal.

        And if anybody says that these people are “stealing their jobs”…to take a quote from Doug Stanhope “If any of these people in tattered clothing getting out of the back of the trucks are as qualified as you for any particular job…you don’t even deserve to argue about it”

    • Captain Jack says:

      “We the people” are in charge…not the government. Let your voice be heard and stop the fascism!

      I love this line of argument; say that “the government is in charge, not us!!!!11!!” Which translates to: “I’m a massive asshole who never bothered to show up the last two elections, so while politicians that I agreed with got shit hammered at the polls I sat on my ass bitching at the black kids on my lawn.”

      The government is elected by the people, a huge Democratic platform is some form of universal health care, anyone who didn’t know this when voting for a Democrat is living under a rock. The people spoke, the officials that they elected were trying to make good on their promises but the right wing noise machine sponsored by health insurance companies who stand to lose a shit load of money lied to the people and gave idiots like Sarah Palin the idea that there will be a “death panel.” She then gave idiots like you the idea that mentally handicapped people and the old will have to somehow justify their existence. Since I know you probably can’t read and don’t have a long attention span, there’s a nine minute segment for a man explaining this to you:

      After listening to this fornicate your self with an iron stick and refrain from having an opinion for the next six years.

      • Jim S says:

        Why couldn’t you have just said that without the personal, unnecessary insults? Did he really piss you off that much?

        • Captain Jack says:

          Not so much him, just his ilk. Purposefully uninformed and doing the man’s bidding. It pisses me off that the man is using the proletariat as his everyday pawns, and the proletariat couldn’t be none the wiser. It’s bullshit and completely transparent, but since we live in a society where calling these legions of retards on their bullshit is considered “liberal bias” and the willfully ignorant just comes up with something crazier everytime you call them on their shit, no one does anything.

          • Rose says:

            I’m confused. Everything you just said above was nonsense and personal inaccurate opinions of what you THINK I am.

            But I’m the one who doesn’t know what I’m talking about??


      • Rob NY says:

        Just out of curiosity what do you think is going to happen when healthcare, a limited commodity, is promised to everyone who pays their taxes? I think that hard decisions will have to be made like they are in every other nation who operates such a system over who gets the benefit of those limited resources and who doesn’t. Calling it a death panel is inflammatory political bullshit, even if there’s a bit of reality in the rhetoric.

        In your estimation are social security and public housing working examples of how you want hospitals to be run? I’ve lived near Public housing my whole life and they’re some of the most dangerous places i’ve ever seen. With social security I hope you realize that if it can possibly pay us at all we’ll be contributing very much and getting very little from a broken system.

        Rose is a bit of a nut job, we can agree on that. The argument that President Taft was never a U.S. citizen is, in the words of a respected commenter here “batshit insane”.

        However, the idea that the powers not directly enumerated to the Federal government are reserved to the states isn’t some lunatic fringe concept. The 10th Amendment grants reserve powers to the states. That’s important because while the framers didn’t want a confederacy, they’d tried that and it failed, they wanted strong state governments in an attempt to ward off tyranny from a federal government that can’t possibly understand the needs of the 50 states individually. The best government is local government. It’s why amending the Constitution to allow for the direct election of Senators was a mistake.

        • Captain Jack says:

          You’re right, if the founders were worried about people having to declare bankruptcy to get brain surgery or have a mastectomy they would have written about it in the constitution.

          • Rob NY says:

            That’s not what I said. Purposefully mischaracterizing my argument doesn’t make yours right. Neither does an emotional argument pointing out the flaws of the current system while ignoring the obvious negatives about the one you’re supporting. I agree that the system as is needs help. However, I disagree with the federal government overstepping it’s authority to do that. Before we move on to any other ridiculous types of argument I’m an atheist, I’m not a racist, and I support gay marriage.

            I’m not saying there is no happy medium outside of anarchy. First and foremost what I’m saying is that requiring anyone to buy health insurance is not something within the power of the federal government to do. Their having done so is unconstitutional and I think the highest court in the land should probably make a decision on that. Second I’m saying that even if it were legal that it’s likely going to result in an even worse system than we have now.

            • Rob NY says:

              BTW while I don’t think it’s particularly effective I have no problem with the system MA has decided to adopt. There’s “universal healthcare” in that state that has put MA into near bankruptcy. But they retain the power to do those kinds of things via the 10th Amendment. Thee only argument I can rightly have with it is a philosophical one as it is completely legal. Obamacare is an abuse of power.

            • Nate says:

              Is it really overstepping its authority though? I certainly don’t think so. They are essentially saying “You have a right to decent healthcare. Realistically, you have always had and used this right, and too often on the government’s dime. We recognize this, and want to correct the issue by mandating that all citizens have a method of paying for saving their lives.”
              I (clearly) believe this to not only be the right thing to do from an ethical standpoint, but also from a financial standpoint. Republicans of yester-year would have applauded such a move for financial responsibilities.

              • Rob NY says:

                Nate– I’m a libertarian. Not sure if most folks know what that means but mostly it means I view government as a necessary evil and not a great help anyone really. As far as authority goes the constitution clearly enumerates certain powers to the federal government. Within that sphere of powers no state government can infringe and where they do federal law supersedes. However, the important part is that where no power is explicitly granted the federal government cannot act. Folks will point to the necessary and proper clause but that is still contingent on a specific power to operate. So yes, I don’t think that government mandated healthcare is something you can infer from the law. The option that I would suggest to fix that is a Constitutional Amendment that would allow it. If that were to happen I would hope that people who disagree, myself included, would have to abandon the legal argument. Though there are still people who say the income tax is unconstitutional. (and they’re quite wrong.)

                All of that being said I disagree with your view of second generation rights. (Those are generally positive rights like the ‘right to healthcare’ for instance) IMO You can have no right to something that is a limited commodity and that if exercised can only be done to the exclusion of someone else. IMO healthcare, housing, a job, food, all of these limited commodities can’t possibly be “rights” by their very nature.

                You hit the nail on the head when you brought up ethics question though. That’s exactly what I think we are all looking for ‘the right thing to do’. It makes the issue so difficult. I don’t want some family to become homeless paying for their child’s healthcare. I understand that’s a problem with the system as it is. However, I just don’t see government as the answer to all of my problems. Maybe if our tax burden was decreased charities and churches could play a larger role in helping exactly these types of people.

                • Rose says:

                  That’s the problem with liberals though. They don’t look at the big picture they just look at it as “helping the poor and sick” vs. “evil racists” (as one lunatic above had stated)

                  Personally, I think they’re both evil…although I’m sure calling everyone a racist would be quite inaccurate.

                  No where in the Constitution does it say that if you don’t feel like providing for yourself and your family, everybody else will do it. No where. Never once. And it’s the most ridiculous statement ever. And it has nothing to do with race or color. White people, green people, any kind…if you are perfectly capable to work…you should do whatever you can to get work.

                  Also, I think the media blows up stupid shit like “Obama is Muslim”. OK? I don’t understand what anybody is trying to get across. Let’s pretend he was a Muslim…then what? Is it just some giant Vegas bet going on or is there some other nonsense attached. Christian, Muslim, Jewish – He’s corrupt regardless.

                  As for the Mosque…I don’t really have a problem with it…but why did they need to put one there? Most Muslims live in Brooklyn and there are plenty there. Why would they take the subway past several mosques already built to go to one in the middle of a crowded city? If that’s what they want to do though…and they have a good reason…whatever.

                  • Nate says:

                    Why is it that you aren’t bothered by the hypocrisy of criticizing the insertion of personal insults into political discussions, then doing it yourself?

                    As for the rest of your argument:
                    The second paragraph doesn’t make any sense to me. Both of what are evil?
                    As to the constitution supporting laziness, you are quite right that it does not. However nowhere did I argue that. What I did argue is that the healthcare measures are a specific counter to laziness, deferring the cost of what might otherwise be a tax-supported ER visit back to the consumer. And yes, perhaps a more cost-effective method would be an opt-in plan, but these days cost-effectiveness and moral high ground are rarely in the same place.

                    As to your second-to-last paragraph – this is coming from left field. There’s no previous basis for you to state this, you just seem to be inserting a random point to seem less radical when you call Obama corrupt. I believe the basis of the political system prevents a truly incorruptible politician, so I’m not going to argue that. I’ll just say that if you believe him to be corrupt, come right out with it, don’t sugar coat it.

                    And the last paragraph – again out of left field. The TLDR of it seems to be “Oh I actually don’t care about it.” Uuuuh… then why mention it at all?

                • Nate says:

                  I do understand that there are roughly 50 different definitions of libertarian, and you gave me yours. :P On many issues I might even call myself one, albeit a liberal one. No matter, I see what you’re saying.

                  I actually can’t agree with you more that the “right-est” way to do this is to make it an amendment, however I believe that if they actually took that route, it wouldn’t pass within the next one hundred years, so they are forced to take the realistic approach.
                  On the other hand, I can’t disagree with you more on your interpretation of the Constitution. Its original writers understood that a static code of laws would not lend itself to establishing a successful nation – I believe that very few sections of the Constitution were intended as be-all-end-all solutions. And, thanks to McCulloch v. Maryland (not to mention the Civil War and Civil Rights Movement), it has been established that the Supremacy Clause supersedes the tenth amendment, rendering any argument of states’ rights in this matter moot.

                  • Rob NY says:

                    The beauty of libertarianism is that I can call myself socially liberal and fiscally conservative. The general rule of thumb for most of us though is that we want the government to leave us alone.

                    The 10th Amendment area is a sore spot for me. The SCotUS respects stare decisis, unless the cases in the past were clearly different from the one before it or are clearly wrong. One or both of those applies here. The 10th Amendment is far from moot where the federal government has no authority. I’ve pointed out why I think the federal government has no authority to mandate health insurance. In those areas why is it the 10th Amendment doesn’t apply?

                    I also can’t understand why we as a society have decided to stop trying to Amend the Constitution in favor of a tortured understanding of the 14th Amendment’s due process and equal protection jurisprudence. Anytime we want the Constitution to say something now we simply demand the court dictate it is so rather than actually making it legal. I’m not sure how much you follow the Supreme Court but the recent McDonald case really makes me sick. The “Conservative” justices jumped the shark in that case and used the same tortured 14th Amendment argument creating a right to “self-defense” that equally doesn’t exist in the Constitution.

                    Our greatest gift from the previous and to the ensuing generations is our Constitution and system of laws. If we abandon changing the Constitution because it’s “unrealistic” we abandon a large part of the responsibility that comes with the gift of being Americans IMO. That is Amending the Constitution the only way that is legal and not through the courts so that the future has a stable ground to work from.

                    I generally don’t disagree with McCulloch except to say that a lot of what Marshall was doing with that case and Marbury v. Madison was to preserve the power of the court and build it’s own respectability.

  157. Johnny O says:

    How do you buy tickets for the Staten Island Yankees? I’m generally internet-savvy but couldnl’t figure it out. Thanks!

  158. AndrewYF says:

    Ah, SOSH:

    Sox should be 9-3 at minimum against Baltimore. Add in those 2 Tampa games, a couple other Bogar games, and this team should easily be in first place. That’s the amazing thing – despite the injuries, etc., this team could easily be in first.

    That is some classic Eric Vanning.

    • bexarama says:

      Hilarious. And I know the Angels aren’t good this year, but they shouldn’t be 0-9 against Boston. They’re not that bad.

      Doesn’t he have some crazy way of measuring wins and losses and stuff that he calls “the karma system” or something? And of course by “the karma system” the Red Sox are leading the division by like 20?

    • JobaWockeeZ says:

      The Yanks could do that bullshit ‘if everything went right’ things. If A-Rod was having an A-Rod year the Yankees would win more games. If Jeter had a Jeter year the Yankees would win more games. If Javy didn’t have a dead arm period they would win games. If KLong fixed Granderson’s swing earlier on the Yankees would have more wins.

      Every team has these non injury related issues that hurt the team.

  159. Zanath says:

    I just heard Mitch Williams say Jimmy Rollins is the best shortstop in all of baseball. All of baseball! I don’t know who the best shortstop in baseball is, but I do know it isn’t Jimmy Rollins.

  160. Jim S says:

    Just my two cents on this God-awful political drama, from the perspective of someone who’s read the articles here for 18-20 months but only comments rarely(i can read at work but not comment, who knows why):

    Firstly, Rose, whenever you end paragraphs or sentences with LOL in caps, no one’s going to take you seriously. Secondly, you DO have a persecution complex, although from what I can tell it’s been developed pretty understandably.

    There’s a HUGE mob mentality here, such that anyone who even thinks about agreeing with anything Rose says won’t speak up because they’ll get eaten alive by the regulars. While I don’t agree with most of what he posts, it’s appalling how vitriolic the comments get, with obvious and unhidden personal attacks and cursing.

    Honestly if you want him to stop posting political articles that you disagree with, either respond logically like he asks or leave them alone. Responding with “You’re a racist asshole who obviously understands nothing so go fuck yourself”? How are you any better? If you have nothing intelligent to add to a political discussion, stay out of it or you make the whole clusterfuck that much worse.

    And if he ignores your logical response? Ignore it, let it go. People’s inability to do that astonishes me sometimes. But it’s a huge turn off to see otherwise sane, normal commenters go absolutely apeshit when Rose posts anything non-baseball related.

    Seriously Rose, how have you not realized that anyone here who agrees with you isn’t going to comment, and the people who DO comment are going to blast you personally? I have yet to see one political discussion after which you end up happy. As much as I think people here overreact, the fact that you keep doing the same thing over and over is just as annoying. There are plenty of forums on the internet where people agree with you, or, at the very least, are willing to discuss politics on the platform you desire.

    I would have said something earlier but again, most of my reading is done at work and my comments don’t go through so I have to post during the aftermath. I love 99% of the articles AND discourse here and wish I could be a bigger part of it.

    …Go Yankees!

    • Pat D says:

      Well said.

    • Rose says:

      Thanks Jim S. You’re absolutely right.

      The thing with politics is that it’s a touchy subject because most people only see what’s on the news (mostly nonsense)…but when some people take it seriously…they want to try and open peoples eyes to it. It’s like witnessing a mugging or robbery. You want to tell somebody right away. It’s not because you want to argue or get people upset (which is what everybody automatically assumes)…it’s because you literally hope somebody will listen. That’s all. Opening the eyes to even one person is a success in a lot of similar things like this.

      That being said. I know people who agree with me generally don’t say anything…and that’s fine. I’m the “villain” that speaks my mind and the majority of the other “regulars” view it as a threat for whatever reason. Since the other regulars are close and tight with the administrators (or in some case ARE the administrators) they feel a need to follow whatever they do regardless. Which is fine. It’s as if some of the responders attack me solely to get a high five or be in the good graces sometimes. But it is what it is. I understand the reasons why. It’s not necessarily a “persecution complex”…it’s just that I’m aware of what’s going on and perhaps they’re not.

      Let me say this though. I have broken a guideline rule only ONCE (one time I wrote “first” in a new thread…but the banning was really stemmed from perfectly legal discussion beforehand that people didn’t agree with that created chaos similar to yesterday – see Ben’s response in the Open Thread for further proof of that – as Rule #12 was never a rule before the discussion but because people couldn’t control themselves he gave me a warning for not breaking any rules. It’s pretty standard I guess). Meanwhile, insults and personal attacks are thrown around like wild (which is FAR worse than somebody just posting “First” in a new thread) and it goes unnoticed. The priorities may be a little jumbled I’m guessing.

      Either way. For whatever reason, I get under peoples skin. Perhaps it’s because I speak my mind and I don’t sugar coat things. Judging from the nature of a lot of posters who follow and praise anything and everything the adminstrators “favorites” say…perhaps it’s because they’re incapable of it. Who knows.

      I just know that I’ve never intentially tried to get anybody going. And just because I have a different point of view on certain things doesn’t give you the right to personally attack me and get away with it either.

      If everybody could just control themselves and respond in a cordial manner it would avoid all of this from happening. I don’t think it’s fair to punish somebody, who didn’t break any rules, but spoke his mind and totally allow the overreactions and uncontrollable disgusting behavior that follows all because you just didn’t agree with the person who spoke his mind.

      I can only apologize for speaking my mind and doing what was not breaking the guideline rules. I cannot apologize for and will not take responsibility for other people ganging up and not being able to control themselves all while actually breaking several guideline rules in the process.

      There is no “persecution complex”, it literally is what it is.

      • “Either way. For whatever reason, I get under peoples skin. Perhaps it’s because I speak my mind and I don’t sugar coat things”

        No, I really think it’s because you enjoy getting under people’s skin. That’s the annoying part.

        • Rose says:

          Well regardless of what you “really” think. You’re wrong.

          Try reading the rest of what I wrote…about how you create double standards and play favorites based on YOUR beliefs. Ironic isn’t it?

          • You obviously want a reaction. That’s fine. But you also know by now what type of reaction you’ll get here. Yet you continue to do it. I take that to mean you enjoy starting these things. If you didn’t enjoy starting these things, you’d not do it, because you know what will follow your political comments.

            Do we play favorites? Sure. Everyone does. We all have our own biases and predispositions. This includes you. I tend to come down harder on people who 1) always comment on the negative, and 2) try to pin causation on everything that happens. You do both. Hence, we’re not going to get along a lot of the time. As you so frequently say, it is what it is.

            P.S. You constantly ask people to read what you write and judge it on its merits, yet you constantly lump basically all commenters together (e.g., “the regulars,” “the favorites”) and make sweeping generalizations about them, without acknowledging their counterarguments. So just know that, like most things in life, this works both ways.

            • Rose says:

              You’re complete basing your generalizations of me on a personal misperception.

              I don’t kiss ass and agree with everything everybody says so that automatically means I’m doing it on purpose (in your eyes). While try looking at it through a more logical perspective. Maybe I just don’t always think things are as hunky dorey all the time as others. And for whatever reason, this is viewed as a threat. You even admitted yourself that you’re incapable of correctly and accurately determining the motive behind certain posts and responses. You automatically assume that if it’s not what you want to hear, it’s being done on purpose. And that’s not exactly fair. Because you really don’t know. And to be honest, you’re precisely wrong.

              What do I accomplish by purposely posting things with the agenda to get everybody upset? Absolutely nothing. If I solely just wanted a “reaction”, I would just blend in like a robot and agree with everybody on everything…because those get a lot of responses too. There is absolutely no reason whatsoever for me to purposely post things to get a rise out of people. It doesn’t benefit me in the least. Why would I want to set myself up to get personally attacked over and over? Are you saying that my goal was to ultimately set myself up to be torn apart? If you think my political views are outrageous…how the hell can you actually believe this nonsense to be true?

              I offer a different point of view on things that you don’t like and disagree with. That’s the bottom line. You can twist and turn things to make it look like I’m doing it on purpose to personally attack myself but it’s a bunch of bullshit and you know it. Then all the followers follow suit and personally attack me, breaking several guideline rules in the process, and hell ensues. But because you disagree with what I have to say so strongly, you let them go on and on because perhaps you enjoy it? And you wish you could join them in the personal attack party…the only problem is you have your reputation as the administrator to uphold…so instead of joining it…you’ll just let it happen and then blame everything on the person being attacked…because you didn’t agree with him anyway. “He got what he deserved”

              Perhaps, just like we saw yesterday with everyone else, you too cannot control your reactions to certain things you don’t agree with.

              • Steve H says:

                There is absolutely no reason whatsoever for me to purposely post things to get a rise out of people.

                So why post so much political stuff on a baseball blog where you know the vast majority of people will completely disagree with you? What is the reason for that? Not attacking you here, just want to know if the reason isn’t “to get a rise out of people” what is it? If it’s to truly change peoples minds about government, I don’t think this is a great forum for it.

          • Rob NY says:

            Rose — I read here everyday and like Jim S don’t post a whole lot. The main issue, I think, is that you’re like a pit bull. You latch on to something and won’t let it go. It’s admirable that you have strong beliefs. Unfortunately for you, this is a baseball site and when you realize the audience isn’t receptive to what you have to say why not just let it go? Some of your points aren’t bad and some I actually agree with but they get lost amidst a sea of snark and snipes. When you start out a conversation with things like “The liberals want you to believe” or “The mainstream media I’m sure you all follow” it’s inflammatory whether you want it to be or not. This isn’t meant as an attack just sort of a diplomatic attempt at a heads up.

            • Dan says:

              well said

            • Rose says:

              Agreed, but in all fairness I didn’t start out conversations with those kinds of posts. Those were posted well after several people attacked me with things that included (but were not limited to) calling me a racist, etc.

              • Jose the Satirist says:

                I’m confused by you playing victim. I’ve always wanted to have a fair and respectful conversation with you. In this very off-topic thread you made a post about a movie. I tried to mention some inaccuracies with the movie without attacking you. Your first response to me:

                “First of all, I love people who argue or FIGHT on the government’s behalf. It’s mindboggling and sad…but what can you do I guess?”

                At no point did I insult you and that is your very first response. I don’t think you can respond to people without inserting sweeping statements like “The Republicans and Democrats are all the same.” You said Taft wasn’t a natural born citizen. I explained how people born in territories are natural born. You ignored it and continued spreading lies.

                I’ve realized you will never want a fair debate. You have to inject vitriol into the debate. That is fine. I will never respond to you ever again. I will only ignore you or “O:S” your trolling comments. Have fun “debating”.

              • Pat D says:

                This post is meant in reply to you.


  161. So if the Angels win a few games in a row are we going to hear all about the team meeting they had and how it spurred them to victory?

  162. JGS says:

    I read yesterday’s OT thread, so I’m not sure how I just didn’t see this, but thanks for the shoutout. Who is JMS though?

  163. Pat D says:

    Sigh. I promised myself I would ignore you for both our sakes, but I have two points regarding this post.

    #1 – On the 16th, you made a post regarding the Freedom to Fascism documentary. Jose the Satirist responded to points you made with counterpoints that were very neutral in language. Then I commented on how there are supposedly (I say this because I haven’t seen this movie and was basing it off Wikipedia information) inaccuracies in quotes used in the movie. I added that I don’t really like movies of that kind anymore because they are polarized and misleading, as I cited Michael Moore and that I consider myself liberal.

    Your immediate response to this, first sentence only, was “The problem that Liberalists get is that they are tricked into thinking that they are crusaders that are for “helping those who are unfortunate.”

    Now, you started that particular thread and it did not veer far from your original point, which was encouraging people to watch that movie. But with this statement, you did start a firestorm that followed. This was the point that Rob NY just made. You didn’t start that conversation, per se, but you started the argument.

    #2 – Just a few posts back, you started another post with this sentence: “That’s the problem with liberals though. They don’t look at the big picture they just look at it as “helping the poor and sick” vs. “evil racists” (as one lunatic above had stated).”

    Again, you weren’t starting a conversation here, just a comment. But as you know all too well, and again as Rob NY said, this kind of comment invites people to get mad at you and not treat you with equal respect.

    I’m sorry, but you just refuse to even consider the point of view that several of us have expressed that you are doing this solely for the reaction.

    Now because I’m wasting everybody’s time, including yours, this is the last time I’m going to respond to you. But allow me to summarize my thoughts. This is a baseball site, strike that, a Yankees site, that has a clear off topic thread for discussions like this. You brought the topic into a game thread, which is not supposed to be done. You have posted enough times to know that most people don’t share your viewpoints and don’t care to hear them. You have seen countless times where people respond to you negatively, and, yes, that includes times where people have violated the comment guidelines and gone too far with personal attacks.

    So again this all begs the question, that since you know all of these things happen, why do you continue to post them here? In my opinion, and in the opinions of others here, it is because you like to get a response, no matter what. I also think that you like it when people call you names, because then you can act like you’re the victim. Persecution complex.

    Good luck with your causes, Rose. I’d suggest devoting your time and energy to them elsewhere.

  164. Steve H says:

    For those charitable types WEEI is running their Jimmy Fund Telethon today which is a great charity/cause for children with cancer. Every year the Boss was one of the biggest contributors (and up until the past few years he would call in). I hope Hal and Hank continue the tradition. I’m guessing they will, they just ran a promo with Jeter too.

  165. Steve H says:

    So I had to cancel my visit to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Can’t get into Ohio without a passport apparently.

  166. Steve H says:

    A non-Jose Canseco supporter of Roger Clemens.

  167. Steve H says:

    Oh my goodness gracious!

    Roger Clemens just called into WEEI for the Jimmy Fund telethon. He was always extremely charitable with his time and money.

  168. Steve H says:

    Garin Cecchini who was just drafted by the Sox called in to donate 20k to the Jimmy Fund. That’s a lot more than many people who call in that are much wealthier. Pretty cool. If he ever makes it to Fenway he’ll be a little tougher to root against.

    Between listening to this all week and reading about the Hope Week stories, it’s pretty tough to get pissed off when the Yankees lose a game to the Royals.

  169. bexarama says:

    So last night just was not Lester’s night hmm.

    • Zack says:

      And the Jays jacked up their bullpen’s ERA even more

      But it was fun watching the guys on CSSNE say that Lester:
      1. Wasn’t a “stopper”
      2. Awful since the ASB (2.85 ERA in 6 starts before last night (can’t find FIP post ASB)
      3. Disappointing this season (3.23 FIP)

      • Zack says:


        • Pat D says:

          Didn’t they also say that Papelbon was better than Rivera because he had more saves?

          /clearly don’t know what the fuck they’re talking about’d

          • Zack says:

            Probably. He was a weekly guest on their show last year so they sucked up to him as much as possible.

            But now they’re in the middle of the “he sucks, they need to package him for Fielder” talk.

      • bexarama says:

        Lester since the ASB had a 2.85 ERA before last night (though I remember he got off to a rough start before his game against the Yankees). Now it’s 4.60. I actually like the guy but I have to laugh.

  170. bexarama says:

    Cliff Lee getting lit by the Orioles.

  171. Carlosologist says:

    So the Orioles trounced and made Cliff Lee their bitch.

  172. JobaWockeeZ says:

    Thanks to my boredom and Nostra-Artists and AndrewYF’s idea here I made a Save the Killer B’s shirt for the fun of it.

    I’m sure you can edit form there too if you want to make your own.

    • Salty Buggah says:

      For some reason, the first thing that came to my mind after looking at that shirt was that if the Yanks rotation is full (and it has a good chance to be), and the Yanks ease in one of the Killer B’s as a reliever, we might have the Joba situation again. If they dominate the late-innings, and then struggle a bit in their first year starting at the MLB level, all of the idiots and a lot of the media will clamor for that player to go to TEH EIGHTH.

      /scarred for life’d

      • Stryker says:

        this is exactly the point i brought up in the most recent open thread. it’s a very realistic situation that 3/5 of these guys never stick long term with the yankees. i believe 2008 scarred them for life and they are now more comfortable than ever to buy free agent starting pitching.

        while i’ll admit that cashman and co. are far more “selective” now in regard to who they dish out contracts to (and rightfully so) you have to think it’s not the best baseball/business decision to tie up such a significant portion of payroll and length of contract on a starting rotation. i would rather the yankees push to adequately develop these arms and actually use them to have a young, team controlled beast of a starting rotation anchored by one or two ace vets.

        then again, with the success and re-emergence of the yankees’ farm system they have pieces available to land mid to top tier talent if the need arises, so maybe spending so much on starting pitching isn’t a bad thing? it’s hard to tell.

        • JobaWockeeZ says:

          Right it’s best to give them as much chances as they can because even if only one of them pans out, their high ceilings matched with them being cost controlled in very valuable.

          Top tiered starting pitchers are all signing extensions so after Cliff Lee it’s going to be hard to go on a spending spree a la 2009 again.

  173. chriskeo says:

    Has anyone been able to get on Cot’s recently? I haven’t been able to get on the last couple days.

    Site must be down:

  174. Pat D says:

    Anyone know the weather in the Bronx right now? I live in PA very close to the NJ border and we’re getting a monsoon right now.

  175. Just wanted to express my disappointment in Ross in Jersey and whozat for accusing me of anti-Nunez bias in the recap. Totally uncalled for. Nunez was part of the biggest hits section, which was titled, aptly, breaking the tie. And there was a goddamn picture of him.

    So yes, when there is a section about breaking a tie and a picture of a player who broke one of those ties, yeah, I think he got his blurb. And no, it wasn’t a goddamned ex-post addition.

    • Jose the Satirist says:

      I don’t think whozat accused you of anti-Nunez bias. He was asking about an after the fact addition because he probably was confused about Ross in Jersey saying Nunez wasn’t mentioned. He was misled by the Ross in Jersey comment. Ross in Jersey didn’t fully read the article.

  176. Total Dominication says:

    Come on A’s!

  177. Pat D says:

    Interesting examination of the Major League’s most pathetic franchise.

    Frankly, after reading this article, I’m not sure there’s much hope for the Pirates. If they had such a tiny payroll and they only made $29 million combined over two years, years before the econmonic downturn really started, how are they going to increase revenues? All they really can do is hope that their young players actually develop, they start winning, and people start showing up. But I don’t think even that will help, and they’ll be doomed to repeat the same process of trading away guys once they get expensive and start over.

    • aRX says:

      Economist Roger Noll, a Stanford University economist, said: “Probably the Pirates would be less profitable if they tried to improve the team substantially.”

      No one sane is suggesting they spend like the Yankees/Mets/Sox, but you’re telling me that if they fielded a winning club, they couldn’t fill that stadium (and raise ticket prices slightly), get a better deal on tv/radio, and sell more merchandise to turn a decent profit? I don’t buy that for a second. But since they’ve locked themselves into a perpetual rebuild/selloff cycle and backed themselves into a corner financially, it’s a moot point now.

      Also, according to ESPN, they’ve averaged ~2k more attendance than the Marlins, and just 2k less than the Rays. WTF Florida.

      • Pat D says:

        There’s a common factor there: shitty ballparks. I’ll be interested to see if the Marlins’ attendance goes up once they move into their bagel slicer stadium in two years. The Rays don’t have that…um, ray of hope on the horizon.

        I’m sure that the Pirates would do better if they fielded a winning team. I’m pessimistic about them doing that, just because they don’t seem to have any pitching right now.

        • aRX says:

          True. Personally, unless an engineer told me that the stands were in danger of falling off, I’d show up to watch a first-place team. But I guess if a park is awful enough, most fans will just stay home and watch them on TV. I’m actually curious what kind of ratings they get down there; if the numbers are as shitty as their attendance, then no excuses, Florida baseball fans (mostly) suck :p

  178. Steve H says:

    After sailing to his 17th win of the season and delivering another superb outing in yesterday’s 10-0 rain-delayed romp over the Mariners, the Yankees ace told The Post that he won’t “even consider” becoming a free agent after 2011, even though that provision exists in his seven-year, $161 million mega-contract.
    “I’m here,” Sabathia said. “Hundred percent.”
    “I think you know I’ve built a house here, right?” he said. “My kids go to school here. We live here year round. So I’m not going anywhere.”

    For the most part it’s foolish to take athletes at their words, especially a year or so in advance, but CC doesn’t seem like the kind of guy to spout this off without really thinking about what he’s saying. I wonder if the Yankees will take this into consideration when considering Lee in the offseason.

    • aRX says:

      According to Cot, he’ll get $23M per from 2011-15. How much more could he realistically get by opting out? I guess Lee’s upcoming megadeal could change things, but I don’t see Sabathia getting 27-30M elsewhere.

      • Steve H says:

        but I don’t see Sabathia getting 27-30M elsewhere.

        I agree. I think maybe they’ll tack on another 2-3 years at similar (or even less) AAV giving CC more long term guaranteed money.

    • Zack says:

      Did a reporter ask him a question or did he bring it up?

      If he brought it up out of nowhere then I give him more credit; if someone asked him then what is he suppose to say? “Oh, we’ll see”? And deal with the Opt-Out stories/questions all year long like ARod went through a few years ago?

  179. bexarama says:

    Last year, the Yankees outscored the AL average by 17.16%. This year, at least right now, they’re outscoring it by 19.68%.

  180. JT says:

    Via Kevin Goldstein’S Twitter.

    The Yankees sign a 16 year old SS out of Taiwan

  181. Steve H says:

    How is Tom Brady saying he hates the Jets now big breaking news?

  182. Chris says:

    I was looking at the WAR for AL pitchers and saw this:

    Rickey Romero: 35.1RAR, 3.7WAR, $15.0M
    CC Sabathia: 35.4RAR, 3.7WAR, $14.9M

    Since CC had slightly more RAR, shouldn’t his dollar value be slightly higher? Are they using Canadian dollars for Romero’s value?

  183. Carlosologist says:

    Hmm, some team claimed Johnny Damon off waivers. Any guesses as to who?

  184. Total Dominication says:

    Brett Gardner LF
    Nick Swisher RF
    Mark Teixeira 1B
    Robinson Cano 2B
    Jorge Posada DH
    Curtis Granderson CF
    Eduardo Nunez SS
    Ramiro Pena 3B
    Francisco Cervelli C

    That bottom third.

    • Pat D says:

      Can’t wait for the trolls who accuse Girardi of not wanting to win this game.

      • Mike Axisa says:

        Yeah seriously. I was hoping Jeter would get the day off with Pena at short. I got half of what I wanted.

        • radnom says:

          When the story broke that Jeter would get a day off, Chad Jennings speculated Pena would be at third since he is much more experienced there than Nunez.

          Assuming thats true, it certainly explains todays defensive alignment.

    • Tampa Yankee says:

      It’s ok, from what ESPN told me, the Yanks without ARod are “winning by subtraction” since they are 12-0 without him this year and are scoring 2.7 runs more a game (8.0 to 5.3) so we got this one locked up already!

  185. Pat D says:

    Oh, great. Olney was just on SportsCenter saying that the Cubs had two opportunities to anoint Ryne Sandberg as the heir to the managerial job, and didn’t take either one. He said this means they will look at outside candidates. Who was the only outside candidate he mentioned? Why, Joe Girardi, of course. He made it sound as if the Cubs would have to outbid the Yankees in order for that to happen.

    Can’t wait to see all these questions rehashed over the next few months.

    • Zack says:

      Is there a Rooney Rule in MLB like there is in NFL?

      If so, that makes it impossible for a team to anoint the heir without breaking that rule.

    • FIPster Doofus says:

      I don’t want Girardi to go; however, if he should leave the Yankees in order to take over the Cubs, he’s a fool. I know Chicago is Girardi’s hometown, but the bottom line is that managers are judged on wins, losses and championships, and he’d have a hard time obtaining the former and the latter with the Cubs. With the Yankees, it’s a hell of a lot easier. Girardi can obviously attest to that after spending a short time with an inferior team (the Marlins) before the Yanks hired him, as can Torre – who transformed from a run-of-the-mill manager to a Cooperstown shoo-in based on his time in the Bronx.

      Ultimately, I’m sure Girardi realizes his current gig is pretty damn sweet, and that all this talk of him joining the Cubs is simply media-manufactured nonsense.

  186. Pat D says:

    Anyone see this yet? Dibble never fails to provide entertainment value.

  187. Esteban says:

    Ben: Someone really has a hard on for you at NoMaas huh? Geez, all that sensitive RAB guy crap.

  188. ultimate913 says:

    Is it just me or does Gary Sanchez look somewhat similar to NBA 2009 1st overall pick Blake Griffin?

  189. Carlosologist says:

    MLBN is trying to convince me that that the Padres and Rays are the top 2 teams in baseball. Their Prime 9 list:

    9) Cards
    8) Reds
    7) Braves
    6) Rangers
    5) Twins
    4) Phillies
    3) Yanks
    2) Padres
    1) Rays

    • bexarama says:

      Why are the Phillies over the Braves…?

    • FIPster Doofus says:

      I can live with the Rays at No. 1, but how exactly are the Padres superior to the Yankees? Their offense consists of one monster, A-Gon (156 OPS+), and a few players who are having slightly above-average seasons in Torrealba (114), Headley (111) and Venable (109). Only two of the Padres’ starters, Latos and Garland, are over 100 in ERA+. I get that their bullpen is great, but their team as a whole isn’t on NYY’s level.

      The Yankees, with their stacked lineup (eight regulars over 100 OPS+, and that doesn’t even include Berkman or Kearns) and better starting pitching (three SPs over 100 ERA+), would trounce San Diego in a series.

      (Note: While OPS+ and ERA+ hardly tell the whole story, they do help hammer home the point that the Yankees are greater than the Padres.)

      • FIPster Doofus says:

        Two more things…

        1. I don’t mean to sell the Padres too short. They’re a legit team. I just don’t think they’re of the same caliber as the Yankees or Rays.

        2. It’s hard to envision anyone other than the Yankees or Rays winning the World Series this year. I think they’ll meet in the ALCS and whoever wins that series will subsequently go on to dispose of the NL’s best — whomever that ultimately is — in rather short order.

    • T-Dubs says:

      If only the Padres played in the AL East.

  190. Zack says:

    Rob Bradford said last night that Buchholz is becoming a better pitcher by striking out guys less and pitching to contact more.

    So when he pitches closer to his FIP/xFIP next year, I’m guessing I’ll see stories of how Clay needs to get back to striking guys out right?

  191. Obviously Roger Maris was on steroids in ’61. How else could he have 22 more than his previous career high?

    • Steve H says:

      The funny thing is that steroids were around in sports not long after 1961. While the “ERA” gets 1989-2004 or something like that, they truly had been around since at least the late 1960′s.

    • Tom Zig says:

      Roger Marris was 3 years younger and had hit 39 HRs in less than a full season the year before. His slugging percentage also didn’t jump 200 points.

    • JGS says:

      Davey Johnson non-1973 career high in home runs: 18
      Davey Johnson in 1973: 46

    • Esteban says:

      It’s like the speculation about Brady Anderson. In that era, if he did take steroids why the hell would he stop taking steroids if they worked so good for one year?
      Anomalies happen in baseball without steroids.

      • Exactly. It’s like everyone forgot about players having a career year.

        • Tom Zig says:

          Even though this is counter intuitive to my suspicions…I guess by the same corollary Joe Mauer was on steroids last year. Previous high in HR – 13 (2006). 28 last year.

          • Steve H says:

            Omar Vizquel beat his career high by 55% the last year before testing began. In that one year he hit as many HR’s as he did in the previous 3 years combined.

            And don’t get me started on Kirby Puckett…..

            We could do this all day.

  192. Ivan make strikeout.

    /stuff I should’ve said last night

  193. Carlosologist says:

    Brewers had a beautiful ceremony unveiling a statue for Bud Selig.

  194. FIPster Doofus says:

    Damon is not going to Boston. Good for you, Johnny.

    • bexarama says:

      I’m actually very surprised by this, if he honestly doesn’t go to Boston. It would’ve been great for the lulz though.

      • Zanath says:

        I’m not that surprised. He has said many times how he felt hurt by the way he was basically let go there. I honestly believe he would have helped the Sox out, diminished skills regardless, so I’m glad he’s staying put. Anything that sticks it to the Red Sox is fine by me.

    • Steve H says:

      I was kind of wishing he would, only that it would shut up the “Johnny Damon is a True Yankee clutch warrior crowd”. Now they’ll probably be even louder.

      • rbizzler says:

        It would have been enjoyable to watch all of the Sox fans talk themselves into being a fan of his again. The backtracking and hypocrisy would have been worth it, although the Sox are still lurking in the race and I think Damon makes them a bit better.

        • Steve H says:

          I kind of want them to get Manny just to see those fraud fans fawn over him again.

          • rbizzler says:

            Only if he bats .110 and makes a bunch of terrible plays in LF.

            I think that we have the first tangible example of the Red Sox public trashing of players on their way out the door coming back to bite them.

            I look forward to many more of these occurrences in the future.

  195. SouthernYankeeFan says:

    Anybody else take a look at the financial statements posted online from MLB teams. Some pretty interesting accounting going on in there.


    • Tom Zig says:

      Does Jeff Loria have a discretionary fund for hookers?

      • SouthernYankeeFan says:

        They have an expense called player salaries expense. While at the same time booking an expense titled, “player contract amortization expense”.

  196. bexarama says:

    This Astros/Phillies game is a-w-e-s-o-m-e

  197. Zack says:

    Question for anyone who can answer it: Since Damon was put on waivers and he denied the move, if they put him on waivers again it’s irrevocable- how does that work with his NTC? Could Damon block a move on irrevocable waivers?

    • Pat D says:

      I’m pretty sure he can’t be placed on waivers again. Since he was claimed, and since he invoked his NTC to block the movie, that means the Tigers would have had to pull him from waivers. I might be mistaken but I believe if you put a player on waivers, he is claimed and then you pull him back, he can’t go on waivers again.

      • keithr says:

        He can, but those waivers are irrevocable. However, Damon has a full no trade(or transaction) so it wouldn’t matter.

  198. larryf says:

    Just talked to some folks in Chicago. Local papers full of Girardi speculation.

    Sweet Lou baby!!!!

  199. Steve H says:

    Someone wrote into WEEI and compared Daniel Bard to Strasburg and asked Terry Francona why they wouldn’t try him in the rotation. The comparison is dumb enough, but for WEEI to choose that question to ask him is even dumber. At least the caller knows that starters are more valuable than relievers.

    • Zack says:

      You left out the most important part- what was the response?
      I’d love to see that 8 BB/9 as a starter make a comeback

      • Steve H says:

        Francona just said that he was built into a reliever due to having only two pitches and that he could go all out for 1 or 2 innings.

  200. Steve H says:

    Albert Pujols might win a the triple crown in an average year for him.

    And yet Tom Verducci is already proclaiming Josh Hamilton the best player in baseball.

  201. jackson says:

    Check out 4-down on today’s Washington Post crossword puzzle

  202. Sean says:

    Christ Anaheim is worthless.

  203. Dick Whitman says:

    Jim Callis says he is confident that Yankees farm system is currently top 10 in MLB.

    He also says that Red Sox farm system is 11-15.

    He also reaffirms that he believes Yankees farm system > Red Sox farm system.


    • JT says:

      That is amazing since the Yankees were ranked as one of the worst farm system. (In the Pre-Season)

  204. PhiilyMatt says:

    Wow, this angels team is very tough to watch. Tuned in on after the yankees the last 2 nights and now 1st pitch today from haren, 1-0 rays.

    • Carcillo says:

      They’re amazing. I know perception skews this a bit, but they always get pounded by the Red Sox, have gotten pounded by the Rays this year, and still were a total pain in the ass to the Yankees despite playing five of the eight games in the Bronx.

      Angels head to Tropicana Field for three on the 17th. Can’t say I expect them to do anything there.

      Not that it matters, of course, if the Yankees do their job too.

  205. Carcillo says:

    I saw Scoscia put down a squeeze play.

    After what happened in 2008, I’ll never be able to watch a squeeze bunt from him again without laughing. Though, I wasn’t laughing then.

  206. Tampa Yankee says:

    Anyone else having issues with the comment section of the stories on the main page? Whenever I go to a new thread or refresh the thread for the new comments, it takes forever to load the comments. I get the story but the comment sections seems to be held up while my browser (Firefox) is “Waiting for…” Anyone know whats up with this?

  207. Carlosologist says:

    8-1 Angels in the bottom of third with no outs ahahahahahahahahahahaha

    • Carlosologist says:

      Speaking of blowouts, there have been A LOT this afternoon.

      10-2 Braves over Colorado in the fifth
      8-1 Reds over Giants in the third
      8-1 Angels over Rays (the one that matters) in the fourth

  208. Steve H says:

    The Yankees should call up Mike Scoscia and offer Cervelli for Napoli. I think he’d do it.

    I know it’s not Scosica’s call, but still worth a shot.

    • Tom Zig says:

      I bet Scoscia could convince Tony Reagins of that. Cervelli is the quintessential LAAoAoOCoCAoWCoUSAoWHoPE. He is from Venezuela (Even though he is actually Italian), speaks Spanish, doesn’t hit very well, is supposedly strong fundamentally, very enthusiastic about everything.

      Am I missing something?

  209. Carlosologist says:

    The Rockies are beginning a triumphant comeback after being down 10-1.

  210. bexarama says:

    Colorado just tied it up. They trailed 10-1 at one point.

  211. Apollo22237 says:

    Any of you see the story about the Beltre ejection in the Red Sox game. Supposedly he was joking around with Felix Hernandez and the ump said something to him. Beltre said he wasn’t talking to him and the ump threw him out of the game. The umpire was some rookie ump that was called up to replace an ump on vacation.

    Also fun fact: it was Joe West’s crew.